Was This An Elaborate Plot All Along? You Be The Judge

[Originally posted to social media on August 4th]

Women Are Slick: When a young sexy MILF unexpectedly throws her # at you. 

Okay, so 1 of those odd situations that occur every now and then. 

This chick here whom I know for a while now (donkey years actually). I had no clue that she likes me. So she hits me up on Messenger over a week ago, asking if I knew this guy name so and so.

I figured that she knew that I know the guy (because of mutual friends and so on), so she asking me that was kinda odd.

Anyway, long story short, she claimed that a friend of hers was trying to reach the guy, so she wanted to know if I had, or could get the guy’s #.  I did manage to get the guy’s # days later, so I inboxed it to her so she could give it to her friend.

All the while, I never thought it was a plot on this girl’s part; a plot to get to me.  

Perhaps it wasn’t! But I think it was. 
Anyway, so she hits me up yesterday and thanked me for getting the guy’s # for her friend. And then…she sends me a phone #. I’m like, “what’s this # for”? She’s like…”for you Kenny”.

I concluded it was either 2 things:

1.) She liked me all along (all these years), but clearly never indicated it to me (or I was too blind or busy to see it)

2.) She got attracted to me via my bad boy, unstifled, unbridled ways, due to the stuff I post on Facebook
After all, she did say that she loves men with beard. Either way, I didn’t get @ her yet through her # since I have so many other chicks on my plate. 

Here’s how it went down: she hitting me up about the dude, me getting dude’s # for her friend, she throwing her # at me, continued to chat about how she likes men with beards, etc.

Will keep y’all updated.

Quest To Bang A GILF

[Originally posted to my social media]

​In my quest to bang a sexy GILF (granny) in her 50’s, as if the gods of Pick-Up were rolling with me, back on the 8th of this month, I picked up a lady who seemingly fit the prototype of what I was looking for: a GILF…particularly one in her 50’s.
I spotted the sexy lady in my neighborhood sitting at a bus stop, so I cold approached her, charmed her up, got her phone # and got the ball rolling ASAP!
My plan/intention/mission was pretty clear: “bang this hot GILF”! That mantra kept pumping inside of my head!
I hit her up on Whatsapp Messenger and went straight for the jugular as far as meeting…ASAP (“what are you up to later”?)! 
Long story short: she kinda blew me off the Saturday when I was trying to ask her where she lives. 
The next day: the Sunday evening, she hits me up asking where am I, and that she still wanted the beers that I offered to grab if we were to hang out.
“Yes”! I exclaimed! Just when I thought she was trying to ignore me, she seems down as fuck! She tried video calling me like 10 times, but I was in the shower at the moment. But she did manage to reach me, and we were set to meet up about 10:30 that night…the Sunday night @ a bar/lounge.
However, she flaked on me! In other words; she stood me up. 😦
I honestly couldn’t tell you what happened and why she flaked. The only good thing was, I was already at the lounge anyway, and was planning to go there anyway, so regardless if she flaked or not, my initial plans weren’t ruined. 
So…if it’s 1 lesson to take away here for you guys is: never make plans around a woman. Incorporate her into the plans you already made independently. So if she flakes, it doesn’t derail your plans nor your night.
Anyway, we’ll see how this pans out. Perhaps she’ll hit me up in a day or so. The quest to bang a hot lady in her 50’s continues.

SocialK aka The MILF-Hunter: How To Seduce MILF’s

She can get it

Isn’t this MILF doable?

Who said women over 35 weren’t bang-worthy? Kill yourself!!

Consider this my “How-To” bang guide for those who desire to lay hot cougars & MILF’s like Paula Abdul and J-Lo.

Over the past 4 years, I’ve slept with more women over the ages of 36 than women under 26. I really find that MILF’s and Cougars are more open-minded towards sex than young-dumb chics who have their plates full…plus side dishes too for the fuck of it.

Why bang hot MILF’s?

* They are less likely to become attached, opposed to an 18 year old HB9, who hadn’t yet been through the bumps and bruises of love & relationships.

* They give better blowjobs, opposed to their 18 year old sisthrens who haven’t yet honed in on the finer points of sex.

* Better sexually experienced and open-minded to pleasing the guy.

Where to hunt:

Hot MILF’s & Cougars generally frequent:

* Local bars

* Casinos

* Libraries

* Museums

* Art Galleries

* Mature functions

Plus there are tons of online sites dedicated to MILF-hunting.


* Seducing hot MILF’s is quite different than girls in their 20’s.

* Girls in the age range of 18-30 respond to high-social value/status.

* Women over the age of 35 may be repelled by high-social value, over-the top peacocking, since it doesn’t require high-social value nor flashy Game to lay them.

How should I approach and open?

[Whether online or in field, follow the simple-subsequent steps in order to bang hot MILF’s].

*After you open her (online, in person, etc.), further down the line (in the chat), create or revive her sexual desires for a younger man (you) by saying things to her like:

I despise women under the age of 30.

I feel that the more mature a woman, the more she understands me.

I’ve tried dating women my age (23), but it just never blossoms into anything exciting.

The above 3 example statements will fester beneath the surface. Plus it let’s her know that you’re into MILF’s and Cougars (i.e. mature women).

Don’t be an idiot and say shit like, “I love banging old women”!

Just let her use her own damn imagination to envision you giving her some young dick.

Early Mid-Life Crisis/Pre-Menopausal Crisis:

Women are very self-conscious when it comes to their age. She can be a spring chicken at the tender age of 20, yet thinks that she’s too old and undesirable.

Likewise, many Cougars and MILF’s are starving for the opportunity to recapture their youth and feel young again.

*Play on this insecurity and fear of aging by saying things like:

The average guy is just interested in having sex with hot women. Good to know that there’s possibly more to you than a sexy body.

I’m only 19, yet I feel like I’m 90. What’s the secret to you staying so young?

So you’re basically stroking her ego (indirectly), and sub-communicating to her that you find her attractive, sexy and young.

Could you say all those things direct and straight up? Sure!! But it will actually turn her off if you come across as a MILF-Slayer or a guy who’s just out to hook up. Sure she wants to just hook up as well, but as the guy/pick-up artist, it’s wiser to fly under the radar into her granny panties with Stealth.


* Use a lot of indirect compliments

* Flatteries

* Stroke her ego

* Make her feel young again

* Tell her that these 20 year olds aren’t any match for her when it comes to style and fashion.

Armed with the above know-how, you too can become a MILF-Slayer and induct yourself into the mature-pussy fucking hall of fame.

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I day dream about banging Paula!

I day dream about banging Paula!

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