New Video Series: 1st. Date Sex Pulling…Parts 3 & 4 Of 4 [part 4 is NSFW]

Days ago, I put together a 4 part video series where I talk about How I Pull On The 1st Date For Sex.

You’ll also see some infield snippets at the end of the videos of me actually pulling the girl back to my spot from the movies for 1st date sex.

The point of the snippets is just to demonstrate how it’s done (using my pull method).

Here are parts 3 and 4 of 4.

Latest Vid: When She Asks The ‘Gotcha’ Question, And How To Handle It

Very informative video for you guys!

Upon picking up a new girl, getting her phone # and the usual shebang, at some point between the post-pickup stage and the pending date, it is fucking inevitable that the girl will have asked you the following question (which is usually a catch): 

“What do you want from me”?

“What do you expect to happen between us”?

The way in which you handle this catch question could either make or break your chances with the girl.

Go Chode Mode! What To Do After You Get Her Phone # And Intend To Set Up A Date

Hey dudes, this is a killer concept that will eliminate (or help to eliminate) girls flaking on you and standing you up!

The latest video I put together and posted today.

This concept is applicable to text game and phone game. It’s essentially a mindset and game hack that I encourage you to adopt after you’d gotten the girl’s # and are about to meet up with her.

So…Go Chody!!!!

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