6 Very-Simple Quick Steps To Picking Up A Random Girl

This is the most slim-down version of a pick-up sequence you will have ever read…at least on my website.

It’s ironic that I’ve been giving pick-up advice for some years now, but the simplest aspects to picking up girls has been bypassed for the most advanced of techniques which I write about mostly.

1.) Spot her. As you spot her, look for a super-quick Approach Invitation [perhaps she smiled or looked at you], then approach and open her within 3 seconds [Justin Wayne breaks down Approach Invitation].

2.) Strike up a conversation by asking an interesting question: “I need a quick opinion on something. My sister’s birthday is coming up and I don’t have a clue of what the hell to get her. I mean, what do girls like”? We call this an Opinion Opener. I demonstrate it on hidden-camera in the clip below.

3.) Tell a quick and interesting story related to the opener/ice-breaker question: “My ex told me that girls like lingerie for birthdays so I decided to surprise her with something lingerie. Got her an underwear set and could you imagine she got pissed at me saying that she feels cheap and disrespected! Are all girls like this”? This is called Routine Stacking.

4.) Get her phone #. You don’t ask nor beg for her #, but you do something like the following before the convo wines down: “Hey, I gotta get going but you seem like a cool chick so far. We should hang out sometime whenever we’re free”. Then hand your phone over to her in order to input her #. This is called a # Close. Check out the way AL of The Ministries of Attraction does it in the video below.

5.) Leave!!! After you secure her # or contact details: leave right away. Lots of guys prolong the interaction after getting the girl’s #, which runs the risk of messing up all the good work. So get the #, say bye and leave! The fashion in which you leave will be discussed in the 6th. tip below.

6.) Hugs and kisses. Most guys as they get a girl’s # would just say goodbye and leave. In most cases- that is fine. But you want to be that exceptional guy to hug and kiss her bye. Now, I’m not saying to full-blown tongue her down but a hug and a peck on the cheek will suffice. Crazy thing is, most guys don’t understand how ridiculously easy it is to hug and kiss goodbye. I’d say 99% of girls will participate. As long as she gives you her #: she will hug and kiss bye. Instead of asking for the hug-kiss, you just lead into it and the girl will follow. My nemesis Boy Toy Thomas gives a good example of that (hug and peck on cheek) in the video below.

By the way, this entire post illustrated a quick sequence of how to pick up a girl. It’s equivalent to what we consider “Flash Game” opposed to a lengthy sequence of more rapport building with the girl.

An example of true “Flash Game”, I demonstrate below as I get a random girl’s contact info within a record time of less than 45 seconds.

Not to cheat you guys out of a proper and complete structure of Pickup, I include a video (below) which deals with “Inner Game”.

You can have all the tips and tactics in the world of how to pick up chicks and get phone numbers, but if your core/foundation (Inner Game) is shitty, whereas you lack confidence in approaching women, then everything you will have read in this article would surmount to naught.

Therefore “Inner Game” gives you confidence and instill in you the mindset that approaching a super-sexy girl is as easy as taking a piss.

So check out the video of mines (below) where I teach you about the mindset and frame to embody whenever approaching (random) women.

PUA’s acronym and term list for dummies

In the name of “Pickup”: Kenny gives away his prized possession

One just like these

Ones just like these

Just a quick-random post for you guys.

Weekends (Fridays primarily) are my reason to live.

As the self-proclaimed king of night-game pickup, I always manage to live up to the hype.

Anyway, while heading to the barbershop this evening, 3 high-school girls approached me [age 14]:

“Hey man, can you please give me your headphones? Mines just stopped working and it has a short”.

Now, I can’t live without listening to music for a day via headphones or earpiece.

I’m known in my fucking neighborhood as the guy who never goes anywhere without his earpiece!

I eat, sleep, shit and work listening to music: LITERALLY!

So when these little brats had asked me to give up my cherished headphones, I virtually laughed in their faces and scoffed at the notion of such ridiculousness.

Then I thought to myself:

“Wait a minute, I’ve insulated and isolated myself in this little bubble away from society for almost 5 years on end. Maybe it’s time to break away”.

So with much reservation- I coughed up my headphones to the little lasses and went on to the barbershop.

Moral of the story is this:

Living my entire life in New York City, I generally see bunch of dudes and women commuting the subways and buses with headphones and earpieces on, listening to music.

Sure, there’s no problem with this. But you definitely kill your chances of interaction with people.

I’m a super social guy, thus my pick-up community name; Socialkenny.

However, when I’m commuting, running errands, going to the barbershop, gym, wherever, I must have an earpiece in or my headphones on.

So that’s an entire day of killed opportunities to pick up hotties and get laid.

The only time that I’m actually not listening to music while on the go is when I’m consciously sarging and doing Day Game or Night Game tryna pull ass.

However, 80 % of my time in public is spent with music over my ears when I could’ve been meeting new people.

So ditching my headphones was possibly the best thing I could’ve done.

Other men who are doing this, locking themselves off from others in public, I urge you to take similar action and toss away that iPod, earphones, tablet, or whatever device you’re now glued in, all in the name of meeting new people.

If you’re listening to music on the go and a hot girl is eyeing you, the fact that you’re occupied with your music will prevent you from approaching that girl…who could’ve been your future wife.

I thought I’d die without a minute of listening to Trance, but I thought wrong.

Fuck crutches!

Cheers to the weekend!

Get laid tonight by pulling robberies!!

Socialkenny aint playing fair now

Socialkenny aint playing fair now

No idiots!This is not a “how to” article on pulling off bank heists and street robberies [nah that’s too easy].

This is not even an article to be honest.

It’s more of a mind set/frame for how I’m feeling towards seducing women in the early half of 2012.

I’ve been allowing too many Beta’s and wussies to live: in the sense of letting them continue to spit mediocrity at HB’s/hot women whom I have all intentions of bagging up like groceries.

There’s not a worst feeling in the world like being in a bar, standing next to a 2-set of a guy chatting up a girl about the most lamest shit in the world.

I either have 3 choices, 1.) Stay there and suffer through it all, 2.) Just walk away, 3.) Open the girl and blow the fucking dude out the water!!

Unfortunately, I’ve been playing this good-guy shit for too long now, where I”d opt for leaving or just stay there and suffer.

From tonight on (until I either get punched in the face or some shit), I’m gonna consciously go out with the intention to pull robberies!!!

No more Mr. Fucking Nice Guy!!

So beware AFC’s! Kenny’s on some hardcore shit for the time being!

Girls want to be seduced: not befriended.

Too many nights I’d leave the club empty-handed to resort to spanking the monkey at a porn flick…all because I allowed some lame dudes to befriend my target.

So a great tip to getting laid tonight guys is pull the fucking robbery!!!

“2 Major-Blogging Mistakes [that’d kill your blog]”!!


I’ve been wanting to compose this article for a long time now, but kept getting sidetracked by more interesting topics like: How to get one-night stands?

Ok, serious biz!!

I’m actually a vet at blogging. I’ve had 3 websites over the past 4 years [Kenny’s Tips, Alpha Tips & Alpha Nightz]. Those blogs were seduction/picking up girls based.

Unfortunately- all 3 of those sites perished rapidly. They went down faster than a limp dick after ejaculation [just saying]. Reason being: I never kept up (no new content) and eventually lost interest. So I’m speaking from experience here (on what kills a blog).

In order to avoid your blog being hauled off to the bloggersphere- graveyard: Avoid the following 2 blogging mistakes!

Mistake #1: “Not replying to your blog comments”.

*It’s quite elementary [and it’s called manners and courtesy], that when someone actually takes time out of their day to post a comment on your blog article, You should fucking reply!!

*I know it’s the 21st. century and manners are somewhat a thing of old. But in order to have a successful blog or website: You have to have and give feedback with your readers/commentors!

*Nothing drastic is required in doing this. Just re-reply with a “Thank you, thanks for checking out my blog”, etc.That wasn’t hard, right? Didn’t feel like climbing up Mt. Everest with a ton lb. gorilla on your back, did it?

*So just show some blog-love by giving thanks to people who comment on your posts via re-replying. Doing so WILL save your blog,push it’s rankings,and increase visibility and gain more readers. Who would want that?

Mistake #2: “Not commenting on others’ blogs”.

*To me, this is the gravest mistake bloggers make! It surpasses mistake #1.

*If you don’t read others’ blogs nor leave comments or feedbacks, why the hell would they check yours out!!!

*The more blogs you subscribe to, and the more blogs you leave comments on, the more willing that person would most likely be in returning the favor and check out your blog!! I thought this was fucking common sense!!!?


*There are many bloggers who specialize in my field (seducing women). We are part of this underground-fraternity called The Seduction Community/Pick-Up Community. Quite naturally, you’d think that those guys would be interactive on fellow-PUA blogs. Think again SMH! They dont check out other blogs, nor do they reply to comments. Then they wonder why their blogs are failing and people are unsubscribing (I am).
*Those blogs WILL die out fast, and most are on their dying beds. Most of those guys could only get 1 comment on their posts…and most times-that 1 comment is from me . Yet they still don’t have the courtesy to comment on any of my post [SMH]. I think that’s what we call Envy & Jealousy.

*So rather than being envious, high & mighty and obnoxious about another person’s blog success. Remember, it’s quite easy to have a successful blog too: Just show love by commenting on others’ blogs.


A successful blog takes dedication and time.

It doesn’t matter how stunning of an article one can compose: if you’re making the above 2 mistakes, then no one will check out that article, and it will pretty much go unnoticed and uncommented!

I read MANY stunning, off-the hook, superb articles every day by fellow bloggers. Yet no one is checking them out nor commenting. Then the writer gets discouraged that his/her best work went unnoticed, then they eventually lose interest in blogging, then their blog subsequently dies and get buried.

It happened to me 3 times with 3 different sites over the last 4 years. And all I had to do was to show some blog love by avoiding the 2 mistakes mentioned, and comment on others’ blogs, and whenever others comment on my articles- I ensure that I thank the commentor PRONTO.

P.S. Much thanks to everyone who generally reads and comments on my posts [too numerous to mention]. This isn’t a “bash”, but an advisory post to a successful blog.

“She’s my WHORE- not yours”!!!


Before anyone attempts to crucify me for labeling women as whores…-I can explain [BTW, hope I don’t lose any valued- female readers].

Plus I didn’t call her a whore. The other guy did!

Ok let’s dive right in!

Hold on! Before I do, I just wanna say that I learned a valuable lesson from this incident. And I see other guys making this same elusive mistake regularly.

Few years ago, I went through a massive-sexual drought for about 2 months. I mean, I couldn’t lay anything if my life depended on it! I was better off going celibate opposed to virtually killing myself from not getting any coochie[SMDH]!

So what a man to do…?

Start banging Hookers like there’s no tomorrow!!? Naaaaah! BTW, I’m not against purchasing some cheap ass at a brothel, but I opted for a more challenging experience: Search for some quick ass [go fucking figure]!

In search of a Hood Rat

Few of my buddies [Unit & M***a]were banging a neighborhood slut, so they gave me the plug and the scoop on her. We all met up at a bar, and my wingman Unit phoned the chic to meet us there.

The plan was for me to get some quick ass later on after spitting some mediocre game at her.

The PYT [pretty young thing] came through, we all chatted, flirted hard, exchanged #’s… She told me to call her later that night[YES!!!!].

Finally! I’m gonna satiate this nagging-sexual urge that’s been killing me for 2 months now!

So I thought.

Later that night after the bar:

Called the PYT slut. No answer! Phone rang out and went straight to voice mail.

Called again about 10 minutes later. Same shit!


Called up my wingman Unit:

Me: “Yo, I thought you told me this girl’s supposed to be free right now”!!

Unit: “That’s what she said at the bar. Don’t sweat it. Ima scoop her up in my ride and meet up with you later”.

That never materialized.

Following night, I’m in beast-mode to the fullest. Pissed off that this b**** would play me like this by not answering, nor replying.

Called her up Saturday night. Finally: there is a God lol!!!

She hit with me the classic BS, “Oh I fell asleep”. Whateva!

We set up a meet for 8 pm. Trying to not come off as needy and desperate like an AFC- I called a little after 8.

Guess what…?

Yep! The b**** screened my called straight to voice mail!!

At that point, I went Charlie Sheen! I couldn’t believe this witch had the proverbial balls to flake on me!

“Doesn’t she know who I am!!? I’m a fucking pick-up artist. I lay hot b****es for a living”!

Note: It’s funny how we guys rationalize things to ourselves when we’re flaked on(smh).

Called her back, no answer. Few hours elapsed, no return call from her.

Called up my wing Unit: “Unit, meet me at Burton’s bar”!

At the bar:

Me: “Man, I can’t believe she played me again. This witch is a known slut in the town but she chooses me to bullshit”!

Unit: “I don’t know what she’s up to but I fucked her again earlier today at the beach”.

Some random dude next to us over heard the convo and chimed in:

“She’s my whore: not yours”!

I thought he had 1 too many fucking Red Stripes [a Jamaican beer] for butting into my dilemma.

So he went on to say this: “What I mean is…just because a girl is a whore and she sleeps around doesnt mean she’s gonna sleep with you and every guy”.

Wow! How powerful those words I thought!

Long story short: I gladly took that as a loss.

The Lesson:

Just as the random half- inebriated guy at the bar said: Not every girl who sleeps around is gonna sleep with any guy. For whatever reason that girl flaked on me: she had her reasons!

Eventhough that was a few years ago, the lessons from that situation has been hardwired into my brains ever since.

I no longer prejudge certain girls based on their social status [be it low or high]. You still may have to work hard to attract and seduce her just as if she were a girl of high social status.

Lesson friggin’ learned.

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