Peacocking Is Real

The first peacocking item I ever purchased which predates the VH1 Pickup Artist show.

I bought this necklace and talisman from a homeless white Jewish guy peddling on the streets [I know what
you’re thinking: “a fucking Jew who’s

Anyway, truth is; every time I wore this to the club or bar, I got a same night lay pull.

Not only that, but as insignificant as this necklace appears, every time I wore it to night game, various women would open me by commenting on it: “Hey, interesting necklace. What does it signify”?

Even while in convo, girls would almost always notice it and comment on it…which goes to show that women have eyes for details and they notice every minute thing.

Crazy enough about this talisman and necklace, I lost it once and recovered it from my grandmother’s garden…buried in dirt literally. This really belongs to me, and meant that it would never lose me.

I’m wearing it tonight for the first time in about a year. BTW, I am NOT wearing it in hopes of getting lucky tonight [since I’m already banging a
rotation of new girls]. But just for old-time sake and the memories of killing it in night game some years back.


Revenge Of The Bearded Men

Once upon a time in the seduction genre, the bearded guy was looked down upon with scorn, disdain and ridicule.

If you were bearded: you were deemed un-dateable.

there were no bearded figure (of prominence) in the seduction community apart from Paul Janka.

Paul Janks: seduction guru

Paul Janks: seduction guru

Having a full beard + scruff was unheard of and seen as bad grooming, tasteless and a lack of style and social intelligence. Hence 99.9 % of the instructors in this genre of seduction were either clean-shaven or wore a very light beard and goatee.

I’d never worn the clean-shaven look [no beard, no mustache]…sorta gives men a pedophile look if you ask me. So I always kept a beard & goatee but the remaining facial hair was completely wacked off.

Prior to just 6 months ago, I would’ve strangled you had you ever insisted that I should grow my sideburns with connected facial hair on both sides- or even the neck-beard look.

However, over the last 5 months, I’ve been rocking out in my full-bearded profile, not giving a shit about social and societal norms and implications nor what anyone thinks. 😯

Kenny going rogue

Kenny going rogue

It’s a liberating feeling to not have to fucking shave or hit the barbershop every few days…plus I get to penny-pinch $20 which I can instead spend on booze! 😉

Ok, so what attributed to this shift in the Pickup/Seduction community among the coaches, instructors and gurus: from clean-shaven to semi to fully bearded?

My rigid hypothesis leaves me to surmise that It’s a rebellion against the mainstream media of dating.

The mainstream-dating world has it that a guy ought to be well-groomed or clean-shaven in order to become a viable candidate on the proverbial-dating market.

The PUA Community ate this up like a fat kid in a candy store, hence the reason why prior to 2 years ago, 99% of the PUA blogs were saturated with articles encouraging guys to get those razors and trimmers out if they wanted to attract women and make it to pussy-banging paradise.

We were frikkin’ duped! 😯 😡

With the re-emergence of the dominant Alpha-Male character perhaps 2 and a half years ago, guys in Pickup quickly started to drift away from the beard-less avatar towards adopting the manlier-caveman profile.

As much as I hate to admit, my nemesis RooshV might have been onto something with his consistent adherence to the bearded-Alpha profile, while steering clear of being sucked into the mainstream narrative that a man should be cleanly shaved as to facilitate his journey to pussy-paradise.

RooshV; Turkish-American game-coach out of Washington, DC

RooshV; Turkish-American game-coach out of Washington, DC

Ok, so is this resurgence of the bearded Alpha just a passing fad?

I suppose.

However, I’ve gotten swept up into the windmill for the past 5 months. So much so that I only been to the barbershop once, when prior, I was going every weekend religiously since growing a bear over 15 years ago.

My girlfriend steady busts my chops trying to get me to shave it all off but I won’t budge. 😡 😉

My boss inquires as to the recent-rogue look while subtly insinuating that I would look more attractive chopping it off, but my resolve is strong and I really DGAF! 🙂

I have an electrical trimmer at home which I use to level my beard and keep it at a reasonable length. But apart from that; I wear a full set of facial hair.

Other note-worthy guys in the community who have recently, or for a while now, gone rogue: Liam McRae (Australia), Johnny Berba (of England), James Marshall (Australia), Ace (California, USA), RSD Julien (Switzerland), Nick Sparks of New York, USA (my nemesis)…just to name a few PUA coaches around the globe.



James Marshall

James Marshall

Jay Ace

Jay Ace

Johnny Berba

Johnny Berba

RSD Julien (of Switzerland)

RSD Julien (of Switzerland)

Nick Sparks

Nick Sparks

The guy who really did it for me though, was the Pickup guru RSD Owen.

RSD Owen/Tyler

RSD Owen/Tyler

After he went rogue some years ago and his game skyrocketed 1,000%, I was like “WTF; so having facial hair isn’t bad for your game”!? 😯

My reality was fucking shattered like a fallen chandelier from 3 stories high!

Now, are there lessons here for us?


The most important 1 is what I’ve been heavily preaching on this website over the past 6-9 months: “Social Deviance”!

Whichever way you’d like to term it; it’ll be a fundamental PLUS to your overall game and attraction value when you can deviate from what society considers normal to then going against that perceived norm.

Sounds radical?

Lemme explain!

Being a social rebel is a tremendously powerful statement with loaded-attraction value that gets those little vaginas of sexy women pulsating and flowing like Niagara Falls on its most fluent days!

It’s not about having facial hair per say which gives you an advantageous edge. It’s the implications and the fact that you’re willing to against the grain.

I wrote about this before, where on a personal level, I made a note-worthy observation in respects to my results with women, and the conclusive findings were staggering: 😯

I got laid 60% more when I donned the scruffy-bearded look than when well-groomed and shaved.
Did you fucking hear that!?

I said I got laid far more as a bearded bad ass than when I had fewer facial hair which was kept neatly trimmed!

I’m not gonna get into why having facial hair gets you laid more [that’s for another article] but it involves sex, primates and animals…and no it isn’t bestiality you sick muthafuckers! 🙂

It’s actually rooted deeply in human evolution [pretty fucking deep huh?].


Basically, my lay count shot up when I effectively had an older appearance (bearded) in contrast to my shaved avatar.

This totally annihilates the common myth that the younger you look (facially), the more attractive you’ll look to women, hence the more you’ll attract women and effectively get laid more.

Let’s not even get too deep into the subject of human evolution but it’s undoubtedly clear that throughout history (pre- and modern), the bearded man was deemed manlier, more attractive and simply- well- a real man of course.

After all, the only thing which visibly separates and distinguishes a boy from a man is the growth of facial hair. So it shouldn’t be surprising to hear me say that a guy who looks unkempt should get laid more than a guy who looks as though he’d skinned a baby’s ass and superimposed its skin onto his face to give himself a glossy countenance. 😯

As for detractors and men who will say: “But Kenny, girls tell me that they love men who are clean-shaven and are turned off by dudes with facial hair”!

To that- Kenny says: “STFU”! 😯

Need a common analogy which makes it crystal clear that you should never listen to women?

Chicks say that they love prince-charming nice guys yet they don’t fuck nice guys. Instead, they’re out fucking Fernando, the bearded asshole auto-mechanic who hasn’t had a bath in 10 days, doesn’t change his clothes and hasn’t seen a razor in a month! Or they’re fucking the bearded rebel with stinky-breath who does nothing but puff cigarettes and chug beers for a fucking living!

Hence, if your barometer for measuring success in dating and hooking-up, is based on what women claim they want, then you might as well castrate yourself NOW! 😯

A little word of advice: whatever a woman says she likes, loves or wants and is attracted to; always look at the antithesis (the opposite) as true.

Ok I’ll admit- “ALWAYS” might be a slight overstatement so I’ll restate that by saying “almost always”; 80% of what women say they want and like in dating and in men, should be highly contested and contradicted.

You might wanna read this super insightful and controversial article of mines which a month ago, had made it to the front page of Reddit, pulling in a whopping 10,000 views in less than 24 hours of being posted there…and that was just the first few hours of 2 weeks worth of viral traffic. My blog literally crashed for some hours from the sheer influx and volume of traffic in such a short-time span from 1 source!

For an article or post to make it to the front page of Reddit [the odds are like the lotto], it has to either be super controversial or highly insightful. That viral article of mines had much of both, so I advise every guy to read it after you will have read this article!

Women are transient creatures who live in the moment- for the moment. The linked post on Reddit:

The gist of the article was that women really don’t have a clue of what they want or like. She may claim to exclusively date men over 6 feet yet with a little research, you’ll be shocked to find out that she’s banging a 5’8 club-promoter.

Ok, back to the subject at hand: how long will this social rebellion of the bearded men lasts before infiltration by shady characters aka internet-marketing gurus?

I have no idea. But while it’s here; I’m gonna fucking enjoy the proverbial decline to the fullest!

Kenny's current-bearded look

Kenny’s current-bearded look

As tribute to the bearded men who brought this to the awareness of many during the years of the seduction community’s peak to present, I’ll leave you with some interesting videos on the topic, such as the following from Paul Janka, which speaks to the issue of communicating sex with women.

Hidden-camera video from Janka running day-game pickup.

As another tribute to the bearded seducer, an instructional video from James Marshall (of Australia) as he demonstrates attitude and skills over looks.

Also, a video from RSD Owen/Tyler, the guru who indirectly encouraged me to take the plunge, speaks of breaking your self-image paradigm and perception and tying that into getting laid and so forth.

Another great video from the bearded ginger [Tyler] which encapsulates the “social rebel” frame which gets guys laid.

Can’t forget one of my favorite bearded caricature: RSD Julien. Pertinent video on being breaking social norms and being comfortable in that skin.

All in all, you will have learned from this post and videos that looks don’t matter but attitude and self-perception do. And the reason you fail and suck with women is due to your self-imprisonment by society, women and the mainstream media which convince us that we have to conform in order to have women in our lives when it’s actually the opposite.

The more you believe looks matter and that you need to fit a certain quota that society sets; the more you’ll get fucked out of your dating potential.


“Just Be Yourself”: The Worst Piece Of Dating Advice Ever

Why this piece of advice won’t get you anywhere.

In essence and theory: this is sound advice!

One should have comfort in knowing that he can be himself and still attract women, still get laid and still maintain a harem of hotties in which to chose from.


The reality is: being yourself doesn’t guarantee this in the least [assuming “yourself” isn’t up to standard].

This’ the worst piece of shit advice you will have ever gotten from your parents, relationship counselors, buddies…women…

My rebut to “just be yourself” would be: “It depends on who that self is”.

That is a key piece of information that the average guy doesn’t want to face since the average guy isn’t up for introspection neither changing his sucky ways.

Guys take comfort in mental masturbation, wanting to take the easy route to success in life, unwilling to fucking grind and put in work for optimal results!

Therefore, when such a guy comes across theoretical bullshit and blissful cliches like “Just be yourself”, he immediately feels a sense of self-appreciation in knowing that he can live a life of slobbery and it’d all be ok.


Now for argument sake, if being yourself means that you’re already a well-put-together dude, then sure: “be yourself” is a great piece of advice and you should run with it.

However, judging from the virtual statistics and what the eye can see, the average dude does NOT have his shit together as far as the components in which he’ll need to incorporate into his lifestyle in order to attract women and have a fruitful life in accordance with that.

Hence to say to a slob: “Just be yourself dude”, is tantamount to treason against humanity in my book. 😯

Why Men Are Enamored With The Idea Of “Just Be Yourself”

What most men are opposed to are drastic-lifestyle changes, or even minuscule tweaking for that matter.

Humans are inherently lazy and adverse to change.

Adult men unfortunately are at the bottom of the totem pole as far as lifestyle “changes” are concerned.

“Why change”!?

“It’s so much easier to just remain the same, be the same-old sloppy couch-potato I am and have my women feed me grapes while I do nothing but channel-surfing all day”!

“Fuck changes”!

“Kenny can suck it”!

That’s just a peek into the psyche of the average guy who’s adverse to changes.

It’s so much easier to remain wallowing in filth instead of purchasing a bar of soap, shampoo, body-scrub and get to cleaning up the bodily mess we guys tend to call our lazy lives.

Such a guy doesn’t want to entertain jack-shit on the subject of lifestyle alterations, fitness, wardrobe tweaking, going out, learning social skills, etc.

“Just gimme my remote and cable TV and the hot bitches will just stroll on into my humble abode”!

This is “being myself”!

“I wouldn’t waste my time on that Pick-Up Artist crap! That’s for losers…unlike myself”!

Such sentiment is often thrown my way via social media by guys of all walks of life.

Every guy wants to believe that he has it all figured out and he needs no changes…although the evidence shows otherwise.

A huge part of this unwillingness by men to change their Beta-male habits, originates from the ego, pride and self-image.

To “change”, is a subtle confession that you were wrong.

No one likes to admit that he or she was wrong.

It takes a humble guy to shoot me an e-mail saying:

“Hey Kenny bro’: love your website and I’ve been learning a lot”.

Not every guy is wired that way where he’s able to subdue the ego and self-image in order to allow humility to shine even for a second.

Every guy who gets inducted into the art of seduction or at least skim the message, has got to possess some semblance of humility as a prerequisite, or willing to become a humble lad in order to make the process work.

Guys who fail to become good with women [via Pickup], are often times the ones who feel as though they’re above the process [pride and ego at play again]:

“I have it all figured out already”!

This is the reason why it’s so difficult for the average guy to comprehend and adhere to our proverbial curriculum of seduction:

1.) It stresses change and alteration in lifestyle.

2.) It requires that you keep the ego in check.

These 2 factors aren’t up for debate with most men.

Therefore, “Just be yourself” is a very ego-comforting quote that they can latch onto like a life-raft in turbulent waters.

Women Will Lie To You And Have Been Lying To You About “Yourself”

We men tend to get our dating-advice tidbits from 2 main sources:

Women and the media.

Taking dating, sex and relationship advice from women is akin to a pilot taking navigation lessons from Ray Charles. 😯

Women are absolutely the worst source by far, from which men should take advice on lifestyle, dating and relationship matters.

It’s not that women are incompetent at doing this. It’s merely because a woman will give advice from a female’s standpoint through an effeminate lens of a woman’s psyche.

Such advice as “Just be yourself” has been fostered and peddled by women over the decades.

Men on the other hand, for some crazy reason, not aware that women and men think differently, would instantly gobble up cliches advice from women as gospel and viable.

“I mean, who best to give advice on how to get laid, get a girlfriend and attract girls, than women themselves”?

“After all- they are women so they should know best in relation to what gets them going”.

This sounds good and very rational but it’s far from the reality of what works.

To be fair to women, they don’t actually know that they’re giving terrible advice and causing more harm than good whenever declaring to their male friends: “Just be yourself Tim! If she doesn’t like you then it wasn’t meant to be”.

Everyone wants to be a dating expert. And humans in general love to give advice as their opinions are valued and show them up as being “well-rounded and wise”.

Therefore, as a guy, whenever you seek dating advice from a girl, it isn’t likely that she’ll not share something with you.

She must give you something, right?

Usually, that “something” is some bullshit cliche or outdated advice like:

“Just be yourself”

“Women like nice guys”

“Take her on a lavish date if you want her to like you”

“Wait 4 dates before sex”

“Call her right away”

“Calling her every will show her how much you care and like her”

“Ask her out”

“Be a gentleman”

The list of hilarity can steamroll on for days…but I’ll stop there.

Such tidbits of tips look and sound nice: But they aren’t effective and would serve to turn the girl off opposed to attracting her.

Hence, you should never take dating, sex, courtship nor relationship advice from a woman.

She will almost always steer you down the wrong road…inadvertently so. But she means well…I think. 😉 😉

If “Just Be Yourself” Is Terrible Advice: What Works Then?

What works is exactly what most of us aren’t willing to do…and that is change.

For the record: you shouldn’t change just for women or just to placate any 1 chick.

Any guy or gal who advises you to cut your mullet or dreadlocks just to appeal to the girl down the bloc who digs men with short haircuts, should be fucking shamed into exile!

Changes should be made with a holistic approach and not for 1 individual…unless that’s yourself.

I’ve heard tons of stories over the years of men who purchased sports cars just to appeal to a certain girl who’s rumored to like guys with sports cars.

That is fucking despicable!!!

Such lifestyle change or alteration in going from a Toyota Carolla to something out of Fast & Furious, just to get some poon, will serve no purpose but to make you look like a try-hard tool in the end.

Now, had you done that for yourself: FINE!!!

Or even to become a rad guy who lives on the edge: FINE!!!

However, you don’t want to “change” in the sense of appealing to 1 chick, who after she gets to date you for a month, will be looking to upgrade to another guy…that’s after she’d realized you changed exclusively for her [women are very ungrateful to say the least].

Anyway, (lifestyle) change is the way to go but for the right reasons!

No more adherence to mental-masturbation quotes just to make yourself feel happy!

If you’re a fat-unhealthy guy living in the middle of nowhere, can’t get a decent date to save your life: then you need to change your routine PRONTO!

Just being yourself won’t make the goddamn grade buddy!

Sure a woman should love you for you, but you can’t expect to not bring a presentable package to the table and expect decent chicks to hop on your cock!

Even guys who have their shit together, like myself, still have to periodically implement changes and tweaks in order to remain a viable candidate on the dating and mating market. So what does that say for a severely-overweight slob who never graced the insides of a fitness gym before?

Plus I never said this shit would be easy!

Anywho, so if your idea of physical activity is walking up a flight of stairs at work or at home, then you really need to be smack with the force of a speeding train in hopes of waking you up. 😯

Guys tend to get the idea of physical activity misconstrued.

I’m not advising you to hit the gym in order to pack the muscles on or get ripped.

Having muscles don’t get you laid.

The reason why hitting the gym or hitting the road to exercise is so key, is that it gives you a sense of doing something and having a ritual and a purpose.

Staying at home pumping iron robs you of this sense of “I’m doing something”. So it’s worth it to go somewhere where others will see you, which will force you into your head and also motivate you at the same time to continue.

You don’t get this by exercising in seclusion in your mother’s basement.


Incorporating a fitness routine is a lifestyle change and habit that will serve to attract women and people in general into your life.

Even if you’re a 300 pound man: doesn’t fucking matter!

What matters to people is to see and know that you are doing something, motivated and on a mission with a purpose.

Passion is attractive to women!

Hence this video of mines which I’d posted not long ago.

The additional benefit of a fitness regimen is just to get you off the frikkin’ couch and out of the house!

Guys are programmed to want the lazy-man’s route into getting women into their bedrooms: lay there, do nothing and women will come.

Doesn’t work that way!

You have to get out and about!

In conjunction with a fitness regimen as a lifestyle change, should be auxiliary activities which entail getting out of the house once again.

This runs contrary to “being yourself” if you’re a guy who doesn’t get out much.

Having a social life is key to attracting women into your life.

By “social life”, I don’t mean social media as in cultivating a life around Facebook and Twitter and thinking that that’s “being social”.

A product of thinking that social media and online dating beat meeting women in the real world

A product of thinking that social media and online dating beat meeting women in the real world

Social media classifies as a lazy-man’s way to being social. Just as online dating is a way to try to minimize real-social interaction with women, hence turning men into antisocial androids or what I’d like to term: Big Pussies.

Therefore, if you don’t currently have a hobby which entails you getting off the couch and go be social: then find 1 now!

Go enlist in a Yoga class!

Go join a social group or club!

Go take some improv classes!

Make it a habit to go partying, clubbing and hit up some bars after work or on the weekends instead of continuing the self-torturing routine of work to home, work to home.

Break the cycle by making it work, bar, home, work, home bar, or bar, home work. Whichever order suits your schedule.

Going to the bar or going out on the weekends for a change, would mean a wardrobe upgrade or change.

If you aren’t trendy: get trendy!

It doesn’t exactly mean you should have to dress like everyone else. But if your idea of “dressed” is similar to that of the guys in the photo below: then you have some serious wardrobe troubleshooting to do…unless you live in Tennessee…which still might not cut it.

Guys with grand egos tend to shun the idea of having to work on themselves as far as fashion and style go.

A woman should accept them the way they are: sloppy, grungy and drab.

This would be fine in a perfect world but not in the 1 we live today.

As for personality, this is another aspect of “change and alteration” you’ll have to implement in order to become an attractive man.

It isn’t news flash that nice guys don’t get laid but for the pity-fuck or occasional “luck” factor (or hookers).

A nice guy being fed the usual bologna of “just be yourself”, after 40 years of just being himself, I think he would’ve had enough of the bull by now don’t you think?

I was once an ardent-nice guy [what an oxymoron] who’d wholeheartedly swallowed the “just be yourself” pill while simultaneously getting fist fucked by evil women who were also helping to cram more pills down my throat while saying:

“It’d all be ok. Women love nice guys. Just be yourself Kenny”!

The same women who were consoling me with the BS and telling me it’d all be ok, were the same ones to snub me cold-heartedly on prior occasions when I was totally “just being myself”. 😦

This picture was all fucked up to say the least [women going contrary to the advice they give men to follow].

I knew drastic measures had to be taken in order to get laid, get dates, get women into my life and to live a well-rounded life altogether.

Just being myself wasn’t cutting it.

Being a nice guy damn sure wasn’t cutting it neither.

This personal need for change and an urgent lifestyle and personality overhaul were what led me to the Pickup/Seduction community some years ago [by sheer chance of a Google search].

This is what the average guy just isn’t willing to do: a major overhauling of his life, lifestyle (or lack thereof) and personality.

It’s too much fucking work!

“Why change when I can remain the same, be who I am and just check out porn whenever I have the urge to get off”?

Along with drastic change comes an admission that you do need help.

Which guy is comfortable admitting that he needs help with women [putting pride in check]?

Not many of us.

The nice guy, which most of us are, is faced with this life-altering decision: either get an edge to his personality or remain a bland-boring dude who repels women.

It’s much easier to remain the same and not change a thing. It takes no effort to be static and stagnant, but it does require effort to get shit done!

Presuming you’re a nice guy reading this article right now: I’m talking to you!

Get a bit edgy!

You don’t have to become a total asshole to get laid [although that helps] but you should incorporate some elements of the badboy into your persona which will give you an edgy appeal in which women are inherently attracted to.

If you’re clean-shaven: grow some fucking scruff in order to look like a real man: an Alpha Male!

I said scruff now. Not Hippie. 🙂

Having some facial hair will give you that badboy’s edge (at least in the looks department). Conversely, having no facial hair will give you that effeminate-boyish look [now you go figure which is more appealing].

Perfect example of the scruffy look with a badboy edge

Perfect example of the scruffy look with a badboy edge

In accordance to the “new self” which you’ll be required to cultivate, is the acknowledgment that lifestyle change is a good thing.

You will have detractors from every direction trying to derail your progress:

“Nightclubs are for losers”

“Why don’t you shave”?

Listen not to such non-technical verbiage.

You’ve been listening to everyone over the years to no avail, so you can listen to me, a novel voice for a change, when I say that you suck, your life sucks and you being yourself sucks even more!

Being yourself will not cut it!

After all, if “just being yourself” was the answer to your women problems, then why the fuck are you single!?

Why are you married, bored and unhappy?

Why don’t you currently enjoy a steady rotation of at least 2 hot girls in whom you can fuck on a weekly basis?

If “just be yourself” worked, then why the fuck are you a 40 year-old chode loser, married to a woman whom you didn’t select nor wanted by the way, but was cajoled to peer up with as you didn’t have any alternatives or options in which to screen and chose from.

Most men under the age of 50 [80% of them I’d say] are with the women they’re with, not through natural and free selection but subtle coercion and compulsion.

This is the underlying theme of “settling”.

You settle for what you can get at the moment, even if that means a crappy non-sexual girlfriend who doesn’t nearly rev up your sexual engines…but at least it’s a girl…I guess. ❓

Nevertheless, when you begin to seriously implement and apply lifestyle changes, you’ll begin to attract more women than you know what to do with.

However, do not fool yourself into thinking that women will and should accept you the way you are and that it’s OK to be the way you are, even if the way you are is unhealthy, unsanitary and unappealing.

Remember- you’re not changing your lifestyle and sprucing up your personality in order to please women, neither solely to get laid.

You’re doing it for yourself firstly, then others will quite naturally gravitate to a new and radiant you.

If you’re an anti-social dweeb who does nothing but insulates himself into the world of video games all day: find something else to do! Get another hobby! Change that shit! It hasn’t been working for the past 15 years. It’s broken- so fix it!

With that, I leave you with the following video from RSD Owen and Brad Branson as they expound upon “lifestyle” upgrades in conjunction with becoming a more attractive and put-together guy.

Also, a nice-short video from RSD Julien on the topic of letting go of the ego and change!

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

Become A Sexier Man: 4 + Outer Components [video included]

Want to become a guy who’s perceived as a sexy man by his peers [hot girls included]?

Who the hell wouldn’t!?

I empathize with you on the basis that I was once a very un-sexy man.

The belief that you’re a sexy man is the first step in the right direction.

Furthermore, which barometer will actually be utilized to measure and discern whether you’re a sexy man or need some work in that department?

When women jokingly say stuff to you like:

“Hey Jimmy, you think you’re God’s gift to mankind”!

“You think you’re all that”!

Have you ever heard such idioms coming your way from women?

If not; you have some work to do…continue reading!

1.) Walking-Swag Factor

Is your Swag turned on or barely making its presence known?

Honestly, I hate the term “Swag” because it has become 1 of those cliche sound bites and pretty-much misused.

Nevertheless, we can all agree that swagger in one’s mannerism and movements is a sexy tool to have in a guy’s arsenal.

Now, how do you put this into action?

Take stock of the manner in which you walk: meaning your hands, shoulders and head movements.

Are you (too) stiff and (up)tight?


Ok, so that’s something you need to tweak pronto!

A.) Get your hands moving while walking (opposed to being held stationary at your side)!

B.) While walking, slightly swing your arms and shoulders in a swaying motion [don’t over exaggerate this].

C.) While walking, instead of keeping your head straight-ahead, always look left to right while slightly and slowly turning your head simultaneously as you take a quick stock of what’s to the left and right of you.

Incorporate the A, B and C’s of walking with swag.

2.) Slow Motion

In conjunction with #1, you want to slow down your movements.

This may be difficult for you to manage at first, especially if you’re living in a congested city where you’re accustomed to “hustle and bustle”.

It took me a while to slow down, being used to the fast pace of New York City where I grew up and lived virtually my entire life.

Also, Brits have the tendency to move like speeding-bullets as they walk. I’ve never come across a set of individuals who can out-walk Brits (especially the women). 😯

This is very un-sexy and incongruent (for a man to be moving this way if he doesn’t have to).

You want to create the impression as though you’re walking in slow motion or under water.

Think astronauts in space.

Literally- walk in slow motion!

Hustling and hurrying indicate nervousness, antsiness, social awkwardness and jitters: 4 sure-fire components of anti-sexy.

3.) Standing Sexy

The way in which you position yourself as you stand.

The other day while brewing a cup of Joe at my grandma’s house, the stove area is so congested with discarded appliances, I had to contort my body in order to fit semi-comfortably through there.

Where am I going with this?

I took note of my torso positioning and immediately felt like I was standing atop Mt. Everest surrounded by hoards of hot women propping me up. 🙂

When standing, your hip or torso area should be pushed outwards or to 1 side opposed to standing straight up [if you get my illustration], whereas your body would take on a sort of “S” letter shape instead of an of I.

Sorta like the image below where the guy’s entire upper body slants:

Point is, you don’t want to stand straight up as a statue (though your shoulders and back should be straight up and back and not hunched over).

Men who radiate sexy generally assume this posture while chatting with women, or simply while in the zone (if you know the feeling).

This position is great to hold whenever leaning against something (the bar counter, a wall, etc).

You never want to be standing straight as a stick [an “i”].

4.) Assume The Letter “A” Position

In conjunction with #3 [“S” shape], you also want to assume the “A” stance.

Presuming there’s no physical structure in which to prop yourself against (while talking to someone), this is when you assume the shape of the letter “A”.

Once again, you want to avoid a tight and restrictive-body posture by standing with your legs apart; not vertically but at an angle.

This stance [the A] exhibits comfort and confidence, while a straight-up stance is the antithesis (opposite): uncomfortable and non-confident.

Bonus Tip: Foot Against Structure

Assuming there’s a structure in which you can prop yourself up against: lean against it (also while talking to women).

This video from Chris (Good-Looking Loser) demonstrates how powerful it is to lean back against an available structure while chatting up a girl.

However, incorporate the “1 foot against the wall” stance as the photo of myself illustrates below.

Not only is this sexier [according to women], but it comes off as confident and comfortable in the environment and the interaction.

Examples From The American-Political Arena

Mitt Romney is the poster-child of non-sexy, un-calibrated and someone with very poor mannerisms and idiosyncrasies which turn women off.

On the other hand, Barack Obama, a younger Bill Clinton and Rick Perry (of Texas), just to name a few, are great examples of guys with swagger, sex appeal and great movement.

Rick Perry never moves too fast, turns his head slowly and also speaks slowly [speaking slowly is confident while rushed is the opposite].

A younger Bill Clinton’s the same: deliberate movements, walks with swagger and a pep.

Barack Obama, just as Clinton, has swagger and a pep in his step with the added shoulder motions.

Mimic those 3 guys’ movements while avoiding Mitt Romney’s like the fucking plague [his body movements that is].

Before I go, a quick point which I must clue you in on [if you didn’t know]: A girl already knows if she’s gonna fuck you within a nanosecond of spotting you (or you spotting her).

Even before your mouth opens to utter a pick-up line or ice-breaker, she already knows whether she’ll fuck you or not.

Most guys are pre-rejected before saying a word.

Why is this?

Poor mannerisms, poor idiosyncrasies and poor-body language which equal non-sexy.

Hence, within a split second, she has already decided that you aren’t a sex-worthy candidate, not because of what you might say while approaching her, but due to your non-sexy mannerisms and body language.

Therefore, it’ll be beneficial and life-changing to fix your posture and the mode in which you walk and move around.

When in doubt: simply ask a hot girl of her honest opinion on whether you’re sexy or not. 🙂

Also bear in mind: “sexy” has nothing to do with your face (features)!

Looks [facial features] do NOT fucking matter in determining whether you’re sexy, fuck-worthy or not!

Sexiness or sex appeal, comes from within, in conjunction with one’s physiological mannerisms and body movements.

Likewise, by the way you move (physically), a girl can and will immediate judge whether you’ll suck donkey balls in bed or whether you’ll be a decent sex-partner!

Looks (the features of your face) has absolutely NOTHING to do with this split-decision making process by women.

She isn’t looking at your face to determine whether she’ll fuck you or not [face/looks has nothing to do with how masterfully you’d fuck her].

She’s sizing up [within a flash] the way you walk, move, position your hands, body, feet, torso, head, etc [subconsciously so most times].

This is why 1st. impression is key and means so much to women.

If you enter a bar in a non-sexy way [jittery, shifty, nervous…], little do you know, you will have already killed your chances with 95% of the women in the venue who might have spotted your lame entrance.

This has ZERO to do with you facial structure, how big or long your nose is, etc.

Once again, the “Looks Matter” theory has been debunked by myself: Looks don’t matter.

Lastly, this begs the question: “can I still attract women and get laid with having poor-body posture and movements”?


It only makes your job harder, whereas if you had sexier or more fluent posture and movements, your work will have been cut out for you.

In the video below, I encapsulated every aspect of a sexier man [mannerisms] as far as body and head postures and movements are concerned.

Also some examples of un-sexy.

A Quick Lesson In Peacocking 101

The first thing a guy will learn pretty fast in the world of dating is that chicks don’t approach men!

Quietly sitting at a bar with fingers crossed and hoping that hot women will just approach and open you is recipe for going home alone to watch internet porn for your sexual gratification [not that there’s a problem with that].

If in a rare case that a chick does muster the cojones to approach you, 99.9% of the time, it’ll be something so asinine and innocuous, that you wouldn’t even think that she was trying to hit on you.

However, there’s 1 true case in where a chick will approach you, open you, and compliment you.

In my last post, I wrote about a wickedly fun night at the club where girls were approaching, opening and complimenting me out of no where as if I were a fucking Rockstar!

Was it my Will Smith looks and killer muscles bulging out of my skin-tight shirt?


I’m not Will Smith, nor do I have Jersey Shore Guido muscles like Mike The Situation.

“Then how do you manage to magically get random girls to approach you in the clubs Kenny”?


Those unfamiliar with Pickup jargon, Peacocking is basically accessorizing yourself (in order to attract women).

Just as an actual peacock would in order to attract some hot peahens [if that’s even a word], the PUA does the same with the additions (accessories) to his wardrobe.

The PUA godfather, Mystery, used to peacock by painting his fingernails, wearing unusual hats, and sporting a necklace with attached pendant.



Just as a peacock gets all colorful and blooming with its feathers, a Pick-Up Artist who’s peacocking creates the same effect.

Now imagine Mystery at a bar sipping a cocktail and the nearest hot girl were to notice his polished nails.

Sheer curiosity at the abnormality (guy with painted nails) will lead her to ask, “Why do you paint your nails”?

That’s a classic example of how peacocking will sucker girls into opening you.

“Hey Kenny, How Do I Peacock In Order To Get Chicks Approaching Me”?

It doesn’t take much (nor much accessories) to effectively peacock to attract women.

A simple necklace with an attached pendant will suffice.

As you can see from my photos over the weekend, I merely had on a 2-colored beaded necklace (nothing lavish there) and a brand-new pair of shades.

That’s fucking it [as far as peacocking with accessories goes]!

A nice shirt with some artful-gothic designs or a unique jacket wouldn’t hurt neither.

Just to give a real illustration of how powerful my peacocking game was (with those 2 items only), as I walked into the nightclub, barely made it passed the bouncer, chick in red [Canadian] approaches me:

The Canadian

The Canadian

Canadian: “Hey, what does it say on your shades [meaning the label]”?

Me: “Hottest guy…[can’t remember what else I said]”.

Canadian: “Lol cool, I love your shades. I wanna take some pictures with you. Make sure you have the shades on”!

I mean, this chick literally gave me the celebrity treatment solely because she liked my peacocking item/accessory: a $40 pair of shades!

This was literally less than 1 minute in the fucking venue!

About 45 minutes later while trying my darn best to get away from the Canadian…


A tiny Guidette approaches me:

4'9 Italian girl from Connecticut

4’9 Italian girl from Connecticut

Guidette: “Hey, what does your necklace means”?

Me: “Can’t tell you. My little secret”!

Guidette: “Aah come on! What does it mean”!?

[She KINOs me by touching the necklace]

Me: “The blue is for intense fucking love”!

Guidette: “And what does the clear one symbolizes”?

Me: “A sexual charm. If you touch it, you’ll be going home with me. Plus it means intense passion”.

Guidette: “Loo well I’m very passionate and I like your necklace a lot. Where did you buy them”!?

Me: “@ K-Mart”!

Guidette: “Lol so funny and K-Mart doesn’t sell those”!

So there you go guys: within the first hour of being in the club, I had 2 random girls approach and open me.

Both DTF (Down To Fuck)!

My entire night was already cemented with sure sex within 45 minutes, and it all comes down to 2 fucking items which I wore that night:



Nights that I do go out without shades and necklace, I don’t get approached.

I didn’t need to buy drinks, flash $1,000 and buy out the bar.

It was just to wear something attractive, original and appealing enough to catch girls’ eyes.

This doesn’t just appeal to girls neither.

Just last week while running some errands to the post office, I had a guy say to me: “Hey man, cool necklace. Where did you buy it or was it hand made”?

It’s ironic what the guy did because I advise men that they should open other men too by striking up random chats about something they’re wearing [in order to become a social person]. So when this guy said that to me, I was totally impressed that he gets it!

So guys, the next time you go out, please remember to sport an interesting accessory or 2 which will possibly attract women to strike up a conversation with you.

If you don’t have any such item: then fucking buy 1!

Kenny’s recommendation:

*Cool Shades

*Interesting Necklace (made of beads, shells or string & pendant)

*Leather-wrist band

*Colorful bracelet (made of beads or shells)

*Cool shirt with abstract designs or something cheeky printed on it

*Unusual hat

*Eyebrow piercing

*Cool hairstyle (like a fohawk)

Those are just few peacocking items in which I personally recommend and also wear regularly with stunning results as far as random girls coming up to me and complimenting me on the streets or at the club.


Don’t just bank on women approaching you and decide to not be proactive and approach women.

That night at the club (as every other night), I had all intentions to approach tons of girls, but it just so happened that girls were beating me to the punch.

I wasn’t going to wallflower and hope that girls would approach me because I was peacocked out.

I knew I had to be proactive regardless!

Why peacocking works so effectively boils down to colors.

Women are intrigued and fascinated by colors and abstractions (which is why they love drinking colorful cocktails) which is another way to attract them while at the bar.

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Wearing shades gets you laid?

Just Another Wild Night @ The Club + The Power Of Peacocking [Sunday, April 21st. 2013]

As much as I hate clubbing with my boys or even wingmen, this was 1 of those exceptional nights

As much as I hate clubbing with my boys or even wingmen, this was 1 of those exceptional nights

I had a blast last night to say the least.

Started out at a boring cock-infested ran-down bar which had a ratio of 15 dicks to 2 chicks.

Well actually, it had about 5 patrons, 1 of which was a woman…who wasn’t hot.

This is how bored I felt to kick off the night @ the bar

This is how bored I felt to kick off the night @ the bar

Not 1 game-worthy girl in the entire bar [FUCK]!

Bored out my mind literally!

Bored out my mind literally!

On my way home, my boys Unit & Jaron bumped into me in traffic by chance:

“Yo I know you not going home already! Let’s go to the club”!

Socialkenny and Jaron, former co-workers now turned co-clubbers

Socialkenny and Jaron, former co-workers now turned co-clubbers

That was all the motivation needed to pull a detour from my apartment to the Lyme nightclub.

The venue had more chicks than a poultry farm!

Just stepped into the venue and already feeling the energy!

Just stepped into the venue and already feeling the energy!

Threw my shades on and instantly felt women gravitating to me from all sides as if I had some magic potion to attract HB’s!

I was approached and opened by a tall-slim chick who had complimented me on my shades…I think!

Chick literally approached me and wanted to take pics. Sure! I really didnt know I was a celeb'.

Chick literally approached me and wanted to take pics. Sure! I really didnt know I was a celeb’.

This chick was virtually swarming me as I got into the club so I hooked the set, chatted a bit and found out she was from Toronto, Canada.

The Canadian who latched onto me instantly!

The Canadian who latched onto me instantly!

Wasn’t it RooshV who said that Toronto girls were hard to pull?

I introduced the Canadian to my social circle of boys so I can go game other girls in the venue [stalker-avoidance technique]

I introduced the Canadian to my social circle of boys so I can go game other girls in the venue [stalker-avoidance technique]

By all means the Canadian is DTF, but I wasn’t going to throw away my entire night within the first half hour when they’re way more hotter HB’s in the venue, so I passed her onto my boys…for now.

My party buddies Shoib and Pimp taking a break on the curb before going back into the outdoor club

My party buddies Shoib and Pimp taking a break on the curb before going back into the outdoor club

Later during the night while sarging the venue, a girl who had to have been no taller than 4 feet 9 fucking inches, approached and opened me!

4'9 Italian girl from Connecticut

4’9 Italian girl from Connecticut

Italian Shorty: “Hey, what does your necklace symbolizes”?

Me: “I can’t tell you. It’s sort of my little secret”.

Italian Shorty: “Aah come on! What does it mean”!?

[Then she starts hard-core KINO-ing me by touching on my beaded necklace]

Me: “The blue symbolizes intense fucking love”!

Italian Shorty: “And what does the clear ones mean”!

Me: “It’s a sexual charm. If you touch it; you’re going home with me tonight! Also says I’m a passionate person”!

Italian Shorty: “LOL! Well I’m very passionate too and I like your necklace. Where did you get them”?

Me: “At K-mart”!

Italian Shorty: “LOL you’re so funny. K-mart doesn’t fucking sell those”!

4 feet 9 inches Italian from Connecticut

4 feet 9 inches Italian from Connecticut

A key thing to take note of is that girls were approaching and opening me all night in the venue.

I’m not the best looking guy!

What was my secret then?

Peacocking accessories!

The Canadian opened me by saying she likes my shades.

The Italian opened me because of my beaded necklace which she finds likable.

So any guy who says that peacocking doesn’t work and it’s just another bullshit aspect of pickup is fucking loony!

Peacocking is 1 of the most powerful concepts of Pickup [outer game] which gets girls to approach and open you.

Girls having fun with my boys

Girls having fun with my boys

Later on, I’d introduced the girls to my boys and we all just had a crazy time in the courtyard.

That's that Italian Snookie look

That’s that Italian Snookie look

My boy DJ Flush enjoying the scenery as I work the camera

My boy DJ Flush enjoying the scenery as I work the camera

It would’ve been nice if my hands were on the assets or asses but I was the designated cameraman of the social circle.

Canadian (left), American (mid'), Italian American (right)

Canadian (left), American (mid’), Italian American (right)

My boy Shoib enjoying the fruits of my labor. But that’s how it goes when it comes to Social-circle game.

After 4 AM, getting ready to take these girls home [I'm still working the camera]

After 4 AM, getting ready to take these girls home [I’m still working the camera]

My intentions were to game some other girls throughout the night (which I did), but got stuck with the default girls.

Default chick from Toronto looking wasted after too many drinks (bought by AFC's)

Default chick from Toronto looking wasted after too many drinks (bought by AFC’s)

The only upside to going clubbing with your boys is if there’s a set of girls you want to merge (bring together), or if there are groups of girls who are looking for a fun group of guys to hang out with, you basically get a leg up on the lone competitor.

There were tons more photos I wanted to post (kiss closes and club make-outs, etc.), but I really don’t want to overkill the post with too many pictures.

Stay tuned to some follow-up posts on how to attract women by Peacocking, and how chicks at the bars and clubs use drinking as an excuse to get laid.

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Casual Look: Versatile With Style [Vlog]

In this brief-video blog [vlog], I talk about versatility in your style and wardrobe selection.

Generally, most guys stick to 1 style of fashion: urban, casual, preppy, corporate, etc.

Rarely do you come across men who actually mix it up and vary their wardrobe.

In this video (plus pictures), I’m basically rocking the casual look sans the tie.

I call this the dominant Alpha male avatar.

As for me, my style during the week is pretty much stable.

On the weekends however, or weekday nights, I’d rock the Urban look to a nightclub on a Friday [denim, chains, etc.].

Saturdays @ the bar, I’d be rocking the casual look as I am in the video.

Sunday nights going out, I’d go for the preppy look: checkered-sweater, perhaps a bow tie, signature Converse, etc.

Overall, during the 3 day weekend, I’m looking different on each of those days.

In the photos below, my Calvin Klein shirt isn’t tucked in.

That simple adds a rebellious bad boy element to the casual style.

Conversely, shirt tucked in will come off as too safe, risk-adverse and inside of the box [conformist].

The facial hair definitely adds a strong element of rebel, rough and wild.

For some Alpha fashion tips, you can check out Seducing With Style by Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf and Casual.

Also check out “The God Of Style”, which is the sister blog to Seducing with Style. However “God of Style” focuses more on game and pickup.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot from this seduction site as far as fashion and style go.

Also check out my man Tanner over @ the Masculine Style Blog.

He has great posts and articles of fashion and style tips for the Alpha male.

Reader E-Mail: “I’m Tired Of Being A Boring-Fucking Loser”

Questions from Seun:

“Hey I’m seun anyway I’ve been reading your blog and I was looking for some advice. Anyway I’m a college freshman who’s never really had much of a social life. Never had many friends never dated or had sex with any girls I’ve up to this point lived a very boring life anyway going to college I expected things to get better and while I have a few friends that I talk to I still don’t go to parties and I still struggle to talk to girls. I plan on joining a frat in the spring to socialize more but I’m really scared that the entire process will go horribly wrong. I want to go to parties before that but I’ve never been invited by so called friends who go out every weekend and have lied to me about were they’ve been going the few times that I’ve asked to go with them. I’m tired of being a loser I want to party I want to have fun I want to meet and sleep with hot girls but I don’t know how I would go about changing my image. I don’t care what it takes I’m just tired of being a loser who spends every weekend playing video games…”.

Thanks for the e-mail Seun.

I’d already replied to Seun personally, but I’m also posting it on the blog so as to reach as many guys as possible who may be facing the same issues.

My reply to Seun:

“These are some things you can do or will have to do eventually to change that image.

1. Since your friends don’t want you going out with them; then go out solo. Go out alone! Friends will actually hamper your progress anyway.

2. Dress better (if that’s a prob with you right now). Give some edge to yourself by adopting a sort of bad boy look.

J-Dog, Master PUA coach with a bad boy, Alpha look

J-Dog, Master PUA coach with a bad boy, Alpha look.

Those 2 things you can change instantly.

You cannot be scared to go out alone”.

Seun’s dilemma is nothing strange.

In fact, it’s typical for most men to struggle with having a social life and having a sex life and women from which to chose. So seun and guys like him shouldn’t feel as though they’re in the minority and happened to have been dealt the shitty end of the stick.

I’d been there!

Back in high school in The Bronx, I was totally an anti-social pussy.

Only had 1 friend; and he was also anti-social and introverted.

I used to envy the jocks and the guys on the high-school varsity teams who had all the girls flocking around them.

This 1 girl named Lawanda, I had a major crush on her during my 4 years of high school. She never knew, nor would she had cared since I was so socially suppressed.

I was so awkward and shy during school, that I never laid a girl from high school during my entire 4 years at Morris High.

Fast forward many years later, thanks to the pick-up community, I’m now the most social guy in the room.

I’m now the guy with the most balls, most confidence, most cockiness in any venue. The guy who gets more pussy than a tampon.

Some encouraging words to Seun (the e-mailer who inspired this article): it can and will get better just as it did for me.

It will seem awkward and pointless at first (learning social dynamics), you will get rejected way more than ever (seems counter-intuitive).

But you will see the light where everything starts to open like a matrix, and you’ll be able to attract more ass than you know what to do with it.

Few tips for starters (for guys like Seun who struggles with having a social life and are seeking change):

#1.) If your sense of style is boring, lame and out-dated, you will need to get current and start to slowly peacock (as we say in pickup).

Peacocking PUA's: Matador, Mystery & J-Dog

Peacocking PUA’s: Matador, Mystery & J-Dog

Peacocking is a PUA concept where the guy would dress edgier and put some coolness and originality to his style.

•I peacock by wearing multi-colored shoe laces in the sneakers. Random girls are always commenting on my shoes since they look so original and attractive [as we’d say: chick crack].

•You can also peacock by wearing cool shades, shirts with printed statements on them like, “I’m taken”, or “I love sex”.

“I love fucking”

•Have a lame hairstyle? Get a new one!

•Have no piercings in your ears? Get some!

•No tattoos? Stop being a pussy and get 1 or 2!

•Give yourself some bad boy edge!

Overall, get your style and sense of fashion in order as the first step towards a lifestyle changing.

It’d be difficult for people to wanna associate with a guy who has no style and dresses poorly.

#2.) If you’re coming into a new social group, new friends, joining a college fraternity, etc; be social!

•Don’t come off as a lame or try hard. Just strike a good balance between being reserved and chatty.

•Over time, you’ll be comfortable enough to act a fool and be seen as 1 of the Alpha’s among the pack.

•However, you have to open your mouth and not be seen as the quietest, most boring guy among the bunch.

#3.) Get off the couch, put down the XBox and go meet people at random!

•You can’t shut yourself off from the real world and expect to be a social guy (if you weren’t already).

•Meeting girls on the internet should be your last resort, while actually meeting people at work, while commuting should be the first.

#4.) Enroll in a fitness gym or start working out at home.

•The guy that I’m currently envisioning who has the peacock thing going on with the spiked hair and fitness is Ryan Matsuflex from the VH1 reality show Tool Academy.

Not saying you have to get buffed. But get toned in the arms, shoulders and abdominals.

Ryan Matsuflex

Ryan Matsuflex

Now, am I saying that a guy should change his image in order to appeal to chics?


There seem to be a prevailing argument in the romcom-dating world that a guy shouldn’t alter or change his image in order to appeal to women. And that it’s wrong for a guy to change his personality and style to make it in dating.

This is utter nonsense!

A guy should alter his persona, personality, style, fashion, self, speech, etc. in order to make himself more attractive and fun to be around.

I’m not saying you should build an artificial persona and come off as fake.

Rather to become comfortable with the new you, and the added features.

However, if you’re looking like this guy below; there’s absolutely zero fucking chance that you’ll be getting steady action.

Changing your image/avatar is the first line of offense in attracting girls (since it’s the first thing people see; your outward appearance).

This isn’t being something you’re not. It’s getting up to speed with the times.

To add some edge to your style, check out my boy Tanner over at: Masculine Style.

Also, check out Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf over at Seducing with style.

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Does Wearing “Shades” Get You Laid?

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Dudes donned in shades are friggin’ cool!

Rockstar status!!

Besides the part of looking cool; they seem to aways pull a lot of ass.

Video of me testing out shades to peacock with.

Can’t remember who it was, nor on which site, but a fellow blogger commented that he or she notices that guys who wear sunglasses pull a lot ass, or almost always have girlfriends.

Irony is: I too have noticed this strange tangent over the years!!

Moreover, the guys who give me the most competition[AMOG’s] with picking up HB’s,almost always tend to be shade-wearers [strange shit- I know].

I can’t begin to recount the amount of times I found myself in AMOG battles (competing for the target with other guys) while @ Spanish bars.

And 9-10 times,my competitors are always some shades-wearing Alpha-Natural Player type-dudes who make me have to double down on my pick-up skills in order to pull the robbery.

So do shades give the wearer some divine-magical power to seduce hot women?

Of course not LOL!

But they do give the guy a HUGE confidence boost unlike wearing a chic (stylish)-pair of shoes.

Personally, I love the look of some bad-ass shades.

This was me about 3 years ago heading to the nightclub. And I did get laid that night (Same Night Lay)

This was me about 3 years ago heading to the nightclub. And I did get laid that night (Same Night Lay)

They give me an extra boost of Alpha Swag[like my girl Goth Chic,I hate this word] and confidence that’s indescribable, that I just don’t get from throwing on a v-neck Ed Hardy t-shirt (my favorites BTW)!

But I haven’t worn any (shades) in over 3 years (how surprising being that I live in a tropical climate where it’s sunshine all year round).

As I now retrospect to the years that I did wear them, you know what I discovered?

I got laid more during those years (of wearing shades)!!!

Seems counter-intuitive since women are known to be drawn to mens’ eyes.

But when my eyes were concealed (wearing shades);I picked up more chics LOL [talk about a mind-fuck]!!!

This stark realization means that confidence in one’s self outweighs your physical attributes (as we teach in pick-up).

So those shades-wearing Alpha Naturals who managed to pull robberies on me over the years, the confidence they had in how attractive a pair of shades made them look, outweighed the confidence in how attractive my eyes are (so I’ve been told).

So… I decided to don some shades from now on (at least during Day Game Pickup), taking my peacocking game to a brand-new level (throwback actually).

BTW, my favorite shades-wearing character is Sitch aka The Situation of Jersey Shore.

* Post inspired by my man Vince Lin aka Alpha Wolf, a PUA-dating coach behind the “Seducing With Style” blog: Old-school fashion.

* Related article by the PUA guru Tyler Durden: AMOG battle field report.

* Another related article by Tyler Durden: Stealing horny chics.

* Old post by me back in 2009 on the master pick-up artist forum: Is Jersey Shore’s Mike The Situation A Pick-up artist?

Sitch, the coolest cat to ever don dark shades @ night.

Sitch, the coolest cat to ever don dark shades @ night.

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