The Unfairness Of Women Who Cheat

I have tons of screenshots which I’ve taken on the months, most of which strike me as hilarious and telling. I wish to post them just to get rid of those image files taking up massive amounts of space on my mini SD card.

Anyway, so this chick whom I was hooking up with for almost 9 months now, discovered that her BF was cheating on her with his ex.

What does she do?

She plays the victim card, quite naturally since her BF doesn’t know that she’s been screwing me for almost a year, and she turns around and stabs him…literally.

[My texts in green]

She’s hurt because her BF cheated on him. Yet she’s been cheating on him with me…but it’s nothing.

Oh well.

Cheating Girlfriend Turns Stalker…Part II

Since meeting and hooking up with the girl spoken of in the previous post, a process which took no longer than 4 days might I add [from pickup via FB to sex], things have turned for the worse.

In what way you may ask ❓

Well- she’s becoming clingy: very clingy.

“Clingy” is a pleasant way to put it. In common jargon: she’s a fucking pest!

Now, it’s quite understandable for others to surmise that perhaps I’m being melodramatic here with colorful descriptions such as clingy and pest. But a huge part of the discontent on my end comes down to personal likes, dislikes and boundaries.

If a girl rings me more than twice a day, I’m liable to become very irritated as I begin to feel somewhat stifled and claustrophobic, and as though I’m being watched with tabs being kept on me.

Additionally, and more in relation to the girl here, after I would’ve hooked up with a chick, the excitement and novel feelings wane for the most part.

Essentially, the game is over.

In such a case, I prefer to then settle into a more quasi-traditional role where nothing spectacular happens.

In other words: booty-call and that’s it.

Nothing irks me more than when a girl pushes for more than what I’m willing to bargain for.

Sounds like I’m beating around many bushes and speaking in riddles, right?


Anyway, so this chick became super clingy since we hooked up once.

She had since re-added me on Facebook, she has me on Whatsapp, IMO and numerous other platforms to say the least.

If she can’t reach me by telephone, she sends me a bunch of frikkin’ text messages, she messages me on Facebook, video-calls me on IMO, etc.

This is overbearing!

Other guys would love this! The average guy would salivate at the idea of having a girl chase him, call and text him ’till infinity!

I on the other hand instantly feel a sense of crowdedness.

This shit gets real old real quick.

Furthermore, I just want to quickly touch on the “hooked” factor in relation to sex.

There’s a general misconception by large numbers of men out there, who hold the notion that a girl gets hooked to a guy because of his sexual prowess and how good he fucks her in bed.

This is absolutely FALSE as I’ve been preaching for years!

I regularly get subjected to the nagging conversations between the boys at the barbershop on weekends, conversations which include ideal proclamations such as the following:

“Man, if I ever get my hand on that girl, I would smash her so good, she’ll be knocking on my door everyday, hooked on the dick”!

I laugh because these guys literally have no clue as to what keeps girls hooked and turned into stalkers.

It isn’t about how good you fuck the girl. But existential factors which have very little to do with sex.

Case in point, had you read part I of this 2 part series, I mentioned that I “half-ass” banged the girl while back at my place.

“Half-ass” denotes a mediocre and lackluster performance, right?


My performance that night ranked arguably the worst of all time, aided by the fact that she wasn’t enjoying it herself.

Now, with that being said, why has this girl now turned into a clingy stalker since our first and only sexual encounter was a joke?

Again- it had nothing to do with sex.

Getting a girl hooked on you is a psychological thing, and rarely ever boils down to the mere physical such as sexual performance.

As a guy, you may be led to believe it’s mere sexual. But that is because you’re not lending credence to the other things you might have been doing right.

Here’s a look at the chat log between this cheating girlfriend and me. This was days later down in the month of May since we hooked up. This was also upon receiving numerous phone calls from her #, and a slew of calls from an unknown number…which was from her 😦 [my texts in green]


The deal was, she wanted us to go to the beach together, so that’s why she asked if I still had my friend’s vehicle.

The thing is though: “why”?

“Why should we go to the beach”?

“You’re not my girlfriend”!

“What would be the point”?

Those are the questions I asked myself, which I wanted to scream at her.

She kept persisting about the beach thing. So much so that she even rang me to try to come to some accord in her favor. 😯

I ignored her messages and phone calls into the following day.

The reason she wanted to go to the beach with me was to have sex in the water.

Generally, I wouldn’t mine such a proposal. But not after having slept with the girl.

In any case, I don’t take light to girls bugging me, calling me and texting me for whatever reason.

Do I lose respect for a girl once I sleep with her?


I’ve stated many times in the past on this website that there is no such thing as whores and people who cheat.

IMHO, because a girl sleeps around doesn’t deem her valueless. I have way more respect for a girl who is sexually liberated and doesn’t make a guy wait weeks, months and years, than a girl who intentionally drags out the inevitable just to try to make herself look valuable.

What I don’t like are girls who get attached and clingy.

As for girls with boyfriends; I have no qualms sleeping with them, nor do I hold the opinion that it is unethical in any way.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize that once you become skilled in the art of picking up women, no 1 girl becomes more important than the next chick.

The vast majority of guys lose sight of things once they manage to get their dick wet.

They begin to fetishize, idolize, pedestalize and cherish the girl for no good reason, simply because she spread her legs for them.

Soon after, the guy becomes ultra-clingy, needy and stalkerish.

This sort of reaction, in turn, turns women off.

If you want to turn a girl into a stalker (which I don’t) after you would have banged her, you have to treat her derisively, dismissively and coldly.

Not every girl I sleep with turns into a stalking pest.

Most times it depends on how I play it, the frame and other existential factors.

Cheating Girlfriend Turns Stalker…Part 1

“There’s no such thing as cheating”!

Two weeks back, I picked up a random hottie on Facebook, a girl who lives about a 10 minute drive away from my area.

Side note: I guess by now it’s no secret that I pull lots of ass in succession via Facebook.

Anyway, not surprising, this girl has a boyfriend. But that never stops a girl from sleeping around does it ? ❓

Within 5 minutes of messaging through Facebook, I managed to attract her (to my vibe and bad-ass personality), we exchanged numbers with the plan in mind to hang out sometime in the coming days.

The key here guys, as I’ve been preaching ad nauseum, whenever you number close [get a girl’s #], always ensure that the girl knows the deal, that you aren’t grabbing her # just for the fuck of it, instead to meet up, hang out, go out, whatever.

Too many guys still make the mistake of securing girl’s numbers as some sort of psychological trophy, when the # is merely just the beginning, while guys are treating it as though they had visited poon-town.

Additionally, if you grab a girl’s # without clearly stating to her that the reason is to meet up ASAP, she will assume what she’s been accustomed to assuming her entire life: “He simply wanted my number just to talk or text sometime”.

Do you want her # just to talk and text?

I sure fucking don’t!

Hence, always ensure that you relay to her (while getting the #) that this is about meeting up.

Okay, so once this girl and I swapped numbers the very day I friend requested her on Facebook, my plan as usual was in motion: to meet up for a bite/drink, or meet up @ my place for “Netflix & Chill”, 😉 otherwise dubbed: “Netflix and Sex”

With this girl however, it was trickier than expected.

I absolutely never meet up with girls during the afternoons, simply because I’m a night person I guess.

However, her weekday evening schedule was such that she couldn’t manage to make it out the house because her boyfriend works in the evenings. So the only how we would’ve been able to meet up was if she comes by me between the hours of 12 pm and 5 pm…on weekdays that is.

Another challenge presented itself, but on my end: on weekdays, there’s no guarantee that I would be home until about 4 pm. And that would effectively be too late to meet up.

Be as it may, I rolled the dice on a Friday afternoon where we planned to meet up @ my place around 12 lunchtime. So I ditched some work I was doing and went home to get shit in order for the rendezvous.

Twelve noon went and came, 1 o’clock went and came, and the girl was a no show.

She texted me and we had the following exchange as to the delay [her texts in white].


Basically, she was running errands for her mother. 😦

“Soon come” but she never came.


Since it’s a weekday (though it was Friday), I kind of knew that meeting up in the evenings was out of the question since she told me that her boyfriend works from the evening, and she’ll have to stay home to babysit their toddler. So that was the big dilemma as to why she couldn’t just meet up with me, even though her boyfriend wasn’t to be home.

She decided to ring me so we could hatch a plan of some sorts for the Friday night.

We talked about the possibility of her sneaking out with the baby, essentially bringing the baby along with her to my place. 😯 😯

Plan B was for her to look a sitter so that we could meet up.

We discussed that over the phone before resuming text conversation.

One of her concerns was that if and when she does sneak out to stay with me for the night, she wanted to ensure that she was able to shower.

Why the hell not?

I assured her that she could shower by me.

In fact, she doesn’t even have to hitch a cab.

“I’ll pick you up”! [Text log below. My texts in green]


Generally, I don’t drive unless I TOTALLY have to. Though this wasn’t a matter of compulsion, I borrowed a friend’s car for the night just for this mission. So the plan was set in motion: drive to her address and she will meet me outside, we drop the baby off at her girlfriend’s house then head to my pad.

It gets tricky though as things progressed.

The 2nd attempt at meeting up was supposed to happen before 9 o’clock PM but things were looking shaky.

According to her, her boyfriend became suspicious as to why she was packing the baby’s bag as if he or she were to sleep out that night.

“Damn girl! You have to be more careful than that”! I said to her over the phone.

At that point, I had already driven to her area but was told to stay put for a few minutes since her boyfriend was still home, lurking around trying to get answers.

She came up with the excuse that she was going by a girlfriend’s for a bit, so that’s why she was packing the baby and heading out in the first place.

The boyfriend didn’t buy it at all!

He was supposed to be at work from about 6 pm and it was close to 9 pm and he was still home trying to get to the bottom of things.

Meanwhile, I was parked up in the dark at a nearby high school, waiting for some answers, and hoping that shit doesn’t go any further South than they have already.

We were supposed to meet up since 12 noon the Friday, and it was 9 PM the Friday and still having complications.

The boyfriend abated and decides to leave the house…according to what she told me over the phone.

The high school is virtually a bloc away from her apartments, so she rang my phone, asking if I spot a guy in a certain description headed towards my direction.

“Nope. I didn’t see anyone of that description”.

No one was on the road near the high school for that matter.

She didn’t trust that her boyfriend really went to work. But that he’s possibly outside lurking to see where she goes…if she does leave.

Minutes later, I was becoming more restless and antsy.

She didn’t want the boyfriend to see her getting into some strange car parked on the side of the road. So that compounded to the fear.

Oh well- she made a run for it anyway!

Here she comes with baby in hand to meet me parked up by the high school.
[The chat log on the right side. My texts in green. Hers in white.]


We dropped the baby off at her friend’s, stopped off at a fast-food joint to get some pizza then headed to my spot for the rest of the night.

“Holy crap”!

Now that was a head rush!

What a huge risk to take, huh?

The extent to which a woman is willing to go just to cheat on her boyfriends is remarkable!

This chick was so comfortable at my place, not only did she fall asleep, but I had hell trying to get her ass to wake the fuck up! So much so that while trying to wake her, I was posting to Facebook in real time about kicking girls out after sex, and how there was this girl in my bed who didn’t want to get up.

Females on Facebook were even weighing in…in defense of me kicking her out nevertheless. 😆 😆


After successfully kicking her out after 1 AM, the Saturday morning. 🙂


The primary reason I wanted to, and ultimately kicked her out, was because I wanted to hit up the bar to run some night game and get some phone numbers.

Yea- lame right?

Therefore, having this chick at home in my bed, was in essence fucking up my plans.

Other guys- those who lack options- would die for the opportunity to have a girl want to sleep over.

A master pickup artist doesn’t put pussy on a pedestal…especially after he would’ve slept with the girl.

At the end of the day guys, hopefully you would’ve realized a theme that I push around these parts for years now:

Relationships mean very little to women.

Present a woman with the right set of circumstances and the right kind of guy, and she will fuck him regardless of her relationship status.

If a guy’s girlfriend hasn’t cheated on him yet, it isn’t so much that she’s against the idea of sleeping with another guy.

It may very well boil down to the fact that she hasn’t met the right guy yet who has the persuasive skills to get her to want to cheat on her boyfriend.

Hence, it is rarely ever the case that your girlfriend loves you so much that she will never cheat. Instead, she hasn’t come across a master seducer such as myself who knows how to instant sweep her off her feet by giving her that feeling of being desired and wanted.

Additionally, 98% of the women I slept with over the last 10 years, all had boyfriends or were married.

Let those statistics marinate in your system for a bit.

Stay tuned for part II.

Hooking Up With British East-Indian Hottie Teacher On The Day3

Interesting field report about a British chick- a preschool teacher- whom I’d picked up and banged about 4 weeks ago.

The back-story behind how we met was super interesting.

I went to pick up my daughter one day from preschool and the British teacher said to me, “Your daughter is very adorable”.

In my head, I took that to mean she was trying to say she wanna have my baby…preferably an adorable one also 😉 😆 .

Anyways, I got on the case right away and picked her up (got her #) and slept with her about 2 days later.

By the way, she has a boyfriend (as almost all women do), so we kinda went our separate ways after hooking up that one time.

That’s what I love about screwing girls with boyfriends. Because of their situation, they don’t often find themselves getting clingy and needy.

They just fuck on the side and let it be.

Anyway, so today, about 4 weeks since meeting her @ the preschool and hooking up with her, I went to pick up my daughter and bumped into the British teacher again.

She sort of gave me some hints that she was open to hooking up again.

In confirmation of this hunch of mines: she asks for my # so she can hit me up on Whatsapp…which she did a bit earlier today as the chat-log below will indicate.

Anyway, so she hits me up earlier after she’d bumped into me while picking up my daughter from preschool.

By the way, she’s a very adorable chick [more facial adorability than sex appeal since she doesn’t have the sexiest bod], 25 years young, super intelligent, of East-Indian descent (probably mixed with something else).

As I write this post, she’s on her way over to my spot for round 2 [the D2] after I’d finished up having a solo drink @ the lounge.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]






Stay tuned for an interesting post on the topic.

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