Chick From The Past Hits Me Up

Few days ago, I got a friend request from some random Dominican chick (nothing strange there). Since she’s sexy and she lives in the same town, I immediately inboxed her with my forward Game as I am with every girl.

Her FB name is that of a candy bar, so I broke the ice on that note.

Now, the thing is; she tells me that we hooked up before. I totally had no idea! I don’t even remember this chick…until she mentions certain details of who she is and where we hooked up.

I then realized that I did hook up with her like 10 years ago. BTW it was a One Night Stand Same-Night Lay.

I picked her up @ a party and took her to my uncle’s house.

I don’t recall sleeping with her but that 1 time.

I didn’t even know her damn name. So anyway, after I accepted her friend request few days ago, I inboxed her

[My messages in blue]

Unintended Consequences Of Being A Ladies’ Man

โ€‹This chick whom I’d hooked up with about 5 month ago, posted the following status.

What had happened was, I was standing by a post office, and then I noticed this chick saying hi to me as she passed by. But I didn’t think much of it since I didn’t recognize the person. So…I didn’t say hi back.

All of a sudden, I come across the status posted above. I hit like/love on the post anyways since I’m a nice guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

By the way, this girl and I are friends on Facebook, indicative of the fact that a large number of girls I sleep with, are from Facebook.

In any case, I’m always a good sport when things get icy with women.

Random Humor Stuff

English chick whom I’ve been freezing out, contacts me last night, wondering why haven’t she heard from me, plus wanting to hang out. I stayed home eating a chicken wrap and watching amateur porn like it was nothing.
#PUAHumor #JustSayingBro



When You Try To Hook Up With The Sister Of A Girl You’re Hooking Up With

There are these 2 sisters from Canada here for the Summer.

The one whom I hadn’t hooked up with, I tried hooking up with her first, about 2 years ago but she got cold feet and gave tremendous amounts of LMR.

Her younger sister, I end up sleeping with her over the course of the last 2 weeks.

The older sister is now back from Canada again for the Summer, so I texted her yesterday evening on IMO messenger about meeting up.

Older sister whom I failed to sleep with 2 years ago due to heavy LMR

Apparently, the younger sister whom I’m currently hooking up with, was right next to her @ the time.

Seconds later, my Whatsapp messenger app blew up.

It was the younger sister (whom I slept with) saying that I’m trying to hook up with her (bigger) sister.

Younger sister whom I'm currently banging over the last 2 weeks

I hate when this shit happens ๐Ÿ˜ฆ .

I guess I’m a sleazy, trifling bastard.

Seriously, on a final note: both sisters are fuckable, which is why I tried to bang the 2.

Am I evil?