Get A Sense Of Humor By Letting Go Of The Tough-Guy Ego

I kid you not: this mixed-race chick is my height [6’1], hence the name I gave her in my phone contacts [Tall Brit Girl].

Anyway, we hung out once. But that was in a group setting.

I actually picked her up @ a bar (from cold approach) that same night when she was out having fun with a group of girls and guys. 

Since getting her number, the most we’d done was just a bit of texting every now and then. But I’m trying to meet up with her tonight for drinks since it’s clear to me that she’s the bar-hopping type. 

She said she doesn’t want to get womanized by me. So I’ll have to play this one a bit more suave if we were to meet up this evening (which I’m counting on). 

The salient lesson I want you to take away is this: Learn to make women laugh!

In order to successfully and regularly do this (make women laugh), you must firstly let go of the tough-guy ego!

Most men whom I teach personally (and most men in general) have difficulties smiling, laughing, being humorous and wacky with women.

Why is that?

Men believe that humoring makes them look soft, weak, non-serious and childish to women.

This is so fucking far from the truth that it isn’t even funny!

Additionally, because of the way boys come up, we are taught (and learned) to be tough, ruff, rugged and to show no signs of weakness! So it’s a survival and instinctive strategy within, and on the part of males, to have to showcase this rock-solid exterior in order to keep other men and preys at bay.

Hence, that is why men feel a need to be tough and to show few to zero signs of perceived weakness (such as smiling and laugh too much).

Nevertheless, when dealing with women, you want to knock off or knock down that serious exterior, in exchange for humor and lightheartedness.

Most guys kill their chances with women because of that: they hit up a girl while giving off this weighty, heavy, job-interview feeling type of vibe which turns women the hell off!

Whenever I hit a girl up, first thing I say to myself is: “I wanna say some shit that makes her laugh”.

Not smile! But laugh!

I’m neither doing this for the girl (making her LOL). I’m doing it because I enjoy being funny! 

On that note: if you wanna get laid easily like a rockstar; get a sense of humor!

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Fat Girls With “High Standards” Really Need To Re-Evaluate [Dating-Marketplace Value Reality Check]


“How politically incorrect to refer to ‘BIG’ girls as fat girls”!

All pun aside; I am learning to respect “BIG” girls in a brand-new way, hence my toned-down rhetoric over the last year or so where fat-shaming has virtually been eradicated from my writings.

In any case, plus-size women naturally face a conundrum in the dating marketplace, simply because they aren’t regarded as society’s idea of beauty.

Now, beauty is personal to each individual who’s judging what beauty means to him or her.

Beauty is subjective! It is truly to each his own. So I am not disregarding that at all!

However, the reality on the ground- in the dating-market place- is that the heavier you are, the more baggages you carry [no pun intended].

Plus-size women are by no means blind to this reality.

In the same breath, they are somewhat naïve to their perceived handicap in dating.

Earlier today, a plus-sizer, a distant acquaintance of mines on Facebook, posted a status about why guys on Facebook just see her as someone to “netflix and chill” with, rather than to wine and dine and take out.

I refrained from being blunt as possible on her post [that the reason for this is because she’s on the heavier side of things and guys don’t feel that they should invest as much], but I did chime in after another plus-sizer had commented about standards, and how big girls who have high standards should maintain those standards.

Here’s the screenshot.


Now- my argument was very simplistic without being blunt: Women should lower their standards and expectations in dating.

I stopped short of saying “fatties should lower their standards”, but realistically speaking, the more physical baggages [pounds] a woman has, the lower her standards should and must become if she wishes to get some play in the dating-market place!

Not to mention that the woman who had posted that status is plus-size, but has kids and is 43 years old.

Those are 3 strikes against a female when looking a suitable lover and potential long-term mate.

This isn’t news-fucking flash by the way!

A woman on the verge of infertility [menopause] does NOT and CANNOT wield the same influence in dating as a girl in her sexual prime!

The younger the woman, the more bargaining chips she can afford to play with, and the more leverage she wields in dating and mating.

Some women- a great portion of them- seem to turn a blind eye to this truth by wanting to believe that they can push their weight around and be demanding in the dating-marketplace, while having baggages in the form of children, age and pounds.

Plus-sizers and older women, fail to realize that their stock and market value will have depreciated and devalued over time: with age, and according to the pounds they pack on simultaneously as they age.

Big girls, though recognizing the disadvantages and devaluing of their market value, often choose to live in denial about this…though they know better.

Thanks to social media and thirsty men who don’t get laid, plus-size women can now take to the internet and live an alternate reality- a virtual reality- where they get validated all day long by such men, disingenuously being told how pretty they are, generating hundreds of likes on their lame-ass selfies and so forth.

With a hit off the validation pipe (the internet), big girls now feel that they are competitive enough in the dating world that they can make the same purchasing demands as women who are half their body size.

Every now and then, they receive a reality check once realizing that the vast majority of guys truly don’t desire a relationship with them, but just a “netflix and chill” 1-off encounter of anything.

This usually cuts the big girl down to size…or remove her from the high horse in which she had no business mounting in the first place.

Sure they are lots of guys who have a preference for big girls (even huge ones such as SSBBW’s). But on an innate level, no guy expects to have to fight arduously to snag a girl who’s entering the marketplace with weight issues.

To be frank, and I’m sorry to let the cat out the bag on how men think, the underlying reason why guys become chubby-chasers and go after heavies, included the guys who have a preference for big girls, is because they deem big girls easier catches.

Distasteful reality, but I had to break the news to you.

Most guys who chase big girls had only resorted to doing so out of scarcity, mild desperation, pent-up horniness, encouraged by the perception that the bigger the girl, the easier she must be.

Men, as slow as we are in comparison to women, very well know that big girls are lower down the marketplace-value chain than slim and thick women are.

Even the chubby-chaser are well aware of this truth…which is why they chase heavies in the first place (less marketplace value means easier buy)!

Whether we humans consciously see things this brash or not, dating and mating are equated to the sale and purchase of goods.

The closer the commodity reaches to its expiratory date, the more its marketplace value and price reduce.

The longer the item been on the shelf, its shelf life and value reduce.

Common day-to-day economics right there, to which the average consumer can relate.

In the area of dating, likewise, as the female ages and or packs on the pounds, the closer she gets to her expiratory date: whether that be menopause or expiration of life itself.

Nevertheless, the older she gets, the more value she loses in dating.

The amount of guys who would actually risk making that purchase still (as in to seriously date her) would have dwindled…unless it’s for a quick use.

What do I mean by “quick use”?

Instant pump and dump.

Likewise with the girl who’s been packing on the pounds, perhaps due to childbearing or hereditary factors; her purchasing value reduces as less guys would’ve been willing to take that gamble for a long-term investment.

Hence, of the guys who claim to be into big girls, the vast majority just wants to pump and dump and satisfy their sexual urges, while expending the least amount of resources (money and time) as possible on such a risky investment [big girls, and older girls]. So “Netflix and chill”, or some other low-investment proposal, is the most that the average Joe is willing to invest in a woman whom he deems to be a risky purchase (big and older women).

Now, let’s examine this on the other side of the spectrum.

Would the average guy solely shoot for “netflix and chill” with a younger and so-called hotter girl (according to societal’s standards)?

Of course not!

He would explore his options, ranging from a lavish date, shopping spree, to even a trip if the girl would only dare come along…all expenses paid…on him!

Why so? Because a younger and hotter (trimmer) girl would have been in high(er) demand in the dating marketplace!

Her value would have been out the roof!

She’s akin to the iPhone- whichever # they are up to now- fresh off the production line being shipped to retail outlets.

She’s likely to sell fast and at top price.

She can make outlandish demands because her value is congruent to her demands.

Being young- let’s say between the ages of 18-25 – trim or thick, and having no kids, she’s truly working with a monopolized hand.

Her demands will be met…and some!

As an overweight woman, withstanding the fact that you are childless and highly fertile in your early 20’s, you still cannot demand equal bargaining price as the women of smaller sizes…especially if they’re in shape!

As I touched on at the top of the article- fundamentally- women grasp this!

Big girls also understand this disparity and they cope with it for the most part!

Barring that, if a big girl wishes to maximize her buying power (and who wouldn’t ❓ ), she has to rethink and think wisely!

She should quit trying to compete with the women who are out of her league, by expecting to snag hot athletes and musical icons!

I posted a status to Facebook the other day, which I was chided out for, by saying that big girls are the only ones posting photos of jocks and half-naked men bearing 6-pac abs, whom they will never get if they were the last women on Earth.

Quite harsh but real!

Big girls general drool over guys who are out of their league.

“Drooling”, and having real expectations of dating an NFL star athlete, are 2 different things.

We can all fantasize of our ideal type. But to expect this ideal type to be desirous of us, in spite of our baggages, is pure mental masturbation.

Men also face this problem.

You have guys who are intrinsically 5’s on the attraction scale, yet desiring women who are HB 10’s on the looks scale!

Take note that I specifically wrote “attraction scale” and not “looks scale” for men, because what makes a guy a 9 or 10, is neither his facial composition, height nor build, but his fashion sense, style, attitude, personality, lifestyle, hobbies, etc.

However, as a guy, you cannot fucking become a 10 while laying up at home 6 nights a week, munching Cheetos, watching South Park, no physical activity besides fetching the remote and booze, or commuting to and from work, no social life whatsoever!

That’s not a fucking 10! No matter how handsome you are as a man!

Your stock in the dating marketplace will not be as valuable as an ugly guy who has a life, hits the gym, stays fit, has a cool-fashion sense, dresses well, etc.

Therefore, with men, what determines our date-worthiness and fuck-worthiness, isn’t how handsome we are, but everything else from the inner core to our style.

For women, since men are looks-based (visually stimulated creatures), we judge a woman’s fuckability and date-ability on her looks.

The more good-looking she is; the more we’re willing to pay for the acquisition.

The hotter, younger and trimmer the girl on a looks-base system, the more power she wields, the more leverage she has, and the more willing men are to invest more capital and time in such a fertile commodity.

With all that being said, if a guy who’s a 5 or 6, wishes to date up, he needs to get his shit together, drop the potato-chips bag, get off the couch and go get a life!


If he’s a 5 or 6 and doesn’t wish to improve his lifestyle situation; then he needs to drop the fantasy of having a drop-dead stunner- an HB10- walking into his abode with lingerie on, ready to get ravaged by him!

It’s not gonna happen brodie!

You have to become a 10 [attitude and lifestyle wise] if you firstly want to date 10’s!

For big girls, it is easy for me to say, “Just lose 100 fucking pounds and you’re golden”!

Easier to say; but not realistic.

What is really feasible and doable though, is if she simply lowers her standards!

Just as I’d said in the screenshot at the top to my plus-size acquaintance, too many women are walking around with these high-ass standards and expectations when they don’t qualify!

You can’t expect a 10 when you’re a 4!

You can’t be grossly overweight and expect to snag a guy who’s a goddamn 10 (this is general advise BTW, and not directed at any specific big girl 🙂 )!

It isn’t congruent to your marketplace value!

You cannot realistically want a guy who’s a 7, 8, 9 or 10, if and when you are borderline menopausal, have 1 or numerous kids and are overweight!

Your standards and expectations of men cannot be sky frikkin’ high!

That’s like me trying to convince someone to buy my old iPhone 3G for $500 USD!

That’s insane!

The only way I could get it sold for that price, is if I hustle and swindle someone into buying it!

Do fat girls- I mean “big” girls- try to hustle and swindle guys into making a serious purchase, albeit a risky one?

Sure they do!

How about showing a little bit more cleavage than slim girls do in those selfies?

Some inducements, huh?

In any case, lowering one’s standards in order to find a potential mate, shouldn’t be an undignified blow to anyone’s self esteem.

Telling a girl that her standards in men are too high and she should rethink that strategy, is akin to fighting words nowadays…for most women.

However, it is a wise strategy in my estimation. And most women who claim to be single (though truly single women don’t exist) are so, as products of their own high expectations in men, and high standards which don’t align with their dating-marketplace value.

If you’re a big girl, and can’t seem to find a jacked guy who’s built like an athlete, willing to take you on for more than just a 2-week fling; then just maybe dammit- your standards are too damn high! And that checklist needs to have fewer boxes!

Ever thought of that!?

Why not settle for the guy who’s a bit pudgy around the waist; who’s respectfully in your league but a tad bit higher?

If the verb “settle” doesn’t sit too well with you, why not “reconsider” the guys whom you’re putting yourself out there for?

Instead of futilely chasing after the 10’s, why not give the 7’s and 6’s a meaningful shot without putting up this bitch shield or titanium, sending guys running for the hills?

Capturing Other Men’s Women

A pick-up acquaintance of mines surprised the hell out of me when he posted the following status to Facebook.


To which I gave my brisk take.


Hence the commencement of this post which will tackle the question of why men hit on other men’s women.

Frankly speaking, it is sort of baffling to me that some guys in pickup [those who teach] are still at a lost on this one.

Surely I don’t expect the consensus of those in the PUA community to advocate it [fucking girls who are taken]. But I did expect that veterans in the game would have had a better understanding of why this happens.

Apparently not. So allow me to deliberate here.

During mankind’s history, women were always seen as spoils of war.

This tribe beats that tribe, and their women were conquered and taken into captivity by the conquering tribe.

They weren’t taken just to rare kids around the village. They were bred and ultimately mixed into the conquering tribe.

This was normal on the planes, from the Americas [the Natives], to Africa, the Vikings of Europe, etc, etc, etc. It was a custom to take other men’s women as either sexual enjoyments and or to ingratiate them into the ways of the conquering tribe.

This common occurrence was well understood throughout history from the dawn of man to date.

Today though, we aren’t exactly physically capturing women from other communities and forcing them to meld to the ways of those in another’s community.

However, the theory and the idea are still the same to this day: men seek to conquer and capture other men’s women. Not by the sword exactly, but through other less harmless means: gifts, game, bribery and seduction.

To illustrate how venerable and ancient the average guy’s thought pattern is: men today are still fighting over women…LITERALLY!

This is pretty common today.

A huge chunk of men in society are willing to physically battle another guy for their woman.

In fact- as a guy- if you aren’t willing to do this [fight to defend ownership of your woman], you’ll be deemed a weakling- not only by her- but society itself!

If another guy outright, or even subtly hits on your girlfriend, every guy will almost always feel an impulsive drive to either defend/fight, or remove his girlfriend from threat/capture by another man.

Hence, you have the all-too-common incidents of bar brawls where 2 guys duke it out over a girl.

This is just fucking men!

Any sane guy who disregards this, or just doesn’t see it, needs to get a reality check…or simply go to the bar 1 night in order to witness these subtly tug-of-wars between men.

Furthermore, this is all coupled with the fact that men are territorial in nature, and more so with their prized possessions such as their women.

We Homo-Sapiens [the males] of today react this way to other men encroaching upon our women, just as we did yesterday, 100 years ago, 500 years ago, 1000 years ago, 10 millions years ago dating back to the prehistoric man!

We feel an instinctive need to guard our women [our girlfriends] from being captured/taken by other men.

If our girlfriend even remotely flirts with another guy in or outside of our presence, we chastise her!

Push comes to shove: we’ll likely become aggressive towards the intruding male as a defense mechanism in hopes to retain our women by warding off potential threat in other men.

Sounds barbaric and even juvenile. But it’s the same story today as it was yesterday.

It is just ingrained within the psyche and being of every man to feel a sense of threat whenever other men encroach upon his woman.

Sure a woman feels the same way [threatened] if and when other women hit on her man. However, the reasoning and impulses are different as to the sex’s reactions.

Notwithstanding that, men are likely to push their chests up and to shield their women as other males hover around.

We humans behave like animals because we are animals [at least mammals]!

If you subscribe to the human evolutionary theories of mankind; you can agree with this [that we are animalistic].

This all reminds me of those animal-kingdom shows I used to watch as a kid, where the male creatures during mating season, used to fight off other males that were trying to mate and breed their female companions.

The ones I found most fascinating were the iguanas and the Komodo Dragons and how they would trash it out in order to protect the females from encroaching male dragons.

It would start from a subtle-hissing fest to an all-out brawl.

Reminds me of the stares and sneers that guys dish out towards encroaching males.

The seizing of other men’s women

Guys generally make an ethical argument as to why they are opposed from sleeping with other men’s girlfriends.

“It isn’t right”!

“It is immoral”!

“It breeds bad karma”!

The list of ethical arguments goes on.

Ethics aside for once, let’s look at what actually happens, apart from the historical aspects where ethics weren’t taken into consideration when warriors would capture fertile women from other tribes and clans.

Today, even with the ethics-thumpers, men in general don’t respect so-called relationship boundaries, and they could give a rat’s ass about the girl being “taken”.

Many men talk it: “I wouldn’t hit on a girl who’s taken”, but most of those guys will happily jump in the sack with a girl who’s taken, if she only gives the green light.

Why does a great percentage of men not actively pursue women who are taken?

It rarely ever has anything to do with their moral compass.

Most men simply give up upon the pursuit of a girl who says she has a boyfriend, simply because they [most men] really believe to themselves that women in relationships aren’t gameable, and they aren’t susceptible to jumping ship.


Has nothing to do with morals, ethics, the Bible, religion, etc.

The average guy simply lacks understanding of seduction and women, hence he surmises that once a woman says she’s taken, it is an outright rejection of his advances, and it means that she has branded herself off-limits.

This however is so far from the truth that it is laughable at times.

Hence, it isn’t that guys are so opposed from the idea of sleeping with girls whom are taken. They simply have a misconception of things, and are lacking in the confidence and persistence departments.

Give a guy a shot of confidence juice and I’ll bet he won’t abort mission once the girl says she’s taken.

As for my personal take, whether I am for or against shagging girls who are taken [though I am known to be pro-gf shagging], it still doesn’t change the dynamics on the ground, that guys enjoy the subjugation of other men’s women while pillaging the next man’s goods.

Many years ago, I said to this one guy, “I will never willfully try to go after a girl who’s taken. I’m totally against it”!

He replied:

“I hear you. But don’t for 1 second believe that because you hold that opinion and belief, that other men will think likewise and respect your relationship also”.

Later on, I got a major reality check [that guys don’t respect relationship boundaries] when my girlfriend at the time cheated on me.

The guy with whom she cheated knew me personally, and he also knew that this was my girlfriend. Yet it didn’t stop him from trying, and successfully fucking her.

By no means was he wrong in doing so! The girl was the party in the wrong!

However, since that eye-opening incident years ago, I then shifted my opinion upside down from being against sleeping with girls with boyfriend, to being for it.

That may very well be a mercenary way to flip one’s opinion on things.

It may even come across as “2 wrongs make a right”. In spite of those talking-points, my stance remain the same ever since then: all women are fair game, regardless of their relationship status!

This is a universal position and hardly mines for crying out loud.

I’ve yet to have a girlfriend whom wasn’t hit on by other men who knew beforehand that she was in a relationship.

On that note, I’m reasonable enough to realize that there isn’t any girl in a relationship or marriage walking this globe, whom isn’t sought after by other men.

Therefore, history, human pathology, evolution or whichever other eloquent name you wish to ascribe to this age-old occurrence, prevails as always.

Humans are the same today as we were yesterday! Just that the times have changed. But our mindset, the way we think and operate, remain the same despite the change of time!

Thus, for any guy to cry foul about his precious damsel being courted by other men, shows his naiveté and lack of understanding of himself, women and how nature works.

The Fertility Factor

In keeping with the above passage of understanding women, it is a must that I touch on fertility in women in relation to men and attraction.

Men generally seek fertile women in order to breed and bring forth progeny.

This is why men, even those of elder age, often prefer younger women. The younger, the more fertile the girl, the stronger the chances of bearing offspring successfully.

Contrarily, as the girl ages, her fertility levels drop, hence she’s deemed useless to most men as far as breeding purposes are concerned.

With that, men subconsciously seek out fertile women.

Apart from a woman’s physiological makeup [buoyant tits, ass, hips, youthfulness, etc], 2 other indicators of her fertility are:

1.) How many men are after her

2.) Does she have a partner/boyfriend

If a woman is in high demand, meaning lots of men are vying for attention and body, it is usually a sign that she is highly fertile…which is why lots of men [subconsciously] are pursuing her.

Secondly, she having a mate already, speaks to her fertility more often than not.

Our [men’s] brains subconscious interpret a girl having someone already, or she being highly sought after, to mean that she’s a fertile woman, thus a ripe target for courtship and mating.

Not many guys really see a girl and consciously say to themselves, “I would love for her to have my babies”!

On a subconscious level: we think exactly that way!

Hence, whenever we come across a woman whom we surmise to be fertile, we instantly become attracted to her, regardless of the marital or relationship status.

Our brains kick into an “I must capture her” gear.

Again- this is no different from any time during the history of mankind.

Men were after the youngest and most fertile girls then. Today, it is still the same program with a few minor alterations.

Strongest Survive

The age-old law of the land still applies to the dynamics between the sexes: strongest survive.

It is truly survival of the fittest!

Strongest guy wins [and I don’t only mean that physically].

This theory again goes back to human evolution and life on the plains.

The Alpha-Males- the strongest males- won the female over by virtue of strength alone, or by bashing the cranium open of a rival male and taking his woman by force if necessary.

Though we don’t exactly bash heads open today, we do compete for the attention of women.

This is usually by display of either strength or game.

This is why guys such as male athletes feel an impulsive drive to perform better [even to show off more] while women are spectators to their performances.

We are compelled to put on our best show, best act, best face, etc. as long as women are checking us out.

Subconsciously, we hope to win them over by giving our best, and showing that we are the biggest, baddest, strongest muthafuckers around!

As a guy: you know this is factual!

You aim to perform better as a girl whom you fancy is sitting in the bleachers.

Again- we no longer bash heads open of other men in order to show that we are the baddest and most worthy of the girl.

However, it is the same core concept spurring us on today as it was yesterday.

Does the question of whether the girl has a boyfriend or not factor into our minds as we vye for women out there?

Of course not! So for us men, it isn’t, and it was never about the girl’s relationship status.

If the person is a female: she’s fair game!

Therefore, what we have in a nutshell is men competing for the attention of women.

The props and credit given to men for such exploits are another story.

More than anything else; what makes a man a man within the circle of the boys?

A.) Is it how plush his car is?

B.) Is it how loaded his bank account is?

C.) How about how many women he can conquer or has conquered?

You guessed it!

“C” it is!

A man is deemed a man [by other men’s standard] in relation to how good he is with women, how often he gets laid, and how many women he can conquer.

I mean, this is highly common among teenage boys where they brag and boast about potential and actual sexual exploits.

That is what makes them feel manly!

No teen boy believes to himself that having a big allowance makes him manly.

Additional, no teenage boy gets credits and props for having a driver’s license and owning his own car, “EXCEPT” in relation to the girls he would have attracted by having this car. So it all boils down to girls when it comes to teen boys.

This same mindset transcends stages of life on into adulthood where men still operate the same as when we were little lads.

If you’re an adult male and you cannot get laid regularly, you feel like shit! You feel less of a man!

Not only do you feel that way, but other men will surely chide you out and shame you for it.

On the contrary, the more women a man conquers, the more elevated he and his status become.

Likewise, one of the greatest feat of manliness is taking a girl from another man.

Ethics and karma aside!

We are dealing with real shit here!

What status points does a man actually gain from getting a girl whom he was supposed to get [someone who’s single]?

Not much points I would think.

Now, how much notoriety, popularity, props and even infamy will he have gained if he took another man’s woman [especially if the other guy is noteworthy]?


He’ll be the talk of his circle, talk of his small town, talk of his school, etc.

He’ll be deemed a bad muthafucka! And I don’t mean that in any antipathetic way!

Here’s another sobering and relative piece of information I’ll like to share with you: most- and I mean the vast vast majority of relationships- are born out of infidelity.

Sparingly do you have a situation where 2 individuals who are single, end up getting together as far as a relationship is concerned. Either 1 or both parties are guilty of cheating on someone else [the exceptions are school crushes which hardly count as official relationships].

A relationship is typically hatched out of a situation where guy meets girl, girl is in relationship, guy proceeds anyway, girl submits, sex/cheating occurs, girl jumps ship into the arms of the new guy.

With that, it is almost always a case of sexual advancement where the guy advances in spite of the girl’s relationship status.

You must also realize that a woman will almost always keep her options open, and she looks to upgrade to someone she deems a better man [whatever her criterion of better is].

This is part of the underlying reason why women often relationship hop like it’s going out of style.

She passively hopes to upgrade her boyfriends.

When she will give up this quest is based on varying factors. But this article isn’t about women and infidelity.

Overall guys, I wish to have de-mystified this oft-contentious question of why some guys pursue women who are taken, and the psychology behind it.

It isn’t that some men are plain evil and unethical as to why they appear to chase after other men’s women.

More than anything, as the article had detailed, it’s a matter of survival, fertility [breeding] and raw biology mixed with evolution.

The Secret World Of Sex, Mating And Cheating Women + Why Women Check Out Other Women With The “Evil Eye”!

The “evil eye”?

“WTH is that all about Kenny”!?

Ok- I’ll be the first to admit that the titling of this article is a tad-bit exaggerative [what an oxymoron]. But, the way in which most chicks check out other chicks, you can almost sense the disdain if you were to really become an observant of the sexes like I am.

Last night while at the bar running some usual night-game, I posted the following screenshotted status to Facebook.



Ok, couldn’t get any plainer!

The fact is; women check out other women way more often than men do!

You have some women who are super stealthy about it [just as some men].

On the other hand, you have your portion of women who are openly threatened by competition, so the least of their concerns is to adhere to social norms by not “STARING” at others.

Now, as my fellow seductionists have well pointed out as seen in the screenshots, the reason why women watch, stare and check out other women, boils down to 3 main factors:

1.) Competition

2.) Threat to her survival and replication value

3.) Inadequacy

I’ve always been aware of this “hidden” jealousy which women harbor towards each other. But last night while at the bar- this shit was somewhat surreal!

As if I had a magnifying apparatus glued to my face, I was noticing as every newly arrived girl entered the venue, the ones who were already there would stare, watch and point: some more blatant than others.

For clarity sake, I’m not speaking of girls staring other girls in the eye in combative fashion.

I’m talking about apparent-heterosexual girls breaking their necks trying to watch other girls’ asses as they saunter by.

If you were the average guy and you took note of this, you would surmise that these girls were Lesbians on the prowl trying to size up their female targets.

As a master seducer who had studied women under his proverbial microscope, I am well aware that these “looks and stares” are products of things much deeper and meaningful…like survival and replicative value in the sense of competition.

Women feel threatened whenever faced with potential competitors via other women.

Men to an extent have the same tendencies, especially since we are very territorial and protective by nature.

However, the stark difference here is that a man would behave that way when trying to guard his girl from potential preys via Alpha-Males who are hovering around the nightclub looking for a weaker guy’s girlfriend to pounce down upon.

Hence, for a man to feel a sense of competition, threat and rivalry from other men in a venue: is a totally different story…and plausible!

In the case of women now, they aren’t necessarily guarding their men from other women as to why they feel threatened, hence they watch other women with the “evil eye”. They are threatened by competition in other women, even though there may be no guy involved to whom they can stake thier claims.

Moreover, in the pickup world, we talk about survival and replication ad nauseum.

“What is that, and what does it have to do with women checking out other women’s asses”?

Well, it isn’t just ass-watching that women engage in when it comes to sizing up rivals.

They also check for boobs, hips, lips, facial affectations and attractiveness, blemishes, spots, scaring, etc.

There are also cultural variations just to be exact. The “ass-watching” [women watching other women’s asses] is more prevalent in black communities than others, where more emphasis of attraction value is placed upon buttox sizes [the bigger and wider the better], and girls with bigger asses are seen as more attractive [even if they has a shitty face]. Hence, they present more of a competition and threat to girls who aren’t that stacked in the trunk [this is in black societies].

This is not the case in communities such as Orientals for instance. Ass sizes don’t play a role in replication and mating value, neither in what a man finds to be the epitome of attractiveness and sex appeal within Oriental societies.

Likewise in white societies. The emphasis isn’t much on “ASS” but face.

White guys generally prefer a cuter face. Hence, a white girl living in a white community, is likely to feel more threatened by a cuter girl entering the bar. Whereas a black girl living in a black community, won’t pay much attention to the girl’s face, but her buttox in comparison to hers.

Other existential factors are things such as lips, outfit, grace, the manner in which a girl walks, her hair, hairdo, hair color [blonde-brunette], eyes, makeup, etc.

Those things are keenly noticed and noted by women whenever other women [potential rivals] enter a bar or nightclub.

You also have breast sizes which present a serious challenge from girl to girl.

“Are her boobs bigger than mines”?

“Are they as buoyant and perky, or sagging somewhat”?

Women scan for all these things!

They have to [at least they think they do]!

Her chances of mating, finding a mate, child-bearing [replication] and finding someone who can protect her [survival value], she feels to herself, are all in jeopardy once a so-called “hotter” girl shows up.

Now, this is all happening [feeling of threat, loss and competition] on a sub-conscious and unconscious level.

Women are NOT consciously aware of this…until they read my blog of course. 😉

These feelings occur behind the scenes; beneath her level of consciousness.

I mean, share this startling piece of information with any girl [that women check out other women because of fear/threat to mating], and watch her deny that this even occurs to the top of the mountain!

Again; it isn’t that she’s lying or living in naiveté.

She simply just doesn’t fucking know because these things occur outside of her awareness!

Hence, this will be news flash to her just as it might be to you guys who are reading this article right now.

Moreover, whenever a girl goes out- on the surface level [consciously that is]- it is to “have fun”.

She consciously rationalizes the decision to “go out” to mean enjoying herself with the girls and getting hammered.


What she doesn’t quite know, is that the agent which is actually driving her to want to go out [the secret propellant] is her innate desire to want to mate, breed [get pregnant] and survive [bearing kids means she lives on through them after she dies].

Secret Society of Mating, Pregnancy and Cheating

This is “Survival & Replication”!

It secretly drives every fucking girl’s motive!

Thus, if another girl threatens her chances of getting laid [this is what it is when you distill it all down], she will become catty, petty, gossipy and try to tear down the competition by devising some sneaky and crafty tactics such as pointing out something about the other girl which may possibly lower her chances of spoiling hers.

This is why girls talk about other girls so negatively.

Girl 1: “Look at her shoes! They don’t even go with that dress”! 😆

Girl 2: “Girl you’re right! And her hair color is so stupid! Which man would ever look at her”!?

As men; we never engage in such shenanigans! So the sexes, their modus operandi and their motives in life are totally different from each other!

Men and women are NOT the same! And I get royally annoyed as fuck whenever women say shit like:

“Men are like that too”! “Men do the same thing”!


We don’t have time to gossip about what the next man has on or how his shoes doesn’t match his shirt or any other meaningless chatter!

Men do not bring down the competition in such a way because it will come off as girly and insecure.

With women, it is about downing the competition at any cost because her life and survival depend on it!

If she doesn’t get impregnated sooner than later, she will have to face the dreaded menopause…which means death if she is childless and has no means to reproduce thereafter.

Hence, when you think about it that way: it is prudent and incumbent upon every woman to stoop low and play dirty in order to survive!

As for men, we can inseminate women up until the point of death. So we don’t [have to] operate from this paradigm of innate desperation as though we are on a time-clock of sorts.

Women are on the fucking time-clock!

Additionally, this is also the underlying reason why women cheat, and why they cheat way more than men do [contrary to popular belief].

She is in survival mode and trying to get impregnated as sooner and often as humanly possible!

The more sex opportunities with which she presents herself, and the more men she screws, the greater the chances of someone’s spermies fertilizing her egg.

Therefore, her inherent-motherly instincts can give a rat’s ass whether the girl is fucking 3 guys without condoms.

Survival instincts within a woman have not 1 iota of respect neither for health, diseases, maladies, STI’s nor confrontation!

The girl secretly yearns for those 3 men to inseminate her all during the same time period.

Moreover, this is why it is so easy to get a girl to cheat on her boyfriend, especially if he hasn’t yet impregnated her.

I posted a startling status to Facebook the other day which raised a lot of eyebrows where I declared that 96% of the girls I sleep with, all have boyfriends or are married.

Is this sheer coincidence?

Of course not!

To guys who lack the understanding of human and female biology in relation to mating; it is sheer coincidence that 96% of the girls Kenny sleeps with, are in committed relationships or marriage.

As for me: I fucking know better [I’ve learnt better; thanks to the gurus in the pickup community who first brought this information to my attention as a student in the game]!

Personally, I know this so-called ugly guy in his 30’s here on island who is infamous for impregnating his hot girlfriend every fucking cycle once her child-bearing period is available [every year that is]!

They have about 10 kids by now!

In hindsight: this guy is fucking smarter than 99% of us!

The only way to realistically keep a woman off of the dating market is by breeding her- and in effect- putting her out of commission…for a year.

She won’t [actively] look for stray dicks once she’s pregnant, because a woman is at her most unattractive while bearing a child.

Men simply won’t look at her because she’s already knocked-up, which means that the guy’s chances of breeding her at that moment, will have been impossible.

Thus, biologically- men aren’t attracted to her [apart from the rare guy who has a preggo-girl fetish…such as myself 😉 ], nor physically attracted to her. So, she’s effectively knocked out of the mating and dating game by the guy who had knocked her up.

This is also the reason during pregnancy, why a woman is likely to chase her boyfriend away by giving him tons of shit in an attempt to rid herself of the guy who put her out of commission…though she got what her biological side wanted anyway; which was to get pregnant.

You guys who have no kids may not be able to relate. But when I got my GF pregnant for the first time about 6 years ago, she drove me crazy!

She resented me for getting her pregnant…though she was on board! But that doesn’t matter to the girl! She will resent you as the one who has her looking all fat and unattractive and ashamed to go outside!

My girlfriend broke up with me like 50 times- no fucking kidding- during her pregnancy!

I had the cops called on me [which was unwarranted], we had physical altercations where I was left scratched up trying to restrain her hands, etc! 😯

By the way; is this rare?


It is the norm!

Nevertheless, as for the ugly guy in my neighborhood who knocks up his super-hot GF every chance he gets: this guy was onto something, but I never had the chance to ask him the reason for knocking up his GF so frequently.

The reason is clear to me: he knows that the only way to keep his woman from cheating and off of the dating market, is to breed her out of commission like an animal!

The only window of opportunity another guy has of breeding/fucking her, is a very small window after she would have delivered. But this guy would get straight to work by knocking her up again, essentially closing that window on any other guy who may had wanted to intrude upon his territory to take his girl.

All in all; this is a mating game on both ends with both sexes!

Both males and females have an inherent desire to replicate and multiple via sex.

That is what we were put on Earth to do if you subscribe to religious ideologies.

We are essentially here to have babies!

Everything else apart from that essential function, is a mere whimsical enjoyment and meaningless frolic.

The only way to keep the human specie alive is to fuck and have babies!

Without that: we all die, and humans cease to exist again!

With this inner fear [human extinction by non-breeding] deeply hard-wired within every person [male and female], you should clearly understand now why women cheat [to breed] and why they dress the way they do [sexy] whenever they go out or simply to go to work.

You will have also understood why a girl wastes her time on social media talking shit about other chicks, “haters” who are trying to take her man and so forth.

She’s trying to eliminate actual or potential competition by berating them.

The more rivals she eliminates, the more men she has for the taking [or retaining hers], and the greater her chances for survival and replication.

In any case, are there any lessons to take away here as a guy?

I would say just the realization of how women operate and why they operate in such manner.

With understanding; you avoid misunderstandings.

If you knew why a woman acts the way she does [beyond her conscious control], then certain shit simply won’t faze nor affect you…at least not as much as if you were still ignorant to this.

Six years ago, though I was already well deep into the Pick-Up Artist lifestyle, my knowledge base about mating and relationship matters weren’t as deep.

I simply had no clue about what drives women, the biological and evolutionary aspects and so forth. So when my girlfriend got pregnant and immediately began to shun me and attempted to shut me out of her life; I simply didn’t understand why!

In my ignorance, I deemed her an evil bitch for that, and we clashed like it were World War III from month 1 to month 9 of the pregnancy!

Hence, again- with understanding- you will have avoided such headaches as I wasn’t able to do.

In hindsight, had I been privy to what I’m sharing with you now, I would’ve simply given my girlfriend space upon request, and dismissed her rudeness and public outbursts as byproducts of her being taken off the dating market to where she was left fat and unattractive and undesirable to other men.

I would’ve avoided ton loads of shit like public fights on the road and getting embarrassed as she throws 1 of her customary tantrums inside of a supermarket [“Get the hell away from me”]!

In retrospect; I laugh about it now that I since learned about the mating ritual through my own discoveries and experiences, along with what I learned many years ago from perusing the blogs of PUA’s who were way more knowledgeable than I was.

Hence, you won’t have to endure what I did once your girlfriend or wife goes crazy on you during pregnancy [like when she demands that you sleep on the couch]…and she will!!!

I mean, if you think women are bitchy, irritable and possessed while on their periods [which they are], multiply that bitchiness and demon-possessiveness by 20, and you’ll get an idea of how a pregnant girl behaves towards her significant other or the guy who knocked her up.

Towards everyone else; she will retain her normal giddy and charming personality.

Towards the guy who had knocked her up [whether boyfriend or husband]; she will have resembled something out of the Exorcist! 😯 😡 👿

Nevertheless, with understanding, you won’t ever have to endure this by clashing heads with the devil in the personage of your preggo spouse. 😉

I mean, look at it this way guys- and please have empathy- if a girl were to put you out of commission for an entire year where you became fat and ugly- physically and personality-wise – while your bros brag about fucking hotties: how the hell would you feel!?

You would resent your girlfriend! It doesn’t matter if you were head-over-heels in love with her!

You would not take light to the fact that you don’t feel desired anymore, and your girlfriend is the root cause of it.

Hence: “Empathy” is necessary, and understanding will avoid clashing.

Secret Society of Cheating and Cheaters

On a final note, I want to touch on “cheating”…just for a bit.

I’m notorious for publicly declaring to guys that I wouldn’t feel betrayed nor hurt if my girlfriend were to cheat on me.

Is it that I don’t give a crap about her?

Likely not, or else I would’ve ditched her years ago.

I wouldn’t take cheating personally nowadays because I know what drives it on the part of the cheating girl [never the urge for mere sex or more sex].

It has nothing neither to do with slutry, raw promiscuity, a lack of sex nor women loving variety of cocks inside of them, but mere survival and replication!

When you look at it that you- the right way- you will no longer see cheating women as dirty-little harlots who cannot keep their pussy in their panties!

You’ll begin to see that nature and her biological clock [fear of dying without progeny] are actually facilitating and driving her compulsion or desire to sleep around.

It is virtually out of her control!

She has to gamble and play up her odds to survive [have kids]!

One dick only means 1 source of her attaining pregnancy.

Not very good odds when you think of it strategically.

Two dicks and the odds increase.

Screwing 4 guys- and you get the picture- that is 4 instruments which can ejaculate 4 times the load of semen inside of her depository to possibly fertilize her egg once she would’ve been ovulating.

The odds of her getting pregnant obviously increase if or when she sleeps with more guys.

In life, we work off of an odds-based operation by trying to maximize them.

Theoretically, the more applications you fill out for various jobs, the chances of landing a job will likely increase.

Only 1 application? Only 1 shot with poor odds stacked against you.

As for the pick-up artistry and what we teach [the numbers game], the more girls you approach, hit on, contact, etc. the greater your chances of actually landing 1 or some in bed.

This goes without saying.

Likewise with any girl out there. She instinctively knows and plays the odds game in dating and mating!

This is why a woman always has a bunch of guys strung along, and she always keeps orbiter males around in the event that her relationship crumbles, she can always call up the reserves to supply her in no time with companionship and cock.

She is playing to her odds!

She is playing to win [get pregnant] and playing to survive [have kids]!

Trying to keep your fertile girlfriend from communicating with other men outside the relationship, is tantamount to forcing her to commit suicide!

That is how her brain and biological wiring interpret the actions of a boyfriend who tries to get her to sever ties with all guys, stay at home and only communicate with him.

She will rebel and defy this as we all know!

Even if she verbally concedes and agrees to desist from texting other guys. She will continue to text other guys behind the back of her boyfriend anyway!

I had been through that with my girlfriend just as every other guy has!

I threw tantrums and got pissed when I discovered that she was still texting other men behind my back.

These things bother me no more because I understand why they must occur! Hence, I encourage my GF to text other guys, simply because I know she will not desist regardless of what I or anyone says [not even the deity she believes in can stop her]!

I rather my girlfriend to be forthright and transparent with me- by openly extending to her the green light to communicate with other men- than for her to be selling me dreams by trying to convince me that she doesn’t text other guys…while she does just that behind my back.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what the hell you say as the man in the relationship in relation to your woman talking to other men. She will continue to actively play the field until she hits menopause where bearing kids will have met its expiratory date.

All in all: you truly cannot keep a fertile girl from cheating [unless you knock her up repeatedly].

She will just stealthily do it behind your back if she senses that you cannot handle the truth [that she must play the numbers game in order to increase her odds of child-bearing].

With that being said; I can’t get mad at my girlfriend for cheating if she has or will!

Who the fuck am I or any other boyfriend for that matter, to expect a girl to remain faithful to her own detriment!?

It’s sort of selfish on the guy’s part when you think about it!

Just as a girl who expects her boyfriend to only sleep with her and to observe monogamy: it is kind of selfish and counterproductive in contrast to nature’s design.

Secret Society of Cheating, Cheaters and Ovulation

Another thing I want to touch on before wrapping up is “Ovulation” [I won’t get in depth with it].

I’m not one for citing studies from “so-called” professional because most of them are full of shit. But studies have shown that when a girl ovulates [which means she can get impregnated at those points of the month], she becomes more randy, sexual and dresses more revealing than normally would.

Knowing that she could get pregnant while that window is open briefly [just a few days or even hours], she will dress provocatively to work, wear that skin-tight dress on the job, or unexpectedly hit the bar, especially if she’s not the bar type.

Whenever a girl ovulates, she subconsciously puts herself on the sexual market…even if she has a boyfriend and is in a happy relationship!

This is all done subconsciously without her knowledge.

Her egg is now discharged into the uterus waiting to be fertilized by an invading sperm [though her egg has protective organisms to fight off the sperms].

During this period, a girl will actively seek attention from men in hopes that she will get impregnated.

In all honesty, this is the ideal time to try to sleep with a girl [when her body ovulates].

As a guy who has slept with countless women, I often encounter cases where I would meet a girl today, try to sleep with her today, but she would shut me down.

On the other hand, I would meet another girl today, try to sleep with her today, and she will oblige and sex would happen.

Other instances, I would meet a girl today, try to fuck her today and she will turn me down. I would strategically persist for 2 weeks but she wouldn’t relent.

Out of the blue, she will send me a text saying, “I’m in the mood to fuck”!

I would then get to sleep with her in spite of her coldness over the previous 2 weeks.

As commonplace as this may seem, you should take into account why a girl would put out on this occasion, but not another. Or why she would fuck you the first night you meet her, but doesn’t give you another shot until a month later…if ever.

Her ovulation period is actually driving this!

She prefers to fuck when the chances of her getting pregnant would have been greater [ovulation].

If this period [ovulation] presents itself today; she will want to fuck today while chances are greater to attain pregnancy.

A sophisticated and prudish ovulating woman at the nightclub, is 10 times more susceptible to game and to being bent over and fucked in the restroom by a random Joe Blow whom she had only met 10 minutes ago in the club!

A dumb club-whore who is NOT ovulating, is likely to put up more resistance to the idea of being fucked by a random stranger…though she’s a so-called slut and should be deemed easy!

The fact that the club-whore cannot get inseminated successfully [meaning to get pregnant] that night since she isn’t ovulating, the drive/urge to have sex and receive semen will not have been great.

The prudish girl on the other hand who has never had same-night sex, because her body and brain know that she is fertile [ovulating], her guards will have been substantially lowered in hopes that some guy will shoot a load of cum inside of her…that night!

My personal belief is this: girls mostly go out as to the bars and clubs whenever they are ovulating [meaning they can get pregnant].

Hence, you have a nightclub filled with fertile-horny women hoping to get some semen injections!

This is why it behooves the crap out of me that there are guys who actually have a hard time realizing how easy it is to take girls home from the club, or to fuck them right inside the venue…like on the dance floor, in the lounge area or the restroom! 😯

These chicks in heat [ovulation] at the bars and clubs are open to random sex with random strangers whom they don’t care to see the next day, as long as they get his semen inside of their body.

She secretly wished that you had slipped off the condom and fuck her raw!

Part of her dies once she discovers that you kept the condom on the entire time and ejaculated inside of it instead of inside of her vagina.

I posted a controversial article years ago about how to fuck girls without condoms. If you’re actually interested in what I had to say on that, you can google the article [sorry- I’m too lazy to look it up and post it here 😦 ].

In keeping with that theme, I also cited that 98% of the women I slept with prior to 2012- the year I tried giving condoms a serious chance- were all without condoms…knowingly so!

Therefore, there should be zero cause for confusion in realizing that the VAST majority of women prefer to be banged raw- sans [without] rubber! And by “vast” and “majority”, I mean virtually every single girl on the planet who attained puberty.

I don’t believe I have to tell you that every girl desires to become a mother.

Periodically, you have the rare nutjob of a woman who desires to remain a childless career-girl for the rest of her life…until some fly-by-night Alpha stud comes along and breeds her behind her husband’s back…which of course the Beta-Male husband will gladly raise the kid as his own since he always wanted [another] child to begin with. So there is truly no woman who will realistically rule out having kids at some point.

As the boyfriend, if you won’t knock her up, she will get it done behind your back…by another man!

Do you think a girl will ever stay indefinitely with a guy who elects to not impregnate her…especially if [it’s a matter of when] she wants kids?

I know of a young guy who is sterile- someone in my age group actually- whose girlfriend cheated out on him and ended up getting pregnant but claiming that the kid was his. 😆

She didn’t know that her boyfriend hit puberty having infertility issues. But he himself, included the guys he hung out with, knew that he wasn’t able to produce a thing as far as pregnancy was concerned.

Anyway, years into his relationship of not bearing fruit, the girl decided [unknowingly of course at first] to cheat. In the process, she got pregnant…which is every girl’s desire, regardless of the man and his unwillingness to stick around.

The girl then rejoiced that they finally were able to conceive [unknowing that her BF was sterile].

The guy- not as heartbroken as you would imagine- broke the news to her that he cannot cause reproduction.

In other words: he shoots blanks.

Thus, this left 1 conclusion: she had to have cheated.

After the boyfriend produced official documentation confirming sterility, his GF then had no choice but to come clean about cheating.

Knowing that his permanent-infertility issue would’ve been a deal-breaker for most women, in spite of his girlfriend’s infidelity which led to pregnancy, he decided to forgive her and gladly help raise the kid as if she were his [kudos to him].

Saying all that bit to say: if a girl doesn’t find reproductive success in a timely fashion from copulation with 1 man, i.e. her boyfriend or husband, she will cheat on him as means to increase the odds of attaining pregnancy.

Theoretically and practically, as I eluded to earlier, the more guys she sleeps with, the greater the chances that pregnancy will have materialized.

On a surface level a girl doesn’t fuck or cheat to become pregnant.

On a biological and subconscious level [the real agents behind the scene]; fucking or cheating is to bring about pregnancy.

More competition from hotter and younger girls, will threaten her chances and viability.

Hence the answers to the main theme of this extensive article of why women bicker, back-bite and fight each other like pre-pubescent lasses on the playground.

It is to survive and multiply by living vicariously through her future offspring.

After reading this article, hopefully you’ll never see a cheating woman as a dirty-rotten cheater anymore, but someone playing the most essential role in extending human existence. Because hypothetically, if every girl woke up tomorrow and decided to jump on birth-control until menopause – hence no human multiplication at all- humans on a whole will disappear over-fucking night within 1 generation!

I don’t think any one of us want that to happen. Hence, women fight and play dirty for their chance to produce children for a guy in whom, for whatever reason, she deems an Alpha-Male.

Proof That Girls Suck Shit At Game + Kenny’s Low Tolerance For It

Contrary to popular belief: Women have no game!

Well, to be clear on this, we in pickup have always known this. But guys on the outside as to my knowledge, seem to think that women are proficient at game.

Men might not verbalize this, but our actions in passively expecting women to proactively chase us, is a testament to the belief that guys in general are expecting women to game them.

Chasing isn’t quite “Game”.

Having a girl chase you through text by trying to have a conversation, isn’t at all Game!

Likewise with a guy who chases women over text.

“Game” is obviously a subtle art.

“Chasing” in the common sense of the word, is a senseless art.


At times, I fall into these mental lapses where texting women becomes a huge annoyance for me.

I call this 1 of the few side effects of being good with women.

You will have reached a point where upon every text received from a girl, somewhat irritates you in a strange way.

Your tolerance level for trying to make something happen with a girl would have been at a lowered state.

The other day, this sexy girl whom I’d picked up a while ago, hit me up on Facebook as depicted in the screenshot below.


Evidently, my vibe was very dismissive.

However, that was an attempt at game from a woman’s point of view.


That was her game!

Not only her, but almost every girl, when left to fend for herself in such a text conversation, will present shitty game and end up crashing and burning within 3 to 4 texts.

Sure I wasn’t up for a text engagement. But I never told her to stop texting me.

This was her chance to game me up and to strike up an interesting chat with some interesting question of hers.

She bombed!

All she was able to produce was

“Hello Ken.


What’s up”?

Usually, as expected as the guy here, it would’ve been on me to make conversation and I would’ve been glad to do so…if it wasn’t for my jadedness as a result of this low-tolerance lapse that I’m presently experiencing…at least with this girl.

Now, make no mistakes about it: women suck at game because they weren’t designed to pursue men. So I’m definitely not expecting to be courted by any woman.

What I want to highlight apart from women having no game, is the desensitization of getting good with lots of women.

When you attain a certain plateau in game, the appeal of hot women will have lost a great amount of its savor.

It’s just like traveling.

If you’ve been to Hawaii quite a number of times, it loses its appeal than if it were the first time you been there.

On a related note: women can definitely sense when you’re high value, when you’ve been around the bloc and when you simply don’t have the time to entertain them.

The parting message here for you guys is to realize that it is always incumbent upon you to seduce the girl.

She won’t do it for you because she simply isn’t equipped that way in her evolutionary hardware.

This transcends all across the board.

Everything from logistics of a date to logistics of a pull, should be placed upon your shoulders as the man or else the plan won’t even leave the tarmac let alone take off.

A girl may very well like you. But to leave the gaming up to her, she will show her grave incompetence.

You’re An Evolutionary Idiot For Thinking That Looks Or Money Are What Get Guys Laid [Part I]

The things that make a woman sleep with a man is the same today as they were yesterday.

What are those?

   •Attitude (boldness & behavior),

   •know-How (ability to read women),

   •Social Status (fame and infamy)

Those are they!

Today, ‘Fame’ is synonymous with wealth and money, but fame doesn’t necessarily mean wealth and money.

Hence the misconception that having or flaunting money will attract women into bed, actually isn’t true…just ask Elliot Roger how that panned out for him.

Nevertheless, once you realize that a woman’s brain today is the same as her predecessors, you will have known that money and good looks are insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

What inspired me to write this post was an all-too-familiar on-the-fly interaction between a curious guy and myself.

I had a guy approach me the other day and say:

“Kenny, I’m gonna be real with you. You aren’t a good looking guy. You don’t have money. Even if you do, you don’t flaunt it. When I do see you at the bar, you never buy women shit and some of them often shame you for being cheap and shit. So how are you fucking all these girls if you don’t have money, not spending on them and you aren’t that good looking…no offense”?

😆 I simply laughed because I’m used to this sort of impromptu interaction whenever I come across guys who are familiar with my shtick as a lady’s man.

I do take umbrage with the label “cheap” though.

I prefer to coin it as careful and smart. 😉

Be as it may, these guys realize that there must be more to it than good looks and money…neither of which I profess to have in any sort of abundance.

Ironically, though these evolutionary inferior men acknowledge that flaunting money and spending lavishly at the bars and clubs, won’t propel women into their arms – or bed- they still rely on money to attract women…to no avail.

This is the rawest definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over again with the same result of nothingness”.

Only if these guys knew to themselves and really believed it , that looks and money mean little in a woman’s decision to go to bed with you, then they would begin to see what attraction is really about.

Over the past 3 days, my mobile-internet service has been experiencing huge bouts of non-connectivity, so I was forced to read an e-book (or any book for that matter) for the 1st time in over 3 years.

I’d wanted to read, “Sperm Wars” by Robert Baker, an evolutionary scientist, but I never got around to it…in spite of having downloaded this e-book over 2 years ago.

Little did I know: I was sitting on a gold mine of information which will further support my hypothesis on looks and wealth being infinitesimal to the process of courtship, sex and procreation.

The modern man is so surface and material reliant, that he’s now oblivious to what every man has been well aware of for millions of years.

Women, being light years ahead of men in the intelligence department, are privy [however vague] to the evolutionary process of attraction and hooking up.

The average Jane knows what’s going on!

If not on a conscious level, on a subconscious one.

She knows that men want sex. And that any rational-minded man should want sex.

She also knows that she’s the natural conduit towards this peer-bonding of sexual intercourse.

Men on the other hand, due to societal influences and brain-washing, we no longer can accept the reality that- just like us- women want sex too!

Instead of embracing this about ourselves, most modern men shy away from potential stigmas such sleazy, freaky, sex-driven, shallow, perverted, etc.

Therefore, you now have a situation where women are afraid to expose themselves as ‘wanting sex’ (due to social repercussions).

Likewise with men, the vast majority of us, are afraid to let women know that we have a dick in our pants…also due to social repercussions!

Hence, men are afraid and women are afraid.

Men are afraid of communicating that they are desirous of sex. And women are afraid of communicating that they are equally desirous of sex.

What do we do instead?

Men cloak their sexual desires for women in a facade of declarations such as:

“I respect women”

“I’m not about sex”

“I can wait”

He also shows his ‘liking’ through how much money he has, how much material possessions he owns and how willing he is to spend big.

These things are all done in hopes of sexual favors in return.

Actions like these on the part of men, are what lead me to make declarations such as: “Nice guys are the real assholes who aim to manipulate women into sex”.

This is absolutely the truth!

Quote on quote “Nice guys” are the ones looking to manipulate women into bed…and in general!

They cloak their intentions of sex within a neat package of asexuality and non-sexual behaviors such as chivalry and other such socially acceptable niceties.

Nevertheless, they are the true manipulators of women.

Not because they want to be manipulative. But they’ve been programmed into thinking that they have to manipulate women into liking them or into bed.

These so-called nice guys don’t believe in PUA gibberish such as “All women want to fuck”!

When men harbor such unnatural beliefs as “women only have sex with men they love and have known for years”, it is difficult to convince these evolutionary-retards of the contrary- that women do enjoy sex- crave sex more than men do and are open to sex at any given time with any random Joe Blow who recognizes how women operate.

Why most men cannot accept and live with the reality that the average woman will fuck another man at the drop of a hat, is because of their own fears, that their would-be girlfriend could actually stray and fuck another guy for no good reason.

This is a very unsettling feeling for most men, who aren’t at liberty to just get another girlfriend if this one fucks up and cheats.

Men like myself, who realize that women of today are the same as women of 250,000 years ago, can afford to trade in girlfriends if a particular one isn’t quite working out.

Hence, a lady’s man has less fear in accepting the reality that any girl can cheat whenever she pleases without needing a plausible reason.

The only reason she needs to self-justify cheating, is knowing that other men would like to fuck her!

She doesn’t need a fight with her boyfriend to make this happen!

She doesn’t have to have obscured or concrete evidence that her boyfriend has been screwing some other chick behind her back!

All of those are just rationalizations she will use later on to justify her reason for cheating in case someone finds out…perhaps a relative, her BFF or the swindled boyfriend himself.

However, she doesn’t need a reason to cheat.

To backtrack some, I want to touch on the topic of ‘Attitude’, as 1 key component to attracting and bedding women.

Attitude enjoins with it, one’s perception, disposition and his comportment.

A man who displays the right attitude (of a sex-worthy guy), will have more than a leg up on the competitors who may have money and Brad Pitt looks going for them.

Likewise with having “Know-How”, as a key component to getting into girls’ panties quite often.

If you don’t know the route that would take you to someone’s house; then you simply won’t get there.

Having the “know-how” of how to get to a woman’s panties and how her brain works, will become the deciding factor of whether you get laid or go home empty handed.

What know-how would you need?

Firstly, the realization that everything you’ve been told and taught by the mainstream media and your parents, was absolute bullshit!

For example: “You should be nice to all women no matter what, and you’ll get lots of dates”.

Such cliches should firstly be exterminated from your mindset in order to get you on the right track to getting poon!

You must begin to garner the right knowledge as to what women want, how they want it, how women operate and what makes them operate that way.

Realize that women don’t see sex as something taboo and yucky. But a natural part of life itself.

Also realize that women want to fuck just as much as you do!

Knowledge of this [women love sex, want sex and need sex], will be your cheat-code to the game of hooking up.

Avoid falling into white-knight commentaries such as: “There’s more to life than getting laid”.

Men who embody such declarations are usually the ones who never get laid!

They justify their lack of a sex life by berating other men who chase ass.

Those same white-knights, if they could only get laid, you’d see how quickly they abandon those previously held talking-points such as “there’s more to life than getting laid”.

In all fairness: there is more to life than fucking!

As much as I love chasing ass and sleeping with random strangers- a guy in my position- still cannot afford to just fuck his life away!

It is humanly impossible!

Personally, I have to live, eat, work, blog, help take care of and raise my children [I have 2], party, have fun, exercise, travel, etc.

Hence, the myth that one can actually live a life that is all about sex- is simply just that- a myth!

However, white-knighters, in their attempt to run from sex, are quick to mental-masturbate away their reasons for sucking at this.

It’s incumbent upon you to become secured with your sexual desires and to project this upon women you meet.

Note to yourself that what propels a woman to become sexually interested in a man, is her desire to breed!

She was born for this purpose; to have children!

Everything else, such as amenities of life, is for sheer enjoyment and sport. But a girl’s primal purpose for living is to procreate and to play her part in the evolutionary game.

Knowing this, you’ll soon realize why women often and exclusively cheat on nice guys (opposed to bad boys).

As equally important, why women would sleep around as long as they won’t be judged as sluts and whores.

Be as it may, women must have sex. And you’re an evolutionary waste of semen, to think otherwise!

What attracts women to not-so-handsome guys like myself, isn’t great looks neither money nor material gains.

Sheer attitude and know-how!

If you give the average Joe a high-priced vehicle, dress him up in the finest linen and park him outside of a crowded mall, if he doesn’t have the congruent attitude of a guy who has those things: then he’s just as good as dead!

Those material things won’t mean squat…particularly if he has the wrong attitude, that women aren’t sex-driven!

Likewise for the super good-looking chap.

Devoid of knowledge of women, he too often falls short in taking women to bed.

I know lots of young guys my age, and some half my age, who would purchase fancy cars and motorcycles in hopes to attract women and get laid (though they never admit to this).

Months later, you’ll find these same dudes walking, taking taxis and public transportation.

They had either resold their transportation or reneged on completing the financing, thus repossessed by the dealership or the bank.

They too quickly realize that the vast majority of girls aren’t as shallow to spread their legs solely because of a bugatti, or keys to a powerful motorcycle dangling in front of her eyes.

Once again: nice guys wanting to trick and manipulate women.

This is no different than the so-called professional guy or the entrepreneur, who goes around bragging about his 401K or owning his own small business.

Conversing with one of these ‘out-of-touch with reality guys’, will quickly leave a woman thinking she’s just been to a job interview or been conversing with a Donald Trump wannabe.

Hence, these guys rarely get laid also as they’re out-of-touch with what attracts women (Attitude).

To be continued…

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