When She Objects To Giving You The Digits

So you see guys: Kenny does get shot down!!!

Reality is; I don’t get every phone # I go after.

I get 98% of them. But that’s another point.

Here’s the difference though, and what I wish for you to take away from this post: when a girl doesn’t give me her digits, I don’t throw tantrums, nor do in get all butt-hurt. 

That is key, because women will often test you that way, just to see your reaction: “Will he cry and cuss me out, or will he nonchalantly accept it, and try another time”?

That’s how you handle a so-called number rejection: you gracefully act indifferent, or you playfully banter with it then try again (the same time, or another occasion). 

On a different note, this chick and I have history. History in the sense that we were to hang out almost a year ago, but plans fell through. She also has a knack for being ultra-sarcastic, so I never take her shit seriously. 
But anyway guys: Never show a negative reaction whenever the girl objects to giving you her digits. 60% of the time, it is only a test.

Quit Being A Stipid Jackass And Get Her # The Right Way!

I know I’ve said that grabbing a girl’s phone number is quite useless in an age where social media dominates communication.

However, if you’re gonna attempt to grab a girl’s number; then do it right dammit!

The chick from the previous post who’s notorious for trolling and calling out men who display lame-ass game, posted the following status.

By the way, she copied this style of mines from reading my statuses where I would post short mock conversations between a girl and a guy.

Needless to say, she makes a great point in pointing out how lame guy’s game is.

I talked about this in the past and how stupid it is to try to go for a number close without building attraction.

Most guys approach getting a girl’s # as though it’s a fucking sprint!

They virtually go from opener to attempted # close within 1 swoop!

In the “trying to meet girls” game, you have the guy who never pulls the trigger. And then you have the guy who squeezes too quickly.

Both extremes are regressive and quite stupid to be frank.

Here’s another example which the same girl had posted yesterday to Facebook.

What was the mistake that this guy made?

He went from opener to trying to get her phone # (asking if she has Whatsapp) within # swoop, before having built anything, let alone some attraction. Not to mention that the girl was literally blowing him off by acting like a dick with replies such as: “I’m from Earth”, “Minding my business”, “Check back next week” (in relation to getting her #). How foolish can you get by trying to get a girl’s # on a downward spiral!?

Unfortunately, most guys do this! They gun for the # as a last ditch effort before things implode. But why would a girl give you her # when she’s acting like a total bitch towards you?

She won’t! But it’s a clear sign of desperation and ineptitude on any guy’s part, when he displays such shitty game and lack of social intelligence, by asking lame interview-type questions to nowhere, then rapidly topping it off with a lame-shit effort at swapping numbers.

Here’s the other thing: the lamest and most annoying thing you could ever ask a girl (one whom you don’t know personally) is, “what you doing”?

What the girl is doing shouldn’t mean shit to you. Hence, you shouldn’t ask!

Secondly, by asking a girl, “what are you doing” as an opener, clearly shows that you have nothing much to provide the girl via conversation. You’re basically leeching off of her state, disposition and her current situation. So that is why girls get annoyed whenever a guy asks, “Sup. What u doing”?

Additionally, being asked the frikkin’ obvious is also another pet peeve of women.

Online, it isn’t that difficult to find out where someone is from, lives or have lived.

That info is usually clearly visibly on the person’s Profile. Or you could easily find that out by tapping “about”. So asking a girl the lame-ass interview-type question, “where you’re from”, will often times elicit a negative reaction within the girl’s mind, especially if this information could’ve been easily ascertained by a 2 second scan of her profile.

In any case, this sort of horrible game should be called out.

Going from opener/ice-breaker to “can I have your #”, is akin to shifting gears in a manual-transmission vehicle, straight from 1st to 5th: you just won’t get anywhere but a wrecked transmission and gear box.

In closing, I just wished to have cautioned you guys about the many follies and pitfalls in game (or having a lack of game).

In this case, it is in respect to securing a number.

This should be done wisely and strategically!

Before successfully securing a girl’s phone number, you will have had to build a sufficient amount of attraction in order to make this happen.

This varies from girl to girl (the amount of attraction material needed). But by all means, you’re going to look real stupid going for the phone number within seconds of chatting to the girl.

Not to harp on the obvious, but the reason why the vast majority of men rush for the phone number is because they do not trust themselves to not run out of things to say. So they go from, “Hi what’s your name”, to, “Can I get your #”, because they don’t have anything to say between those 2 points.

On that note, you may like this video of mines which deals with that point in detail.

Thursday Morning Rendezvous With A Fan…Part II Ruined By Rain Storm

[Post written on Wednesday]

I just met up and had lunch with this chick who popped up in my part of town.

She’d hit me up this morning telling me that she’s in my part of town.

After our hour-long lunch date she had to run to do some business. But we are set to meet up again after 2 pm…hopefully at the PUA pad.

What had happened was, after our departure (she went to do business and I went back to work), she was to message me not long later about meeting me somewhere.

She did message me but to say that she was stranded because of the rain storm. I was also stranded at work because of the storm. 😦

What bad fucking timing I said to myself!

It was after 2 PM and the girl had to catch a ferry for 3. So meeting up again was pretty much fucked.

Anyway, what I want to end this post with is a point I touched on in a previous article about the uselessness of phone numbers in this day and age.

Gone are the days where phone numbers and phone calls were the sole modus communique when it comes to dating and meeting up with girls.

Having her as friends on Facebook and other social-media sites, is just as good as having her #.

This girl here was a perfect example.

She doesn’t have my #, nor do I have hers. But she contacted me through Messenger about being in my town, and I was able to set up the rendezvous- through Messenger- just as if we were texting through a standardized sms app.

Most guys harp over phone numbers because. It strokes their egos. Getting a girl’s # is seen as a trophy for most guys. Hence they gun after it with reckless abandonment.

In all reality; why even try to get a girl’s # since you aren’t bound to ring her anyway?

No one calls anyone nowadays (at least not in the western world).

We shoot a text and that’s it. Push comes to shove, we have the option of calling free of charge through services such as IMO, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype and even the Magic Jack mobile-phone app.

With that, there’s absolutely no reason for a phone number as long as you use social media! Whatsapp would be the only exception where a phone number is required. But that’s still a mute point.

Since I’m not a mental masturbator who’s satisfied with solely talking about it, I began putting this into practice over the weeks, as I demonstrated in this quick video from a day ago where I approached a girl, chatted her up, and added her on Facebook instead of getting her #.


2 Solid Pickups On A Tuesday Afternoon [American & A Brit]…Field Report

The purpose of this field report is to shed light on something on which lots of guys in pickup tend to miss the ball.

There is allotted day game, then there is sporadic game/pickup.

What do I mean by that?

Most newer guys to the world of pickup, allocate and set aside specific time and days in which to go game girls, practice, sarge, etc.

This isn’t a nad thing by the way.

All newbies start out that way, and should begin that way.

However, as you advance in the game, there’s no longer a need to set aside specific time to game.

You game girls whenever, whenever and however (well- the “however” part is questionable)!

As a master pick-up artist, I no longer set aside (day game) time in order to game women.

The only how I do this is if I’m traveling, in a new city, town, etc. I would then allocate a definite time (9 AM to 6 PM) in which to run day game and pick up women.

However, on a day-to-day basis on a normal weekday, I don’t set aside time in which to day game.

I pick up girls sporadically.

In essence: I am always “in state”! I don’t need to psyche myself up to the task of chatting up women as a newbie would do in order to muster up the courage for the day-game task.

Saying all that to say, on any given day, I am poised to pick up a few girls here and there while on tea break from work, lunch break, running errands, etc.

For example: I work right across the street from a supermarket. If I happen to want to grab a quick snack- a bag of potato chips or something- if there’s a girl to my liking who is shopping at the moment, I would pick her up.

I went into the grocery store to buy some chips, but I’m flexible enough to game girls whom I see in the store.

Hence, sporadic game is what separates men from boys: masters from students.

Picking up the American girl

While chitchatting with a coworker outside of the parking lot of the complex where we work, these 2 girls walk by, and 1 of them happen to give me a glance which caught my attention.

I then said to my coworker, “Hold on! I’ll be back”.

They were heading into the supermarket, so I sped up in order to catch them in time.

I caught up to them just as they entered the door.

I opened with a cheesy pick-up line, she laughed, I talked to the girl she’s with for just a split second, then I transitioned back to my target.

After about 10-15 minutes, all 3 of us walked out of the supermarket; my target having my #, and me having hers.

They caught a cab and that was that.

Before we parted ways, I ensured that she knew what the deal was: “I want to hang out later”.

She agreed that it’s a good idea.

I also found out that they leave back to America on Saturday. So I must act swiftly if I want the lay!

Picking Up The British Girl

About an hour later while on a phone call in the parking lot area, a sex girl in short-shorts saunters by.

I hung up on the person I was talking to.

I gave the girl a curious look as though we know each other.

She looks at me and smile with a curious look and she said, “what”!?

Me: “You don’t know me”?

Of course she doesn’t know me. But that is 1 of my favorite openers: opening girls like we know each other.

From that, I realized her British accent.

She stood on the side walk as if to beckon me to come to her.

I stood my ground as if to say to her, “you come to me”!

We both stood there for a good 5 seconds smiling and laughing at each other.

This is pure chemistry from the gate…exactly the way I love it!

I then decided to break the tension by approaching her.

Me: “I would hug you but my girlfriend is probably hiding behind a car or something nearby”.

We both laughed about it.

This went on for about 25 minutes (the pickup).

She all but told me her address and asked me if I knew where that was.

I am familiar with her area. So with that being said, I grabbed her phone #. But there was a problem: she doesn’t know her phone # by heart.

Remind you; she is here from Britain for 2 weeks. She’s already been here a week now. So she’s using a temporary SIM card while she’s here.

Alas! There was hope!

Girl: “You know what! What’s your #? I will ring you now and my temporary # will show up”.

Me: “Bravo! I love your smarts”!

She ran me and her # came up.

Sure sign that she’s into me. Any time a girl goes to this extend to invest, it is a full-proof IOI (Indicator of Interest).

We parted ways under the understanding that we will meet up later…at her place.

Me: “So…I’m not sure of your situation, whether you stay with anyone, or whether you have kids with you, so that may mean I may have to come by you since you may not be able to come out”.

Girl: “I can come out. But we can chill by me instead”.


Me: “I think it’s best we chill by you”.

Girl: “Oh wait! I don’t have data or WIFI while here”!

Me: “Damn! So that means Whatsapp is out the question”.

Girl: “Well we’ll have to do it old-fashion way: text or call”.

Again guys: whenever a girl goes to the extent to make the logistics work, it is a sure sign that she’s interested and even DTF!

Anyway, so we parted ways.

Okay, so here you have it. It is 5:30 PM on this Tuesday evening while I compose this quick post.

When faced with a situation like this, where I have 2 girls willing to meet up the same night, which girl do I actually choose to see?

Well, it all varies to be honest.

Generally, I would want to go with the more DTF of the 2, and that is what I go with.

However, there are circumstances where 1 girl may not bite, so I’m left to having to see the only remaining girl.

That just may be the case tonight that the Brit girl is the more favorable options, simply because she gave me her address while we exchanged #’s.

I mean, I wrote about this years ago: if a girl gives you her address during the pickup, it is a virtual invitation for you to show up! Otherwise, she wouldn’t have dared make that mistake to share her address with a guy whom she wouldn’t want to stop by.

Thus, you have to learn how to read these subtle signs and hints that women consciously and subconsciously drop into the conversation, or else you’ll miss out of lots of bang opportunities.

Anyway guys, I’ll keep y’all posted with a part 2 tomorrow.

Hopefully I get to smash 1 of these girls this evening.

The Brit girl is the sexier of the 2. Perhaps because she had on short-shorts, and her boobies were spilling out of her top [I’m a boobs-guy, so that is always a plus].

As far as time frame, it is now 5:41 PM (Tuesday). I usually aim to meet up with new girls between 7 and 7:45-8…8:30 the latest…unless the girl specifies a designated time.

Why 7:30?

It’s early enough. So the girl cannot realistically use the excuse that she’s tired, sleepy, and that 7:30 is (too) late…since it’s not.

Anything after 8, the girl is liable to cook up some excuse about being tired.

Moreover, through year’s worth of experience, I learn to spot this sweet spot: 7-8 PM.

Anything after 8: the girl gets flaky, doesn’t answer the phone or return texts, etc.

Anything before 7 would obviously be too early…unless that time was designated and agreed upon by both parties.

See you womanizers later!

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