Thursday Morning Rendezvous With A Fan…Part II Ruined By Rain Storm

[Post written on Wednesday]

I just met up and had lunch with this chick who popped up in my part of town.

She’d hit me up this morning telling me that she’s in my part of town.

After our hour-long lunch date she had to run to do some business. But we are set to meet up again after 2 pm…hopefully at the PUA pad.

What had happened was, after our departure (she went to do business and I went back to work), she was to message me not long later about meeting me somewhere.

She did message me but to say that she was stranded because of the rain storm. I was also stranded at work because of the storm. 😦

What bad fucking timing I said to myself!

It was after 2 PM and the girl had to catch a ferry for 3. So meeting up again was pretty much fucked.

Anyway, what I want to end this post with is a point I touched on in a previous article about the uselessness of phone numbers in this day and age.

Gone are the days where phone numbers and phone calls were the sole modus communique when it comes to dating and meeting up with girls.

Having her as friends on Facebook and other social-media sites, is just as good as having her #.

This girl here was a perfect example.

She doesn’t have my #, nor do I have hers. But she contacted me through Messenger about being in my town, and I was able to set up the rendezvous- through Messenger- just as if we were texting through a standardized sms app.

Most guys harp over phone numbers because. It strokes their egos. Getting a girl’s # is seen as a trophy for most guys. Hence they gun after it with reckless abandonment.

In all reality; why even try to get a girl’s # since you aren’t bound to ring her anyway?

No one calls anyone nowadays (at least not in the western world).

We shoot a text and that’s it. Push comes to shove, we have the option of calling free of charge through services such as IMO, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype and even the Magic Jack mobile-phone app.

With that, there’s absolutely no reason for a phone number as long as you use social media! Whatsapp would be the only exception where a phone number is required. But that’s still a mute point.

Since I’m not a mental masturbator who’s satisfied with solely talking about it, I began putting this into practice over the weeks, as I demonstrated in this quick video from a day ago where I approached a girl, chatted her up, and added her on Facebook instead of getting her #.

New Video—>When Grabbing The Girl’s Phone Number Ensure That She knows The Deal [+Infield Examples]

Number closing and grabbing girl’s phone number.

Common blunder committed by guys is that they grab the girl’s number under the impression that they merely want to become texting and phone buddies.

While in the process of grabbing a girl’s number, you want to make it abundantly clear to her that you’re expecting to see her sometime soon…as in the coming days.

Moreover, she should know that the number close or number swap was done solely to facilitate a meet-up or so-called date, and not just to swap #’s for swapping sake…nor as a trophy.

Whenever your intent is clear from the get-go, or upon getting the girl’s phone number, this drastically reduces the chance of flaking, girl standing you up and or playing head games.

Once she knows that the reason you’re grabbing her number is to see her again, she won’t get this feeling of surprise when you contact her, wanting to hang out or go out.

That is where lots of guys go wrong. They grab the girl’s number without stating their intent (to meet up), so the girl is left to assume the least; that the guy merely wants to text or chat.

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When To Call The Girl After Getting The Digits…[Video Repost]

“When is the right time to call the girl after getting her number”?

I hate having to repost a video here on the blog when a certain subject had already been exhausted.

Nevertheless, a handful of guys in the pick-up forums had been struggling with the question of when: “when should I call the chick after getting her digits”?

I re-posted a recent video of mines where I touched on that very subject and tackled the popular myths surrounding it…such as “the 3 day rule”, whereas it is advisable not to contact a girl before 3 days has elapsed least you appear needy and desperate.

In a recent post of mines to a PUA forum via Facebook, the pick-up/seduction community founder himself, Mystery [Erik Markovik] of VH1’s The Pick-Up Artist, chimed in to lend his support and accord to what I had to say on the topic of “when to contact a girl after getting her number”.


It’s always a pleasure to get the nod of approval from the pick-up godfather and founder himself. 😉

If you haven’t yet checked out the video, you can do so now below to get my take on when you should contact the girl after you would have gotten her digits.

Get “Real” Phone Numbers + Day-Game Infield Pick-Up Examples


My Youtube subscribers have probably surmised that I either got kidnapped- or rather worse- got hitched. 😉

I haven’t put out a video since August. And as a super active video-poster, that is uncharacteristic to say the least.


The proverbial day-game season [Summer] has wined down because of the pending-cold weather in your neck of the woods, so I am issuing a last hurrah and encouragement to those lads who are incline to hibernate during the remaining quarter of the year.

Since I’m based in the Caribbean- and have been over the past 3 years or so- picking up women on the streets [street game and day-game] is something I do all 12 months of the year because of the conducive-Summer weather.

If you’re not that fortunate [weather-wise] then please get off the couch and get some last minute game in while October is still here!

Anyway, I get quite a number of guys complain to me about phone-number closes and how flaky they usually are.

The #1 reason as to why the phone numbers you get almost always result in naught, nothing, nada, zip, zero, zilch, is the length of time [or the lack thereof] in which you take to try to get the girl’s number.

In other words; you rush for the number too fast before you even build anything, or give the girl a reason to want to give you her number.

This is the downside of flash-game and flash-number closes where the PUA tries to collect numbers as fast as an auction-guy can get the bids out there.

Great exercise! But doesn’t yield much in the department of “solid”-phone numbers which leads to so-called dates.

In this latest video of mines, I also share with you an awesome and simple tip in how to prolong conversation like it’s nothing!

Thus, it is 1 thing for me to tell you that the longer your initial conversation goes [upon the pickup], the greater your chances by far of getting a date to hooking up. But it’s another story to know just “How to” prolong a conversation upon approaching a girl outside of cyberspace.

Check out the insightful video which I’d put together a week and a half ago.
You’ll also see real-world examples of how to prolong the convo, what 4 main topics to touch, and why you shouldn’t take a girl’s phone number at all!

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