Field Report From The Nightclub: DTF Brit Cougar + How To Work A 2-Set [Friday 09-09-2016]

Made my way to the nightclub around 11:30, grabbed myself a mixed drink which was so overpowering, that I had to beg the bartender to water it down.

Spotted 2 ladies walking towards the exit: 1 of which passed my proverbial boner-test.

Me: “Hey girls, I know y’all not leaving already”!!

Brits: “No! We’re just looking some fresh air. It’s hot in there”!

Me: “But it’s an open-air venue. Maybe the breeze is blocked off somehow”!

They giggled and laughed @ my hilarity.

I immediately locked eyes seductively with my target, while paying some attention (verbal) to the other girl of the 2 set.

Me: “Y’all know how to party are dance”!?

Brits: “Yea! But it’s too hot inside to dance…so when we cool down and go back in! Can you dance”?

My target asked me, indicating that she’s keen on me from the way I looked at her.

Me: “Hell yea! But I don’t mine you showing me some moves”.

At this point, the other girl was sorta standing there with her drink in her hand all lonely, so as a master seducer, I engage her every other second just to make her feel inclusive.

This is an art and 1 of the fundamentals of dealing with a 2 set.

You can’t just talk to the girl whom you like, while (completely) ignoring her friend.

Not only will her friend feel awkward and bored, but she’ll also feel alienated and left out, and she will then pull the plug on the entire set by saying to your target, “Let’s go back inside”!


Set ruined!

Hence, you always want to acknowledge the other people in the group! If it’s 2 girls: don’t just chat to the 1 you like! You have to share the attention!

That is exactly what I did last night from the get-go.

I didn’t even approach my target upon the approach.

I addressed her friend (verbally, while looking at my target seductively and sexually.

Therefore, I kept my tone and vibe neutral (yet humorous) with the friend, while flirty with my target.

Also, I strategically traded comments between the 2 of them, just so her friend feels included. So whenever I would say something to my target, and she answers me, I would thing switch things over to her friend and ask her something or charm her a bit and make her laugh.

That is how you work a 2 set.

Me: “By the way, I didn’t get your name”

They both introduced themselves by name.

I then used my favorite gambit on my target, whenever a girl tells me her name:

Me: “What!? You look more like a Jessica”!

Target: “What! Kidding! Why!? You are something else”!!

She said with a strong British accent while tapping her friend and telling her that I said she looked like a Jessica.

Me: “Girls with your name are very spontaneous. I like that”.

Target: “How did you know we are spontaneous you witty fellow”?

Me: “I’m psychic. It’s 1 of my secret abilities that I can reveal to you right now”.

She laughed hysterically and taps me on the arm: an SOI (Sign Of Interest)…at least in this case.

Target: “So what can’t you reveal to me now”?

Me: “You’re gonna have to find out later”!

Target: “You’re a naughty one aren’t you”!

We flirted hard during these exchanges.

I mean, the sexual energy was so thick you could cut it with a butter-knife!

Here’s a quick pointer about “Pecking”, which I mentioned recently.

Whenever you’re in a loud setting and the girl gets right up in your ears while saying something, it should tell you 2 key things:

1.) She really wants to ensure that you hear her

2.) The fact that she wants to ensure that you hear her, means that on some level; she gives a shit about your value

If a girl at the club, for example, isn’t interested in conversing, there will be no reason for her to want to lean in and peck. She won’t do it in fact. She would just remain at 1 stationary position (or back up) while murmuring whatever it is she has to say. If you hear her: you hear her. If you don’t; tough luck!

With that, I want you to bear that in mind the next time you’re running club game: if the girl pecks (leans in to hear or speak); take it as an IOI (Indication Of Interesting). Otherwise, she would not have cared to lean in if she was repulsed by you (IOD: Indicator of Disinterest).

Our flirty and spontaneous chat in the courtyard of the venue continued.

Target: “So what do you do for a living”?

This question sort of threw me off guard. We’re at the club, and you’re asking me about work?

If you recall, in a recent post, I spoke about deflecting questions about your work (particularly if it isn’t interesting). I deflected it and then said something among the lines of, “If I tell you…you’ll think I’m a little pig”.

As expected, she laughs hysterically.

At that moment, we were squarely facing each other about 2 feet and 3-quarters feet apart: close enough to feel the sexual tension, and far enough to not arise any awkward tension.

We paused for a brief second and stared at each other seductively.

Me: “You are so fucking hot and seductive. You’re tempting me badly”!

Now, I generally never tell girls that their hot. But in person, you can totally get away with this as long as the vibe warrants it.

Me: “You’re getting me turned on right now”!

Girl: 😆 “Really! Maybe you should do something about it then”!

I got closer to her and looked right down at her boobs.

Me: “Oh- sorry! Sorry for staring at your breasts”!

Girl: “Why sorry”?

Clearly you know that I wasn’t sorry for checking out her tits. I just said/did that in order to heighten the sexual tension though it was already out the roof!

After a bit of this, I end up #-closing (got her home #) and promised to see her inside the venue for a dance.

Typically, it’d be a not-so-good idea to grab a girl’s # in the nightclub since they are liable to forget who you are after the smoke clears (or the alcohol). But I took a gamble anyway.

My intention was to see her again in a bit, perhaps to dance and even more.

About 30 minutes later while twirling around the club, I spotted her friend.

Me: “Hey, where’s your friend”?

She said that her friend (my target) had to be rushed to the hospital because of some slip and fall or something like that.

Generally, I would call bullshit on this. But I did notice an ambulance outside, and I didn’t see my target again for the night. So it seemed plausible.

I end up becoming a bit disheartened that I had such a DTF chick on my radar, but some freak incident ruined those plans.

Mechanics Of The 2-Set

Allow me to conclude this field-report post on the subject of gaming 2 sets, 3 sets, 4 sets, groups, etc.

In the pick-up community, you’re thought of as being a crock of amateur shit, if you’re a PUA who cannot approach and chat up 2 or more girls.

Every budding and up-and-coming PUA is urged to learn how to approach 2 or more girls while picking up the target girl.

Not only is this game on another level, but it separates men from boys.

Not only does it take balls of steel to approach 2 girls or a group of girls (or mixed set: males and females), but it is a delicate move in which to finesse…for newer guys that is.

On average, most guys (PUA’s or non-PUA’s) don’t approach 2 sets. 1 girl is enough to make the average guy royally shit his pants, let alone contemplating the approach of 2 girls.

This begs the question: why even approach 2 girls?

Simple: if there are 2 girls hanging around together and you happen to be attracted to 1 of them, it makes sense to approach rather than lose the girl entirely just because she’s with her friend, mom, etc.

Hence, learning how to approach 2 sets is a logical play in Game.

I’ll write more about this in a future post.

The Easiest Girls To Fuck Are The Curious Ones

I guess the old saying: “Curiosity killed the cat”, has some practical truth to it as relates to pickup and seduction.

A girl who isn’t curious is impossible to seduce.

Let me reiterate: A girl who isn’t curious is impossible to seduce!

By curious, I mean curious about you and inquisitive towards you.

A girl being curious is in essence “Investment” on her part.

If a girl doesn’t invest in you nor into the interaction between you both (by asking questions), she will not allow herself to be picked seduced and fucked.

Neither will she give you her #…unless it’s a fake one which will have you going bat-shit crazy as to why she had done that.

Now, there are few pick-up tactics on how to get her to invest by making her curious. However, this isn’t a post about tactical theories, but more so an enlightenment as to this dilemma which throws many guys off their games.

The biggest and subtlest verbal SOI (Sign Of Interest) a guy can receive from the target [the girl he’s chatting up], is she asking questions of you.

Girls who AREN’T interested in you will not ask you rapport-building questions.

She won’t give a rat’s ass where you grew up, do you have a girlfriend, how old are you, etc.

Likewise, the easiest and most common way for a girl to reject a guy is to just not talk to him and ignore him.

You can see this play out all the time at clubs or bars where the girl will give the guy a cold shoulder as he approaches her and tries to chat her up.

She doesn’t want to invest because she isn’t into him.

Once she becomes curious about you and starts to asks those investment questions, it’s a great indicator of her interest in you, which you can build on.

Contrarily, if she isn’t inquiring, isn’t curious about anything pertaining to you, it’s pretty much a lost cause unless you’re savvy and skilled enough to make her invest and make her become curious.

Just over the Super Bowl weekend, I went clubbing on Friday and was engaged in a perfect situation which highlights the investment theory.

After an intense battle between me and 4 other guys [for 1 girl], I was able to AMOG the shit out of them and got the girl focused on me only.

I was actually shoved by some clown-ass dude who was drunk and kept harassing the Canadian girl I was chatting up.

photo courtesy of

photo courtesy of

Anyway, she was super attracted to me and invested.

At various times during the interaction, she asked me these 3 questions:

1.) “Where are you from”?

2.) “Do you like me”?

3.) “How old are you”?

Girls who aren’t interested wouldn’t ask those questions of a guy.

She wouldn’t care less.

I managed to isolate her outside of the nightclub behind a pickup truck and started to physically escalate by rubbing on her tits and ass while she groped my cock!

Long story short, I didn’t take her home though [read why: I now prefer the thrill of the chase than actual sex], and the streets were too crowded to actually fuck her right there on the hood of the jeep.

Not that I’m against public sex [as I’d displayed in this post: Socialkenny escapade with a stalker-chic], but I wasn’t horny enough that night to pursue such thrill-seeking feat.

So guys remember; you must get her curiosity juices flowing if you want her to spread those legs.

Men who are naturally good with women already know this and instinctively do this.

The more curious she becomes and the more questions she asks of you, the more invested she’ll become.

It’s quite elementary: if she likes you, she’ll ask questions of you.

If she doesn’t like you and isn’t attracted to you, she won’t.


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