The Grind Caught Up To Me [Canceling On Girl]

​Was so tired so early last night, I had to cancel on this chick who wanted to come over and rub my furry back. 

Note to self: I have to find a way to pace my nights better, or else I’ll have to resort to downing a pint of coffee just to try to stay up on nights that I end up going home early. 

By the way guys; I call every girl “babes”, and half of them call me babes…likewise.

[My texts in green]

Basically, as they wuld say in the U.K. : I was knackered! 

I was actually at the bar taking it light as possible. Grabbed me something to eat, with no intentions of seeing the corridors of my apartment for the rest of the night.

By 8 o’clock though, I just couldn’t manage to stay out. And since this chick had texted me about coming over, I didn’t mine going home to await her arrival. 

In any case, that obviously didn’t materilize since I canceled on her from being so tired.

Be as it may, the dating grind gets so hectic at times that a crash and burn period is inevitable.

Would You Flake On A Girl [Stand Her Up] Just To Build Anticipation?

Do I play head games?

I wouldn’t go so far as to say I do.

I prefer to classify my stuff as tactical approaches rather than trickery and head games. But that’s neither here or there.

Anyway, so I was supposed to meet up with this girl over the weekend (last weekend), but I decided to flake on her at the 11th. hour.

Just to feign somewhat slick, I contacted her as if I were the victim of her flakery, when indeed, I flaked on her.

By the way, when I broke the news to her that “I didn’t get to make it yesterday, nor today”, I was referring to my customary weekend trek by ferry to her side of the island.

Reminder: I stood her up, but I pretended as though she stood me up.

[My txts in green. Hers in white]

Basically, I fibbed a bit.

I did buy a bike and birthday-party stuff for my daughter. But that was this weekend; not last weekend when I flaked on this chick.

When she mentioned making it up to her, I sort of made a promise to her that I wouldn’t fap pending our rendezvous.

This chick is totally DTF as I’ve ever seen a DTF chick before.

Okay, so why did I flake on her at the last second: 2 nights in a row essentially?

Clearly as the post title reveals: I wanted to build the anticipation out the roof.

This chick was ripe for the picking last weekend but I felt that I could’ve amplified the tension and anticipation even more by flaking.

I Flaked On A DTF Girl Friday Afternoon [Frame Battling Over Taxi Fare]

Friday noonday, I hit up a chick whom I’d cussed out and nexted a few months prior, for coming at me like a gold-digging whore.

I knew she was totally into me, so although I cussed her out and blocked her months back, contacting her Friday afternoon, I knew that she would be open to seeing me.

In fact, here is the last time she’d contacted me back in April, subsequent to me cussing her out for approaching me like a gold-digger.

Notice the time stamp said April 16 with her accompanying text in gray. That was the last time we communicated.

Thursday which was the 6th, I hit her up that night but she didn’t get back to me.

Since I’d blocked her on Whatsapp and Facebook, I wondered how else I would be able to reach her.


I then hit her up on IMO Messenger and crossed my fingers and hoped that she’d reply [my texts in blue. Hers in white].

Apparently, she was down for meeting me, and was engaging me on IMO.

She then rings me and begged me to unblock her # on Whatsapp…so I did.

What that exchange was about is she was telling me (via voice notes in white) that if I want her to come over, I would have to pay for her cab fare.

Generally, I wouldn’t mine this!

What’s a cab fare for a lay?

However, I was broke as far as cash was concerned. I had to go to the ATM, but I had no intentions to do that until later on that day.

With that, I was expecting her to pay for the cab and I would reimburse her later on.

She then tried to convince me that I told her over the phone (minutes prior) that I would pay for the cab.

I never fucking agreed to pay for her cab fare!

She was trying to impose that shit upon me!

I don’t stand for such opportunistic shit from women. So I got really offended by her audacity.
[My texts in green]

She relented and agreed to paying her own cab fare. But at that point, I was already turned off by her attempt at frame battling me, especially knowing that we had a fallout back in April due to the same bullshit.

Hence, I decided to stand her up by ignoring her calls and texts.

I posted the following to Facebook.

It’s not about the lousy cab fare. It’s the principle.

Don’t try to fucking hustle me!

Don’t try to get over on me!

Don’t try to use your feminine charms in an attempt to muscle me into paying for shit: doesn’t matter if it’s a $2 soda!

In fact, I wouldn’t mine if she’d said to me that she doesn’t have the cab fare (which is unlikely), and she would like to know if I could pay.

Give me an option! Don’t demand shit! Don’t demand I pay!

Thus, I called off a sure sure lay on the grounds of principles and shit that I stand for…no matter how fuckable the girl is (pictured below).

With options in women, you learn to take way less bullshit.

This is a byproduct of having abundance.

Perhaps I may finally meet up with her down the line, and finally smash her since she’s DTF. But for now; she’s back on the back burner for rubbing me the wrong way…hence the reason I flaked on her Friday noonday.

Kenny Flakes On Horny-Hot Girl Over The Weekend

This chick I met on Facebook few months back was really dying to finally hang out with me over the weekend.

Unfortunately, I had to brush her off ’cause I was just too busy with other chicks.

There are lots of horny women out there going to bed lonely @ night…or stroking themselves to bed.
[My messages in blue]

I Flake On Girls Purposely Like A Dick Too

Call me a dick, but I purposely stood up a sexy girl twice in 1 day alone…and it gave me a massive high!

I now realize how validated women feel whenever they intentionally blow guys off, reject and stand them up.

Ok, so with this girl, I had picked her up about 2 weeks back while running some street game around a bus terminal.

Last Saturday afternoon, she wanted to meet up with me for drinks at 3 PM…but I purposely stood her up while she waited on me.

I apologized and we set up another so-called date that same Saturday evening…but I stood her up again.

As you will see from the screenshots, she calls me king liar for not showing up (this was for the 3 pm date).

Our 2nd attempt was for 8:30 pm, she texted me saying she’s at Heritage Quay, which is the area in which we were to meet up and go out from there.

I claimed that I didn’t have WiFi so that’s why she couldn’t reach me.

She texted me, “U coming”?

I never answered her as she waited at the spot for me.

She texted me at 2am the following morning (Sunday) with “hey”…I ignored her message on purpose but responded the next morning apologizing for the previous night.

I hope this shit doesn’t breed bad karma for me 😦 . But chicks do this all the time to guys (stand them up) without taking karma into consideration.

Nevertheless, I did get a massive high from it though.

Anyway, so the 1st screenshot is from the Friday morning when I first contacted her since picking her up a week prior to that. The 2nd screenshot was from the Saturday afternoon (last weekend) after I stood her up at 3 pm, and when I stood her up again at 8:30 pm and apologized for it the following morning. 🙂
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


Note: “Chupz is a Caribbean term for KMT (kissing one’s teeth).


Is there an actual salient point to this post besides Kenny being a dick?

Perhaps not.

However, with abundance comes a carefree frame from which to operate.

If you’re accustomed to getting dates and getting laid by various women, no 1 girl nor 1 date holds any particular special significance or importance above the other.

Every girl is treated equally!

If you happen to land on the other spectrum: date-less, hardly get laid and are in scarcity mode, there is no way in the world you could ever fathom being difficult with any girl, playing hard-to-get, standing up girls, acting a dick, etc.

With an abundance mentality, you gain leverage and you begin to operate from a position of power.

Flaked On Last Night After Buying Food

Man I was fucking pissed!

Women have their nefarious ways of working over guy’s nerves…intentionally.

If there’s 1 thing I hate is when chicks willfully waste my time.

Unfortunately, wasting guy’s time is a base ingredient in the dating pie: women will waste your time, no matter how good you are in this field!

Last night, this chick was supposed to come see me from during the evening, but she got tied up at a beach party which took place miles and miles away from the city.

Allegedly, she got stranded at the beach which delayed her stopping by at my pad by a few hours.

We continued to dialogue throughout the night, trying to hammer out a way to get her to my fuck-location…my apartment.

While this was all going down, I got so antsy that I became hungry so I stopped by a nearby lounge in my area to grab some barbecue-grilled chicken in the meantime.

I then came up with a brilliant idea: “why not grab some chicken for her while I’m at it”?

I spent $40 bucks on 10 pieces of chicken [$20 for 5 pieces: 5 pieces for me, and 5 for her], made my way back home while texting this chick trying to get her ass back into the city.

Generally, I don’t mine doing this since I neither go out of my way to exclusively grab something only for the girl. Also, this is a girl whom I had fucked on a prior occasion or 2, so grabbing something for her to snack on back at the PUA-pad would not have been a bad move as far as devaluing my perceived social value.

Anyway, so here is a screenshot of the confusion in progress.
[My texts in green. Hers in white]


That says it all.

If it meant getting her to my place in order to hook up, I was up for paying her taxi fare with the taxi dropping her right at my doorstep.

However, it just wasn’t my night…or the bitch was just a cunning sham-artist.

I tried reaching a few taxi services but none were available.

She didn’t have a number to any taxi so that was that as far as the taxi plan went.

I thought about borrowing an associate of mines SUV (upon her suggestion) but I scratched that idea.

In any case, she eventually got a ride after 11 PM in a caravan of cars which were rolling from the beach by he dozens.

There I was expecting her to get dropped off by me but she’d told me that the caravan stopped off at a bar so she had to vacate the car also.


This chick was supposed to be at my pad around 6:30 PM and it was now 11:30 PM and she’s a no show!

I was pissed as fuck, particularly because I wasted $20 on chicken which was impossible for me to stuff.

Crazy enough; I managed to stuff my belly with the 10 pieces of chicken upon the realization that she wasn’t going to show up. 😦

At about 12 o’clock AM, she stopped responding to my texts while I was trying to find out her location (if she was close or far). So that’s when I read the writing on the wall that this witch had just flaked out on me.

I deleted her phone # right after that and continued to watch some Saturday night HBO boxing…alone.

A contributing factor to why I ultimately deleted her # last night is because she had flaked on me twice over the past week alone.

She was to come by me around Wednesday evening but flaked.

I usually have a 3-flake policy where I allow the girl 3 chances/strikes before I next her.

Most advanced PUA’s are so hawkish about flaking, that they delete girls upon their 1st infraction/1st flake. I consider this reckless and lacking of foresight since a good portion of girls will likely flake at least once or twice.

With this girl though, it is no biggie because I already f-closed her on 2 prior occasions. So she doesn’t get the satisfaction of shaming me as if I hadn’t slept with her at all.

I’ll give it some time and this chick will come running back trying to hook up as she did the last time when I had cut her off because of her flakiness in the past. So she has a history of excessive flaking.

This is also uncharacteristic because a girl never really flakes after she had already slept with a guy on prior occasions.

Flaking usually occurs [99.9% of the time] in cases of Day2’s (meeting the girl for the 1st time since picking her up) where the girl will have had jitters working her over.

On a final note, guys are liable to say, “But Kenny, I thought with options in women you don’t get pissed when a girl flakes”!?

Getting pissed because someone had wasted your time is only a natural reaction that any sane human being would experience.

The only difference when it comes to post-flake situations between myself- a guy with options- and a guy without options, is that I don’t remain pissed, neither do I chase the girl who had just flaked on me…because I have other options.

The guy without options is forced to chase, cry, whine, brood and beg.

He’s also liable to carry this experience with him for days, weeks and even months, beating himself up that a possible bang opportunity had slipped out of his hands.

When a chick flakes on me, I am pissed only for that night.

Depended on the time (if it’s early in the night), I would contact another girl in relation to meeting up with me that same night.

If it’s late (after 10-11 PM), I may just chance it and head out to the bar and try to pull a SNL (One-Night Stand). But by no means am I crushed and devastated whenever a girl flakes on me, to the degree that I am rendered immobile in a pool of tears.

It just so happened that since it was so late (after 12 AM) with this chick, it was next-to-impossible to hit up another girl to meet up.

Today however, I don’t even remember last night and that I got flaked on (apart from writing this post recounting the night).

The chick is deleted!

I harbor no malice against her for bullshitting me last night!

I know she will run coming back trying to hook up because they always do! 🙂

I trust in time!

“Time” is always th great equalizer.

The thing is, whenever a girl meets a guy like me- a PUA- not only is a PUA unique and unheard of by the vast majority of women on the exception of nutty feminists, but his style, approach and motto is unique to the girl.

Girls aren’t accustomed to being approached, gamed up and seduced by PUA’s.

Whenever they do find that 1 adroit Pick-Up Artist such as Kenny ( 😉 ), they (women) are usually swept off their feet by the mere “difference” in the approach and the stimulation she gets from it.

Hence, when a girl stands me up and I delete her # and cut her off in effect, she usually goes back to the humdrum, run-of-the-mill boring guy(s) who she’s grown accustomed to…like her bore-friend: -…I mean boyfriend.

Due to low stimulation from such a lackluster individual, the flaker usually finds herself running back into my arms/bed in the matter or days, weeks or months by texting me out of the blue, wanting to hang out. But this time; with no possibility of flaking.

At the end of the day, flaking does suck donkey balls. But as you become better with women and begin to witness abundance, though flaking will still sting, it won’t at all have a lasting effect.

With “Abundance” Comes A Natural Buffer Against Flakes + Having Girls On Standby

Successfully meeting and dating lots of women comes with inherent-logistical challenges:

*Time constraints



Those are just the 3 primary logistical issues one will have faced whenever he acquires an abundance of women.

I cited in a recent post how I manage the abundance of women I meet [through a process of elimination].

Nevertheless, it gets deeper than that.

“Flaking” is an inevitable part of dating.

No matter how fucking skilled you are in this field- as long as women have a mind of their own [and they do]- they will always be susceptible to indecision and change of mind.

Hence, you can expect to have planned a meet-up or date with a new girl, and she purposely ignores your calls and messages on the actual day of the date [flaking].

Additionally, some chicks will pretend as though they were struck across the head with acute amnesia and completely forgot that they were to meet up with you! 😦 😡

These occurrences [flaking] are inevitable…even for master-daters like myself!

The best we can do [as guys] is to reduce the possibility of flakes…operative word “Reduce”, and not prevent.

Any guys who says he can teach you a flake-proof method is fucking blowing smoke…albeit I understand pick-up marketing since I’m a novel marketer myself!

Point is; girls will forever stand guys up and flake out at inopportune times!

You can only reduce and buffer flaking but not eliminate or avoid them…unless your game consists of strictly SNL [Same Night Lay] pulls.

My potential flakes are naturally reduced, cushioned and buffered by virtue of numbers, percentages and consistency of my pulls/pickups.

It’s essentially akin to having a standby generator in case the main-electricity circuitry chips out.

With my system, if a girl flakes out on me, I almost always have 1 or 2 standby chicks upon whom to call. 😉

Now, these chicks obviously aren’t aware that they are standbys and 2nd and 3rd options. But they don’t have to know.

What I usually do is, let’s say that I have 2 so-called dates confirmed for the weekend:

Friday: Jackie

Saturday: Amy

Instead of banking on both girls sticking to their part of the agreement, I leave space for disappointment…as you should always do [I prefer to call it “space for flake”].

My meet-up proposals are always solid because I know how to fine tune certain things in order to minimize last-second excuses.

However, even with 100% certainty that the girl will show, I always leave room for disappointment [“space for flake”].

If 1 or both girls doesn’t show at all, I would not have been that disappointed since I left room for it…mentally.

In any case, if I have a so-called date confirmed for Friday and Saturday, I would’ve made plans with 1 or 2 other girls for those same nights as well. 😈

In effect, I would have created a situation where I have 4 girls to meet up with…but I would have to disappoint 2 of them. 😦

The original 2 girls I would keep plans with for Friday and Saturday, then I will break the disappointing news to the other 2 who are on standby. 😦 😦

In most cases, I wouldn’t even tell them that something pressing came up [as an excuse].

I would simply pretend as though I completely forgot I had plans with the standby chicks by electing to not contact them at all.

At times, I would turn my phone off as the day of the date approaches. 👿

This is why I always inform the girls I meet up with that it is a “CASUAL” meet-up and NOT a fucking “FORMAL”, dress-your-best occasion, where we’re going to dine at some upscale joint.


I ensure to inform the girls days ahead of time to NOT get all dolled-up, not waste time going to the salon and getting mani and pedicures for our casual meet-up!

This is why I prefer a walk-in-the-park rendezvous where the girl can just throw some flip-flops on, slick her hair back into the simplest ponytail and throw on an old dress or some shit like that!

Pressure free!

In that case, if and when I have to disappoint the girls on standby [essentially flaking on them], I save myself some guilt [’cause I do have a heart 😦 ], knowing that they didn’t waste time and money on prepping, getting their hair and nails done, buying new outfit, etc. So when I have to disappoint them: “Oh well”!


Ok, so in the event that girl 1 [Friday] or girl 2 [Saturday] flakes or has other plans with the girls or something, I fill that gap with girl 3 or girl 4.

This isn’t last minute by the way since I would’ve already planned something with girls 3 and 4 about a week in advance.

My meet-ups/dates are usually planned anywhere from a week to 2 weeks in advance.

During this pre-date period, I would’ve been gaming the girl some more and getting her extra warmed up to the idea of meeting and fucking.

We may even sext or have phone sex during that period! 🙂

This all helps and doesn’t hurt your chances.

The further the date is [let’s say 2 weeks away], the more engaging you will have to become in order to keep the girl engaged and on the radar.

Remember: girls suffer from ADHD and ADD [Attention-Deficit Disorder]!

They have short-fucking attention spans!

Hence, if I meet a girl today and am unable to meet up with her until 2 weeks down the line, I will have had to chitchat and text her every other day just so she doesn’t fall off the map and forget about me.

Remember: girls are ADD!

I also seize quick opportunities on the fly where I can squeeze a DTF girl in, in the event that flaking occurs somewhere.

For example, about a week ago when I had already planned dates for Friday and Saturday [this actual weekend that is], a chick whom I’d met 10 years ago but reconnected with recently, hit me up.

I pretty much went ultra-direct sexually towards the meet-up since I already knew she was DTF from the last convo we had some weeks back.

Here are the screenshots from about a week ago when she texted me out of the blue.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]








Essentially, she’s girl #3 in the event that either girl 1 or 2 had flaked this weekend.

If girl 1 and 2 sticks to plan, I will then have to disappoint girl 3 from the text-log above.

Ok, so that was a perfect example of how having abundance acts as a natural buffer in case someone stands you up.

You almost always have the option to replace a dropout with a girl on standby.

The parting message here for you is pretty clear: gain abundance of women!

You won’t get stuck in situations where all of your eggs are in 1 basket and your chances of getting a date are depended on this one girl.

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