Do Women Like Straightforward Guys?

One of the most commonly asked questions in Game: “Do women like men who are straightforward”?

Following my straightforward method of pickup via this kick-ass blog, the short and fast answer to that oft-asked question is a resounding “YES”!

My Game, Style, Method, Model, Approach is heavily based on being sexually forward with any and every woman: regardless of her creed, age, profession, attitude, race, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

With this chick here, we’d been friends on Facebook for some months now, but I’d never directly messaged her until few days ago.

I opened her (broke the ice) with a curiosity-loop opener that I’d taught you guys the other day. It’s an ambiguous statement that gets the girl’s brain engaged and working.

[My messages in blue]

Above screenshot: Remember a while back I talked about the use of “Kinda and Sorta” and their potency in seduction? Well, that’s why I said to her, “I ‘Kinda’ miss you”. By using “kinda”, it confuses the girl’s mind as she struggles to make sense of why you “kinda”, and not definitely miss her (as an example).

Screenshot above: every girl I hit on knows very well that I’m a ladies’ man, yet they still are attracted. πŸ™‚

Screenshot above: learn to incorporate the laws of contradiction into your Game! By telling her an obvious contradiction (that I’m not a straightforward guy) from what she knows of me, it does 2 things:

1.) Confuses her impression of me (I throw her off)
2.) It let’s me know if the girl has been paying attention to my vibe. I’ll explain later.

Clearly she isn’t buying that I’m NOT a forward guy, since she knows (from seeing my social-media posts) that I am ULTRA-forward!

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: as confirmed; she reads my statuses πŸ™‚ .Remember what I told you guys a while back: women read/see everything you do/post on social media! Therefore, if you post low-value chode shit, you would’ve already massacred your chances before even opening the girl via DM! Post high-value shit which I’d been encouraging you guys to do for months now, and the girl gets attracted before you even open/DM her. And this was the case with this HB. Before I’d messaged her, she had been checking out my posts for months prior. Remind you; she never commented. But that doesn’t matter! She sees my posts, because after all as I’d explained to you, women read/see everything you do/post!

Thus, she clearly knows that I’m as (sexually) forward and bold as they come!

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot above: I love using assumption lines because they make me appear sure of myself and sure of the process. That is another staple technique in my pick-up arsenal: Assume attraction! Assume that the girl is attracted to you, by making assumptive statements as I did above when I said to her, “Since we’re both sexy, and we both love to check out each other’s package…”. So, I assumed that we both were sexually attracted to each other, and that we both love to check out each other’s package. I totally have no proof of this (that she checks me out). But I assume it any fucking way because I know it would’ve served to make me appear confident in her eyes.

Additionally, such assumption lines plant seeds within the girl’s psyche, and they also set the frame early.

She went on to say that she isn’t easily had (or to be fucked). Why did she say that? Classic example of backwards rationalization in tandem with the desire of every girl to want to appear hard-to-get on some level. Side note: whenever a girl says she isn’t easy, it is usually a dead giveaway that she is SUPER SUPER EASY! πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

Now, when a girl tries to gain value and tries to put on this, “I’m not easy charade”; allow her to do so! (Falsely) agree with her just as I did below!

Screenshot above: (Falsely) convince her that you believe that she’s a challenge, just as I did when I rambled some bullshit about why I loved that she’s a challenge (which she’s not by the way).

Key note: have you notice that I never directly complimented her? Do you also notice that I never complimented her in any cheesy manner on her looks? However, I did compliment her (above) by telling her that she’s a challenge, and that she’s very perceptive and can read people. That is how you should (indirectly) compliment a hot girl! Never compliment her on her physical affectations neither looks. Instead, compliment her on character, behavior, attitude and those intangible qualities.

Moreover, I dropped a sexual spike within the compliment about her perceptive abilities, by telling her that the fact that she’s so perceptive is the reason why I want to get my penis inside of her vaginal walls. So, what did I do just there that was so telling, unique, unorthodox and powerful? I didn’t communicate to her that I wanted to fuck her because of her hotness, beauty and outer qualities. I told her that I wanted to fuck her based on something unseen and intangible: her perception abilities and the fact that she’s a challenge. By doing/saying this, I instantly separate myself from 99.9% of losers out there whose sole motivation for wanting to bang a chick is because of her hot body.

With that, I manage to further set myself up as a unique, original and uncommon chap.

Also, by demonstrating to a hot girl that her looks alone aren’t enough to make you want to shag her, it makes her self-conscious as she questions her attractiveness, while simultaneously placing such a guy [myself in this case] on a proverbial pedestal as an Alpha-Male who gets it…and gets laid.

I reiterate (from countless articles on this topic): if you were getting laid on a regular basis with numerous sexual partners, a girl’s looks alone won’t fucking cut it! Her looks alone won’t impression you since you’ve been there- seen and done that- and have been with countless girls of hotter quality. That is what happens on a psychological level whenever you refrain from kissing girl’s asses by lauding them with cheesy-ass compliments on their looks and body.

Anyway, so let’s see how she reaction to my declaration of wanting to get my pecker logged into her vaginal walls.

Screenshot above: Oh! She laughs! She must have liked it! πŸ˜† πŸ˜† All jokes aside, when you get a handle on this stuff, perfect calibration (timing, etc) comes naturally. You can almost predict on the dime, a woman’s response(s) to anything you would’ve said.

Anyway, so this continued to where she shortly afterwards sent me some nudes on her own volition.

Bear this in mind guys: I hardly ever ask girls for nudes.

They just voluntarily send them on (I’ve demonstrated this in various posts)!

Why does this happen (women freely send nudes without my request)?

Here’s the thing: every girl on social media gets asked for nudes by hordes of men on a daily basis.

The fact that you can demonstrate some restraint by not asking for nudes at all (or not right away), it sets you apart from every other guy who’s begging for nudes.

This alone (restraint from asking) will actually prompt the girl to sending nudes, as was the case with this chick.

Now here’s the caveat: you will have firstly needed to demonstrate that you’re a sexual and forward guy (just as I did), by dropping sexual innuendos, sexual spikes and so forth.

There’s no way in hell a girl will decide to send you nudes on her own volition (without you asking), from having a platonic, friendly, cute little conversation about the weather, her upbringing, schooling, siblings, career, etc.

That is where you go wrong, and why women aren’t sending you pussy pics with or without your request: you continually entertain and lead these bland, asexual conversations to the friendzone. And when you do try to ask for nudes, the girl rightfully gets weirded out and offended, then deletes and blocks you in 1 swoop!

Hiding your dick doesn’t fucking pay!

What do I mean by this?

Playing the gentlemanly bullshit charade where you ask girl’s 21 lame predictable questions to nowhere, will get you nowhere!

Women want men who are forward; guys who show their dicks…proverbially!

Every girl with whom I interact on social media or online-dating sites, expects me to be forward and sexual from the gate! And I am 100% of the time!

I never disappoint there!

You on the other hand, may say to yourself, “but Kenny, I try being forward and sexual but girls always reject me because of it”!

I can’t stress this point anymore than I have already, in that the reason women reject you whenever you go sexually forward, is because of you lack of self-assuredness which renders your entire approach incongruent and inconsistent with that of a guy who gets positive responses from women when forward.

Women are fucking sharks!

They can sense an insecure, unsure, wavering, non-confident wuss-bag from a mile away!

Your wavering on your declarations, statements and comments is what gives you away to women.

With that, how do you develop an unwavering, rock-solid, confident and convincing approach and vibe to being forward with women in any arena?

Through trial and error!

Through many failures and botched attempts!

That is first and foremost: you will fail and must fail!

Most guys under my tutelage, be they online or in person, are always flustered and stumped by the reality of quote-unquote failure when trying to get this pick-up and dating thing handled.

They don’t expect to fail. And whn they do fail- and they will fail- they’re quick to beat themselves up and subsequently throw in the towel on Game.

There’s no quick-fix for Inner-Game deficiency issues such as non-confidence and congruence in conveying to women that you’re the type of guy who deserves her time sexually.

With all that being said, conveying the (right) vibe to women boils down to how convincing you are.

How do you convey this state and frame of conviction in relation to being sexually forward with women?

Play the part of the guy who generally gets positive feedback from women whenever he’s sexually forward and bold.

You ought to realize that women (humans on a whole) are pack animals and followers of what they see, hear and sense.

If a woman SEES you flirting with other women in the bar or club, or sees you hugged up with a girl, she will naturally assume that you’re the type of guy who’s at home with this sort of behavior (having women in his life).

Likewise, if a girl HEARS that you’re a ladies man, or that you’re a womanizing pickup artist, she’ll assume those rumors as gospel, and will also likely assume that other women respond positively to your womanizing ways.

Thirdly, if a woman only SENSES that you’re the kind of guy who gets laid, and that you receive positive feedback from women because of this, she will take your forwardness in the positive…most times.

In my case, which of the 3 states is it: Sense, Hear or See?

Online for instance, the women I open, chat up and ultimately bed, sense, hear and see that I’m the type of guy who women respond to positively when sexually forward.

This is conveyed through my posts: photos of myself with women, my PUA-related content and general postings about dating and the sexes.

Therefore, whenever I hit that DM/inbox button, the girl already knows (through sight and hearing) that I’m congruent with rock-solid conviction in the words which come out of my mouth or through the keypad.

Women whom I cold message (without being friends) on Facebook for instance, still get this impression of me (that I’m convincing with my sexual forwardness) because of my vibe and rock-solidness upon the approach.

By the way, this is all cloaked in humor, and that is the key here.

Injecting humor into your sexually ballsy comments will tamper down any negative reaction the girl is likely to have.

Again- this all comes down to calibration and timing: the forwardness mixed in with humor.

You won’t get the timing exactly right on this until you have failed dozens of times and get your ass handed to you on a silver platter…dozens of time.

In pickup, we call this the flow state, or simply “in state”.

It takes practice and failure before getting the hang of it.

This reality is understood and accepted in every aspect of life, except when it comes to getting good with women, men want a magic-pill shortcut which doesn’t exist.

On that note, I want you to re-read this post and take note of the key pointers I outlined below each screenshot.

When you will have done that, over time, everything will click and gel together to where you no longer need to think but flow naturally.

On the question of “do women like straightforward guys”, the answer is a resounding yes!

However, positive reception of this “straight-forwardness is depended upon the guy’s frame, belief system and conviction. Those things affectionately known as one’s Inner Game.

Be Outlandish In The Game [Free Yourself From The Outcome]

In sticking with the theme left off from the previous post, I want to continue for a bit here on “freedom from outcome”.

I know we preach this semi-esoteric shit a lot in pickup: “Free yourself from external results”, but it is quite simple yet complex…yet simple…yet contradicting.

The truth is: no one can really free himself from an outcome when he’s actually seeking an outcome.

In other words; if you’re trying to sleep with a girl, you cannot really not want the girl yet get the girl to fuck you. So there must be some sort of attachment to the outcome.

However, what we teach you in pickup is that you should give off the impression that you aren’t attached to the outcome, and that you aren’t bounded by your expectations. Hence, you freely do what you want and say whatever you want, without fear of losing something (i.e. the girl).

Freeing yourself from the outcome is more of a mental hack than a tangible one.

Surely you want the girl, but you don’t need the girl!

That in essence is freedom from outcome (the outcome being getting the girl).

Interestingly enough, it is when you begin to play the part of someone free and detached from the outcome, that you will have realized and materialized your outcome into results.

Sounds zen-like and woo-woo! I agree! But it is sort of like the Law of Pareto, which basically states that the more work and effort you put into something, the less results you’ll see. The less work; the more results.

For instance, who gets the lofty pay raise and promotion on the job? Is he or she the person who busted his or her ass day after day, toiling for the company, striving to get shit done? Or is he/she the person who hardly does a thing on the job, doesn’t care less if the business fails or succeeds? Which one of these individuals is likely to get the pay raise and the promotion? The guy or gal who put in the least amount of effort/work.

That is the Pareto Law in a nutshell. And you can clearly see how applicable it is in Game and dating.


For example (in relation to Pareto’s Laws in dating): if you have to spend 10 minutes trying to craft and perfect the “perfect” text to send to the girl, then you’re essentially putting way too much effort into 1 text (and the girl)…which means that you are highly attached to an outcome.

Although you may believe that the more work and effort you put into the crafting of this text message will yield a better result- chances are- it won’t!

Contrarily, if you were a pick-up artist like myself who understands the law of least effort, you wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about perfecting a text message. Least effort and go!

Least effort will yield the most results most of the time.

The more convincing you are in giving women the impression that you are carefree, unattached and not giving 2 shits about her opinion of you, the greater your results will become in attracting women!

Conversely, if you give off the vibe (through text for example) that you need it to work, you need her response, or that you need the girl, then you are fucked!

This all flies in the face of logics: I know. But if you’re new to this genre of dating advice, then you are in for a rude awakening upon learning that the illogical is often times the logical approach in dating.

With that being said, freeing yourself from the external results by harboring a carefree vibe, will undoubtedly grab the attention of women.

A huge part of this freeing involves saying outlandish stuff to women that you would otherwise imagine to be an instant rejection.

I leave you with 3 random examples of recent interactions I had with 3 different chicks whom I recently picked up on social media.

This is just to give you a pertinent example of what freedom from outcome (with women) looks like.

With the following 2 screenshots, I was telling this chick that I’ve been storing up all this cum so that I could cum inside of her when we meet. We weren’t even sexting. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t care because I’m free from giving a shit!
[My messages in blue]

Following screenshot, I had messaged this married chick whom I thought resided on island, but was in Canada at the time. Again- married? Doesn’t matter! Be outlandish!

Remaining 2 screenshots were from last year where I’d messaged this 18-year old hottie.

Below, this chat was with another 18 year old whom I met months prior but never got to meet up again since she’s left for school.

Free from outcome!

I say what I want, do what I want, and women hardly ever get offended because they love a guy who’s untamed and wild.

Ever wondered why women fall so hard and easily for bad boy types? It isn’t their propensity to criminality. It is their unhindered vibe and inclination to say and do whatever they want in relation to the courtship of women.

Here’s the psychology in the form of a question: if you really wanted the girl, would you say such things to her?

Of course not!

Therein lies the magic of why this approach is so effective (saying outlandish shit to women).

This approach works just as great in person as I demonstrated in a recent video of mine (with cold approaches).

Also, videos from Julien and Todd on freedom from outcome.

Any question on the topic discussed?

Feel free to leave a comment.

10 Things I Don’t Care To EVER Ask A New Girl Whom I’d Picked Up

I just want to shed a little light on my frame when it comes to women I meet.

Certain things I just don’t do/say because they would make me feel and look low value.

Here goes!

“Do you have a boyfriend?

The boyfriend question is 1 of the lamest I could think of. I have no interest in knowing whether the girl is single or taken. I don’t ask, and she doesn’t tell. Even if she does tell, I absolutely never comment on it besides saying, “ok cool! I have a girlfriend…so we’re even now…and we have something in common”.

“Do you like me”?

The fact that she’s talking to me, and the fact that she’s even allowed herself to be picked up, says it all: that she likes me. No need to ask; I simply assume! Asking a new girl if she likes you (asking in the traditional sense) only goes to put on full display your lack of surety and lack of social intelligence. If you were a smart guy, you would know when a girl likes you or not, right? That’s what the girl may say to herself.

“How old are you”?

I have zero interest in knowing how long the girl has been on this planet. As long as she gets my sexual juices flowing and she’s over the legal age of sexual consent (and she likely is); that is all I’m concerned with as far as age goes. I NEVER ever ask girl how old she is. Women tell me! But I never ask!

“When was the last time you had sex”?

I don’t care! I don’t ask this question since it doesn’t do anything for me logistically. Not only that, but even if I were to ask a girl, “when was the last time you fucked”, do you actually think she’s going to be forthright and honest? Asking a girl when was the last time she fucked is tantamount to asking her what’s her number…i.e. “how many guys have you fucked”?

“How many guys have you slept with”?

A pretty dumb question, but believe it or not, this is a common questions that guys ask new girls within the first week of becoming acquainted. Why would a guy even care to ask this anyway? It’s not like if she admits to fucking 290 guys, that that would really dissuade you from wanting to becoming the 291st.
Sure you may think unflattering things about her. But you are not going to change your mind on lying down with her. And you are not going to suddenly change your mind from wanting to have her as your girlfriend. So why care to ask her #?

“What is your religion

Another common question that I care not to ask. I feel that guys ask this question eventually, because they don’t know what else to say/ask. And asking the girl if she’s religious, or if she has a religion, just seems normal and fair game during the pickup and post-pickup phase of the game. But in any case, I don’t care about a girl’s religion, spirituality or lack thereof. It has nothing to do with me getting my pecker inside of her snatch. A Muslim pussy feels just the same as an Agnostic or Christian pussy. I’m sure you know this already. ❓

“Do you have kids…and how many”?

Again- I don’t care about this. Whether she has 20 kids, 1 or none at all, it doesn’t change the level of physical and sexual attraction I have for the girl. It wouldn’t make me want to bang her less, discovering that she has kids. And don’t worry; if she has kids, she will surely not forget to mention it within no time. So there’s no need to ask.

“How’s your day”?

Do I really care about her day, how she’s feeling and what she’s done thus far for the day? NO!! Hence, I would never, nor do I ever send a girl a txt asking, “what are you doing”, or, “how’s you’re day”? Why not? Not only is it lame and generic, but her day has nothing to do with my day. What do I mean by that? Whether she responds with, “fine”, or “not so good”, her response isn’t going to change my objective of trying to meet up with her. So asking her about her day is a mute point.

“Was the sex good”?

If I manage to sleep with a new girl, the very last thing I would ask her is if the sex was good? I never ask women this question by the way. I assume the sale! I assume that she loved the sex! No matter how shitty my performance was, I always assume that she’d loved it! Asking a girl if she liked the sex, doesn’t only come off as unsure of yourself, but it also sub-communicates to the girl that you aren’t used to getting laid. It just shows way more confidence when you assume the sex was good, hence you don’t ask.

“What work do you do”?

Another oft-common question which gets you no closer to the lay than if you hadn’t asked her. I frankly have no genuine interesting in knowing what work any girl does. Therefore I never ask. I will eventually find out undoubtedly, simply because the girl will have volunteered this piece of information.

As is the case with virtually all 10 points cited above, women will tell me on their own free will, even if I don’t ask. They will ask me what work do I do? Then naturally, they will divulge the information on their work.

If you were to check back any post of mines which includes conversations between women and me, and you will never see me asking a girl about her work. It just doesn’t interest me!

These things are only somewhat meaningful if I were to want to date these women, or perhaps have them as my girlfriends. But even in such a case, I wouldn’t need to ask because the girl would’ve volunteered those details from day 1.

All in all, I chose not to bring up any subject which doesn’t facilitate my chances of getting inside of her panties.

Note: The list is subjected to revision and update.

You Don’t “Need” The Girl!

​Whenever guys contacts me through Master Seducers or my personal FB, seeking game-related advice on how to get a specific girl, their mindset is almost always the same: “I ‘NEED’ the girl.

“NEED” the girl.

“NEED” being the operative word, and also the reason why most guys fail to ever get the girl. 

You don’t fucking NEED the girl! 

You don’t NEED it to work! 

The verb to “NEED” is the reason why the vast majority of men can’t get laid. They approach the girl (and the situation) as though she’s a trophy whom they must ardently fight to win…because they NEED the trophy (i.e. the girl). So whenever I give guys game-related advice in relation to a question asked, I first ensure to break the disappointing news to them that their approach is already fucked by saying “I NEED the girl”. 

Thinking/saying that you NEED the girl will ultimately screw with your game and your results. 

You don’t NEED the girl! 

You ‘WANT’ the girl!

Here’s a guy who had contacted me this morning via my Facebook page.

I enjoy advising guys who are just getting into the fray of pickup.  But they must first have their minds in the right place and not view any 1 girl as a trophy.