Picking Up Hot Waitresses And Bartenders [Hired-Guns]

As someone who’s been going out virtually every weekend nonstop for the last 12 years to bars, nightclubs and lounges [4-5 times a week lately], I typically receive e-mails from guys wanting a few pointers on how to pick up waitresses, bartenders and hired-guns.

Truthfully speaking: I don’t particularly game hired-guns while they are working [hired-guns means bartenders, etc].

However, it is the “vibe” nevertheless that is key in attracting hired-guns and getting her contact information in order to set something up for a later date.

Here’s a video [infield hidden camera] I posted back in December, 2014 where I touched on 3 main tips for picking up hot waitresses and bartenders.

If You’re Gonna Tip, Do It Without Expectations + Friday Night Field Report

Friday night playing santa...

Friday night playing santa…

Generally, I don’t tip.

In fact, I’ve only tipped twice in my entire life. And that is over the course of 11 + years of going out [bar and club] practically every weekend for 11 consecutive years.

The reason I don’t tip is due to pickup theorization which I’ve always fount to be very practical and sound.

Tippers usually get lumped into the buyer’s frame by the tipees, i.e. bartenders and waitresses and those who work in the service industry.

What is wrong with a guy [the tipper] being put in the buyer’s frame?

His attraction is only based on how much he tips.

In other words, the only thing a tipper has going on for him, is his ability to tip.

His tipping is almost always done as a ploy to try to buy the bartender or waitress’ attention.

Hence, he gets lumped into the buyer’s frame by those girls whom he’d tipped.

It is for this reason I never tip, especially if I were to try to pick up the tipee [i.e. bartender].

Be as it may, I tipped the bartender $5 for 1 drink, just because she was super-fucking hot!

Sue me! 😉

Key point here is that I didn’t tip her expecting to buy her attention, conversation nor to impress her as 99% of other tippers do.

The worst sort of game you can ever try to run of girls, particularly bartenders, is, “I want to impress you by spending and tipping big” game.

It is as transparent as glass and the girl will see right through it as an attempt to buy her time, attention and conversation.

Don’t get me wrong: she will entertain you in conversation. But only to be polite, courteous and in hopes to get more tips and drinks bought out of you.

Though this’ the most deplorable and lamest game ever, most guys still take this route whenever they fancy a girl who works in the service and hospitality industries.

Ok, so if you’re gonna tip; do it without the expectation neither the anticipation of something in return.

In spite of why you tip- as in my case- the bartender was just that amazingly hot- don’t expect even a conversation…though she will undoubtedly engage you in conversation on her own volition.

This isn’t interest.

It is a subtle ploy.

Guys who aren’t used to getting attention from hot chicks, will usually get sucked and suckered into this validation-filled ploy just because of the good feeling that comes with it.

What did I do instead?

I gave the tip, sat at the counter alone and sipped away while she talked to me.

In fact, I was the only person in the bar since it had literally opened a minute before I stepped in.

We had a nice chat but there was no game whatsoever.

I actually told her that I was super shy and I needed to down about 4 drinks before I could speak to her [talk about a false disqualifier]. 😉

In all seriousness, I just don’t want to give the wrong idea that I’m buying a girl’s attention.

Had I not given the tip, maybe I would entertained the idea of vibing with this bartender chick.

The bar has an adjoined nightclub, so I sorta enjoyed the rest of my might there until 4:30 AM I stumbled to my girlfriend’s house and I’m now completing this field-report post laying there in bed.

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