Act Now Or Forever Make It Awkward…Rapid-Escalation Theory Part II

In keeping with a recent article which dealt with physical escalation, KINO (touching) and getting sexual with women, I put together a short post just to compliment that theme as an added mindset shift for those guys who are lacking in that department.

Failure to act now and early, begets further inaction and more escalation anxiety.

The longer you wait the more things get awkward.

Trust me: I speak from experience on this.

It’s no different than procrastination on a workout or hitting the gym.

The more you put it off for later by saying, “I’ll hit the gym tomorrow when there’s less people there”, the greater the chances that you won’t hit the gym at all.

This plagues all of us to some degree, at some time.

The only way to finally get to it is to…just do it! To just do it without thinking about it!

There’s a little saying in pickup: “when in doubt about making the move; just do it”!

Whenever doubt creeps into your mind; that’s the moment to just do it!

Your mind will talk you out of anything and everything. Allowing yourself time to think and ponder is almost always the kiss of death when it comes to making a move on a woman for example!

Here are few things that will have managed to talk you out of making a move. You might be aware of them:


Contrary to popular belief, the more you get to know/learn about the girl, the more iffy you become with the idea of making a move on her.

You may begin to say stuff to yourself like:

“This girl is so profession in her field. If I make a move on her now, she will think I’m an unprofessional loser who’s beneath her”.

“This girl’s very religious. Making a move on her will make her see me as this insensitive jerk who doesn’t even care about her spirituality”.

“This girl’s an Orthodox Muslim. They don’t believe in sex before marriage”.

“I just learned that she just broke up with her boyfriend who’s a wanton cheater who treated her like trash. If I try to make a move on her now, she’ll perceive me in the same way…that I’m a womanizing scum like her ex”!

Such internal dialogue and questioning happens, whenever you get to learn more about a girl whom you’d just met.

During the “get to know each other” process, you may discover that she is wanting to dabble in celibacy. And if you were to make a move on her, she would reject and resent you for doing so, knowing that she wants to go the celibate route.

None of that is connected anyway. However, our minds- the male’s mind- puts all those things together and determine that making a move now, would be ill-timing. So “it’s best I wait until the next day…or next week…or when the moment looks better”. 😦

Tomorrow comes, you meet up with the girl again; things get a tad bit more awkward than the previous day- unbeknownst to you- all because you had gotten to know more things about her.

Hence, the less you know about her (and vice versa), the better it is for escalation purposes!

Roger that?



Another contributing factor towards your escalation anxiety is the girl’s age.

Need clarification?

The older the girl, the greater the tendency to want to take it slow(er).

This happens out of fear, reverence and respect for women who are older than you.

Somewhat, guys tend to think that maturer women need to be coddled, deified, pedestalized, “respected” and treated differently, solely based on their age.

Accompanying this, is a misconception that older women- for instance, MILF’s and Cougars [let’s just say women over 35]- aren’t predisposed to casual sex.

Hence, “I must take it real real slow before I offend her”.

With that being said, if you’re a younger guy who has a preference for seducing maturer women, but you haven’t ventured there as yet, I can imagine the anxiety and fear you have in regards to this.

However, as someone who’s been there, done that, countless amounts of time; I can tell you for certain that your fear is irrational, and the girl’s age doesn’t dictate her responses to the seduction attempt.

As a quasi-mind hack, here’s how to handle this with excruciating ease:

Imagine that the girl was NOT older, and not out of your league as far as age is concerned!

The mind is a very powerful computer as we all know!

It can psyche you out, psyche you up and make or break you in ever facet of life.

It is easy to manipulate (your mind), change and alter it in positive and negative ways.

Simply telling yourself- or your mind- that the girl in front of you, in spite of the fact that she’s 15 years your senior, wants to fuck your brains out, has the real potential to spur you into action with disregard for what you believed prior.

Now, the reason this hack works is simple: generally, one isn’t intimidated by persons younger than him or her.

Experience factor, in relation to age, are what causes massive amounts of anxiety in humans.

What do I mean?

Generally, if you’re younger in age, you have less experiences in life. Hence, there are less reasons for others [older] to be intimidated by you.

I mean, no established worker would get intimidated by a novice or trainee, fresh out of school, on the job for the 1st time.

Why so? Because he or she would’ve had minimal to zero experience in that work field.

However, if the new hire were an experienced person in the field, with 10+ years of experience, quite naturally, he or she would carry a bit (or lot) of intimidation factor around the workplace.

Saying that mouthful to say: experience and age [the girl being older], usually intimidate men when it comes to women whom they’re vying to seduce.

Perhaps she’s been wih hotter guys, guys who were stellar in bed, guys who were toting 15 inch zip-line cocks, etc.

How would you compare and compete with that!?

If you want a temporary fix/hack for this: simply envision a girl with less to no experience. Someone who’s younger preferably.

Enter the situation, the meetup,etc. with the belief that you’re meeting someone who doesn’t know her way around the bedroom.

You as the one with at least some experience, you will likely be the more confident one in the interaction.

Therefore, you have to psyche yourself out!


In addition to the point I touched on about the more you know about the girl, the greater the chance of anxiety, guys tend to get psyched out by the things women say; for instance, their social-media posts.

Women are notorious for posting things to social media that they don’t believe for a second!

However, as an outside observer- the guy- you’re bound to get dissuaded as you fall into the trap of buying into shit women post/say.

What are some examples?

The girl whom you’re looking to seducing, may post to Facebook that she hates men who are cocky.

From this, you may interpret that to mean that she hates men who goes for it with confidence, since that may come off as cocky. So because of that, you talk yourself out of taking action, afraid that she would reject you.

Well- I’m here to say that you should NOT take women seriously when it comes to the stuff that spews out of their mouth!


Another tip that works phenomenally in spurring you into action, is to get a state boost through a guy who’s a player.

In other words: act vicariously through someone whom you know is a ladies’ man!

As kids- little boys- we would watch a karate flick or some ass-kicking cartoon, then as soon as it concludes, we spring up off of the couch and begin to imitate a particular character in the film or animation show.

We throw kicks, punches, do flips, etc!

That was all due to a state boost which we got from the program just viewed.

As grown men, at least in my experience, we can still access this proverbial reservoir for a positive boost, by living vicariously through an idol, or someone whom we look up to.

Now, I’m not advising you that you try to become that other person in any genuine or long-term fashion. But just for the moment and in the moment, as you enter the situation.

As for myself, personally, whenever I’m feeling non-confident and iffy about making certain moves pertaining to women, I envision player-type guys whom I know, know of, or seen in action before, and that alone would give me the added boost as I subconsciously ask myself, “What would that player guy do”?

Then “BAAM”! I wake up and take decisive action!


If you could pull it off with 1 girl, you can pull it off with another.

In pickup, this is equivalent to “being in state” or being in the zone (if you were an athlete).

Some days ago, I stopped by this girl’s workplace since I was in the vicinity to begin with.

I began flirting with her heavily, grabbed her by the waist and tried to kiss her on the neck while she playfully pulled away.

At 1 point as she peered down into her smartphone while I held her with a hand, I cupped her ass with the other hand (to her surprise) and spanked it somewhat hard.

She pulled back, smiled, laughed and looked at me in astonishment because I slapped her on the behind.

Needless to say, that planned encounter concluded on that note, but I just remembered I had another chick to whom to pay a visit.

Hence, I bolted towards that aim: “see chick #2 at her workplace”.

I got there, brimming with confidence from the way I manhandled girl #1 whom I’d just visited about 15-20 minutes earlier. Not that I really needed any momentum boost to begin with, but I’m merely sharing this episode as means for you guys to get things going.

Anyway, so when I met girl 2 whom I’d been gaming on and off for about 4 weeks, I immediately went for her hand…to her surprise.

She was taken-aback, but in a positive sense.

The state boost that I had from escalating on the previous girl, rolled over into this set.

Moreover, 1 of my favorite sayings from the seduction community is, “Emotions are contagious”.

In other words; the girl feels what you feel.

Hence, when you come into the set brimming with confidence to get physical with the girl (and by “physical”, I mean touchy), this positive state also transfers onto the girl.

You’re effectively in the zone!

All in all; you want to take action early- NOW- or else it will get awkward!

How To Get Sexual With A Girl… Who Invites You Over To Her Place

“Think Of Yourself As The Master Seducer”!

Every now and then, I’m compelled to knock up a profound and extensive piece on matters of seduction.

As you would’ve noticed of late, the vast majority of my posts have been Text-Game related: spirited and concise.

While that is great and all, learning how to text girls has its obvious limitations; which is that you cannot realistically get your penis inside of a woman’s snatch by textual means! πŸ™‚

No stunning revelation there, right?


With that being said, as the title clearly indicates, this article will help you navigate your way through the scary waters of getting sexual while back at the girl’s place.

Now, by whichever mean the girl grants you a lucky invitation to her pad- just consider yourself lucky- while realizing that an invitation to a girl’s place is akin to fucking her without actually fucking her…YET!

Seduction and sex can only materialize by getting closer to the fuck location (I.e. the bedroom).

Having an invitation extended to “come over”, is like 10 steps closer to her bedroom, opposed from being in a situation where the girl keeps you at bay.

In any case- you get invited over- what should you do!?

Granted you already know that your objective should be sex, or at least to get something of a sexual nature started.

Are we clear on that?


Allow me to expound then, on what should be your aim here!

If you’re unfamiliar with the underground Seduction Community (aka the Pick-Up Artists Community), our schools of thoughts, teachings, theories on dating, etc. allow me to share this piece of tidbit with you:

It’s About Getting Laid!

Everything is predicated upon that goal!


I can see your jaws dropping while reading that!

Being a regular consumer of mainstream-media dating advice, which preach stuff like, “casual sex is evil”, I am hard-pressed to believe that you didn’t just panic at the thought of trying to get sexual with a girl whom you never hung out with on a 1-on-1 level before.

Well- I’m assuming that’s how you ended up here- you want to get sexual with the girl who invited you over!

As a Master Seducer, guiding you to that mean, is right up my alley. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰

For starters, I must lay the following caution out there: although the attainment of sex should be your primary and ultimate objective while at the girl’s pad, if it doesn’t appear likely, you should NOT force it!

View the process of getting laid as baby-stepping things, rather than jamming shit through at all costs!

Clearly if there’s an unambiguous opening, you want to seize the moment and exploit it by making something grand happen [i.e. make out with the girl]. But if no clear opening presents itself, you want to baby-step it.

Additionally, always be mindful of the small wins and small gains.

It’d be lovely to get the sex on the 1st date, 1st. night, first time at the girl’s place.

That is ideal!

However, if it doesn’t go down on the 1st visit, any small gain will suffice.

What kills most guys and lands them in the dreaded friendzone, is that they don’t even try to get on 1st. base on the first date, rendezvous and so forth.

Therefore, they leave the girl with the impression that they aren’t romantically interested in her, but solely interested in being platonic friends.

It is for this reason [avoidance of the friendzone] why YOU OUGHT TO ESCALATE in romantic, sexual and or physical fashion!

You merely want to give the girl the impression that you’re sexually attracted to her.

The easier and most salient way to communicate this is by trying to Touch Her.

I’ll explain later on.

With that out the way, let’s proceed to the good stuff.

“How Do I Know That She Even Wants Me Romantically”?

As a rule of thumb: if a girl dares to invite you to her domain, ASSUME THAT SHE WANTS TO FUCK YOU, or is at least open to the idea of fucking you!

Work from that assumption in such a case.

If a woman invites you over, don’t just assume that she’s expecting to have platonic chatter about the weather and shit.

The mere fact that she desires for you to meet her in private- at her place at that– what better reason would you need to jump to the conclusion that she’s interested in being more than friends?

The thing is though; she may very well want you as just a friend.

However, you don’t want to leave this to chance by neglecting to make your moves.

Therefore, work from the assumption that she wants you to nail her in the sack!

Make her prove to you that she didn’t invite you over with the slightest intention for that to happen [SEX].

She’ll demonstrate this by either shunning your physical advances, or giving off an air of discomfort due to your advances.


Some days ago, I’d picked up a Cougar, who to my surprise, invited me over to her apartment.

It isn’t that this is so uncommon. But I really didn’t foresee this happening, especially within days of picking her up.

If anything, I expected a more ball-in-my-court situation, where I invite her over, or invite her out somewhere for drinks or something. But when she told me to “come over tomorrow in the afternoon” (upon giving me her address over the phone), I was somewhat sideswiped by her subtle command.

The following day, I arrived at her doorstep, to be greeted with a, “Come in Kenny! You don’t have to take your shoes off if you don’t want to”.

I did remove my slippers however [I’ll speak more on this strategic play, shortly] and entered.

Cougar: “I live alone. So you don’t have to be alarmed. I prefer living alone since I’m big on privacy”.

She rambled on a bit, about how much she enjoys living alone.

That was definitely the tune I wanted to hear humming, since I’m HUGE on privacy, in that I expect it once I’m looking to get to know a chick better. And by, “get to know better”, I mean getting our physical extremities acquainted with each other’s. πŸ˜‰

While giving me the welcoming tour of her apartment, each room that she took me into, I strategically positioned myself closely in back of her, as means of raising the temperature a bit [key words: “a bit”].

We ascended a short flight of stairs, to where she showed me a set of antique stuff which was stored away in a compartment in the ceiling.

Again- I kept in close proximity- standing behind her, allowing her to guide since it’s her abode.

We entered another room, which resembled some sort of workstation with sewing material strewn all over the place:

Cougar: “Never mind this room and all the junk I have”…

She went on to explain the reasons for the untidiness of the room.

I frankly didn’t give a hoots about any of that.

All I was thinking was STRATEGY and OPENINGS!

Thus, while showing me around the untidy room, I purposely bumped into her and brushed across her body as if it were done by sheer accident. 😈

I spotted an opening…so I seized it!

What was this vague opening?

The way that the junk in the room were positioned, it gave me Plausibility to “accidentally” brush across her backside.

In other words: space was tight, so there was no other means of me traversing the room (as she guided) without making contact with her body.

Another PUA instructor, whose name eludes me at the moment, calls this “Accidental KINO’ [“KINO” being Pick-Up Artist Community lingo for making physical contact and touching].

Other examples of seizing openings which the girl presents you (whether consciously or otherwise), would be the following situations:

Β Β Β β€’The girl shows you around her place, she points at something on the wall for example (a photo, etc.). And while standing in back of her, you rest 1 hand upon her shoulder while looking up at the photo or pointing at it

Β Β Β β€’There’s something across the table, so you reach across in order to take hold of it. Meanwhile, you “accidentally” brush across her skin [better if she has big whoppers] while you lean across to seize the thing (for instance, an ornament, glass, toy, photo, your phone, and so forth).

Β Β Β β€’She asks you to do some little favor for her: such as to take something down from atop a shelf because she’s too short to reach it. There are tons of openings there to touch.

In an extremely lucky situation: she asks you to pin up, zip up, or zip down her dress since she can’t reach the zipper too well from the back! 😯

The point of all this guys, is to establish some TOUCH (however accidentally contrived)!

You want to Heighten the Sexual Tension, aka the temperature, by making the above-mentioned moves which I cited.

Operating from the Principle of Baby-Stepping (as I mentioned previously), there is no way to realistically cause any sort of discomfort or awkwardness, since nothing thus far is done overtly, rather naturally and “accidentally”.


Apart from seizing the openings which present themselves, you can force/create your own openings.

This may sound a bit scary to the risk-adverse crowd. But it’s pretty simple to be honest.

Here’s a perfect example of creating the openings.

While seated, you can say to her:

“What do you think about the recent pics I posted to my Facebook [or whichever platform you use]”?

Quite naturally, she would have to lean across somewhat, in order to see the display screen of yours.

That’s the trick!

You’re essentially baiting her to touch you.

As she leans across to see your phone, you would also lean across a bit towards her. So you 2 are meeting each other half way…in theory.

In such a situation, your shoulders should be against hers. Or arm against arm. Knee against knee.

If you’re slick and ballsy enough- and if the girl’s boobs are big enough- you can get some boob touching going on there, by having your arm slightly rested against (or under) her boob(s) as she leans in (or over) in order to look at whatever it is you are to show her on your phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Although this would’ve been classified an accidental touch, the difference here is that you cause/created it, rather than waiting for an ideal moment where an opening presents itself.

I can give examples upon examples of similar situations where you can easily create openings for KINO (touching).

The following is actually my favorite, and I put it to use the other day while at the Cougar’s spot.

It is more overt and evident, but it’s very powerful yet subtle.

What is that?

While seated, I requested some water by saying that I’m a bit thirsty or hot.

She got up to grab me some water.

Before she came back with the glass of water, I quickly got up from the couch, hurried over to the wall which faced me, and went:

“That’s a cool ornament thingy. What is it actually”?

Quite naturally, she came over to where I was (toting the glass of water), hands it to me while describing the ornament thingy on the wall.

Within 1 finesse-laden swoop, I threw an arm around her shoulder, glass in my other hand while standing beside her with our hips glued together.

Now, why didn’t she have a negative reaction to such an overt move?

It was done naturally and plausibly!!!

It was called for!

Moreover, if she was expecting me to get romantic with her, then such a move would’ve been welcoming (as it was).

In any case, such gestures are rarely ever met with negative reactions, unless done forcibly, forcefully, nervously or awkwardly.

The beauty in following this Escalation Model of mines, is that there’s no real cause for nervousness, since every move thus far is light and innocent [baby-stepping].

Surely you may feel a bit (or lot) nervous if you’ve never embarked on such a mission, as trying to get sexual with a girl who invited you over.

However, being nervous isn’t a deal-breaker.

The girl isn’t likely to blurt out, “Get your fucking hands off of me you nervous loser”!

She’ll just make mental note of the nervous energy, realize that you’re a bit nervous, thus showing empathy instead of chastising you.

At times, a more direct girl may even say to you (upon making a move on her), “why do you seem nervous? It’s okay to hug me”.

Saying that bit to say: there’s no reason to beat yourself up because you’re nervous and sweating at the idea of throwing an arm around the girl.

She will understand why you’re nervous- because for that matter- if the shoe were on the other foot, where women were expected to play the active role of the suitor, she would be paralyzingly nervous! So embrace the nervousness if you’re feeling it.


the less work you appear to do, the better the impact.

The only time during a rendezvous, such as at the girl’s place, when it would’ve been socially justified, permissible and congruent to get physically aggressive with the girl, is during moments of levity, playfulness and lightheartedness.

This is where humor comes in. But that’s for another article, another time. So let’s proceed with effortlessness.

Quite naturally, while hanging out with a girl at her place, watching some television or a film on Netflix or Youtube, on a laptop, would’ve been suggested by her.

You might have met the TV set on upon entering the crib.

Having a TV on, or a film playing on the laptop, is NEVER a bad thing.

Something playing- even music- will help keep the awkward factor at bay; especially during moments of silence where you might have run out of things to say.

Something playing in the background will actually buy you time to come up with something new to chitchat about.

Hence, consider the television set being on, as your proverbial wingman. πŸ˜‰

Moreover, if you meet the television off, suggest to her that she turns it on.

You: “Is anything good on TV about now”?


She’ll get the hint and turn it on.

If you know of a good show that is on at the moment, you can tell her to turn the TV on to so and so network.

Personally, I don’t watch television at all [gave up on it over 6 years ago, because it’s a gross waste of time and life, when one could be crushing it at life, dating, etc]. But TV time comes in as a hindrance to success in every aspect of life.

Anyway, the only exception for me, is when I’m back at a girl’s place and I’m trying to effortlessly escalate towards Romance.

Therefore, that is the objective here as far as TV (or a laptop) is concerned: it is to build the mood, build comfort and to get closer to the girl, naturally and justifiably.

Saying that mouthful to say: tell her to turn the TV on, or to put a movie on!

Here’s the thing also: naturally, what happens whenever 2 people of the opposite sex, sit on a sofa in order to watch a good movie?

They naturally assume a snuggling posture by sitting closer.

It seems natural and requires little to no effort whatsoever.

Now, with that being said, what other move(s) requires little to no effort and comes off naturally in the moment?

Hand around her shoulder, or taking her arm and resting it across yours, while holding her hand.

Basically, you want to lean in or lean across, in order to close the gap if any exists.

Preferably, you want to do this as soon as the movie begins, or as soon as the TV set comes on.

The longer you wait to get this ball rolling, the greater the chance of talking yourself out of it, by playing out all these scenarios in your head, like the girl rejecting you or slapping you for taking her hand.

Hence, you don’t want to allow self-doubt to creep into the picture, and subsequently stymie the romance.

A guy who’s more seasoned, and a master seducer like myself, can afford to linger, dilly-dally and go at a slower pace, because I know I can ratchet it up at a moment’s notice, and still maintain a natural and effortless flow to it all.

For you on the other hand, don’t leave it to chance.

Again- don’t rush- but don’t take your sweet time.


If you knew you had 24 Hours To Live, would you pussyfoot around when it comes to getting lair, or any other endeavor for that matter?

Very unlikely!

You want to view every 1-on-1 meetup with a girl, as your last 24 hours to live.

Now, I’m not telling you to rush shit by trying to hump the girl as you enter her abode.

What I am saying, is that you ought to develop a “no time to waste” mindset!

If you knew you had 24 hours to live, a 2nd. date wouldn’t even enter the picture. You would go for broke right, then and there, at her place (granted she invited you over).

You don’t want to waste time. But you don’t want to rush either.



A balancing act.

It’s akin to racing a sports car at 160 MPH, while remaining cool behind the wheel, instead of actively jamming your foot on the clutch and gas pedals while frantically trying to hold the car on the road.

Therefore, while you’re accelerating towards a proverbial finish line [trying to get laid], you ought to remain cool while accelerating/escalating, and not hurriedly trying to seal the deal.


Guys tend to beat themselves up by wrongly perceiving failure to get sex, as failure indeed.

Listen- here’s the deal- no matter how smooth you are, how effortlessly you proceed, sex isn’t guaranteed on the first, nor the 2nd. visit!

Surely it would be ideal! But not a must!

The underlying objective of ‘TRYING’ to get sexual and or romantic, is to ward off the friendzone, and to give the girl the impression that you’re a guy who’s willing to go for it.

It isn’t on every occasion in which I get invited to a new girl’s place, that sex materializes (the first visit).

That [sex] only happens about 45% of the time. And I am okay with that because I’m focused on the ultimate objective [sex], and that may take a few visits to attain.

What I endeavor to achieve though, is to communicate to the girl that I have a dick in my pants, and I’m willing to use it.

Whether sex happens or not on the initial visit: that’s a mute point.

Bear that in mind.

As means of illustration, I published an article some years ago, where a chick had invited me over (upon my suggestion), under the guise of watching a movie.

Note: as I mentioned earlier; Always operate from the assumption that the girl wants to fuck you, hence why she invited you over!

Anyway, on her bed she lied while I sat.

Within minutes, I had her leg(s) across my thigh while I sensually stroked her toes and calves.

Was I nervous?

Not at all!

At the end the of the day, I didn’t manage to sleep with her that night.

The furthest it went was me fondling her breasts.

I didn’t see it as a failed attempt at sleeping with her.

I was satisfied with the small gains, comforted in the knowledge that the girl will likely have me over another night (which she did), which means I can continue from where I left off (which I did).


Always expect some form of resistance.

Resistance doesn’t signify rejection.

All girls will put up some sort of Resistance as the escalation gets more overt, rapid and sexual.

Welcome it!

Whenever she resists, look at it as though the girl is saying to you: “Not now. I need to be warmed up some more to the idea of sex”.


You back off or desist, then re-engage.

For example, with the girl whom I briefly touched on, while I was caressing her tummy and stealthily sliding my hand(s) up her shirt in order to fondle her tits, she would calmly slide my hand back down.

Essentially she resisted that move.

I obliged and de-escalated by placing my hand back in a neutral spot: her tummy and waists.

With that, whenever the girl resists and puts up some objection to your overt plays [ESCALATION], you simply DE-ESCALATE by going back to a quasi-safe spot!

As some minutes go by, you escalate again- for instance- by trying to go up her shirt once more.

Trying to get sexual with a girl, whether at her place or yours, is like a dance ritual or a session of PUSH-PULL.

It is rarely ever a smooth road to the top of the mountain.

Bumps, curves, potholes and other obstacles which make the ride unsteady, are always present on the initial or subsequent rendezvous.

The escalation toward sex, only becomes smooth-sailing once you’ve entered the girl’s vagina on prior occasions.

Once you’ve managed to have sex with a girl, all resistance, objections, games and hard-to-get ploys, evaporate from thenceforth.

However, before that happens; she will resist your sexual advances!!!!


Start LIGHT!

I repeat: start Light!

What do I mean?

Trying to tongue rape the girl out the gate isn’t kosher.

Your initial kiss attempts should be done LIGHT and LIGHTLY!

No lips! No tongue! But pecks!

Every concept of escalation that I’d pointed out to you thus far, has been predicated on the ideas of SLOW, GRADUAL, PACE-like and CLIMBING.

I mean, you aren’t stupid enough to just attempt to jam your manual-transmission vehicle from 1st straight to 4th gear, are you?

It’s a gradual climb through gears.

The same concept applies to getting sexual with women (under any circumstance).

You don’t just try to finger bang her out the gate, within 2 minutes of entering her home!

That would be socially stupid for lack of a better word.

When it comes to kissing, the same applies.

It should be a gradual ride towards the apex [lips upon lips, tongue in her mouth].

How do you kick this off?

Excerpt from an article of mines:

While seated on the bed as she lied on her back watching the film, I gently caressed her arm(s), stroking it ever so lightly as I caressed her fingers and stroked each one of them.

Intermittently, I would kiss her on the wrist, and gradually work my way up to her forearm and exposed shoulder blades.

As expected: not an ounce of resistance verbally, nor physically.

I repeated this sequence of wrist-kissing/pecking, forearm-kissing and shoulder-blade pecking.

Everything done lightly, sensually and gradually.

My goal in doing this, was to ultimately reach her lips in order to make out with her. But I knew the best way to achieve this with the least amount of resistance, was to gradually work my way towards it.

The kissing and pecking went from her wrist to her neck, with attention paid to every regions between those 2 areas of her body (from wrist to neck).

The neck is a more sensitive region and erogenous zone, than anywhere on her arm. So it’s a bolder and more provocative move, to plant a kiss on the girl’s neck, than it is to peck her on the fingers or shoulders.

Saying that bit to say: you are going from light to heavy in gradual steps.

Whenever the slightest sign of resistance occurs; you de-escalate from kissing/pecking and revert to caressing and stroking of less sensual regions (anywhere on her arm or below the thighs).

In my case though, as it was with this particular chick, she never resisted the pecking on her neck.

Why so?

For the most part, because it was done in stages, with social intelligence.

Look at the scenario this way: let’s say that I was a clueless lad- an AFC (Average Frustrated Chump) as we’d say in the Underground Pick-Up Community– and I went straight for her neck, the very instance we lied or sat down.

Would that have been a socially awkward move or well-played move?

A social awkward move by far!

Again- it’s equivalent to trying to go from 1st. to 5th. gear- by bypassing 2nd. and 4th, while expecting the automobile to not stall out (i.e. the girl putting up stiff resistance).

Hence, had I attempted to go straight for the neck as we got on the bed to watch the animated flick, she would’ve been startled, taken-aback and likely voiced her displeasure in some form or the other.

She may look at you shockingly! 😯

Therefore, while getting sexual, you want to move slow!

I cannot stress that point more adamantly than I already have!

With women, you get major points for displaying social intelligence.

Women want to know that you know your way around the bedroom…proverbially.

In other words: they look at your actions with women [with her] in order to judge whether you’re unschooled or skilled with women.

If you go about this wrong (escalation towards sex), she deems you clueless and possibly a virgin, or a clueless imbecile with minimal experience with the opposite sex.

Women want to know and see (via action) that you’ve been there, done that!

That is why an experienced man (in the sack and elsewhere) is deemed sexy to women. While a guy with little to zero experience in the sack (i.e. a virgin), is often shamed and laughed at by women in their sexual prime.

The guy who has tons of experiences (or at least gives off that impression), exhibits social intelligence. Thus, it isn’t likely that he would try to hump the girl’s legs off within 5 minutes of being at her place.

Now, on the very opposite end of the spectrum, is another guy who lacks social intelligence (opposed from the guy who moves erratically): and he is the guy who doesn’t go for it at all!

Not going for it- especially when the girl expects it- is just as clueless as going for it with reckless abandonment at the wrong time.

There’s a nice, designated location for you guys who don’t go for it: the fucking FRIENDZONE!

It is better that the girl deems you as someone who rushes and operates at inopportune moments, than someone who never makes a move.

You want to leave the girl’s abode, with mutual acknowledgment that you went for it.

That is why there’s no failure here.

You would’ve only failed once you pussied out and didn’t make physical contact at all with the girl.

The next visit (if granted) would only make things that much more awkward for both parties.

The girl may very well misinterpret your non-contact and non-flirting, to mean that you’re only looking friendship.

Hello Friendzone!

At the end of the day, men are the ones who friendzone themselves.

Women don’t put men into the friendzone. Men jump in there on their own volition, by neglecting to make a romantic connection.


Okay, so assuming you followed the steps laid out for you- gradual escalation- what if the girl doesn’t put up any (or much) resistance?

Keep escalating towards sex: the grand objective!

If there’s no red light, why halt?

Now, this doesn’t mean to get reckless!

You want to remain cool under all circumstances here!

There’s a time and place for ravaging the girl’s body like a piece of meat. But now isn’t that moment; especially if you struggle with the idea of romance and getting sexual with a particular girl for the first time!

Anyway, while escalating towards sex, just be mindful of the fact that the vagina comes last.

You don’t just open a cinnamon roll pastry snack, which has cream cheese and jam in the middle, and go straight for the most delicate and tasty part of the treat (the center).

You leave the best part for last (i.e. the vagina).

In the event that you don’t get that far- in other words, the girl says she’s tired, she has to get up early for work, or it’s getting late, etc- you don’t then go for broke and take that to mean that she wants you to hurry up and fuck her [if she says she has to get up early for work]!

Bear in mind that your secondary objective, or 2nd. resort, is to secure a follow-up rendezvous.

If you fail to fuck her on that occasion, you want another shot at it!



With that, by mashing your foot on the gas pedal when the girl say, “can we continue another night”(?), you would’ve only been sinking your chances of securing another meetup.

Don’t get me wrong: you want to persist! But not if it means jeopardizing future chances of having the girl invite you over again.

Case in point: I didn’t get to sleep with the girl whom I lied down with while watching the Lion King.

She said that she’s getting real tired and had to get up early for work. So I persisted harder in a last-ditch effort at sex, but I noticed that she was genuinely tired, so I backed off completely, knowing that I was almost guaranteed another shot within days. So said; so done.

Had I gone for broke and pushed it to the point of hard objection (verbally, and or physically), all chances of having her invite me over again, would’ve been doomed!

However, she did invite me over again, and the deal was sealed shut! πŸ˜‰

I settled for the small win(s) until I was able to secure the ultimate prize.


When it comes to getting romantic and sexual with a girl, whether at her place or mines, my favorite move- which I haven’t yet named- is to get up (while the girl’s still seated), make my way behind her, in order to give her a neck or shoulder caress…or half-assed massage.


Sounds scary to you (if you haven’t been there yet). But it’s a piece of cake.

During my entire Pick-Up Artist career (which continues by the way), dating back passed a decade now, I cannot recall a situation where the girl stops me whenever I make my signature move of caressing her neck or shoulders from behind, while she sits.

Surely there’s been Token Resistance in the form of an exaggerated puzzled look, or even a, “What are you doing Kenny”?

Me: “Just take it easy”, as I proceed.

Not to belabor the point: but expect resistance! Just that there are TOKEN/ FAKE/EXAGGERATED RESISTANCE and genuine resistance.

How do you discern between them?

When the girl tells you, “Get The Fuck off of me you dirty fucking scum piece of shit”: it is safe to say that such a declaration would constitute genuine resistance!

Hence, back the fuck off…and leave!

Anything short of that, would be token/fake resistance.

I mean, if the girl truly doesn’t see you in that sort of way, then there would be no ambiguity about it once you pull such a move.

In addition to stroking her neck and shoulders while standing in back of her (while she remain seated), I would intermittently plant a wet one on her neck or should blade(s).

On a deeper level, I really do this as a way to turn the girl on without sending the alarm bells off.

The neck, in and of itself, is an erogenous zone, especially where the top of the neck and the base of the head meet.

Also, another sensitive-to-the-touch and erogenous zone is the ear (earlobe).

While standing in back of her, lightly caressing her shoulders, I would hold conversation (be it commenting on the movie, or something on TV), as means of leaning over and talking directly into her ears with my chin or cheek rubbing against her earlobe (or any part of her ear for that matter).

In addition to that, the hair from my sideburns or my chin, would act as a tickling agent against her ear and neck while I talk to her.

This is a very powerful move, yet innocent and seemingly meaningless.

The girl isn’t likely to conjure up all sorts of ideas in her head that you are doing this deliberately.

She’ll be highly turned on, even to the point of telling you to stop…”because it feels too good”. Or she would say, “that tickles”…which is code language for, “that turns me on a lot”.


Another solid, yet “innocent” way to get the girl turnt on without sparking much or any objection, is by caressing her knee(s) or foot.

If you’re grossed out by the thought of touching a woman’s feet- well- this isn’t the time to allow your phobias to cripple progress! So bury it in the name of getting laid!

Some weeks back, I’d picked up a sexy nurse online. But because of her hectic and unpredictable work schedule, the only place we were able to meet up, was at the clinic where she works.

As much as I’m down for making it happen- anywhere, anytime- I decided to be a good gentleman that night and take things extra slow.

After all: she was on the job! πŸ™‚

Anyways, while sitting on individual chairs which were bolted down to the floor, as we got settled in, I nonchalantly took hold of her leg (by the calf), hoisted it up and placed the entire leg across my lap.

I began stroking her toes and massaging her calf region (to no objection).

The objective, though to get her sexually excited, was simply to communicate:

β€’I’m a man who isn’t afraid to act!

Such move alone keeps you out of the friendzone.

Moreover, the girl isn’t likely to object to that either.

While having all these scary scenarios playing out inside of your head, the girl is there salivating in hopes that you would do something ballsy!


If you’re still feeling a bit fearful about getting sexual with a girl who’d invited you over, I’m going to shed further light on why this is so, and how to psyche yourself out in a positive way in order to tamper down this unnecessary fear.

Here’s the thing: men think logically, women think emotionally (in other words, illogically).

Read: Women speak in coded language.

In addition to that, men think in more direct ways, while women are indirect.

Indirect/ambiguous language [from women] throws guys off.

For instant (indirect language): the woman says to the guy, “I haven’t had a massage in ages”. The guy thinks, “why is she telling me this? Is she trying to say something”? In reality, the girl is actually saying, “I want a massage from you”. But the guy is thinking, “if she wants a massage, why not just say so directly”?

Hence the quagmire and dilemma in communication between the sexes.

In regards to that, the following’s a simple-little mental hack that might suffice with this breakdown in communication.

Imagine the girl tells you to “come over and fuck me”!

Would there be any hesitation and doubt in your mind as to what she wants?

Hells fucking no!

Would you hesitate to act accordingly?

Hells NO!

The absence of direct, plain language, is what cripples and befuddles the vast majority of guys.

We want to hear it straight up with zero fucking roundabout!

If the girl wants to get laid, we want and expect her to say, “I want to have sex! Come over and let’s have sex”!

Unfortunately, because of societal and social damnation (included backlash), women are forced to pretend as though they detest the idea of (casual) sex. 😦

Hence, you’ll never hear from a girl whom you’d never had sexual relations with, “come over and fuck me hard”!

What you can do though, is to interpret her innocuous invitation to mean just that: “come over and fuck me”!

A simple mental hack!

Operating from such a premise, you are likely to become fearless and ballsy, if you were to know for certain that the girl invited you over to shag down.

The uncertainty of the girl’s motive is a huge contributing factor to guy’s inaction and wussified behavior while in the girl’s company.


In closing, I want to end this article with another mindset-shift tip, in relation to escalation anxiety; in other words, FEAR.

A common rebuttal I get from guys whom I coach in seduction, is:

“But Kenny…what if I try to get romantic, sexual, flirty and stuff, and the girl shoots me down, or she doesn’t want to invite me over again”?

Such negative self-talk, talks most guys out of acting.

To that I say, “Well…if you don’t act, you’ll end up beating yourself up after the rendezvous, saying how you Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda”!

Nothing in the world stings more than leaving the girl’s place, knowing that you didn’t even make a concerted effort to get on 1st. base.

Contrarily, there’s no satisfying feeling than leaving the girl’s place, knowing that you put forth an effort to get laid. Even if you were unsuccessful (that night), or even if the girl flat-out rejected you (which is kind of rare in such a case): you still leave with your dignity and pride as a real muthafucking man- an Alpha Male- who manned up and did what was natural of him to do [to mate]!

Therefore- again- would you have rather exited the girl’s abode, knowing you were a giant fucking wuss-bag who couldn’t man up? Or would you have rather exited her crib, knowing that you manned up!?

I think the answer is quite easy!

On that note, you can grab your complimentary copy of Netflix & “Sex”, which is a guide I put together last year, on how to get sex from Netflix and Chill.

The only difference between what I taught you here and what is in the guide, is that the article is based on a situation where the girl invites you over. The guide however, deals with having the girl over at your place…to Netflix and “Chill”.

Netflix & “Sex”

You may also want to check out this accompanying video from me, from deals with certain aspects of what I shared with you throughout this article.

If you need 1-on-1 coaching via Skype or Messenger, on an aspect of seduction, pickup, dating and sex, book your spot at the link below!

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I’ll leave you with the following 2 instructional videos of mines.

You Have Nothing To Lose…But Time Itself!

Every now and then, I find it of paramount importance to revisit the topic of escalation and its rationale in seduction.

If you aren’t privy to PUA parlance: “Escalation” simple means (as the word implies) to make sexual advances upon the target/girl.


There you go!

Simple as ever! πŸ™‚

The thing is that most guys outside of the seduction/pickup arena dread mostly about escalation, is the fear of possible backlash of getting shut and shot down.

This ‘fear’ keeps most guys paralyzed in check. Thus they never attempt to escalate. Or they do so (escalate) way too late in the game, after having wasted weeks, months and often times YEARS, pining away at that 1 fetishized girl!

Perhaps since I’ve attained master-seducer status, it is easy for me to say and do [“escalate fast”].

However, I’ve been there also, to where I would spend months on end, hanging out and hoping to get into this 1 girl’s panties, but I was just too afraid to pull the trigger; afraid of rejection…essentially!

During those 9 months worth of time wasted on 1 girl- in theory- I could’ve been shagging 9+ other girls.

It is for this reason [saving valuable time] the seduction community, myself included, strongly advocate a “no waste of time approach” towards getting laid.

The only thing you have to lose by manning up and attempting to make a move on women (be it on the date, Netflix and Chillin’, etc.), is time itself!

You want to do this early as possible (risking it)!

The sooner a girl genuinely rejects you; the better (time saved)!

You can move on to someone else who’ll possibly be down with your program.

However, it is totally illogical to spend a month in a girl’s company (without going for it), to then get rejected…after 2 months of anticipation of making a move (physical escalation) on her.

You could’ve saved yourself the frikkin’ time by going for it on the 1st. date!

If she rejects your advances, you can always try again on follow-up dates or rendezvous.

On that note: get rejected early. Not late(r)!

Last Night’s Field Report In Escalation Theory

Allow me to set this up by firstly citing a social-media post of mines from last night.

So I thought the 19 year old Latina chick had flaked on me since she didn’t reply to my messages for the evening. So I went back home, took my clothes off, unwind and forgot about it…until she hit me up not long ago…after I thought she flaked.

On my way to her crib now. Putting on some clothes fast as fuck!

As a reminder guys; I had picked this girl up on FB about a week ago.
[My texts in green]

About a week back, I picked up a 19 year old Latina on Facebook. Last night, she invited me over to her casa to watch a movie (this of course was upon my suggestion, leading and Game).

Since she took so long to reply to my messages yesterday evening, I swore she had flaked on me….until she contacted me eventually.

[My messages in green]

[On my way over to her place]

As I mentioned on my Facebook after the rendezvous, I didn’t get the lay, and there were various reasons for that which I’ll get into in a subsequent post.

Essentially, this was a Netflix & Chill rendezvous with all the escalation theory of how to get intimate with a girl.

On that note, I leave you with the post-date breakdown post from last night.

So the quasi- Day2 rendezvous @ the chick’s casa just concluded.

It didn’t end in a lay, and that is just how it goes at times. There are always existential reasons for that.

Additionally, I always hearken back to Mystery’s 7 hour timeline/rule, and how true it is in majority of cases.

This was my 1st time meeting with her, I had only spent about an hour and a half with her (watching a horror flick), so in the grand scheme of things, that is quite premature for sex while sober to go down. Additionally, there was another obstacle; she has a sister who was in a nearby bedroom. Bad for fuck logistics.

In spite of that, I escalated rapidly as usual! Within 5-10 minutes there sitting beside each other @ a table, my arm was around shoulder and her neck, caressing her shoulder, neck, nape of the neck and light brushes across her earlobe. Meanwhile, my other hand/fingers were running up and down her arm (bare skin), stroking her fingers, etc. Sensual and slow escalation…but kicked off rapidly!

In any case, there were lots of keynote moments of Game/Seduction importance, which I’ll write more about shortly.

We’re set to meet up again tomorrow evening.

On a final note guys; when meeting up with a girl, escalate rapidly! But not desperately and hurriedly, but nonchalantly…but rapidly as I did tonight.

The lay may not materialize the same night (for various reasons), but you want to leave giving the girl the impression that you have a dick and are willing to use it! This will almost always be an encouraging sign for the girl to want to see you again, opposed from if you didn’t escalate and got friendzoned!

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