2 Solid Openers (Indirect Game) As Your Guide In Game + How To Ask Questions

The #1 frustrating complaint from women about men (whether online or while out and about) is: “these guys are sickening with the same lame, boring approaches and conversation”!

Women frankly get the same shit (same approach, same opener, same icebreaker), every day from virtually every guy, and it typically begins with:



“How you doing today beautiful”?


“You good?


“Can I get a minute of your time”?

Those are just some of the most generic, common, lame, boring icebreakers women hear everyday upon being approached by men (on or offline). And frankly, women are fed up of hearing the same shit, and having to answer the same fucking questions each day, which is why most women don’t even waste their time replying to such lackluster stuff.

This is essentially why we in the pick-up artist community, have a major leg up on the competition: it’s because we are taught (and teach) to approach different than the rest, by saying something to the girl that she might not have ever heard in her life.

Moreover, this “different approach” should elicit laughter and giggles from the girl.

Typically, whenever I open a girl on the streets, after the opening routine, I almost always hear her say, “that was funny. That was clever. That was a good 1. That made me laugh. That made my day. I never heard that before”.

Now, you shouldn’t be (outcome) dependent on getting a good response. But it can’t hurt.

With that out the way and understood [that women are tired of hearing the same shit], here are 2 openers I used over the last few days. One I came up with on the fly (situational opener). The other is Todd Valentine’s.

While standing outside of a fast-food joint, I spotted a sexy girl inside, collecting her order. With my opener in mind (that I made up on the spot), I waited for her exit. As she exited with her food, I go [with a sly smile]:

“Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we go half and half on your dinner? I’m really really really starving and haven’t eaten for the night. You seem like you have a sharing heart”?

Girl: “Sure! We can go half and half”.

She went on to chuckle about it as the convo progressed on the topic of sharing food with a random stranger.

Again guys: it is NOT about the girl’s reaction. It doesn’t matter what she says. Had she’d said “No, I don’t share”, it would not have changed the point. The point was to spark interesting conversation. Had she said no, I would’ve improvised with something like, “SMH…a pretty girl who doesn’t share her pizza. You are so greedy you know that”?

Anyway, that simple situational opener outside the fast-food joint, turned into a half-hour conversation.

Another opener I used the other day is 1 from a Todd video. I don’t remember his verbatim, but while approaching a girl who was moving quite fast, I opened:

“Didn’t expect to have to burn so many calories today just to get a conversation going”.

She stopped and seemed a bit perplexed about what I said. So I repeated it and she LOL’d.

I went on to say, “just when I started my new weight-gain diet yesterday to put on some pounds, here you come along totally ruining my plan. You’re so bad for me”

We both shared laughs and went on to having a 10-minute convo, as she was in a rush to get her nails “did”.

If you’re new to the Game or aren’t used to approaching strangers, I hope you realize the underlying mechanics at play with those 2 openers [Indirect openers] and routines.

Overall, you want to captivate a girl’s attention by bringing something novel and or interesting to her ears.

Too many fucking times while out and about, I happen to overhear guys tryna (half-assedly) pick up girls by either cat calling, or going, “hey what’s up beautiful. Hope you’re having a nice day”. Either they get no reaction and the girl keeps on moving. Or they get a pity “thank you” just because the girl doesn’t want to seem a socially violator and mean. But the girl keeps moving along anyway.

It isn’t that women are mean, antisocial, stuck-up bitches. It’s that such convo-starters don’t elicit anything much within the girl. Saying “hi beautiful, may I talk to you”(?), doesn’t register on the girl’s radar as something interesting she should care to listen to. Simply ’cause she’s heard it 20 times for the day!

Another thing: when asking a girl questions, you essentially put the work on her. That is why it’s a terrible idea to try to game or pick up a girl by asking her a ladder of interview-type questions: “what’s your name, where you live, you have kids, what kinda work you do, where are you off to, how old are you, you have a man”?

Asking someone questions is like forcing them to have to talk and to have to invest. Nothing wrong with having the girl invest by asking her things. However, upon the opener, whereas you enter the set with zero value in the girl’s eyes, asking her a slew of generic, convo-filling questions, will only turn her off and get you rejected.

If you noticed from the 2 opener examples I shared above, no question was asked of the girl. Hence, I wasn’t forcing her to talk. She replied without pressure. So what you want to do, is to make more assumptions, make more comments than to ask a ton of questions…until you’ve hooked the girl into conversing.

Furthermore, there’s nothing inherently bad about asking questions during the initial pickup. It is the type of questions, timing and how you set up the question.

For instance, and this is classic PUA 101, if I wanted to know what work a girl does (which I never do), even just for conversational purposes, I would make a bold assumption [setting up the question], then end the assumption with the generic question.

Here’s an example:

“By the way, from the looks of your sexy getup, it seems like you do something really creative or high energy for a living. What kind of work you do”?

So…did you see how I set up that otherwise generic question, by leading into it with an intriguing lead-in (the assumption)?

That’s how you ask a question during Game. The girl wouldn’t feel forced, nor as though she’s filling out a tedious job resumé.

If you watch any of my pick-up videos, I never just ask a question. Nor do I ever fall into the spiraling pattern of 21 questions, where I ask, ask, ask.

Another example of how to ask a question by tying it into a comment that is bold, intriguing, funny or even controversial.

“How old are you? I hope you’re not jail bait. I’m gonna have to see some ID young lady”!

Clearly such a statement-question will elicit laughter in the girl. The added bonus is that it flatters the girl in that by asking if she’s jail-bait, you’re essentially saying she looks very youthful. A very nifty compliment without actually complimenting her.

I hope you get the basic points here guys, about opening, breaking the ice and carrying conversation (by not outright asking lame questions, but mixing them with bold assumptions).

Best PUA Opener Routine

Guys ask me all the time, “what are some of your favorite lines and routines to use when picking up girls on the streets”?

Ok, so here’s 1 of my favorite. Feel free to steal, tweak, remix and customize to your specification.

This can be used during street game or night-game settings (at bars or standing in line at a restaurant or something).

As you spot the target and she spots you, give her a sort of weird, curious look/smile while you slow down and put your hand out (or your index finger) in order to stop her. Nine in ten times, the girl will stop. This never fails to stop them. Hardly ever.

Me: “Hey…you look soooooooo damn familiar”.

The girl usually smiles in a half-curious way as she tries to figure out if she knows you from somewhere.

Girl: “I’m not sure”

Me: “No. I’m sure. It’s coming back to me. The 8th grade. We dated. You took my virginity”.

Whenever delivered, the girl will almost always laugh. I mean ALWAYS! It never fails me to get an LOL out the girl when I run that routine about taking my virginity.

The key to this routine/opener is to play it up as if it’s true. BUT, keep a curious look on your face while giving the impression that you’re pleased to finally meet her after all those years.

It’s a funny, intriguing opener as a way to break the ice with women.

As with every routine, you don’t want to milk it by staying on the topic too long. Hence, at some point- after the punchline (hook point per se)- you want to say something like, “nah I’m just kidding. Hi…I’m Kenny”..or whatever your name is.

The rest is on you.

Use This 1 Simple Word To Make Girls Chase You On Social Media [Curiosity Loop & Vague Comment)

The utilization of “Curiosity Loops” is 1 of my favorite PUA techniques to date.

It is a well asked-about routine for good reasons. But it’s very simple and effective nevertheless, yet I’m puzzled and somewhat annoyed that scores of guys still hit me up about Curiosity Loops and the sorts.

Okay, so in this short post, I will show you how to use vague messages and comments to capture a girl’s attention and make her want to know more.

Humans are humans, right?


Whenever we receive vague information, we have a natural inclination to want to make sense of it in order to gain closure.

Imagine receiving a vague threat. It’ll fuck with your head on many levels opposed to a direct and transparent threat.

With that being said, you should now know why a vague comment packs such a huge punch in generating curiosity which =”s attraction.

Here’s an example from 1 day ago via Facebook, where I commented on a girl’s status (with an ambiguous comment).

Okay, so what is this 1 magical word that I use to get girls chasing me on Facebook?


Yea; that’s it!


Doesn’t seem like much magic there you may say. So check it out. The girl posted a status and I comment with 1 word: “Interesting”. And look what a shit storm it started.

It’s like taking candy from a baby.

Essentially, she threw the digits at me because of the way I framed it (alongside using the magic word “Interesting”).

Along with the word “Interesting” which is vague/ambiguous in and of itself, I heightened the curiosity loop by saying to her, “can’t tell you in the comment section”.

Not only was she curios as to what I found interesting about her pic-post, but she was engaged and actively seeking to make sense of it all.

Obviously, had I told her then and there in the comment section what I found interesting (which was nothing actually), the interest/curiosity would’ve plummeted instantly!

That is the classic mistake guys make when they’re ought to reel the girl in. Instead, they foolishly give the girl closure by sharing with her the piece of info that she’s wanting to hear.

Withhold it!

This technique is also dubbed Cat-String Theory, symbolic of dangling a string in front of a cat, but pulling it away as the cat gets closer to grabbing the string.

This is essentially what you’re doing to the girl on a subconscious level by:

1.) Making a vague comment (i.e. “Interesting”)

2.) Withholding the info behind the ambiguous comment

Additionally, this is also done hand-over-fist in the news, movie and soap-opera industries.

In the opinion news, they’ll tease you brain by saying, “We have an exclusive story coming up about what Donald Trump (or Clinton) said about so and so, that will possibly cause him (or her) the general election. We’ll tell you what that is right after this brief break”.

The next segment returns from commercial break, and they still don’t exactly dive into the brain-teasing story exclusive until a later segment.

This is essentially Cat-String Theory technique along with the technique of building “Curiosity Loops” by withholding information that the viewer would want to hear.

Now do you get why it was so easy-breezy to have the girl in the screenshot above, chase me and throw her phone number into my lap without even asking?

The thing is too: you don’t necessarily have to have anything to say to the girl.

Let’s say after you would’ve used the “Interesting” gambit and the girl bites and says, “inbox me”. Or she voluntarily coughs up her digits in order for you to call/text her what it is you had to say: don’t for a minute think that there must be something newsworthy to share with her.

You can make some shit up if you want to. Or even better; you can keep putting it off some.

Girl: “So what was it that made you say ‘Interesting’ on my status”?

Me: “Nothing that important but I’ll share it with you in due time. BTW I’m Kenny”.


Aced it!

The immediate aim was to reel the girl in by getting her to either inbox you, tell you to inbox her, or to cough up her #.

After this would’ve happened, your secondary objective is to game on as you normally would.

How often would this work to such effect: almost every time I do it (which is rather sparingly), I get a great and similar response.

BTW, you may ask, “What are some other words that can be used to such great effect as “Interesting”?

In a context like this (commenting on a girl’s status): not many.

However, I did brainstorm a few…so here goes:

Thought So
Not Sure

If you can think of anymore: let it rip and leave them in the comments let’s see!

Have suggestions? Let’s see!

The Mechanics Of Stopping Girls On The Streets [stopping girls who are wearing earphones]

Since it’s been snowing cats and dog on the East Coast, United States, approaching women on the streets doesn’t look like a viable option to meeting women.

In any case, if you’re willing to brave the brutal Winter in order to get poon from the streets, getting girls to stop will have come in as a handy tactic.

A common point of contention I come across in this field is the “how do I get her to stop while she has in earphones” question?

Guys find this to be an extremely difficult and nerve-wrecking task [stopping girls with earphones in and headphones on].

The fear of this task is compounded by the fact that women are rumored to stuff their ears with earphones just to keep guys away.

This however isn’t entirely true.

Women are trying to keep certain type of guys at bay: the low-valued urchins who approach entirely wrong.

On the other hand, women have no problem with being approached by a guy with the correct frame: a guy who gets it.

Here are some still-shots from an older video of mines where I demonstrated “stopping girls who have in earphones on the streets”.






The routine which was illustrated and demonstrated in the stills by me, is that of stopping the girl from head on while she walked towards me.

I simply motioned to her with a finger as if to say, “1 second”!

In conjunction with that, I stood directly in her path but about 10-15 yards away in order not to freak her out.

As you can see from the 1st still shot, I was about 10 yards in front of her while motioning with my finger by simply pointing my index at her with a curious yet pleasant look on my face.

By standing directly in her path (yet at a safe distance), she is forced to slower and halt.

This has to be done at the correct time with precision timing or else the girl will simply walk on by and leave you there standing.

Hence, timing is imperative!

A split second late; the girl continues to walk!

This is why you must attempt to stop her from about 10-15 yards away (in front of her) where she can clearly see you trying to stop her.

By standing directly in her path, it emphasizes the fact that you’re trying to get her attention by stopping her.

Attempt this too late (from any closer) and she’ll walk right on, by side-stepping you.

Another crucial tip I want to point out is that of facial expression.

Most guys do not have nor keep a pleasant and welcoming facial expression while out and about.

As men, we were conditioned and even taught to believe that we must walk around looking dominant, strong and unflinching.

Thus, most guys keep their facial dispositions and expressions either blank or uninviting so as to not appear weak and docile.

This however kills most men in street-game when trying to stop and chat up girls while out and about!

You must have a pleasant face! And I don’t mean that as far as your facial composition: good-looking or bad-looking. I mean that you should look welcoming and inviting in your body language and facial expression if you intend for women to stop and talk to you.

This is where the lost art of smiling comes in.

Yes- smiling!

Simply smiling when approaching and trying to stop women, will urge them to stop and hear you out as they deem you non-threatening.

However, if you’re approaching and trying to stop girls on the streets with a face of stone and aggressive body language, not only will they not stop, but if they do, it is merely because they feel threatened.

Therefore, having a smile and an inviting facial expression while stopping a girl on the streets, coupled with the fact that your timing is precise (10-15 yards away), you are likely to get her to stop out of sheer curiosity if nothing else.

On a final note, and this is just as important; you want to stop her while being directly in front of her as much as possible.

Don’t position yourself off to the side while trying to stop her or she will likely just walk by you…even if she sees you trying to get her attention.

Being off to the side (as she approaches) is the likely approach to utilize whenever the girl doesn’t have her ears stuffed with music. In such a case [the girl isn’t wearing earphones], you want to attempt to stop her from off to the side somewhat (even if she’s coming towards you).

If everything is aligned correctly, there is no reason for the girl to not acknowledge you.

If she truly cannot stop, she’ll at least let that be known somehow while walking by you.

If she isn’t doing shit- and most girls aren’t doing shit- she will stop and remove her earphones…as long as your approach is correct: pleasant, fun, humorous and or inviting.


How often do I get girls to stop while they’re “supposedly” listening to music?

A whopping of the time!

In fact; I can’t recall a situation ever, where a girl hadn’t stopped and removed her earphones upon being approached by me.

Hence, the notion that women with earphones in/on, and the ones listening to music do not want to be bothered or stopped, is just another urban legend that has men intimidated to approach.

It Is Not About A Pick-Up Line

Whenever I tell chicks I do pickup, first thing they blurt out 99% of the time:

“Lemme hear a line”.

Chicks really have no clue that it isn’t about any line, and that PUA’s do Not use stereotypical-pickup lines.


The screenshot chat is actually from today of a conversation I had with a girl whom I’d picked up 2 days ago on an online-dating site.

This hearkens back to the previous post about why you shouldn’t hide pickup, and that women are oblivious to what pickup is actually about.

Pick-Up Lines: Do They Work?

Two of my favorite-classic cheesy pick-up lines, included another 1 that caught my interest:


Hey, do I know you? I think we’ve met in my dreams last night.

*Hey, can I get directions? To where? Your heart.

*Is your name Google by any chance? Because you have everything I’m looking for.

The reality is: Cheesy Pick-Up Lines can work and do work.

Why don’t they work when 99.9% of guys use them?

Various reasons and common mistakes.

Make sure to watch!

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