How Buying Penis Pill Helps Your Game

Guess what I bought @ a lounge last night?

Some dick pills! Well- at least 1 dick pill I should say.

This thing cost me $25 bucks in Eastern Caribbean currency which is equivalent to roughly $10 US.

The bartender chick tried to secure the purchase with confidentiality as if they were something to be ashamed of.

I’m like, “Girl! Just gimme the goddamn dick pill and quit making this shit look like I’m purchasing some elicit drugs”!

I guess in a way it is the taboo nature of society, because I know lots of guys who are jittery about even purchasing condoms openly.

However, this isn’t an Alpha thing to do [cowering to social pressure].

A trait of being an Alpha-Male [a true man] is desensitization to what people say and think about you and the things you do.

No one is 100% desensitized to being looked upon negatively [unless you’re autistic]. But myself for instance, border on the 90% line of being desensitized to possible negative feedback about what I do and what I say.

When dealing with women, desensitization to the negative things they may surmise and blurt out, will help your game tremendously!

I’m going out on a limb to say that the greatest yet most subtle thing that hampers guys chances of getting laid, is worrying about what others think/say, and also getting derailed by things which women say during the interaction.

How many times have you been at a bar, club, function or party, wanted to approach a girl but you chicken out because you were concerned about what people will think about you cold-approaching strangers.

Moreover, you chickened out because of the social anxiety and fear of being rejected under the prying eyes of strangers.

In addition to that, guys blow their chances from the get-go by getting discouraged and thrown off their game whenever the girl says or does something off-script.

Basically- guys are working with feelings and emotions.

I see this happen all the time where guy tries to chat up girl [even online], girl blows him off and guy gets all defensive or simply self-eject/bail.

In order to have a successful run at banging lots of girls, you have to fucking let go of the ego!

You have to become desensitized to bullshit! And I mean that in a general sense!

This is a whole lifestyle altering proposition here.

Every little thing you do should reflect across the board.

A bit confused?

Allow me to explain.

When I first started out in pickup, just as every other guy, I was hyper-concerned about every little thing women say, and how I was going to be seen and perceived by others.

How did I break out of this socially stifling cage of worrying about how I’ll be perceived by others?

I did the uncomfortable!

I mass-subjected myself to anything that would normally cause trepidation and social anxiety for the average person…even if I had to come off a bit obnoxious.

I would enter a pharmacy or crowded grocery store and ask aloud: “Do y’all sell condoms”!? 😯

Everyone’s head would turn as I utterly defied social norms.

It isn’t normal for a guy to announce that he’s in search of condoms.

This is generally a taboo thing for men. We expect confidentiality and privacy when it pertains to the purchase of condoms, other contraception, dick pills and so forth.

Most guys get ultra-sensitive and cagey about these things.

However, the more one subjects himself to these uncomfortable situations, the more desensitized he becomes.

Hence, last night while lounging at the bar on a Tuesday night, noticing some packets of dick pills, I felt no hesitation in inquiring about it to the bartender chick.

As expected; she was shocked that a guy would be so open about wanting to purchase those enhancers.

Usually, as far as what she said to me, guys would nervously hover around the bar counter waiting until a male bartender gets nearby to then secretly ask about the pills.

They would then make a secretive transaction/purchase and the guy would covertly stuff the packet into his pockets and sneak off.

Therefore, I was the first male, according to the female bartender, who ever approached her about the penis pills, let alone to buy it openly.

Again- I’ve desensitized myself to social pressure, social anxiety and social fears through these sorts of insignificant challenges [as I subjected myself to years ago].

If you suffer from severe-social anxiety, your quasi-cure may just very well come down to challenging yourself by subjecting yourself to what would normally be deemed “uncomfortable”.

Lastly, I am not advising you to “lock off”- your brain that is- from social cues and what is happening around you.

Be aware of what is happening around you! But don’t let them negatively affect your state and purpose: which is to become that Alpha-Male with little inhibitions.

At the end of the day, desensitization to these things will help your game because you no longer get derailed by things of minutia and triviality.

Put Out Of Commission – Setback To My Lay-Count

Years back, I wrote a controversial article- which ironically- is the most read on this website:

Why you’ll regret banging that virgin girl.

Basically, 1 of the bullet-point of that article was how sleeping with a virgin may do more harm than good…particularly because her vagina would not have ever been penetrated. So the hymen [a protective linen inside the vaginal canal of a virgin], as it is being broken away by penile penetration, may cause some erosion of the outer layer of the penis…i.e. the head.

In plainer words: the head of your cock may get bruised by the tightness of the vagina itself.



That is the primary reason why I don’t do virgins…apart from the other significant turnoffs such as lack of sexual experience, tears, stop-and-go, bleeding, etc.

Shagging a girl who’s a virgin is at times akin to fucking a pussy which has sandpaper coated along the walls of her vagina.

It can be treacherous upon the dick!

In the moment of sex while the adrenal cortex is releasing its stuff; you won’t actually feel (much) pain or irritability as the guy.

However, it is days later when the sores, bruised and markings of fucking a tight vagina will have appeared.

A virgin vagina is like a non-lubricated vagina.

Now, try shoving your cock into a dry pussy just to give you a greater sense of what it’s like to shag a virgin who’s tight down there.

Ok, so why all the talk about virgins?

Did I happen to shag a virgin who put my ass out of commission…sexually?


However, I did recently sleep with a girl who was extremely tight and dry below.

Some weeks ago, I managed to sleep with a girl whom I’d been eyeing for some time now.

I was urged to wear a condom so I did just that.

Somewhere along the way of intercourse as she climaxed, her vaj ran dry so she grabbed the KY jelly for some artificial lubrication.

Note: For those who aren’t that sexually experience, after a girl will have came, her vagina usually dries up…though not completely.

It is the equivalence to a guy blowing his load then having a limp dick immediately afterwards.

Anyway, so I made her cum, she came but I continued fucking her doggy style- trying to climax myself. 😦

The lubricant only managed to fucking dry the vagina out even more.

Something about artificial water and oil based lubricant that makes the sex more rough and it creates a bigger strain of the phallus opposed to providing for a smother ride.

At that point, the head of my cock was already feeling a tab bit irritated from the friction of the lube, dry vagina and the condom itself.

I took the fucking condom off and began to penetrate her raw.

I managed to cum…I think, but my cock was feeling a bit tender as I was pounding away inside of a dryish hole for about 25 minutes.

As I touched on earlier, because of the adrenaline and hormonal flow in the body, irritability and pain will not have been piercing right after sex.

Days later however, the affects of it became apparent as the head of my cock wore minute lacerations to show for sex nights ago. Not only on the head itself, but the supporting skin below the shaft was also bruised up with minor breaking.

Ok, so that’s the bad news here: my dick is sore, swollen, bruised up, and every time I take a piss, the residual urine usually burns the living daylights out of me! 😯 😯

I’m even hesitant as hell to take pisses now…just because it burns so much whenever urine droplets get into the bruises! 😆 😦

It’s the 3rd week and I’m unable to have sex without pain…so I just refrain from sex altogether to try to heal myself.

What really irks me is that since this unfortunate incident which has me out of the sex game, I’ve lots tons of opportunities for sex with other and new girls.

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡

This is 1 of the great dichotomy of life, where when you’re able and ready to handle certain tasks, opportunities infrequently present themselves.

Contrarily, when you’re out of commission and just not able to tackle anything, that is when life hurls all the opportunities in your face…when you’re ill-equipped to act. 😦

Thus is my current dilemma.

I had the chance for sex with new girls on about 5 different occasions since my debility.

Though I abhor dates: girls who were flaking on me prior, all of a sudden wanted to go out.

It’s as if they sense for some odd reason that I cannot fuck them, so they now want to entertain the idea of going on a so-called date.

Is this bad karma fucking me or what!?

I’ve even had to defer/decline a business offer by my boss which would have allowed me to travel to another Caribbean island on behalf of the company that I work for.

I had already ran my online-game gambit and met 3 girls from that undisclosed island who were DTF as a muthafucker!

You can check out a video of mines where I outlined such a strategy to getting laid while traveling.

Therefore, I felt that it would’ve been a gross waste of time to go on the trip and not been able to fuck any girls [hope my boss doesn’t find this post 😉 ].

In the meantime, I’ve been using 2 brands of ointments including vaseline before I go to bed.

The jury is out on whether they’re actually working or not. But I can’t say that I see a difference as far as healing is concerned.

I objective is to get the cuts to dry out.

However, how is that possible when the ointments and bathing water keep the scrapes fresh and moist?

Either I’ll have to not bathe at all for about 2 weeks or get a protective cup for my dick whenever I bathe so that it doesn’t get wet…which makes for a stinky dick. ❓

As I ponder solutions and ways to get healed As soon as possible, sex is passing me by with every twinkling of an eye!

I’ve even had to flake a girl [stand her up] earlier in the week due to my dick disability. 🙂

Remember the Canadian MILF I wrote about just days ago?

Well, I had to forfeit pursuing the lay altogether.

She had wanted me to stop by her place but I flaked out after agreeing.

I’m not in the business of hanging out for hanging-out sake.

Anyone who has some tips on how to get this remedied, feel free to drop them in the comment section of the post.

Going Hard On My Oral/Dental-Care Regimen

Seduction and a decent set of teeth should go hand in hand…though not a prerequisite.

I cherish my teeth, but I don’t do enough to care for them.

Over the past year, I’ve been experiencing some tooth-enamel issues and brittleness on the inner surface of my lower teeth.

Simply brushing 3 times a day [as I do] and flossing religiously [as I do], just doesn’t seem to cut it for me.

It is for this reason I am now ramping up by regimen by embarking on a tooth-restoration regimen [re-mineralization] starting from today.

Personally, I am very paranoid at the thought of losing teeth. Such paranoia has always spurred me to action.

Presently though, I have all my natural teeth and never had an issue with loose and shaky teeth to date.

I’m grateful for that.

Being a candy, sweets and junk-food fanatic, I’m actually surprised that I even have a teeth left. 😉 😉 😆


At the supermarket salivating over these cookies

Credits to my already well-exercised practice of rinsing after every drink and meal, I’m able to ward off lots of unwanted-dental issues such as cavities and toothaches [I’ve never had a toothache as an adult].

Ok, I have no business giving tips on oral care, but I’ll share a few pointers which I’ve been adamantly adhering to over the past 12 + months.

I drink a fair amount of coffee.

As you would’ve known, coffee and some tea, are notorious for the discoloration [browning] of the teeth.

Now, I don’t have pearly whites, but I neither have discolored and stained teeth from drinking coffee and tea.

My secret?

I simply rinse my mouth with plain water after every cup I drink.

Not an hour later. But 60 seconds after taking the last swig of Joe.

I do the very same exercise after I drink anything [except water]: coffee, tea, juice, koolaid, beers, etc.


Post-breakfast snack

Primary reason is to rinse away the sugars, which help to erode teeth by attracting bacteria which attach themselves to the residual sugar from foods and juices.

Apart from rinsing immediately with plain water after every drink, every now and then, I would pop a sugar-less gum which also serves the same purpose to rinse away residual sugars.

As someone who downs more soda than a fat kid at a picnic, this regimen has been a lifesaver…or teeth-saver to be more precise.


Green crush soda alongside an Apple Vodka cocktail

On an ordinary day, I usually drink 3 bottles of soda [breakfast, lunch and dinner]…just so you know. 😯

The acids and ridiculous amounts of sugar in soda, do a great job at eroding teeth.

Simply rinsing after every drink is a great solution.

Therefore, it isn’t that you shouldn’t drink sodas anymore. Only that you should ensure that you take post measures to rinse or chew a sugar-free gum afterwards.

Chewing Hard Candies, Hard Foods And Crunchy Stuff

This is a practice that I’ve since cut out over a year ago [wantonly chewing].

Chewing and biting down on hard stuff, as you could imagine, can potentially chip and fracture a tooth…or more than 1.

I used to eat popcorn like a fowl.

The un-popped kernels would sometimes get stuck in my teeth from how hard I would clamp down on those suckers.

I used to do the same with ice.

Those things I do no more…thanks to an article I’d read over a year ago which spoke about fractured teeth due to chewing down on hard and crunchy stuff such as ice, popcorn, hard candies, corn chips and so forth.

Therefore, if you’re having issues with loose or cracked teeth, it may very well be the stuff you eat and chew down on as I mentioned above.

Since I do still enjoy eating the above-mentioned stuff [like corn chips], I actually avoid crunching down on them hard. Instead I gently chew.

As for chewy stuff that get stuck in teeth [such as gummy and soft candies], I simply don’t chew them at all whenever I do eat them…which is often.

Chewy-chocolate bars, whenever I do eat 1 (which is also often), if I can’t brush right afterwards as when I’m on the road, I would buy a stick of gum to chew on in order to get the molten-carmel gunk and peanuts bits out of the molar teeth.

It’s all about taking immediate steps and precautionary measures before and after the fact.

I’m not a proponent of ‘quitting certain foods’.

I’m a believer in eating whatever the hell you want.

Doing so isn’t the problem.

It is actually what you do afterwards (or fail to do) that will determine what happens.

In the meantime, to treat my brittle-teeth issues, I will start to rinse with natural-sea salt, at least twice a week.

It is said that sea salt helps to harden and calcify the teeth, and it is commonly used in China for centuries as an oral-care remedy.

Living literally 100 yards from the lagoon seashore on the island, I decided to scoop me up a bottle of sea water.


Scooping up a bottle of sea water in the lagoon

It works just as great as the raw-sea salt diluted in water…which is the same thing here in essence.

Then there’s a tree called Moringa, dubbed “The Tree of Life”, which is native to Africa and Asia…however found in the Caribbean, Central and South America also.


Organic Moringa

It is said to cure everything: from cancers, HIV, diabetes, balding, graying to simple aches and pains.

This thing is well sought after by scientists, chemists and those in the pharmaceutical and medicinal industries.

It is said to have 7 times the Vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the VA of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, etc, etc, etc.

It is also said to be able to purify unclean water INSTANTLY by simply dropping 1 of it’s pods into the contaminated water [this technique is used throughout Africa to purify water].

I picked me a small branch yesterday whereas to eat raw throughout the day.


Few small branches I’d picked on the road last night

The entire tree: its stalks, buds, branches, barks, leaves and rowed seeds, can be eaten as is, brewed as a tea or grounded into a powder.

The tea has been drunk in India for over 4,000 years as a medicine. So why not try it?

My aim here is to hopefully halt, reverse and or cure the brittling issues I’ve been having with my teeth over the past 12 months.

We’ll see how it goes.

Socialkenny’s 3 Lame New Year’s Resolution For 2014

I hate doing these sort of posts simply because they’re too generic and every other blogger, irrespective of the genre, writes these boring posts.

Well- I guess it’s time for me to join the lame bandwagon! 😉

Generally, I have 1 New Years Resolution, and that is to economize and learn to save money, particularly for those rainy days.

I have a spending habit…a real bad one!

I take shopper-holic to another level. A huge sucker for buying what I don’t need nor want.

It gets so critical, that there are times (in the past) when I would spend an entire pay check in a 3-day weekend of strictly partying and clubbing.

Thank heavens I have 2 kids now, so I can’t afford to be as reckless and whimsical as I used to be prior to 2010. So partaking in having kids definitely curtailed my band-spending habits.

Therefore, without any surprise, my oft-repeated New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to economize, prioritize and to grow my personal-savings account again (which has been depleted as I would withdraw wads of cash just to party).

However, there are 3 little novel yet crucial resolutions I had to throw in the mix.

2.) Gain about 25 lbs.

I’ve always been a lanky, athletic-built guy (skinny growing up). Currently, I’d say that I’m 6’3, 180 lbs. the most. That’s a great build by the way, but I always wanted to be bigger in body mass. Not particularly muscular, but literally have more body fat.

My current physique

My current physique

My current physique

My current physique

The crazy thing is though, as a naturally slim person, it’s next to impossible to put on weight (due to metabolism). People really don’t take note of this, but it’s tremendously difficult for individuals who are naturally slim to gain weight.

I recall back in 2007, a coworker and I, who were in the same boat as far as wanting to gain weight, decided to do a sort of personal experimentation the old-fashion way: Pig the fuck out!

For 3 weeks consecutively, we decided to eat the fattiest of foods for dinner…every night for 3 straight weeks just to see if we could gain weight.

After work (4 PM), we both would head out to a fast-food joint and order:

* 2 cheese burgers with fries (2 separate orders for each of us).

* Medium serving of ice cream.

We pigged out on this 3 weeks in a row, from Sunday to Sunday. And can you believe- we didn’t gain 1 fucking pound!!! 😯 😯

I could not fucking believe it!!!

We virtually became regulars at that fast-food joint for 3 weeks, blowing hundreds of dollars over the course of the week- yet no fucking result!

I came to the realization that even eating the so-called “bad and fatty foods”, wasn’t enough to put on body fat.

My coworker and I came to the conclusion that a fast-working metabolism and hereditary, were the ultimate factors in determining whether you lose or gain successfully. And that is the truth!

We had 1 other option which was to go the synthetic route by taking Creatine, a protein powder which bodybuilders take in order to gain muscle mass and accelerated energy.

My best friend and former coworker, Unit and I (on the left) parying cerca 2007

My best friend and former coworker, Unit and I (on the left) parying cerca 2007

Believe me- this shit works [I’d used it some years prior]! But we decided to be content with our natural frames.

Over the years however, I still visualize myself as being bigger than I am, which is why gaining 25 lbs. is 1 of my resolutions for 2014.

Wish me luck!

3.) Reducing or cutting out sodas altogether.

I’m like a kid in a supermarket most times. An addict to sodas and soft drinks.

Sure I’ve heard all the hoopla and studies on why we should not drink sodas, but who the fuck listens [not me]?

However, I got a scare the other day which shook me the fuck up [no I didn’t get soda poisoning or anything like that].

What happened though, was a fracture had developed in 1 of my pre-molars (side tooth) on the interior side. That had really shook me up since I’m very particular about my dental care.

After doing some research, I found out that soda is an agent of teeth decay by causing the enamel to erode gradually (the sugar and acid combination). 😯

Now, I’m not sure if soda was the cause of the fracture in my tooth, but I’m willing to gamble on it.

Currently [and has been the case over the past 3 years], I consume 2-3 bottles of sodas per day. 1 in the morning (with breakfast), 1 for lunch or while running day game, another during the night.

A typical Kenny snack

A typical Kenny snack

To make matters worse; I hardly drink water!

With that being the case, a resolution of mines for 2014 is the reduce my soft-drink intake and to eventually eliminate it altogether in hopes of saving my teeth from rapid erosion.

Wish me luck! 😉

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