Complimenting Women: Are You Original Or a Generic-Junkie Chode? [+ infield clip]

Quick video and live-infield examples of how to compliment girls the simplest way and not be pooled into the “generic lame” basket.

I stopped a girl [a MILF] heading down the bloc to let her know how much I liked her hair and shades.


Chatted up another MILF pushing a baby-stroller: same compliment (shades).

No hoopla, no magic, no 1,000 words oration of a compliment…

Such compliments aren’t dished out on a day to day basis by men who have the balls to compliment strangers on the streets.

Most women would receive generic compliments on their eyes and looks overall.

This is very tacky and lame in my book.

You would never ever catch me approaching a girl to say to her:

“I just wanted to stop you to let you know how beautiful you were”.


[I know that my U.K. PUA buddies are gonna jump down my throat for this one.] 😉

How about stopping her and letting her know:

“Nice hairstyle”.

“I like your shades”.

Not only is such a compliment original, but it’s rarely ever done since guys are looking to impress and woo women off the compliment openers.

If you want to open a girl with a compliment; keep it original and not based on her looks (physically) but on something she has on: shades, earrings, accessories and even shoes.

It doesn’t only indicate that you have taste and are in-tuned with “trendy”, but it indicates to the girl that you’re not the type of dude who gets easily carried away by beauty and outer appearance, but you can actually appreciate a stylish girl when you see one.

Plus it sets you apart from 99% of men who are hell-bent on complimenting women in order to get brownie points. 🙂

If you want a great guideline on how to compliment women, check out my SPA model [Style, Personality, Attitude]: SPA model of complimenting women.

For the record: I never compliment chicks! The video was just a hypothetical case in order to demonstrate, but compliments I NEVER do!

To familiarize yourself with the seduction-community jargon, check out the acronym and term list: PUA acronym and term list.

The Art Of Complimenting Girls [Socialk’s “SPA” model]

For the record: I hate complimenting women [makes me feel like a kiss-ass]!! Especially the hotter ones, since they’re so socially conditioned and immune to the magical effects of compliments.

Guys need to realize that hot chics get complimented regularly. Even the ugly ones still get their fair share of the complimentary pie.

3 most generic/boring/kiss-ass compliments:

•“Hi, I just wanted to tell you you’re pretty”.

•“You got a nice smile”.

•“I seen you and had to come up to you and let you know that you’re hot”.

When you approach the target (girl) with 1 of the above 3 lines, she will have already heard that 10 times during the week. And that’s not counting the 40 weirdos who had messaged her on Facebook, POF or Tagged.

So such generic compliments will not have a positive effect on the pick-up attempt.

Online, she would just ignore your messages and screen you out as another Beta Male loser or would-be stalker.

In person, she would say, “Aah thanks, so sweet”!

Yet in her mind she’s saying, “GTFOH with that lame shit!! Next!!”

However, a pick-up artist or a natural skilled in social dynamics (like Reema), could pull off the cheesy-generic compliment[since we have more firepower and know-how in our arsenal].

Socialkenny’s “SPA Model” of complimenting

S Style
P Personality
A Attitude

Complimenting the target (girl) is way more effective with my SPA concept (opposed to kiss-ass cheesy).

Style Compliment
•“By the way, nice handbag. It matches your outfit perfectly”.

•“Hey I spotted you from across the bar and I had to come up to you and say…you have the most rockstar hairstyle I seen for the week”.

•“Nice eyebrow ring. It says a lot about your sense of fashion. Pretty cool”.

Personality Compliment
•“By the way Karen, I like your vibe and the fact that you’re full of energy”.

•“Hey Lisa, I read in your online profile that you take Yoga classes. Says a lot about your drive to try new things. That’s cool”.

•“I just had to come up to you and say that I’m in love with your rebel personality”.

Attitude Compliment
•“Your attitude is so kick-ass right now, I may wanna chill with you in the near future”.

•“You know what I like most about your attitude? It’s raw but in a cool way”.

•“Your attitude says 2 things about you: fiesty and risky”.

[Note: You don’t have to give more than 1 compliment. It’s for you to decide what suits you and the current girl].

Now, notice a key intricate theme to my compliments: They all lead to a conversation or continue the conversation.

You CAN’T compliment a girl on her “Nice Smile”, and then try to Routine Stack off of it.

After you say to her, “I like your smile by the way”, her only response 9-10 times (in person) will be “Thank You”!

It doesn’t engage her, attract her, nor draw her into the chat. It’s essentially a dead-end [generic compliments]!

But if you say to the girl instead, “I like that you’re a badass”!

Such assumption compliment on her personality will propel her to say something like:

“Me!!? Badass Lol!!? Why do you think so”?

• “I’m not a badass. I’m a good girl actually”.

• “Lol I didn’t know I was a badass”!

Notice how my compliments (SPA Model) forces her to defend herself by responding with dialogue and chat.

You always wanna tailor your compliments in a way which oblige the girl to interact, rebut or become inquisitive [“What do you mean by that”?]

P.S. Eliminate the following- 4 epithets from your interactions with hot women: “Miss, Sweetie, Baby & Cutie”.

I’ve had way more success with calling girls “Shortie” (a slight neg hit), opposed to something sweet and nice.

“Miss” makes the girl feel old-fashioned [granny status].

“Sweetie, Baby & Cutie” put the girl on a virtual pedestal which she doesn’t deserve until you bang her.

Check out the accompanying video about how to compliment women (the right way):

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