Cute 18-Year Old High-School Girl Picked Up On Her Way From School + My Masterful DHV Strategy Of Adding Girls On Facebook

18 year old school girl

Few weeks back, I went into the city primarily to run some light day-game sessions. I picked up 7 girls out of 9 approached (securing phone numbers).

Of the 7 girls picked up, one of them was an 18-year old high-schooler with a knapsack on her back.

Now, typically, I am allergic to girls under the age of 30 since I’m HUGE on sexual experience (which generally comes with age).

This high-schooler however, had such a sexy walk, I was totally mesmerized and captivated to the point of being propelled to approach.

First off, I had no clue of her age, nor did I know she was a school girl. Because I was walking behind her trying to catch up to her, I wasn’t able to see her face to get an idea of her youthfulness.

Here are few still-shots from a video I was to take of the approach. I wasn’t able to capture the entire pickup (not even the approach 😦 ). The most I got were these shots.

It actually took me a great while to catch up with her. Not that she was walking that fast. But I was so far behind that it took me some minutes to catch up.

Since this was a few weeks back, details of the pickup are sketchy.

However, I do recall opening her about her knapsack as I got closer:

Me: “Do girls usually venture into the city with knapsacks on their back”?

She looked back at me with a shyish smile, and that’s when she said something to the effect of, “I was coming from school”.

I thought she meant college until she mentioned the name of the high school she attends.

I shortly afterwards confirmed that she was 18 (although the legal and recognized age of sexual consent in the Caribbean is 16).

In any case, we chatted a bit more until she reached the entrance of a photography place, so I knew I had to pull right now.

I quickly grabbed her # while clearly stating the purpose of the # exchange, which is to meet back up in the city over the weekend, or in another 2 weeks or so.

She was down (at least verbally), but I knew I had my work cut out for me, since I wasn’t able to build a prerequisite amount of attraction due to the briefness of the interaction.

Later that Friday, I hit her up on Whatsapp as means of proverbially showing my face so she doesn’t think I’d only grabbed her # for the fuck of it.

We chatted a bit on Messenger also, after I’d added her.

The question you may have is: “why did you add her on Facebook? What was the logics”?

I talked about this sparingly in the past, that Facebook is my DHV palace (Demonstration of High Value).

My Facebook [my posts] is set up in a way that attracts women to my style, through my status updates.

It is my virtual wingman. So whenever I add a girl to my Facebook, it is an attempt to reel her into my world as a way to generate, build and solidify attraction.

For instance, if I hurriedly pick up a girl because of stringent timing (she has to catch a bus, etc), thus I wasn’t able to build any or much attraction, to then try to get the girl out (with minimal attraction), would’ve been an uphill battle.

With that, the more prudent strategy was to add the girl on Facebook, and allow Facebook (via my kick-ass forward posts) to work for me as a tool of attraction.

In fact, almost every girl I pick up, I add her on Facebook as a way to give her some killer insights into my lifestyle, ideals and personality.

I wouldn’t advise you to do this if your Facebook, Instagram, etc. suck donkey balls.

I’d promised a while back to publish a product entitled, “Pimping out your Facebook”, which will have guided you on how to post the type of stuff that attracts and hooks women.

Unfortunately, completion of “Pimping your Facebook”, have stalled, simply because I just can’t find the spare time to work on the document. I may have to consciously decide to abstain from pickup, dating, sex and internet, for at least 2 weeks just to get the time to work on products that have been shoved on the back burner.

Just some of the names and numbers entered into my 9 year olf Blackberry of the girls I picked up that day.

Optimal Distancing In Day-Game

Kenny infield

When approaching and chatting up women on the streets (or anywhere), there’s an ideal distance in which you should aim to stand in relation to the girl.

Stand too far, or outside of this distance; you risk losing the girl’s attention.

Standing too closely (too soon) than where you see I’m positioned in this pic; then you run the risk of creeping the girl out.

Learn this sweet spot in distancing between yourself and strangers whom you approach.

You should be able to put out your hand and touch the girl.

If you can’t then you’re standing way too far!

This all seems like a no-brainer, but lots of guys make this mistake by either standing too far or too closely. 

You may very well be making this mistake outside of consciousness. So every now and then, you’ll have to give yourself a little reminder.

Kenny infield

Day-Game Tip: “To Follow Or Not To Follow”

I had an epiphany exactly a week ago while running some heavy day game on the crowded streets of the city.

Most girls hit busy-shopping areas for either 2 purpose: 1.) To window shop, 2.) To actually shop.

Regardless of which 1 it is, you will have had a situation where girls enter stores or malls.

What does the average day-gamer do when faced with the precarious decision of whether to follow or discontinue the attempted pickup?

They bounce!

This is highly unproductive to say the least (ditching the set just because the girl has to go window shop)!

I now come to realize that it is super advantageous to follow the girl while she shops…or window shops.

Not only are you giving yourself a shot to ultimately pick up the girl. But you gain the added benefits of learning how to persist without looking stalkerish.

Furthermore, why don’t guys in pickup follow girls while they shop?

The sole reason is the perception that they would look stalkerish and desperate.

Do these guys actually have statistics on which to rely as to why they come to this bleak conclusion?

No they don’t!

Well- I’m here to tell you that deciding to follow the girl into stores while you continue to game her up, is NOT needy, and does NOT look desperate, but smart, perceptive and persistent!

The #1 killer in pickup is lack of persistence on the part of the guy.

There are many #1 killers. But “lack of persistence” really ranks at the top of the list!

Guys fail to persist because they don’t want to be perceived as needy and desperate.

A fine premise! But it is flawed!

One of the most popular and eye-opening articles I had ever written, dealt with how one cannot be deemed desperate while chasing the girl in person!

You can only look desperate over text or any other indirect and impersonal mean of communication.

If you chase a girl over Facebook or text: she will simply ignore you, block you and move on!

A woman cannot just delete and block you in person since this require physical effort such as grabbing her stuff and leaving.

A girl is not going to just leave the nightclub because some guy is trying to talk to her. It takes more effort to physically leave than to hit the mute or block button on a messaging app.

Saying all that to say, persisting or following in person, isn’t likely to be seen as stalking or desperation, as long as it is done in person.

If the girl genuinely isn’t interested- push comes to shove- she will let it be known that she doesn’t want to be followed or persisted upon.

Anything short of that; then it should still be game on!

There’s a classic saying in pick-up that I live by religiously: “Make the hoe say no”!

What that simply means is that you persist until the girl says “NO”, “Don’t”, etc!

Now, I am not speaking of sexual advances upon a girl. I am specifically referring to attempted pickups.

You shouldn’t throw in the towel unless the girl adamantly says “NO”!

While I was out sarging in the city last weekend, of the 7 girls whom I’d picked up (exchanged #’s), 5 of them I followed into stores as they shopped and window-shopped.

I wasn’t concerned in the least that they would think that I was desperate, simply because of what I shared with you guys, that women rarely see physical pursuit as an act of desperation, rather persistence.

What a woman watches for are your overall vibes and sub-communications.

Are you nervous?

Are you shifty and fidgety like someone on the run from the law?

Are you giving off a vibe of uncertainty about yourself?

Those things will naturally turn a woman off during a pursuit. But as long as you pursue with shameless confidence, then your “following” will be perceived a positive.

With all that being said, the next time you’re faced with a situation where you’d approached the target, began chatting her up, but she’s headed into a store or mall; follow her!!!!

Insist on going with her by saying something like: “Oh! You’re going in there? Let’s go”!

Then go!!!

It’s a free fucking world! She wouldn’t dare say to you, “Why are you going into the same store”?

That would be kind of weird and audacious on her part.

Now, when should you not follow her into a store in order to game her?

1.) If she says “don’t”.

2.) If she’s visibly uncomfortable; which will require some perceptive skills on your part in order to spot discomfort within a split second.

Barring those 2 reasons, the girl heading into a shop, should not be a justification for you to abandon set!

With this 1 chick most notably over the weekend (last weekend), after I’d cold approached her, about 15 seconds later as we walked and chat while I charmed her up, she detours into a giant place which sells female-cosmetic stuff.

There’s no way a heterosexual man should be caught dead in such a place! But I followed the girl anyway!

Here’s an actual still-shot from a short video I took with my cellphone cam, of myself in the said store (full video may be posted shortly).

In the wig and hair dye section

Did the girl see this action on my part as desperation?

Or did she see it as persistence, while saying to herself, “this guy goes after what the hell he wants”?

Of course the latter!

Women see go-getters as charming and sexy!

A man who goes after what he wants with reckless abandonment, or without regards for social norms, is seen as HIGHLY attractive by women!

Hence, the girl was not saying to herself, “this stranger guy is a total desperate loser for following me into a lady’s store”. But, “this stranger guy is a total go-getter, and he doesn’t even care to be seen in a lady’s store”.

By flat-out giving up just because the girl is entering a store, not only will you be losing the girl altogether. But you would have shown the girl how much of a socially inept pussy you are for not going for it!

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