Clinger Update + A Bit On Race And My Frame In The Dating Game

Remember the Arab chick (Lebanese) whom I picked up (on Facebook), shortly after slept with and cited in a post back in December?

Well if you don’t remember her, she ended up turning into a stage-4 clinger, ringing me to death, texting me to death while I ignored her to death. 

This chick literally wanted me to cum inside of her so she could have my black baby and take me home to her parents…even though I told her that was NOT in the cards for me (more children and being introduced to parents). Not to mention this was a total stranger whom I hooked up with once after about a week since gaming her and picking her up on Facebook.

Anyways, that was all back in December 2016 (Christmas time).

By the start of January, she became super clingy and stifling.

She would voice call me, video call me…to no avail. 

Days ago however, I decided to hit her up for the 1st time since January; pretty much just to catch up. 

As for me personally when it comes to this girl, it’s no different than the way I operate with any other girl: I am strictly about the sex!

No relationship; just sex!

I mean, this girl’s family is massively wealthy and they own a chain of fast-food joints and high-end clothing stores throughout this region. But dating a girl who’s wealthy doesn’t matter to me.

Pussy is pussy!

Women are women!

Nothing outside of vagina fascinates me about a woman.  

This sort of rigid discipline of mines takes massive amounts of experience with tons of women. And massive amounts of self-control in order to adhere to.

Most guys, once they tap into a piece of poon, they lose their minds and perspective on things.

What is the lesson here?

There is no woman out of your league!
No matter the race, age nor pay grade!

Once you have reasonably good Game and understanding of female psychology and how women work; then gaming and bedding women of other races and ethnicities becomes a piece of cake. 

Also, once you possess or accrue advanced-seduction skills, you’ll get more women turning into clingers than you can possibly handle!

[Her messages in white]

Pulling Curvy-Arab Girl Who Rejected My Friend Request But Now Desperately Wants To Hook Up [The Psychology Of My Pick-Up Method]

Ok guys, another ultra-instructive post, delving into the minds of women while simultaneously picking them up.

Let me not waste any time on this one.

Weeks back, perhaps almost 2 months, while browsing Facebook, I came across the profile of an Arab chick who lives here on island.

I ascertained that she was indeed living on island and not in Lebanon somewhere. So I cold sent her a friend request which normally defies my usual approach of sending a humorous or witty message along with the request.

Apparently, she never accepted my friend request. In fact; she declined as you will see below!

I’ve come to find out that whenever you see there’s no option to add the person whom you’d friend requested prior, it means that the person had declined or hit delete on your friend request, thus enabling you from friend requesting them a second time.

It’s somewhat of a shitty feature yet great in the event of stalkers and unwanted requests.

In any case, I didn’t actually know that she declined my friend request from about 2 months ago until I came across her profile again by chance (Friday morning). I had totally forgotten that I friend requested her on a prior occasion until I scanned her profile, and also noticed that she’d declined my initial request.

With that being the case, as you can see from the screenshot above, I am unable to send her another request since she declined the initial request. So the only recourse I’m left with is to just cold message her, and hope that she gets/reads the message and reply.

Honestly speaking, I didn’t give a rat’s ass whether she replied or not, which is why the initial message I sent to her, was pretty much non-gamey and bland.

I didn’t care for a reply. Luckily, she replied anyway…soon after.

Here’s the chat in detail with breakdowns in between.

By the way, here’s a pic of her just to show how curvaceous she is.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 1: I’ll be the first to admit that my opener was a lame one, simply because I didn’t even expect her to get my messages. Lo and behold she responded within about 5 minutes.

I guess she thought I knew her which was why she asked “u know me from”? I added some humor by saying I think I seen her on Ahdam Shi, which is a Lebanese show (in Arabic) that I used to watch. Apparently she doesn’t know about the show.

At least I knew she was open to conversing since she asked “what’s up”?

I always use my language skills as a way to impress girls as a form of DHV (Demonstration of Higher Value). And when I say “impress”, don’t get it misconstrued. I don’t mean in a supplicative try-hard way, but in a way which conveys worldliness and that I’m well-traveled. And when it comes to seducing Arab girls, knowing how to speak Arabic as a non-Arab is a HUGE fucking plus out the wazoo! So that’s why I put that out there just to grab her attention in a solid way.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot 2: It was kind of a buzz-kill that she doesn’t read and write Arabic. But at least she claims that she could speak it. I then sent her a voice note of me speaking Arabic, telling her that it is real bad that she sucks at Arabic while I’m fluent. All in all, she’s now enthralled by my language skills which I used to my advantage in seducing Arab girls.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 3: Immediately laid out my pitch about a drink and snack rendezvous. You want to always do this early as it totally eliminates any possibility of the girl thinking that you’re merely looking friendship.

I negged her about having bad taste if she doesn’t like pina coladas. For crying out loud guys: that is how you neg a girl! Lightly and playfully! Most guy’s negs come off like grenades blowing shit up. And then guys wonder why the vibe goes South from there. Also, I commended her on her willingness to try new things. I did a bit of cold-reading tactic while telling her about her willingness to try, and that she’s free-spirited. I don’t know for sure if she’s free-spirited. But always ASSUME as I taught you the other day (using the assumption frame).

At this point, I am slowly steering the vibe into a sexual direction as you are seeing when I talked about stuffing her mouth with food. This is code word for stuffing my dick into her mouth. 😉

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 4: typically, I would never tell girls what I do for work as far as a 9-5 since it’s pretty lame. But since I knew this girl was so attracted already, it wouldn’t have mattered. As for the age thing, I strategically/purposely threw a false disqualifier by saying to her that I’m old enough to be her grandpa. Why did I do this, and what does it achieve? It communicates to the girl a sort of “I can take it or leave it” vibe.

Also, I used lots of curiosity loops as when I told her I have my theories as to why older men hit on her, and that I would explain to her another time…when the time is right. Why do I do this? If you’ve been following my posts over the weeks, you would’ve known that this is 1 of my signature techniques (curiosity loop) in order to give the girl something to anticipate by giving her a quasi teaser of something to come.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 5: I continued to get sexual by leading the chat into a sexual direction when I told her she got booty and boobs, and that is perhaps the reason old(er) men hit on her. 🙂 Again, the primary reason I go sexual is to avoid any misconstruedment about my intentions…which is solely to hook up. So that is what you want to do also: always drop sexual hints if not outright get sexual and forward.

Moreover, humor is the key to everything here. Be sexually humorous as you seen me demonstrate. And you will see me continue that (sexual humor).

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 6: so I created a kind of sexual play where I act as though I’m rushing over to her place to ravage her sexually while she awaits my arrival. She’s clearly enthralled with this frame of mines, and is playing along, which is indicative of her saying “just come”, “waiting”.

Okay, another key note here on a common stumbling-block that guys encounter: when the girl called me perv, I took it as nothing egregious nor negative because it’s not! Hence I “LOL” about it. Most guys however, being so socially unaware and self-conscious, are often taken-aback whenever a girl calls them pervy, perverted or crazy. Most guys would’ve gotten inside of their heads and totally run from such a label. But I on the other hand, don’t give a fuck, plus I am aware that the girl meant nothing negative by it (it was a neg and a shit test in the sense of pickup jargon). So I sent her a thumb up, LOL, and a grinning emoji, all of which communicates to the girl that “I get it”.

In conjunction with the shit test that she threw at me about being a perv, I also turned it around on her by saying “it takes 1 to know 1”, to which she agreed. So, shit test passed with flying colors, 😉 simply because I didn’t get all defensive and offended in the least. On another level; all girls are pervy-little creatures! Women only mask and conceal their perversion because of social stigma. But once you’re a guy who demonstrates to women that “I DON’T JUDGE”, they will often become comfortable in embracing their pervy, sexual and deviant side. So that in part is what is taking place here, as is the case with any girl with whom I interact: she feels comforted and un-judged.

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot 7: a quick exercise for you. I want you to scroll up a bit and take a look at the previous screenshots. What is readily apparent? Ninety percent blue. The blue is indicative of my messages, while the sparing gray is the girl’s. Now, you were taught by the pick-up gurus that you should NEVER over text, and never send this much messages in comparison to the girl’s! I mean, what you see in screenshot #7 (above) for instance, is like sacrilege in pickup! It isn’t just a sin in Game, but it’s a surefire way to get the guy rejected as a desperate loser who sends 10 messages to the girl’s 1! By the way; that is GREAT advice (not to over-text as you see me doing). So, why haven’t this blown me out and killed me dead with this girl (the fact that I’m blasting her with message after message, doing 90% of the texting)? As long as you’re sending high-valued and interesting shit: it doesn’t fucking matter how long and frequent your text messages are!!! So that is the key here in why I routinely get away with breaking solid text-game rules and never having to pay a negative price for them! The content of my messages overrides the fact that I’m breaking texting rules by sending 5-6 lengthy messages while the girl sends 1 short message! So I want you to bear that in mind whenever you’re texting. If you have interesting shit to say: don’t get caught up with adherence to text-game rules! On the other hand, if you don’t have anything of interest to share, then do NOT send 10 lengthy messages asking the girl lame, generic questions about her boring life!

Anyway, so in screenshot 7 above, I continued my fictitious script by telling her I’m at work with a hard-on because of her pervy ass. Meanwhile, I was really at home lying in bed multi-texting other girls at the same time. 👿 🙂 But it’s the play that counts. It doesn’t have to be genuine. I am only doing this (running a sexual script) in order to get her horny, thinking of sex and wanting me so much more.

Now, here’s the most crucial part of the entire pull: “…I hope I don’t get pregnant…”. Why would she even go there? She already had full-blown sex on her mind/agenda for whenever we meet up. So she gave herself away big time, indicating that she’s also thinking sexually, and expecting me to creampie her! 😯 Note: a total stranger will NOT go there (verbally or through text) with a guy with whom she doesn’t share comfort. After all guys, I don’t know this Arab chick from a whole in the wall! We’d only been messaging for that day, and she’s already dying for me to come over and impregnate her.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot 8: what does she mean by “knowing u you would”? She doesn’t know me! We don’t know each other…apparently! So why did she say that? It’s all in reference to my sexual vibing. From that (our convo), she knows that I’m a sexual guy. Hence, I am liable of ejaculating inside of her, which was why she made the comment “knowing u, you would” (get me pregnant).

Along with that is the stalker factor which I’d clued you guys in on over the months. And even in FB Bang, my first Facebook pickup guide/product, I talked about how once a chick receives an inbox message from you, before replying, she will have swiftly scanned and browsed your timeline in order to discern whether you’re a chump or winner. Additionally, she will attempt to gather intel on you, by briefly getting an idea of the stuff that you post and share by digging through your timeline.

This is why I continuously preach to you guys who are looking to get laid via social media, that it is of paramount importance that you post high-value shit that grabs the girl’s attention! Because the instance she gets that initial-inbox message from you, she is bound to scan your timeline before replying, during the chat, or immediately after the chat. And she will have done so, in part, in order to get a better sense of your personality through the stuff you post. If what she’s allowed to see consists of lame shit such as posts, memes and shares about Lebron James, Connor McGregor, sports in general [male-centric stuff], posts about how boring your life or job is, etc. the girl will have instantly gotten turned off and declined to return a message. And you’ll be left there wondering WTF had you done or said in your initial messages to warrant being ignored.

Therefore, when this sexy Arab chick (total stranger) said that she knows me, it’s a clear indicator that she had dug into my profile and browsed what was visibly displayed on my timeline [provocative stuff/posts and pics]. So she immediately surmised from her brief homework, that I was the type of guy who would get her pregnant if I were to bang her.

[Her messages in gray]

Clearly she’s invested in the possibility of having me creampie her pink pussy. Do you for 1 second believe that this chick talks like this with every random guy who hits her up on the internet (as I did)? Of course not! The sole, or main difference here, is that I gave off a nonjudgmental vibe. And I also simultaneously gave her permission to be slutty, by virtue of the fact that my chat is completely devoid of innocence, saintliness, prudishness and formal gibberish. That is how you give a girl permission to become slutty and sexually receptive over text for instance: you lead her there by staying away from anything that runs the risk of giving the girl the impression that you’re the type who would judge women for their sexual desires. Instead you encourage this (for her to be sexually open) as you had witnessed me do throughout the potential pickup here.

For instance, earlier during the chat, she mentioned school, and that she graduated back in August (she’s 24-years old). Now, school(ing) is a super-lame topic. It is 1 of those subjects which has the potential to kill your chances of sleeping with the girl- because after all- which kind of guy is interested in having an extensive discussion with a sexual item about her schooling, except he be a lame and a square who likely judges women poorly on their non-scholastic and un-saintly conduct. So in a nutshell, that is why nerds, so-called nice guys and profession types don’t, or struggle to get laid. Those types of guys give the women they encounter the impression of perfection, morality, piety, conformity and so on. Conversely, when I interact with new women whom I encounter, I wisely give off an air of imperfection, deviance, slutry, rebelliousness, etc. Hence, the women I converse with, have no choice but to quickly come to the conclusion that I am NOT the type to judge them as deplorable whores for wanting to get bent over and creampied by a total stranger! So they are comfortable in sharing their sexual desires with me, without an ounce of fear of being outed, castigated and rejected for their lurid desires.

Thus, that is why I quickly changed the subject upon her making mention of finishing school this year. I simply told her, “welcome to the big leagues now (adulthood)”, and I moved on, adhering to my agenda of setting a sexual frame. Had I gone into a lengthy discussion about her schooling (just as every guy would), I would’ve inadvertently been setting a friends-only vibe. And that is where and how guys get friendzoned! So make note of that!

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot 9: there should exist no doubt in your mind whether this hot Lebanese wants to fuck me ASAP or not! At the top of the 9th. Screenshot, she mentions that I’m so far (meaning from her part of town/the island). Bear in mind that I’m a New Yorker who currently resides in the Caribbean islands. On the island in which I reside, there are tons of Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians.

Now, here’s a key thing strategically which I’m employing. She wants to hook up right away but said I’m far. I told her that I’m usually in her part of town/the city every other weekend. Is this true? Not quite. What do I mean, we actually live in the same part of town (as far as I gather from her profile). But as a ploy, and as a way to deepen her attraction for me, I gave her a sense of loss by giving her the impression that I was out of reach, and we would have to meet up next weekend instead.

Knowing that we live in the same city on island, although she thinks I live on the other side of the city, I could’ve simply gotten a ride, hitched a bus or hopped into a cab and sealed the deal with this chick. But I didn’t!

By essentially putting it off for a week, I give her the impression that I am high value, non-needy and not desperate. She clearly wanted me to come pick her up that same night, take her to my abode in order to shag down [she did ask if I drive so that I could come for her]. But what did I do? I exhibited James Bond cool by scheduling for next weekend.

This has got to fuck with a hot girl’s sense of value!

Here it is- a guy- moi- with a chance of sealing the deal with a new girl whom I’d only met (online) about a few hours ago, yet I push it on the back burner.

Who does that shit but a guy who has abundance of women (or at least gives off that impression)!?

All of this deepens her attraction for me. The fact that I can have it/her but chose not to at the moment, blasts a hot girl’s perceived social value to Smithereens!

Women absolutely never come across guys who give off such a non-desperate and nonchalant vibe towards hooking up. And when they (men) do, they (women) become insanely desperate themselves as is the case with this chick.

Additionally, what gives? Apart from trying to show her that I am not desperate, and to get her to chase me even more, what gives? Why did I not just hop into a cab and go see this DTF chick? Well- I had previously scheduled plans for Friday night, and my weekend was completely booked. With what you may ask? GAME! Night-Game that is! 😯

Are you shocked!?

Are you shocked that I virtually passed up on sure DTF poon to go hang out at the bar and hit on women!?

I confess: that is a bit lame of me. 😦 But that is the ultimate reason why I didn’t go see this chick. Had it been a weekday night which is likely to have been slow and monotonous, I can foresee my ass getting into a cab, or having a cab pick her up and deliver her to me.

However, as strange as this may sound; I enjoy the process and thrill of pickup and hitting on women at bars and clubs, more than I enjoy actually penetrating a girl.

In fact, I wrote about this some years back, that sex for me is sort of a buzz-kill. It should be the climax of the pickup/seduction.

The chase is essentially over once sex goes down.

Hence, I don’t quite look forward to shagging girls with much optimism and anticipation since sex would’ve signaled the end of the proverbial-courting dance. So I get a much greater thrill from flirting with testy girls at the bar, than I do from having a submissively DTF girls for the taking.

I literally go out every night- Sunday to Sunday- gaming girls because I love the fucking thrill of the chase, the challenge, the fights, the resistance, etc! So that is why I routinely blow girls off in order to go game.

In any case, I got the curvy Arab girl’s # as a formality (I gave her mines also).

Oh- if you haven’t noticed- who ended the conversation first?

I did! Upon getting her #, I told her I would hit her up a bit later when I’m free. Again: hot girls aren’t accustomed to meeting guys who end shit on them! They are used to being the ones who shut the show down on hapless Beta-Males. When you can flip the script just as I did (telling her bye), it fucks with their ego, pride, self-worth, esteem, value, etc! Thus, they begin to see the guy who subjects them to this value-deflation as someone of higher value, greater importance, superiority and the like (essentially an Alpha-Male).

The Race Factor

Here’s the deal, and this is no great secret: guys of darker complexion and ethnicities, be they western blacks, Africans, South-East Asians, Indians, negroid Latinos, etc, tend to put girls of lighter complexions and ethnicities on a grand pedestal.

Socially, women of lighter/whiter complexion are clued in on this perceived pedestalization of them by darker men.

Given the opportunity, I would put my head on the chopping-block to unequivocally assert that most black or Indian guys would’ve desperately sought to pedestalize this curvy Arab chick while begging for her time like packs of ravenous vagrants.

Coincidentally, Euro, Arabs (whiter ones) and Asian women (the whiter ones) sense this automatic pedestalization and desperation vibe emanating from darker guys. Hence their somewhat autopilot rejection of darker types (men) by the lighter types (women).

With that, I can guarantee that this Lebanese chick was expecting our interacting from the following frame: “black guy will desperately chase me because I’m white”.

She’s likely accustomed to snubbing tons of black guys because of this (low-value frame).

Here I come along, not playing by the rules at all, and completely flip the script on her, getting her to chase me for sex within less than a few hours of meeting…online!

Isn’t that some powerful shit!?

How did I manage such a feat? By Simply avoiding to put her on a pedestal: I refrained from complimenting her, never told her she’s cute, pretty, beautiful, etc.

I never asked her if she’s ever dated a black guy because I sensed that would’ve made me come off as low value. So everything I did was strategically placed to make me seem high value.

I never brought up race because I knew the moment I did, it had the potential of back firing.

In essence, I treated her as I would’ve treated any other girl, regardless of race.

Women of lighter complexions aren’t used to this non-needy vibe from darker-skinned guys. So the moment I told this girl that we would have to meet up next weekend instead of tonight- essentially brushing her off for a later time- it totally fucked with everything she has ever grown up to learn about her perceived social value in the dating marketplace.

I mean, “black guys aren’t supposed to reject whiter-skinned girls”!

This is unheard of! Hence how I managed to flip the attraction switch and have her desperately chase me.

With that, if you’re a black or Indian guy looking to game, pick up and bed white, Arab or Oriental women, you now have the most perfect template for making this happen.

Anyway, being so captivated by my non-needy, yet sexual vibe, she’s now stuck in desperate chase mode. So upon giving her my phone #, she immediately utilized it by hitting me up on Whatsapp, in spite of the fact that I told her I would get back to her another time…and that I was busy. 🙂 🙂

Needless to say, we went on to sext a bit and she’s been blowing up my phone with messages through all sorts of angles and via all sorts of apps. 😦

I’m beginning to see clear signs of a potential stalker here. So if and when I do lay this girl, it may turn out ugly if she’s expecting more than just a fling.

In my defense, I generally don’t have this problem (girls getting emotionally damaged) since I never mislead women, nor give them false hope about a future together.

The vibe I give off strictly spells hookup and hookup alone.

Girls undoubtedly know that I am not boyfriend-material, simply because I give off the vibe of a philandering bachelor.

This is why you should always aim to give off a sexual vibe, and not an “I wanna be with you forever” vibe…unless you mean it.

I am not in the game of duping women in any egregious way.

I dupe them into wanting sex. But not into wanting more. 🙂

On that note, if you enjoyed reading this article and picked up a tip or 2 on gaming women online, you will also enjoy my comprehensive and concise guide on picking up women on Facebook.

Easy guide to picking up girls on Facebook

“Can You Pick Up White Girls If Looks Don’t Matter”…AFC Chode Question

Very few game-related questions get me pissed off. But when an AFC chode insinuates by question, that somehow, if I don’t/can’t pull white girls, it means looks matter, and it also goes further to nullify my pickups altogether.

The following status I posted to my Facebook some weeks back.

This e-mail really f’d me up. I hate when I get these guys saying, “Kenny, can you pick up white, Asian or Latin women”. And somehow, if I do, it means my pickup skills is certified and official. But if I pull 100 black asses, it somehow doesn’t qualify because that’s no feat for a black guy to achieve. This all goes back to that limiting belief that AFC’s harbor. They believe to themselves that some women are harder to pull than others, solely based on race.
I can’t work with guys like those. And such e-mails piss me off.

Here’s the e-mail snippet screenshot that rubbed me the wrong way.


Now, such an e-mail isn’t rare at all.

Of every 10 e-mail I receive from guys seeking my assistance, 4 of them are bound to follow the same script, where the e-mailer either insinuates that because I don’t pick up white women, it somehow means that my game sucks. Or, because I don’t pick up white girls, it means that looks matter, and it is because “looks matter” why I fail to, or neglect to try to pick up white girls.

Why is such a question so vexing?

Look at it this way:

Hypothetically, let’s say you were a white British guy who picked up 100 white British girls in rapid-fire succession, and fucked all 100 of them…hypothetically.

Then some guy comes along and say, “But Jim, those 100 lays didn’t really count because those 100 women were of the same race and nationality, so that means they were easy targets and easy lays…so they don’t count Jim. Unless they were black or Indian girls, then your 100 lays count for nothing. It doesn’t show that you have decent-seduction skills

Imagine that!

Wouldn’t you as a white guy be besides yourself if some chode-ass AFC who doesn’t get laid at all, were to try to render your 100 lays null and void just because those girls were of your race?

Sure you would!

It’s the same way I feel whenever chodes say to me, “Let’s see you pick up white girls then I would give you the props you deserve”.

What Beta thinking AFC’s fail to realize is that women are women!

If you’re good with gaming and pulling white girls, then conventional wisdom would have it that you’ll be equally as good with pulling black or Asian tail.

You see- chodes who don’t get laid- always pontificate about what could be and how it should be, based on romanticization in their own minds without a lick of experience to shore up their theorizations.

On a biological and emotional level, every girl is the same, no matter if she’s living in Alaska or China.

All women are emotional and sentimental beings.

I can take this way back to evolutionary science, but I elect not to go there just to make this trivial point (that all women are the same).

Saying that to say; if you as an Asian guy is able to pick up Asian girls, there is zero reason to think that you couldn’t pick up a black or white chick…since all women are the same on an intrinsic level.

What fucks guys up, is their limiting beliefs, in thinking that other women are harder to seduce than others.

I don’t harbor such weak and Beta mindset, hence I don’t experience issues when trying to game women of other races and ethnic stocks.

I have no problems with pulling and sleeping with white girls, more than I have with black girls.

Why don’t I then pick up more white or Asian girls you may ask?

Geographical location and numbers in short.

I am based in the Caribbean islands (have been for the past 4 years).

There are overwhelmingly more black chicks (the vast majority) than those of other racial stock.

Latinos and East Indians come in second and third.

Caucasians are the vast minority group in the Caribbean, even trailing behind Chinese and Arabs.

With that being said, there are just too few Caucasian women to go around. So even if you wanted to solely game white girls, you would have to scratch and sniff for sets to game.

Hence, it isn’t that I don’t or can’t pick up white girls. There are just too few to go around.

Moreover, I do pick up and lay white girls even though the pickings are slim as fuck in the region.

However, those white girls are pulled via tourist game, which is why I published my first e-book some years ago, entitled How to bang foreign girls.

It’s a guide on how to pick up tourists wherever you’re located.

I would use my tourist-game method to bang lots of white girls. But that’s as far as it went [pulling white tourists].

On another note, I have a preference for black girls. After all; I am a black guy, so what do you expect?

Furthermore, the guys who push the belief/myth that looks matter, and race matter, are always the guys with minimal to zero experience in interracial dating.

They themselves stay on the sidelines and project their weak beliefs unto others, and expect us to run with it.

Well- something about me rather form beliefs in game based on experience, trial and error, and actual infield experience, and not what a bunch of chodes romanticize in their fickle brains.

Thus, from my experience- vast amounts of it- as a black guy, race doesn’t affect my game when it comes to my ability to pick up, date and sleep with white girls, Latinas, East Indians, etc.

In fact, my pull ratio is better/higher with white girls than blacks.

How so?

On average, I would say that I approach about 1 white girl every 3 months or so, with the intention to either #-close, insta-date, pull or bang.

[Photos below from about 3 years ago where I’d cold-approached and insta-pulled a Canadian MILF within 5 minutes of gaming her on the streets].





I am successful in either 1 of those goals virtually 90% of the time.

With that, almost every white girl I approach, I succeed in at least 1 of the aims of the 4 (#-close, i-date, pull/sex). So that’s virtually- and almost- a 100% success rate in white girl pulls.

Since I approach dozens more black girls than whites, the margin of error would’ve likely spiked to where my pull rate would’ve been reduced with the amount of black girls approached.

Saying all that to say, I have a better success rate in gaming white girls than blacks.

In fact, I’ve only been so-called rejected by a white girl ONCE in my entire pick-up career. And by “rejected”, I mean the girl declined to give me her #. So do the math. I am virtually flawless in white-girl pulls spanning the course of many years doing pickup.

Therefore, for some chode via e-mail or comments on the blog, to insinuate that I would have a hard time gaming white girls because I’m black, is just utter fuckery to which I don’t subscribe because I have the mindset of an Alpha-Male.

At the end of the day, I don’t mean to turn this into a dick-measuring contest like ” who can lay the most amounts of girls”! I’m merely stating my case in hopes that anyone who decides to reach out to me via e-mail in the future, will have been put on guard as to the asinine questions which I won’t entertain (and I haven’t).

Moreover, the culprits are almost always Indian men living in India or the west. Those guys tend to harbor the biggest Beta-Male mindset when it comes to picking up white girls. They somehow think it cant happen, so I get bombarded with questions about how to chat up and pick up white girls.

The answer is simple: what works on Indian girls will work on white girls…and vice versa.

There’s no game specifically tailored to women depended on race. Some PUA coach may push that concept; but I don’t!

My game style works straight across the board and transcends racial and ethnic lines.

On that note, I leave you with a few videos (recent and old) where I game up and insta-pull white girls.

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Why your shitty belief system ruins your chances in interracial dating

Seduction Of A Sexy-Young Indian Wife Over Facebook + Why Your Shitty-Belief System Ruins Your Chances

Over the past days, my posts have been geared specifically towards Facebook game: the dos and donts, common mistakes, fixes and the rest of it.  

Getting laid with completely random strangers from Facebook, isn’t just a delicate art, but a super-advanced form of game which 99.9% of guys fail in trying to execute.

This form of online game [FB game] isn’t like meeting women on dating and hookup sites where people are there exclusively in search of someone, love and sex.

Moreover, seducing a total stranger over Facebook, is radically different from hitting on a girl whom you already know, and with who you share mutual friends already.

When cold picking up girls on Facebook who know nothing whatsoever about you, you’re essentially starting from scratch, having no worth or value to the girl.

*You’ll firstly have to convince the total stranger [the girl] to accept your friend request in the first place.

*You then have to make a solid-first impression since she knows nothing about you.

*Then you will have to convince her that you’re cool enough, sane, not a stalker, and worth chatting to.

Those are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of the many tweaks and tactics one will have had to employ in order to attract a total stranger over social media in hopes to take to bed.

A huge part of my shtick is my proficiency in making this happen: taking random strangers whom I meet on Facebook to bed.

Some days ago, I’d met up with the protagonist written of in this article; a sexy East-Indian girl whom I met on Facebook about 3-4 months ago.

*Ethnicity: East Indian Hindu
*Age: 25
*Body Type: Trim
*Hotness & Sex Appeal: 9.5
*LTR Status: Married
*DTF-Meter: Super High
*Region: The Caribbean

[Photos censored to protect her identity from stalkers and internet trolls]




Before we actually met up days ago, it started off with the following chat dialogue between us over Facebook [I had taken/saved the screenshots immediately after the chat for educational purposes].

I’ll walk you through the sub-textual dynamics at play.

For the record: over the course of 3-4 months since friend-requesting her, I only messaged her twice…and hi and bye doesn’t really constitute a conversation, does it? 😉

This was all strategic by the way.

Every verbal move I make is a strategy.

I want you to bear in mind the formula of mines which I shared with you in the previous 3 posts on the topic of Facebook game.

Instead of bombarding hot girls with messages and coming off as a guy who hasn’t visited vagina-ville in ages, I employed my usual techniques with the said East-Indian girl (as I would with any other girl I plan to bang):

What are those techniques?

   *I ignored her 90% of the time,

   *Only commented on her posts sparingly [those comments being no compliments in the positive]

   *Purposely ignored her replies on her statuses

   *Strategically bait her into chasing me

As a result of my potent strategy of wait, bait and patience, is the following conversation we had days ago before ultimately meeting up for the 1st time…and I shouldn’t have to spell it out for you as to what came of it.

[Pay attention to my sub-texts. Everything is a strategy to ultimately getting the girl]


It is pretty clear that she was the one to hit me up.

I indirectly complimented her sexiness rather than doing it in a cheesy-lame way by giving a direct compliment as most guys would [women respond more to subtle and the indirect].

How is my vibe here? Banterish, humorous and poking fun instead of coming off as a subservient-low value vagrant. Guys don’t poke fun at hot girls because they are afraid to mess things up and lose the princess’ favor [pun intended]. 🙂

Notice how I also said to her [which is strategic], “I don’t usually check out slim girls” [which isn’t quite true BTW]. That seemingly innocent statement serves 2 very powerful yet contradicting points:

   1.) It makes her feel somewhat complimented that I actually check her out when I allegedly don’t ordinarily check out girls of her physical frame.

   2.) The statement is also a subtle neg which lowers her value and knocks her off the hot-girl pedestal.

I’m also ULTRA-sexual and forward with her right away! How do I get away with this, and why did she not get offended by a stranger being so forward? Because within the frame of the interaction and the dynamics I’d created over the course of 3 months: I am the prize. I am the one of higher value. Hence, I’m able to get away with what would’ve gotten any other guy chided, ignored, un-friended and possibly blocked.

So- how does she respond to me leading sexually? As you can clearly see, she engages me, reciprocates, while indirectly noting my Alpha-Male persona.

In pickup, there’s a concept dubbed “expressing vulnerabilities”. When I told her that “I’m shy and scared to speak my mind” [an obvious non truth], I was doing just that. The girl obviously knows that I’m no shy-scared guy. But it doesn’t matter; you always want to verbally share some sort of weakness/vulnerability just to humanize yourself.

Soon after, I called her a “little pervert” (which is a neg). Which guy says this to a super-hot girl whom he’s trying to get with? None! Once again, the average guy operates from a position of scarcity, neediness and servitude whenever he’s chasing ass. Hence, he wouldn’t dare say a thing to the girl that could possibly be misconstrued as a negative [a neg]. However, when you’re the ‘CHOOSER’, and the Alpha, hot girls will usually become submissive in your presence.

Now she becomes sexual as she learns that it is okay to be sexual with me and to not fear the backlash of being perceived a whore.

With her statement of “negro guys do it the best” 🙂 , this is obviously a compliment and a qualification. Very powerful shit whenever a girl does this.

Side Note: I’ve never been called a “negro” before, so that was kinda interesting…and a bit odd. :I 😕

Ok, so now I ramp things up a notch by referring to my shlong as a Mandingo 😉 .So I wisely played the Big Black Dick card…though I don’t feel that I’m well endowed in that department.


Girls love a challenge so I set the vibe in such a way; to be sexually challenging.

Ok, so this was becoming borderline sexting with talks of BBC and Indian pussy.

Once again, I negged her by insinuating that she’s a crybaby sexually. Doing so baited her into qualifying herself. In other words, she is forced into trying to make a case to the contrary [Jedi shit here].

Now, the “penis pill” line was a shocker. 😆 😆 Who the hell says shit like this to a girl he’s trying to impress!? Exactly- I wasn’t trying to impress anyone. In seduction, this is called a “False Disqualifier” technique. It is when the PUA does/says something to the girl that would seem to be a turn off. Telling a girl you’re gonna buy penis pills is basically implying that you have erectile-dysfunction issues…or looking to artificially enlarge your package.

So why do I do/say it? Because I don’t give a crap whether I lose the girl or not. This is a super sexy vibe to impersonate.

Ok, so how did she receive my penis-pill line? Did she laugh, make fun of me, run away and ignored me the rest of the night? Of course not. She got even more turned on.

In all honesty, I wasn’t at all sexually engaged neither aroused. I was merely talking shit, pushing envelopes and purposely calling out the giant elephant in the room: her husband…since she’s a 25 year old married chick. How did she respond to me bringing up the hubby? “Dnt worry abt that”.

Hey- I didn’t make the rules. 😕 :l

Anyway, soon afterwards, she reinforces her desire for dark meat by saying she never had 1 before. Again, this is a hard sell on her part in trying to get me to buy into her supposed BBC fantasy…a fantasy which I doubt she ever had prior to our chitchat.


Noticing that she’s selling very hard, I put “buying” on the table.

Girl: “U look like you tried everything”. That is a compliment as she sees me as a guy who gets around sexually and is well experienced [Pre-Selection is huge].

As the old saying in pickup goes: “Girls are attracted to men who sleep around and are sexually experienced”.


Im guessing I don’t have to tell you that she’s extremely sexually excited and wants the real deal and not just text.

I purposely bring up her husband again just to see what she’d say. The risk factor gets heightened as I insinuate that she should find her way to my part of town so I can fuck her behind her husband’s back. 😎

Teasing, teasing, teasing. So how is my vibe up to this point? Am I chasing her for sex, or is she the one chasing me for sex?

At that point, sensing that I would like to bang this hot-young Indian wife, I make the wise transition to get off of Facebook by telling her to send her phone number [“TELL” and not “ASK”]. Again, I strategically set the frame of she being the chaser/seller while I am the selector with the leverage here by promising her that I may give her a chance sooner than she thinks.

Was she DTF? You bet. Her DTF-Meter was on overdrive. 😎 😎

In conclusion of the chat which didn’t last that long at all, it should become readily apparent to the reader that I actually practice what I preach in executing my method to get ass from Facebook. When I mentioned to her, “sometimes it seems like I’m too busy to even send u an FB message”, it is a clear indication of how infrequently I chat with this chick [which had only been 2 times in 3-4 months].

There are numerous times that she would notice me online and send me a message but I would intentionally ignore it. I’m doing the total opposite of what any other guy would do…which is to ignore a nice piece of ass as if she were some ugly duckling who was becoming a pest.

Men of importance and status don’t have time to be flooding girl’s inboxes, begging for dates, sex and wanting to text and talk for 10 hours on end.

Bookmark that point!

Hence, that was the underlying reason why I cut the conversation prematurely. You must always be the one to cut the convo short- the one to end it- and not the one who gets the conversation closed on him by a hot girl.

The one who ends the conversation first, leaves with the leverage and the most power in the situation. The one who gets the convo closed on him or her, is left feeling inadequate and of lesser importance. This is why chicks always aim to end the conversation first because they are well aware that doing so, will have given them the upper hand…which women already enjoy since most men blindly give away every position of power and leverage.



Well- I don’t have to tell you that this was a foregone conclusion [hooking up] some days ago.

Question: was this just a case of sexting and getting a girl horny?


There are tons of sex-deprived guys out there in internet-ville who could’ve hit her up, or whom she could’ve hit up if it was just a matter of sex-talk to get off online.

Why then did she decide to take me on while rejecting scores of other dudes who constantly message her?

Was she just attracted to my talk and promise of big-black cock?

Surely not. There are other black guys getting at her through her FB posts, photos and inbox.

Then what?

Common sense would have it that she wasn’t attracted to me because of my promise of sex. Obviously she had been interested in me prior to our x-rated chat.

She was attracted to my vibe and not my looks nor my talk of sex.

Tons of stereotypical-pretty boys and jacked specimens message her on Facebook, but she ignores their messages 95% of the time [I asked her to show me her messages just to see the type of guys who hit her up]. So I definitely don’t have an advantage in the handsome and looks department. 😉

What separated and usually separates Kenny from every other dude online promising cock, is the subtleties beneath the surface.

I don’t promise girls dick. I promise a good time in taking risks and having a grand adventure in my presence.

I focus on my vibe, tone, energy, persona and attitude while every other guy is banking on his 6-pac abs selfies, dick size, finance, expensive car and other superficialities which hot girls are already accustomed to.

What a hot girl isn’t accustomed to coming across on Facebook, is a guy who is smartly persistent yet knows when and how to calibrate, back off and allow her space to chase.

Hot girls aren’t used to guys who see them, pretend as though they don’t see them and aren’t fazed by a pretty face, nice ass and perky tits.

Therefore, if you’re under the impression that all you have to do is talk sex with girls on Facebook and they’ll just spread it for you, I can put my head on the chopping-block and say that you’ve proven this wrong time after time by getting nowhere with sex talk and sexting.

Another thing that usually happens to most guys whenever they rely on “sex talk”, is that even if the girl does engage and reciprocate, she won’t dare to meet up for sex with those guys.

Sure she enjoyed the jolt of sexual texts. But it isn’t usually enough to make the girl want to hook up.

Hence, the reason why I challenged the girl, dismissed her sexual advances somewhat, poked fun at her while simultaneously creating a situation where she will be dying to see me in hopes that her sexual desires will manifest.

You have to be skillful and prudent in the game in order to subtly persuade a hot girl to want to see you and fuck you outside of cyberspace.

Most guys, even if they manage to get phone sex or exchange sexual texts, aren’t lucky enough on a consistent basis to get girls begging to want the real thing.

With this East Indian chick, you can clearly see how, why and when that switch was flipped.

Demographic Stats And The Skinny On Looks And Mindsets

The Caribbean is a very diverse region though heavily dominated by those of African descendants.

East Indian families [both Muslims and Hindus], have been migrating to this region from Indian since as early as the 1850’s [as peasant workers].

East Indian families on the island of Tobago in the Southern Caribbean
East Indian families on the island of Tobago in the Southern Caribbean
East Indians Across the Caribbean
East Indians Across the Caribbean

They are the second-largest ethnic group in the Caribbean apart from the Afro-islanders who make up the majority racial/ethnic stock.

Carnival across the islands
Carnival across the islands
East Indian women Across the Caribbean
East Indian women Across the Caribbean

As for racial tensions, there are occasional flare ups between Blacks and East Indians. But for the most part, they all coexist peacefully.

Now, the thing is, black men in the island of Antigua, generally don’t pick up East Indian girls…which is typical throughout the wider Caribbean.

Ethnic/racial lines in dating [interracial dating] between Blacks and Indians are rarely ever breached in these parts.

I mean, men in general are scared shit to approach women of their own race and ethnic group. So you can imagine how far outside of the realm of reality it is for guys to try to breach ethnic lines in order to get laid.

This is largely why this particular East Indian girl [and others like her] whom I’d picked up on Facebook, had never fucked a black guy in her life…though she lives in a predominantly Afro-black region and had likely grown up having mostly black friends just by sheer demographics and numbers alone.

Apart from that, I want to tackle some pointers in hopes to offer a fix for those who desperately need it.

Firstly, there is inherently nothing special and different about Kenny.

Sure I’m a graduate of the underground schools of seduction with a doctorate in female-behavioral psychology. But that was learned, and not intrinsically instilled inside of me from the moment I emerged out the womb.

My ability and proficiency to seduce women from all walks of life, all ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds, was a diligent process, just as it is for any other guy who manages to master this art and mindset.

“Mindset” will make or break you.

Your mindset and limiting beliefs are responsible- 75% of the times- for why you fail to connect with women and fail to get laid.

It isn’t your fucking looks or lack thereof!

Your failure with women boils down to your poor-belief system.

A great example of this [poor-belief system] is guys who embody such talking points:

“I’m not her type”

“Hot girls only date guys with money”

“My looks matter to women”

“She wouldn’t date guys of my race”

“I’m too short”

“I need to get a good job or hit the gym in order to attract women”

“Girls are stuck-up and difficult”

Every preconceived excuse you harbor about women and dating is actually ruining your chances with women.

“Looks and Types” have been the biggest-fucking bullshit sold to men over the last 25 years by the media.

“Girls have types and they only fuck guys who fit their ideal type and criteria”.


Girls aren’t fucking guys based on their ideal types!

Girls are fucking guys based on the vibe and energy emanating from the guy’s being:





*Attitude [contrary to what you believe]




…and those are just to highlight a few.

It rarely ever has shit to do with looks and types in why a girl decides to or declines to spread her legs for some chap!

Hence, if you’re thinking that only if you were as good looking as that Adonis physique male model, chicks will begin to worship your cock, then I’m here to tell you that you’re fooling yourself in what you believe to work and what doesn’t.

I’m no damn black Brad Pitt in his heyday. But I still regularly snag and shag girls almost half my age whom you would consider to be way out of Kenny’s league.

That is because Kenny doesn’t operate within the frameworks of any league and looks.

I’m in every girl’s league!

That is the mindset I have and it should be yours too!

The mindset of winners! Rather than parading around trying to weasel your way into a girl’s party by hoping that she’ll take you on.

Whenever I come across or interact with a girl who gets my libido kicking, regardless of her race, age, status or social value, the furthest thing from my mind is how hot she is, racial and ethnic lines, leagues, types, my non-model looks, etc.

Winners in the game of POON don’t think that way.

When I approach a super-hot girl, whether online or in person, the dynamics I establish is that I am the one outside of her league [I’m in the majors while she’s playing in the minor leagues]. And she’s the one who needs to step up to my league by proving her qualification to me.

With the super-hot girls, you have to set such a hard frame of you being the one with higher value [aka the prize], simply because those super-hot girls are used to dealing with guys who have status, position, a name…in other words: BOSSES in their own field.

It is a foolish game to stroll along and approach such girls coming from a frame of scarcity, weakness, supplication and lesser value…hence why most guys aren’t cut out to be Pick-Up Artists, and why over 80% of those who do get into pickup, eventually lose steam, fail and are forced to quit on themselves within a year’s time .

The idea of cold approaching hot girls in order to generate instant attraction out of thin air, is just too complex and frightening for most guy’s fickle-belief system and warped reality to bear.

Coupled with the fact that most guys truly believe that women choose based on looks, money and types, you have a simmering recipe for disaster and continued lonely nights while jerking it to porn, or praying that one of your coworkers takes pity on you and eventually hooks you up with an ugly friend of theirs.

As for the young 25-year old East Indian Hindu wife whom we’d explored in this article, I have to remind you guys that this is the type of chick who gets hit up on Facebook 50 times a day by droves of thirsty-nice guys hoping to compliment their way into her undies.

Her Facebook resembles the below screenshot [it actually does as I nonchalantly requested to take a peek at her FB app while we were together].

C’mon- if hippos are enjoying male attention by having their chat inbox inundated by desperate men, you can imagine a girl who’s above a 7 on the proverbial-looks scale.

As for her marital status [married]; I’ve always held the POV that if a married woman decides to sleep with me, the perceived ‘moral injustice’ should not be place on my shoulders as a legally single man. Hence, I’ve never held any inner conflict about shagging married women.

They are fair game to me. And I’ve slept with more married women over the last 5 years than those who claimed they were single. 😯 😯

With the divorce rate in the western hemisphere at an all-time high, this shouldn’t come as a shocker to you since marriage holds little to no weight girls nowadays.

As for race, I’ve always said that race doesn’t mean shit! It doesn’t deter me from trying to seduce and sleep with a girl.

I’m no stranger by the way to sleeping with East Indian girls, while the average black dude doesn’t dare venture there because of limiting beliefs of insecurity in thinking that Indian girls just don’t dig black men because of religious and cultural customs.

Kenny on rendezvous last year with one of the many East-Indian chicks picked up
Kenny on rendezvous last year with one of the many East-Indian chicks picked up

All in all guys, what I wish to get across to you from my recent seduction of this East Indian hottie, is a basic message of how powerful it is when you utilize strategy over reckless abandonment.

There is no girl who is inherently out of your league but the ones you inadvertently place there by chasing them through pedestalization.

Sleeping with a random-hot stranger whom I cold meet on Facebook, isn’t some rare phenomenon for me. 

This is a weekly occurrence where I meet girls from scratch, generate massive amounts of attraction then have them desperately chase me for sex within 2 to 4 days. 😈 😎

If you’re having girls on Facebook ignore your messages; then you’re doing it wrong…which means you are over texting, sending too many messages and not allowing sufficient gaps in time for the girl to chase after you!

Remember: the hotter the girl, the more attention she gets from guys on social media blowing smoke up her ass.

You have to make yourself stand out from the crowd of clueless Beta-Males or else you’ll be treated like every other Beta-Male in the crowd: ignored, dismissed and deleted.

For more general to advanced insights and tactics on how to get laid often and easily with random strangers on Facebook, Grab a copy of “Facebook Bang, which I recently put on the e-market in December 2014.

BTW: Personally, I’m super attracted to East Indian girls here on island because they have this certain sexy swagger about them that I’ve yet to figure out and define.