You Get Rejected Before You Even Approach Women

Walking down the road earlier today, listening to some music, a total stranger (a lady) walking by, says to me:

“Wow! You’re really enjoying your music huh”?

Ok, so what did she see, and why did she even make such a remark as she passed me?

My facial expression!

It was cheerful, gleeful and pleasant.

This happens to me practically every day, where random women stop me to comment on how cheery I look as I listen to my music via earphones.

Too many men continue to walk around and move around with this unspoken attitude, as though the fucking world and society had done them wrong.

Their faces all screwed up trying to look hard and tough.

It’s a fucking turnoff to women!

You’re trying to attract women and not to repel them!

Walking around with a stone face, no smile, etc. is the quickest way to reject yourself before even approaching women.

Most guys reject themselves from the gate (by having cold-body language), yet they deem women cold-hearted bitches, believing that they (women) are the ones rejecting them.

Put a smile on your face and look like you’re enjoying life dammit!

Look approachable, then women will give you subtle and overt IOI’s and AI’s (Approach Invitations)! But if you’re walking around as though you’re ready to kill something; women are NOT going to send AI’s and IOI’s your way!

They will run from you!

Moreover, I can be having the shittiest day; no one will ever know this while I’m out in public.

Put a smile on!

Look friendly and approachable to women!

You would think this was commonsense but guys still don’t get it.

I’ll be making a video on this topic in the coming days.

Cheer up guys!

New Video–>Opening Tons Of Gates & Vagina With Language Skills [PUA Lifestyle Hack & DHV]

Hey guys, a super insightful video I posted earlier today on the subject of being multilingual in Game and life.

I constantly encourage guys to learn another language but I don’t see it resonating since most people are downright-fucking lazy!

However, I give it another shot (encouraging native-English speaking men to learn another language).

Not only will learning another language get you further in life, but it gets you further in pickup.

Check out the video to hear my journey of how I became multilingual and apply it to game and life in order to get by.

Examples Of Girls Giving Guys Shitty-Dating Advice [never take dating advice from girls!!]

I’m gonna play out a virtual dialogue between 2 people; a guy seeking advice from a girl.

I also took a general consensus among 10 female friends [10 questions] on Facebook, where I’d asked them these same questions, and gotten virtually the same answers.

•Guy: “How should I let her know that I like her”?

Girl:“ Just tell her straight up that you like her a lot. Or send her something nice or do something nice for her”.

PUA: “Don’t let her know that you like her. Much better to stay vague and conceal your liking”.

•Guy: “Where should I take her on a 1st. date”?

Girl:“ Oh, take her to a fancy restaurant. Dinner & a movie would be great”.

PUA: “Take her for a walk and get a hotdog. Spending big won’t guarantee sex nor a 2nd. date”.

•Guy: “I really like this girl, and I would definitely date her. How should I tell her”?

Girl:“ Call her and let her know how you feel about her, and that you like her a lot and wanna make her your girlfriend”.

PUA: “Don’t tell her you wanna date her! After you managed to have sex with her, her frame will switch from casual sex to relationship possibility”.

•Guy: “How often should I call my girlfriend”?

Girl: “Everyday! It shows how much you’re thinking about her, and I’d make her feel special”.

PUA: “Don’t call her!! Let her call you instead. Chicks are easily fed up with guys who call them often (irrespective of her BF). If you do call, make it once or twice weekly”.

•Guy: “How long should I wait until sex”?

Girl:“ Fourth date, a month. Whenever she’s ready”.

PUA: “Don’t wait! Advance for sex ASAP! The longer you wait, the more she’ll see you as a non-sexual guy, then she’ll just LJBF you (put you in the friend zone)”.

•Guy: “What kind of guys are women attracted to”?

Girl:“ One who is caring, sweet, nice and romantic. A guy she can rely on to be there whenever she needs someone (shoulder to cry on)”.

PUA: “Women are attracted to men whom they can’t bullshit and swindle, i.e. an Alpha male. A guy who will punish her (psychologically), not take her shit and not afraid to disagree with her”.

•Guy: “What should I do if she tells me she has a boyfriend”?

Girl: “Tell her “it was nice to meet you”, and move on”.

PUA:“ If she says she has a boyfriend; so what!!? Women will cheat. If you present yourself with the stronger frame/mindset, and you’re more Alpha than her BF; she will cheat”!

[Just because she has a BF doesn’t mean she isn’t looking to trade up].

•Guy: “Where can I meet good women”?

Girl:“ At church or some church event”.

PUA: “Good girls don’t exist! Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you pick up women; you will not find a saint. And church girls are the sluttiest, most rebellious and gullible”.

•Guy: “How soon should I call her after getting her #”?

Girl: “Right away. It shows her that you’re really interested in her”.

PUA: “Never right away! There are exceptionally rare cases, but 85% of the times, you should NOT call her right away. Make her wonder if you’re interested or not [reeling her in technique]”.

•Guy: What’s the best compliment to give a girl?

Girl: “Tell her she’s pretty and you like her eyes or something”.

PUA: “No compliments is the best compliment! But if you do compliment her, make it original and unique. No compliment on her looks, instead her personality and sense of style.

The grand lesson here for us men is that we should NEVER listen to women when it comes to dating, sex, relationship advice.

They will always lead you (men) astray.

Not intentionally,but out of ignorance as to what they (women) really want.

Equally worse is taking antiquated advice from your mom.

Will women ever admit that they give shitty advice?

Of course not!

But as a guy who is skilled in social dynamics; I’ve had 1,000’s of interactions with hot chics, of all ages, social statuses and races.

And I’ve come to the conclusion that chics suck at giving men advice on how to pick them up.

BTW, you can check out this related article from the PUA giant “Love Systems”: Why women give bad dating advice.

Lesson of the day: “Emotions Are Contagious”


Ok kiddies: what is today’s lesson?

“Emotions are contagious”!

That’s right!

*If you approach the girl feeling nervous as hell: she will become nervous also.

*If you approach her in a bad mood: she will be in a bad mood.

*If you approach her drenched in seriousness: she will become serious.

*If you approach her in a good mood, humorous, playful and bright; that same emotional state will transfer.

Credits to Matador, the PUA/coach of Venusian Arts (Mystery’s wingman) who was the first guy I heard stressing this crucial point.

Too many guys make the critical mistake of being too serious (no smiles, no animation) while chatting up the OYD (object of your desire).

Remember: “Emotions are Contagious”.

Class dismissed kiddies!

Now go get social!

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