The Grind Caught Up To Me [Canceling On Girl]

​Was so tired so early last night, I had to cancel on this chick who wanted to come over and rub my furry back. 

Note to self: I have to find a way to pace my nights better, or else I’ll have to resort to downing a pint of coffee just to try to stay up on nights that I end up going home early. 

By the way guys; I call every girl “babes”, and half of them call me babes…likewise.

[My texts in green]

Basically, as they wuld say in the U.K. : I was knackered! 

I was actually at the bar taking it light as possible. Grabbed me something to eat, with no intentions of seeing the corridors of my apartment for the rest of the night.

By 8 o’clock though, I just couldn’t manage to stay out. And since this chick had texted me about coming over, I didn’t mine going home to await her arrival. 

In any case, that obviously didn’t materilize since I canceled on her from being so tired.

Be as it may, the dating grind gets so hectic at times that a crash and burn period is inevitable.

Chick Exposes Kenny On Social Media [Put on blast]

The other day, this chick put me on blast for calling her ugly because she tried to play hard-to-get games when I tried to get her phone #.

I mean, chicks get a kick out of putting guys on blast as a way to shame them into submission and to gather online support from other women and sympathetic males.

Guys who get put on blast usually get defensive, cower, fold, submit then disappear by deleting their account.

Surely I was wrong for calling her ugly because she played hard-to-get. But I’ll be damned if a chick thinks she could ever successfully shame me publicly into feeling bad, guilty or deplorable.

It’s all about seeking attention with girls. After all, that’s what they use Facebook for…and I don’t have a problem with that.

Interestingly enough, the girl and I have become good FB buddies ever since.

I never apologized for calling her ugly (which she isn’t). But I did comment on her scathing post about me, clearing up the misunderstanding, however in a high-value way.

Want Proof That Women Are Bipolar And Emotionally Unstable?

​So, do you actually need proof that women are bipolar and highly emotionally unstable and prone to fluctuations in states and moods? 

Okay, so I was texting a bit this afternoon with a sexy chick whom I’d been wanting to bang for almost 3-4 years now. 

She lives in the house next to my apartment complex on the west side. 

Anyway, our convo was going great. I then asked her about her plans for later. 

All of a sudden, she replies with some BS out of left field, saying to stop texting her phone. She further mentioned that she knows that her BF doesn’t like me. 

Why does her BF hate my guts? Because I picked up and fucked his ex-girlfriend almost 3 years ago. 

Since that day, this guy totally hates me…which I can understand…I guess. But this chick already knew that her BF hates me. So to mention it now again is sorta crazy. But anyway, I simply blocked that bitch and deleted her # from my Whatsapp and phone contacts. 

[My texts in green]

All in all: women operate on emotional waves which are constantly fluctuating.

One second she’s down to meet up. Two seconds later; she blows you off unexpectedly.

Chode Shit: Telling Girls To Smile More

Low-valued activities from men, really tick me off!

Not only do they tick me off, but women are also fed up of the chodery and the Beta-Male behaviors which are exhibited by the vast majority of men.

The other day on Facebook, this female whom I know, posted the following meme about smiling.

Seems innocuous.

Here was my response.

Men are indeed full of shit when it comes to things like these!

Give the girl something to smile about instead of trying to tell women that they need to smile more.

I generally hear this complaint a lot from scores of men over the years.

They perceive that a non-smiling girl is a bitchy girl, hence their unwillingness to approach the girl who doesn’t have a cheery expression plastered across her face.

Furthermore, why do men wish for women whom they come across to smile (more)?

It (a smiling face) signals to coward men that they have an easy target, thus having a shot.

If you are guilty of such low-valued expectation as a man; then you are a social coward and an Omega-Male graveling at the bottom of the totem pole, unable to climb.

Sure we all wish that every woman had a pleasant and inviting grin on her face, because that would somehow be encouraging for us to approach her. But whether the girl is smiling or frowning, that shouldn’t discourage you at all from approaching her.

Quit going for the perceived easier targets in women who smile a ton. Looking approaching by having an inviting-facial expression, doesn’t at all indicate how receptive a girl is or will become. So if you believe that telling the girl who works the cash register, that she should smile more, would make your day (or your chances) easier; think again brodie!

I spoke about this a long time ago, and it still rings true to this day: I’ve had more successes with approaching girls who looked bitchy and aggravated than I did (and do) with approaching the ones who were all cheery-looking.

I then accepted the realization through experience, that the girls who appeared to be icy and cold on the exterior, are actually sweethearts once you approach and open!

Go out and field test it!

You’ll be amazed to discovered that the ice queens are often times charming souls just waiting to be greeted. Instead, you either cowardly prance on by them, or make an equally coward move by remarking that they should smile more.

Upon approaching a girl, the absolute last thing I take into consideration is how inviting (or not) her facial expression is.

I can literally care less whether she’s smiling or sulking. So you’ll never hear me ask a girl, “why don’t you smile more”?

Women hate to hear it! So quit saying it because it makes you look low value!

“You Tried To Sleep With My Bestie”

This is the type of shenanigan I hate.

A fuck-buddy hits me up last night saying how disappointed she is that I slept with her bestie and attempted to do the same after I began sleeping with her.

She then asks me to come over and if I can bring a pizza on the way.

I said sure; but only if we’re

She then hits me with the old, “I’m on
my period” skit.


Since you can’t fuck; gimme a blowjob! She then hits me with the “I don’t give blowjobs anymore” line.

No fucky fucky? No sucky sucky? I then called off the whole thing.

Why contact me lamenting about me hooking up with your BFF…though that was before you? Then you try to use “pizza” as bait to get me to come

C’mon girl!

[Her texts in white. Mines in green]






Basically, we met about 4 months ago and started to hook up.

Clearly she had [and has] a boyfriend. But as I’ve been preaching to you ad nauseum; boyfriends don’t matter to most girls [the previous 2 articles will clearly in details explain why this lack of respect for the boyfriend].

Prior to meeting her though, about 2 months earlier, I was hooking up with her bestie [a Brit].

In light of all that, I’m merely annoyed by her audacity. The fact that she has a boyfriend yet continually hounds and pounds me each week about trying to sleep with her BFF.

I mean; I would think that me sleeping with her best friend would be a mute and pale point of contention, in comparison to hooking up with me being her boyfriend’s back being a greater foul…wouldn’t you think?

Anyway, make no mistake about it: she is NOT the exception!

Women generally have their priorities topsy-turvy.

Things that they should be concerned about are always neglected, while the emotionally stimulating events are hoisted to the top of their priority list.

On another note, the reason I had slept with her [this girl] was to get back at her best friend [the Brit] for trying to play me for a fool a few months back.

Her bestie [the Brit] whom I slept with first, pulled some stunt on me where she purposely stood me up on a so-called date…so I came to find out.

As retribution, I spotted the Brit’s bestie at a party once- and on the fly- decided to seduce her and sleep with her in order to piss off the Brit.

We exchanged names and Facebooks, and it started there until we were in full-swing hooking up mode within 48 hours.

I quit dealing wih the Brit altogether as I got my point across by sleeping with her bestie [the subject of this post].

I continued hooking up with this girl intermittently until she found out about her bestie [the Brit] and me, having hooked up before we did. And here we are today with the constant drama where this chick feels betrayed that I would sleep with her best friend [though this was before her].

In spite of her “feigning” disappointed and betrayed, it sure doesn’t stop her from wanting me to come by last night to “watch VT and chill”.

The only reason I never bothered to go by her was because of her period.

It is what it is!

This is just how it goes within the secret society of hooking up.

Girl Wanted To Pay Me To F**k Her And To Write About It


Want an interesting story?

This Indian hottie from Vegas contacted me about 7 months ago on Facebook with a proposition.

She claimed that she’s a fan of my work and has been a follower for some time.

She’s also said that she’s into black men, but black guys in Las Vegas have no game and she’s constantly going home alone every night from the club.

Hence, so- she was willing to fly me out to Vegas for a weekend just to fuck her. Or she would take a flight to where I was if that was more convenient.

Great proposition; but I politely declined.

She then went further to say that she would pay me beforehand, if I were to write a false field/lay report about her, essentially lying that I had picked her up, seduced her and fucked her.

Again; I politely declined.

I’m not in the business of writing falsified stories/field reports based on lies…I explained to her.

Anyway, so what was her angle/aim in wanting me to write a blog post about her?

Attention, Recognition and Retribution!

Some chicks are addicted to the camera just as they are to having people talk about them.

Some chicks want recognition through social media, YouTube or the blogger-sphere.

Now, as for the East Indian chick from Vegas, this was actually deeper.


Her boyfriend had dumped her and she wanted a way to get back at him.

What better way to get back at the guy who dumped her, than to have him find out that his ex-girlfriend was fucking some black Pick-Up Artist, and the proof would’ve been in the article circulated on the internet. 😯

The chick actually sent me a virtual stack of photos to use in the article as “Proof”.

She was dead-serious about this shit and was willing to pay a hefty sum for my nefarious assistance!

Again; I declined!

That had nothing to do with ethics or morals on my part.

I have no qualms with treating a girl like trash. But I just don’t believe in writing fake shit in order to make myself look like the biggest Don Juan.

At the end of the day, I took away 2 things from that situation:

1.) Women in America are sex-deprived because the average guy has shitty game…regardless of his race.

2.) Pickup is a huge DHV! This is why I encourage every student of the game to start to embrace this lifestyle and plaster the shit all over social media!

If you didn’t learn by now that chicks love attention, controversy and drama, then you’re either deaf, dumb or blind…or all of the above.

Additionally, this proposition is all indicative of the reality that, though hot women have tons of options- and they surely do- it doesn’t mean that they will use those options.

A girl may be talking to lots of guys at the moment, but they all serve distinctive purposes in her life, not just sexual.

Hence, though she may be talking to 30 guys at the moment [hypothetically], on average, only 2 of them would have been sexual items.

She’s cannot realistically fuck 30 guys within the same cycle…even if she’s into all 30 of them, and even if she wanted to fuck all 30.

Thus, what you have is a case where hot girls have options but those options aren’t passing their fuck-worthy test, so those options either become friend-zoned and or get used as utilities for different purposes like running errands and providing monetary favors.

At the end of the day, it is very telling when a hot girl has to complain about men not knowing how to approach her and how many sexless nights she’s had.

Hence, this is another reason why learning pickup will pay off in the end for both parties.

Spent Valentine’s Afternoon @ Dkini D-Boat Party

Since I’m not the “romance” type, I convinced my girlfriend to let me go party alone then make it up to her in tht evening with something semi-romantic. 😎 😎

I was highly pissed about forgetting to bring my cameras and cellphones in order to record some sets and take some pics with the hot girls on board.

This “D-Boat” thing is a weekly or semi-monthly afternoon party held on a boat which sails about the Northern coast of the island.

A great place without a doubt to meet lots of chicks.

All in all, this little afternoon frolic cemented my weekend.

Not sure which Dkini D-Boat weekend this video is from, but I had massive fun to say the least…and for my 1st time attending this party on a boat.

How I Manage My Week Between Work, Game, Partying, Blogging…

Presently, I’m working on 3 seduction e-book products simultaneously, while having just completed 3 products over the last 2 weeks.

Where the hell do I find the time…and what is my method to getting shit done?

This is a commonly asked question which I haven’t been able to rationalize to date.

What I can say for sure right now is that I notice that I do things very differently than other product-creators in the seduction genre.

One can almost tell with certainty as the sun rising tomorrow, when a pick-up instructor who runs a weblog, is working on a product.

The most apparent tell-tale sign is that their blogging drops off dramatically, where posting of contents such as articles and videos, becomes a rarity.

It seems real difficult to multi-task by concentrating on the production of products while steady pumping out articles.

For myself, this has never been a sticking-point.

What I do mainly, whenever I don’t multi-task things, is to allocate certain hour(s) of the day to specific tasks and jobs.

Ok, so this begs the question: Where and when do I find time to game and pick up chicks?

The simplest answer to this is that I do a bit of everything at every interval.

Vague as fuck huh?

Listen- honestly, I have no special routine or special time to get things done.

Generally, I would stay up until about 2 AM and rise at 5 AM to get ready for work at 8 AM. So I’m sleep deprived…though I don’t feel that way.

When I exit my abode, I step into my day ‘In State’.

If you aren’t au-fait with pick-up community jargon, that means I’m in the state of mind to pick up or meet women.

I no longer have to work myself up to get in state as we all do as newbies and intermediates.

Once I step outside of my apartment door headed to my 9-5 day job, I am open for pickup.

With this being the case, I actually never allocate and set aside specific time and days for pickup.

On my way to grab breakfast at 6:30-7 AM at a local bakery, I am actually in sarge mode and it is game on.

As I hit the bakery, if there’s a girl there who tickles my fancy, I lock on, approach, and pick her up…or at least attempt to.

Hence, that is sarge time and day-game at the crack of dawn basically.

As I exit the bakery to make the customary-short commute to work, that is also an opportune moment that I’m vigilant and on the prowl for something that turns me on.

Again, that is almost 2 hours of my day [7 to 9 AM], that alongside my usual tasks [breakfast and commuting], I am also chatting up/picking up girls.

So- again- where do I find time to game?

Little snippets of time in between my usual tasks and errands.

This is done throughout my work hours from 9 AM to 4 PM.

A good example is lunch-breaks.

Most guys waste their lunch hours by neglecting to capitalize off of it to kill 2 birds with 1 stone…if you understand the metaphor.

I take my quasi-mandatory lunch-break at either 12 or 1 PM.

What do I do and where do I go?

More often than not, I would hit up a nearby snackette, grab a coffee and 2 hot dogs, and await some girls for me to chat up.

Grabbing cup of Joe and hot dog

Grabbing cup of Joe and hot dog

That’s another hour of game time.

In between lunch and 4 PM, I squeeze in a bit of time to game also.

On my way home: same story. I’m on the alert for girls who pass my proverbial boner-test.

From 6 PM to about 9 PM, I am usually out and about, grabbing dinner by my grandmother’s, taking care of other stuff while gaming also with a bit of night and evening game.

That is my weekday in a microcosm.

Ok, with all that being said, where do I find the time to blog, constantly put out articles numerous times a day, and work on products such as e-books and stuff?

From where am I getting the time?

Interestingly enough, mobile internet proves to be a lifesaver and time-saver for most of what I want to get done.

A hundred percent of my articles and blog posts are composed on my smartphone: be it the iPhone or my antiquated Blackberry Curve.

I’ve yet to type or publish an article from a desktop or laptop computer since I’ve started posting articles circa 2009.

It is all done from a cellphone.

How does this prove handy in relation to other things that I have going on?

Well, I’m able to write articles on the go.

That’s a huge plus.

Just as the case with game and pickup, I squeeze in a minute or 2 in between errands and so forth, to construct some articles.

While heading to work, I would be putting a post or 2 together and simultaneously gaming girls if there are any.

After I would’ve chatted up a chick or 2: back to completing the article on the go.

As for my pickup products and e-book composition: practically the same is done as the other tasks mentioned.

I have a word-document application downloaded to my antiquated Blackberry, which I utilize to write and format my e-books professionally.

Once again, I’m able to save and kill valuable time as opposed to working from a computer which is more time-consuming and renders me stagnant in 1 place.

I’ll tackle the remaining questions on the subject in a subsequent post.

19 Step Hack/Trick To Recover Your Missing-Phone Draft Posts On Your Blackberry WordPress App

Note: This hack may NOT work on other mobile devices except Blackberry…but you never know- so read on!

The # “19” sounds a lot but it is 19 very simple steps 🙂 !

For those who enjoy blogging from their cellphones [99.9% of Socialkenny’s articles were written via mobile phone], draft posts disappearing is 1 of those hair-pulling occurrences you will face sooner or later.

For a guy like I am, who is constantly on the go and hates the shit out of laptops and its quirky mouse-pad [hence never owned 1], mobile WordPress for Blackberry and iPhone, has been my method of choice for publishing articles since launching this blog.

I’ve never actually written an article from a computer. Every single 1 of my post was drafted and written from a mobile device, going all the way back to the Palm Treo Windows Mobile phone!!!

As a Pick-Up Artist who’s constantly in the field picking up women and clubbing, I would literally construct a 1,000 words blog post from my Blackberry, while sipping a Negroni cocktail and seducing a hottie all at the same time…triple tasking 😉 !


Ok, every so often, you will encounter some anomalies in the way that your Blackberry functions with the WordPress app.

One such brain-wrecking issue is the sudden disappearance of your locally saved draft posts from your Blackberry WordPress app.

Losing your phone-draft posts could be the result of few things:

1.) Malfunction in the app.

2.) Un-plugging your Blackberry from the computer without properly disconnecting it.

3.) Errors between the media card and phone memory which cause your local-draft posts to vanish.

4.) Deleting and re-installing the WordPress app without saving your phone posts to the main WP directory.

5.) Sheer bad luck 🙂 .

Whatever the reason you no longer see nor find the phone-draft posts; doesn’t fucking matter- it’s a stressful occurrence for sure…especially if those posts were worth saving.

Preventative Measures

Alright, before I get into the hack/trick that will make you do back-flips, I first have to point out that if your phone drafts were consciously deleted by you, then this might be a lost cause in finding and recovering those posts…unless you manage to find a recovery software which can un-delete deleted files.

However, had those posts been deleted or vanished by no fault of yours; then continue reading!

Also as heads up: bear in mind to take precautionary measures in ensuring that you save your phone drafts to the main WP director on your phone instead of locally saved.

You can continue to save locally for easier access, but ensure that you also save that same post to the general WordPress account as you would when publishing an article via Blackberry app.

Since discovering this trick on my own, I now double save my posts: locally and to the main draft.

Wish I was doing this all along :(.

I Was Also A Self-Inflicted Victim

Personally, I’d lost locally saved draft posts on about 6 different occasions.

I virtually bawled my eyes out and was so distraught that suicide was actually a viable option…just fucking around! But you get the point…right? :shock:.

The previous 6 occasions in which my posts had vanished, I wasn’t able to recover any of them simply because I hadn’t discovered the hack…until now.

Had I known what I know now; I could’ve tediously recovered perhaps 80 or so local-draft posts.

Fuck it! No crying over spilled milk!

Fore-note:This will be a very tedious process but worth the time. I’ll also include personal screen-shots to give you a much better sense of where to go and what to do.

19 Step Procedural Hack By Socialkenny

Assuming you’re a total novice to the functionality of your Blackberry, I’ll direct you step by step.

If you’re a more advanced user; sorry for drowning you with the meticulous details. You can skip most of the steps :).

Ok, you first have to locate your WordPress folder in your Blackberry.

Depended on the model you have, the path may slightly vary but still the same process.

Presuming that your WordPress app is saved to the media card and not to the local device i.e. phone memory; do the following:

* On your BB, open up the “Media” folder from the home screen or wherever you have the folder located through customization.

The “Media” folder application highlighted in blue

* Then left click the BB home key to get the main menu to pop up.

* Down scroll to “Explore”, then click on it.

* Open up “Media Card”.

Depended on the configuration or customization of your phone, you may have to execute another set of procedures to get to the WordPress folder on the Media Card.

Assuming You’re unable to see the “Hidden” folders.

* Left click the menu key, click on “Show Hidden”, which means you’ll be opening the system files and hidden folders.

* A set of grayed-out folders should pop up. Click on “Blackberry” in order to open up that hidden folder.

* Scroll down until you see the “WordPress” folder (as in the screen-shot below) and click on it.

You’ll be presented with the system folders of the WordPress Blackberry app.

I advise you to NOT fuck with anything as far as deleting and relocating. That’s advice for the novices.

* Now click to open the first folder which has the scrambled number-letter codes.

Depended on your settings in the app, it could possibly be the 2nd or 3rd folder where your missing-drafts are located.

If you’re not sure, then click on all folders.

What you’re looking for is the lost draft posts which is the reason you’re here in the first place.

You should then be presented with the following screen in which you click on “d”.

Once again, depended on your settings, the hidden posts which you’re searching for, might be stored in “p” instead of “d”. So I advise you to search both folders.

What you’re looking for [your missing posts] should look like the files in the screen shot below.

You will NOT see the posts by their original titles but a set of #’s as you can see from the screen-shots.

These are your missing-draft posts which are unrecognizable.

These are your missing-draft posts which are unrecognizable.

Now, if you try clicking/opening 1 of those files, you’ll get the following error message due to the fact that the files (in their raw forms) are NOT compatible with the phone, nor do they even have a file extension, so they won’t open as readable files.

Now that you’ve at least located the once missing posts, you’ll have to do some file-extension hacking…which is pretty simple. But if you put the wrong extension on the file; it won’t open.

You want to convert the file whereas it becomes readable by your Blackberry. In this case, you’ll have to alter/hack the extension, which means adding the file format after the name of the file.

Sounds confusing- I know. But it’s a super-simple trick.

What an extension is, is the usual 3 letter sequence with a . preceding it, which appears after every file, whether on a computer or mobile phone.

For instance: .mp3, .pdf, .JPEG/.jpg, .jar. ,.xml, .bitmap, .html, .AVI, etc.

Those are all file extensions which appear after the name of the files.

For instance, a song would generally appear as: “I wanna fuck you.mp3”, or “Pick-Up Artist.WAV”.

Without those 3 words extensions at the end; your computer or mobile device will not be able to read nor open/play the media file.

Duh…I guess!

So now, you just have to append the correct extension to the existing file: the missing-draft posts.

What I did first (out of sheer curiosity) was to experiment with some extensions I can use as hacks in order to open the missing draft posts.

I added “.PDF” as an extension to 1 of the draft posts in order to open it on the Blackberry.

To no avail; it didn’t open 😦 .

An error message will pop up saying that the file cannot be read…or something to that extent.

Doesn’t matter; you just have to find a readable extension.

Notice how the files [your local draft posts] are only #’s (numerical names) but have no extensions on them (as in .mp3, .mp4, .PNG)?

Well in order to open and recover them; you must put an extension.

How To Change The Extension To Open Missing Posts

Alright, you’ll have to alter the extension by re-writing it or adding 1. So this is what you do:

* Left click on the home screen Blackberry key.

* Select “Rename”.

The option will pop up prompting you to rename the file.

You don’t have to change the name of the file from, for instance: 30, to “my hidden post” or anything like that.

You can still keep the # but make sure to add the extension on the end.

.HTML or .htm

In the “Rename” field, add .HTML or .htm after the # or name of the file.

In other words, 22 should become 22.HTML or .htm

Remember by all means to include the . (dot) in HTML to become .HTML or .HTM

The .HTML file extension code will enable you to see your missing post :).

After successfully hacking/changing/inserting .HTML to the post, it will appear like the following screen-shot shows:

As you can see from the screen-shot, the files/posts which you haven’t renamed, cannot be opened.

The ones with .html at the end are good to go and will open.

You’ve just successfully hacked the system and recovered your missing-phone draft posts.

Note: You will not be able to automatically re-send your draft posts to the WordPress app from this point, so you will have to manually copy, cut and paste.

Now click on the file/post you had renamed with .html

You should see your post open up as in a makeshift browser as the screen-shot below of 1 of my missing but now found post.

A draft post of mines about fitness and who gets laid more: skinny or buff guys...

A draft post of mines about fitness and who gets laid more: skinny or buff guys…

Now you’ll have to meticulously do this with each post you wish to re-save.

You won’t be able to see the original name of the post until you click on the new file.

In order to get this rough draft back into your Blackberry WordPress app, you’ll simply have to select-copy the entire post (by clicking home screen button to look for start selection or select), open up the WordPress app, create new post, then paste the drafted post and save it!!!

Do not make the mistake again of solely saving the post locally, but save it to the app itself which will automatically save the draft to your WordPress desktop folder where you won’t have to worry about draft posts disappearing again.

If you’re confused as to the steps: re-read the article and follow accordingly.