It Is Not About A Pick-Up Line

Whenever I tell chicks I do pickup, first thing they blurt out 99% of the time:

“Lemme hear a line”.

Chicks really have no clue that it isn’t about any line, and that PUA’s do Not use stereotypical-pickup lines.


The screenshot chat is actually from today of a conversation I had with a girl whom I’d picked up 2 days ago on an online-dating site.

This hearkens back to the previous post about why you shouldn’t hide pickup, and that women are oblivious to what pickup is actually about.

Pick-Up Lines: Do They Work?

Two of my favorite-classic cheesy pick-up lines, included another 1 that caught my interest:


Hey, do I know you? I think we’ve met in my dreams last night.

*Hey, can I get directions? To where? Your heart.

*Is your name Google by any chance? Because you have everything I’m looking for.

The reality is: Cheesy Pick-Up Lines can work and do work.

Why don’t they work when 99.9% of guys use them?

Various reasons and common mistakes.

Make sure to watch!

Field Report: Using A Cheesy Pick-Up Line + A Bit On Rejection

Firstly, I wanna put this out there right now, that Pick-up lines do work. I’ll shed some light on it in my next video…stay tuned.

Ok, so yesterday about 12:30 noonday while leaving my grandma’s house, arguably the sexiest girl I seen for the year, was heading my direction, so I slowly walked towards her.

“You must be the reason why it’s so hot out today”.

Not expecting that some random guy would just talk to her on the streets, she was sort of caught off guard and didn’t quite hear me.

“What was that”?

Me: “You must be the reason why it’s so hot out today”.

She smiles about it while pausing for a split second, unsure of whether to stop or keep walking.

She decided to keep walking.

Me: “Hey, wait, wait, wait! Let’s talk real quick”!

Girl: “I have to go. I’m kinda in a rush”!

Whenever I hear this from a girl, my bullshit antennae immediately gets raised.

It’s the most subtle and harmless way that a girl rejects a guy, by telling him that she cannot stop and is in a hurry”.

Ok, so what did I do instead?

I followed!!!!!!!!

A key point here I also want to share with you guys, and it’s so ironic that RSD Julien spoke about this in his most recent free-tour video: You don’t have to make the girl stop!

Now, getting the girl to stop is a good thing!

It’s indicative of her willingness to comply and follow. Hence, you should try to get the girl to stop initially.

However, it isn’t a prerequisite neither a must [getting her to stop].

If she doesn’t stop on command, instead of being a clueless dick and self-eject by walking away and essentially throwing in the towel, You follow the girl!

The thing is, most guys cry about rejections and shit and how women are so heartless and they get a high from rejecting guys. But the reality is; you [the guy] reject your fucking self!

Girls are NOT rejecting you (in person that is). It is you who give up and then blame your failure (giving up) on the girl.

Therefore, if you try stopping a girl and she says she cannot stop and she keeps walking- this is NOT a rejection…not even close!

Since most guys really don’t want to have to face and pursue women, they’re more than willing and ready to just give up before the match has even begun.

Anyway, so the sexy girl said to me that she’s in a hurry when I told her to stop/wait and chat.

Most girls at this point, don’t expect the guy to pursue/persist since men are in the habit of giving up after hearing that the girl cannot stop.

Since Kenny is a different kind of animal who doesn’t play by the rules; I followed her instead.

If she cannot stop and chat; we can walk and chat.


Check mate!

Now, what is she gonna say, “Don’t walk with me”!

Of course not!

You’re free to walk any public road!

Moreover, if a girl genuinely is in a rush and cannot stop- by all means- walk with her.

I’ve yet to have a girl tell me not to walk with her…and I’ve walked with easily and well over a thousand girls in the last few years.

The chat though was rather bland because traffic was hectic and we couldn’t really get to communicate because of all these loud-ass MACK trucks zooming by during the 12 noon rush hour.

We literally only got to exchange names and she told me where she works. Just 2 conversational pieces within a 5 minute walk.

I didn’t take her phone number for the simple fact that she told me where she works.

What I will do instead, is to stop by her workplace perhaps Friday (tomorrow) and continue to game her there and build some meaningful attraction.

All in all, a cheesy pick-up line can work and does work.

However, it doesn’t work for 99% of us because we don’t have smarts.

I’ll elaborate on this soon.

As for rejection/ejection. As I mentioned earlier, girls are not going around rejecting guys.

Instead, guys are going around self-rejecting themselves by ejecting out of the set way too early- essentially not wanting to win.

6 Very-Simple Quick Steps To Picking Up A Random Girl

This is the most slim-down version of a pick-up sequence you will have ever read…at least on my website.

It’s ironic that I’ve been giving pick-up advice for some years now, but the simplest aspects to picking up girls has been bypassed for the most advanced of techniques which I write about mostly.

1.) Spot her. As you spot her, look for a super-quick Approach Invitation [perhaps she smiled or looked at you], then approach and open her within 3 seconds [Justin Wayne breaks down Approach Invitation].

2.) Strike up a conversation by asking an interesting question: “I need a quick opinion on something. My sister’s birthday is coming up and I don’t have a clue of what the hell to get her. I mean, what do girls like”? We call this an Opinion Opener. I demonstrate it on hidden-camera in the clip below.

3.) Tell a quick and interesting story related to the opener/ice-breaker question: “My ex told me that girls like lingerie for birthdays so I decided to surprise her with something lingerie. Got her an underwear set and could you imagine she got pissed at me saying that she feels cheap and disrespected! Are all girls like this”? This is called Routine Stacking.

4.) Get her phone #. You don’t ask nor beg for her #, but you do something like the following before the convo wines down: “Hey, I gotta get going but you seem like a cool chick so far. We should hang out sometime whenever we’re free”. Then hand your phone over to her in order to input her #. This is called a # Close. Check out the way AL of The Ministries of Attraction does it in the video below.

5.) Leave!!! After you secure her # or contact details: leave right away. Lots of guys prolong the interaction after getting the girl’s #, which runs the risk of messing up all the good work. So get the #, say bye and leave! The fashion in which you leave will be discussed in the 6th. tip below.

6.) Hugs and kisses. Most guys as they get a girl’s # would just say goodbye and leave. In most cases- that is fine. But you want to be that exceptional guy to hug and kiss her bye. Now, I’m not saying to full-blown tongue her down but a hug and a peck on the cheek will suffice. Crazy thing is, most guys don’t understand how ridiculously easy it is to hug and kiss goodbye. I’d say 99% of girls will participate. As long as she gives you her #: she will hug and kiss bye. Instead of asking for the hug-kiss, you just lead into it and the girl will follow. My nemesis Boy Toy Thomas gives a good example of that (hug and peck on cheek) in the video below.

By the way, this entire post illustrated a quick sequence of how to pick up a girl. It’s equivalent to what we consider “Flash Game” opposed to a lengthy sequence of more rapport building with the girl.

An example of true “Flash Game”, I demonstrate below as I get a random girl’s contact info within a record time of less than 45 seconds.

Not to cheat you guys out of a proper and complete structure of Pickup, I include a video (below) which deals with “Inner Game”.

You can have all the tips and tactics in the world of how to pick up chicks and get phone numbers, but if your core/foundation (Inner Game) is shitty, whereas you lack confidence in approaching women, then everything you will have read in this article would surmount to naught.

Therefore “Inner Game” gives you confidence and instill in you the mindset that approaching a super-sexy girl is as easy as taking a piss.

So check out the video of mines (below) where I teach you about the mindset and frame to embody whenever approaching (random) women.

PUA’s acronym and term list for dummies

Your Weekend Challenge: “Are Your Boobs Real”?

Grow Some Balls Over The Weekend!!!

Last Friday night, I met up with my girlfriend @ an annual festival called Caribana on the island of Barbuda, which usually hosts a few thousand people packed into an open field like sardines [Woodstock style].

An actual photo of the festival grounds

An actual photo of the festival grounds

Before my girlfriend showed up, I was waiting around on the outside of the outdoor venue for her so we can enter as a couple [chick logics].

I spotted a lone wolf coming my way with boobs bouncing like 2 miniature basketballs beneath her pinkish blouse!

Time was working against me as Ms. Bouncy Boobs draweth nigh, so I dove right in with the greatest-fucking on-the-fly opener EVER:

“Hey, are they real”!?

Bouncy Boobs: “What’s that”?

Me: “Your boobs; are they real or implants”?

At this juncture of the game, guys must be saying “WTF; she’s gonna slap the shit out of you Kenny! What a prick”!!!

I remained calm and unshakable like a pyramid [just another day @ the office].

This had actually caught her off guard since I can guarantee that no other guy has ever stopped her to say such a forward thing- EVER!

She was visibly taken-aback, stopped in her tracks then she replied smilingly:

“Of course they’re real! All natural”!!!

I honestly can’t remember what else was said, but the brief chat ended with me making her a shallow promise that I’ll meet up with her on the inside of the festival grounds [we were standing by the entrance gate depicted in the photo below].

Outside of the festival grounds in my wing's mini SUV: same spot I met Ms. Bouncy Boobs

Outside of the festival grounds in my wing’s mini SUV: same spot I met Ms. Bouncy Boobs


First off, her tits weren’t that impressive in that she showed no cleavage whatsoever, so I wasn’t able to really size up the dimensions. But they were bouncy as hell though LOL!

The point of such openers with built-in negs [a sly statement or question with negative undertones] is to merely set the dynamics of “I like what I see. I’ll comment on it whether you like it or not. It’s a free world girl!”.

The purpose is to push your limits with hot women even if it means towing the line of being offensive and rude.

You’ll be surprised at how much shit you’re allowed to get away with.

As part of your weekend challenge; see how far you can go!

Stop a girl on the streets and say something very sexual or rude to her!

The objective isn’t to pick her up. If you do manage to, then Winning; more power to you!

It is to get yourself accustomed to being a forward guy who lives on the edge.

With this mind set, you’ll soon be able to walk up to a hottie in a nightclub and say to her:

“I want to take you home and fuck the living daylights out of you”!

Instead of getting a, “Fuck you asshole”, in return, you’ll be surprised when she replies with:

“LOL, you’re very straight up. Do you say this to every girl you meet”?

Now, how many of you guys out there have such humongous balls and free-world mentality to do and say such a thing…to a random stranger…a hot-random stranger at that?

With Ms. Bouncy Boobs’ consent, I took her photo and decided to post it for the sake of…well she was hot and wearing a killer outfit, so that’s reason enough to want to share the love.

Wish I’d captured this on film though but it was so random, I had no time to whip out the iPhone to record the in-field video.

Bouncy-Boobs Girl

Bouncy-Boobs Girl

Grow Some Balls Over The Weekend And Be Shamelessly Forward!!!

[Credits to my fellow New Yorker and Seduction coach, Glenn P, from whom I stole this weekend challenge concept. But mines is more kick-ass. Sorry Glenn!]

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