2 Solid Openers (Indirect Game) As Your Guide In Game + How To Ask Questions

The #1 frustrating complaint from women about men (whether online or while out and about) is: “these guys are sickening with the same lame, boring approaches and conversation”!

Women frankly get the same shit (same approach, same opener, same icebreaker), every day from virtually every guy, and it typically begins with:



“How you doing today beautiful”?


“You good?


“Can I get a minute of your time”?

Those are just some of the most generic, common, lame, boring icebreakers women hear everyday upon being approached by men (on or offline). And frankly, women are fed up of hearing the same shit, and having to answer the same fucking questions each day, which is why most women don’t even waste their time replying to such lackluster stuff.

This is essentially why we in the pick-up artist community, have a major leg up on the competition: it’s because we are taught (and teach) to approach different than the rest, by saying something to the girl that she might not have ever heard in her life.

Moreover, this “different approach” should elicit laughter and giggles from the girl.

Typically, whenever I open a girl on the streets, after the opening routine, I almost always hear her say, “that was funny. That was clever. That was a good 1. That made me laugh. That made my day. I never heard that before”.

Now, you shouldn’t be (outcome) dependent on getting a good response. But it can’t hurt.

With that out the way and understood [that women are tired of hearing the same shit], here are 2 openers I used over the last few days. One I came up with on the fly (situational opener). The other is Todd Valentine’s.

While standing outside of a fast-food joint, I spotted a sexy girl inside, collecting her order. With my opener in mind (that I made up on the spot), I waited for her exit. As she exited with her food, I go [with a sly smile]:

“Hey, wouldn’t it be a great idea if we go half and half on your dinner? I’m really really really starving and haven’t eaten for the night. You seem like you have a sharing heart”?

Girl: “Sure! We can go half and half”.

She went on to chuckle about it as the convo progressed on the topic of sharing food with a random stranger.

Again guys: it is NOT about the girl’s reaction. It doesn’t matter what she says. Had she’d said “No, I don’t share”, it would not have changed the point. The point was to spark interesting conversation. Had she said no, I would’ve improvised with something like, “SMH…a pretty girl who doesn’t share her pizza. You are so greedy you know that”?

Anyway, that simple situational opener outside the fast-food joint, turned into a half-hour conversation.

Another opener I used the other day is 1 from a Todd video. I don’t remember his verbatim, but while approaching a girl who was moving quite fast, I opened:

“Didn’t expect to have to burn so many calories today just to get a conversation going”.

She stopped and seemed a bit perplexed about what I said. So I repeated it and she LOL’d.

I went on to say, “just when I started my new weight-gain diet yesterday to put on some pounds, here you come along totally ruining my plan. You’re so bad for me”

We both shared laughs and went on to having a 10-minute convo, as she was in a rush to get her nails “did”.

If you’re new to the Game or aren’t used to approaching strangers, I hope you realize the underlying mechanics at play with those 2 openers [Indirect openers] and routines.

Overall, you want to captivate a girl’s attention by bringing something novel and or interesting to her ears.

Too many fucking times while out and about, I happen to overhear guys tryna (half-assedly) pick up girls by either cat calling, or going, “hey what’s up beautiful. Hope you’re having a nice day”. Either they get no reaction and the girl keeps on moving. Or they get a pity “thank you” just because the girl doesn’t want to seem a socially violator and mean. But the girl keeps moving along anyway.

It isn’t that women are mean, antisocial, stuck-up bitches. It’s that such convo-starters don’t elicit anything much within the girl. Saying “hi beautiful, may I talk to you”(?), doesn’t register on the girl’s radar as something interesting she should care to listen to. Simply ’cause she’s heard it 20 times for the day!

Another thing: when asking a girl questions, you essentially put the work on her. That is why it’s a terrible idea to try to game or pick up a girl by asking her a ladder of interview-type questions: “what’s your name, where you live, you have kids, what kinda work you do, where are you off to, how old are you, you have a man”?

Asking someone questions is like forcing them to have to talk and to have to invest. Nothing wrong with having the girl invest by asking her things. However, upon the opener, whereas you enter the set with zero value in the girl’s eyes, asking her a slew of generic, convo-filling questions, will only turn her off and get you rejected.

If you noticed from the 2 opener examples I shared above, no question was asked of the girl. Hence, I wasn’t forcing her to talk. She replied without pressure. So what you want to do, is to make more assumptions, make more comments than to ask a ton of questions…until you’ve hooked the girl into conversing.

Furthermore, there’s nothing inherently bad about asking questions during the initial pickup. It is the type of questions, timing and how you set up the question.

For instance, and this is classic PUA 101, if I wanted to know what work a girl does (which I never do), even just for conversational purposes, I would make a bold assumption [setting up the question], then end the assumption with the generic question.

Here’s an example:

“By the way, from the looks of your sexy getup, it seems like you do something really creative or high energy for a living. What kind of work you do”?

So…did you see how I set up that otherwise generic question, by leading into it with an intriguing lead-in (the assumption)?

That’s how you ask a question during Game. The girl wouldn’t feel forced, nor as though she’s filling out a tedious job resumΓ©.

If you watch any of my pick-up videos, I never just ask a question. Nor do I ever fall into the spiraling pattern of 21 questions, where I ask, ask, ask.

Another example of how to ask a question by tying it into a comment that is bold, intriguing, funny or even controversial.

“How old are you? I hope you’re not jail bait. I’m gonna have to see some ID young lady”!

Clearly such a statement-question will elicit laughter in the girl. The added bonus is that it flatters the girl in that by asking if she’s jail-bait, you’re essentially saying she looks very youthful. A very nifty compliment without actually complimenting her.

I hope you get the basic points here guys, about opening, breaking the ice and carrying conversation (by not outright asking lame questions, but mixing them with bold assumptions).

How To Captivate And Hold A Random Girl’s Attention [Online]

Interesting convo and how to carry it

There are few notable sticking-points that most guys have. Most notably is the lack of conversational skills.

What do I mean?

Most guys don’t know how to spark nor carry interesting conversation.

You’ve seen me do this time after time, getting a girl’s attention and keeping it for the duration.

Like I mentioned in the previous article, you must bear in mind that women have short attention spans and they suffer from ADHD (attention deficiency).

What this means is that any little external stimulation is liable of hijacking their attention away from you- and “POOF”- you’re done!

With that, when I get guys asking me, “why is it impossible for me to get and hold a girl’s attention online”, the reasons are 2 folds:

1.) Women have short attention spans.

2.) You aren’t giving them enough stimulation through your conversation, game, or whatever have you.

Therefore, the solution to this problem men face is to provide stronger and harder stimulation by registering hard on the girl’s radar!

You have to captivate her attention firstly, within your opener/ice-breaker/first message.

Saying, “hi sweetheart, you look beautiful”, isn’t fucking going to captivate the girl’s attention because she’s accustomed to hearing that lame-ass shit!

Sure she may reply- initially (out of respect and social politeness) with a pitiful “thank you”- but she’ll blow you off right afterwards by ignoring your 2nd message.

Hence, getting a girl’s attention is paramount to getting the girl.

If you can’t get and keep her attention then you have no shot!

In this post, I will show you how to achieve just that by adhering to my text-game format.

If you’ve been here for any time now, and read a post or 2, you would have been privy to my texting format and how I get girls hooked and instantly chasing me.

Here’s the deal and the trick: strike hard!

What do I mean?

Your initial message to the girl on social media or any online-dating site, should be of shock value!

The only how your initial message could be a bland one, yet still register on the girl’s radar, is if you already possess social value in her eyes (usually from your online posts or profile bio). In such a case, your initial message doesn’t have to pack a punch.

This is why on the rare occasion, you would see me open a girl in a blandish sort of way as you seen me do with the MILF in the previous post.

I opened blandly because I would’ve already established myself (through my status updates) as a rockstar. So there would have been no real need to shock the girl with my initial message.


Hope I didn’t confuse you guys there.

In any case, it is the safer bet for you to open the girl with something eye-catching and or eyebrow-raising.

This begs the questions: “but Kenny, why should I break the ice in such a manner”?

As I mentioned previously, since most girls have the attention span of an ant, and they respond to colorful stimuli, you have to make a fucking impact with your initial inbox, DM, etc!

That is why!

Moreover, bear in mind that chicks are being inundated by the second with tons of messages from all sorts of guys!

Ninety-eight percent of those initial messages will have constituted lameness, thus ignored!

With that in mind, that is why your initial message has to stand out from that of the generic lame’s, or else you run the risk of being flat-out ignored!!!

I made a point of this before- perhaps 3 years ago- that hardly any of my initial messages on social media goes unnoticed and ignored by women!

Ninety-nine percent of my initial messages are reciprocated!!!!

Isn’t that astonishing!?

Why so? Because I strike hard, thus registering hard and high on the girl’s proverbial radar!

Hence, my messages cannot go unanswered since they pack such an intriguing punch!

Your message gets ignored because it shows up as a mere blip in the galaxy of trillions of other faint blips. So you want an explosion and not a blip! And this is where the pick-up community comes in, and why we emphasis so ardently on the topic of openers/breaking the ice.

To be more clearer here, by “opening hard”, I am not necessarily saying that your opener/ice-breaker has to be provocative and shock-and-awe as some of my openers are.

You want to grab the girl’s attention by saying something that she might not have heard or seen before.

In such a case you instantly stand out from the crowd.

Your opener can be cute, amusing, humorous, somewhat insulting or a mixture of the aforementioned. Just as long as it’s different!

Before I proceed, here are some random examples of me breaking the ice (over Facebook) with total strangers whom I went on to picking up.

There you have it.

Those are some examples of how to grab a girl’s attention online.

Your opener doesn’t have to be eye-catching. But your follow-up lines must be eyebrow-raising as you seen me demonstrate.

Moreover, your opener should consist of humor. It doesn’t have to, but it’s the safer bet until you become calibrated enough to get away with outright provocativeness and bluntness.

In any case, by following my method of breaking the ice as a template (if not verbatim at times), you will have realized maximum returns (return messages) on your investments (sent messages).

However, that is just the beginning!

It is 1 thing to hijack the girl’s attention to have her returning your messages. But it’s another thing to KEEP her there and engaged long enough for a pull (a pickup, i.e. secured phone number).

The problem with most men is that they are boring to a fault! As a result of that, their messages [essentially their Game] are pitifully boring and sleep-inducing, hence the reason they get ignored 99% of the time when trying to message a stranger online.

Although you’re dead tired of hearing me repeat this again and again, I must do so- again and again- in hopes that it sticks. So what is that? Women have short attention spans!

They are easily distracted! Thus, your messages- initial, and your follow-up messages- MUST be attention-grabbing enough to keep women engaged and invested!

The best way to achieve this after you would have opened, is to use humor and wittiness!!!

Check back the screenshots above of me opening dozens of girls.

After I’d successfully opened, got an initial response, I managed to keep the girl’s attention and focus by being funny, witty and or shocking (usually all 3 in concert).

Low stimulation will not keep a person interested!

You don’t stick around watching a boring movie to the end if you’re at liberty of simply switch channels!

Likewise, if your messages are boring and they don’t stimulate the girl’s attention, there’s no reason for her to stay! And she won’t! She will simply change the channel by ignoring you in search of something stimulating.

This is why jumping into a girl’s inbox with, “hi beautiful”, will almost always get you ignored. Even more pathetic is saying “hi” alone.

Additionally, the hotter the girl, the more attention-grabbing and provocative your initial message should be.

In any case as I said, a good opener as the ones I outlined, needs to be followed up by stimulating dialogue.

You cannot foolishly continue to go from attention-grabbing opener to “can I get your number”, within 1 swoop!

That is the other problem faced by guys who get a hold of some good and creative openers from me. They bank on the opener alone, get flat-out ignored afterwards, then blame me (the opener, or any other instructor) for their dismal strikeout.

In this post however, I won’t waste valuable time posting a how-to of picking up a girl online when there are dozens upon dozens of articles on this blog with screenshots and dialogue galore on picking up chicks on social media and online-dating sites.

This post was merely intended to open your eyes to the most common pitfalls you may encounter, why, and how to nuke them!

Thus from now on, when looking to capture the attention of women online, always keep at the frontal cortex of your brain: constant stimulation!

I’ll leave you with a great example of how to carry conversation with this article of mines on Mid-Game

For 1 of my favorite opener which I’d originated; you may want to Check This

Attraction Lies Within The Absurdity [Pimpin’ Your Facebook For The New Year]

For the so-called new year, I want you to be more shameless and less shameful.

A huge part of my success with women online is the perception that I’m carefree, whimsical and absurd.

Women who read my Facebook bio and scan my timeline, are often left aghast (yet intrigued) by what they see/read.

It’s all about captivating a girl’s attention through absurdity and provocativeness.

Here’s a good example from the other day with a girl I’d picked up and invited her to add me on Facebook.

This’ the reaction I want the girl to have.

Needless to say, this was all a front on the girl’s part, and she did go on to add me. But some women want and need the drama in order to become attracted.

To Ask Or Not To Ask Her…Questions?

As you get good with the understanding of the female’s mind, you get to see their justified frustration with men and their approach to women and courtship.

This chick posted the following status to Facebook the other day.

Here’s my response and a bit of exchange with the girl.

“I find that some men ask some really annoying questions”.

She ended out string of replies on that note.

Very telling isn’t it?

I clearly articulated it better than the girl did as to why women are annoyed and turned off by the questions men ask. It isn’t the questions, but the type of questions (as I pointed out to her).

Asking the girl a bunch of questions is 1 of those things we frown upon in the pick-up community.

It is terrible game to engage in 21 questions.

However, it isn’t so much the questions that annoy girls. But the type of questions that get under their skin.

What questions are those that you should avoid?

Interview-type questions!

Contrary from popular belief, asking rapport-type questions don’t win you points with women, neither do they make you appear interested, concerned nor sociable. Instead, asking a girl whom you’re trying to pick up (or bang), questions such as:

“Where did you grow up”?

“How was school”?

“You have brothers and sisters”?

Such questions make you come off as land, boring, lame, redundant, repetitive, scripted and socially inept.

That is why women get jaded and fed up whenever those lame-ass questions are put to them.

You can ask questions by the way! But I’ll address that in just a bit.

Okay, so in response to the chick’s post, I also said to her that, “Personally, I don’t ask women questions at all”.

That is true nearly 99.8% of the time: I do not ask girls questions!

Look back at the hundreds of screenshotted conversations I had with dozens upon dozens of women, and you will hardly ever see me asking them questions.

The reason I don’t is because it annoys women. And asking a bunch of questions doesn’t achieve 1 thing in helping the pickup’s progression (but stagnates it).

Are there questions that you could and should ask a girl whom you’re trying to pick up, bed and date?


In retrospect, I want you to think back on my many chats and try to think of the questions that I do ask women (upon the initial online pickup).

What are they?

There are 3 main questions I ask women…in no specific order (I ask in various ways by the way):

“Which part of town do you live”?

“How’s your scheduling/when are you mainly free to meet up”?

“Do you drink”?

I typically don’t ever ask the girl if she drinks. But I threw that in there just for the fuck of it.

Anyways, so those are the 3 questions I ask a new girl upon trying to pick her up (or after the pick up).

What do those 3 questions have in common?


The only question(s) I care to ask women are those which facilitate our potential rendezvous: logistic-based questions.

1.) When I ask a girl where does she live, the reason is quite obvious and logical: I want to know how far she or I will have to travel in order to meet up. If she lives real far, I want to know whether I would want to pay for her cab fare to come by me if a bus ride would consume much time.

2.) When I ask a girl about her availability, it is quite clearly a ‘must-know’ since I would want to find out if our schedules meet or conflict. So it’s a must that I ascertain that critical piece of information.

3.) As for drinks, I don’t really ask girls if they drink. In fact, I don’t ask at all. I would suggest meeting up for drinks. And if she doesn’t consume alcohol, she will undoubtedly say so.

With that, the only questions I ask the new girl are those that pertain to the meet-up.

Anything other than that as far as questions, is irrelevant! And that should also become your mindset!

I don’t care to know where she grew up, her age, siblings, if her parents are still alive, did she attend college, her future goals, etc.

None of those questions are important to ask before actually seeing the girl or fucking the girl!

Oh- and I must say this- as I eluded to earlier, it isn’t that you shouldn’t ask questions, but the type of questions is what may sink your ship or keep it afloat.

I do ask other questions besides those 3. For instance in the case of sexting with a new girl on the verge of being picked up online by me. I may ask about her favorite sexual position, 3-somes, could she deepthroat a dick, etc.

No lame interview-type questions. So, the type of question and the topic is key.

Lame questions run the risk of killing your chances.

Interesting and pertinent questions should help your cause.

This also begs the question, a question in which I touched on the other day; why do men go into the 21- question mode?

The 2 primary answers are very simple: they have nothing else to say, and they are also under the impression that that is how you go about sparking interest.

You see, most guys get their courtship and dating advice from the wrong sources: music (love songs), Hollywood, Cosmos and women themselves.

What makes those sources so wrong when it comes to this? Because they give men poor advice based on tradition, status-quo and surveys of women.

Ask any girl what type of guy would interest her and she’ll pretty much say the guy who seems interested in her life and story on a whole. The guy who asks her about work, kids, schooling, upbringing, etc.

Present her with such a guy and she’ll quickly judge and dismiss him as boring, lame, generic and uninterested. Hence, it is never a wise idea to listen to a woman tell you what she wants/likes.

You can appear attentive and interested in the girl without asking those boring questions that annoy women.

You see me do this all the time: no questions, strictly statements, comments and observations.

Therefore, in the event that you’re stuck on what to do instead of asking a gazillion questions, just focus more on making observations, assumptions, opining on things and letting her engage you on the thing which you’d brought up.

As you go along, the girl will divulge information without a need for you to ask (at least not directly ask).

If you genuinely do care about her upbringing, schooling, career, goals, etc. you will find out eventually, perhaps on a so-called date where those things are more likely to surface.

However, those things shouldn’t be popping up during the initial approach and pre-pickup phase of the game because they will likely turn the girl off!

Oh, before I conclude this post, I just want to address the guys who may say, “But Kenny, you said that it’s never good to agree with women, yet you agreed with this girl that men asking bunch of questions is annoying”!

Here’s the thing: agree with women whenever they voice their disagreement against chode/lame shit.

That is a no-brainer!

For instance, if a woman says or posts that she thinks that rebellious guys are sexy, there’s no reason in the world why you should disagree with her since you would want to set yourself up as a rebellious guy since it is an attractive quality.

However, if a woman posts that men should always pay on dates under any circumstance without a question, totally agreeing with that is some chode shit. So it’s not that you can’t agree with women. It’s that you shouldn’t agree with them once they’re pushing some pro-chody agenda. As is the case with asking question. It isn’t that you shouldn’t ask. Just that asking generic shit is a pet peeve of women because they hear it too often.

Sunday Morning Casual Pickup Of A Security Guard [raw-infield video]

​Hey guys, another raw PUA infield video without the flash, colors and effects which accompany the usual PUA infield videos. This was uploaded directly from my Android phone.

I had intended to post the full 45 minute footage. But I reconsidered in the interest of time. Plus I didn’t want to bore you guys with the monotonous details of a normal pickup. So I snipped and chopped the footage to include some key moments.

Okay, so Sunday morning [Oct’ 9th] while waiting to catch a ferry from the city back to the other side of the island, I came across a security guard (on duty) who was sitting in a cornered-off area. Since she was virtually glued to her post, I had no choice but to chat her up from nearly 20 yards away. Because of that (great distance), you won’t really hear much of her dialogue too well. But you can hear me clearly leading the dialogue and you’ll get a great idea of what’s happening and what you should do. 

BTW, this was about 7 AM, so I totally wasn’t “in state”, but it didn’t matter since I’m always in state because it comes naturally once you become masterful at this [you won’t have to get in state per se].

At the end of the day, what I want you to take away from this raw 8 minute infield video of me picking up a random security girl on her job are these:

1.) I, Kenny, am always approaching! Instead of just sitting/standing there where there are women among you; spark up a conversation!!

2.) Learn the art of chatting away!! Chat about random shit! As long as you believe it’s interesting shit, the girl will also fall into that frame as when I randomly brought up Donald Trump.

3.) Learn how to poke fun @ women and use humor to your advantage! Attract women through humor! Be a test!! By doing this, you sub-communicate to the girl that you don’t give a shit about the outcome. Being free from outcome will tilt the pickup in your favor. 

4.) Quit being intimidated by women! This girl here said that no guy has ever approached her on her job, let alone to try to chat her up on her job. I totally believe her since most guys are pussies!
Most Importantly:

5.) FUCK LOGISTICS! You do NOT need perfect logistics in order to chat up and pick up a girl! Just as I’d demonstrated here, you can do so from across a room. 
Quit waiting for the perfect time, perfect situation, perfect setting, perfect whatever!! 

Work with the fucking environment! 

Work with what the girl presents you! 

If she cannot exactly move from her post in order to chat with you; chat her up from a distance instead of using distance as an excuse to pussy your way out of chatting to her!! 

Lastly; make note of my vibe! I wasn’t nervous and afraid to get testy. I was free spirited with an air of IDGAF because I’m the prize! Also, I hope you would have taken away another key aspect to this pickup, which is that I never ran out of things to say because I was never filtering myself to begin with. I said what I wanted, not giving a shit whether she would find it appealing or appalling. 

Now, I’m not exactly telling you to say any lame shit you want. But say anything that tests her which causes her to invest…as you see me do in the video.

BTW, I’d opened her about a can of Arizona that was left on a table.

“Be A Challenge”!

The # 1 Complaint I Get From Women About Men

Girl: “I should really be somewhere else right now”

“Yours is the best conversation I had for the entire week! Other men don’t know how to talk”!

Nine in ten times, I’m bound to get that thrown at me whenever conversing with a new girl:

“Other men don’t know how to have a conversation”!

I’ll either hear that other men cannot converse. Or of the ones that do converse; they are ultra-boring and make for bland conversation.

Another one I get a lot is this:

“Most men are shy and they won’t just go up to a girl and have a conversation like you do”!

As a conversationalist who had to learn this skill; I’m highly flattered whenever girls stroke my ego this way! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Furthermore, as a guy who’s naturally introverted and shy, I’m proud of myself that I was able to eradicate my shyness by pushing the limits through execution of pickup and seduction routines as a newbie in the game.

I am who I am today because of canned-pickup routines which I was forced to use on random women!

Seeing how far I came, it’s without a doubt that any guy out there should be able to carry great conversation also!

I’m no special case!

I’m actually the worst case, coming from a background where in my 3 years attending public high-school, I never once ate in the cafeteria as I was too shy and scared to eat around girls.

That’s as worse as it gets as far as introversion and anti-social behavior.

Ok, but here’s the weird thing about women applauding me for knowing how to talk to them and have attractive conversation.

In no way am I being friendly and carrying traditional conversation!

Guys need to get this point well drilled into their head!

Whenever I converse with a new girl, and even the ones with whom I’m already acquainted: I am always pushy, sexual, forward, overt, flattering, cocky, playful and teasing!

I do and say shit that the average guy would perceive to be No-Go for conversation.

Hence, whenever a girl says to me, “Kenny, you’re the best conversation I had in ages”!

She isn’t saying so due to my politeness, friendliness and well-mannered vibe…simply because there aren’t any.

She’s saying that because of my original approach and willingness to be forward.

Thus is a girl’s idea of a great conversation. 1 that gets her aroused (not necessarily sexually), invested, thinking, thought-provoked and emotional.

When you converse with a woman, you should be thinking:

“What can I do or say to possibly fuck this up”!?

Then you do it…or say it!

Interestingly enough, you will have realized that women hardly ever get offended with strangers.

Therefore, my conversations are anything BUT special, as to why women love them!

It’s just that I do and say shit out of the box that she most likely would not have seen or heard before…coming from a total stranger.

You also have to learn how to make women emotional!

Push her emotional buttons!

By “Emotional”, I’m not saying you should make her cry [though this will be much better than having her there bored to fucking death].

By “Emotional”, I mean to spark a range of emotions within the target (the girl).

Compliment her on something original!

Flatter her!

Neg her by saying something a bit negative!

Call her out on something she said or did!

Try to kiss her!

Try to hold her hands while walking!

Try to hug her!

Push her off (playfully) as you hug her!

Tease her about something!

A wide variety of emotion-provoking statements and gestures is what constitutes good conversation.

If you’re unable to work these angles on a woman, then you’re good as dead.

This is why girls will often say to me:

“Yours is the only good chat I had for the whole week”!

I inject her with varying ranges of emotions: love, hate, good, bad, fear, confident, emotional, friendly, sexual, sleazy, flirty, etc.

Why talking to women about your lame-shit 9-5 job bores the hell out of them, isn’t necessarily what your job entails, but the fact that you aren’t adding any emotion into it. And you’re also making the mistake of saying too much…at least too much of the boring stuff.

I usually tell women that my job entails sex, money and lots of booze.

Right away, the girl’s emotions get to work as her brain tells her that I’m a gigolo, male prostitute or stripper…though I don’t quite have the buffness of the male stripper. πŸ˜‰

Often times, the girl begins to think that I’m a sex-worker, which causes her emotions to go on a roller-coaster ride:

“This guy is bad!

He’s illicit!

He’s no good!

He’s sexy!

He’s trouble”!

Shortly afterwards, I’ll assure her that I’m not a prostitute. Hence, her brain can now get some rest after being jolted and shocked by the thought of being picked up by a gigolo.

That was a perfect example of what constitutes a good conversation.

It isn’t what you say, but the emotions of what you say and what it elicits in the girl’s mind.

This is why saying to a girl whom you’d just met 20 seconds ago, “I love you”, will actually cause her emotional juices to flow.

The girl obviously knows that you cannot love her under the circumstances of only meeting her 20 seconds ago.

However, it doesn’t matter!

The obvious-facetious statement of “I love you”, will get her emotionally invested!

This is no different than me saying to a random stranger, “I wanna fuck you”, knowing that it will cause her to become somewhat defensive and offended (at least pretending to be).

This is what I want!

This is what most men aren’t prepared to do. And this is why most men and their conversations are deemed bland, lame and boring, because they aren’t pushing any buttons and aren’t working any emotions.

Once again: I am NOT doing or saying anything that special.

I’m merely saying to the girl, things which society and women have taught us men not to say [though a mixed bag of contradiction].

For instance, whenever I chat up women old enough to be my mother, am I operating from a son-to-mother frame? Or a minor-to-adult frame?

Of course not!

I come off as though we grew up together and age doesn’t matter.

Hence, it’s very common for me to approach a MILF in her 40’s, and during the conversation, tell her how much I would do her if the opportunity presents itself.

With such a declaration, I’m shocking her reality and expectation of a man who’s 25 years her junior.

To reiterate: good conversations to women, aren’t ones that are safe, risk-adverse and super friendly [though they would tell you so on the surface].

Good conversations are ones that shock the girl’s reality in numerous ways.

There’s this woman in my neighborhood, who’s probably about 46 years old, but mighty sexy might I add.

Few mornings during the week, she would go jogging.

Whenever I’m headed up the road, perhaps to grab a super-early breakfast about 6:30 AM, and I spot this MILF, I usually say to her:

“Wow! All that sweat running from your body is giving me some raunchy thoughts! I would so do you”! 😈 😈

You would expect that a woman virtually old enough to be my mother, would be offended and scold me for my forwardness.


Never have!

Her default responses are 1 of the following:

” :Lol: πŸ˜† πŸ˜† πŸ˜† ” Laughing beside herself.

“You are such a naughty young man”! πŸ™‚

“Why would you want to do that to an old lady”?

“Stop trying to flatter me”! πŸ™‚

Though I never get close to her to have an actually conversation but the drive-by lines, the picture is still crystal clear.

I am unbridled.



Three ingredients to great conversation.

Night-Game Infield Clip – Story-Telling & Conversational Stacking Technique To Avoid Boring The Girl

One of the many sticking points for the average guy [and I usually get bombarded with this] is not knowing how to stay relevant in conversation, and also falling into the trap of boring girls to death.

There are 2 reasons why this happens:

1.). Trying to not mess up by saying the wrong thing.

2.) Milking the same conversational topic until he stalls out.

The remedy to this is Conversation Stacking [even routine stacking] and story telling.

Check out the infield clip which I’d recently put together after approaching a big booty 18 year old while running some night game.

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