It Is Not About A Pick-Up Line

Whenever I tell chicks I do pickup, first thing they blurt out 99% of the time:

“Lemme hear a line”.

Chicks really have no clue that it isn’t about any line, and that PUA’s do Not use stereotypical-pickup lines.


The screenshot chat is actually from today of a conversation I had with a girl whom I’d picked up 2 days ago on an online-dating site.

This hearkens back to the previous post about why you shouldn’t hide pickup, and that women are oblivious to what pickup is actually about.

Pick-Up Lines: Do They Work?

Two of my favorite-classic cheesy pick-up lines, included another 1 that caught my interest:


Hey, do I know you? I think we’ve met in my dreams last night.

*Hey, can I get directions? To where? Your heart.

*Is your name Google by any chance? Because you have everything I’m looking for.

The reality is: Cheesy Pick-Up Lines can work and do work.

Why don’t they work when 99.9% of guys use them?

Various reasons and common mistakes.

Make sure to watch!

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