Kenny Approaches Almost 30 Random Women With The “G-String” Line [Newbie Mission #10 Infield Video]

For this newbie mission, I mixed things up a bit the other day by approaching close to 30 strangers on the streets within a 12 hour period and said to them:

“Nice G-String”.

The purpose of putting this hidden-cam video together is just to showcase to you guys that you can almost get away with anything with women…more so strangers.

Looks, status, quality, age of the girl doesn’t matter, which is why I’d approached all sorts of women: young, old, MILF, big, slim, married, pregnant, etc. just to show you guys that women are women, irregardless of status or any other superficial quality.

The benefit in the long run of doing such missions are threefold:

1.) Makes you confident with women.

2.) Gets you accustomed to speaking your mind with women.

3.) Gets you laid more since women are inherently drawn to men with balls.

Having a strong core of confidence and Inner-Game are added benefits in approaching women and becoming sexual without repercussion.

Lemme reiterate, the purpose wasn’t to pick up any of these girls. Strictly to fuck around, chat them up and heighten the sexual tension with the “g-string line”.

Newbie Missions 1 Through 8: “Getting Your Balls Back”

Most of us have gotten our balls stripped away from us by the media, women, the law, religion and western education.

My newbie-mission project was and is geared towards forcibly taking your balls back through challenges/missions designed to get you super confident with women in dating and hooking up.

If you’ve missed it, here are all 8 mission videos where I recorded myself in the first person on hidden camera approaching complete strangers (women)…

The plan is to do about 20 missions for you guys before Summer’s end.

Remember- these challenges/missions aren’t for me but for you.

I’m already an ultra-confident guy with women, however I personally partake in these missions to encourage and motivate you guys; so get off the couch and get the fuck out there!

My channel name has been changed from Socialkenny to Kenny Adventures, being that my videos as of late and from now on, will come across as risqué opposed to the average-boring seduction tutorials you’ll find on the tube.

Stop And Approach Random Strangers (Girls) In Vehicle: Newbie PUA Mission #8

While running some early day-game pickup yesterday (Friday), I was struck with a fabulous idea for a Newbie Mission: Stop and Approach a car of random girls.

Now, if you haven’t been following, the purpose of these newbie missions is to build your balls and confidence with women (random or ones whom you’re already acquainted with…but preferably strangers).

Most men lack confidence and balls when it comes to women. I think we can all agree on that.

My newbie missions are geared towards getting you out of chode-mode/wuss-mode and turning you into a man with balls who isn’t afraid to do and say the unthinkable to women.

For this mission, bear in mind that you’re not expected to approach the hottest girls in a car, nor hot girls for that matter. Any fucking girls will do! So don’t get caught up on the beauty of the girls nor the size of the girls.

After I’d stopped these girls, chatted shit for a bit, then moved on as the mission was completed!

Newbie Mission #7: “Removing Girl’s Earphones” [infield clip]

If you don’t know what my Newbie Missions are about, the video intro details it.

Now go out there and get some balls, get social and push the limits.

As with the previous 6th. missions, the objective isn’t to get the girl nor anything at all but to execute the missions on your way to confidence and competent with random women.