Sarge Music Which Gets Me In The Mood To Pick Up Girls [Pre-Game Music]

We all have specific songs which get us hyped, pumped and in the mood to feel liberated and down-right down for anything!

Before heading out to the field to spread my gregarious charms to the world, the following songs (of which are from the Trance genre of Electronica music), are my mantras to getting me psyched and pumped up.

Not that I even need a psychological boost from music, but it sure helps when your state isn’t too intact.

These songs I must listen to on my way to run some day game or heading to the nightclub.

[Dj Adam Nickey presents Blue 8- 11th. Street original mix]

[DJ Ferry Corsten- Galaxia (Aly and Fila remix]

[Kuffdam and Plant- Summer Dreams (Terminal and Stoneface remix)]

[Dj Akesson- Flavor Park]

[Sean Tyas- Melbourne]

Feel free to add/embed your favorite pre-game songs in the comment section which puts you in a state of mind to seduce.

Pop, Rock & R’n’B turn men into pussies!!!


I don’t believe this revelation is anything grand or novel.

It’s no secret that the pop-culture caters to women’s whims, fantasies and desires, thus excluding the men and what we want and expect from women.

I love R&B by the way: the 90’s stuff from R. Kelly, Joe, Ginuwine, Jodeci, etc.

However, such lyrics have managed to turn men into tricks, losers, BETAS, doormats, supplicators and bitches.

How so?

By giving men the WRONG idea of how to show interest in women.

Classic theme of R&B:

*Tells men to reward women for anything.

*Tells men to reward women even though they’ve been a complete bitches.

*Tells men that women are always right.

*Women must be pampered and spoiled to death.

*Buy her jewelry and nice things to show her that you care or love her (eventhough she’s not your GF).

*Spend on her royally in order to show her that you want her.

*Take it slow as possible.

All the above Beta suggestions will not get you anywhere with women!

I fucking learned that the hard way! But men still are convinced that that’s the way to go in order to get the girl.

Top 4 most Beta/pussy lyrics excepts from 4 of my favorite R&B songs (these lyrics make me cringe to even write them):

Artist: Joe

Song: All the things

Lyrics“treat you like something precious as gold. I’m ready to do all the things your man won’t do. I’ll give the world to make you mines”.

Translation: You should pedestal the fuck out of this chic who you’re trying to court [obviously hadn’t banged her yet]. Her man won’t pedestal her so you’re to come in a promise to anything for her. You should do anything for her to make her yours [including spending, shopping sprees, dropping all other prospects].

Artist: Jagged Edge

Song: He can’t love you

Lyrics“can’t believe I let you leave. I’m half way going crazy. He can’t do for you like I can”.

Translation: Despite she being wrong, you should beg her not to leave or break up since she’s so precious. You should compete for her to prove to her that you really want her.

Artist: Dru Hill

Song:In my bed

Lyrics: …”Somebody’s sleeping in my bed and it’s messing up my head [his girl is cheating]. I gave you money, and every little thing that you need. I gave you the world cause you were my girl…”

Translation: You should do anything and everything for you girlfriend. Then when she does cheat out of ingratitude and feeling privileged, spoiled and bored, you should throw it in her face that you spent money on her like crazy [in hopes she would feel sorry and take you back, despite she being the cheater].

Artist: Sammie

Song: Crazy things I do for love

Lyrics: …”I’ll put you in the flyest gear making sure you tight. Money ain’t a thing: only if you promise not to game. Kiss me girl and I’ll spend every dollar in my name…”

Translation: Buy buy buy and fucking buy! Buy this strange girl you’d just picked up fine things (high-priced dinners, shoes, etc). Money is no object so she can use you like an ATM.


*The common theme of all the above lyrics was this: Treat women like spoiled fucking kids, entitled to the world in order to get her.

*If she cheats…Fuck it! Just beg her to stay anyway (since it’s never her fault)!

*The key to a woman’s heart, pussy and a relationship with her is via ‘SPENDING’ ($$$). Show that you can spend more than the other guy who might be trying to get her by outspending you!

*Buy her gifts and shit although you don’t know her from Adam. Just put her on a grand pedestal bro’!

Now, for the readers who might be saying, “But men don’t take advice from what they listen on TV, radio and the media”.


Of course we do!

The #1 dating advisor to men and women is music; hands fucking down!

Before I got into the pick-up community, R&B music was what advised me on how to get women.

Irony is: I never got laid from following the advice!

I used to spend on women like fucking crazy: shoes, flowers, teddy bears and chocolates for Valentines…The women would take the gifts but end up fucking Joe Blow who never bought her shit!

Was I the only male victim of this massive-social scammery via love music which caters to women?

Hell no!

Most of my buddies (who are AFC’s and Beta’s), their impression of getting women is via ‘Spending, Expensive Dates, Love Poems and Sending her texts messages saying: “you’re the light of my soul. I would go through hell for your love”. No wonder they don’t get laid thus reverting to banging hookers at brothels on weekends.

Love songs from every genre: Pop, Rock and R&B need to be eradicated in order for men to start being Alphas and real men.

Hopefully that would be a new New Years resolution for us men: to stop catering to women while putting our own needs and wants on the back burner.

Nothing is essentially wrong with listening to beta-male music. Just as long as you don’t take their advice as literal and a guideline to getting and keeping the girl.

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