Thursday Morning Rendezvous With A Fan…Part II Ruined By Rain Storm

[Post written on Wednesday]

I just met up and had lunch with this chick who popped up in my part of town.

She’d hit me up this morning telling me that she’s in my part of town.

After our hour-long lunch date she had to run to do some business. But we are set to meet up again after 2 pm…hopefully at the PUA pad.

What had happened was, after our departure (she went to do business and I went back to work), she was to message me not long later about meeting me somewhere.

She did message me but to say that she was stranded because of the rain storm. I was also stranded at work because of the storm. 😦

What bad fucking timing I said to myself!

It was after 2 PM and the girl had to catch a ferry for 3. So meeting up again was pretty much fucked.

Anyway, what I want to end this post with is a point I touched on in a previous article about the uselessness of phone numbers in this day and age.

Gone are the days where phone numbers and phone calls were the sole modus communique when it comes to dating and meeting up with girls.

Having her as friends on Facebook and other social-media sites, is just as good as having her #.

This girl here was a perfect example.

She doesn’t have my #, nor do I have hers. But she contacted me through Messenger about being in my town, and I was able to set up the rendezvous- through Messenger- just as if we were texting through a standardized sms app.

Most guys harp over phone numbers because. It strokes their egos. Getting a girl’s # is seen as a trophy for most guys. Hence they gun after it with reckless abandonment.

In all reality; why even try to get a girl’s # since you aren’t bound to ring her anyway?

No one calls anyone nowadays (at least not in the western world).

We shoot a text and that’s it. Push comes to shove, we have the option of calling free of charge through services such as IMO, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype and even the Magic Jack mobile-phone app.

With that, there’s absolutely no reason for a phone number as long as you use social media! Whatsapp would be the only exception where a phone number is required. But that’s still a mute point.

Since I’m not a mental masturbator who’s satisfied with solely talking about it, I began putting this into practice over the weeks, as I demonstrated in this quick video from a day ago where I approached a girl, chatted her up, and added her on Facebook instead of getting her #.

New Video—>When Grabbing The Girl’s Phone Number Ensure That She knows The Deal [+Infield Examples]

Number closing and grabbing girl’s phone number.

Common blunder committed by guys is that they grab the girl’s number under the impression that they merely want to become texting and phone buddies.

While in the process of grabbing a girl’s number, you want to make it abundantly clear to her that you’re expecting to see her sometime soon…as in the coming days.

Moreover, she should know that the number close or number swap was done solely to facilitate a meet-up or so-called date, and not just to swap #’s for swapping sake…nor as a trophy.

Whenever your intent is clear from the get-go, or upon getting the girl’s phone number, this drastically reduces the chance of flaking, girl standing you up and or playing head games.

Once she knows that the reason you’re grabbing her number is to see her again, she won’t get this feeling of surprise when you contact her, wanting to hang out or go out.

That is where lots of guys go wrong. They grab the girl’s number without stating their intent (to meet up), so the girl is left to assume the least; that the guy merely wants to text or chat.

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Get “Real” Phone Numbers + Day-Game Infield Pick-Up Examples


My Youtube subscribers have probably surmised that I either got kidnapped- or rather worse- got hitched. 😉

I haven’t put out a video since August. And as a super active video-poster, that is uncharacteristic to say the least.


The proverbial day-game season [Summer] has wined down because of the pending-cold weather in your neck of the woods, so I am issuing a last hurrah and encouragement to those lads who are incline to hibernate during the remaining quarter of the year.

Since I’m based in the Caribbean- and have been over the past 3 years or so- picking up women on the streets [street game and day-game] is something I do all 12 months of the year because of the conducive-Summer weather.

If you’re not that fortunate [weather-wise] then please get off the couch and get some last minute game in while October is still here!

Anyway, I get quite a number of guys complain to me about phone-number closes and how flaky they usually are.

The #1 reason as to why the phone numbers you get almost always result in naught, nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch, is the length of time [or the lack thereof] in which you take to try to get the girl’s number.

In other words; you rush for the number too fast before you even build anything, or give the girl a reason to want to give you her number.

This is the downside of flash-game and flash-number closes where the PUA tries to collect numbers as fast as an auction-guy can get the bids out there.

Great exercise! But doesn’t yield much in the department of “solid”-phone numbers which leads to so-called dates.

In this latest video of mines, I also share with you an awesome and simple tip in how to prolong conversation like it’s nothing!

Thus, it is 1 thing for me to tell you that the longer your initial conversation goes [upon the pickup], the greater your chances by far of getting a date to hooking up. But it’s another story to know just “How to” prolong a conversation upon approaching a girl outside of cyberspace.

Check out the insightful video which I’d put together a week and a half ago.
You’ll also see real-world examples of how to prolong the convo, what 4 main topics to touch, and why you shouldn’t take a girl’s phone number at all!

Quick Pickup Of An Elementary-School Counselor MILF & An 18 Year Old [Saturday Night Pulls] + The Conversion Factor & Prioritization

Picking up girls is a piece of cake.

I’ve proven this time after time, year in year out over the last 7 years particularly since become adroit in this art.

Getting a girl to cough up her contact information, i.e phone number, is as easy as taking a piss at the crack of dawn.

You will have reached this realization as you advance in the field.

Last night [Saturday, May 23], to add to my list of girls picked up, I managed to pick up 2 new girls of totally different caliber: 1 being a guidance counselor for elementary-school kids in her early 40’s. The other having just turned 18, unemployed and doesn’t have a path in life.

Counselor Pickup

Ok, while standing on the roadside outside of the lounge that I went to Friday night, a sexy-ass tall girl wearing pinkish-denim jeans walked by.

I was totally caught off-guard being that my eyes were glued to my Android phone.

I’d only noticed her in passing.

What really attracted me was the way she walked. So I took chase from about 30 yards behind of her- hurriedly trying to catch up.

I threw my favorite-default opener/ice-breaker which rarely ever fails me:

“Hey, you look so familiar like we’ve met before. Do we know each other”?

Like clockwork- the girl goes into her head trying to gauge whether she recognizes my face or not.

Of course she doesn’t recognize me! 😉
Me: “Ok forget about it. Isn’t important now. I’m Kenny”.

MILF: “I’m ***. By the way I’m sorta lost. I’m supposed to meet some friends and they told me they are staying somewhere around here but I don’t know the area”.

After a while of this [trying to figure out where her friends are], I switched gears.

Me: “What are your plans for the night. You might want to be my date”.

MILF: 😆 I’m supposed to meet my boyfriend just now. He’s calling”.

Her phone rang. Apparently, it was her boyfriend.

MILF: “He said to meet him near ******’s bar”.

Me: “Oh, I know where that it. It’s a long ways further down on the same street”.

We walked the way and chatted.

Found out that she doesn’t live here but just visiting for the concert over the weekend.

I kept trying to convince her to come with me to the concert and ditch her boyfriend. 😉 😈

She laughingly declined.

She seemed somewhat nervous about something as we approached the bar where her boyfriend was to meet her.

Sensing this, I said to her, “Seem uncomfortable”.

MILF: “Just that I know how jealous my boyfriend gets when he sees me talking to guys. If he sees me talking to you on the corner, he’ll have a fit”.

Her phone rang again.

Her boyfriend asking her where did she reach.

Not knowing the area, she couldn’t really say where.

I wasn’t gonna help her with those details anyway. 😈

Sensing this wasn’t going to go in the direction I wanted it to; I decided to grab her phone number.

Me: “Anyway, I have to run. Lemme take your number. I’ll shoot you a text and if your boyfriend gets on your nerve, we should hang out at the concert later on”.

She laughed.

MILF: “Ok. It’s ****528”.

Hugged her and parted ways.

It was about 9:30 PM and my girlfriend kept texting my phone as I was to meet up with her. 😦 😯

I texted the guidance counselor MILF on Whatsapp after I’d picked her up.


That was that on this set.

18 Year Old Pickup

A while later while pacing up and down a particular busy intersection, I spotted a girl prancing by.

Me: “Hold on! Hold on! Real quick! Just a second”!

I flashed my cellphone light in order to get her attention as she looked back and slowed down.

I ran to meet her.

Once again throwing my favorite opener.

Me: “You look very familiar like someone I know…which is why I stopped you”.

She gave me a pensive look [as usual], trying to see if she recognizes me.

Me: “Anyway, that was probably someone else. So what’s up for a girl like you tonight”?

Girl: “Just heading to the Lime Nightclub”.

Me: “This early!? It’s way too early. I doubt that it’s even open”.

We kept on walking towards the direction of the club.

Me: “By the way you look mighty young”.

Girl: “I’m 18…just turned 18”.

After we walked and chatted for a while, I told her we should sit somewhere for a bit.

Girl: “Where”?

I looked around but couldn’t find a place to sit and chat.


We kept walking instead.

Me: “A sexy girl like you doesn’t have a date tonight. What’s up with that”?

Girl: “I do have a boyfriend but he’s not here. So I’m meeting up with my cousin at the club. So…how old are you”?

Me: “I’m 30”.

I never really shave off any age when chatting up women. But since she was very young, I told her I was 30 instead of 33.

Me: “Old enough to be your father”.

Girl: “Isn’t that interesting”.

Obviously, she had no way to go.

The club wasn’t open yet, so she stood at a corner wondering which route to take.

Me: “Let’s go through there”!

Girl: “But I don’t know you. I can’t just go with you like that”.

I should’ve just walked/lead but I dropped the ball and allowed her to pick the route. So we headed straight.

As traffic came heavily, I took that as an opportunity to hold her.

I took her arm and pulled her out of traffic as she was walking nearer to the street:

Me: “You wanna get knocked down”?

We walked for a while and stopped outside of a barbershop.

Honestly, I was fucking tired of walking!

Imagine doing this from Thursday to Sunday- every fucking weekend, year in, year out, trying to take girls home!

Me: “Alisha! Stop! Come here girl”!

She turned around:

Me: “Where are you going”?

Girl: “Just walking. Might go to a bar right ahead and hope I see my cousin”.

We stood there talking for a bit.

I had 2 choices:

1.) Go with her to the bar, get to spend more time, then hopefully fuck her at the end of the night

2.) Take her number and try to set something up for the following day

She wanted me to continue walk with her and likely hit the bar.

The spirit was willing but the feet weren’t able.

I took her phone number and let her go about her way.

She was a prime target for Same-Night Sex: wanted to go to the bar to drink, doesn’t have any real plan, etc.

It hurts when you’re not able to keep up.

Maybe I’m getting old?

Conversion & Prioritization In The Game

Picking up girls is a piece of cake as I mentioned at the top of the article.

I always preach to you guys who are readers of my blog, that getting girl’s phone numbers is almost a given for me.

Put me in a packed nightclub and let me loose, and I’ll guarantee to be able to get 95% of the girl’s phone number in the venue within record time.

What makes me so adroit and skillful at this- apart from year’s worth of practice- is the realization that women cannot say no!

Sure they can…which brings up a great dichotomy! But, it is next to impossible for a girl to not give a guy her phone number.

Now, you may say to yourself, “But Kenny! I can’t fucking get phone numbers to save my life! Girls always tell me no. So how can you claim it is that easy”!?

Once you learn the mechanics of how to do this correctly, you will have come to the realization also, that women are more than willing to cough up their phone number in a heartbeat.

However, that is the least of your worries…mines also.

Ok, lemme ditch out some raw stats here just to bring things into perspective.

Over the last 2 weeks, I’ve picked up over 30 women.

By “picked up”, I mean getting their phone numbers.

A portion of those pickups occurred online [Facebook], while the remaining portion took place on street approaches.

Over the past week however, of the 20 or so girls whom I’d picked up, about 16 of them were from cold-stranger approaches on the streets.

Now, it is 1 thing to be able to collect phone numbers. But another thing to convert these into something tangible: SEX!

I am NOT in the business of collecting phone numbers for the sake of it!

My primary and ultimate goal is to fuck!

If the girl isn’t down with that program; I delete her and move on quickly! And by “quickly”, I mean within a matter of 16 hours sometimes, once I realize that the girl just wants a text-buddy or a virtual shoulder to cry on.

She can use another guy’s shoulder to cry on.

I am only looking for sex notches.

What I do with the greater portion of the phone numbers I get, is to prioritize based on existential factors.

It isn’t logical nor wise to waste time [days, weeks and months] trying to convert a non-DTF chick into a lay, when you could’ve simply concentrated on another girl whom you’d picked up, who might have been DTF from the get-go.

I see plenty of guys fall victim to such grave miscalculation by wasting time on the girls who aren’t interested.

Having a prioritization strategy will take care of this.

I choose to dedicate my time to certain girls based on certain factors and questions such as:

*Is she here permanently?

*Is she just visiting?

*When is she leaving?

*When does her boyfriend come back?

*Does she live nearby?

Those questions are factored into the decision-making process whenever I pick up a bunch of girls, but not sure as to which one to tackle first and give priority.

Case in point; it makes no sense to place as priority 1, a girl who lives in your town, over a girl who’s just visiting family in your town for the weekend.

Girl 2 should get the priority nod by virtue of logistics and the fact that she’s leaving within a matter of 2 days.

As we speak, there are about 20 new numbers saved to my Android’s contact list of girls whom I’d picked up over the last day or 2.

Of those 20: 4 of them are visitors on island for the weekend’s concert, slated to leave around Monday afternoon.

Since it is Sunday, May 24th, I have literally 24 hours to try to have sex with 4 girls.

This isn’t possible…at least not for my sex drive which isn’t high as the average guy’s who doesn’t get laid.

However, this is where prioritizing plays a key role again with these 4 visitors who’ll be leaving by tomorrow afternoon.

Hence, of the 4, I will have to narrow it down to the most DTF 1 or 2 of the 4.

If all 4 are readily DTF: then I have a huge problem on my hand, which still means I would have to narrow it down to 1 or 2.

When these 4 girls will have left the island after Monday, I can then focus my cock on the remainder of the 20 who are local girls, thus I was afforded time to put them on the back-burner until.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

“Should I Get Her Phone Number Or Facebook Info”?

Ah- those were the days man.

Reflecting on the years when merely contemplating to get a girl’s phone number was a gut-wrenching task that required a contingency plan, a week’s worth of preparation, a witty-number close routine and encouragement from the bros on PUA forums.

Fast forward many years- getting hot girls’ phone # is as easy as channel surfing is to a couch-potato- no big fucking deal whatsoever!

In all reality though, securing the phone # is never the big deal.

It’s getting the girl on the phone and to actually commit to meeting up, is the challenging part.

Just as getting a girl back to your place isn’t that great of a deal [easy for me to say- I guess].

It’s getting her panties off which requires the most effort, tact, planning and skill.

Firstly, I want to say that a phone number means Jack Shit to a woman.

Yet, it means a big deal.

Confused as yet?

I bet!

This’ just 1 of those many contradictions you’ll typically encounter whenever probing into the female psyche and pathology.

On 1 hand: a girl will willingly couch up her phone # to a homeless guy if he only asks [it couldn’t get any simpler].

On the other hand, depended on which side of the bed she woke from; she will lie and fabricate the most elaborate stories as to why she can’t give out her phone number…or why she doesn’t have a phone currently.

How do you discern which girl you’re actually dealing with?

I’ll tackle this in a subsequent post since it’s deserving of an exclusive article to really break it down.

For now though, let’s get into phone numbers and Facebook contact exchange and which is the most feasible…and why.

Should you go for her phone # or Facebook info (her name) in order to friend-request her?

It depends.

I call this “gauging the hot-meter”, where you have to gauge how warm and receptive the vibe is, to discern which route to take to establish communication.

This is 1 exception where you shouldn’t really shoot high then work your way down the ladder.

What I mean is, if you were to at the end of a conversation, try to get the girl’s phone number [aiming high] and she puts up real resistance or simply says, “I can’t give it to you”.

To then work your way down the proverbial ladder by opting for her Facebook instead, it would’ve DLV’d you.

In other words, you would’ve appeared to be too desperate and over eager to get her information.

Even if she does give you her Facebook details after refusing to give you her phone number, the chances of actually getting to chat with her online (Facebook) would’ve been slim as tinfoil as she would’ve already relegated you to the “desperate” basket.

On the bright side, if she does agree to give her Facebook, you can always go for her phone number instead:

“Hey, I wanna add you on Facebook and when I get the time, I’ll shoot you a message and we can grab a juice some time. Matter of fact- screw Facebook- gimme your phone number instead…since girls don’t reply to their Facebook messages”.


Hence, you can aim low [Facebook], and if she accepts, you can then go high [phone #].

However, you cannot do the opposite by going for her phone # and if she refuses, you get her Facebook instead [sure you can do it but you’ll look too desperate].

She will give it to you most likely [her Facebook]. But she won’t engage you at all…or just to be cordial and friendly while brushing you off in the same token.

Ok, so the hidden beauty in going for her Facebook, in my opinion and from experience, is that it’s so impersonal [Facebook], that she almost cannot refuse the proposal.

I’ve never had a girl refuse to add me on Facebook or refuse to give me her Facebook info in order to add her up.

The underlying reason as to why girls will cough up their Facebook so readily, is simply because of the impersonal nature of it all.

This in and of itself is a HUGE fucking contradiction!

A girl’s Facebook is the doorway to her personal life.

It’s like getting a free pass into her disheveled bedroom which she hadn’t cleaned in months.

Therefore, and in essence, Facebook is an ULTRA-personal domain [LOGICALLY]…but it isn’t treated as such by women.

It’s treated as an impersonal entity since after all- Facebook is a public site.

It’s for this reason why she’ll be way more receptive to giving you her Facebook name, since after all- it’s public information which can be accessed by anyone…unless the account is hidden.

When it comes to her phone number, you’re talking about another level here where privacy rules.

Her telephone number is NOT public information, therefore she should guard it with some level of foresight.

I said “SHOULD”! ;(

Not to bombard you with the obvious, but a phone number operates very differently than a Facebook communique.

You can blow up her Facebook inbox to infinity; she is still at liberty to simply ignore your messages while allowing them to pile up to the sky.

Hence, there is less risk in giving you her Facebook if it turns out that you’re a 1st-rate stalker and a lunatic.

She can block you, report you account, etc, etc, etc.

Now, with her phone number; shit isn’t that easy to troubleshoot.

Giving her phone number to the wrong dude, could realistically result in she having to change her phone number entirely…which means her previous contacts won’t be able to reach her at the usual number.

That is a huge risk to take just for 1 guy whom she doesn’t know!

She cannot simply ignore her phone calls as she ignores her Facebook messages.

If it turns out that the guy whom she’d given her # to, is a needy-stalkerish troll, you’re talking about phone calls at 4 AM, her phone being blown up while she’s in a meeting, sleepless nights and so forth.

She cannot simply block you from calling her phone.

Even if she does block incoming calls from your phone number, you can always call her from another SIM, LAN line or borrow someone else’s mobile.

With that being said, coupled with the realities on the ground, a girl will naturally be more reluctant to cough up her digits as the risks would’ve been greater for her.

It’s for this reason why it is a much safer route to get her Facebook instead- at first- then eventually get her phone number (through Facebook) as you would’ve chit-chatted at some point.


Her Facebook isn’t an end but a mean to an end.

You’re merely getting her Facebook in order to get her phone number after communicating to her (through Facebook) that you’re someone whom she can entrust with her personal-contact info, i.e. phone number.

The girl just wants to see that you aren’t some loony-toon character who’s gonna ring her phone 20 times a day or send her dozens of cheesy messages about how much you like her.

This is where good text-game comes in…which you can learn here:

Once again guys: if you aren’t sure that the girl whom you’re chatting up in person will give you her phone number, opt for her Facebook details instead.

From there, you create a good impression through Facebook chat, then you get her phone number once she realizes that you are safe, cool, fun, funny and non-needy.

There’s no chance in hell that she will refuse to give you her phone # once you’re able to have a semi-decent chat over Facebook.

Only how this will fail, is if you screw up the 1st. impression through social media text game.

To backtrack a bit- by all means- go for her phone number if you sense that the vibe is ON, warm or hot!

If it’s cold; then go for the Facebook!

The worst mistake I see guys make constantly, is to go for the girl’s phone # at the absolute wrong time!

I mean, this infraction occurs so often that it’s still cringe-worthy just to watch it go down.

The worst possible moment to try to get a girl’s phone number is when the vibe is lukewarm, cold or frigid!

Ironically, this is the moment when most guys go for it as they sense that the girl is slipping away and it’s either now or never!!!

When dealing with a lukewarm or cold situation, you either go for her Facebook or try to heat the vibe up where the girl will have become more open to giving her number.

This is where the art of charm and persuasion comes in.

The ability to turn a cold situation hot.

You then opt to go for her number if and when the vibe/girl becomes warm, hot or flaming hot!

For those who are a bit slower to catching on: by “hot”, I am NOT referring to the girl’s sexual temperature.

I’m talking about good conversation.

Always go for the phone number on a high note in conversation opposed to a low note when things are stalling and the vibe gets cold(er) and boring.

Don’t wait until you run out of things to say and the situation gets awkward to then say, “By the way…can I get your number”?

Also, it makes no sense to go for the Facebook if the girl is totally into you and is displaying massive signs of interest in you.

In a nutshell: if you aren’t getting great responses from the girl- go for the Facebook close.

If you are getting great responses via good conversation; go for the phone number.

To add an extra caveat here: if the girl is giving great responses and the vibe is warm to hot- don’t even go the phone number (as yet), but an instant-date.


Justin & Bruce Wayne’s Rant About Getting Girl’s Phone Numbers: “Fuck #’s And Get Laid”!

It’s great to see that others in the Pickup community, especially upper echelon guys, taking the angle that I’ve since embraced over the past 2 week.

I sense another revolution around here, and that is to do away with getting girl’s #’s unless running a number’s game for demonstrational purposes, bootcamp and strictly to run the number’s game.

All in all, your focus should be to get physical with the girl face to face on the 1st. encounter and try to sleep with her then.

If that fails: get her # [although I’m against getting the # in this case also]!

I’m not against teaching text and phone game. I will continue to write about those aspects of pickup. And I don’t have an issue with coaches who propagate getting phone numbers.

Rant away guys!

Just another chat and in-field hidden-camera video from Tom Torero

The more I check out Tom Torero’s stuff (videos), the more I’m beginning to like his style of game, which is why I’ve posted 2 videos of his to my main blog recently (opposed to the PUA Video site).

In this video, Tom (owner of out of England) talks a bit about incorporating old-school Pickup (Mystery Method) into his brand of game to create an interesting concept for gaming girls.

Towards the middle of the video, Tom Torero goes in-field on hidden camera to a coffee shop in Sweden and ends up picking up the girl working the register.

With the community’s rebellion against Mystery’s Method over the years, as a purist PUA, I have utmost fucking respect for coaches who still use classic seduction tactics to pickup.

Check out the video!

Q & A of the week: “When should he call”?

Ok guys, I promised a Q & A segment to my blog where I would ask some of my female Facebook friends questions on dating.

With their consent of course[Kenny does have etiquette at times], I’d be posting a pic’ with a fake name [Fuck off stalkers!!].

The questions were asked in real time via Facebook chat BTW(interesting), so these are women I generally chat with.

Every guy who dates or picks up chics, has heard about the ‘3-Day Rule’, where the guy shouldn’t call nor contact the girl before 3 days of getting the digits. For obvious reason of not looking desperate.

Being a curious bastard as I am, I wanted to get a general feedback from every-day women on this subject.

Ok, here we go!

20111214-075241.jpg T.T.

Cool-sexy chic I met days ago via mutual friends on Facebook, so I threw her in the fray.

Q. If a guy was to get your # and he calls the same night, would you see that as desperate?


“Nope. Not really. Says that he’s interested”

Q. Ok cool. Should he wait to call?


“Well to me: it doesn’t really matter but it shows that he’s interested. But others have their own opinion”.

Me: Some women say that the guy would look desperate calling the same night.


“Unless he reaches the point where he’s just calling str8 then that’s another story”.


KW’s a hot MILF I’ve been Facebook friends with for a while now. We probably have like 40 mutual friends, so she’s essentially in my social circle (online at least).

Q. Ok, if you gave a guy your # and he calls the same night, would you think he’s desperate?



Q. So how long should he wait to call? Few days or what?


“No just call her”.

Me: “Some women say that it looks desperate to call the same day. What do you say”?


“No it’s not desperate…what’s the difference if he calls the same night or 2 weeks lata”?


Cute Bronx chica I’d met on POF dating site.

Q. If you give a guy the digits and he hits you up the same day/same night, would you say thats’ needy and desperate?


“Umm no not desperate but I need to keep my eyez open lol”.

Q. Lol, so when should he call?


“Maybe that same week. But can definitely text show that he’s interested”.

20111214-105853.jpgAsian-Queens, NY

Cool Asian girl I met on POF too. She’s quite interesting with her insights.

Q. If you give a guy your # and he contacts you the same day or night, would that seem desperate?


“Yea. Why”?

Q. Ok, but why would that be?


“Maybe he just wants a booty call”.

Q. So generally, how long should the guy wait to contact you to not seem desperate for a booty call


“Umm maybe a week not sure”.

Findings & Conclusion

Wow- that was interesting to find out where women stand (supposedly).

We in the seduction community, already know that what a girl wants and expects LOGICALLY, isn’t what she wants, expects or goes for EMOTIONALLY.

Anyway, the most interesting finding here (for me), is that most of the women I surveyed, do NOT think it’d be needy and desperate to call the same day/night of getting the digits.

Yet it’s still a catch 22 though with going for what a girl says and what she actually responds to.

Nevertheless, I like the point made by Miz (the Bronx chica) about the guy texting same day/night to show that he’s still interested.

That’s key! And I happen to do that shit most times. Rather running the risk of the girl forgetting who you are, it’s worth it sending a short text with built-in humor (based on the initial chat).

The hidden beauty of this Q & A post is that it could be used as an opinion opener in street approaches or wherever.

Cool shit right?

BTW, I got the concept for doing this post from my boys Solo and Drew, who’s doing an interview-type thing in NYC for his blog via Twitter.

Guys- stop rushing for her phone #!


All throughout the seduction bloggersphere, I’ve been reading tons of articles on #-closing, how to get her #, etc. Fairly decent techniques by the way.

However, the 1 thing I never really see addressed is “When” to. When to go for the # exchange or # close?

Greatest mistake we men make while going for her # is….[let me get a drum roll]…Going for it prematurely!

Guys make it seems like a fucking sprint opposed to a marathon!

The faster you get her #, the less attraction she would’ve had for you. Instead of turning this into an ‘in & out’ process, you should be patient and casual about the # exchange.

This is the classic cause and effect for the throw-away number phenomenon.

For those who aren’t too privy with the term: a throw-away # is a phone # that the target usually gives the guy without any intention of ever speaking to him again.

To avoid getting throw-away numbers, stop being hasty to get her #! Slow your role Superman!


The only few instances where a guy should try wrap it up soon as possible, is in the follow cases:

1) The girl is visibly in a rush.

2) She’s trying to catch a bus/train and doesn’t have 15 minutes [although a seasoned PUA would get her to forget about catching the next in-bound transport].

3) You- the guy, are extremely busy and need to go.

Those should be the only exceptional cases where you go for a quick # close. Instances where you’re not guaranteed to see this girl again.

When NOT to # close hastily:

Ok, this is another grave mistake I see guys make regularly. How do I know? ‘Cause I used to do that shit!

…”Going for the # when you’re bound to see the chic again”.

Let me elaborate!

Guys, if you’re almost certain, or at least 50% guaranteed to see the target again in the near future [tomorrow for instance]: Do not pine away for her fucking number!!!

Perfect Examples:

* I chat up the smoking-hot bartender at X-Tra’s bar (the bar I generally frequent). I will not go for her # after our initial chat. That’s too fucking soon! Too soon for a girl I’m most likely to see the following week at this same bar. So let the tension build! Let the attraction grow by NOT asking for her # like the previous 20 guys did (and failed).

* HB8 at the neighborhood bodega or supermarket. Why go for her # at first sight when you’re most likely to see her again the following day that you go pick up some condoms or booze?

* Cashier at the bakery, teller at your bank, your professor, teacher, female pastor, sister’s hot friend…Those girls whom you’re most likely to see again; do NOT go for the # on the first chat.

Let the tension build

Whenever you refrain from asking a girl for her phone # (a girl you’re bound to see again in days), this is what goes through her mind:

* “He’s different than 99% of the losers who beg for my digits like there’s no tomorrow”.

* “He must be high valued/gets tons of girls/#’s” [so the pre-selection switch is automatically flipped].

* “Why isn’t he asking for my #”!!?

That is precisely the state and frame you want her to be in. You want her to wonder!

You want her to assume that she isn’t your type or out of your league (below it).

Once she’s psychologically engaged and invested, the game is half way complete!

You’re essentially “WINNING”!

“WWKD[What would Kenny do]”?

[This is what I would do, pertaining to gaming a girl I’m sure to see again.]

*New girl behind the counter at the Internet cafe, or cashier at my bakery.

*I’d chat her up for the first time [attraction material as usual]. Keep it brief and go.

*Next day or two, same routine: building attraction.

*Next time; same routine.

*I’m building the tension and attraction through each encounter. Depended on how good your game is, you should’ve been building sexual tension also via flirting, banter and playfulness.

*At this point in the game, she would be open for me like a can of tuna. Ripe for the picking.

*Then I go for the GUARANTEED SOLID # close.

There’s no way in hell that this chic would reject my #-close attempt at this point!

It’s as sure as the fucking sun rising tomorrow! She’s wanting it an expecting it. And don’t be surprised if she initiates it by offering the # instead.

There’s no way in hell she would flake neither on the future meet up.

Flaking happens 90% of the times from the lack of attraction because the guy # closed the girl too quickly.

Why would she answer your call or meet up with you when she doesn’t even remember who the fuck you were!!?

Take it slow [as to getting her #]!

You’re only gonna mess up your chances and make it an awkward situation for both of you by rushing for her #.

There’s no worst feeling like having to enter the store in which the girl works who had flaked on you twice or never took your calls.
It’s an awkward situation, and there’s no way to recover from it or to salvage it.

So, if there’s no chance in seeing her again, by all means: go for the number as fast as logistics & time allow.

However, if you WILL see her again: take it slow and build attraction. It cannot hurt your chances at all! It can only increase them!

Nine in 10 chances, the hot bartender is gonna be there next week.

The girl in class will be there tomorrow.

The bank-teller will be there next week.

I’m out! Stay Alpha!!!

No need being this guy.

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