New Neighbor Pull…Fortune Favors The Bold

Hey guys, I’m just going to post this post verbatim as I did 3 nights ago to Facebook. Afterwards, I’ll give an additional take on the matter.

So, I have a new neighbor, a chick who moved in yesterday to the house next to my apartment. As expected from a master pickup artist; I approached her last evening, chatted her up real quick and got her phone #. I haven’t called a chick’s phone in years, but I decided to ring her instead of texting last night. After about 2 minutes of small talk, she mentioned that she’s afraid to sleep alone since she’s new to the area and no one lives with her. I was like, “Ding, Ding, Ding”!!! I took the hint/cue and said to her, ” Well I live alone too. You can come upstairs to my apartment and sleep, or I come down to your house and sleep with you”. She’s like, “Fine! That would be great because I’m scared shit plus it’s dark in this area”! She then threw out a disclaimer (as expected) when she said to me, “Oh! There’s only 1 bed. So we’ll have to sleep in in together. But no sex though”. As a master seducer, I knew this was all standardized game and plausible deniability at work. So I’m like, “Sure! No sex. I’ll keep my distance on the bed”. I grabbed her a water from my fridge and went downstrairs to her yard next door. She lets me into her crib, we sat on the bed and then she began what was a 3 hour ramble about her boyfriend kicking her out, how they spent all day @ the precinct arguing over rights of certain appliances and shit. She also mentioned how her BF (ex) is likely to stalk her while we sleep. That made me a bit uneasy. 

But anyway, after 3 plus hours of ranting and blabbering, I told her to cut the damn bedroom light out because it’s blinding me. That was my cue to her that intimacy was about to go down. We got more comfortable on the bed and I told her to lie down; so we did. She kept chatting away so I playfully said, “Hush”, with my finger to her lips. All this time, my hands were resting on her hips while caressing her thighs. I slowly and gradually escalated (KINO) to sliding my hands under her shirt in order to fondle her tits…to which she didn’t resist…to my surprise. I toyed with her huge-ass nipples for a good 10 minutes. This chick literally has some of the biggest and longest nipples I’ve ever touched in my life! I’m a tit-man, so this really excited the shit out of me! While I played with her breasts with 1 hand, the free hand was rubbing her booty like R. Kelly. My dick began to get that feeling within; an erection had developed. I knew she felt that shit since I was grinding on her ass through the thin fabric of my jogging pants. Long story short- after a while- there came LMR (as expected): she began to show signs of resistance by telling me that it tickles when I breath on her neck. In other words, she was telling me that I’m too close. I backed off by discontinuing to toy with her neck. After a while, and I’m guessing this is when she got really turned on (apparent from her slight moans): she removed my hand from her tits. Remind you guys; this is totally normal(during LMR) with a girl whom you’re laying down with for the first time. She’s bound to stop you at some point from rubbing on her tits or attempting to fondle her vagina. So, I took my hand from beneath her shirt while continuing to rub her thighs with the other hand…which she allowed. Minutes later, back to her tits. She allowed then resisted by removing my hand again. At that point, I felt like saying, “Girl! You’re about to sleep alone! I’m leaving”! But I decided not to go into full-blown savage mode at that moment. In any case,  after the tug of war, I fell asleep just as she did. Woke up around 4:30 AM this morning, attempted a last-ditch effort to fuck her, but it didn’t go down, so I told her I had to get going since it was early/late and the sun was about to break soon, so she had nothing to fear since it was almost sunrise. She walked me out and that was that. 
At the end of the day, what I wish for you guys to take away from this long-ass Facebook post is pretty much 1 theme, ABA: “Always Be Approaching”! Fortune favors the bold! Surely I didn’t get to fuck this total stranger last night, but I took my chances for sure like a real man!!! So, that hot girl who lives next door to you, instead of gawking, stalking and being a pussy-ass chode of a man by not approaching her; be a real man and approach that girl!! It didn’t take 10 seconds for me to make my move once I spotted this girl from upstairs and realized how fuckable she is. I approached immediately! Went to her door, welcomed her to the neighborhood, spat a little game, got her digits and got to sleep in her bed…the same night in less than 3 hours of meeting her. “ABA”: Always Be Approaching!! No need to waste time trying to figure out the girl, trying to find out if she’s single, etc. Make a move and deal with those matters afterwards! 

Lastly, learn how to read women and the subtle cues and signs they give off (verbally and nonverbally). Surely this won’t come over night, but with vast amounts of experience with dealing with lots of women (as I have), you’ll gradually develope an acuity and 6th sense for reading women. 

Oh- lastly- as for this girl whom I met last night (my new neighbor), sure I would’ve loved to smash last night since we slept in the same bed! But sometimes, it takes time! It may take a day or 2 before the girl gets comfortable enough to want to accept your dick inside of her. So this wasn’t a failed attempt in my book. This is where Mystery’s “7 hour before the lay” principle comes into effect. A girl whom you’d just met, a sober one, is unlikely to sleep with you before spending at least 5-7 hours with you first. I had only spent 3 hours with the chick before trying to smash. So go figure. The more time spent, the more comfort built. I’m not a man who likes to waste time. If I get a girl’s # today, I’m expecting to fuck her…today! This clearly doesn’t always work out, but it is the thought, mindset and frame that counts (rapid escalation theory). 

Lastly, there are tons of reasons why a girl may not sleep with you at a given time. Perhaps she’s on her period, and she’s feeling all yucky and dirty. Hence, never think that the girl is resisting because of anything on your part. 







Interesting stuff huh?

The lessons here are many, and very instrumental for those who desire to become masters at this.

I however want to briefly tackle the subject of proactivity and rapid escalation, otherwise known as KINO.

There’s nothing to lose in moving swift as a lizard-hawk on its prey. In fact, you should move swiftly.

This is why in pickup we aggressively harp on the 3-second rule, and that you should approach the girl as soon as you spot her!

The more time you allow to just sail by, the greater the chance of losing the girl.

As for rapid-sexual escalation, that should also become your rule of thumb.

When in the company of a girl, being a pussy about putting your hands on her, will ultimately cause you to lose the girl.

I have a theory which I’d been peddling for ages: it is best to be perceived by the girl as a guy who goes after what he wants (sex), than someone who’s afraid to go for it. Even though you may have a failed attempt just as I seemingly did with this girl; a the end of the day, she will respect my game and willingness to gun for what I want unabashedly!

On that note, you will enjoy the follow-up post to this one.

New Neighbor Pull…Part II [It’s Not You; It’s The Girl]

Last night now, the chick who lives in the house beside my apartment, hits me up.

The initial message is mines, from 3 days ago, when I shot her a message after getting her #. That was the same night I slept with her…in her bed that is.

Now, here is a subsequent status I posted minutes after having that text exchange with her.

With that; it’s never you!

When the chick gave me massive LMR the first night I slept in her bed (which was the same night I got her #), I didn’t freak out and beat myself up about it.

Sure I was disappointed. But not distraught nor befuddled.

I knew there was something going on beneath the surface, outside of my control (as it always is): which was her menstrual cycle.

Here’s the deal: when a girl is on her period, she feels yucky, nasty and dirty! She will NOT fuck you, unless you are someone such as her long-term boyfriend, or you convey to her (in some way) that you are totally fine with shagging down while she’s bleeding.

Now, because of that (her yucky feeling), if y’all 2 were to be lying in bed, she will resist your sexual advances by all means! And she’s not going to tell you that it is because of her period as to why she cannot or doesn’t want to have sex. You have to be smart enough to figure this out on your own.

Anyway, she was clearly open to having me come over last night and sleep with her again.

Why though!?

I refuse to visit and lie in bed with a girl who’s on her period. Not because it’s yucky. Shit- I’ve banged girls on their period quite a number of times before. So it isn’t something I find to be a deal-breaker. But if I know ahead of time that the girl is menstruating, I will NOT meet up with her.

Hence, I flaked on the neighbor last night.

All in all guys, I just want to remind you that this is a total stranger whom I’d cold approached 3 nights ago upon the realization that I had a new neighbor in the yard next to my apartment.

I spotted her outside doing some cleaning on the porch, so I approached within 2 seconds (not even thinking), go her digits and was able to sleep in her…that same night!

Surely I didn’t get the lay, but that is a mute point to the bigger picture.

ABA!!! “Always Be Approaching”!

Close Calls Sting As Much As Rejections

Guys whine constantly about having to face rejection.

What about those close calls?

Ok- I admit- having close calls is actually a quality problem in a sense…but it sucks nevertheless.

Over the last 6-8 weeks, I can undoubtedly say that I’ve had 1 or 2 close calls per week…so that would be anything between 6 to 12 girls over the past 6-8 weeks whom I didn’t manage to lay by the skin of my teeth.

By “close calls”, I don’t mean getting a phone number, setting up a date and having the girl flake or stand me up.

That isn’t a close call.

By “close calls”, I mean either actually lying in bed with the girl, or at least being at her home getting hot and heavy on the sofa, to then have something or someone spoil the sex opportunity.

For instance, about a week back, I got this sexy MILF to my PUA-pad [first time for the year having a girl come back to my place].

As we lie on the bed while I cupped her breasts, the expected LMR [Last-Minute Resistance] materialized where she said to me, “We just met”. In other words; we are moving too fast.

I run the usual LMR troubleshooting tactics [back off then re-engage the girl], began to cup her breasts again while I kissed her gently on the neck and shoulders, ramping up the foreplay ritual leading to penetration.

Before that could happen: her phone rings.

It was the boyfriend.

According to her, he isn’t actually a boyfriend but someone she’s seeing…but that’s another story for another time [most girls will find it convenient to disown their boyfriends when doing wrong].

She allowed the call to go to voicemail [great job hunny] and the romancing proceeded.

Some minutes later, she gets a text message from the boyfriend saying something to the tune of “the kids are up so you need to come put them back to bed”.

Her excuse for escaping the house at that time was that she had a PTA meeting to attend…which was a falsified reason nevertheless 😈

She put away the phone and we resumed the slow action.

I urged her to send him a message in order to buy some time rather than outright ignore his texts and calls which may cause some suspicions.

At times, you have to really think for women because they fail to think for themselves; especially when in heat.

She took heed and sent him a text saying she’ll be there soon…the meeting is taking longer than expected. 😈

Sensing urgency upon us, I knew that I had very limited time to get dick into vagina so I sped up the escalation.

Phone rang once more.

It was the boyfriend again.


Girl answers and said “I’m coming now”.

Coupled with the LMR and boyfriend’s constant calling: I knew the bang opportunity was lost.

Had this had been an ongoing fling or a fuck-buddy, I would’ve simply slid my cock into her vaj and fucked her as fast as possible. But because I never slept with her before, I had to deal with Last-Minute Resistance and the like…which made it that much more difficult to just take the cock out and penetrate her.

Girl: “I have to go. Kids are up and they won’t stop hegging unless I put them to sleep”.

Thus another close call.

I’ve had about 8 of these with 8 different girls over the last 5-6 weeks.

I never get butt-hurt about close calls, simply because they are a part of the process of dating and mating.

Missed opportunities should be expected.

However, those are just some of the quality problems you will undoubtedly encounter as you begin to meet and bed more girls. Just as you will have to deal with more flakes than usual, you will also have to deal with more situations of Last-Minute Resistance and botched sex opportunities.

This reminds of a field report from back in April.

The Easiest Approach To Getting Easy Sex With Tons Of Hot Girls

“Attaining Sex Becomes Easier With A Certain Hack In Mindset”!

Yesterday, I’d posted a video of the Australian seduction coach, James Marshall, at the 21 Convention, speaking about women wanting sex and how society sees women for wanting sex.

If you’re familiar with the pickup/seduction community’s ideology, you would’ve already known very well that 1 of the key pieces of knowledge shared within this underground community about women, is that society views promiscuous women as sluts and harlots for having sexual desires and for wanting to fornicate, i.e. fuck!

Every guy on the planet is well aware of this disparity and quasi-double standard stacked against women.

On 1 hand: men can have sex freely.

Women get crucified for even harboring thoughts of sexual liberalism.

Men on a whole, as members of society of course, foolishly judge women as sluts and in turn, try to, or hope to sleep around with women liberally, while those same foolishly judgmental men get rejected constantly upon their sexual advances.

At the end of the day, men fail to see the underlying reason as to why they cannot get laid.

Well, I’m here to break the news to you that arguably 1 of the biggest reason why you aren’t getting pussy, isn’t your looks, isn’t your lack of capital, isn’t your dick size, but your judgmental attitude towards women who desire to sleep around.

Allow me to highlight a few powerful-keynote quotes from James Marshall’s speech:

“When you get good with women, you will almost always here these words coming from here just before she has sex with you, “Just so you know- I’m not that kinda girl”. Or, “I don’t usually do this”.

Maybe she doesn’t! But they all feel the need very very regularly to say these words to you.

Now, what I do here is something very sneaky but it ties into her fears here.

Girl says, “I can’t have sex with you. I’m not that type of girl”. Or, “I’m a good girl”.

And I’d say to her, “I know. You have a really good heart…I can see that”.

Now, what have I done in that moment? It’s sneaky but it also demonstrates a lot about my understanding of women.

She said, “I’m a good girl so that’s why I can’t have sex with you tonight”.

I’ve redefined what it means to be a good girl. Because she’s thinking, “If I have sex with this guy right now, he’s gonna think I’m a slut or bad girl. Or I’m not valuable”.

And I’ve said to her [insinuated], “Whether or not you decide to have sex with me or not, is irrelevant in terms of my judgment of you as a person”.

I said to her, “I can see that you have a good heart…that’s why I like you”.

If she have sex with me, that’s not going to affect that. In fact- that’s going to increase my respect for her.

Therefore, she feels okay about doing what she actually wants to do.

If you want to be a man who has a lot of sex in your life, then you’re going to need to be able to wield a very powerful sword…which is the sword of non judgment.

You are going to have to show women that you understand that they have sexual desires”.

Those were some very powerful insights to say the least.

As James stated, lf you start to show a woman that you understand that this world is complicated for her, particularly in her sexual relationships, and you give her reassurance that whenever she’s with you, none of that judging shit matters…that is a major relief for a woman.

The reality is, most of us men will judge, and have been judging women for ages, based on their sexual history or sexual freedom.

Posting shit to your Facebook, Instagram or anywhere else online, about women being easy, slutty, and reckless with their vagina [though true], will instantly send out a red flag to girls who would’ve otherwise taken you on as a sexual option.

Lots of guys ruin their chances for sex simply by what they post on social media, thrashing women in general for sleeping around.

If you call Kim Kardashian a whore for man-hopping quicker than a basketball being passed around the court during full-court pressure, then imagine what you’ll think/say about the no-name Jane who also enjoys dick-hopping.

Chicks are very keen on these subtle signals as warnings to be aware of certain men [the clueless judgers].

For reference sake, if you were to have access to my Facebook timeline, whenever I do post about women [which is every 9 in 10 posts by the way], it is always in acceptance of their sexual liberty and freedoms to sleep around.

My postings are never to bash, shame and berate women who are promiscuous. But to strategically take the opposite approach to encourage all girls to embrace their sexual history. Also to reassure them that “Kenny doesn’t judge”.

One of my more recent Facebook post reflects this perfectly.


Now, if in every post you make to Facebook, includes the new buzz word “Thot”, you’re essentially shooting yourself in the foot by inadvertently alienating and rejecting 99% of women within your Facebook or social-media circle.

I am definitely not implying that every girl is a model of virtue.

However, even the non-slutty girls will become turned off and wary of your thot thrashing and slut shaming.

Same ramifications apply whether you’re in person or over the internet.

Women, though they hate each other, and hate on each other with fervent venom, they will almost always find common grounds to stick together whenever they come under attack by some AFC [Average Frustrated Chump] who’s innately bitter that girls won’t sleep with him [go figure].

Now, the question is this: how many of you guys regularly fall victim to public slut-bashing to some degree or another”?

Just as I’ve though: every one of you.

Interestingly enough, guys who claim to be spiritual and religiously inclined, are also not exempt at all, just because they don’t go the extent to use colorful language in order to slut-shame and put women down.

Merely posting to your Facebook that “some girls are good, and some are bad”, is enough ammunition to keep girls away from you…though you might be a quintessential nice guy who really means no harm.

I also see quite a number of postings from such religious men, who seem to be under the illusion that women will genuinely take their side in the case of separating so-called good girls from the rotten apples.

Having the idea implanted in your head that some women are sexually virtuous while others are sexually defile [which is true], is almost always a fool’s game to play with yourself.

Whenever a girl first meets a guy, or even if he’s someone she’s already familiar with, especially someone she fancies, she consciously and subconsciously screens and scans for certain things beneath the surface:

“If I fuck this guy; will he judge me afterwards and deem me an easy whore”?

This is a question she would like to have a fucking answer to in order to have closure to proceed or decline!

If she only senses for a nanosecond that you’re the kind of guy who will scandalize her publicly, or secretly harbor shameful feelings towards her [about sleeping with you], then she will NOT fuck you!

On top of that: she will never tell you the reason why she won’t go to bed with you [obviously so].

Now, reflect on this for a minute.

How many pussy have you allowed to slip out of your hands over the years, due to no egregious fault in your game, but for the simple fact that the girl didn’t trust that you will not publicly (or privately) shame her for sleeping with you?

Whether you believe it or not, or fail to see it, you auto-reject 80% of the women whom you didn’t manage to sleep with…assuming you have at least 1 ounce of verbal skills in which to communicate with a girl.

Most guys auto-reject girls without realizing it.

Thus, you can have at your disposal all of the nifty tricks and PUA tactics known to man, they will still come to naught as long as you’re stuck in the slut-shaming house of death.

As James Marshall pointed out in his speech at the 21 Convention hosted by Anthony Johnson, whenever a girl gives him [LMR] Last-Minute Resistance before having sex with him for the 1st time, he counters this by assuring the girl [via subtle insinuations] that he trusts her heart.

Photo courtesy of
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As a piece of advice for you guys, you don’t necessarily have to have colorful and artful words to communicate to a girl that she can trust you to not judge her poorly after sex, or if sex does materialize.

Simply saying to the girl: “I’m not the type of guy to judge women for what they say and do”, will suffice.

You don’t truly have to believe this neither…which is the hidden beauty.

Listen- at the core of it all- all men judge women!

All men of sane reasoning, make distinctions between sexually good girls and sexually rotten ones.

Having such a defined line is a natural part of the mating game.

I’m not exactly telling you to do away with such beliefs about women and sex.

Just that you should be wise enough to keep them to yourself.


Therein lies the magic!

It is just to keep your mouth shut when it comes to your not-so-pleasant views about women who sleep around.

As hard as I push the “No woman is a slut” mantra, in alignment with the Pick-Up Community’s stance on the subject, I more than anyone know that sluts exist and they are highly active in all areas of society.

However, I’m smart enough to keep my slut-shaming to myself, or at least confine it to my circle of bros within the pick-up sphere.

You’ll never see me post anything to social media which blatantly signals to women that I judge them based on their sexual history; past, recent or present.

Once again, this isn’t because I’m drunk off of naivete and have my head buried in the sand about the obvious [that sluts exist].

It is simply a matter of strategy in getting the girl comfortable with her sexual desires by opening up without fear of being persecuted.

Hence, there are only 2 things a girl truly requires from you in order to go to bed comfortably with that decision:

1.) Trust

2.) Comfort

“Trust”, in that you won’t think bad or less of her in the end.

“Comfort”, in that she can become comfortable in expressing her true self to you.

Everything else besides those 2 prerequisites will have just been sprinkles on top of the ice cream.

All in all, when you come across posts and articles of mines with attached screenshots for illustrative purposes, 1 of the subtle plot lines beneath the surface as to why and how I get these hot girls to chase me so hard, is everything I’d expounded upon within this article: I make women feel comfortable about being dirty-little sluts! 😈 😈

I make girls feel at ease with the idea of cheating on their boyfriends.

By simply not coming off as a judgmental guy in relation to women and promiscuity, I set the stage where trust and comfort are instantly built.

I don’t view women who cheat as “cheaters”.

Well actually- I do! But I would never share that piece of information with any girl whom I’m planning to seduce and take to bed.

When interacting with a girl who has a boyfriend, that reality will almost always lingers in the back of her mind that she has a boyfriend [or husband]. Hence, the slightest move on the guy’s part will almost always cause the girl to go: “I have a boyfriend”.

It is sort of a defense mechanism in order to protect her outward perception and social value.

However, when you can artfully communicate to the girl that having a boyfriend yet feeling sexual attraction for another, isn’t a crime, and it is actually normal, the girl will have become at ease with the idea of fucking you…though she has someone at home.

She just needs assurance [subtly] that you won’t fuck her over in the end by exposing her as a cheating harlot.

This can be achieved in various ways with verbal gambits such as saying things to the girl [during casual chitchat while getting acquainted] like:

“Society is hard on women when it comes to choices and their decisions to live their life however they want”

“I never call girls cheaters. Cheating is such a dirty word for someone feeling sexual desires for someone else”

“Promiscuity isn’t a crime”

“I respect all women when it comes to their decisions in life”

“Why should women be stoned for cheating? Shit happens”!

Now, as I stated earlier; you don’t have to truly believe any of this!

Just as long as the girl hears it from you, it’ll make her a lot comfortable with the idea of casual sex, one-night stands and cheating.

Any woman-bashing opinions you have: keep them far from the girl you’re trying to get with.

When you would have done this successfully, you will realize how women react differently towards you and your sexual advances.

Furthermore, having skills with women is great! But without the proper mindset to go along with it, it’s like building a house without a reasonably solid foundation.

If you haven’t seen it already, feel free to check out the very-long speech from James Marshall on the topic of how to get a woman comfortable with sex.

Last Night’s Field Report And LMR (Last Minute Resistance) With Girl Met Online

Ok, quick field report from last night.

After 8 some time, I met up with one of the 3 girls I’d picked up online.

She drove to my hotel to get me, we drove around the city a bit and headed back to my hotel to chill on the balcony.

After about an hour of banter, comfort and the rest (included pecking away at her neck), I took her hand and led her to my room.

She insisted to sit on a chair, which is totally expected by most girls being at a guy’s place for the first time.

After 30 minutes of flirting and back rubs, I led her to the bed, took her shoes off and we lie together.

Long story short; she kept saying how she had to leave and how it was late and had work in the morning, bla, bla, bla.

Very typical LMR sound bites.

I utilized some LMR tactics and proceeded to caress her breast while rubbing her thighs.

All was well with the periodic, “I though we weren’t supposed to be doing this”.

I would back off and start again.

This kept repeating itself and I was pretty tired myself since it was 1 AM so I let her out the door, walked her to her car, we made out and that was that.

Hence, I did not get laid.

When I do put together the infield compilation, you’ll hear some snippets about this situation.


The Weirdest Lay Attempt Ever [June 5th Field Report]

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort…or lack thereof

In Pickup/Seduction, there’s a critical phase dubbed “Comfort/Rapport”.

It’s a juncture within the interaction where the seductionist seek to gain “Comfort” in making the girl comfortable by connecting with her via “Rapport/Comfort” building.

The more time you spend with a woman: the greater the chance of making her comfortable with you and around you.

However, there’s a catch 22 in that making the girl too comfortable with you (in a non-sexual way), she will have deemed you as just a shoulder to lean on and likely to friendzone you.

Hence, you always want to err on the side of less comfort by not connecting with her too strongly.

Anyway, so yesterday evening [Thursday] while taking care of some business, I came across a nice piece of ass so I picked her up via my usual Same-Night Lay [SNL] method of getting laid quick.

Fast forward a ton, I got her to my apartment around 8:30 PM but she was super nervous and sitting at the edge of the bed…as expected.

Tidbit: always ensure that the only seating available is on the bed. So make sure to pile boxes and shit on the sofas and chairs so she has no choice but to sit on the bed. 😈

After some minutes, she became super comfortable as she showed me some funny videos which she’d downloaded to her Android phone.

At 1 point, she said to me that I was lying too close to her.

I viewed that as some kinda test of sorts so I busted on her for wanting me to slide over. After a while, I did move over a bit. I just didn’t want her to think that I was going to move on her request, so that’s why it’s good to wait few seconds so that it looks as though you moved on your own volition and not because she said so.

All the while, I was lying down while she sat at the edge of the bed so I said to her:

“Why don’t you get a bit comfortable and stop being so tense. It’s not like I’m gonna try to fuck you”.

Girl: “Lol I am comfortable”.

Then she scoots up further on the bed to lie down a bit.

After about an hour and a half of constant objections towards my attempts at getting intimate with her, I lost interest in the bang altogether and froze her out.

In pickup jargon, that means to ignore her. So I rolled over with my back turned to her which prodded her to engage me:

Girl: “What’s the matter”?

Me: “Nothing”

I was totally not trying to sit up all night with this chick looking through photos and watching some stupid-ass videos.

If she isn’t DTF: I have no interest.

Worst of all; she smokes cigarettes!

I can’t fucking stand women who smoke! 😦

After a while, she said she had to get going because her friend might get worried [she’s staying with a friend].


She left about 10:30 (from being in my place since 8:30) and I dozed off immediately after.

At 12 AM sharp, I was awakened by my iPhone. 3 whatsapp messages had come in from the girl [actual screenshot snippet below]:

“Wake up”!


“Why you taking so long to respond”?

I was so not interested in what she had to say…but I replied anyway.

“I’m not sleep. Just listening some music”.

Girl: “Ok well…can I come back over”?

At this point, I’m like “WTF”- while doing back flips at another shop at banging this sexy girl.

Me: “Whatever! If you wanna come by again it’s up to you”.

Girl: “What’s the attitude for”?

Me: “Just a bit tired and sleepy”

Girl: “Well are you gonna leave the door open for me since you might fall asleep”?

Me: “I guess”

I kept the door locked however as I really didn’t believe she would come back over…a chick whom I’d just met that same night.

I dozed off and was awakened by a rattling of the doorknob and light knocks on the window of the studio apartment.

It was about 1 AM, I let her in, went back to lie down as if she wasn’t there.

She kicked off her shoes and grabbed the other side of the bed:

Girl: “Let’s watch some videos”.

Me: “What!? It’s after 1 and I’m sleepy”.

Girl: “Whateva Kenny”!

We stood up and watched some videos on Youtube for a bit. She seemed mighty comfortable in my bed.

I said to her:

“Why are you all the way over there in the corner”?

Girl: “Because it’s comfortable here”

Me: “Well you can dress over”

She didn’t scoot over closer to me so I moved closer to her instead.

Girl: “Why are you so close”?

I ignored her with my back turned towards her.

I asked her if she was cold since it was pretty breezy that night. She said “no”.

Me: “Well I’m cold as hell”. Come cuddle me from behind”.

Girl: “Nooooooooooo”

Me: “So not fun”

After a while, I put my hand on her shoulder but she shrugged it off.

Oh ok!

I chilled back to try again as expected.

Every attempt to establish touch was denied: whether it be touching her knees, elbows, shoulders, hair, back, and other such non-sexual regions of the bod.

In my head I’m saying, “You came back here for this shit!? Why didn’t you just stay home!? You took a cab all the way here…for what”?

I dozed off, woke up, she was out cold so I tried to get her attention by coughing loudly.

She turned and then I threw my arm around her shoulder as if unconscious- but she rejected that move also by shrugging away my arm.

Holy shit!

This chic can’t be serious!?

In my apartment? My bed!?

Then I immediately afterwards flashed back to an old post of mines: “2 hidden reasons why she didn’t give it up”.

Either she’s on her menstrual, or hasn’t shaven her pussy in a while.

Third possible reason of rejecting intimacy could simple come down to she not wanting to fuck me.

Plain and simple.

However, my hunched told me that she was either on her period or was unkempt downstairs.

Just to bring something else to your attention: the average girl doesn’t wake up, go about her usual business and expect to be taken home by a random stranger…to fuck!

That just doesn’t register on her daily program.

Therefore, often times when I pick up girls for possible One-Night Stand sex, they are usually shell shocked that such a unpredictable thing could’ve happened…going home with a complete stranger within 30 minutes of meeting.

Hardly any guy is out there looking to take girls home the same night, so the reality of this, usually catches women completely off guard.

Ok, so this begs the question though: Why the fuck would you come back over to my place to sleep in my bed if you didn’t expect intimacy!?

Of course the underlying reason for this is simple:

Women are irrational thinkers

Why girls don’t follow logic

Hence, even if a girl doesn’t want to fuck, she will often times make gestures and moves which indicate otherwise.

Anyway, I was faced with 2 choices:

1.) Either kick her out

2.) Let her sleep

As much of an asshole I can be, I called it a night and allowed her to stay untouched.

Perhaps I’ll get the lay over the weekend. ❓

Also, I don’t feel that it came down to a lack of comfort in this case although lack of comfort is usually the culprit for this sorta situation.

I woke up at 6 AM to meet her sitting up in bed on her phone and staring at the rose mural on the wall so I took a few shots just for the fuck of it.

If You Aren’t Familiar With LMR (Last Minute Resistance); You Ought To Read This Now!

If you’re unfamiliar with the Pickup-community term LMR (Last Minute Resistance), then check out this video of mines where I briefly spoke about the top 10 most common shit a girl would say to a guy in order to wiggle her way out of getting fucked at the last second.

Last Minute Resistance is as the name implies.

Before a girl actually has sex with a new guy for the first time, she will 99.9% of the time resist his advances at the last second.

These token/fake resistances may come in physical form but most often are verbal.

With that out of the way, I’ll take you to a field report from last night (Friday night) where LMR had actually screwed me out of sex…as will happen to most of us.

Ok, I met a girl earlier in the week, tried setting up an outdoor date but then decided to flirt with the idea of she coming directly to my casa instead [fingers crossed].

With a little prodding and convincing; she decided to come to the bachelor pad under the guise that we hang out a little :twisted:.

She got here about 7:45 pm [Last Night…a Friday].

Tactical Move #1:

*Before hand, I ensured that there were no seating (as in chairs) available for her to sit in, so I packed all sorts of junk and suitcases on the sofa and chairs…so the only place she could actually sit was on the bed in the studio apartment :twisted:.

This’ a classic-PUA tactic to ensure that the girl is sitting on the bed instead of a couch.

Anywho, so I motioned to her to sit on the edge of the bed while I sit on the opposite end…just to maintain some comfort and not freak her out right away.

This isn’t the point where you crowd the girl and make her uncomfortable.

You should appear somewhat aloof, busy and distant in the first few minutes of her being at your place.

You don’t want to come off as desperate!

So this would be a great time to grab a quick shower, make a bowl of cereal and allow her to become acquainted with the foreign environment…your place.

With that, I told her she can sit on this side of the bed, while I sat on the furthest end and pretended to be preoccupied on the computer.

Doing so will maintain the comfort level opposed to freaking her out the instant she got into the door by sitting right next to her.

We virtually chatted across the bed for the first 5 minutes then I closed the gap…gradually.

Eventually, we were sitting side by side as I spoke to her about music, ipods, what songs she had on her phone, does she play Candy Crush Saga, etc.

It’s key that in the first few minutes at your pad, you make the girl feel more comfortable by talking about bullshit kiddie topics instead of how much you like her.

I noticed that she still had her shoes on, which could indicate that she’s a bit nervous, uncomfortable and isn’t looking to stay long.

Guys; you have to learn how to read these subtle signs!

So to counter this, I said to her:

“You’re a bit uncomfortable right? I notice you still have your shoes on. By the way, you’re messing up my expensive-white carpet so you’re gonna have to remove them”.

Of course this was bullshit banter since I don’t have a carpet :), but that line had lightened the mood as we both laughed. So I removed her shoes with my own hands to make her feel more at home…psychologically.

Doing this is also crucial leading up to sex with a new girl.

Ok, lemme fast forward to some actual LMR.

About an hour later (let’s say 8:45) as she visibly appeared totally comfortable [she was rocked back a bit on the bed], I told her to scoot over a bit to the edge while I sat behind and sort of straddle her with my legs while seated at the edge of the bed.

I was basically leaning over her shoulder while she fiddled with her cellphone and we chatted about Reggae music.

My physical touch (KINO) would increase by the minutes with some accidental KINO (touching).

In other words, since I was positioned in back of her while looking over her shoulder, my chin would accidentally be rested against the nape of her neck.

This move would be classified as accidental or incidental KINO touching (KINO), where it appeared that I was NOT purposely touching her (although I was).

To heighten the sexual tension + touching (KINO), by sleight of the hand, my arm would come into contact with her breasts as I was leaning over her to point out a song on her phone.

It was an accidental boob touch…so it appeared :twisted:.

The non-verbal sexual interaction had commenced!

At this stage, I had zero resistance since all of my touching were seemingly accidental thus appropriate.

I began to gently caress her back and shoulders while she browsed her phone for another song to que up.

Asked if she was ticklish, she said “No- sometimes”, so I started to kiss her on the shoulders and back.

No token resistance. She was enjoying the soothing ride thus far.

I had kept this up [foreplay] for about 25 minutes while caressing her arms.

When things got really heated and her vagina began to engage, her 1st. Token Resistance blurted out…as anticipated:

Girl: “I gotta leave by 9 o’clock”.

I said to myself: “You’re a 20 year old chick with a 9 PM curfew…on a weekend”!?

“Come on- really”!?

This was an obvious token/fake resistance.

In fact; you will encounter this more than any other form of LMR (Last Minute Resistance) where she says she has to leave by a certain time.

Almost every new girl I screwed, or nearly screwed, had all said to me:

“I have to leave @ * o’clock”.


“I have to leave soon”


“I have to leave now”.

If you’re accustomed to getting laid or having close calls: then you will have been very familiar with those forms of LMR.

Instead of taking this literally to mean she really has to go soon so you should stop altogether and give up, you should take it to mean that you should step on the accelerator and escalate faster!

So I took her hand and led her to the middle of the bed and made her lie down with me.

The 2nd. LMR interjected (verbally):

Girl: “We shouldn’t be doing this”.

Me: “I know…It’s bad…We should stop”.

Now, how do you know that this’ token/fake resistance opposed to genuine resistance?

Surly she said that we shouldn’t be doing this; yet she willingly lie down on the bed anyway.

Quick scenario: would you comply with a guy who says to you that he will blow your brains out but isn’t brandishing a gun?

Or would you be much more likely to comply with a guy who has an actual gun to your head?

Reason I drew that analogy is that whenever the girl verbalizes that “we shouldn’t be doing this”, it’s equivalent to an empty threat. But if in the same breath she willingly submits or comply, you should believe her body/actions and not her words.

This’ is why the classic-contentious argument of “whenever a girl says no it means no”, is bullshit!

When a girl says no [in such cases], it more often means yes or maybe than an actual no.

Had I listened to all the girls who had told me “No” over the years, I would still be a fucking waste-of-semen useless virgin!

Anyway, so she lied down while I caressed her tummy, kissed her shoulders, neck, back and arms.

Ran my hand across her breasts without any resistance, lifted her top, un-clipped the bra (no resistance) while fiddling with her nipples.

She rolled over on her back as to get more comfortable and allow me easier access to her boobs :).

This’ a sure sign that she was enjoying the moment and wanted to get fucked!

I started to rub her pussy (through her jeans) while kissing her, then I got up and tried to remove her top and bra completely.

Before I was able to do it myself, her hands had already beaten me to it as she removed her top and bra herself.

Talk about wanting some action :)!

It gets no clearer than her own complicity in action.

I took my shirt off also, lay myself on top of her, legs spread while I rubbed her crotch (through her jeans) and sucked on her nipples simultaneously.

No resistance!

To test the waters of comfort, I asked her if she was ok.

She replied, “Yea”.

The thing Is; I strive on comfort.

If a girl isn’t comfortable in my presence or in my bed; I cannot fuck her!

My cock just wouldn’t gain an erection from a girl who isn’t comfortable in the situation. This is why I couldn’t rape a girl nor fuck a virgin [well I did bang a virgin once]. Her sheer discomfort in the situation wouldn’t allow me to get nor maintain a hard-on. It’s imperative that I have surety that the girl is also enjoying the moment.

Anyway, the nipple-sucking and crotch rubbing had continued for 15 minutes.

Let me quickly address the guy who will say that I wasted too much time on foreplay, and that doing so, had ruined the situation for me.

You could never spend too much time on foreplay as long as it’s in the name of getting the girl really turned on.

Had I done zero foreplay and strictly went caveman, grabbed her pussy and tried hauling her pants down without leading up to it via gradual escalation; she would’ve left immediately!

The notion that you can or should rip her pants off and fuck the shit out of her will only work in outdoor settings or One-Night Stand pulls…like in back of an alley or the restroom of a nightclub or bar where quickies are acceptable.

There just isn’t enough time for (extensive) foreplay when fucking a girl in a darkened parking lot…on the hood of someone’s car.

However, at your place; you have to utilize more finesse game, gradual foreplay and escalation. If you’re too aggressive and escalate too rapidly; she will bail immediately!

Anyway, I tried un-buckling her belt and jeans to no avail, so I decided to pull them off but the belt was tightly fastened…FUCK!

Minutes later, I tried again but with a bit more force; same result…no result!

Tried again a while after…just as her pants were budging a bit, she grabs hold of my hand.

“Ok, perhaps she isn’t sold as yet” [I said to myself], so I re-calibrated and continued to kiss her all over.

As she “hit buying temperature” and got super turned on- it was too much for her to handle…so at this point, she truly resisted the sexual advances.

RSD Tyler calls this frying the girl’s brain, where she becomes so sexually aroused that it causes her to go insane for a split second!!!

She hopped up from the bed and said she has to go.

Now, how do I know she was being genuine at this point?

Her actions!

She didn’t just verbalize that she had to go: but she actualized it through actions…which speak louder than words!

The fact that she jump up from the bed, slipped on her shoes, bra and shirt as fast as I can say “Wait”; made it pretty clear that the situation was too much for her to handle in 1 night.

Also, had she just gotten up and sat on the bed, it would’ve meant that she was still at least 60% open for sex that night…which meant that I could simply re-calibrate, de-escalate then re-engage her sexually.

However, she got up, put on her bra, shirt, shoes then left.

She wasn’t upset by any means. She was overwhelmed from sexual arousal.

Did she want sex?


Then why did she leave without having sex?

That anomalous question puzzles a lot of guys who find such occurrences as strange and contradicting.

Guys need to realize that whenever it comes down to sex with a new guy; it presents a huge inner battle for women, even when she’s right there on the proverbial-slaughtering table aka the bed.

As much as she’s dying to get penetrated by your hard cock; she will fight it!!!

This is the core of Last Minute Resistance.

At the last second, even while her clothes are off, she will fight, resist, lock her legs, say no, say she has to leave, etc.

…Although she truly wants to be fucked!

For the average guy- this doesn’t make any sense at all!

That is because we men think with our rational brain, and we rationalize circumstances.

On the other hand, women think through emotions with the emotional part of the brain dubbed the Reptilian Brain (the Triune Brain) which controls lust, feelings, desires and so forth.

Therefore it’s hard for the average guy to comprehend why a woman will go to such extent to resist sex when she truly wants to have sex.

LMR (Last Minute Resistance) is her psychological-protective mechanism which must be activated whenever she’s feeling too horny and is about to have sex or about to flee from sex.

You may also want to read this very informative article I’d written a while ago [re-posted from Thundercat’s seduction blog]: 2 reasons why she didn’t give it up.

That article originally posted by Thundercat (the Pickup guru) dealt with 2 inconspicuous reasons a girl will refuse to have sex at the last second:

1.) She’s on her period.

2.) She isn’t well-groomed downstairs.

It’s no secret that sane women are hyper self-conscious when it comes to their bodies, hair, stretch marks, flaws, etc.

To get a bit crazier: I’ve known girls who didn’t have sex with me because they were wearing granny panties at the time and would’ve felt embarrassed had I noticed.

I’ve also met girls who didn’t have sex with me because the lights were on.

Lots of women are self-conscious of fucking under lights where all of their physical imperfections will be highlighted.

So when it comes to having a girl at your place, it isn’t as easy-breezy to fuck her as you may believe.

You can only set the framework and the ambiance to facilitate the possibility.

Her legs being unshaven will put the brakes on all of your smooth-talking efforts to get into her panties…unless you’re smooth enough to convince her to fuck you with hairy legs :).

Sure there will be naysayers claiming that Kenny didn’t get to fuck that girl last night because he lacks the ability to finesse a lay, and he’s just making excuses.

I have no problems with accepting such criticism.

However, every guy on the face of the Earth, irrespective of his level of game, is presented with such Last Minute Resistance.

At times: he manages to override it and fuck the girl.

Other times: he won’t manage to fuck the girl because of the reasons I’d cited above.

Last Minute Resistance occurring due to her menstrual cycle or self-consciousness is almost impossible to override…unless this’ a girl whom you’d fucked a few times before.

However token resistance based on psychological blockages, can always be overpowered by the following strategies I’ll lay out in the section below.

Getting a girl to your place for the first time in order to have sex with her is all a ritual.

Your pad should be set up in a way which is conducive to sex.

These things aren’t prerequisites, but would only serve to make the journey to sex easier.

* Dimmed lights or lights off.

* Seating arranged where she has to sit near you opposed to a distant couch.

* Something to preoccupy her brain while you operate: a photo album, cellphone, music, some sort of gadget, etc.

Why this is reasonable is because lots of time, guys try to get physical with girls at their place, without distracting the girl psychologically. So an awkward moment ensues when the guy tries cold feeling up the girl without her brain being occupied on something else.

Instead, you can be flipping through some photos on your cellphone (or hers), occupying her rational brain with photos, while you caress her shoulders, sides and breath down her neck.

You must occupy the girl’s brain while she’s there at your place or she will get freaked-out once you transition from not talking to trying to grope her.

Just as I did with this girl, I struck up a random chat about Justin Timberlake and the music she has on her cellphone [keeping her brain occupied] while caressing her body.

I reiterate: you cannot, or should NOT get sexual with a girl via moment of silence.

Just as trying to kiss a girl during an awkward-silent pause will kill the entire vibe. So you must keep her mouth, ears or brain occupied or distracted with something, while your hands do the work of warming her up.

Another question guys tend to ask often: “How do you know when No means No”?

If the girl is still at your place, still in your bed, has NOT fled, is NOT throwing a fit but she’s saying no: then no in that case means yes…or maybe.

If she really means “NO or Stop”, she will not only verbalize it, but she will show it by getting up, putting her shit on…and bounce. But as long as she’s still there: then no means yes…or maybe.

Just as the saying goes in Pickup, “As long as the girl is still standing there; then it’s still game on”!

In other words, if trying to chat up a girl on the streets, and she’s being somewhat frosty or rude, as long as she hasn’t walked off: then it’s still on!

When she says “Stop”.

“Stop”, follows the same guideline. If she really intends for you to stop, she will push you off, get up and bounce!

“Stop” just means to slow down.

It’s an amber light (yellow) and not a red one.

When she says “stop”, you simply de-escalate or employ some Freeze-Out tactics.

For instance, if you’re rubbing her pussy and she says to stop, or she removes your hand, it doesn’t mean not to do that at all. It means to slow down and do something else first until she’s warmed up to the idea. So you should stop rubbing her pussy and do something a bit lighter…like rubbing her hips, etc. then after some minutes have elapsed, you begin to rub her pussy again to test her compliance.

This is all a push-pull dance and mating ritual.

Now bear in mind as I mentioned in the previous passage, that if she’s genuinely self-conscious about something: she would do whatever it takes to avoid sex that night.

For instance, if she’s wearing granny panties; her pants will not be coming off…unless you can convince her that you don’t and won’t judge her on such stupid things.

If you’d exhausted all strategies mentioned but she still pulls out all the defensive maneuvers; then there’s obviously something she is super uncomfortable with (about herself):

* Bleeding

* Stretch marks

* Back acne

* Body fat

* Hairy vagina

* An STI 😯

She having a boyfriend or husband isn’t enough to deter her from banging you at this stage in the game. So “boyfriend” would be a flimsy reason as to why a girl at your place didn’t sleep with you.

Girls cheat on their boyfriends all the time…in case you haven’t gotten the memo.

However, an unkempt pussy will stop her from having sex with you…that night.

As a guy, let’s say that you haven’t showered in a week (hypothetically) and a girl invited you to her place then comes onto you strong as fuck and tries to give you a blow job (with the lights on) while your cock is covered in penile gunk and built-up dirt.

Would you let her whip it out and look at it under the proverbial microscope?

Of course not!!!

You’d be so embarrassed and ashamed that you would fight it to the death just to prevent her from seeing your unkempt-dirty dick!

Same applies to women.

If she’s the type to keep her vagina groomed and presentable (as lots of women in the developed world are), but somehow neglected to shave in weeks or months and found herself lying on your bed: she will fight sex…even though she wants to have sex with you real bad!

Therefore, whenever a girl rejects your sexual advances or LMR (Last Minute Resistance) surfaces and puts a stop to your attempts; it isn’t necessarily something you’re doing wrong, neither a lack of skills. But it most times signals to an insecurity she’s dealing with or circumstantial factors such as menstruation, holes in her panties, a badly healed scar on her body she isn’t comfortable with you seeing yet, and not knowing if you’d be grossed out by it.

Some women are also self-conscious of back and shoulder acne which can also put the brakes on sex with a new guy.

One way to counteract these is to have the lights dimmed or off completely.

She won’t tell you to turn the light off neither. You’ll have to execute your social smarts to make this call.

The more she participates verbally and physically, the more it’d make her feel and look slutty. And she isn’t about to create such bad impression with a new guy. Therefore you as the man, will have to preempt every move to lead, direct and think for both parties.

I remember years ago sleeping with a girl who had terrible scaring across her thigh (unknown to me prior to sleeping with her).

I always wondered why whenever I tried getting her pants off, she would shut down and resist…with the lights on.

While fucking her for the first time (without lights), I noticed by touch that the entire region of her left thigh was somewhat rippled.

Days later, she told me about an incident as a kid, while her mother was cooking, she accidentally yanked at the pot handle and spilled boiling water down onto her thigh.

Since then, she was left with a huge scar for life.

This had made her super self-conscious to fuck new guys who may possibly get turned off or freaked-out.

Therefore, factors like these you will have to take into account whenever you encounter sexual resistance and not able to maneuver around it.

Countering this requires you to build extra comfort with her.

All in all, I believe that my failure to bang that girl last night came down to some discomfort which was out of my hands.

Perhaps she’s on her period???

Whatever it was, I knew there was nothing I could’ve done to change it.

By the way, she claims to have just broken up with her boyfriend recently.

I don’t believe her! I think she’s still with the BF.


For the guys who may say that I escalated too fast in trying to fuck her, thus screwing up things; that was not the case.

Let’s say that I didn’t move (so) fast. The following 2 things would’ve resulted:

1.) Time slipped away and she has to leave with the entire night wasted.

2.) She would see me as a guy who cannot take action and isn’t man enough to go after what he wants.

This’ why it’s always better to err on the side of moving too fast than too slow.

If sex doesn’t materialize that time, at least she knows that she can count on you whenever she has the itch for some dick and the circumstance is right.

She knows you’re the type to take action.

She’s not gonna hit up the slow-to-action guy the next time she’s feeling horny.

This also why it’s always advisable to move fast with women!

She can always tell you to slow down a bit.

But if you’re moving too slow; she will NEVER EVER tell you to speed up!!!

After leaving your place, she will call up her girlfriend(s) and say:

“Girl, you wouldn’t believe what happened! That muthafucka wasted my damn time! I was @ his place for 3 hours and he didn’t do shit! Not even touched me once! What a fucking big pussy! I’m so pissed right now! I should’ve gone to see Rick, the guy I met 2 weeks ago who wanted to fuck the shit out of me but I was on my period”!

That’s how she will talk about you amongst her girls, as the guy who didn’t try to fuck her, instead took it slow in order to appear “Different” from other guys who just want to get in her jeans.

She will laugh about you to her friends, and you will never have another shot to waste her time AGAIN!

You’ll begin to wonder why she hasn’t been texting or calling as normally would.

You’ll start to question what you’d done wrong or didn’t do right.

Well what you didn’t do right was to try to fuck her!

My girl is still highly interested in seeing me again perhaps Sunday night!

She’s been texting more. In fact, she actually woke me the fuck up this morning around 6 AM with a wassup text :)!

So she is highly impressed with my ability, action and desire in wanting to fuck her guts out so soon!

Just that it couldn’t happen that night.

Alright, on a final note, let’s talk about: Music in relation to sex and LMR.

We’ve all seen movies and sitcoms where the guy invites the girl over and throws on some love ballads in order to woo her into a romantic mood.

Great idea!

However, it’s not the type of music you play.

What they’re not telling, or Hollywood simply doesn’t know, is that the music is just to distract the girl’s rational brain from thinking straight…or from thinking about sex, which may cause her to freak out.

That’s all!

She will occupy her brain with the music, beat, melody, bass, drums, instrumental, etc. whether she likes the song or not.

Just as I mentioned earlier, you need to occupy/distract the girl’s brain with something: pictures, movie, lights, music, games, story-telling, whatever.

Therefore, ensure that you have some music on hand.

Doesn’t matter the genre nor the theme. You’re not trying to impress the girl with your music selection, but to keep her brain somewhere else while you physically get her sexually excited.


Ok, not up for reading the entire article? You can take not of the quick summaries and go!

* Let her sit on the bed by having no other seating available.

* Let her sit alone for a bit while you do something else but still chat with her.

* Sit on the opposite side of the bed to allow the comfort to build.

* Gradually get closer to her as the convo progresses.

* Talk about anything except sex, love and relationships.

* Grab a photo album, your phone or hers, and look through it.

* Put on some music (any music).

* As the convo progresses, get closer and sit behind her.

* Make sure the lights are dimmed or off at this point with the only light coming from a TV, computer or cellphone.

* Begin caressing her shoulders, neck and hair.

* If she doesn’t reject your attempts; start to caress her side and back.

* Start to kiss her in innocent places: back, neck, shoulders.

* The entire time while doing all this: ensure that you’re periodically chatting shit about anything…except sex.

* Lead her to the mid of the bed by taking her hand and laying her down.

* Commence full foreplay.

* Expect LMR (Last Minute Resistance) in the form of brushing your hand away, holding your hand, telling you to stop, etc.

* Slow down, stop, escalate, slow down, stop, escalate…

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Lot of guys beat themselves up about LMR (last minute resistance) whenever the girl they’re trying to lay resists their sexual advances.

I received an e-mail from a reader of my blog (Martin from Hungary), and he’d met up with a girl, got her back to an isolation spot, escalated on her (sexually) but she kept stopping him whenever he would venture too far or too close to her pussy.

Point is; he wasn’t able to escalate for the f-close.

He beat himself up instead of analyzing what could’ve been the reasons for the girl resisting and putting a stop to his advances.

The problem might just be with the girl instead of something you as the guy is not doing or is doing wrong.

You could be doing everything right but LMR based on something going on with her could be the problem.

Check out the video for the 3 most common reasons of LMR (she rejecting your sexual advances).

Guys who are advanced in pickup still aren’t aware of these reasons (just as I wasn’t all along).

So remember guys, if you have the girl @ your place (on a random occasion) and she resists your sexual advances, 75% of the times, the problem lies with her and not with you.

Top 10 Shit Girls Say Before Sex Is About To Go Down [Video]

While browsing Gambler’s site, I came across a super-interesting post which talks about LMR: Last Minute Resistance, and the (illogical) things chicks will say at the moment of sex.

Read it here: Last Minute Objections by Gambler of PUA Training.

3 Common Last Minute Resistance Lines You Might Be Familiar With:

• I can’t believe I’m about to do this [SMH]

• I’m on my period

• I don’t even know you like that

Sounds familiar!?

Check out the video and let me know which 1 of the 10 LMR objections you’re familiar with!

Feel free to add yours which aren’t on my top-10 list (in the comment section or on the Youtube video).

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