Would You Go This Far To Get The Girl?

While browsing through my discarded stash of pick-up videos on Youtube, I came across this one which I thought would be pretty instructional in getting you guys into the right mindset to actually pursue women when the opportunity presents itself.

In this infield hidden-camera video, I met a chick who worked at a fast-food joint, then…anyway, watch the video for the details.

When it’s said and done, you will have learned a valuable lesson in “going for it”, even when the logistics look bleak and unfavorable.

Also how important it is to give the girl a random escapade.

How To Meet And Date A Hot Girl In 5 Minutes [Tom Torero Video]

I love this video from Tom Torero, the London PUA instructor, and also my buddy.

What you will learn mostly from this short video, is how to social vibe aka build a conversation.

Guys stalling out quickly and running out of things, is probably the most common stumbling-block when learning to meet random women.

This video from Tom T is a great example of how to carry a conversation that isn’t boring.

It also shows how you can and should suggest an instant date opposed to standing there chatting away.

Kenny’s Secret To Getting Dates Without Lifting A Finger (+ Infield Hidden-Cam Video)

My latest video, which was featured in my day-game documentary, features a date with a sexy-sophisticated MILF.

I reveal my super-secret method which enables me to get dates (often sex also) without even trying.

With my method, you literally shortcut the entire traditional-date process by not having to get phone numbers, no awkward phone calls, no texting necessary, no flakes and worries of being stood up, etc.


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