The Sort Of Kiss That Makes Her Fall In Love…Just A Little Tip

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]


What makes a kiss a kiss- a kiss that’ll make a girl fall in love from the first kiss- isn’t what you expect (the action kiss), but the atmospheric and the existential components to the kiss.

Sounds a bit cryptic but it’s simple to grasp.

When kissing a girl, particularly for the first time, you want to take control of her and dominate her physically.

How do you accomplish this?

Grab her and push her against a wall or any such surface is 1 is available.

Hold her by the throat, and or tilt her chin up with your fingers (particularly if she’s shorter than you are) in a semi-aggressive manner, then kiss her dominantly!

It isn’t the kiss itself. But what you do along with the kiss.

With that, from now on, field test this form of a kiss routine and you’ll see how far it gets you.

It’ll be memorable!

Trust me!


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Stealing A Girl’s Heart With A Kiss

“Stealing Girl’s Hearts Like A Thief In The Night”.

I met up with a chick last night for the first time since picking her up recently.

Since she was on her menstruation, sex in my estimation was off the table…though had I been sexual frustrated enough, I would have shagged this girl in spite of her period.

Be as it may, I decided to not pursue sex last night.

In turn, I left her with a mind-blowing kiss for good measures.

Her Whatsapp texts in white. Mines in green.

The effects of me kissing her was well noted from her text messages.

When you get good at seducing
women, making them fall in love by a simple kiss, will have been something tangible and a reality.

On that note, I was asked earlier by a fellow pick-up artist, “What makes this kiss so powerful”?

My answer was simple: Timing!

That’s all.

Good timing.

The risk element also in that the chick has a BF and the place in which we met up, he BF usually frequents there. So that added to and heightened the

Look man, a great kiss that makes a
woman dream about you, isn’t the kiss itself…meaning it is how you kiss her, tongue action and so forth.

It is everything else surrounding the kiss.

The aura.

The elements.

Is there people around? Is she married and are engaging in a forbidden act?

Is she forbidden fruit?

The time of day, the location, etc. all play a significant role.

It is NEVER about the actual kiss just as it’s never about the act of sex that gets a girl sprung. But the drama and tension that surround it which actually get the girl infatuated.

I preach this a lot around here.

It’s all about the subtle theatrics you create surrounding a make out or whichever aspects of seduction.

The atmosphere must be right. And by “right”, I don’t necessarily mean romantic.

However, in order to get a girl to fall in love with you from the 1st or 2nd meeting, you have to treat the meet-up as an escapade or some risky adventure that you’re taking her on.

Bear in mind that on a normal day, a woman’s agenda is filled with nothing but monotonous activities such as work, cooking and watching movies.

There’s no novel stimulation whatsoever.

When you can give her that novel rush of excitement, she will quickly become attached and equate that feeling to love or being in love.

With the girl in question whom I’d met up with last night, she fell madly infatuated with me due to what she misinterprets to be the kiss.

It wasn’t the kiss!

In fact, the kiss itself was shitty!

However, the risk factor and the adventurous elements involved [other people around, etc.], were the more important elements.

With that being said, if you want a new girl to fall for you HARD, it is important that you incorporate the girl into a quasi soap opera where she feels as though she’s a co-protagonist in your movie.

Give her that adventure she craves!

[Her Whatsapp texts in white. Mines in green].

My “5-Minute Kiss” Rule + A Bit On Fear

Seducing women is a very dynamic art and you’re constantly learning new things about yourself and women, that you’re always subjected to change and novel insights and approaches over time.

Shit- I actually thought pickup and learning about women had a timeline or end point…and by now- I should’ve been retired.

What I come to realize is that there’s never a finish line in this Game.

You’ll either constantly grow and change. Or stagnate, pull out and back-slide into blissful ignorance.

Ok, so 1 such “change” and addition to my pick-up repertoire, has been the “5 Minute Kiss” rule.

“What is that”?

“Is it kissing a girl nonstop for 5 minutes…like some sorta challenge”!?

No, no, no.

My “5 minute kiss rule” is a rule which I try my darndest best to adhere to.

If a girl is willing to subject herself to 5 or more minutes of my shit via conversation, then I take that as a green light for me to try to kiss her.

That’s the rule!

There is no magic sign I look for which tells me that I should try to kiss a girl.

If we’re talking for 5 minutes, I take that as the only sign I need to try to kiss her or make out with her.

I’ve actually been running this sorta vicious game for about 9 months now with random girls I meet and chat up on the streets and even in supermarkets.

I don’t always get the kiss or makeout.

However, the “attempt” is what counts!

Showing that you have the giant balls to actually take action, will stop women in their tracks literally, figuratively and emotionally!

I’ve never been slapped, kicked or punched for attempting to kiss a random stranger within 5 minutes of our initial conversation.

To be frank, and I eluded to this in the video below, the worst thing that ever happens whenever I make such ballsy moves, is the girl moves away (playfully) or pulls a bob and weave move or try to hit me playfully as a result [this’ called a love tap].

That’s it!

Now, if that’s the only repercussion for trying to kiss a girl (stranger or not), then why the fuck isn’t every guy out there doing this shit!?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple: most men are pussies…isn’t exactly news flash.

Ok, I also wanna make a quick point about my style, method and approach to meeting women.

I don’t expect that every guy who reads this (or my blog in general), to suddenly hit the streets trying to make out with girls within 5 minutes of chitchat.

This isn’t a realistic expectation of what I expect from my followers!

I’m cognizant of the fact that humans are risk-adverse, don’t like to take chances and are inclined to make more excuses than a kid who got caught with his hands in the cookie-jar.

Frankly, none of what I write, or even the videos I put out, do I ever think that any guy takes it serious but for a good read and a good viewing.

I’m resigned to the reality that fear overpowers rational by far.

For instance, I have a fear/phobia of lizards…tiny fucking lizards.

Though utterly harmless and I can just squish it with my little finger: no one can ever convince me that I should drop my fear of lizards and to simply grab 1 with my bare hands.

Likewise with trying to convince guys that they have nothing to fear with approaching and trying to fuck the shit out of hot women.

The most macho dude on the planet who can take on a gang of guys by himself without an ounce of fear [though the fear is real], let him loose inside of a bar and tell him to go get laid or try to kiss a girl at least, and I guarantee you he cannot even make an attempt to do such a harmless act with a harmless being (i.e. hot girl).

Therefore, no matter how many times I preach, show and prove to you fuckers that women are in fact harmless-lovely creatures- the likelihood is- you’ll never believe it!

Hence, when I say to you that girls won’t get offended at all if you try to kiss them or do/say something forward, your fear mechanism kicks in and you immediately shrug me off with mental-masturbation such as:

“Kenny only approaches easy girls”!

“That would never happen in my country”

“Kenny can say that because he’s been doing this for years”

“Girls in my city won’t stand for that”!

The list of bullshit excuses is endless!

Long story short; I applaud any guy who’s willing to at least get out of their comfort zone and try shit!

I am no different than any other guy who’s reading this post!

In fact, I was probably worse off growing up than anyone else.

I was that fucking kid in middle school who was anti-social, weird, had no friends but the other weird kid, afraid to speak to other boys let alone girls, didn’t participate in any sport because I dreaded the thought of messing up around others.

My parents actually wanted to seek professional help for my chronic anti-social and withdrawal behavior…it was that critical!

Shit man; I was fucked up in my early teenage years!

Look at me now in 2014!

I can’t walk the goddamn streets without trying to get into some chick’s panties!

If I can go from that to this, imagine what you can do as far as women and dating are concerned.

One way in which you can try to get over this paralyzing hump [fear] is to utilize my “5 Minute Kiss” rule.

I reiterate: you do NOT have to get the kiss or makeout. The “attempt” alone will suffice until you do manage to get the kiss periodically.

You’ll lose some and win some.

In spite of my super-advanced level in seducing women and understanding what makes them tick; I still get rejected!!!

Women often push me off whenever I try to cold makeout with them.

I don’t see that as failure at all- neither should you!

I never get butt-hurt when attempting the kiss and the girl moves away playfully or in astonishment.

Therefore, in doing/trying this, expect to get more rejections than kisses.

It isn’t the success of the “kiss” that will determine whether you’re a man or man-child, but the mere attempt.

You want whenever a girl leaves you presence, she’s thinking:

“That guy had balls”!

Rather than:

“That guy was friendly”!

“Friendly”, she will never remember.

“Ballsy”, she will remember for years to come!

Ok, with that, I leave you with 2 videos from earlier in the year where I playfully tried to kiss a young mom [random stranger] as she walked with her kid in hand.

This took place in under 5 minutes as we walked and chatted [once again, abiding by the “5 minute rule”].

Operative word is “PLAYFUL”!

In the 2nd. video, I kissed a random stranger whom I was fucking with inside of a grocery store…within minutes of meeting her.

Once again; “PLAYFULLY”!

In essence, those were 2 examples where the kiss (attempt) was fleeting and I wasn’t able to successfully plant and create a sensual vibe.

My most recently posted video however, I showed you guys how to create a romantic vibe which will enable you to kiss and makeout with a girl in less than 5 minutes of meeting her.

In essence, you’ve seen 2 fleeting kisses done playfully and 1 romantically.

With girls who are moving, the kiss won’t work as flawlessly as you’ve seen.

With a stationary set (as in the 3rd video), successful-kiss attempt increases.

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