Who The Fuck Is Paul Walker!?

Ok, I know I missed the boat on this 1 by a mile since everyone’s supposed to know who Paul Walker is…or was.

Apologies, but I’m simply not a big movie buff and I hated the shit out of Fast & Furious- without ever watching it :). That goes to show my ardent disdain for fictional stuff unless fully rooted in actual events.

So fuck Fast & Furious 😉 !

What I really would like to get into however, is the persona of this Paul Walker character albeit postmortem.

My mornings usually kick off by first skimming notifications and e-mails on the cellphone to see what’s new.

Holy-fucking shit: over the weekend, my Facebook was Inundated with R.I.P.’s to this Paul Walker guy who name doesn’t ring a bell. So I started wrecking my brain trying to figure out if I personally knew anyone by such name 😯 .


The R.I.P.’s kept rolling in whenever I’d fire up the Facebook app.

“WTF; don’t y’all people have anything better to do @ 7 AM”!?

Out of curiosity, I was prompted to post this:

In which my PUA buddy, Dominic aka Donny G from England, felt a need to comment with this:

There you have it; I’m now in the know 🙂 !

Not to mention that a local-cable network has been milking Fast & Furious marathons in dedication to Paul Walker which drove me sick over the fucking weekend!

Personally, I haven’t even googled this guy so I frankly couldn’t pick him out in a 3-man lineup.

Whatever or whoever he was: chicks dig him, which leads me to believe that he had massive amounts of Alpha-Male qualities that made him an attractive cat.

This will also makes sense why 95% of my Facebook friends who were virtually mourning via status updates were chicks…preferably hot young ones ;).

What I’d like for my readers to do is to post in the commentary what you knew of Paul Walker.

Who was he?

In which films did he act?

How did he die?

Was he young, old, macho, manly, effeminate…?

Why are women so in love with him?

Why do guys admire him?

Just about the only bit of info I was able to gather on him without a google search, was that he was a care-free character in real life, adventurer and risk-taking Alpha who lived on the edge.

Personification of the bad-boy

Personification of the bad-boy

Guys who embody such persona are seen as super attractive to women, which is why the bad-boy appeal in the Pickup Community has always resonated.

Ultimately, I’m a staunch advocate of bad-boyism, whether naturally ingrained or concocted, for the simply fact that hot women enjoy being in the presence of such guys who aren’t afraid to rattle the ship a bit, while dreading the thought of spending their time (or wasting it) with nice guys who don’t have an edge nor the balls to shake things up.

As tribute to guys and Alpha’s who live on the edge, I leave you with a recent video from PUA coach, RSD Julien, where he talks about living on the edge, being care-free and taking chances with women.

Another solid video from Pickup guru,RSD Tyler, as he talks about “masculine energy” while taking his students to the streets in order to practice how to be dominant while picking up random women.

Also a great hidden-cam compilation footage of RSD Tyler and Julien demonstrating how to put your “adventurer” side on the line and cultivating it by being care-free and ballsy with random women.

The Top 10 Best-Natural Boobs In The Entertainment Industry

Kenny hates fake boobs with a fervent passion!

The quickest way for a hot girl to turn me off is to tell me that she’d had cosmetic work on her breasts.

Thank heavens I never slept with a girl who had “work” done!

As part of Breast-Cancer Month [perhaps it was last month :?:], I present my top 10 natural set of boobs in the American-entertainment industry.

[Note that these photos are not taken into account what these girls may look like presently].

Kimora Lee Simmons

Kimora Lee Simmons

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek

Maria Carey

Maria Carey

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

There you have it folks!

The Mexican-born actress, Salma Hayek, takes the cake for the best-natural tits in Hollywood…according to Socialkenny.

Feel free to leave your indelible mark in the commentary section as far as your thoughts on boobs, natural, implants, etc.

By the way, the jury is still out on whether Jenny McCarthy’s boobs are real or plastic. They’ve always appeared real to me :).

Most Bangable Pop-Culture Chic of 2011


Hey guys, I’m just gonna post my top 3 most bang-worthy TV personalities of 2011; be it actresses, singers, fitness gurus,…doesn’t matter! As long as their asses been on TV [pop-culture] more than twice for the year.

Call this my “going out with a bang” list for the year’s end [Woa!!].

Jillian Michaels


I’m usually disgusted by chics with abs and more toned biceps than I got. But JM sexy as hell! All those fitness informercials at 4 A.M. got me sprung!

Lauren London


This chic is said to be on Entourage and 90210. I hate those 2 shows so I never actually seen her on there. She did play in the movie ATL (which I hated), which landed her on my bang-list for 2011. She does modeling also.

Paula Abdul


My bang-list would not be complete without a hot MILF on it.

For those who know me (or been following my blog), y’all would’ve known that I’m a relentless MILF-Hunter to say the least! Can’t think of a hotter Cougar than Paula.

Well that was it guys. I don’t care how Jimmy’s list looks. I don’t care who’s on Joe Blow’s list. This is Kenny’s list!!! But I do wanna know who’s on your list.

Holla back bloggers!

Chubby celebrities I’d bang in a heartbeat!


Well- it’s no secret that chunky rules, and that 80% of the women in the western world is over weight [might be bogus figures]…so what a black man to do when the option pool is so limited!!?

Ok, let’s get the proverbial ball rolling:

Yep! The princess of…what does she sing again? Anyway: Jessica Simpson!

Something about this chubby version of her that sets my libido skyrocketing lol! She can get the business!

Ok, next on my “would-do list”…

Jennifer Hudson- the R&B sensation.

Honestly, I’m not a fan of her music [couldn’t name a song by her]. But she’s SEXY as hell though!!! Last I heard and seen, she lost a lot of weight via some popular dieting program. Nevertheless, I’d rather go to bone-down with the chunkier version (as in the pic’ above).


What would life be like without lusting after a Kardashian!!!?
Contrary to popular belief- I find Chloé to be the sexiest and most bang-worthy of the sisters. I know the average guy is probably calling me fucking nuts right now but whateva man!!! She can get it on a rainy day.

Ok next!!!


[SMDH]Ok- for the record…I hate this chic! And I mean hate with a capital friggin H! Her attitude and personality stinks like shit. Rather worst: that annoying souther accent she has(no diss to my Down South peoples).

Anyway, I don’t even know her real name-nor do I care to know it, so I’m calling her Nini(her on-screen pseudonym). Heard she was on the “Celebrity Apprentice” a while back. In spite of her shitty attitude: she would get taken to task!

Ok let’s get a drum roll for this one…………


Jersey Shore’s own sloppy duo: Deena & Snooks!
Mike the Sitch is my man, but are Denna & Snookie really that HUGE that he’d call them Sloppapotamus(synonymous with hippopotamus)?
Anywho, if I was the type of dude who dreams about ménage tois and 3-somes, which chubby chicas would be best to invite than these two!!!?

Ok, the grandaddy of em all [or grandmammy]….The queen of day-time TV. The only person in the world who’s admired by woman more than Jesus…


Yep!”The” Oprah Winfrey!

For the guys in the pick-up community who didn’t know this: I’m a HUGE MILF-HUNTER!

I never seen pics’ of “O” when she was much younger, but I heard she was HUMONGOUS HUGE!It seems like she generally fluctuates though. One minute she’s this size. Next she’s another…
She can definitely get it though. Has nothing to do with her riches.
I’m not a gold-digger !

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