Roosh Press Conference: Firing Back At The Media…And He Actually Makes A Great Case

All along I knew that this was a case where the media, as usual, twisted and took things out of context.

In spite of my issues with Roosh (unrelated to what he teaches), I had never slandered the guy, nor had I ever gotten the impression for 1 second that he was a pro-rape individual.

A day or so ago, he held a press conference in Washington, DC (where he resides) to clear the air on this whole media firestorm.

I think Roosh did himself justice and exposed how the media is bias, stupid, uninformed and intentionally mislead…but we all knew that, right?

By the way, my buddy Josh Bar gave his take on things.

RSD’s Jeffy Responds To Feminists [video repost]

Hey guys, I promised Jeffy (aka JLaix) over a year ago that I would not post/share this video again on my blog since Jeffy felt that it gave him a bad look ever since the Julien Blanc fiasco.

E-mail proof that Jeffy and I did dialogue on his situation back in 2014 when we were on civil terms.


However, Jeffy/JLaix and I had a falling out some months back (due to him being a dick with me), so I don’t feel that I should have to honor his wishes any longer.

Since it has been a terrible media week for PUA’s worldwide, I might as well post about the most infamous pickup instructor from San Francisco, who was the pickup community’s #1 villain a while back, partly due to a van which was dubbed the rape van by feminist bloggers and sympathizers in the Bay area…though it was a consensual-sex van. 🙂

They had managed to paint Jeffy as the pickup artist who rode around in a “rape van” accosting women. Again, showing how the media misinterpret pickup tactics as a form of manipulation to case rape.


Here is Jeffy’s video response over a year ago.

Remind you; this video was pulled from Jeffy’s YouTube page, but I had stolen it before it was removed…hence I uploaded it to my YouTube account and re-posted it…with Jeffy’s knowledge by the way.

I wasn’t being a dick about it. I actually loved his take on his media fiasco.

Jezebel, the anti-PUA online heavyweight, had posted a scathing article on this, as they were the ones to engage in a witch hunt against Jlaix.

Prominent pickup artist (Jeffy Allen) who drives around in a rape van

Roosh V [Pick-Up Author] Gets Beer Thrown In His Face In Montreal, Canada

Things have really heated up for my former nemesis, Roosh V, a well-known pick-up author and practitioner based in Washington, DC.

To my little knowledge on the subject, Roosh scheduled an event in Montreal, Canada which was sabotaged by feminists and haters of pick-up…but it goes deeper than that.

Now- I’ve had my long quarrels and wars with Roosh dating back to 2010-2011 and we never did patch things up.

Nevertheless, I do understand what the man is going through since I’ve been there back in 2014. Because of our rancor doesn’t mean I won’t rally behind him.

In the meantime, I was sent the following video links of the drink-throwing incident and Roosh’s take on the Montreal drama in the 2nd video.


Infamous pick-up artist already in Canada despite petition for his ban by CTV News.

Pick-up artist blogger petition ban

Lesbian [Female] PUA – What’s Your Thoughts?

Honestly, I don’t know how to take this.

A chick who does pickup in order to pick up other women is unheard of in this genre.

Sure we have female pickup coaches [though few]. But definitely not females who actively pursue other chicks. So this turn of event sorta caught me off guard.

As for the female PUA in question, she claims to post on simple-pickup forum.

I’ve been banned from the Simple Pickup Forum due to PUA politics, so I have no way to confirm this.

I’d like to hear what you guys have to say about this: a Lesbian PUA who picks up women.

Do you see it as women encroaching upon the all-boys club of the pickup/seduction community? Or is it progressive and somewhat cool?

As someone who hates the idea of Lesbianism since it is essentially about taking away our women, I’m not sure if I’m so welcoming of women infiltrating this community in order to learn tactics to steal more girls from us.

I don’t know!