Reminder On Freeze Outs

Some strategic, advanced Online-Game (Freeze-Out tactic) for those who need it. 

Whenever a girl gets iffy towards your proposal to meet up; DISAPPEAR! 

However, you will have had to build some attraction first (from the get-go), before causing the girl some anxiety and panic that will force her to chase you! 

When you say to a girl, “let’s meet up”, and she gives you some sort of excuse, no matter how plausible, Disappear on her! 

Freeze her out!

Again- in order to make her feel a sense of loss for you and over you, which will make her chase you- you will have first needed to attract her with whatever Game it is you use. 

You cannot successfully freeze out a girl who isn’t into you via attraction material through your Game.

Attract her hard!

Then, if or when, she gives you some excuse about not being able to meet up; Disappear! Just Quit texting her [freeze-out tactic]!

If you do this right (built enough attraction through your Game); she will chase you by contacting you again, once she feels to herself that you might have lost interest in her, because of the fact that she’s not getting on board about meeting up.

Check how I do that with this chick whom I met on Facebook days ago.

I created massive amounts of attraction through my usual Game. Got her totally into me, pitched my suggestion of us meeting up tomorrow night, she acts iffy about it, so I disappeared! 

I quit texting her (on Messenger), so a day later, after not hearing from me, she messages me “hi”. 

By doing so (disappearing), you cause some anxiety and panic within the girl’s frame: panic that she’s about to lose such an interesting guy (in this case, moi). 

That in turn will make her chase and get on board!

Right now, she and I are making plans to meet up tomorrow night. 

The power of the Freeze Out.
[Originally posted days ago]

[My messages in green]

Make Her Chase You With The Classic PUA Freezeout Tactic [new video]

Another insightful video on the topic of Text Game (texting women).

In this video, I explain the freezeout and how to utilize it in order to get a girl to chase you after she’s been blowing you off.

The screenshots below are from an interaction I had with a girl 2 days ago. She’d been blowing me off for weeks, and actually flaked on me twice and stood me up once. Now she’s desperately wanting to hook up with me as you’ll see in the screenshots. 

[Her messages in gray]

In the video, I give the back story of this chick and me, including how to utilize the freeze out.

When You Have Options With Women; This Happens [Abundance Mentality In PUA]

Facebook status below:

When chick I picked up on Facebook hits me up wondering why I haven’t contacted her in a while (weeks), after we were supposed to “Netflix & Chill” @ my place a few weeks back. Frankly, I’m so busy doing lots of other shit- like gaming all sorts of girls and partying- it’s hard for me to keep up with date and meet-up promises with girls I meet online. Additionally, no matter how hot the girl is; when you have options of girls to choose from, no 1 girl becomes important. I literally pick up girls up today (get their #), set up a so-called date 3 days later, then totally forget I’d even met that chick to begin with. Moreover, it’s a powerful feeling when you can brush girls off and reschedule for a later time.

[Her messages in gray…from earlier today]


Powerful stuff for an average-looking dude like myself to pull off, right?

Managing to have/make hot girls chase you, is as much as depended on the options you have: whether you have or don’t have.

If you’ve been following my blog for- a week at least- it would’ve been abundantly clear to see that I game and pick up lots of women on various media: clubs, bars, streets, while working, commuting, online, Facebook, social media sites, you fucking name it! There is no shortage of women for me to game.

With that, many girls and so-called dates, regularly slip through the cracks.

As I mentioned in the quotationed FB status above: I’m liable of picking up a hottie today (exchange #’s), get her to fully commit to coming by my apartment 3 days later, then completely forget that I had even set up a rendezvous with that girl.

Not that I’m so prone to frivolity and forgetfulness. But I simply have too much options in women from which to choose.

These options didn’t just magically manifest themselves neither, as you AFC’s are likely to surmise as some sort of twisted excuse for why you suck.

I create my options by maximizing shit.

It’s all a #’s game!

The more women you hit on and ultimately pick up, logics would have it that you would’ve generated more leads, more options, more dates, more sex, etc.

Quite an elementary process if you ask me: get more girls [abundance mentality] and you’ll have more girls chase you like this hottie chasing me to meet up.

Lastly, I also want you to really take note of how this chick is dying for my attention and approval, when she mentions uploading a pic, but didn’t realize me giving her a like.

Powerful shit huh?

Grab Facebook Bang if you want this sort of power with women: Facebook Bang…bonus product

East-Indian Girl I Hooked Up With Months Ago [screenshot breakdown]

Thursday evening, I got a surprised-inbox message from an East-Indian Hindu girl whom I picked up and hooked up with a few months back [perhaps 4-5 months] in a neighboring island [girl photos below].


Her sexiness speaks for itself. 😉

I had picked her up off of cold-approach after spotting her while shopping…if my memory serves correct as far as where we met.

I got her number, did my usual text-game and attraction gambit and was able to sleep with her in no time…not to mention she had/has a boyfriend 😉 …but as I’ve been preaching to you guys over the months: having a boyfriend means nothing to most girls.

Anyway, for whatever reason [I really can’t remember since I’m constantly meeting and hooking up with random and new women], I stopped talking to her and deleted her from my phone contacts as my mission was completed: taking her to bed.

I think we might have hooked up twice.

She’s a very gamey girl who’s always attempting to 1-up me, so I want to believe that that had contributed to my lack of interest in a prolonged-sexual fling or any drawn-out communication whatsoever.

On a related note, as I wrote about some months back, I have a thing for East-Indian girls.

It is also ironic that black men in general, have this warped idea that East-Indian women don’t do black guys.

Over the last 7 years, apart from Blacks and Latinas, I’ve slept with more East-Indian chicas than women of any other racial and ethnic stock…outside of blacks and Latinas.

Limiting beliefs, low-value mentality and the media, are what convince men that women of other races are unattainable and not interested.

As a veteran seductionist and pick-up artist, I know that it is pure mental-masturbatory bullshit. And I also know [from vast experience] that Indian women love black cock. 😉

Unfortunately, it is just that guys- black guys- fall for the fallacy that Indian women living in the western hemisphere only desire white men if not Indian men.

I’ve been preaching to you guys year in and year out that game and social skills trump racial, ethnic and religious differences.

The guys who subscribe to my method will find this to be factual. The doubters will continue to believe that their race, skin and religion are setbacks.

Anyway, so about 4-5 months have passed since I first met and forgot about this Hindu chick after hooking up with her. So she hits me up this past Thursday evening through Facebook [granted she had to track me down since we were never FB friends].

The plethora of screenshots which follows, breaks down exactly [per screenshot] what is taking place from a seduction and psychological standpoint.

You will have also learned how to hook a woman, how to keep her coming back by putting you on a pedestal while snubbing other men who do not register on her radar because they are low-valued.

[Her FB messages in gray. Mines in blue]


•Ok, so it’s clear to see that she’d contacted me first…which is almost always a sure sign that a girl likes you and is attracted to you.

•She calls me “sarcastic ass”, which goes to show that hot women are attracted to men with balls and guys who give them shit! I was always giving her shit from the day I picked her up and banged her. Her hotness didn’t make me cower and supplicate and play things safe like a pussy.

•Also, she mentioned she hadn’t heard from me “in a while”. This goes to confirm that I next’d her and forgot about her after we hooked up. Why was this such a powerful play on my part? Hot girls [girls for that matter] aren’t used to men snubbing them and forgetting about them. So if you can do this to a (hot) girl, she will feel a blow to her hot-girl ego and she will become addicted to you out of this world!

•She asked if I blocked her on Whatsapp, which I didn’t. It was just a way to justify to herself the fact that she had contacted me first.


•Here it is that she’s qualifying by saying that she can handle me. I then banter with her about her game.

•She then looked for me to qualify by suggesting that I missed her presence in my life…though we had only hung out and gotten sexual twice. So I don’t know how that constituted a presence in my life.

•Again she tries her best to play the “I was so special to you” card by saying I couldn’t get enough of her.

•Whenever a chick seeks to gain value on you [as she’s doing], always seek to end the conversation on her…that’s why I told her I had to charge my phone and I’ll get back to her. Again- hot girls aren’t used to guys ending the conversation on them.

•She then tries to 1-up me by saying she doesn’t have time to wait so “good night”. This obviously was BS since she kept the convo going.

•I called her a “big bitch”. Again asserting my dominance and IDGAD persona by calling her a bitch. Guys of low value would never do this because they are afraid to lose the girl. Since I already had her; there was nothing to lose.

•Some little back and forth banter about bad girls and fucking each other up. 🙂

•I play the high-value card by saying to her I would give her another chance. Question: who says that to a hot girl other than a guy of perceived value?

•I bust on her about not being able to take my dick [‘because I fucked her like an animal].

•The reason she said that “you’re not the chosen one” is because she actually sees me as a high-value guy and a “chosen one” 😉 . My vibe with her was always that of a guy whom she must chase.

•Again I reinforced high value by telling her I had to go and charge my phone. So I am effectively rejecting a hot girl rather than allowing her to reject me. 😉

•Again I banter with her by saying she doesn’t listen well. Once more, flipping the script and treating her like a little-annoying brat.

•I love how she tries to save face and play difficult [trying to preserve value] by implying that when I get back to her, she probably won’t respond in a week…or whenever she decides to check her inbox. This is a hot girl trying to assert her hot-girl power…to no avail. I banter back by playing hurt in saying I may catch a heart attack if she doesn’t respond to me later on.

•She then doubles down in trying to make me feel as though she has high value [qualifying herself] by telling me that she had 259 unread inbox messages. Hence, it means she’s valuable and well wanted, so I should chase her and appreciate the fact that she’s giving me the time of day when she’s snubbing 259 other men.

•Again, it is laughable to me that she would say by tomorrow, my messages will be lost among the 259. I know it is all bull so I smiled to myself as I read that.

•”I ain’t able to go through that shit to get to you”, she said. An attempt by her to further try to convince me that she’s valuable and should be put on a pedestal.

•From her other message saying that I have her now, it is clear to see that she’s seeking my approval and time, by insinuating that I should continue to talk to her instead of doing my own thing [heading to charge my phone].

•She keeps attempting to convince me that I will or should beg for her time, so she says “good luck getting through to her”.

•No surprise that she actually has 259 unread messages since she’s a hot girl.

•Guys, you must also realize that out of all the messages/inbox at the top of her list, mines was the only 1 she read…though she texted me first. So this goes to emphasize that hot women are attracted to men who do NOT chase over text but are skillfully baiting them into chase them. Hence she ignored 259 low-value losers but couldn’t get enough of me 😉 . Why wasn’t she treating me with disdain as the other guys? Apart from me already hooking up with her, it is the content of my messages. I wasn’t begging for her time, nor was I sending low-value “hi sweetheart” texts.

•What irony: she says I’m not any more special than the 259 loser chodes yet she’s chasing me for conversation while ignoring them…so this completely contradicts her statement and goes to show that I ‘AM’ more special in her eyes than the others.

•Already sensing that she’s trying to hook up with me again [which is why she’s chasing so hard], I indirectly credited her for being a player…for playing the rest while chasing me.

•She uses this moment of trying to qualify herself to me [and to please me] by laughing at the guys whom she ignored. This is what happens when your text-game sucks; women laugh at you to other men whom they are attracted to. She said she doesn’t respond to anyone else: which is true. This is another indirect attempt on her part to say to me, “I am attracted to you and not the rest”.

•Saying I’m “lucky” to get a friend request from her is testament to the fact that she had sent me a request…which I haven’t accepted up to now 😉 . Again- this is how you treat a hot girl. You dismiss her hot-girl entitlement behavior by treating her like a not-so-hot girl.

•I then sarcastically tell her “I feel “blessed because of all that. Every now and then you have to give her a win by feigning to acknowledge her value. You can’t be a total dick all the way through.

•I then reassert my “value” by telling her I have to go because my phone is dying and needs to charge.

•You can always tell when a girl is qualifying hard [that means trying to impress you] when she said “I’m kind of a big deal.

Ok guys, I want to touch on a few points just to summarize things here.

•Women are attracted to guys who already have other women in their life.

This girl knows my schtick as a PUA. She knew from the get-go that I wasn’t the type of guy who would stick around and become clingy and needy after sex.

With other guys; this isn’t guaranteed in their tone neither their communication as far as content of their messages and so forth.

•Women ignore men who chase them.

If you’re wondering why this East-Indian girl has been ignoring all of those guys on Facebook; well therein lies your answer.

Guys chase hot girls and kill their chances by texting some low-value crap that women simply get turned off by.

Any text or inbox message complimenting a hot girl or calling her sweetie or anything of sorts, will be a DLV [Demonstration of Low Value] and kill your chances before you ever get a chance.

Hot girls are used to guys chasing them and ass-kissing. So the quickest way to get rejected is to come off as a nice-guy Beta who’s afraid to get rejected.

If you look at my vibe- and this was the case from the day I picked her up- I wasn’t playing it safe, acting nice, ass-kissing and being a wuss.

I was forward and being a dismissive dick.

Whenever you treat a hot girl like she’s a 5 on the looks scale, it makes her feel inadequate and questions her beauty and value. The only way to get her to chase you is if you lower her value by making her feel inadequate…as I demonstrated during the FB chats.

All in all; this chick is just too much drama and head games for me.

It’s pretty hard to mentally keep up with girls who are always angling to get value points.

Would I like to hook up with her again?

Possible…but not at the top of my to-do-list.

However, I merely wanted to demonstrate how to get women to chase you [by having other women in your life]. And how having the right strategy will get a girl hooked on your vibe…and it is never about looks.

I always tell you guys that looks don’t matter! Unless you resemble Shrek or the ugly character from the Goonies; you have no worries as far as looks are concerned.

I've probably only seen 1 guy in my lifetime who was this ugly...and that was a deformity through an almost-fatal accident

I am not the most handsome guy in the world!

Socialkenny aka Kenny P


Shit- I often get called ugly by both men and women to be honest! And in fact; I don’t see myself as “handsome”! Never did! But that doesn’t deter me from getting laid more than a ton, simply because I know it isn’t about looks when it comes to getting laid, but one’s overall vibe!

Saying that you’re ugly and that’s why you can’t get laid is a fucking cop-out!

There is hardly any guy who’s too ugly to get laid!

There isn’t a shortage of handsome guys to go around. But women aren’t hooking up with guys solely based on their handsomeness! They are making themselves available to the boldest bidder!

In fact, the day that I’d picked up the girl, as is the case with every girl who’s half-way cute at least, there were guys watching, staring, cat-calling and all. From what I glanced, those guys would make me look like shit in the handsome department! But I was the one getting the girl while they didn’t 😉 .

Lastly, I want to conclude on the point of women having options in relation to guys online.

Two-hundred and fifty nine messages this chick has…all unread!

As a man, we cannot fathom that!

The average guy would be lucky to get even 1 inbox on Facebook, initiated by a girl- per year- let alone 259 in a matter of days!

With that, you have to learn how to separate yourself from 300 other men [for example]!

You have to fucking stand out!

Good looks but shitty game and shitty vibe won’t make you stand out!

Hence, you [your messages] have to be ballsy, testy, arrogant, cocky, presumptuous and reek of an IDGAF vibe!

If you have to get disrespectful in order to get a hot girl’s attention; then that is what you do!

All that nice-guy BS won’t get you anywhere with hot women!

She will receive your “nice” text/inbox but just ignore it for kicks and an ego-boost!

She feeds off of your sappy, lovely texts to boost her self-esteem! She can fire up her inbox and go, “Hey look at me! I have 300 unread messages from 300 losers! I must be important”!

You must also learn the art of dismissing women!

Don’t look to spend an entire day texting away, inadvertently sub-communicating to the girl that you have nothing else to do!

This is why I kept telling the girl I had to go. She isn’t that important for me to just sit around and text all day!

By doing this, you create prizability, and the girl instantly begins to see you as the prize-worthy one, and she’ll be compelled to chase you for conversation, sex and relationship!

However, you have to give off the vibe that she isn’t worthy of your time and she’ll have to work for your time, rather than be granted your time simply because she has ass and boobs!

Therefore, with this East-Indian hottie whom I’d banged 4-5 months ago, it is apparent that she sees me as the prize, barring the fact that I don’t have Will Smith looks, neither do I flash money, I don’t spend on women, I don’t own a car, nor do I drive for that matter!

East-Indian HB

Hence, material possessions and stellar looks CANNOT get you laid consistently…especially when you don’t know how to connect with women in order to generate instant attraction like a wizard waving a wand!

Moreover, quit thinking that because you’re Asian, black, Arab or Indian [the bulk of my clients and students], that you’re somehow dammed in attracting women of other ethnic stock!

Since I was a little lad growing up in NYC I’ve heard that India, S.E. Asian and Oriental women DON’T do black men!

“They’re all searching for the elusive white sugar-daddy”!

That may be so [though it’s bullshit]. But my cock begs to differ! 😉

In the Caribbean islands, East Indians are the 2nd most populous ethnic and racial group,second to blacks. So I’ve had my share of experiences in Indian poon.

All in all; I’ve been redundant. But stay focus, always aim to come out as the guy with the most perceived value and you’ll begin to see a drastic change in how women respond to you.

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