Neg Theory Explained

When you carry yourself as a high-value guy, an Alpha-Male or a jerk, you can afford to give women shit, bust their chops, treat them like a dick and have them take it with laughter [Neg Theory]! 

There’s this Brit chick whom I picked up (on Facebook) about a month ago. She’s been back and forth to England since, so it’s really challenging for us to hammer out a rendezvous or date…until she comes back to my neck of the woods in a few weeks.

Anyhow, so she posted a pic on her Whatsapp status, with her boobs sort of perking out. 

This is a Great example of how to execute the classic PUA tactic called “Negging”; giving women shit without fear of losing them. Just a little pointer: if you behave scared with women and walk on egg shells in your communication with them, not only will they lose interest, but they will lose respect.

Contrarily, if you are confident enough to give women shit (the right way), the attraction and interest will spike up significantly!

Oh- and BTW- I always end the conversation first (as I teach you guys to do also)!

BTW, if you’re new to the pickup community and you have no idea what a Neg is; you may want to check the definition at the link below.

[My messages in green]

Pulling 19-Year Old Online: A Lesson In Picking Up Much Younger Girls By Giving Them S**t From An Entitlement Frame

Quite often, I get older men who cry to me about their gross ineffectiveness and epic failures in trying to snag themselves some young poon online.

First piece of advice from me to them is: Own it!

Be entitled!

Be entitled to the girl while simultaneously busting her chops and giving her shit!

In essence, you want to shit test younger girls. And the reasons for that are various…which I’ll get into in a subsequent article.

Most guys- older men- don’t believe that they are viable options for women who are much younger.

I am not one to harp on faith, but this is where faith comes in. You must believe that you are in the girl’s league (or soaring above it like an eagle)!

That’s for starters! So before you can even entertain the idea of snagging young poon on any consistent basis, you must firstly grab a hold of the optimal and most effective frame from which to operate: which is that “I am playing in and above her league! Hence I am the shit”, so you act accordingly!

I want you to really take note of my vibe throughout this FB pickup of this total stranger whom I’d cold messaged. Her profile name had “Timid” in there, so I based my opener/ice-breaker on that (her user name).

[My messages in blue. Reads from left to right]

Screenshots above: such an opener/ice-breaker would be classified as a hard opener. It’s risky yet ballsy. Risky in that the girl could’ve taken that the wrong way. But girls never take such hard openers (from me) the wrong way, because it (such an opener) inherently denotes dominance, Alphaness and entitlement: 3 attractive qualities which grab a woman’s attention…as it did with her.

Secondly, in conjunction with me insinuating that she’s a liar, I indirectly called her crazy by saying “partially timid girls are craziest”. I also strategically tamper down any would-be damage/backlash by saying “and they have the most fun”. So I gave her an indirect compliment while negging her at the same time. This is all strategic in order to generate instant attraction by coming off as entitled to getting the girl, and somewhat dickish and derisive.

Thirdly: how do you know if and when a girl respects your frame? When she agrees to your backhanded compliments and comments (essentially Negs). So that was the case when she said, “yea am crazy as fuck at times…”. But she didn’t want to risk turning me off, so she made sure to say, “But I’m very chill”.

She went on to ask “if I just made that up”…as in, if it were a line or something. In any case, her response was, “Lol I know it’s cool though”. Another testament to the fact that my opener alone was enough to get the undivided attention and attraction of this 19-year old girl. So was it the opener/ice-breaker or what it sub-communicates? The sub-communication (that I’m entitled and ballsy).

Fourthly, as if I didn’t already establish an entitlement vibe, I tripled down by saying to her that she should give me props and buy me a drink for being so creative with my words essentially. Which guy- let alone an older one- operates this way with a 19-year old hottie? Only a guy who believes he’s above the girl’s league and social-value level! So, she agrees (as expected) that I deserve props for being creative. But even more noteworthy and strategic, I planted the seed in her head of “drink date”, so she in turn said I should take her for a drink being that I’m the guy. So, do you see how I strategically set her up for suggesting we go for drinks? In any case, just to show how powerful my frame control was, she went on to ask me, “what do you drink though”? So in spite of the fact that she said I should take her out being that I’m the guy. She knew instinctively that she was beneath my social-value level, which is why she recanted and indirectly suggested to buy me the drink by asking me “what do you drink though”?

Powerful stuff! But let’s move on!

Fifth point from the screenshot above: I told her what drink I wanted, and she agreed to getting it. Also, always look to get sexual early (as I always preach)! This is why I dropped a sexual innuendo in the mix by saying to her if she laughs at me for drinking girlie drinks, I’m gonna have to spank her. Plus I was looking for an emoji of a whip. 🙂

[My messages in blue. Reads from top row, left to right]

Screenshot above: set a sexual theme as soon as possible! I know you’re dead tired of hearing this, but the reason I implore you to get sexual and or forward at some point (rather much sooner than later), is to avoid being friendzoned for carrying this peaceful, nice, harmless conversation to nowhere-ville. Most guys whom I advise can follow through with the banterish and teasing vibe. But they just cannot bring themselves to taking heed to my advice on going sexual, because they inherently lack the belief that it would bear fruit and not make the girl run for the hills.

Also, a key factor: who’s setting the frame here? Who’s dictating the chat, subject matters, the road in which we go down, etc? I am! Totally! I am in command here! She’s reacting to me, and not me reacting to her as if I were her subordinate in any way. She is my subordinate- if for no other reason- because she’s younger and has far less experiences in life. So I lead, I set the pace, I dictate the terms, and she follows! I bring up drinks? She reacts! I bring up spanking? She reacts! I bring up sex? She reacts!

When I made mention that she popped up in my FB thing today (back on the 18th), it was in relation to what I said about this girl being a complete stranger whom I’d added and inboxed literally minutes before this interaction kicked off.

Now, I want to make a final point on sex. From the screenshots above, you will have noticed that this girl is completely bought in on the talk of sex, spanking and so forth, by even calling my bluff about being an angel, and she saying that even angels be fucking each other and having orgies in the clouds. So, which one of us set up this sexual frame? Moi! Again- I lead! She follows! I’m the superior! She’s the subordinate! She opines on the topics which I raise! Most guys foolishly make the mistake of following the girl’s tune and tone, allowing her to dictate terms on every level, therefore essentially putting themselves in a subordinated position while the girl leads, dictates and ultimately rejects! After all; women are NOT attracted to men whom they can lead, manipulate and subjugate (Omegas and Beta-Males).

Also, if you pan up again to the bottom right of the screenshot set above, you’ll notice she ends off saying, “God created us to be our complete self and express ourselves openly without hesitating and all that sobby shit”. What made her go there? Essentially, she’s giving me the green light to get sexually expressive with her, and to not sugarcoat a thing. But why did she make mention of that? Because I led her there! I gave her permission to be slutty! From my vibe alone, and the fact that I went sexual on her, it subconsciously triggered a response from her in agreement to my leading frame! So essentially, I set her up. Again- I lead; she reacts/follows!

Since I told her that she’s killing me [with humor], she continues on that theme of mines.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: I wisely commended her on being super perceptive in sensing that I’m all about self-expression and being open/forward. That was a quasi-compliment. What is my #1 rule when dealing with hot girls? NEVER compliment a hot girl on her body/looks! So what did I do, I complimented her on her ability to be perceptive in sensing that I’m an advocate of being open, forward and sexual!

She went on to agree [as expected] with my frame/position about not sugarcoating. Again- I set the frame/theme. She reacts to it in the affirmative. She went so far as to say that some people not only sugar coat, but they coat with powdered sugar on top of that.

In any case, she went to say that I have her laughing like a goof. The most 2 important mindsets to successfully pulling a girl (namely online): HUMOROUS & SEXUAL! You see me employ this time after time, post after post, with girl after girl: Humorous/Playful and Sexual/Forward.
Lastly, I employed my all-too-familiar strategy of telling the girl “I’ll hit you up another time”: TTYL! You always want to be the one to look to end the conversation first!

Additionally, by me winding things down in a way, it creates a sense of loss, and it causes a bit of panic to set in on her side, where she asks herself, “I wonder if I said something that turned him off”? She begins to question herself as to why I would end a spirited conversation prematurely. So that is why you always want to tell the girl “TTYL” in some form or another. And you don’t actually have to go/leave as I explained on many occasions prior. Saying it alone [“talk to you another day”] will have the same magical effect of making the girl panic…even though she will almost always play it off by acting calm in the face of your sporadic decision to take off.

The thing is though, I actually took off and hit her up a few days later! So this made it so much more powerful that I’d indeed discontinued our chat.
Additionally, by doing that to a hot girl, it communicates a very sexy quality about me that gets the girl even more attracted: I am NOT desperate! I am patient because I know this is in the bag already! That is what you communicate also, whenever you prematurely eject without trying to get the girl during the initial round of conversation.

Most girls are accustomed to clueless guys desperately gunning for their phone # right off the fucking opener! So here I come alone, totally flipping the script of what the girl is used to seeing, by not even attempting to get her #, even after the best and brisk conversation she has probably ever had with a stranger on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

By me showing this hottie that I am self-assured enough to not try to get her # in 1 swoop, it forces her to come to the conclusion that “this guy must be somebody! He must be the shit! He’s probably accustomed to dating and fucking way hotter girls than I am, so he can afford to sideline me and not get all desperate like every other loser”!

That is the only conclusion at which the girl arrives upon such strategic ploy of cutting the conversation short.

Now, just for clarity sake; I am not saying that you shouldn’t go for the # within the initial chat. I often go for it then and there! However, the hotter the girl, the wiser and more effective of a move it would’ve been to tell her bye (which will cause some internal panic), and then reemerge for the pull.

When I did hit her up again (days later as you can see in the above screenshot), I playfully said, “been a while. I’m now starting to think u cheating on me…u are 1 cold ass bish”, to which she responded, “yesss am dat bish for real”.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: I went on to neg her about being up so late, implying that she’s a little girl. Not to be redundant, but no guy plays this way with a girl whom he’s vying for. The average chode operates as though he’s walking on egg shells, afraid to ruffle feathers, afraid to offend and to say anything that would remotely get the deified one [the female] ticked off. Well- hot young girls aren’t attracted to men who play it safe and trod lightly. They crave men who take risks and chances. This is essentially why women are drawn to rockstars and men who portray heroic or villainous characters in adventure, drama and action flicks. Even the hapless-romantic guy in the cheesy-romance comedy who takes chances, is beloved by women! Therefore, whenever you neg a (hot) girl- and do so correctly might I add- it creates a risk-taker type of vibe that gets the girl’s panties wett! She says to herself, “how dare this guy say that to me”! Anyway, how did she take to my neg? She laughs…which is what I expected.

Secondly, I got all dismissive of her, treating her like a little-bratty girl by telling her she may get an ass whipping for staying up late, to which she reciprocated with “spank me daddy”! 🙂 In my dismissiveness of her, I told her to go to bed. Who’s operating from the higher-value position here? Certainly I am!

Going further to warn her that she’s playing with fire, is 1 of my favorite lines (which is a false-disqualifier). Not only is it challenging, but it goes further to cement the frame of “I am the one who needs to be sold here”. At this point, she is full-fledged bought in to the idea of fucking me, indicative of her saying that her pussy will bury me alive and carve her name onto my gravestone. 😯

The sexual challenge continued.

Screenshot above: in order to save face, try to retain value and not to appear slutty, she said she’s not looking for dick and that she’s teasing. This is all token resistance by the way. Every girl at some point during the pickup will have done/said something in hopes of warding off the perception that she’s an easy slut-bag.

There were no reasons to prolong the inevitable (getting her #), so I firstly gauged her availability to see if it matches up with my Christmas weekend schedule. Since she has to work, that complicated things.

The thing is too, and this gambit here is my little baby, even though I live right here on island, I always tell girls that I live in a neighboring island, but that I frequent their island (which is this island) every other weekend. Why do I do this? Various reasons. But it creates a sense of urgency for both parties, where the girl is likely to go out of her way to meet up since I’m only here for the weekend (so they think). Because of this, I’m able to get girls who would otherwise flake, to actually meet up.

As expected, she coughs up the digits once I give her that hint about hitting her up over the weekend.

Well, the online pickup happened Wednesday. It is now Sunday (Christmas). Did I get to meet up with her?

The answer is no!

Why not?

I had prior plans…as usual. So I never bothered to hit her up even to this moment. But in my defense; that is a mute point (following up).

Here’s the thing, and I touched on this extensively in a recent post, I pick up so many girls on a weekly basis (a combination of girls online and on street approaches), that it is absolutely and humanly impossible for me to meet, date and fuck every girl whom I manage to pick up…in a timely manner that is.

I mean, I have girls on the proverbial back-burner whom I haven’t even managed to call or text yet from about 2-3 months ago!

There is just no way on Earth that I could possibly keep up with the volume of new girls I pull.

I pick up girls then forget that I even picked them up. I forget and lose numbers and names regularly.

I have names saved but no numbers (because I forget to input the #’s). Numbers saved but no names. I mean it is just a fucking mess most times with managing the girls I pick up!

Classic example of this cluster-fuck quagmire is the DTF Lebanese girl whom I’d picked up last week. I was supposed to meet up with her yesterday (Christmas Eve) but had to cancel on her because: 1.) there are other girls who take precedence due to various factors. 2.) Since it’s a holiday weekend, I was busy out the ass running here and there.

Every now and then, I manage to squeeze a new girl in (various reasons for that too). But that’s all besides the point.

What I want you to take away from this post, apart from the points made in between screenshots, is the entitlement mindset: being entitled to getting the girl.

It isn’t only a mindset that I want you to adopt when picking up girls, but to play the part through actions and words!

When trying to pick up girls online, your words and subcommunications are paramount, since physical displays of entitlement aren’t displayable over the internet.

Women can sense whether a guy really believe his own shit, or if he’s a second away from crumbling once he’s faced with a hot girl.

There are some things you just won’t do or say to a girl whom you perceive as idol-like based on her looks and social value.

That is a timid frame. A loser’s mindset!

No girl should be above the process! No matter how hot, how young!

It is of utmost importance that you bring yourself to believing this!

Once you would’ve done that, women with whom you encounter (online for instance) will undoubtedly smell this entitlement attitude permeating their smartphones.

From believing it, you begin to act and speak accordingly. And by this, I don’t mean for you to walk around pompously verbalizing that you could get any girl you want. You want to have the attitude without having to say it.

From your approach, women should be able to sense your sense of entitlement to getting girls. But with every Inner-Game concept in pickup; this takes time!

Accompanying such a mindset is freedom from outcome. In other words, you’ll feel a sense of liberty to bust a girl’s chops, poke fun at her and treat her like a nagging little sister without fear of jeopardizing your chances.

The moment you begin to doubt the process and get all inside of your head, the girl senses this fear and blows you off!

With this 19-year old chick here, did I give off any semblance of fear whatsoever?

Did I treat the situation as though I were some old man desperate to get laid?

Furthermore, did I supplicate, beg and kiss her tush just because she’s young(er)?

The answers are resounding NO’s!

On that note- though that is how you want to go about picking up women in general- it is even more instrumental to adopt such an entitled and fearless frame with girls who are deemed hotter and younger.

Bit**y Scrawny Hot Girl Hates My Guts But Still Got Pulled [Neg Theory]

Okay, so this scrawny chick (pictured below) and I have had a somewhat rocky-online relationship where we behave like dicks to each other on each other’s posts.

I hadn’t seen her post in a while so I surmised that she might have deleted me (my hunch was right). I sent her another friend request to which she accepted. I then inboxed her on the likely de-friending.

By the way, the interactions took place between June and October: started June, continued October.

[Her msgs in gray]

By the way, she claimed to have dropped and broke her phone which was why I hadn’t seen her visible on Whatsapp ever since grabbing her #.

In either case, it was a straightforward occasion.

I didn’t waste much time on attraction material because I knew she liked me already. So it made sense to get straight to the point: “let’s meet up the next time I’m in your part of town”.

Typically, I hit up her part of town to bar hop and stuff, so my plan was to have her meet me out and we take it from there.

As for her sex appeal- sure she is very sexy- but I am a boob-man, and she is very flat on top, which is why I hardly ever pursue girls who are stick-figured.

Hence the reason I negged her perfectly about being so slim, and that I usually don’t chat with slim girls.

By indirectly communicating to a girl that she isn’t usually your type, it allows for 2 powerful things to happen:

1.) It is an indirect compliment in that the girl feels special and singled-out that the guy was willing to go against his ideal type for her

2.) It makes her feel somewhat inadequate and self-conscious, where she questions her viability as a sexual item

Be as it may, we never did manage to meet up because of my topsy-turvy and on-the-fly routine.

We still follow each other on Facebook and I bust her chops periodically whenever she posts some dumb shit. So it’s just a matter of timing before I seriously try to get her to meet up with me.

Lastly, everything boils down to frame and your belief.

I always end up picking up chicks with whom things kicked off rocky, simply because I bear in mind that women love drama, and drama is their fucking oxygen!

Thus, I give them drama, then charm them up with game for the eventual pull.

Remember: push-pull, hot and cold, on and off, left and right, zigzag!

Your pickups should resemble a rollercoaster ride, and not a fucking linear stroll down the road!

You should say shit that shocks the girl, perhaps offed her if need be. Then you compliment her, give her a sweet face, the “BAM”: change up on her again!

I implore you to read this old post of mines from back in 2013.

More online pickups to come.

More Proof Of How Being A Jerk And Busting On Hot Girls Attract Hot Girls [+ More on Negging & the Alpha mindset]

Girls are often indirect when it comes to showing their fondness for a guy.

Over Facebook, I encounter such indirect approaches from women all the time.

A girl may very well want to get to know me but chooses to go about it in the form of hint dropping and insinuations.

It’s up to me to exercise my perceptive abilities to see the subtle plot and subsequently seize the moment.

Before I get into this, let me first say that (hot) girls on the internet will rarely ever chase guys whom they don’t know.

No girl for that matter would blatantly chase a random stranger. It’s just not in her reality of how things are supposed to be. Because of this, women will often drop hints in order to get the guy to chase her instead and make something happen. In effect, she’s the one chasing but subtly and indirectly.

However, she will not drop hints in hopes of having a guy to whom she isn’t attracted to pursue her.

Additionally, the reason why chicks aren’t chasing (subtly so) guys on Facebook is because 98% of guys on Facebook are ass-kissing-bland personality scrubs to begin with. Therefore, the girl feels not 1 ounce of desire to devise ways in order to get low-value guys to pursue her.

With that, unlike the case with almost every guy on Facebook, I get hot girls hitting me up all the time: semi-directly and indirectly via hint-dropping.

Why is this?

My douchey attitude. 😉 🙂

Yes- my douchey, opinionated and neggish personality gets girl’s pussy flowing…at least get girls wanting to get to know me more.

Flat-out being an asshole with women has more cons than pros. Playing the role of a tactful asshole on the other hand, has far less downsides.

If you’re a female, and are my friend on Facebook, you will have gotten to know my shtick by now.

I poke fun, neg, tease, call out and embody this carefree, badboy, assholish vibe which is communicated through my comments and status updates.

However, I’m not obnoxious with it but strategic.

This is why 99.5% of the responses/replies I receive from women whenever I comment on their posts, are embedded with laughter and smiles.

Rarely ever do my asshole, button-pushing vibe gets women offended, defensive and turned off.

Sure I will shock them! But it is almost always within the context of humor and lightheartedness.

Where most newer guys in pickup who test run the carefree style go wrong, is that they over-fucking-do it…just as they do with negging girls!

For instance; I may advise a newbie PUA to start negging girls on Facebook in order to gain attraction.

He would report back to me: “Hey Kenny, I took your advice but it went horribly”.

Out of curiosity I would say: “Send me some screenshots of this”.

Lo and fucking behold; his comments on the girl’s posts are chocked filled with nuclear-bomb style negs and over-the-top asshole commentaries!

“No dude! You have to fucking exercise tact, foresight and social intelligence, and also know when to relent in order to avoid genuinely pissing the girl off!

Your aim isn’t to insult the hottie but to attract her through being dickish.

If you’re gonna say to a girl, “your hair is fake”, that isn’t a neg. Those are fighting words and the girl will genuinely feel offended and your chances are gone, albeit this is a girl who’s a random stranger!

Again- when attracting women by being a dick, you have to operate from a frame of subtlety and intelligence.

You want the girl to laugh; not cry!

Just to illustrate how being an opinionated dick on social media gets random girls to open up to me, here is an FB post from yesterday where a chick had posted a status about an earthquake tremor which was felt yesterday morning on the islands of Antigua and Barbuda (where I reside).

I too felt the tremor just before 7:30 AM. It rolled me out of bed actually.

The chick subsequently posted a status about this natural occurrence.

Remind you; the chick whose status I am to comment on, we are friends on Facebook.

The girl who replies to my comment; I don’t know her from a hole in the wall, and we aren’t even friends on Facebook.


See how that worked?

This is a girl with whom I shared zero communication prior, yet she is well aware of my shtick as someone who busts on the original poster (her friend I guess).

Furthermore, this goes to show how women are very subtle and observant. This is why whenever you posts some lame shit on Facebook, not only does it turn off girl 1, but your lamery snowballs down and turns off girl 2, girl 10 and countless number of other women who are observing from the sidelines.

Likewise, whenever you post shit worth noting, it has the same snowball effect but in the positive, serving to attract women from by the wayside.

Anyway, sensing that this stranger girl was obviously keen on me and attracted to me (my vibe), I inboxed her shortly afterwards.

Here is where I spoke about “hints” and how women will often give you cues and clues in hopes that you may catch on and pursue them while the attraction is sizzling hot. So I did just that.

However, I want you to pay close attention to my negging and my overall approach upon the 1st message.

Note: this girl is very thin (albeit super sexy), so I used that as a point to neg her [photo below].



Did you get what I did there by using such a powerful neg?

With such a comment, I communicated to her 5 things:

1.) You’re not my type ordinarily

2.) I am choosy, picky and particular

3.) I am of higher value than you are and I am accustomed to dating and being around hotter girls

4.) I am NOT afraid to offend you

5.) I am not impressed

With those 5 pointers noted, I also used the classic PUA tactic of “False Disqualification”. In other words, my initial message(s) was that of someone who wasn’t interested- because after all- if a guy were interested in a girl, why would he approach her with insinuations that she isn’t his type?

Thus, “Falsely Disqualifying” oneself.

Again- my neg wasn’t taken offensively but she “LOL” about me sort of dissing her. 😉

Below, I get playful with her and send an emoticon where I stuck my tongue out.


I doubled down on the fact that she is super thin and it turns me off, so I needed to take her on a date in order to fatten her up some.

By the way, I’m just negging this girl about being thin. I like thin women also, just as much as I like the curvier types with rounder ass…but she doesn’t have to know this. 😉

She then qualified herself after I mentioned the date to fatten her up. This goes to show that she’s seeking my approval and that I should accept her the way she is.

We went on to talk about favorite drinks, and that is when she dropped a bombshell in the mix about being 5 months pregnant, and that is why she ceased partying as of late! 😯 😯


In the 2nd part of her 1st comment above, she went on to say that she knows that I’m from *****, so that much she knows about me.

Bear in mind that this is a complete stranger to me, of whom I know nothing!

However, she had obviously stalked my profile before, indicative of the fact that my profile doesn’t exactly say my place of birth. The only how she could’ve known that was if she stalked my public posts.

I then went on to bust on her about being a stalker and doing her homework on me. 😉


Since discovering that she’s pregnant, my interest plummeted somewhat. Not that I’m against banging girls who are with child (I’ve been there a bunch of times before), but because she’s super thin and not that curvy to begin with (which is a negative IMO), she’s already entering the picture with a handicap as far as I’m concerned. So there’s no real fire and desire within my stomach for me to want to establish a rendezvous with this chick in order to fuck her 5 months pregnant pussy.

With that being said, we are currently Facebooking at the moment, and I’ve already indicated to her that I may just want to meet up and see what unfolds…which she’s okay with.

Side note: pregnant pussy is the best pussy you will have ever entered. Take that from a guy who has shagged innumerable amounts of women over the course of his pick-up career [yours truly].

Nevertheless guys, I’m hoping from this brief interaction, and from everything else that I laid out in this post, you will gotten a greater sense of how attraction works (online primarily), when-how to seize the moment, and when and how to calibrate negs for greater effect.

BTW guys: for the next 3 days, I’ll be Skyping my ass off with students from across the globe. I usually schedule my sessions for particular days, but from Saturday up until Monday-Tuesday, I’ll be available.

Just A Bit Of Neg-Theory Technique Used On A Hot Girl

Negs, Negs, Negs, the most popularized concept of the pick-up game to date.

Even the corrupt-mainstream media single out “Negs” as an evil tactic of the women-hating PUA, employed to belittle, demean and make women feel worthless…But when has the media ever gotten anything right…right?

“Negging” is a pick-up artist tactic used in order to gain a specific purpose:

To level the playing field by communicating to the girl that she isn’t above the PUA…hence, negging is used to bring her down to Earth…not to belittle her.

Additionally, Negs work to greater effect on the hotter girls since hot girls rarely ever get negged by guys.

Consequently, “Negging” is 1 of my fortés in the Game.

However, it is a delicate art in and of itself.

If you neg a girl the wrong way, wrong time; it will blow up in your face like a powder cake.

Most pick-up newbies, expectedly so, are so un-calibrated [having poor timing] that they often neg the wrong way, wrong time and often either over-neg or neg too strongly.

In all fairness, as is the case with any art, you will often fuck up before getting a handle on it.

In light of that, a guy will have known when a Neg was successfully used when the reaction from the neg recipient [the girl] is either laughter or a love tap accompanied by laughter (that’s if in person).

You know when a neg was unwarranted and poorly delivered when the reaction from the girl is a negative one…or she genuinely fucks off.

Here’s an example of a perfect neg which I lobbed at a hot girl on her Facebook status.


Did you notice that the guy who first commented (with “lovely”) was flatly ignored?

Again- this is testament to what I’ve been preaching ad nauseum that hot girls get turned off by ass-kissers and guys who directly compliment them.

My neggish comment however, wasn’t ignored because it served its intended purpose precisely.

Calling a hot girl nerdy or a nerd, is in itself a super Neg!

Who does this?

No guy who’s trying to appeal to a girl in hopes of getting with her.

However, as most concepts are in pickup, they seem contradictive and counter-intuitive…but that’s wherein lies the beauty. 😉

Lastly, no 1 neg will get a girl spreading her legs for you.

That isn’t the purpose of negging. No 1 anything will get a guy laid. But when you put it all together within your repertoire of game (negging for instance), you will have seen magic in the making

Here’s a video from Todd Valentine, posted back in January, on Negging.

I haven’t watched it yet but I know anything Todd puts out is golden, so peace out!

Being A Rude D**k To Girl Then Picking Her Up Pt.I [pulling random hot girl on Facebook: long-text convo]

After my scathing article recently about asshole game and its effectiveness, I was tapped by a few guys asking if this could be replicated [asshole game] in real time, with newer girls…over Facebook.


In a sense, I was put to the test by those subscribers of mines: those of who called me out for the sake of it. And those who truly wanted to see if being a douche could actually lead to successful pickups…though I’ve displayed this many times previously.

In late November, I came across this super-hot girl on Facebook while browsing the friend-suggestion field [pictured below].


I checked to ensure of 2 things:

1.) Does she live within reach- as in the same island, or a neighboring island at least, where I can hop on a ferry for the short voyage. She passed.

2.) Does she passe my boner-test…and she does.

I then friend-requested her, followed by my usual online-game schtick.

Ok, so few things before I proceed:

•By no means was I being a dick in a genuine sense. It is all an act! Just a routine!

•I am merely going to illustrate how you can pick up a super-hot girl by being an ass with her…and why you should be dickish…especially if she’s someone who has lots of male fans scooping her poop.

The thing is guys; hot girls are accustomed to men poop-scooping and praising them like the reincarnation of Cleopatra.

For crying out loud; even ugly girls are used to tons of guys outright hitting on them with overly nice approaches, compliments and so forth.

If you can recall few weeks back, an Indian girl whom I’d hooked up with had almost 400 inbox messages on Facebook from random men hitting on her.

Girls in general become desensitized to this shit: guys from all walks of life lauding them with niceties, whether this be online or in person.

My approach here will show you guys how to flip a super-hot girl’s buttons to gaining compliance, getting her to chase, getting the number, to then planning to hook up…all within the span of days [less than a week really].

Although it isn’t necessary, I am going to post the entire chat-log and dialogue between her and me: from the not-so elaborate stuff to the “he fucked up now” pieces.

Anywho, so I came across her FB profile, seen that she lived next door, she passed by boner-test, so I messaged her on the 27th of November [this is after attracting her by a few comments I made perhaps on 3 posts of hers the day I added her].

As usual: her identity and sensitive details will be protected! But everything else unedited.

[Note: Texts read from left-to-right, top rows first then bottom of each screenshotted image. + screenshot-by-screenshot breakdown].

•Above: Girl says she’s weary and fed up of being hit on and it is getting to her. This is the case with most girls regardless of their hotness. This is why instead of outright hitting on her, I did it indirectly with stealth, shielded by a cloud of dickishness. In other words [and this’ indirect game], if one likes a girl; he isn’t supposed to act like a dick towards her, but he should do the opposite. With super-hot girls like she is: you do the opposite as I showed by treating her like a little brat [indirect game].
•She asks me 4 questions, all of which the answers I provided she said were all dealbreakers. She also told me to “get going” if I don’t like her bitchy attitude [token resistance]. So, she claimed that I’d disqualified myself with my 4 answers…yet she kept talking.

•Above: She says she’s a hermit and doesn’t go out. I in turn told her to slow down, indicating to her that I wasn’t asking her out [a false-disqualifier technique]. She plays hard-to-get again by saying “this is my cue to go”. Again- I made a very power play by telling her that I’m not auditioning to be her BF, “so let’s slow down”. I then put the nail in her hot girl coffin by telling her “let’s catch up another day”…in essence, I was rejecting her [flipping the script]. She then went on to applaud me for crude honesty because I said I didn’t want to be her BF. Hot girls are NOT used to guys dismissing them! The following morning, I then threw out a bait to her [curiosity loop] by saying, “I can be honest”.
•Additionally, by telling her she’s proven a lot to me thus far, it flips the dynamics from a situation where I’m chasing her to where she’s chasing me, simply by saying that she’s proven herself worthy…in other words. I strategically withheld the information she wanted to hear…intentionally making her way more curious and anxious. That was to bait and reel her in even more.

image •Above: The way I acted towards her at this point was as if she was being and annoyance, and she’s walking on thin ice with me by telling her she’s a brat. I then negged her by saying just because you have “DECENT” boobs doesn’t mean I’ll allow her to trample my manhood. Very powerful whenever you inject the adjective “Decent” into a statement that way. Though “Decent” is a positive, it is often taken as a negative [a neg] when used to describe someone. Hence, when I said she has “decent” boobs, it was as if I was saying she barely passed the boob-test. So it made her a lot insecure and self-conscious…which is the point of a solid neg. This is also exemplified by her reaction when she said “thanks I guess”. By injecting the word “decent”, it threw her off, hence she wasn’t able to process whether it’s a good or bad. 😈 I then drove the curiosity loop deeper by saying “I don’t usually do this”.
•By me calling her bratty and a bitch, she instantly sees herself as such, while unknowingly latching onto me as the source of her brattiness. I further called her bitchy. Who does this to a hot girl whom he’s trying to pick up? No one! I then further dismissed her hot-girl blasé by saying I would beat her, and that I’m old enough to be her dad. This is a false-disqualifying technique once again. As expected when done right: the girl defends herself by qualifying. Instead of seeing me as someone too old for her, she tries to justify why I am NOT too old for her. 🙂

•Above: I further negged her and acted more dickly by telling her she’s nasty for hitting on an old man [me in this case]. Again; who says this to a smoking-hot girl”? No one! I treated her dismissively, sub-communicating to her that her hotness doesn’t sway me 1 bit. By reinforcing “I am old”, I further [falsely] disqualify myself by indirectly telling her that I am not interested. I am too old! I then drop another power-curiosity loop [my 3rd thus far] by saying, “I was thinking about something”. Whenever you say this to someone, they cannot help but become curious and want to know what that thing is. I further treated her like a little pest by calling her out on her sassy shit. Again; no guy does this unless he’s trying to kill his chances. By saying “I think I like you” [“Think” being the potent word], it indicates to her that I am not sold on her, and she’s walking on thin ice. Hence why she asked, “and you think you like me”? That 1 inane word which I used [“think”] went further to dismantle her hot-girl entitlement mechanism. Guys are not supposed to “think” they like a hot girl. They are SUPPOSED to like her without a doubt!
•Additionally, I strategically ignored her question [powerful move] and called her brat. Again; doing this sets yourself up as a guy who is of higher value than she is. And women only chase guys whom they perceive is of more importance than they are. Also, you know when a girl is sold on you when she doesn’t take insults insultingly, but says “thank you” in the way that she did. 😉 .I then drove the dagger deeper by using the powerful word “think” again, when I reiterated that “I think I like you but your bitchy behavior is taking too long to shift to nice”. I then used Mystery’s classic line in order to get a girl to qualify by saying to her, “tell me 1 interesting thing about yourself”. Doing this also sets the tone that you [in this case; me] are the prize! And she is the one who is auditioning to get a role in your movie [in this case: my movie]. By saying, “not bad so far”, I further drill home the point that I am the chooser here…and she took the bait and qualifies herself…as expected!

•Above: Being more of a jerk, I asked her if she was a prostitute. Why? Because I can! I purposely wanted to get under her skin some more, knowing that she was already sold on me and fully attracted. Hence, no matter what I say, she cannot dismiss me! I justified my comment by saying that I’m not good with words. My other remarks in regard to my rude comment about prostitution, were dismissive and illogical on my end. Remember; women operate on an illogical plain. Feed them illogical shit!
•Being confused because I wasn’t genuinely apologetic for calling her a hooker, she conceded and resigned herself to the fact that I am the prize here and she ought to take whatever shit I give her…which is why she said, “I’m a high-class prostitute…perfect”! I gave an indirect apology [which is strategic], again justifying it by saying I am not a smooth guy that she’s used to [by “smooth”, I meant nice-guy wimp…and she also knew what I meant]. I reinforced that I’m an asshole, hence I am not to be held accountable for dickish things I say. Again; who calls a girl a bitch unless he’s itching to kill his chances with the girl? No one…except a master seducer!

•Above: This is powerful here that she accepts being called a bitch. Why did she? Because I called her a bitch and I owned it! The fact that she’s totally attracted to me [my vibe, and not my looks], her brain subconsciously tells her to accept whatever it is I say to her as factual. Hence, I called her a bitch. Instead of taking it negatively; she accepts it in the positive. Why? Because she subconsciously sees me as her superior and someone of higher value! Afterwards, when she said to me, “depends on the whole progress thing”- in other words- she wants us to progress and proceed. This further solidifies my point that it had already hit the hook point where she wants me…which is why she mentions progressing [moving on together]. To this point, I never at all mentioned to her that I wanted us to progress anywhere. Hence, she is the one chasing me! Moreover, how does she reward me for calling her a colossal bitch? She says I’m a persistent asshole. Again; if I’m an asshole [which I am here], why bother with me…unless girls are attracted to assholes”?
•I gave her a proverbial doggy-treat by saying to her that she made me LOL for the 1st time. Again; it sets things up to where I come off as the standard-bearer and I’m judging her as my inferior. So she’s making me laugh, and not the other way around. I again gave her another doggy-treat while simultaneously saying to her that she’s winning some points with me and that humor takes girls a long way with me. Again- who is the one here trying to make whose grade- I or she? Obviously I am the one grading her while she has been put in the role of the one being graded to see whether she qualifies. Powerful shit huh? It is very subtle psychologically, and the girl herself doesn’t see it.
•Also, here is the beauty of indirect game [not outright hitting on a girl]: it leaves girls confused…but in a positive sense; hence why she asked me what do I want from her. Since I’m not hitting on her as 99.9% of other men do; this confuses her brain and what she’s accustomed to from men. I further play difficult while building more intrigue when I said to her “you’ll think I’m a bigger jerk and asshole if I tell”…as in what I want from her. Listen- it is clear! I want to fuck this girl and she knows it! From the get-go, I told her that I wanted to meet up, hence she said to me that she’s a hermit and doesn’t get out. So it’s not like I’m hiding my intention here. Her brain just desires further clarity. She knows I want to fuck her, which is why she said it! Since I’m an asshole [as she puts it], that must mean I want sex. BINGO!

image •Above: Again I dropped a 4th curiosity-builder by saying “I’m curious about something last night”. Also, instead of trying to convince her why I’m the guy for her [as most guys do], I did the total opposite by saying “I’m not the nicest guy”. Again- this is a false-disqualifier technique. Instead of trying to prove to the girl why she should choose me, I do the opposite by saying something that would tell her not to choose me [that is the essence of a “False-Disqualifier]. I triple-down on the “FD” by telling her that I’m not a good influence for her and that she’s too young. No guy does this when trying to get with a girl. Thus, it is a super-powerful technique when done effectively. Here it is that I’m a 33 year old guy and she is 19-20. Yet I’m the one disqualifying her, and telling her that she’s too young for me.
•Additionally, I play up the “I’m a bad influence” card by asking what would her parents think if they found out she was talking to a guy like me: an asshole, bad influence…and 13 years older than her. Why do I play this up, apart from the previously mentioned powerful-psychological gambits? Because hot girls love badboys and jerks! Badboys are bad influences…so I play this up, knowing it will be a DHV/ a plus. Here is the deep psychology: though I clearly tell her that I’m a bad influence, instead of running for the hills, she indirectly justifies why it is okay to deal with a guy who’s bad influence.

image •Above: Here is where I make my sexual pitch indirectly by further eliminating the boyfriend frame by telling her I’m not looking to be her BF nor her BFF. What was her response: “I know. You just want to fuck”. Not that I ever said that. But my vibe, sub-communications and attitude, imply that I am someone who just wants to hook up…hence she’s down because I didn’t make the mistake of directly hitting on her. I then let her know that I am pre-selected by telling her I have a GF. This further deepens the attraction. The way I put it also gives her the impression that I wouldn’t have sex with her because I have a GF. So again; here it is a guy- myself- turning down a super-hot girl for sex. I once again play up the “I’m an asshole” card, knowing that is the kryptonite here.
•Additionally, her ex-boyfriend situation makes it clear the type of guys this girl [all girls] end up falling for at various and numerous stages of their lives. I am no different from her boyfriend in that I wouldn’t treat her any better…though I’m honest about having someone. Yet, that still doesn’t dissuade her from being super attracted to me.

•Above: It’s always the best policy to be honest with women. It will take you far and women will be honest with you also. It behooves me why guys lie, believing to themselves that girls won’t take them on if they are forthcoming about having a girlfriend, being married, having children, etc. Furthermore, she applauds me for being honest and real about drawing lines [not dating, not wanting female friends and only want to hook up].
•I bust on her again as a real Alpha with options would by telling her “shut up brat”. Again; she now follows my lead by calling me a dog/mut because I called her a bitch numerous times. So, this is a case where she is following my lead and not the other way around.

image •Above: we exchange some banter here. This is very powerful as I cited previously with she following my lead and my mantra. Who calls a girl bitch, dog and mut…and still has her attracted? Only a guy who’s high value.
•Now, this is key. I tried to get her # but she objects. Was this a rejection? No! Did I take it as such? No! This is called “token objection” where she tries to preserve some value by playing hard-to-get. Expect this from the hottest girls! Did you notice how she indicates that I can msg her [on FB] to continue? Hence, she not giving me her # at that point was a mute point because I could’ve reached her on FB anyway. I contacted her the following morning working out the logistics. Knowing that she’s already sold on me, I aim to set up the rendezvous, so I threw my pitch of “meet me @ my hotel or guest-house”.

image •Above: always try to facilitate the pull whenever possible as I customarily do. In this case, by telling the girl I’ll pay her cab fare [as an inducement]. Thus, she has no excuse of not having transportation.
•I then feel out her knowledge of the layout of the land by asking her if she’s familiar with the hotel that I usually frequent in her town. She knew about it, so that was a plus for logistics.

image •Above: Further standard-logistical work.

•Above: More 2-way banter. I give her my #, knowing she would take it and hit me up. Generally, it is a terrible mistake to give your #. However, if the girl is already sold on you, it isn’t a bad idea. She then agrees to meeting up over the coming weekend.
•I get rough with her [exaggeratingly so] about her #. Is this desperation? No! It isn’t done in a low-valued way but with rough humor. She senses that I was just being humorous and not desperate when telling her to cough up the digits. I knew it was a matter of time until the expected play hard-to-get shit will have evaporated.
•I FB inboxed her the following day [Sunday] saying “waiting”…meaning on her #. Again; this isn’t desperation. It is persistence but in a dominant yet lighthearted way. I make a bold-sexual comment about fucking her as punishment.

image •Above: the rendezvous @ my hotel is now solidified with some alcohol.
•As expected; she relents and coughs up her #…which she was going to do anyway. It was a matter of time.

image •Above: I then strategically ended the conversation before she did. The one who ends the conversation first, leaves having the psychological leverage and upper-hand. So always end things before she does. Hence I told her I will message her later on.

Ok, the most important point I want to deduce from this interaction had been made earlier when she said to me that the 4 questions of hers that I answered, were all deal-breakers.

The fact that I am over 30 years old disqualified me.

Having kids disqualified me.

Having had an STD also disqualified me.

This is all according to her…yet they turn out to not be deal-breakers after all…as expected.

Obviously, that was bullshit as is always the case with things women say they want, what they stand for and what they are about. If you’re socially intelligent; you pay no mind to shit women say as far as deal-breakers.

I often hear married guys complain that they got rejected because the girl doesn’t date nor do married men.

Fuck that! You got rejected because you fell for it dude!

I’ve preached this ad nauseum: there is no such thing as type to women!

Sure she has an ideal type on her proverbial checklist, just as everyone does: a rich guy, tall, dark and handsome, 6-pac abs, drives the most luxurious car on Earth, looks like a reincarnation of an Adonis, owns his own business, prince charming to the core, etc.

However, what kind of guy does the average girl goes and settles for?

The polar opposite from her type: a short guy, potbellied, has kids, married or divorced, has nothing going for himself, piss poor, unemployed or bouncing from job to job, a loser who doesn’t pamper her, etc.

Hence, what she says she wants in a man isn’t important because she’ll likely fuck some guy who doesn’t fit her criteria in the least. So when she says you’re not her type, disregard it and plow forward as though she said you were her ideal type!

All in all, I just want you guys to realize how strategic this pull was.

In order to pull a smoking-hot girl who’s accustomed to hundreds of men hitting on her DAILY, you have to fucking stand out from the pack of clowns and nice guys who are hounding the girl with the same lame game that doesn’t get them anywhere!

Do you need to act like a dick in order to get into a hot girl’s pants?

Not really. However, it is 1 of the most effective ways, especially if you don’t have social value going for you as I didn’t with this girl.

Moreover, you cannot pick up a random-hot girl on Facebook by directly hitting on her. Hence this indirect approach of mines.

The underlying reason why you must act like a dick with a girl who gets tons of male attention is that you have to firstly knock her off of the high horse which most hot girl prance around on.

This goes back to the core of old-school pickup theory in lowering a girl’s perceived value by treating her as if she’s a little pest or beneath you.

You also have to bear in mind that this is a totally random fucking stranger I spotted on Facebook days ago. Therefore, I was starting off from a position of absolutely no value to her at all!


This should’ve been an automatic dismissal and rejection. But because of my Facebook method of picking up random girls, which is the most effective- bar fucking none- I was able to completely sweep this HB off of her feet within a matter of 16 hours of messaging her…by acting like a disrespectful asshole might I add.

Lastly, and for record sake, such pickups are NOT uncommon for me. This is an everyday occurrence for that matter, where I pick up and bed random hot girls whom I meet from Facebook…predominantly with jerk and asshole game. These are girls with who I share zero mutual friends, zero things in common [for starters]. Hence, I have no value to these girls.

Anyway guys, stay tuned for part 2 which will be posted later on or tomorrow [Whatsapp convo]. It gets even crazier.

I’ll detail this entire seduction from beginning to end as it unfolds.

All in all: can one often and successfully pick up random hot girls on Facebook while being a jerk?

Hope this post will have put that all-too-common question to bed.

We are set to meet up over the weekend. I haven’t yet decided which night we will meet since I have shit lined up with about 7 other girls [Friday to Sunday night].

Stay posted!

More Facebook Pulls- A Little Qualify & Negs

Latest Facebook pull from tonight.

This dates back to May 10th when I first inboxed her.

My opener/ice-breaker was 1 of my favorite: I checked her FB posts to see which girl commented the most, then I inboxed this girl telling her she looks like the girl who comments on her stuff.

By doing this, it build a bit of familiarity and rapport whereas I’m not just some random guy on FB because I [claim to] know of her friend. That was it [May 10th].

By not going for the FB pull that same moment, it let’s the girl know that I’m not desperate and I have other options…hence why I wasn’t eager to pick her up that same time. I actually waited 3 months to resume the pickup.

This evening, I resumed the pull, got the # and set something up [vaguely] for the coming weekend.

Picking up random strangers on FB gets no simpler. It only requires that you come off as non- needy, non-desperate, high value and outcome independent…in other words, your attitude is that of someone who can take it or leave it and not a beggar.

When you tailor your game this way with random hotties online, you’ll manage to pick up tons of them on a weekly basis…as I do.

All in all, it is about being able to use social intelligence with women.

HB pulled on Facebook

[My texts in blue. Hers in gray].





In retrospect, I didn’t consciously wait 3 months to resume picking her up.

What had happened was, I actually forgot about her altogether…which is why I took this evening [3 months later] to finally seal the deal of grabbing her # and setting up something for the weekend.

Lastly, what I want you to take away from this post is the art of getting a girl to qualify and subtle negging.

What are those, and how were they used here?

When I said to the girl, “Are you old enough to drink”? That was a neg…a cheeky/sly comment that would otherwise offend some people…but coming from a high-valued guy, women take negs jokingly.

Also, I got her to qualify when she asked if 23 was old enough for me.

Hence, instead of the usual lame and low-value format where guys are left to ask girls, “Am I too old for you”? I set it up to where she was asking me if 23 was old enough for me [being I’m 32].

This is what you call qualifying. A very powerful-psychological indication of a girl’s interest in you.

To learn my method [simple to most advanced tactics] of how to pull hotties from Facebook and into bed, check out Facebook Bang…the bonus product

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