2 Solid Openers (Indirect Game) As Your Guide In Game + How To Ask Questions

The #1 frustrating complaint from women about men (whether online or while out and about) is: “these guys are sickening with the same lame, boring approaches and conversation”!

Women frankly get the same shit (same approach, same opener, same icebreaker), every day from virtually every guy, and it typically begins with:



“How you doing today beautiful”?


“You good?


“Can I get a minute of your time”?

Those are just some of the most generic, common, lame, boring icebreakers women hear everyday upon being approached by men (on or offline). And frankly, women are fed up of hearing the same shit, and having to answer the same fucking questions each day, which is why most women don’t even waste their time replying to such lackluster stuff.

This is essentially why we in the pick-up artist community, have a major leg up on the competition: it’s because we are taught (and teach) to approach different than the rest, by saying something to the girl that she might not have ever heard in her life.

Moreover, this “different approach” should elicit laughter and giggles from the girl.

Typically, whenever I open a girl on the streets, after the opening routine, I almost always hear her say, “that was funny. That was clever. That was a good 1. That made me laugh. That made my day. I never heard that before”.

Now, you shouldn’t be (outcome) dependent on getting a good response. But it can’t hurt.

With that out the way and understood [that women are tired of hearing the same shit], here are 2 openers I used over the last few days. One I came up with on the fly (situational opener). The other is Todd Valentine’s.

While standing outside of a fast-food joint, I spotted a sexy girl inside, collecting her order. With my opener in mind (that I made up on the spot), I waited for her exit. As she exited with her food, I go [with a sly smile]:

“Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we go half and half on your dinner? I’m really really really starving and haven’t eaten for the night. You seem like you have a sharing heart”?

Girl: “Sure! We can go half and half”.

She went on to chuckle about it as the convo progressed on the topic of sharing food with a random stranger.

Again guys: it is NOT about the girl’s reaction. It doesn’t matter what she says. Had she’d said “No, I don’t share”, it would not have changed the point. The point was to spark interesting conversation. Had she said no, I would’ve improvised with something like, “SMH…a pretty girl who doesn’t share her pizza. You are so greedy you know that”?

Anyway, that simple situational opener outside the fast-food joint, turned into a half-hour conversation.

Another opener I used the other day is 1 from a Todd video. I don’t remember his verbatim, but while approaching a girl who was moving quite fast, I opened:

“Didn’t expect to have to burn so many calories today just to get a conversation going”.

She stopped and seemed a bit perplexed about what I said. So I repeated it and she LOL’d.

I went on to say, “just when I started my new weight-gain diet yesterday to put on some pounds, here you come along totally ruining my plan. You’re so bad for me”

We both shared laughs and went on to having a 10-minute convo, as she was in a rush to get her nails “did”.

If you’re new to the Game or aren’t used to approaching strangers, I hope you realize the underlying mechanics at play with those 2 openers [Indirect openers] and routines.

Overall, you want to captivate a girl’s attention by bringing something novel and or interesting to her ears.

Too many fucking times while out and about, I happen to overhear guys tryna (half-assedly) pick up girls by either cat calling, or going, “hey what’s up beautiful. Hope you’re having a nice day”. Either they get no reaction and the girl keeps on moving. Or they get a pity “thank you” just because the girl doesn’t want to seem a socially violator and mean. But the girl keeps moving along anyway.

It isn’t that women are mean, antisocial, stuck-up bitches. It’s that such convo-starters don’t elicit anything much within the girl. Saying “hi beautiful, may I talk to you”(?), doesn’t register on the girl’s radar as something interesting she should care to listen to. Simply ’cause she’s heard it 20 times for the day!

Another thing: when asking a girl questions, you essentially put the work on her. That is why it’s a terrible idea to try to game or pick up a girl by asking her a ladder of interview-type questions: “what’s your name, where you live, you have kids, what kinda work you do, where are you off to, how old are you, you have a man”?

Asking someone questions is like forcing them to have to talk and to have to invest. Nothing wrong with having the girl invest by asking her things. However, upon the opener, whereas you enter the set with zero value in the girl’s eyes, asking her a slew of generic, convo-filling questions, will only turn her off and get you rejected.

If you noticed from the 2 opener examples I shared above, no question was asked of the girl. Hence, I wasn’t forcing her to talk. She replied without pressure. So what you want to do, is to make more assumptions, make more comments than to ask a ton of questions…until you’ve hooked the girl into conversing.

Furthermore, there’s nothing inherently bad about asking questions during the initial pickup. It is the type of questions, timing and how you set up the question.

For instance, and this is classic PUA 101, if I wanted to know what work a girl does (which I never do), even just for conversational purposes, I would make a bold assumption [setting up the question], then end the assumption with the generic question.

Here’s an example:

“By the way, from the looks of your sexy getup, it seems like you do something really creative or high energy for a living. What kind of work you do”?

So…did you see how I set up that otherwise generic question, by leading into it with an intriguing lead-in (the assumption)?

That’s how you ask a question during Game. The girl wouldn’t feel forced, nor as though she’s filling out a tedious job resumรฉ.

If you watch any of my pick-up videos, I never just ask a question. Nor do I ever fall into the spiraling pattern of 21 questions, where I ask, ask, ask.

Another example of how to ask a question by tying it into a comment that is bold, intriguing, funny or even controversial.

“How old are you? I hope you’re not jail bait. I’m gonna have to see some ID young lady”!

Clearly such a statement-question will elicit laughter in the girl. The added bonus is that it flatters the girl in that by asking if she’s jail-bait, you’re essentially saying she looks very youthful. A very nifty compliment without actually complimenting her.

I hope you get the basic points here guys, about opening, breaking the ice and carrying conversation (by not outright asking lame questions, but mixing them with bold assumptions).

Make Her Chase You With The Curiosity-Loop Opener (video post)

Hey guys, I just posted a video earlier on my favorite little technique called “Curiosity Loop”. 

For example, if teying to make an impactful entrance with a girl on Facebook or any other medium, ooening her with simething that makes her curious will crate attraction. 

Here’s a great example below (from a week ago) of me doing just that. 

[My messages in blue]

In the video, I break down this concept of mines. 

The Now Infamous PUA Opener: “We Would Make Cute-Ass Babies”


Another text-game opener with another random girl on FB whom I came across 2 days ago. We happen to have the same last name so my opener was based on that. You have to learn how to improvise and spot openings from the most insignificant of things.
I didn’t proceed to picking this hot girl up because she’s currently in Canada…and my dick cannot stretch that far to bang her.
[My texts/opener texts in blue]




Ok guys, so that is pretty much my go-to opener on Facebook as of late.

I would come across a random girl’s profile and say to her through inbox (or some variation of it):

“We would make some cute ass babies”

How often does this work for me as far as getting the girl to open?

A hundred percent of the time!

Yes- I did say 100% of the time!

This opener has never failed me yet!

In a subsequent post, I’ll address why such a routine/icebreaker won’t work for most guys at all, though it works for me 100% of the time.

As it is for now: this opener of mines has taken the pickup community by storm, as it is being talked about on various forums across the net.



Shock Openers To Break The Ice On Facebook- How To Get The Attention Of Smoking-Hot Girls

Hey fellaz, I’ve been pretty busy toiling over an article about how to make women wett and horny just by sitting/standing next to them.

If time permits, it should be completed by the weekend.

In the meantime, some more Facebook game for you lames! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You know I preach a lot about “shock” game and doing/saying the unconventional. Not merely because being a shocker usually holds girl’s attention, but it separates you from the rest…who are usually a lame bunch.

Now, not to sound redundant since I’ve already dealt with this topic ad nauseum, but what is the standardized opener/ice-breaker which is used by 98% of guys on the globe when contacting a fine piece of ass for the first time on Facebook in particular?






“How are you”?

“Hi” likely ranks at the top of the list of the lamest ice-breakers known to man…at least online.

Why is “hi” such a terrible way to open girls on Facebook? Besides being boring and ultra-generic, it doesn’t blip on a girl’s proverbial radar since it’s all-too common and doesn’t arouse a girl to action.

It’s about getting the girl’s attention by any mean, albeit without appearing needy and attached.

What gets a girl’s attention since “hi” doesn’t cut it but turns women off?

Check out the screenshots from Wednesday of a texting session I had with a random stranger [sexy by the way] whom I’d just added that same day.

Remind you; she’s a smoking hot girl! Hence, she’s accustomed to being hit up by hundreds of guys saying, “Hi beautiful”, inbox messages to which she doesn’t reply at all.

Therefore, how did I manage to get her attention [with a “shock” opener]?
[My texts in green. Hers in gray]

“I wanna get you pregnant”

See how that went?

I used a “shock” opener in order to get her attention, then transitioned into normal dialogue [normal as far as pickup goes].

Why such an opener, and why did it work?

Again; the hottest women are constantly hit up by men saying the same kiss-ass shit. Hence, they become desensitized to the lame “Hi…good morning” line. So most of them don’t even bother to reply to such lamery.

Thus, you have to say something that grabs her attention!

Nine in ten times, that “something” will have to be negative, testy and or forward…like “I wanna get you pregnant”.

Not only is such an ice-breaker highly unusual and forward, but it gets the attention of hot girls…which is what you want!

When you will have done that [grabbed her attention and gotten a reply], you simply stack forward into normal convo.

The forward opener is solely to get the girl’s attention as all openers are designed to do.

Your objective is basically to get a reply by saying something so outlandish or ridiculous that she has to respond.

As you will have gotten the initial reply from the girl- usually in shock or displeasure- you basically phase shift as we would say in the pick-up world, by changing gears shortly after.

Remember: a hot girl rarely ever respond to things of low stimuli!

You have to peak high on her radar by doing/saying something unusual! And by no means do I mean you should surprise a random chick on FB with an “unusual” gift via a $50,000 car or diamonds from Tiffany’s!

This shock approach of mines by the way, isn’t necessary with every girl. But, it can be utilized with any girl- no matter how hot or not.

However, it is designed to arouse the attention of either:

1.) Popular girls

2.) Bitchy girls

3.) Smoking-hot girls…who are usually bitchy online because they are fed-up of low-value men hitting them up with cheesy-generic approaches

In any case, once you realize that a girl is somewhat of a popular figure in her Facebook sphere, standard openers may not cut it. You will have to shock her out of her little world of importance!

In other words, if she has high-social value and status, and she’s a popular girl among her social circle, your approach must be edgier than usual.

This girl for instance whom I cited in the above screenshots, from skimming her Facebook before I added her to my “secret” account ๐Ÿ˜ˆ , I realized that she was the leader of her social pack…for lack of a better term: she is the Alpha-Female of her circle.

My pick-up subject- a socialite and leader of her group- on the far left in white

The Alpha-Female does NOT entertain low-value guys who register low on her radar by being kiss-asses and generic chodes: whether online or in person.

If she isn’t a socialite, isn’t smoking hot, nor the leader of her pack, then you may not have to utilize a shock opener in order to get her attention.

BTW, if you’re not sure whether the girl is a popular one who gets tons of male and female attention; simply skim her Facebook to see how many likes and comments she accrues per post and picture on average.

This chick gets about 200+ likes per pic and over 80 comments on average- 95% of those comments from desperate-ass-kissing men by the way.

Also check to see how many friends is in her friend list. It should max out at about 4,000 or so.

That should tell you that she’s a popular damsel and you ought to use the “shock opener”.

Anyway, I’ll keep you guys updated as to the potential pickup of the girl featured here.


Enjoy the weekend!

The Apocalypse Opener Used On Tinder By RSD Max

I’m not a fan of Tinder simply because I never used it and don’t know what the hell it’s all about.

Nevertheless, I am familiar with the Shock and awe opener because I use it on a regular basis.

RSD Max had posted the following Tinder chat to Facebook earlier today, where he used the Apocalypse Opener aka Shock and Awe Opener in order to pick up a girl on Tinder.

Such an opener is basically an all or nothing approach.

What makes it work for some guys all boil down to congruence and a consistent profile.

Lots of guys utilize such openers with random girls online. 99% of them are shot down by either being flat-out ignored or told to fuck off!

This is usually a product of in-congruence where the girl doesn’t buy what you’re saying since your profile doesn’t match up to that.

Now, I usually get away with this because the girl will skim my profile, see the sexual and forward shit I post and immediately get to see the type of guy I am- forward and sexual- hence my profile is congruent with someone who makes such forward and bold commentaries!

On the other hand, if you were to inbox a girl on Facebook for instance, and tell her that you want to have sex with her and make her squirt, and she skims your profile and see all the “saintly” and non-provocative shit you post, then she will become annoyed due to your in-congruence and inconsistencies, and her reaction [if not just flat-out block or ignore you] will have been a super-negative one.

Women will respect a guy for being so sexually forward, only if he’s congruent with it.

Ok, so when and why should one use such an opener/ice-breaker?

Whenever he pleases.

Why such an opener at times?

It accelerates the process towards sex…obviously by cutting through the guessing game of whether this guy wants to fuck me or not.

Try it out on Tinder or any dating and social-media site just to see how it goes for you.

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