What About The Presumed Harder Sets…Such As Religious Girls?

I posted the following post to social media the other day.

I like the so-called “harder” sets and harder girls.Β 

So the other day, I spat some game @ this total stranger whom I added on FB. It turns out that she’s a religious gal, and she thinks I’m Satan…or Satan-like. πŸ™‚

Does it matter to me? Fucks no! I love breaking good girl’s “faith” and turning their asses out!

Anyway, so she invited me to come with her to her church, after I made a suggestion that we go movies. But I declined by not showing up.

So guys, my theory/belief (based on experience) is this: religious girls will fall eventually! They almost always do (in my case), and succumb to my sexual, forward, bad boy style! It’s all about the frame: “Stronger Frame Wins”! And my frame is always stronger!

I know lots of guys who wouldn’t even waste time trying to game a girl who’s putting up such resistance. But I LOVE pushing the limits and gradually breaking down a girl’s resistance! It is the height of Game!Β 

So…I’ll keep you chodes posted. The fact that she’d invited me to go to church with her [last Sunday], after saying she knows my intention is to fuck (which is clear), it means that she’s open to the idea of having sex…or else she wouldn’t have dared invited me to be in her presence.

You have to learn how to read women, their true/hidden intent, the gaps in their armor which will enable you to seduce them!

As for being Persistent (which she claims I am); women love a guy who’s persist! What kills most guys is that they persist with a desperate aura. I persist without seeming desperate! A woman most times just want to see how bad you want it/her! That’s why you should plow/persist to the bitter fucking end! But do it SMARTLY like you see me doing! Play to the girl’s sense of taboo! If she’s a religious gal; present yourself as this rebellious heathenish, bad boy looking to seduce her!!

Think Even and the snake in the garden! Religious women love to feel that they’re doing something wrong or rebellious!

Lastly, go for the harder sets (also)!!! It’s a much more rewarding feeling to know that you conquered a girl who was playing hard to get at first. I know for me personally, I always prefer to game girls who give me trouble. If she seems too easy, I would intentionally do/say something to ruffle her feathers and make things rocky, because I know the reward in the end (sex) would be 10 times as satisfying.

Think makeup sex after a fight. No greater feeling! Your Game should resemble makeup sex after fighting.

#TheyLoveBadBoys #PlayToTheTaboo

That seduction attempt is currently ongoing.

Will keep you guys posted!

Pulling 19-Year Old Online: A Lesson In Picking Up Much Younger Girls By Giving Them S**t From An Entitlement Frame

Quite often, I get older men who cry to me about their gross ineffectiveness and epic failures in trying to snag themselves some young poon online.

First piece of advice from me to them is: Own it!

Be entitled!

Be entitled to the girl while simultaneously busting her chops and giving her shit!

In essence, you want to shit test younger girls. And the reasons for that are various…which I’ll get into in a subsequent article.

Most guys- older men- don’t believe that they are viable options for women who are much younger.

I am not one to harp on faith, but this is where faith comes in. You must believe that you are in the girl’s league (or soaring above it like an eagle)!

That’s for starters! So before you can even entertain the idea of snagging young poon on any consistent basis, you must firstly grab a hold of the optimal and most effective frame from which to operate: which is that “I am playing in and above her league! Hence I am the shit”, so you act accordingly!

I want you to really take note of my vibe throughout this FB pickup of this total stranger whom I’d cold messaged. Her profile name had “Timid” in there, so I based my opener/ice-breaker on that (her user name).

[My messages in blue. Reads from left to right]

Screenshots above: such an opener/ice-breaker would be classified as a hard opener. It’s risky yet ballsy. Risky in that the girl could’ve taken that the wrong way. But girls never take such hard openers (from me) the wrong way, because it (such an opener) inherently denotes dominance, Alphaness and entitlement: 3 attractive qualities which grab a woman’s attention…as it did with her.

Secondly, in conjunction with me insinuating that she’s a liar, I indirectly called her crazy by saying “partially timid girls are craziest”. I also strategically tamper down any would-be damage/backlash by saying “and they have the most fun”. So I gave her an indirect compliment while negging her at the same time. This is all strategic in order to generate instant attraction by coming off as entitled to getting the girl, and somewhat dickish and derisive.

Thirdly: how do you know if and when a girl respects your frame? When she agrees to your backhanded compliments and comments (essentially Negs). So that was the case when she said, “yea am crazy as fuck at times…”. But she didn’t want to risk turning me off, so she made sure to say, “But I’m very chill”.

She went on to ask “if I just made that up”…as in, if it were a line or something. In any case, her response was, “Lol I know it’s cool though”. Another testament to the fact that my opener alone was enough to get the undivided attention and attraction of this 19-year old girl. So was it the opener/ice-breaker or what it sub-communicates? The sub-communication (that I’m entitled and ballsy).

Fourthly, as if I didn’t already establish an entitlement vibe, I tripled down by saying to her that she should give me props and buy me a drink for being so creative with my words essentially. Which guy- let alone an older one- operates this way with a 19-year old hottie? Only a guy who believes he’s above the girl’s league and social-value level! So, she agrees (as expected) that I deserve props for being creative. But even more noteworthy and strategic, I planted the seed in her head of “drink date”, so she in turn said I should take her for a drink being that I’m the guy. So, do you see how I strategically set her up for suggesting we go for drinks? In any case, just to show how powerful my frame control was, she went on to ask me, “what do you drink though”? So in spite of the fact that she said I should take her out being that I’m the guy. She knew instinctively that she was beneath my social-value level, which is why she recanted and indirectly suggested to buy me the drink by asking me “what do you drink though”?

Powerful stuff! But let’s move on!

Fifth point from the screenshot above: I told her what drink I wanted, and she agreed to getting it. Also, always look to get sexual early (as I always preach)! This is why I dropped a sexual innuendo in the mix by saying to her if she laughs at me for drinking girlie drinks, I’m gonna have to spank her. Plus I was looking for an emoji of a whip. πŸ™‚

[My messages in blue. Reads from top row, left to right]

Screenshot above: set a sexual theme as soon as possible! I know you’re dead tired of hearing this, but the reason I implore you to get sexual and or forward at some point (rather much sooner than later), is to avoid being friendzoned for carrying this peaceful, nice, harmless conversation to nowhere-ville. Most guys whom I advise can follow through with the banterish and teasing vibe. But they just cannot bring themselves to taking heed to my advice on going sexual, because they inherently lack the belief that it would bear fruit and not make the girl run for the hills.

Also, a key factor: who’s setting the frame here? Who’s dictating the chat, subject matters, the road in which we go down, etc? I am! Totally! I am in command here! She’s reacting to me, and not me reacting to her as if I were her subordinate in any way. She is my subordinate- if for no other reason- because she’s younger and has far less experiences in life. So I lead, I set the pace, I dictate the terms, and she follows! I bring up drinks? She reacts! I bring up spanking? She reacts! I bring up sex? She reacts!

When I made mention that she popped up in my FB thing today (back on the 18th), it was in relation to what I said about this girl being a complete stranger whom I’d added and inboxed literally minutes before this interaction kicked off.

Now, I want to make a final point on sex. From the screenshots above, you will have noticed that this girl is completely bought in on the talk of sex, spanking and so forth, by even calling my bluff about being an angel, and she saying that even angels be fucking each other and having orgies in the clouds. So, which one of us set up this sexual frame? Moi! Again- I lead! She follows! I’m the superior! She’s the subordinate! She opines on the topics which I raise! Most guys foolishly make the mistake of following the girl’s tune and tone, allowing her to dictate terms on every level, therefore essentially putting themselves in a subordinated position while the girl leads, dictates and ultimately rejects! After all; women are NOT attracted to men whom they can lead, manipulate and subjugate (Omegas and Beta-Males).

Also, if you pan up again to the bottom right of the screenshot set above, you’ll notice she ends off saying, “God created us to be our complete self and express ourselves openly without hesitating and all that sobby shit”. What made her go there? Essentially, she’s giving me the green light to get sexually expressive with her, and to not sugarcoat a thing. But why did she make mention of that? Because I led her there! I gave her permission to be slutty! From my vibe alone, and the fact that I went sexual on her, it subconsciously triggered a response from her in agreement to my leading frame! So essentially, I set her up. Again- I lead; she reacts/follows!

Since I told her that she’s killing me [with humor], she continues on that theme of mines.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: I wisely commended her on being super perceptive in sensing that I’m all about self-expression and being open/forward. That was a quasi-compliment. What is my #1 rule when dealing with hot girls? NEVER compliment a hot girl on her body/looks! So what did I do, I complimented her on her ability to be perceptive in sensing that I’m an advocate of being open, forward and sexual!

She went on to agree [as expected] with my frame/position about not sugarcoating. Again- I set the frame/theme. She reacts to it in the affirmative. She went so far as to say that some people not only sugar coat, but they coat with powdered sugar on top of that.

In any case, she went to say that I have her laughing like a goof. The most 2 important mindsets to successfully pulling a girl (namely online): HUMOROUS & SEXUAL! You see me employ this time after time, post after post, with girl after girl: Humorous/Playful and Sexual/Forward.
Lastly, I employed my all-too-familiar strategy of telling the girl “I’ll hit you up another time”: TTYL! You always want to be the one to look to end the conversation first!

Additionally, by me winding things down in a way, it creates a sense of loss, and it causes a bit of panic to set in on her side, where she asks herself, “I wonder if I said something that turned him off”? She begins to question herself as to why I would end a spirited conversation prematurely. So that is why you always want to tell the girl “TTYL” in some form or another. And you don’t actually have to go/leave as I explained on many occasions prior. Saying it alone [“talk to you another day”] will have the same magical effect of making the girl panic…even though she will almost always play it off by acting calm in the face of your sporadic decision to take off.

The thing is though, I actually took off and hit her up a few days later! So this made it so much more powerful that I’d indeed discontinued our chat.
Additionally, by doing that to a hot girl, it communicates a very sexy quality about me that gets the girl even more attracted: I am NOT desperate! I am patient because I know this is in the bag already! That is what you communicate also, whenever you prematurely eject without trying to get the girl during the initial round of conversation.

Most girls are accustomed to clueless guys desperately gunning for their phone # right off the fucking opener! So here I come alone, totally flipping the script of what the girl is used to seeing, by not even attempting to get her #, even after the best and brisk conversation she has probably ever had with a stranger on Facebook or anywhere else for that matter.

By me showing this hottie that I am self-assured enough to not try to get her # in 1 swoop, it forces her to come to the conclusion that “this guy must be somebody! He must be the shit! He’s probably accustomed to dating and fucking way hotter girls than I am, so he can afford to sideline me and not get all desperate like every other loser”!

That is the only conclusion at which the girl arrives upon such strategic ploy of cutting the conversation short.

Now, just for clarity sake; I am not saying that you shouldn’t go for the # within the initial chat. I often go for it then and there! However, the hotter the girl, the wiser and more effective of a move it would’ve been to tell her bye (which will cause some internal panic), and then reemerge for the pull.

When I did hit her up again (days later as you can see in the above screenshot), I playfully said, “been a while. I’m now starting to think u cheating on me…u are 1 cold ass bish”, to which she responded, “yesss am dat bish for real”.

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: I went on to neg her about being up so late, implying that she’s a little girl. Not to be redundant, but no guy plays this way with a girl whom he’s vying for. The average chode operates as though he’s walking on egg shells, afraid to ruffle feathers, afraid to offend and to say anything that would remotely get the deified one [the female] ticked off. Well- hot young girls aren’t attracted to men who play it safe and trod lightly. They crave men who take risks and chances. This is essentially why women are drawn to rockstars and men who portray heroic or villainous characters in adventure, drama and action flicks. Even the hapless-romantic guy in the cheesy-romance comedy who takes chances, is beloved by women! Therefore, whenever you neg a (hot) girl- and do so correctly might I add- it creates a risk-taker type of vibe that gets the girl’s panties wett! She says to herself, “how dare this guy say that to me”! Anyway, how did she take to my neg? She laughs…which is what I expected.

Secondly, I got all dismissive of her, treating her like a little-bratty girl by telling her she may get an ass whipping for staying up late, to which she reciprocated with “spank me daddy”! πŸ™‚ In my dismissiveness of her, I told her to go to bed. Who’s operating from the higher-value position here? Certainly I am!

Going further to warn her that she’s playing with fire, is 1 of my favorite lines (which is a false-disqualifier). Not only is it challenging, but it goes further to cement the frame of “I am the one who needs to be sold here”. At this point, she is full-fledged bought in to the idea of fucking me, indicative of her saying that her pussy will bury me alive and carve her name onto my gravestone. 😯

The sexual challenge continued.

Screenshot above: in order to save face, try to retain value and not to appear slutty, she said she’s not looking for dick and that she’s teasing. This is all token resistance by the way. Every girl at some point during the pickup will have done/said something in hopes of warding off the perception that she’s an easy slut-bag.

There were no reasons to prolong the inevitable (getting her #), so I firstly gauged her availability to see if it matches up with my Christmas weekend schedule. Since she has to work, that complicated things.

The thing is too, and this gambit here is my little baby, even though I live right here on island, I always tell girls that I live in a neighboring island, but that I frequent their island (which is this island) every other weekend. Why do I do this? Various reasons. But it creates a sense of urgency for both parties, where the girl is likely to go out of her way to meet up since I’m only here for the weekend (so they think). Because of this, I’m able to get girls who would otherwise flake, to actually meet up.

As expected, she coughs up the digits once I give her that hint about hitting her up over the weekend.

Well, the online pickup happened Wednesday. It is now Sunday (Christmas). Did I get to meet up with her?

The answer is no!

Why not?

I had prior plans…as usual. So I never bothered to hit her up even to this moment. But in my defense; that is a mute point (following up).

Here’s the thing, and I touched on this extensively in a recent post, I pick up so many girls on a weekly basis (a combination of girls online and on street approaches), that it is absolutely and humanly impossible for me to meet, date and fuck every girl whom I manage to pick up…in a timely manner that is.

I mean, I have girls on the proverbial back-burner whom I haven’t even managed to call or text yet from about 2-3 months ago!

There is just no way on Earth that I could possibly keep up with the volume of new girls I pull.

I pick up girls then forget that I even picked them up. I forget and lose numbers and names regularly.

I have names saved but no numbers (because I forget to input the #’s). Numbers saved but no names. I mean it is just a fucking mess most times with managing the girls I pick up!

Classic example of this cluster-fuck quagmire is the DTF Lebanese girl whom I’d picked up last week. I was supposed to meet up with her yesterday (Christmas Eve) but had to cancel on her because: 1.) there are other girls who take precedence due to various factors. 2.) Since it’s a holiday weekend, I was busy out the ass running here and there.

Every now and then, I manage to squeeze a new girl in (various reasons for that too). But that’s all besides the point.

What I want you to take away from this post, apart from the points made in between screenshots, is the entitlement mindset: being entitled to getting the girl.

It isn’t only a mindset that I want you to adopt when picking up girls, but to play the part through actions and words!

When trying to pick up girls online, your words and subcommunications are paramount, since physical displays of entitlement aren’t displayable over the internet.

Women can sense whether a guy really believe his own shit, or if he’s a second away from crumbling once he’s faced with a hot girl.

There are some things you just won’t do or say to a girl whom you perceive as idol-like based on her looks and social value.

That is a timid frame. A loser’s mindset!

No girl should be above the process! No matter how hot, how young!

It is of utmost importance that you bring yourself to believing this!

Once you would’ve done that, women with whom you encounter (online for instance) will undoubtedly smell this entitlement attitude permeating their smartphones.

From believing it, you begin to act and speak accordingly. And by this, I don’t mean for you to walk around pompously verbalizing that you could get any girl you want. You want to have the attitude without having to say it.

From your approach, women should be able to sense your sense of entitlement to getting girls. But with every Inner-Game concept in pickup; this takes time!

Accompanying such a mindset is freedom from outcome. In other words, you’ll feel a sense of liberty to bust a girl’s chops, poke fun at her and treat her like a nagging little sister without fear of jeopardizing your chances.

The moment you begin to doubt the process and get all inside of your head, the girl senses this fear and blows you off!

With this 19-year old chick here, did I give off any semblance of fear whatsoever?

Did I treat the situation as though I were some old man desperate to get laid?

Furthermore, did I supplicate, beg and kiss her tush just because she’s young(er)?

The answers are resounding NO’s!

On that note- though that is how you want to go about picking up women in general- it is even more instrumental to adopt such an entitled and fearless frame with girls who are deemed hotter and younger.

More Proof That Women Will Totally Ignore Your Kiss-Ass While Being Drawn To Men Who Challenge Them

The other day, as is the case with lots of women on Facebook, this chick posted a status saying, “I’m bored. Who wants to inbox me”?

I call this the validation tester in order to weed out the Beta-Males, where girls post such statuses, hoping to catch guys rushing at the opportunity to kiss their behinds by saying, “me, me, me! I wanna text you”!

As expected: 99% of guys take the bait: hook, line and sinker, like mindless drones. And the girl quickly eliminates them as potential suitors.

Anyway, so the chick went on further to specify that she only wants single men inboxing her. This in turn caused lots of guys to indirectly offer more validation by qualifying themselves to her by making it known that they are single.

If you check the screenshot above where I’d censored the girl’s profile, the 7 replies were her responses to my comment(s). This actually turned into more than 20 replies back and forth between her and me.

Below, other AFC guys (Average Frustrated Chumps) went on further to reply on the post, ass-kissing and qualifying themselves with lame-ass generic compliments and such.

What is the common theme here from previous posts similar to this?

The girl totally ignores every other guy while only paying attention to me (my comments).

“It must be by looks”!!! πŸ˜†

“Hahahaha! Kidding”! Just poking fun at the “looks matter” crowd.

Anyway, so you’ve seen this time after time, post after post where girls blow off 99% of guys while electing to interact with me.

Why did this girl choose to do just that?

1.) I challenged her frame by telling her that there’s no such thing as a single male (which isn’t true…of course). So in essence, I showed her that I wasn’t about to kiss her ass and adopt her frame just to win her favor.

2.) Because I never qualified myself by screaming, “me, me, me, I am single”, thus catching her attention as I stood out from the pack.

Additionally, I didn’t do what every other guy did, which is to dish out some kiss-ass cheesy compliment.

My comments in the thread were off-topic for the most part, in that I completely ignored the fact that she was hot, and I also ignored the fact that she was bored and wanted someone to inbox her.

With that, she was likely saying to herself (if not conscious, subconsciously), “this guy must be high value. Why isn’t he throwing himself at me like every other guy does? Didn’t he notice I made a plea for someone to talk to”!?

The fact that I refrained from taking the validating bait, it opened the gate for dialogue and the possibility of attraction.

This is all psychology.

Were they my stunning looks which made the girl decide to converse, or was it my vibe because I’d challenged her frame while simultaneously demonstrating high value [DHV]?

The answer is crystal clear: it had absolutely nothing to do with looks! So again, this crushes “the looks matter” school of thought to which most of you guys are so fucking attached!

While the average guy ardently continues to latch onto the belief that looks matter, I keep drawing girls in because I know looks don’t matter.

Looks- more so on social media- do NOT save the day and compensate for a lack of game and the ability to read women!

Game will get an ugly laid far far more than a guy with stunning looks but no game, and no understanding of how women and attraction work!

With that, although this chick wanted some cool guy to message her privately, she and I went on to have an interesting conversation- in public- right there on the post’s thread, demonstrating, not only was I a cool guy, but someone of high value (for not taking the bait, not qualifying myself to her and not complimenting her about beauty and looks).

With such dynamics, I could’ve easily inboxed her (days ago, or tomorrow), set up plans for a rendezvous while subsequently grabbing her number.

The attraction has already been set (attraction to my vibe from the back and forth conversation we had on her post). So everything else from here would’ve purely been academic (the pickup).

In addition to that, though she said that she didn’t want any guy in a relationship to try to hit her up via inbox, that would not have applied to me at all!

How so?

I wisely (and this is psychological and strategic) said to her in other words, that all men have girlfriends (which is far from the truth). So in essence, I imposed the frame upon her that if I were to hit her up privately, I would be exempted from her quasi-rule of not wanting to talk to any guy in a relationship.

Do you see how that works?

Any other guy was likely rejected, and would’ve gotten rejected, once the girl inquires about a GF, or browses his profile and reads “in a relationship”.

My profile does say “in a relationship” (and I am in a relationship as most long-time subscribers would know). But again, I would not have gotten rejected since I set the frame in a way which granted me immunity and a status of exception/exemption.

For example, this is no different from a girl saying, “I never have sex on the first date”!

To such a girl, I would say, or convey somehow [setting the frame], that sex on the first date is normal, acceptable, cool and what most sane people do!

She doesn’t have to believe that shit! But it doesn’t matter! As long as I believe it, and as long as I convey this unequivocally! She will in turn believe it also, or grant me exception status by fucking me on the 1st date!

I mean, situations like these in Game are what I encounter and finagle and on a daily basis.

In seduction, this is called Frame Control.

Whenever you capitulate to a woman in such a case as cited above, you hand the frame over to her! Well- in all actuality- she had the frame control to begin with. But once you agree with the premise of the shit women say, such as, “don’t contact me unless you’re single”, your capitulation and submission on the matter, gives the girl control of the frame (which she already had) while killing your chances in 1-giant swoop!

By saying to the girl, “I’m single”, upon her setting the frame that she only wants to talk to guys who are single, you are essentially capitulating and submitting to her frame/will by fitting her mold in such a case!

In pickup, we call this all-too-familiar mistake, “Qualifying”.

Women don’t find guys who can’t hold a frame (guys who qualify to them), attractive!

Even if you’re single, you don’t fucking say it in such a situation like when a girl is seeking validating and trying to weed out weak men who submit to her POV!

Women aren’t attracted to men who either submit to them, who try to fit their ideal mold, or those who cannot hold a frame (i.e. nice guys and Beta Males)!

This is essentially why stereotypical nice guys don’t get laid.

They inherently are turnoffs for women because they cannot and do not even attempt to hold/control a frame with, and over women.

They agree with most things women agree with, they fight women’s causes and battles (white knights), women are never wrong in their eyes, they validate women on every issue under the sun, etc, etc, etc.

Their frame is the antithesis/opposite of a challenge…which is pure submission.

Therefore, do you now see why women on social media often ignore these guys, while instead being drawn into my frame by engaging me? While your stupid ass is there thinking it’s about fucking looks, you really have not 1 smidgen of a clue about attraction and its workings (speaking of, and to the vast majority of adult males on the globe)!

Here’s another great example which I’d randomly dug up in the archives, of ass-kissing and qualifying at its best.

Now, chances would have it that since this status was posted by a woman, it’s likely that she’s of the opinion that Long-Distant Relationships work. The guys clearly sense that also (that the chick’s position is “yes: they do work), hence the guy’s comment in support.

I mean, let’s get real here guys: do you really believe that these guys actually believe that LDR’s (Long-Distant Relationships) work? Or are they only saying that LDR’s can work, in hopes of getting the girl to like them because they agreed with her position/frame?

Clearly to a prudent person who knows how to read social dynamics; these guys are all full of shit!

“Yes, Yes, Yes”!!!

I was the only guy willing to take an opposing position! I didn’t just take that position to be a disagreeable dick. I really believe so (that LDR’s can’t work)! But it is really telling when you have guys co-signing a position which they truly don’t buy into! And that is what most guys do, under the impression that if they agree with the woman’s position, she will fuck them for it!

I went as far as calling their asses out on their bullshit when I said in my comment that both parties won’t commit to it. Surely 1 or both will commit in words. But in deed; they won’t stay the course without infidelity on some level!

Furthermore, why don’t guys disagree with the positions of hot women, and the women whom they’re trying to get with?

Fear of losing her!

Fear of getting on the girl’s bad side and being tabulated onto her shit list!

Instead of risking that occurring, “I need to play it safe”, is what AFC’s say to themselves in an attempt at rationalization and justification for their chodery and not having an opinion or voice.

Interestingly enough- but not surprising- the girl who posted that status flat-out ignored the other guys while tackling my comment, thus getting drawn into a deeper dialogue which sparks interest.

I can go on and on with screenshots after screenshots, dating back to 3 years ago, demonstrating the same thing with girl after girl: guys agreeing and getting ignored and rejected, while I hold my frame in disagreement, to subsequently picking up the girl.

On that note: want to learn from the best there is [myself] in pulling random ass on any social media or dating site?

Reserve your Skype session pronto!


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Real Example Of Women Being Attracted To Womanizers + Making Girls Chase With This 1 Texting Technique [09-07-16 Online Pickup]

Hey guys, another great example of thinking on the fly and making a girl chase you by employing this 1 simple technique of mines [building the anticipation then say “bye”].

Also, another salient example of how and why women- the hot ones- are attracted to womanizers, assholes, badboys and pickup artists.

I added this chick few weeks back on Facebook; someone with the prettiest set of lips I’ve laid eyes on in a while (pictured below).

I messaged her on Sep. 1st (about a day or so upon adding her).

The vibe I employed here (the opener) was the badboy vibe, which you can see from my opener.
[My messages in blue]

[Above] How was her reaction to my no-bullshit opener, and asking if her lips are real? She laughed! A sign that the girl respects my value and my approach.

Also, my opener was original and ballsy, a stark difference from the chody shit you’ll see AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps) sending women.

Furthermore, the most important text-game strategy of them all within the screenshot above, was my last message: “I’ll let you know in just a bit. Kinda busy”.

I waited until the girl got hooked/invested; then I took away my attention by bursting her bubble!


Powerful stuff! Did you get that? Make the girl invest then bail on her! Wait until she shows reciprocation then tell her “bye”! This fucks with her reality of how things are supposed to be. Men aren’t supposed to hit girls up and tell them they’re busy. Women are supposed to do that to men, since they’ve been doing so since the advent of the mobile phone! So, whenever you can flip that script on women, it shocks them to the core…thus attraction is either born or deepened.

This was all strategic on my part. I never just “wing it”, though my entire text-game is fluid and free-flowing without a thought going into my texts beforehand (it has all become hardwired).

Now, will she take the bait and come chasing me? September 1st when I first contacted her was a Thursday. She then hits me up on the 6th [5 days later], upon me bailing on her. [Her messages in gray]

[Above] She reopened me, wanting an answer as to what I said about her lips (“are they real”?) This is the effect of the curiosity-loop technique which I taught you guys in a recent post. Now she’s hooked wanting closing/answers as to why I insinuated that her lips were fake. This is also a stealth Neg by the way. Negs work best when done stealthily and indirectly.

I then changed the subject on her, denying her closure/answers.

Let’s continue. [My messages in blue]

[Above] Humor is key…as always. Learn to make women laugh and you’ll have a much easier time gaining access to the body parts which they conceal πŸ˜‰ . Hence the line about we should get married, and that I’m in love with her lips. Why don’t women ever get weirded out when I say stuff like that, that would otherwise blow out an AFC Beta-Male? Because they (women) know that I am humoring them! They know that I am fucking around! But therein lies the attraction. The moment she senses seriousness in your tone; you are done!!! And there is where scores of men go wrong.

Anyway, so how did she take to that? “Cute”. She thought it was cute and funny. She also assumed it was 1 of my lines. πŸ™‚

Why would she even think that I use lines though?

[My messages in blue]

[Above] What would most guys do? Cower down and deny that they were using a stock line. I don’t cower down from it, because I knew that doing so, would’ve reduced my standings in the girl’s eyes for backing down. But then I toyed with it (more humor) by saying I thought it was top secret (my “lines”).

She went further to confirm the obvious: she sees/reads my posts, although she never commented once, neither hit like once, on any of my posts. Yet she is well aware of my schtick as a Pick-Up Artist. Now, most guys- the dumbed-down majority- would surmise that it would’ve been an automatic deal-breaker to admit to being a PUA: let alone if the girl were to discover this. However, if you’ve been around these parts for any time now, you would’ve known that women are attracted to men who openly deal with lots of women.

[Above] I then told her that she gets points for recognizing that I’m a PUA. Again- what was I doing here? Setting the frame, that I am the prize, and she is the one playing the game, trying to score points in order to win me over! That is the frame you set by saying to a girl, “You get points for that”. Very key. Very subtle. Very simple. Very powerful!

I then went all playfully romantic again with the “I love you”, and that “it is not a line”. More humor game.

[Her messages in gray]

[Above] She assumed that it was 1 of my lines to tell her that I love her. She’s correct! But I bantered with it.

She then went on to indirectly compliment me on my verbal skills with women, by saying I’m a guy who knows how to use words to get what he wants. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ So, in essence, just as expected with all women in my Facebook friend list, she has seen the plethora of posts which I post to Facebook, of me chatting up women, screenshots of text game, etc. So she’s well aware of my verbal charmery. That is a HUGE plus! But again; if you’re the average guy who’s been poisoned by the mainstream-dating culture and Cosmos, you’d be hard-pressed to believe that a girl would find it remotely attractive that a guy charms women up on a regular basis.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Never compliment a hot girl on her looks/hotness!!! I’ve been teaching you that ad nauseum for years! Hence, “your sense of humor is attractive”. I complimented her on having a sense of humor. Not her fucking looks! This sets me apart from 99% of the chodes who would be gawking and slinging cheesy-ass generic compliments back and forth.

I then set another powerful frame which will come in handy for future tense, when I asked her if I come across as a guy who sugarcoats things. The answer is a resounding “NO”! But I asked her that [without a question mark] in order to set the frame that neither does she have to sugarcoat anything. So I lead; she follows by accepting my frame/position. So, what effect did this have (me setting a “no filter” frame)? She admits to liking guys like myself who appear blunt and outspoken. “BINGO”! My frame won! This is more than enough confirmation I needed to confirm that this girl was already full-on attracted to me.

Moreover, she mentions me and game, by citing that my game works. Whenever a girl says your game works in a general sense, it is a sure IOI/SOI.

[Her messages in gray]

[Above] She doubles down on why she likes guys who are straight up…such as myself. Remind you: had I foolishly set the frame from the get-go that I were a good boy who would never say anything remotely forward to a total stranger, she would’ve likewise adopted that same frame, and start singing the tune of, “I love men who aren’t forward”, etc. Therefore, it is also wise to set the frame right from the gate: “I am forward, straight up and untamed”!

With that, I threw my classic and well-timed gambit: “I want to fuck the shit out of you and get you pregnant“! She laughs and calls me silly. Why was I able to get away with such a forward and sexual line? Because of everything I just explained to you about frames and setting them correctly and early! I got away with telling her that my intention is to fuck her and breed her, because I skillfully drew her into accepting the frame that she should accept a forward guy who speaks his mind. Since she had fallen into the frame-control trap I set just a few messages prior, she was forced into accepting me saying, “I want to fuck you”, without taking offense to it.

Everything I do is masterfully strategic and automated. I don’t think. I just shoot! When you become good at this, you will no longer need to think before sending that text. It’ll all come naturally as it is now for me.

Additionally, she asked about my pick-up career as a job. Just another confirming piece of evidence that being a pickup artist intrigues and attracts women.


[My messages in blue]

[Above] I always verbally (or textually) acknowledge to the girl that we are on the same page. This is a subtle way of rewarding the girl for being such a good sport. It’s an indirect compliment. What was her response to me saying, “same page”? She agreed by saying “we are”.

As for my job (PUA)? I keep it vague! That’s what you should do also! Bear in mind what I’ve been teaching you for years now, that ambiguity deepens a girl’s attraction for you. Play up the vague card, tell the girl, “it’s a long story”, when she asks what work you do, or whenever she pries into your work life. Doing so will have created an aura of mystery around yourself. This is part of the Jesus Effect (a concept of mines) which I spoke about in this video of mines [“hook girls instantly with the Jesus effect”.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] No need to belabor and prolong the pickup. Sensing that the girl is already well hooked: I go for the n-close (phone-number pull). Did I ask, or did I confidently go about it? I assumed it and told her what it was going to be (“I’m gonna grab your #”). This isn’t just confident to women, but sexy!

I had to laugh though, when she asked if I were going to use her in my next project. By that, she largely meant if I were going to use her in order to showcase how pickup works. Technically, she’s right and wrong. Surely our conversation is being used to promote the advancement of the pickup cause, however, in pure anonymity. So no one gets hurt.

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Again, I refrain from worshiping her body and looks by telling her about the whole package, her mind, savviness, etc. She knows I want to fuck her (no secret there), and that I’m very much attracted to her physically and sexually. But I’m smart enough to not fall into pedestalization of her physical assets [though I bantered around about her lips].

Another subtle point I wish to make is linked to her mention of wanting to get to know the real Kenny, and not my internet persona of a player. Why is this significant? It goes to show that women definitely know that this is an act. However, they don’t fucking care!!! They know that my Facebook antics are just antics. But they also know that the antics are necessary in order to attract them first, and then I can be genuine later if so desire. So, women definitely know the game! For crying out loud: they wrote the fucking rulebook to the game! We men are the ones who have to play catch-up and learn the fucking Game!

[My messages in blue]

[Above] Again, I reject her looks as attraction factors, by telling her that I’m attracted to her intelligence. I then go for the # again…without asking!

Why did she mention that I wasn’t judgmental? Well I’m not! But besides that, I don’t give off the judgmental vibe because my interaction says differently. Had I come off as a saint, or a guy who sees women as angelic beings, this would undoubtedly give women the impression that they would have to filter and watch what they say and do around me, because they’re likely to be judged (poorly). By me coming off as a rebel, there’s no way in the world I would judge her on the bad things she may do…like fuck me on the first date in some crutty restroom, or blow me under the table at a fast-food joint.

One of the reasons why you have a difficult time hooking up with girls so easily, is because you inadvertently give off this obnoxious-judgmental vibe whenever you interact with women.

To avoid this; carry an air of whimsical, carefree and erratic…or at least pretend to have such an aura!

In closing, I merely wanted to massacre the old notion in the pick-up community, that disclosing one’s PUA lifestyle to women, is a cold rejection waiting to happen.

I am actually the first first-tier PUA (or any other PUA on the coaching level) to ever advocate that PUA’s should go public with pickup, instead of hiding in the shadows from women, and concealing this part of their life like it’s a fucking cause for shame or something.

I am also the first-known PUA (practitioner or instructor) to ever publicly and actively game girls on social media.

I am also the first PUA to compose and publish an actual product on gaming girls on Facebook. Derek Lamont had a Facebook Game product some years back, but it wasn’t actually an in-depth guide to picking up girls on Facebook. But more geared towards DHV-ing on Facebook, rather than actual gaming.

When I first did this, other pick-up guys (students and coaches) were utterly besides themselves!

Some were laughing at me: believing that this couldn’t be done successfully (gaming girls on Twitter and Facebook while posting about pickup and hooking up with numerous women).

Some were rooting for me to fail miserably, just so they could say, “we told you so”!

The remaining guys were disgusted at the fact that I would “show women our hand”, revealing pick-up secrets to women, which should’ve otherwise been kept hidden among the fellaz!

I posted infield after infield of me taking girls home while telling them I am a pick-up artist who sleeps with women for a sport! 😯

It was then that these guys realized that Kenny was onto something big!

No longer was there a need to solely game girls inconspicuously on online-dating sites. They could actually game girls on Facebook while having their pick-up artist banner flashed across their Facebook profiles for women to see!

Believe me; I had dozens of professional PUA coaches (buddies of mine) inboxing me about Facebook game, and how they never knew it was possible to game women openly as a PUA.

In retrospect, this should’ve all come as a no-brainer, simply for the fact that pickup/seduction stridently teaches and pushes the concept of Pre-selection, and utilizing other women as DHV pawns in order to get the girl.

With that being the case, game should work even much more successfully on Facebook than on online-dating sites, since you’re at liberty (due to the platform’s settings) to post virtually any amount of photos you’d like. So there’s no restrictions on using pre-selection gambits (via photos) and so forth.

Facebook is the prefect place to game hot women! It is just that guys (AFC’s) use it wrong!

With all the game successes I’ve had on Facebook on a daily basis, I don’t even use online-dating sites anymore! πŸ˜† πŸ˜†

Now that should tell you something as a once avid online-dater!

Lots of PUA buddies on a daily basis would hit me up saying, “Kenny, you would get laid a ton on Tinder bro”!

I’m like, “dude, I get laid more than a ton from Facebook alone”!

I derisively scoff at the notion of using Tinder, POF, Match.com, Badoo, etc.

On a last note, I want to wrap up on a point which I made in a previous post, that women on Facebook see everything you post!

This is why you should make your shit count by posting the type of stuff which catches the attention of women!

Most guys use social media as though they’re actively trying to attract and court other men! They crazily post about sports, music and- sports again!

I mean, this is all fine and dandy if you desire not to pull ass on social media.

If you do want to pull poon on such platforms, then you MUST- and I mean MUST- post in a way that enthralls women!

With this chick here whom I’d picked up 2 days ago- a complete stranger (as always the case)- she is no exception!

If you’re a budding PUA who’s unsure of whether you really should come out publicly as a PUA while gaming girls on Facebook, for example, hopefully this post would’ve given you the cojones necessary to push forth.

Another question I get is: “should I create another account in order to game girls”?

There’s no problem with that. If you’re unsure of how to manage your friend lists on Facebook, and you’re worried scared that your family and friends will think that you’re gone off your meds- the by all means- open another Facebook account, strictly to game girls, where you can then implement my Facebook method unhindered!

Remember to grab Facebook Bang if you haven’t already!


Any clarification needed on the points of game mentioned in this post; feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.

On that note: enjoy the weekend folks!

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