Picking Up Hot Waitresses And Bartenders [Hired-Guns]

As someone who’s been going out virtually every weekend nonstop for the last 12 years to bars, nightclubs and lounges [4-5 times a week lately], I typically receive e-mails from guys wanting a few pointers on how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and hired-guns.

Truthfully speaking: I don’t particularly game hired-guns while they are working [hired-guns means bartenders, etc].

However, it is the “vibe” nevertheless that is key in attracting hired-guns and getting her contact information in order to set something up for a later date.

Here’s a video [infield hidden camera] I posted back in December, 2014 where I touched on 3 main tips for picking up hot waitresses and bartenders.

If You’re Gonna Tip, Do It Without Expectations + Friday Night Field Report

Friday night playing santa...

Friday night playing santa…

Generally, I don’t tip.

In fact, I’ve only tipped twice in my entire life. And that is over the course of 11 + years of going out [bar and club] practically every weekend for 11 consecutive years.

The reason I don’t tip is due to pickup theorization which I’ve always fount to be very practical and sound.

Tippers usually get lumped into the buyer’s frame by the tipees, i.e. bartenders and waitresses and those who work in the service industry.

What is wrong with a guy [the tipper] being put in the buyer’s frame?

His attraction is only based on how much he tips.

In other words, the only thing a tipper has going on for him, is his ability to tip.

His tipping is almost always done as a ploy to try to buy the bartender or waitress’ attention.

Hence, he gets lumped into the buyer’s frame by those girls whom he’d tipped.

It is for this reason I never tip, especially if I were to try to pick up the tipee [i.e. bartender].

Be as it may, I tipped the bartender $5 for 1 drink, just because she was super-fucking hot!

Sue me! 😉

Key point here is that I didn’t tip her expecting to buy her attention, conversation nor to impress her as 99% of other tippers do.

The worst sort of game you can ever try to run of girls, particularly bartenders, is, “I want to impress you by spending and tipping big” game.

It is as transparent as glass and the girl will see right through it as an attempt to buy her time, attention and conversation.

Don’t get me wrong: she will entertain you in conversation. But only to be polite, courteous and in hopes to get more tips and drinks bought out of you.

Though this’ the most deplorable and lamest game ever, most guys still take this route whenever they fancy a girl who works in the service and hospitality industries.

Ok, so if you’re gonna tip; do it without the expectation neither the anticipation of something in return.

In spite of why you tip- as in my case- the bartender was just that amazingly hot- don’t expect even a conversation…though she will undoubtedly engage you in conversation on her own volition.

This isn’t interest.

It is a subtle ploy.

Guys who aren’t used to getting attention from hot chicks, will usually get sucked and suckered into this validation-filled ploy just because of the good feeling that comes with it.

What did I do instead?

I gave the tip, sat at the counter alone and sipped away while she talked to me.

In fact, I was the only person in the bar since it had literally opened a minute before I stepped in.

We had a nice chat but there was no game whatsoever.

I actually told her that I was super shy and I needed to down about 4 drinks before I could speak to her [talk about a false disqualifier]. 😉

In all seriousness, I just don’t want to give the wrong idea that I’m buying a girl’s attention.

Had I not given the tip, maybe I would entertained the idea of vibing with this bartender chick.

The bar has an adjoined nightclub, so I sorta enjoyed the rest of my might there until 4:30 AM I stumbled to my girlfriend’s house and I’m now completing this field-report post laying there in bed.

Why You Should Go Out Alone…Always!

Only chumps have wings!

I’ve touched on this before yet it hasn’t seem to resonate with men, as I’m accustomed to being inundated with e-mails and Facebook messages from guys in regards to if they should go out alone or in packs.

The answer is quite simple: go the fuck out alone!

Whenever I give such advice to those who reach out to me, the classic response in rebuttal is always:

“But Kenny, I think it’s good for my social value and pre-selection to go out with other guys”.

Fuck your social value!

Quit making excuses to remain a giant-sloppy pussy!

I never go out with anyone!

I put the fucking O’s in SOLO!

Do you hear me bitching about my value and status while being out alone?


The problem with going out with the boys or wingmen, is that you’re liable to use them as crutches and excuses to not meet women (whether consciously or subconsciously).

Simple as that!

Your buddies are lifelines whenever you’re in social gatherings or simply running street-game pickup.

Most men must have lifelines or else their ships sink.

In non-parable term; most men need the comfort and company of “the boys” in order to boost up their paper-thin confidence and encourage them to approach chicks.

Without “the boys”; there’s no hype-men to propel them into action.

That is being a pussy!

You shouldn’t need a wingman there gaming with you in order to put the proverbial battery into your backpack to propel you into action.

Women won’t respect it!

Being approached by a gang of men, actually lowers your social value in the eyes of the approached [the girl], unless however, you’re the leader of men. In other words; you’re the top fucking dog of the gang.

Most guys are NOT the lead Alpha of their social group of boys, so there’s automatically a blemish on your social status by being with men and you’re not in the leading role.

If you’re not looking like the top dog of the pack, then don’t go out with other men if you’re gonna be led around as a minion.

This applies to nightclubs, bars and any other outing where you’ll be inclined to drag the boys or meet the boys or your wingmen.

You wanna hit the bar?

Go alone!

Heading to a function?

Go alone!

The only exception is if you’re taking a girl with you or are meeting a girl there.

That is the only way in which you can really display social value to women around you.

However, if you’re hitting the spot with a group of men, you’re just as pussy as the guy who needs a group of men around him as backup in the event of conflict.

Therefore, if you’re not toting a girl on your arm; then go out alone!

I get asked a lot:

“Kenny, do you go out alone all the time”?

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Whenever I’m out as in a nightclub or bar and happen to bump into friends, I actually leave the venue for another, knowing that friends/buddies will inadvertently kill my chances of getting laid.

This is what you call true dominance and true-Alpha behavior.

I prefer to be in the trenches alone than to have 100 wussies at my side who will only serve to lower my value, reputation and perception.

Being out alone communicates to women that you’re confident enough to be out alone to begin with.

It also sub-communicates to women that you aren’t crutch-dependent and aren’t dependent at all in relation to the social scenery.

Women are turned off by men in packs at the bar making jackasses out of themselves, trying to attract them by projecting a pack mentality.

What I typically see whenever I go out to bars and clubs [which has literally been every single weekend since 2003], are packs of men congregating amongst themselves, hunkered down in groups, shit talking, cat-calling girls and not talking to any girls for the duration of the night.

That’s it!

That is the average night for the average chode who goes out with other men.

Such guys enter the venue, grab a table and are glued right there for the entire night, chugging pints of beers while snickering and whispering to their buddies:

“Yo Steve, look at that ass on that girl right there”.

“Hey Steve, that dude over there thinks he’s a player. 😆 😆

Two o’clock hits; home bound…ALONE…or with whom they came (other men).

That is the average night for the average guy: very fucking anti-climactic and lame!

The hidden beauty in going out alone, is that you must chat up girls or risk looking weird!

There’s no lifeline or life-raft in which to cling onto for dear life.

You’ll have to swim on your own or drown.

Most men will prefer to be lifted to safety than to have to learn to swim on their own.

Being out with friends and wingmen is essentially saying:

*”I cannot swim alone”.

*”I am not confident nor competent enough to be out by myself”.

*”I’m not a real man unless surrounded by friends”.

Being out alone creates the opposite impression:

*”I can swim alone”.

*”I am confident and competent enough to be out by myself”.

*Im a real man, hence no need to be out with buddies”.

On a further note, being out with other men, diminishes your chances to get laid in that a girl isn’t likely to go home with you and the boys…unless you’re skilled enough in the art of persuasion and leading like a boss to finesse this.

You also have to take into consideration the safety factor.

The girl doesn’t know you.

Why would she even in a million years think to leave with you and a buddy or even worse: a group of men?

It won’t happen unless you can induce her into a 3-some frame or party frame…which isn’t likely at the average guy’s skill level!

Being out alone, it’s highly possible that the girl will go with you as long as you know what to do.

She won’t worry much about safety issues being that you’re alone and not with a crew of men who may possibly gang rape her.

Hence, it’s a no-brainer as to why you should always go out alone especially if wanting to get laid.

If you’re just going out to make a fool of yourself and clown around with the boys; then by all means- take the boys.

Kenny personally doesn’t go out to make a fool of himself rather to strictly add new ass to his notches.

The most common excuse made by most men as to why they don’t go out solo:

“If I’m out alone, girls will think that I’m a loner who has no friends and no social group…which is why I’m out all alone”.

That excuse is bullshit!

Sure, if you appear to be an anti-social loner by not talking to anyone, then you’re likely to be perceived as a weird loner. But I’m assuming you know better than that than to be chatting up women whenever you’re out and about.

Therefore, being out alone won’t make you look like a loser or loner unless you’re gonna be anti-social and stuck inside your head.

Are there cases where going out with other guys will help the process?


However, that’s only if the women you approach are in groups themselves. And the guys whom you’re with, aren’t dicks and wussies who will turn the women off by saying asinine shit and bragging about who can beat who at some stupid video game.

All in all, if you’re looking to get laid that same day or night; go out alone!

Looking One-Night Stands?

Go out alone!

If you’re all about collecting pity-phone numbers for bragging rights but get no sex in return; then feel free to go out with the boys to collect phone numbers till eternity…without any sex for your time invested.

As for myself, I prefer sex over pity numbers, which is why I roll SOLO, 24/7, day-game, night-game, street game, bar/club game, etc. I’m always rolling alone.

Believe it or not; chicks will respect you for it and become more open-minded towards going home with you opposed to when rolling in packs or even just with 1 other guy.

Don’t keep being that dude who congregates with other men outside of the nightclub thinking that you’re winning style points which will attract hot women.

I laugh at clowns like that!

Whenever I roll into a venue ALONE, the spotlight is instantly focused on me for the simple fact that I’m doing the unthinkable (rolling solo) and making other guys self-conscious about themselves as to why they’re grouped up like chickens at the slaughterhouse.

After hitting on 25% of the girls in the venue, I’m bound to take one home while the pack-cowards get to go home with a bunch of men…and at a lost as to why this keep re-occurring [going home alone or with other men].

Same concept of rolling solo applies to the mall, street pickup and so forth; Go at it alone!

You’ll train yourself to become independent from human crutches whenever in the field.

We’ve all heard stories of budding PUA’s being booted from malls and bars, not because they’re hitting on women, which is the general argument. But simply because they’re rolling in packs throughout the malls making it pretty apparent to security that they’re loitering and chasing ass.

When you’re alone at the mall, being kicked out for chatting up girls would not be an issue since you’re one-on-one doing your thing. And for all they know [security]; you’re with your girlfriend or some female relative or something.

Another staggering piece of stat from my past activities concerning lay rate:

Whenever I’d gone out with other guys or met friends at a venue- I did NOT get laid!

The times which I did get laid, were when I was solo, went out alone and didn’t run into friends while out.

Plus think about it, for this year alone, which has just started, I’ve slept with more women from Instant-date pulls during the day time than I manage to sleep with from night-game pulls.

Had I been out with “the boys” trying to hit on girls during the daytime, would I have fucked any of those girls?

Hell No!!!

Not only will the women not have gone with me on the instant dates neither to my house, but the fact that other men are with me (the boys), will have activated her ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) and immediately kill the possibility of Same-Day Sex…which means settling for a pity number.

Yet another reason why I game alone, go out alone, party alone and meet women alone.

Night-Game PUA Infield @ The Bar: Have Fun And Not Be A Wall-Flower (re-posted from 01-10-2014)

This’ a re-posted in-field video from January 2014. You might not have been able to watch it due to 3rd. party claims on the background songs but that issue has been rectified so the video is now playable (hopefully so).

Pretty much a bar-game infield video on a typical weekend night out of trying to pick up girls @ the bar. A little bit of everything from approaching a 4 set (4 girls) and fucking with them outside of the bar (to get in state) to dealing with AMOG’s (potential cock-blocks), guy threatens me for trying to dance with his supposed girlfriend, grabbing sexy Tomboy’s hand, grinding on her booty to almost getting shoved down as she forcefully pushed her ass back on my cock, so much so that I almost dropped my covert-recording device in the process…!!!

All in all, it was a good time of night-game.

The lesson that I want you guys to take away is how having fun @ the bar and club should be the first item on your night-game list. Standing around and wall-flowering like most guys will not serve to attract women in the venue (unless you have an Alpha-Male coolness about you). You have to first create an impression that you’re enjoying yourself first and foremost, which is why throughout the infield video in the club, I was rocking away to the music, even to the songs which I fount to be shitty and not to my taste. So this’ how you get yourself in state while @ the bars and nightclubs; you firstly entertain yourself and become self-amused and draw women into that reality.

Hence, the next time you go out, ensure that you follow my lead and enjoy yourself while out. You don’t want to appear as the Debbie Downer or spoiler for women. Girls go out to have fun and are open to guys who seem to be having fun also (like I was).

If you’re still unable to see the video (from a mobile device or computer), shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment so I can possibly kick Youtube’s cyber ass for flagging my videos due to unintended circumstances.

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

4 Tips To Get Comfortable At The Bar/Nightclub

Ok, bars and nightclubs are intimidating environments for guys who don’t normally venture there. But avoiding bars and clubs is like forfeiting on easy sex which is pretty dumb when you think about it.

It’s extremely easy to take girls home from bars. Your biggest challenge would be (bad) logistics.

What makes my advice worth shit on this subject?

I’ve been clubbing none stop literally every weekend since 2003 at the age of 21, so my portfolio in bar/club game is hella stacked when it comes to maneuvering that terrain!

Ok, how to gain comfort in a bar/nightclub:

1.) Go Early!

This’ probably the most crucial of the 4 tips I’ll share here.

Going before the joint gets crowded is a way to psyche yourself out. A lot of the intimidation factor comes in when you enter a venue at a packed hour with a million eyes zoomed in on you.

Very fucking scary! 😯

Now if you arrive early ahead of others (or the crowd), you won’t have to worry about being under the proverbial spotlight of everyone else who has already settled in.

Since you’re early, you’ll be the one to size up those who are coming in late. So getting there early is beneficial to your state of mind and comfort. Arriving late may have the opposite effect.

2.) Talk to the bartender(s)!

In conjunction with being early, don’t just sit or stand there propping up the counter like a mute chode.

Talk to the bartender: male or female!

Doing so will get you in state. In other words, it aids you in becoming more comfortable in the hectic venue.

Sitting there in your own world will only cause you to become more self-conscious and uncomfortable.

3.) Bro’ it up!

Be cordial to other guys there!

Perhaps cordial is a bit too passive. What I’m trying to say it, you want to engage other guys by giving pats on the back, hi-5’s and small congratulatory gestures as when a guy pulls off some awesome-dance move that makes you go: “NICE”!

This is done quite often in bars and clubs where 1 guy would congratulate another (total strangers) for something trivial.

Not only will you gain comfort this way (bro-ing it up), but you’ll naturally pump yourself up as you engage other guys who are already free-spirited.

4.) Grab a fucking drink!

What a no-brainer! 😉

Many in the seduction community preach that you should game sober as a bat.

I disagree!

You shouldn’t get drunk while out, but to sip a mixed drink or guzzle a beer, it won’t alter your state in the wrong way at all.

I see lots of guys in night venues try to go booze-less but they just don’t cut it.

To down a drink (just 1 drink) is enough to get you in the groove.

Just don’t indulge to the point that it (drinking) becomes a crutch which you need in order to get busy with women.

Personally, I don’t abide by any of these rules and guidelines that I’d shared here.

After 11 consecutive years of clubbing and bar-hopping, I’m pretty much au-fait with what works and what doesn’t.

Field Report: “KINO Lesson The Arab Way”



It’s been 3 straight nights of hard-bar game at the same bar I gamed at 2 nights ago [Christmas Eve Field Report (at the bar)]. I’m going and going like a damn energizer-bunny!!!

Last night, I entered the bar and spotted a 2 set chubby girls sitting alone at a table waiting on drinks. I wasn’t gonna wait around like an anti-social dude, so I said WTH, I might as well entertain the fatties until some hotter girls rolled in [social proof]. So I rolled over to their table [an empty seat was there], time constraint, sat down by saying, “I’m not asking anyone’s permission to sit here. It’s a free world so let’s enjoy the freedom while it lasts”. Cheeky/cocky-funny lines like those are my favorite. They never fail me. I threw it with a sly smile and the girls giggled away at how ballsy I was.

A while later, some Arab dude rolled up to the table,introduced himself, started chatting up the other fatty, grabbed a seat and started gaming. Talk about balls. This MOFO had game and exuded an alpha confidence that made me look like a fucking looser! The thing that was surprising about his verbal game (which I over heard via his poor English) was that he used negs and he never held back on saying shit that the average guy would see as ‘forward, disrespectful and inappropriate’.

This MOFO had game!

Most of all: he KINO’d the fuck out of that girl [meaning he got physically romantic with her]!!! Right off the bat!!!

It wasn’t loud at all in the venue, but the Syrian-Rico Suave understood KINO and getting close, so he was all up in her ear and on her shoulders.


The girl was totally into him after a while: getting all up into his space.

Doesn’t he look like Fatush from the movie Zohan with the bandana on his head?

I wasn’t doing much of anything besides waiting for some HB’s to come through. I mean- I was definitely active (verbally) and keeping the vibe up, but I wasn’t engaging my fatty despite talking to me. One more beer and those chubbies probably would be looking like models I would lay, but I just drank a Coors and relaxed.

Funny thing about it though,these girls were fucking buying out their asses!! I never had to spend a dime. Neither did the Syrian dude. This guy was awesome in that he didn’t go AFC and buy drinks. These girls were literally slinging drinks at us as if to get us drunk or something!!! They ordered some tacos and pizza for all of us [go figure- they really should not have been eating that shit].

About 2 hours in, some HB9’s rolled in so I approached and open at the counter, “Hey, you’re that girl who stood me up the other night [with a smile of course]. That was messed up. The 2 set smiled and giggled and denied it was her. The fatter one gravitated to me as if she planned on picking me up. What the fuck is with me and big girls!? They seem to always try re-open me and select me as their targets.

Hot chic in white was my target who I’d hit with the ‘stood me up’ line.

My target was the trim one but the bigger one basically brushed her aside and started engaging me! Fuck!!! So the slimmer one was being chatted up by some AFC dude. I was literally in set for like 45 minutes with this hefty girl (who was mighty cute in the face BTW ) but she kept pushing comfort/rapport stuff looking for a deep connection by talking to me about having a miscarriage years ago…So I snuck back off to the original fatty-set. The Arab dude was hugged up with his, 2 other black dudes were at the table tag teaming the other one. The girls was busting on me for bouncing on them…

The key lesson for all of us (from the Syrian-Rico Suave) is this:

KINO, KINO, KINO!!! And you don’t have to buy girls drinks in order to get some play. Have the girls buy you drinks instead. That’s a more powerful tactic to make her invest.

This dude pecked her on the cheeks, hugged her, touched her waist (after talking about some body tattoos), massaged her arms, tugged on her chubby cheeks like a mom would do to her chubby baby. This fucking dude was the quintessential example of an Alpha. His calibration and timing was so ‘ON’ that whenever he’d KINO’d, the girl never recoiled since it wasn’t awkward.

I learned a lot last night from the Arab stallion. Who knows what the hell happened. They all left together (while I was engaging some other girls). Maybe they had a fatty 3-some.

I wanna believe KINO is huge in the Middle-East, or at least customary, because the way this guy came off from the gate seems as if it’s something he was born with.

And check out Christmas Eve Field Report.

Christmas-Eve Field Report & Night Game Sarge [2011]


*It’s 2 AM, just strolling in, tipsy as a man on the edge of a cliff, barely made it up my flight of stairs. :sick:

Hopefully I’m sober enough to even write this field report without slurring the message, so forgive me if I get sloppy.

Ok guys, for those who follow me on Twitter, you would’ve known that I was out all night at a new bar on island.

I was supposed to meet up with a Canadian girl (an HB9), but she never showed [I showed up too late I believe], so I quickly settled into a usual rhythm.

There were lots of chicks strolling the streets outside the bar, so I decided to put my iPhone to whatever good use it has to snap some pics while my buddies run some street game.

*[I fell asleep, just woke up Sunday morning feeling sober].

Ok, before I entered the bar, I was chillin’ with my wingmen trying to pull some hotties out of a rental car while at the Square [a popular, hustle & bustle area on the island].


* [A crew of fatties congregating. I guess they all roll in packs or herds]. 😉


*[My wingman for the night, “Box” ,calls over the hottest one of the bunch to start gaming her. Apparently, she has a pouch on the tummy. Apart from that: she’s a solid 9.3 in the face. She’s tall as hell though [probably 6’1]!!!


* The chubby friend of the HB-Tall girl tries pulling the external interrupt by calling her over- she obliges.

This is why you must befriend the friend of the target [crucial mistake by Box].

As I analyzed the interaction, there were major girl code being tossed around, nevertheless, my boy Box stays persistent and bust on her for being the lap-dog to her friend.

This allowed him some extra time to game on.


* Ten minutes later, “Box” is still in-set not giving up easily as most guys would.

Persistence is key here guys [burn it to the fucking ground]!

The girl slowly walks off but Box stays at it!

He was getting good vibes BTW! Just that her fat-fucking friend kept sabotaging the set!!! 😡

I could’ve occupied the obstacle [the plumper], but I was more concerned with breaking down the in-field dynamics which were taking place.


* We pulled up (in the renter car) beside 2 chicks who were standing in the fucking street virtually blocking traffic [they do that a lot here where they congregate in mid road]!

One was super-slim, the other OK. Nothing much happened.


*The fellaz stayed outside running street pick up while I went solo to the bar straight ahead.


* My first time in this new bar that just opened last week [no grenades here so far].

The 2 bartenders were hot as furnaces! One white, the other black.

Wow, these girls were drinking while bartending! Now that’s progressive!


*I don’t usually game hired guns [waiters, bartenders, strippers, etc.], but I chatted them up a bit.

The black one (on the left) is from NYC and the white chick is from Toronto.

My wings for the night shortly after entered the bar, we grabbed a table, few bottles (red wine and Smirnoffs)…

I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking, but I went to the counter and said to the black bartender, “Do you still model”?

Must have been the alcohol talking to re-open with such a lame/AFC’ish question!!!

She gave me a “WTF” grimace so I said to her, “When we chatted earlier, you told me you modeled”.

The chat stalled, I C & B (crashed and burned)…

Adjacent to our table was a 4-set: 1 fat, the other 3 model-figured [no footage though].

I opened the set by saying to the chubby one [since she was the leader of the group/alpha female], “Hey, why don’t you be a nice girl and take my pic’? You’re taking everyone else’s pic’ in the damn bar. What happened to me”!!? 😆

That was a solid-banter line to break the ice [banter is the biggest part of my game].

As expected, she LOLs, grabs the camera from her girlie bag and took some photos of me and the boys.

Before I got to chat up her friends via introduction [I didn’t have a target in mind as yet], some orbiter tries AMOG’ing me to lower my value and blow me out of the set. But I employed the best AMOG destroyer tactic: simply ignored him!

Found out that they were from the NY Tri-State area (Waterbury, Connecticut) down here for the holiday.

Before they left the bar, they told us to meet up with them at some party or club.

The details were sketchy (probably since they weren’t familiar with the island) ,so I didn’t even know where the hell to meet up with them!

* Key note here: It’s a must that you first open the leader of any set.

You cannot open a set by going straight for the target and ignoring the leader of the group.

You’ll get blown the fuck out via girl-code. So that’s why I’d opened the fat one since she was the loudest one (in other words leader of the set). So once you win her over, the other girls in her social circle MUST conform.


My boys bounced to the club, I was too tired and had a bit too much red wine so I took my ass home instead.

No telling what would’ve transpired with the CT girls (had I went to the club) but the bed was calling.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

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