Would You Go This Far To Get The Girl?

While browsing through my discarded stash of pick-up videos on Youtube, I came across this one which I thought would be pretty instructional in getting you guys into the right mindset to actually pursue women when the opportunity presents itself.

In this infield hidden-camera video, I met a chick who worked at a fast-food joint, then…anyway, watch the video for the details.

When it’s said and done, you will have learned a valuable lesson in “going for it”, even when the logistics look bleak and unfavorable.

Also how important it is to give the girl a random escapade.

How To Meet And Date A Hot Girl In 5 Minutes [Tom Torero Video]

I love this video from Tom Torero, the London PUA instructor, and also my buddy.

What you will learn mostly from this short video, is how to social vibe aka build a conversation.

Guys stalling out quickly and running out of things, is probably the most common stumbling-block when learning to meet random women.

This video from Tom T is a great example of how to carry a conversation that isn’t boring.

It also shows how you can and should suggest an instant date opposed to standing there chatting away.

Kenny’s Secret To Getting Dates Without Lifting A Finger (+ Infield Hidden-Cam Video)

My latest video, which was featured in my day-game documentary, features a date with a sexy-sophisticated MILF.

I reveal my super-secret method which enables me to get dates (often sex also) without even trying.

With my method, you literally shortcut the entire traditional-date process by not having to get phone numbers, no awkward phone calls, no texting necessary, no flakes and worries of being stood up, etc.


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Another Instant-Date Pull In A Foreign Country On Saturday Afternoon; It Gets No Easier Than This

It gets no easier than this once you know the art of pickup.

While @ an outdoor bar joint this afternoon (Saturday), I pulled a girl at the same spot to an instant date @ the same spot.


Well I’ll explain later when I post the video.

But this is a few snap shots of the MILF whom I’d just picked up 30 minutes ago and taken on the instant date.

Both of us are tourists, so tourist game in effect again.

She’s from the island of Montserrat which is a British-controlled colony in the Caribbean.

Sitting across from her as she sips the Poweraid and down a fish burger

Sitting across from her as she sips the Poweraid and down a fish burger

The pickup was epic and you guys will learn a lot when I post the video of the date and how to generate instant attraction.

Stay tuned!

I’m killing this fucking city!

Instant-Date Pull @ The Harbor Of A 21 Year Old Who Has A Boyfriend

I’m tearing a new ass into this city/country which I’m only here for 3-days!

As a tourist, my tourist game is on like donkey kong right now.

Earlier while running Day Game, I spotted this chick at the harbor so I approached her and the rest was history.

We went to an instant-date spot but I wasn’t able to pull her back to my hotel.

However we do have plans for tonight (Friday).

This was actually 1 of the weirdest pickups ever.

I caught it all on camera so no need to worry.

I’ll be posting it, the pull, kiss, instant-date and so forth.


When Picking Up Foreign Girls- Bear In Mind…[Simon Spencer Infield Video]

Simon Spencer, seduction and pickup-dating coach out of England

Simon Spencer, seduction and pickup-dating coach out of England

This video is a great example of foreign girls not giving much and not being in tuned with the nuances of the English language.

This is actually the most difficult hurdle when trying to pick up and seduce girls who aren’t great at speaking and comprehending your language: they don’t quite get the punchline of a joke, their humor is off, social calibration is way off, etc.

While watching the video, I cringed after every statement made by Simon Spencer, the PUA coach showcased in the video.

The Russian girl whom he picked up particularly the 1st set), simply didn’t get the delivery of Spencer’s humor, hence she didn’t visibly react positively to his verbalization.

This sort of thing is very typical when chatting up foreigners who aren’t that good at speaking your language (whatever language that might be).

There are certain nuances and underlying triggers that only native speakers will recognize at an instant.

Hence, gaming foreigners on the surface, will look more challenging than gaming local girls…and for this reason- it is.

I mean, think about it from a comedian’s standpoint.

Delivering your best joke to a packed house and to then have not one person in the audience find it laugh-worthy.

This can be very disheartening and creates a negative-downward spiral.

With gaming foreign girls who aren’t that versed in your language, this will happen quite often where she doesn’t quite get the joke nor your humor.

Living in the Caribbean which is a tourist hub just as London or any other European hot spot, I often pick up lots of foreign girls and girls who aren’t that good at speaking/comprehending English.

What I like about Spencer’s approach as you’ll see in the video, he didn’t take the girl’s non-responsiveness to be an IOD (Indicator Of Disinterest).

He kept plowing and progressed the awkward conversation into an insta-date where he took the foreign girl for coffee right afterwards.

Saying all that to say, there will come instances where you’re chatting up a stranger, who might be of foreign origin, and your delivery and verbal game just aren’t able to click correctly in unison.

The girl doesn’t and cannot get the joke, the punchline nor the humor in what you’re saying.

It isn’t because she’s stupid. But the language barrier makes for an awkward conversation.

However, you want to interpret any non-responsiveness on her part as a positive sign regardless.

If the girl doesn’t seem to be engaged in the dialogue; don’t throw in the towel under the impression that she isn’t into you.

Often times when gaming a girl who isn’t good at speaking your language, most guys will misinterpret her slowness to react or non-responsiveness, as a sign of disinterest.

With a native speaker and someone who speaks/understand your language well; this might be the case that she just isn’t interested!

With a foreign girl on the other hand; the language barrier is likely the reason she isn’t all laughing and smiling during the conversation at the right moments.

By all means- PLOW anyway until you get the girl!

Though in my eyes this video was excruciatingly painful to watch (because of the girl’s lack of comprehension of English), Simon Spencer, being an experienced and advanced PUA, wisely kept at it until he pulled the Russian girl to an instant date.

Therefore, just because the girl isn’t doing back flips at the wittiness and charms which you hit her with, doesn’t mean she isn’t into you.

When she doesn’t give you much to work with, you create something out of nothing instead!

Cheers mate!

Pulling Sexy-Armenian Teen Girl To An Insta-Date: Tips On Tourist Game And Picking Up Foreign Girls

Perhaps the easiest way to get laid is by targeting tourists, travelers and nomads.

I’ve been running tourist game for many years now and have gotten laid a ton from it.

In this narration video, earlier in the week, while catching a bus to head across country (@ a tourist frequented area), I noticed a tourist-looking chick checking me out so I took that as an AI (Approach Invitation) and immediately called her over and chatted her up.

If you’d read my previous 4 articles, you will have known how adamant I am about Instant Dates and taking women out instantly.

This 18 year old Armenian from New York City was no exception so I led her on an insta-date within 15 minutes of chatting her up.

No phone #’s, e-mails or any of that indirect crap.

The thing is also when it comes to tourists, since they’re obviously traveling, they usually don’t have a working-mobile phone, so getting their phone numbers is a stupid move on any guy’s part…unless he plans on traveling half way around the globe just for a little poon…which is equally as stupid. 😯

Overall guys, what I want to share with you today is the exact points which I’ve been hammering to death throughout my last 5 articles:

1.) Women are never busy especially when out of the house!

2.) It’s 100 times easier to get random strangers on dates than to get to know them and do it the traditional route.

Literally guys- this is no joke- I pull about 3 insta-dates per week with complete strangers.

That ratio is about 3 in 4, meaning for every 4 girl I try to get on an instant date, I manage to get 3 of them to tag along (a portion leading to One-Night Stand sex).

No flakes, no headaches, no head-games, just strictly random dates with strangers and Same-Day Sex.

Another thing I want to address is the race factor.

I get a handful of e-mails from black and Asian guys wanting to know how to attract and seduce white girls.

My simple advice is always the same: women are fucking women!

There’s hardly any difference in picking up a white chick from a black one.

As long as she’s been westernized, then the game is practically the same all across the board.

It’s all about the mindset.

If you believe that white girls aren’t into you because you’re black, Indian or Oriental, then that’s your fucking problem for harboring such a loser’s mentality. 😦

When I approach a girl of anther race and ethnicity, I approach as though I’m the prize and I’m the shit and I’m bound to have her.

I don’t even see the racial divide.

Put me in a club filled with KKK Skinhead chicks and I guarantee I’ll pull a One-Night Stand out of there.

That is the frame and mentality you should have instead of beating yourself up crying about white chicks not liking you because of your race.

As long as you feel to yourself that you are irresistible to all women irregardless of race; then all women will treat you likewise and want to peel your goddamn clothes off.

Remember- girls want sex and girls want to be taken and whisked away in the arms of a guy who gets it.

As for the Armenian teenager from New York City featured in the infield clips, it’s indicative of how when you learn Pickup, you will begin to get more women than you know what to do with them.

Once you begin to get off your lazy ass and take Pickup/Seduction seriously, you will have been one of the chosen few for the simple fact that most guys are NOT picking up women on the streets like PUA’s do (hardly any other guy is doing it but a PUA).

Hence when I’m out and about, the streets, restaurants, bars and nightclubs are my proverbial playground with abundance of women in which to choose from while other men (97% of them) are watching from the sidelines and not participating due to limiting beliefs among other handicaps.

The drunk or high dude buzzing off of liquid courage who do decides to at least cat-call women; has no game nor understanding of women so he generally has to rely on luck to get laid off of cold approaching women.

When I approach total strangers, there is no luck factor in which I rely on.

My sheer will and aura gets me the girl. Likewise with the pickup of the Armenian chick. I spotted the girl, she flashed me a backwards glance and that was all the indication I needed to get her over here to begin the seduction process.

I recently put together a detailed document (.PDF format) on how to pull instant dates within minutes of meeting hot women.

I’ll be posting it for download in the coming days. It’s a comprehensive guide and absolutely the most instructive piece of document you will have ever read on getting dates and sex from dates.

In the meantime, check out the narrated video of the tourist-girl pull.

Also download my free e-book which details the entire process of picking up tourists and foreign girls with ease: “How to bang foreign girls”