Almost Got Into A Bar Brawl With 2 Chumps + Physically Assaulted By Some Random Chick [Wednesday Night Field Report]

Wednesday night was on record, my worst night in years.

What a way to kick off 2016!

Ok, let’s get straight into the field report.

Wednesday evening while rummaging through my smartphone about 5 blocks away from a popular lounge-hangout spot, a 3-set (mixed set: 1 guy and 2 girls) walked passed me, but I hardly took notice of them until I overheard the New York accent coming from the girls.

As a quasi ex-pat New Yorker, I have an ear for the distinct NYC accent which stands out like a rusty coin among pearls.

I immediately took note at that moment while they had already passed.

“What an ass on the girl on the right”!

I said to myself.

Something told me that they were headed to the same spot which I was intending to hit up…so I went along shortly afterwards.

Lo and behold; they’re here!

They had in fact beat me to the bar & lounge.

I immediately approached both of them, while wedging myself betwixt as they stood at the counter ordering drinks it seemed.

With a curious look on my face as I point to my target (HB on the right) as if I knew them from somewhere:

Me: “About 6 years ago…we were great buddies”.

As expected, they both looked at me puzzled.

Girls: “Huh”?

Me: “You don’t remember me? You are such a damn player you know that? I actually feel offended right now that we have so much history yet you don’t remember me”.

They both laughed as my target (HB#1) tries to recollect my face and our history.

Remind you- this was total BS! I didn’t know them at all. But this was just 1 of my favorite routines and openers in order to break some ice with intrigue.

I turned to the other HB and said to her, “She’s a player, isn’t she”?

Both girls burst out laughing once more.

My target struggles for answers:

Target (HB#1): “I was here back in 2010 and 2012 but for a stint”.

Me: “Aha! You see! 2010 was 6 years ago since it’s now 2016. You see! So it must be you! We have some great history”.

After a while, I phase-shift to another topic to avoid milking the opener.

We had a 3-way chat for about 10 minutes before they grabbed a seat with the guy whom I came to find out later on, was just their quasi tour-guide for the evening.

I accompanied both of them to their seats while we chatted about the old city of NY: who is from where, etc.

Me: “By the way, ya’ll sorta have a Brooklyn accent”.

HB’s: “Well she’s from Brooklyn and I’m from Queens. Where you from”?

Me: “Uptown”.

HB’s: “Uptown is dirty as hell”.

Me: “The whole NYC is dirty as hell”!

HB’s: “True”!

While they sat and sipped their mixed drinks, the guy with whom they came- their chaperon- grabbed a seat next to them also.

Ay that point, I remained standing between the 2 HB’s who were seated on high chairs while the chode dude sat across the table from us.

After a while- perhaps 20 minutes- realizing that the girls were totally into my vibe, the jealous Beta-Male dude began sending subtle messages my way…as if he were trying to tell me to leave.

He kept on eyeing me down aggressively.

I believe since he wasn’t inebriated enough, he started guzzling his beers like a fish; apparently to gain some liquid courage to confront me!

Some time had further elapsed and the girls and I were hitting it off as though we were buddies from time immemorial!

We had tons in common, but most interesting: New York City.

The bulk of our entire conversation was based on NYC.

The guy whom they came with, on the other hand, having always been a local (I can tell from his heavy local accent), didn’t have the luxury to strike that commonality between himself and the girls, hence he felt marginalized and left out.

That infuriated him by the second as I was able to clearly spot that in his eyes and demeanor.

As the minutes ticked away and turned into an hour, he became slightly belligerent (exaggeratingly so) as he was now pointing at me, shouting for me to “fuck off”!

“Fuck off”!

“Get out of here”!

“The girls don’t want to talk to you”!


Throughout all of this, I merely acknowledged the guy besides nodding my head at him whenever he would yell “Fuck off”!

The thing is with me, I always try to exhibit calm in the face of a storm.

A storm was brewing but I kept myself calm for however long it was humanly possible.

The guy egged and egged and egged and pushed for a reaction but I kept brushing it off.

The chode: “You’re a cheap muthafucka! You didn’t even buy the girls any fucking drink and you want to talk to them! Buy them drinks man or get lost! Get the fuck out of here now”!!!

This’ a classic AMOG move that he tried to pull by calling me cheap in the presence of women in order to blow me out.

Guys- AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps)- do this shit all the time where they’d try to berate you in front of the girl in hopes that she rejects you. But as long as you remain somewhat non-reactive, you’re still in the game.

In the face of his lame-shit AMOG attempts failing, the Beta punk felt compelled to do something more dramatic, so he got up from his seat, walk towards me but from the periphery as if he were to walk behind me.

I didn’t think much of it as far as a physical threat was concerned, but he grabbed me by the shirt from behind and pulled me outside the entrance which was only about 5 yards from where we congregated.

I honestly didn’t feel physically threatened as he dragged me outside. I don’t remember what was said while we were outside, but I believe I said something to the tune of “chill out dude. I’m warning you”.

I pulled away from him and slapped his hand from my shit and re-entered the venue.

I grabbed me a $10 coconut rum and pineapple-juice mixed from the bar while the 2 HB’s were getting some chicken for themselves and the chump guy.

Now here is the deal just to catch you up to speed: The guy was the spender. He accompanied them there as their virtual tour-guide, he was spending on them and somehow felt he was responsible for their security.

By virtue of the fact that he brought them there and he was spending on them, he felt as though they were indebted to him.

The other thing is: this dude barely knew them but through relatives.

He was basically a friend of the family…the girl’s family.

That’s all! So this clown was not a boyfriend of any of the girls. Hence, for him to get all jealous out of shape wasn’t warranted.

I said to 1 of the girl in her ear, “Is he your date or something? He seems to be mighty jealous. If he likes you or something, I’ll just leave”.

Girl: “No he’s not our date! He’s just a friend of the family. I don’t care if he likes me. I’m not into him”!

She exclaimed!

The guy sort of overheard this, so it infuriated him even more, especially since he was being put on the spot by the girl, with me being the chief architecture of the AMOG comeback.

The entire time, there was no music playing in the venue. But they finally cranked it up upon our request after an hour.

The funny thing is, as the night went on, I started to notice that I had more (sexual) chemistry with the girl (HB#2) who wasn’t my original target.

Not only that, but she seemed to have liked me a great deal more than the girl whom I had originally targeted.

When you become good at this, you’ll be able to read subtleties and cues such as the girl’s demeanor and sub-communications which will give her away.

The girl whom I liked more- my original target- though she was definitely engaging me, her cousin was giving off more of a stronger “I like you” vibe than she was.

I sensed this and subtly switched targets.

I grabbed girl #2’s hands and began playfully caressing it as some semi-sensual music played.

While this was all carrying on, the butt-hurt chode was showing me his fist and middle finger as if to say he’s going to punch me.

I paid him not much attention as I told the girls that when I’m warmed up, I’m going to dance with both of them.

Since I was positioned in the middle of them, I grabbed their hands and sorta twirled while I simulated a slow Salsa type move as we giggled over my lack of dancing skills.

Me: “Just wait until I’m warmed up. I’m gonna dance the fuck out of you 2”!

They laughed.

All this time, the butt-hurt Beta-Male sat brooding, sulking and eyeing me while making subtle and overt threats.

While taking selfies, I got HB #2 to get up from her high chair, I threw a hand around her shoulders and began to gyrate my torso up against her sexy thighs as my original target- girl #1- took some photos of us.

Me: “Why don’t you show me what you got”?

HB#2: “I’m not warmed up yet”.

All while this was going on, the butt-hurt vermin was whispering with 2 other guys as though they were plotting against me as far as ways in which to sabotage the set.

They didn’t appear threatening to me while they did this (look, stare, chuckle, etc). More so defeated as if they were saying to themselves, “Just leave bruh! These girls like you and we are here in exile because they like you”.

Hence, it was amusing to me that these 3 bozos were too damn pussy to step up to the plate and spit their game!

I wasn’t fucking blocking any of those clowns from interrupting and taking the floor!

Meanwhile, they chose to tool themselves out like little pussies by staying on the sidelines slinging threats and guzzling their booze in apparent defeat.

The 3 of us took more selfies as I grind on the booty of HB #2.

I didn’t at all get to dance with my original target (HB#1) whom I had approached initially, because she remained seated literally for the entire night.

HB #2 was making all the runs to the bar counter and back, thus she was standing just enough for me to take her hand, turn her around and dance on her booty.

As she sat again, I resumed caressing her hand, an act which was visible to the 2 buffoons.

In essence, I was giving them an impromptu demonstration of how to escalate on a girl, how to seduce a girl in a bar environment, how to work a 2-set (2 girls) and how pick-up works overall!

AFC’s hate to be shown up by a guy who knows how to connect with random women.

Bear in mind: these 2 HB’s were random chicks whom I had cold-approached about 2 hours earlier in the same bar/lounge.

This sort of feat is unimaginable to the average guy’s little brain and his poor reality of how things are supposed to be.

Anyway, so as time ticked on, I had both HB’s fawning over me: 1 on the left, the other on my right while I was sandwiched between them with each hand holding a hand of theirs closest to mines.

Make no mistakes about it: I was NOT blatantly rubbing shit in the turd’s faces. I could’ve acted a complete dick and show-off, but I kept a James Bond sort of coolness about the whole thing while putting some shade on it.

I don’t look to create enemies in the field, nor to intentionally make guys hate my guts.

In any case, the main antagonist began to provoke me again as he loudly exclaimed:

“Get the fuck out of here man! The girls don’t want to talk to you! Just leave! Just leave”!

What I heard was: “Give us a chance bro…please! We’re begging you”!

I then said to him: “listen bro. The girls are here! Come talk to them! Do your thing! I’m not stopping you”!

I urged and urged and urged him on to come game the girls but he wasn’t up for the task so he gave me the middle finger and dropped back in his seat. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I knew he wasn’t going to step up to the plate so I purposely put him on the spot and tooled him out.

I then said to the HB’s:

“Listen, if I’m a bother here or I’m interrupting something, please lemme know and I will leave right now because I don’t want to ruin anyone’s time. So if this dude likes one of y’all, let me know and I’ll leave”.

HB’s: “We don’t know who he likes but we here to have fun so we don’t see the point in you leaving just because he’s acting like an ass”.

Well said!

I knew they didn’t want me to leave, but I had to shake things up a bit by threatening to leave.

I indirectly presented them with 2 options:

1.) I leave and they get bored out their minds and stuck with men who are afraid to talk to women

2.) I stay and make their night worth it

It was a no-brainer: “STAY KENNY”!

The guy started again: “You cheap bastard! Buy the girls a fucking drink man”!

Dude kept harping on that all night: that I was cheap because I never bought the girls drinks and he had already doled out over 100 XCD dollars in alcohol and chicken with nothing to show for it. Meanwhile, I didn’t spend a dime on them and I was enjoying their company.

This must really bruise the fucking ego of guys who hold dear to the belief that buying girls drinks is a must for conversation, yet I didn’t buy shit but was getting all of the conversation.

Moreover, when you distill that shit down to its essence (the guy’s argument about me not buying drinks), you get to realize that what this chode is implying is that one should have to buy conversation from women.


That is the underlying message of such babbling: that a guy should buy women drinks if they want to hold conversation. Now, if that isn’t the ultimate low-value shit: then I don’t know what is!

After some time, I noticed the 2nd guy grabbing a seat nearer to my original target and he proceeded to talk to her but quickly got drowned out by the music which smothered his teenage-monotone voice.

From the looks of it: this chode #2 couldn’t have been no more than 19 years old. He had a super baby-face with an even lighter voice to match.

Instead of getting up, stepping to the fucking girl by coming over the shoulder to talk into her ear (because the music was a bit loud thus he has plausibility), the inexperienced chump lad elected to remain seated while trying to say something to the girl from about 7 yards away (he sat facing her) but the girl was unable to hear him so he quit talking mid-sentence and went back to sit down at his original post with the other 2 guys.

It was as if they were taking turns, sending 1 man in to see what happens. When he gets shot down (or fails to make progress); come back, and send the next chode in!

I watched this all go down while SMH (Shaking My Head) and feeling somewhat sad for these losers.

Remind you, during the entire 2 + hours in the venue, I virtually never left my post which was between both HB’s high chairs. While they sat for the most part, I stood between them while my elbows and hands rested on the arm of their chair. So I was in arm reach and earshot of both girls.

Whenever we conversed (which was the whole 2 + hours), the 3-way interaction took place through both of my ears. Hence, I was locked-in tight.

By virtue of my positioning alone, any guy who wanted a piece of the action, had to approach dead-on and get up close and personal by encroaching on the girl’s personal space.

Since most men are social cowards, they cannot fathom the idea of getting that close to a girl who’s a stranger.

In my case, the fact that these girls were random strangers didn’t prevent me from holding them, caressing their fingers (both HB’s), hugging and gyrating my groin on their fluffy asses.

Hence, when guys who piss their pants at the mere thought of approaching women, witness another man (myself) being intimate off the bat with 2 hotties, it shatters their fragile reality and fucks their perception of things.

Noticing that the younger tool had the appearance of a dejected and defeated man, I said to him:

“Hey dude, I’m not stopping you from talking to the girls. Which 1 do you like. I will step away and allow you space”!

He sucked his teeth and looked away with a vexed-facial expression as he chugged his booze.

I guess he thought I was trying to AMOG/tool him while I was genuinely going to step aside had he only stepped up again to verbalize which of the 2 HB’s he wanted. But pride: that fucking thing called pride, kills most men.

The thing is, I was physically and sexually attracted to both girls, though I developed more chemistry with girl #2. But I was willing to ditch girl #2 and proceed to full-on game girl #1 while allowing 1 of those butt-hurt chodes to game girl #2 or 1 for that matter.

I wasn’t being selective! The choice was theirs…as long as the girl takes them on of course.

For crying out loud, if I were to close (try to seal the deal), it would’ve been a bit tricky if I were the only guy trying to pull both girls back to my spot for instance.

Therefore, I would’ve loved to have a wingman only for situations like these, which would enable me to get 1 girl off my hands so as to concentrate on the other. So instead of these dummies, or at least 1 of them, taking the bait I threw out and come assist me assist them, they chose to remain seated and sulk the entire fucking time like little bitches, drinking away their pains and throwing threats left and right.

Anywho, so the young chump sucked his teeth when I told him to come talk to the girl of his choice.

The girls ordered more drinks and I bantered with them about they being too intoxicated to drink any more alcohol, so if they wanted me to buy them a juice instead.

Although I was joking, HB #2 was indeed on her way to being toasted with just 1 more sip so she got up and went to the restroom. For all I know, she went to puked her guts out.

I then switched back to my original target (HB#1):

Me: “Hey, it’s getting pretty late and I may head out just now. Do you use Whatsapp messenger”?

HB#1: “Yea I do but I’m gonna get hit with roaming charges. By the way, aren’t you into my cousin”?

In other words, she was implying that I like her cousin (HB#2), so why would I be asking her for her number?

Me: “Does your cousin like me? It’s a serious question I wanna know”.

She smiled coyly.

The impression I gathered was that she- HB#1 was interested in me- so she didn’t quite want to admit that her cousin (HB#2) had liked me, fearing that I would change my mind about grabbing her number and proceed to chat up HB#2 and get her # instead…hence why she dodged the question I asked: “does your cousin like me”?

Before I was able to actually grab her number, HB#2 comes back from the restroom, so I didn’t bother proceed with the # grabbing until I was clear on which 1 of these HB’s would’ve been more of a solid pull.

When HB#2 sat back down, I asked her also if she has a working-mobile phone while here on vacation.

She confirms. But before I was able to proceed to grab her digits, the chief antagonist jumped up from his seat and became loud once more, and even more aggressive (though he never overheard the #-close attempt by me).

This time, I actually felt threatened as he was throwing threats across the high-glass table which separated myself and the girls from him and his 2 cohorts.

My body tensed up in a self-protection mode. My antennas (my ears) stood straight up, and my awareness of the environment around me was on high alert as my senses anticipated imminent danger.

The adrenaline was pumping as the guy got belligerent and even louder:

“Leave muthafucka! I been telling you to leave the whole fucking night”!

As anticipated, he made his way around the table as though he was coming to approach me.

I dropped my smartphone and MP3 player into my pocket just to free my right hand in the event of having to smash his face in with a right hook which was closest to where he was.

Sensing that he was drunk from guzzling what appeared to me like a dozen beers in rapid succession (I counted the empty cans that were on the far side of the table where he was seated), I knew he wasn’t physically able to manhandle me if it came down to a rumble (though he was bigger than me).

Being that I only had 1 drink which I barely finished, I was still in full presence of mind and coherent.

He swung around the table violently and tried to approach me from behind with a closed can of beer in his hand.

For all I knew; he was intending to strike me with the can of beer.

That’s all I said to myself within a flash as everything unfolded!

Sensing immediate danger, I surprisingly flew at him (which caught him off guard) and drove him back before he was able to raise his hand with the can [if that was his intent]:

Me: “Yo muthafucka, if you dare walk up on me again I’ll fuck your drunk ass up”! 😑 😑

He undoubtedly seen the intense rage and fire burning in my eyes, tone and temperament. So he knew the games were over and I finally had enough of his faggotry!

I walked him down with my fists balled tight as he back-peddled almost tripping over his own feet.

Chode: “Yo what is your problem! What I do to you”!

Me: “I will wipe the floors with your punk ass you coward bitch”!

Chode: “What I do”!?

Me: “The bitches are here all night but instead of stepping up like a real man you get jealous of me you punk muthafucka! I should knock your head the fuck off”!

At this point, the venue had erupted in gasps and shouts with the girls yelling, “Let’s not fight! Come on guys! Chill”!

The bartender guy eventually held me back while the chump’s friends grabbed him by the shirt and held him back.

As his 2 buddies finally decided to get up and grabbed him, he then became emboldened and proceeded to rush me while the bartender guy and some other random guy held me back, shouting for me to “calm down”!

During the fray, I was able to take note of other random guys who weren’t even part of the night, yelling in my direction as though they were telling me to leave the venue as if I was the main-provoking agent here.

I guess they too felt blighted that I was talking to the girls while they were robbed of any action.

I also noticed that the younger guy who looked like a teenager (perhaps 19), was slinging threats at me from the sidelines so I started on him.

Me: “If you want some of this too you little muthafucka you can step up”!

Young guy: “What! What you getting me involved in”!?

Me: “You there the whole night like some little bitch snickering with your friend and getting all jealous instead of stepping up”.

Young guy: “Fuck you man”!

Me: “Yea! Come on then you young punk! You drink a few beers and think you’re a man”!

He then jumped up from his seat which was about 8 yards from where I stood. But we were divided by the high-glass table, by the 2 girls and the scores of guys who were holding me back just a second ago.

I then swung around the table and rushed towards him. But before I was able to get close enough to grab him by the neck, 3 guys snatched me by the arms and waist:

“Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo he’s not worth it! This is not the place for fighting. Take it outside if anything”!

I guess the bartender was the one to say that.

Me: “Let’s take it outside muthafucka! You young punk”!

I was so irate from the fracas that I grabbed my stuff from the glass table and left without acknowledging the girls again as far as to grab a number!

As I was leaving, I noticed the girls leaving also but in an uber-cab.

Everyone’s night spoiled because of some Beta-Male chumps who didn’t have the cojones to talk to the girls!

I Got Assaulted By Random Girl

I made my way about 6 blocs from the bar & lounge where the fracas went down.

I just wanted to clear my fucking head as I was infuriated with ears blowing steam as if they were boilers attached to my head!

As I stood leaning on a car with smartphone in hand, browsing through Facebook, I heard a commotion coming my way:

“Get in the car girl! Don’t you see you’re drunk! Let us take you home”!

Random girl: “Fuck y’all! I ain’t going home”!

Though they were loud, I tried not to pay it much mind as the vehicle slowly drove down the road with male passengers yelling at this girl to “get in”.

As they drew nearer, my eyes slightly glanced up from my phone:


I got sucker-punched in the jaw by this belligerent-drunken chick!

I was stunned in the sense that this was so unexpected and frikkin’ random!

The passengers and driver jumped out the SUV trying to drag her in but she came at me again and slapped away:

“Bam, Bam, Whack, Whack, bam, whack”!!!!

I was struck in the jaw and lip multiple times by this random fucking chick!

She yelled:

“You don’t know me muthafucka! I would fuck your ass up. I’m a bad fucking bitch! You messed with the wrong one! I’m the wrong one”!

I’m like, “Huh!? Who the fuck are you”!?

Some dude was in the middle of us trying to part her from wailing away at me.

The most I did was to raise 1 hand just to shield her featherweight punches and slaps while she grabbed onto my shirt with 1 hand and whacked away with her free hand from overhead.

“Get in the car girl! Don’t you see you’re drunk! You can’t just attack random people you don’t know like this”! Exclaimed 1 of the guys trying to rustle her hand from my shirt.

At no point did I have the intention to strike this bitch back or else it would’ve been lights out for her: “drunk female knocked out with 1 punch by male at 10:30 PM on January 6th, 2016”.

I wasn’t looking that sort of infamy and news.

By law, I had all rights to fuck this bitch up! But hitting women in any case isn’t quite my cup of tea. So the most I did was to shield myself as she slapped and punched away while yelling some belligerent shit.

At 10:30 PM on a serene and quiet residential street, the neighborhood resembled something of a riot: cars honking, vehicle doors slamming, neighbors emerging from their houses in confusion, etc.

The guy who was parting us apologized for the trouble while they wrestled her away into the SUV as the cops came.

They took a statement from me while asking for the female assailant’s description.

As I began to describe her- or what she had on- the officer who was taking record, shook his head and said to me, “We had a disturbance call already for the night of a girl who fits the same description having assaulted someone else in the same area”.

They asked if I needed medical attention and that they would take me to the hospital ASAP.

Though I had a busted lip, it wasn’t that serious to seek any medical attention.

I was in no way hurt physically. I was just stunned and in disbelief at what had just gone down.

The randomness of it all was shocking to me.

The officers took my statement and information (name and telephone number) in order to contact me upon the arrest of this belligerent witch.

Well- 2 days have since passed and they never contacted me. So either this matter got swept or they did arrest her but forgot to contact me…or they never caught her at all.

In any case, I didn’t care either way.

At no point did I feel threatened by this girl.

I guess it’s the machoman within every guy.

The only reason I did log this matter with law enforcement as they arrived was for future occurrence in the event that this random girl tries the same shit again. I at least have something on record to prove that I was never the aggressor but the one assaulted.

What a night it was indeed!

Who would’ve thought that after almost getting into a royal rumble with 2 random punks at the bar, I would then get assaulted by some random-ass chick just 5 minutes later.

If that isn’t random, then I don’t know what the hell is!

Closing Thoughts

The assault was the least of my worries from that night.

I don’t wish to recollect it since it had no game-worthy value in which to deduce some insight on seduction.

I don’t even wish to remember the almost fight with those 2 buffoons at the lounge.

However, I do wish to expound a bit on the attitudes of such men towards other men, and why it is so disgraceful, petty and counterproductive.

First off; women are extremely turned off by men who are afraid to approach them.

Secondly, women are also turned off by men who act an ass in front of them, trying to seek their approval and attention.

Those chumps, knowing that they couldn’t compete with me on a game and attraction level, had to resort to low-life tactics such as trying to berate and belittle me in the presence of women, in hopes to lower my value and make the girls shun me (which never happened).

We all know of guys like these.

In fact- you reading this article right now, is likely one of those guys who resort to such lame-shit tactics which hardly ever work but to tool yourself out and make you look like a bigger wimp than before.

The average Joe has a twisted concept of how women and courtship work.

In relation to competition, his idea is that he has to verbally tear down the competition to look good.

Listen- I have no problems with a guy trying to tear me down and talk shit in hopes of seizing his opportunity.

This is game: I get that!

I live for this shit!

A guy talking shit doesn’t faze me 1 bit. The reason I eventually lost my cool Wednesday night was because I was threatened and felt physically threatened as the guy proceeded to violently come at me, so I had to make a stand. But by no means would I had flown off if all the guy(s) did was to cuss and talk shit.

Nevertheless, this was arguable the first time in donkey years I ever came close to getting into a physical altercation with a guy concerning women.

Fighting over women just isn’t my fortΓ©.

Guys may want to fight me over women. But there’s never a situation where I would (want to) fight a guy just because he’s talking to a woman whom I like.


I religiously embody this “there is more fish in the sea” mentality, which is no theoretical-coping babble but the raw reality that there are more fish in the sea.

With that reality check, fear of losing 1 girl becomes a mute point.

However, if you’re operating from the frame/reality/belief of, “women are scarce so I must hold onto this 1”; you are forever fucked!

Even more damaging to a guy’s chances is his unwillingness to approach in the first place, let alone to strike up a conversation and state his case by being intimate, sexual and physical with the women he desires.

At the end of the day, women are hoping to come across guys who are proactive about meeting them.

Armchair quaterbacking isn’t going to cut it!

Thats’ exactly what took place Wednesday night. Though the girls arrived at the lounge with chump #1 as their designated chaperon by virtual of being a family friend, he secretly desired to have 1 of the girls but was too pussy to act upon it!

Thus, he broke the #1 rule of game (well, there are many #1 rules of game): never try to friend your way into, or buy your way into a girl’s heart or panties!

Essentially, he got friendzoned because he was non-sexual. Then he resorted to trying to buy the girl by taking them out to the bar to get them drunk.

Furthermore, this is why you shouldn’t take girls out if you’re threatened by competition via other men stepping in just to make conversation as I did.

Additionally, the worst reaction you could ever display towards a guy chatting to your woman, is to get jealous and sling blatant insults at the guy.

This will make the guy look high value while making you look weak and fragile-framed.

On a final note, I just want to get this point across to those guys out there who are serious about getting this part of their life handled (dating and meeting women): you will be adored, loved, appreciated and accepted by women but despised by a large segment of men in society.

You will undoubtedly have those few guys who admire your prowess. But largely, you will be hated by other men who are unable to fathom what you do, and why they cannot do it also (though they can but are too pussy to step up and learn)!

To solidify this point, you may actually want to read the previous article about a guy name Faisal, which speaks to this sort of low-value behavior.

Picking Up Hot Waitresses And Bartenders [Hired-Guns]

As someone who’s been going out virtually every weekend nonstop for the last 12 years to bars, nightclubs and lounges [4-5 times a week lately], I typically receive e-mails from guys wanting a few pointers on how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and hired-guns.

Truthfully speaking: I don’t particularly game hired-guns while they are working [hired-guns means bartenders, etc].

However, it is the “vibe” nevertheless that is key in attracting hired-guns and getting her contact information in order to set something up for a later date.

Here’s a video [infield hidden camera] I posted back in December, 2014 where I touched on 3 main tips for picking up hot waitresses and bartenders.

Saturday Night Field Report – Pulling 2 Chicks On The Streets [night mission]

Last Saturday evening, I went out with 2 goals in mind:

1.) To fuck a pregnant girl


2.) Pick up a teenager…above the legal age of consent that is

Generally, I never make for myself a virtual to-do-list before leaving the house.

I just go into the field and follow the winds.

That night however, I wanted to test myself to see how well I was able to commit to a pick-up goal and actually bring it to fruition.

I hit the streets of the town about 7:20 PM on the prowl for an elusive preggo whom I can potentially seduce to bed.

By 9 PM: that had stalled as I literally couldn’t locate a girl who was seemingly pregnant.

FYI; I have a pregnant-girl fetish. In other words, it gets me massively excited at the thought of fucking a girl who’s bearing a human being inside.

Twisted…I know. πŸ˜‰

Additional, this is sort of the apex of game IMHO.

Two types of girls are deemed ‘Hard’ to pickup:

1.) Married

2.) Pregnant

I’ve already debunked the “married women are hard to lay” myth since about 40% of the women I slept with over the years, happened to have surveyed as “Married”.

As for preggos, I can recall sleeping with 2 of them in my entire life…all within the last 6 years. So I’ve experienced this however rare it is. But I still find it to be the greatest feat that a man can pull off as far as dating and pickup go.

Anyhow, Saturday night was a dud and I didn’t manage to find myself a preggo to try to shag.

Plan B: “Teen Poon”!

My 2nd objective/goal of the night was to pick up a very-young girl.

Why is this such a big deal for me?

It actually isn’t.

For me, it is sorta like stepping out the box and pushing my comfort level.

I’m into MILF’s, Cougars and women who are older than I am [33]…always been.

Girls who look youngish really don’t excite me in the least. 😦 😯 😦

Therefore, for me to actually and actively pursue the bang of a girl who looks to be under the age of 23, is a fucking headline in and of itself!

In addition to that, I’m not nearly as groomed, looking like a wolf that escaped out the cage- plus I have a few gray whiskers so I wanted to disprove to the naysayers who subscribe to the fallacy that young-hot girls find men with grays to be unattractive and weird.

This challenge or exercise would be interestingly fun!

Not only am I turned off by girls with limited-sexual experience, but I was out to dispel some bullshit.

Ok, so after 9:30 or so, I came across 2 seemingly young lasses at an intersection and I proceeded to kick my seduction program into gear. πŸ˜‰

After a while, I almost managed to pull. In non-pick-up jargon, “Pull” means to take a girl home…or to merely pick her up in some cases.

These girls were both 18 by the way. Well, the other was 19 while the one I pulled had just turned 18 a few months prior…and yes she provided proof of age.

Anyway, so the 3 of us hung out and screwed around for about 3 hours.

Truth be told: I did not fuck!

That wasn’t quite the mission [to full-close], but merely to prove to certain guys that you can be not-so-young and still pull teen-poon without coming off as a weird-old creeper.

We took lots of pics included makeouts, fondling and so forth.




Caressing my abs

Unfortunately, half of the photos I took weren’t auto-saved…but it is what it is.

The underlying reason for this post- which I never intended to post anyway, which is why I haven’t since Saturday- is to quell any future argument that any e-mailer or subscriber has pertaining to the attraction of younger girls.

Yes you can be 30 or 40+ and still attract girls in their upper teens to mid 20’s.

It is all about your frame and outlook on things.

If you believe that you’re too old and unattractive: you stand no chance!

For crying out loud dude: I’m over 30, graying and balding!

That shit doesn’t stop me from attracting, seducing and shagging girls of varying ages! So your excuses are just bullshit!

Looks don’t matter unless you make them do!

I’ve been preaching that to you weak-framed AFC’s [Average Frustrated Chumps] for the last 5 + years and you guys are still flooding my social-media inboxes crying about your looks!!!

The only how your looks [facial composition] will ever be a handicap and a turnoff, is if you resemble a mangled creature or someone who has terrible-facial scaring due to an accident, fire, birth defect and so on!

Moreover, I’ve yet to come across a man who was that fucking ugly that we can all write him off as a lost cause!

Therefore, if you are ugly, you’re never that ugly that you can’t get laid!

Repost From 2011: “Christmas Eve Sarging Field Report”

Hey guys, as much as I’m a Grinch around this time of year, it is still 1 of my favorite times of the year to sarge [meeting women on the streets].

I take you back to December 24 th. 2011 with a repost.

By the way, this field report took place in the Caribbean before I’d relocated full time.


It’s 2 AM, just strolling in, tipsy as a man on the edge of a cliff, barely made it up my flight of stairs. :sick:

Hopefully I’m sober enough to even write this field report without slurring the message, so forgive me if I get sloppy.

Ok guys, for those who follow me on Twitter [account now deactivated], you would’ve known that I was out all night at a new bar on island.

I was supposed to meet up with a Canadian girl (an HB9), but she never showed [I showed up too late I believe], so I quickly settled into a usual rhythm.

There were lots of chicks strolling the streets outside the bar, so I decided to put my iPhone to whatever good use it has to snap some pics while my buddies run some street game.

Ok, before I entered the bar, I was chillin’ with my wingmen trying to pull some hotties out of a rental car while at the Square [a popular, hustle & bustle area on the island].


* [A crew of fatties congregating] πŸ˜‰


* [My wingman for the night, “Box”, calls over the hottest one of the bunch to start gaming her. Apparently, she has a pouch on the tummy. Apart from that: she’s isn’t a bad pull. She’s tall as hell though [probably 6’1]!!!


* The chubby friend of the HB-Tall girl tries pulling the external interrupt by calling her over- she obliges.

This is why you must befriend the friend of the target [crucial mistake by Box].

As I analyzed the interaction, there were major girl code being tossed around, nevertheless, my boy Box stays persistent and bust on her for being the lap-dog to her friend.

This allowed him some extra time to game on.


* Ten minutes later, “Box” is still in-set not giving up easily as most guys would.

Persistence is key here guys [burn it to the fucking ground]!

The girl slowly walks off but my wingman stays persistent.

He was getting good vibes BTW! Just that her fat-fucking friend kept sabotaging the set!!! 😑

I could’ve occupied the obstacle [the plumper], but I was more concerned with breaking down the in-field dynamics which were taking place.


* We pulled up (in the renter car) beside 2 chicks who were standing in the fucking street virtually blocking traffic [they do that a lot here where they congregate in mid road]!

One was super-slim, the other OK. Nothing much happened.


*The fellaz stayed outside running street pick up while I went solo to the bar straight ahead.


* My first time in this new bar that just opened last week [no grenades here so far].

The 2 bartenders were hot as furnaces! One white, the other black.

Wow, these girls were drinking while bartending! Now that’s progressive!


*I don’t usually game hired guns [waiters, bartenders, strippers, etc.], but I chatted them up a bit.

The black one (on the left) is from NYC and the white chick is from Toronto.

My wings for the night shortly after entered the bar, we grabbed a table, few bottles [red wine and Smirnoff]…

I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, but I went to the counter and said to the black bartender, “Do you still model”?

Must have been the alcohol talking to re-open with such a lame/AFC’ish question!!!

She gave me a “WTF” grimace so I said to her, “When we chatted earlier, you told me you modeled”.

The chat stalled, I’d C & B [Crashed and Burned]…

Adjacent to our table was a 4-set: 1 fat, the other 3 model-figured [no footage though].

I opened the set by saying to the chubby one [since she was the leader of the group/alpha female], “Hey, why don’t you be a nice girl and take my pic’? You’re taking everyone else’s pic’ in the damn bar. What happened to me”!!? πŸ˜†

That was a solid-banter line to break the ice [banter is the biggest part of my game].

As expected, she LOLs, grabs the camera from her girlie bag and took some photos of me and the boys.

Before I got to chat up her friends via introduction [I didn’t have a target in mind as yet], some orbiter tries AMOG’ing me to lower my value and blow me out of the set. But I employed the best AMOG destroyer tactic: simply ignored him!

[Note: “AMOG” is seduction jargon for cock-blocking or besting another person]

Found out that they were from the NY Tri-State area (Waterbury, Connecticut) down here for the holiday.

Before they left the bar, they told us to meet up with them at some party or club.

The details were sketchy (probably since they weren’t familiar with the island) ,so I didn’t even know where the hell to meet up with them!

* Key note here: It’s a must that you first open the leader of any set.

You cannot open a set by going straight for the target and ignoring the leader of the group.

You’ll get blown the fuck out via girl-code. So that’s why I’d opened the fat one since she was the loudest one (in other words leader of the set). So once you win her over, the other girls in her social circle MUST conform.


My boys bounced to the club, I was too tired and had a bit too much red wine so I took my ass home instead.

No telling what would’ve transpired with the Connecticut girls (had I went to the club) but the bed was calling.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

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