Humor Is The Biggest Key To My (Text) Game

Humor trumps any other aspect of Game when it comes to getting phone #’s and ultimately converting those phone #’s into dates and sex. 

Most guys kill women with boredom because they aren’t creative enough to bring a different approach to the table.

I’ll speak more in a subsequent article about “letting yourself go”.

New Video–> Silence That C**k-Blocking, Self-Doubting, Excuse-Making Inner Voice [PUA Inner-Game Video]

New Video—> “SILENCING that cock-blocking inner voice within”. Even the best of us in the game such as myself, periodically has that inner Beta-Male who tries to talk me out of making certain moves which would’ve resulted in securing the lay or even just a meet up. I also cite 2 recent field reports and also how and why an associate of mines who has mental instability issues gets laid a ton for the simple fact that he’s a bit crazy and lacks social inhibitions.
#InnerGameVideos #BeABitCrazy #FieldReports #InnerGame

New Video—> The Ben Carson Effect And Why You Suck S**t With Attracting Women [Low Energy]!

A topic which is very under-addressed in the pick-up community: low energy and poor-voice projection.

In this latest video of mines, I shed some insight on how and why being meek and subdued in your tone and voice actually kills your chances with attracting women.

Not only does it kill your chances (low-voice projection) but it makes you appear non-confident and weak.

At the end of the video, there are few snippets of real-world examples where I demonstrate infield (on hidden-camera) how to be clear in tone/projection when chatting up women with whom I’m not acquainted.

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