Always End It First!!! Get Girls To Chase You On Social Media With This 1 Technique…Redux

Hey fellaz, another solid Facebook game post for you.

This tip has been pounded to death already (at least by me). But an encore/redux is always necessary as a refresher course for those who may not have grasped the concept at first glance.

“Always End The Chat First”!

That is the technique per se which I’m sharing with you guys…again.

Why should you end the conversation before the girl does?

The one who ends it, leaves with the perceived value, power and leverage.

This is why girls ALWAY look to end the conversation on the guy, instead of having the guy end it on them (which never happens by the way).

Women know that the person who first says, “goodbye…I gotta go…TTYL”, becomes the more valuable one (perception-wise) in the grand scheme of things.

As a guy, we rarely ever view it that way, since men aren’t strategic about this stuff.

Well- wake the fuck up!

Women are full on strategic!

Thus, learn to flip the script by ending the conversation first [online, through text or over the telephone that is].

Here’s an example from earlier today [June 28th] of me doing just that.

Now, this girl had just friend requested me earlier, and I pounced upon her A Fucking SAP!

Oh- BTW- here’s another tidbit I want to share with you before proceeding: If a girl adds you as friends on social media (Facebook in particular); assume attraction!

Assume that she wants to fuck you!

When a random girl adds you on Facebook, it is a subtle confession that she likes you, is attracted to you and would like to see what your world is like.

Obviously, this may not quite be the case if the girl already knows you well, tons of mutual friends, etc.

However, if she’s a random; then assume she wants to fuck you!

With that in mind, I received a friend request earlier from a “Random”.

Now- typically- I receive friend requests from random women on Facebook.

Eight in ten times: I would decline the add for 2 reasons:

1.) The girl is ugly, hence doesn’t fit my type nor does she pass my boner-test

2.) She lives outside of my jurisdiction…i.e. another town, city or country

If the girl passes those 2 prerequisites (she’s sexy and lives in my town…or nearby); I will accept her friend request and pounce upon her immediately!

Sometimes, depended on my mood and how much time I have to shit around (or not), I would elect to not message her right away.

With the hottie who added me today; I decided to pounce [my messages in blue. Hers in gray].


Now, why did I go so extreme in calling her “petty as fuck” as my opener/ice-breaker? Leverage! Once someone adds you (particularly a random stranger as in this girl), compliance and leverage automatically go to the person who received and accepted the friend request. In this case: me. In other words, I can get away with saying anything to the girl without offending her since I have leverage and compliance due to the fact that she was the one who sent me the friend request (minutes earlier).

Also, the reason I called her petty was because I took a quick scan of her statuses, just to get a glimpse of her style, and I came across posts which read, “I blocked 5 guys today for blowing up my inbox”. Or, ” Anyone who dares call me through Messenger will be blocked”. The typical stuff that self-entitled hot girls are accustomed to posting.

Additionally, calling a hot girl petty, or any other form of derisive adjective, is a ballsy move in and of itself. No guy does this to a (random) hot girl. By you becoming that guy who says the unimaginable, it sets you apart from the masses, and the girl instantly assumes that you are high value or high net worth πŸ˜‰ .

Furthermore, and to solidify my point; did she take it offensively that I called her petty? Of course not! She knows I’m the Alpha-Male! Since she was the one to add me, she had likely checked out my profile beforehand, and realized the type of guy I am. She liked: then added me. With that, I already knew that she was attracted to me (my vibe). And once a girl is attracted, there is hardly anything you can do/say that will offend her. That is why she never took offense to me calling her “petty as fuq”.

Let’s continue right through.

[My message in blue]


[Her message in gray]


[My message in blue]


[Her message in gray]


Who ended it?

I did.

What does this accomplish (ending the conversation first) apart from what I mentioned at the top of the post?

It shows the girl that I am not desperate for her, nor her time.

I ended things by saying “we have some fucking to do”.

How did she react?

Was she offended!?

Did she block me!?

Of course not!

She “LOL”.

Again- why did she not get offended by me saying we have some fucking to do?

Leverage and compliance!

Without compliance from the girl whom you’re chatting up, anything said or done out of line, will cause a negative reaction from her.

Having compliance is a virtual green light to do or say anything to the girl.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, what type of frame did I set between me and her?

Was it a friendly, friend-zone frame?

Was I coming off as someone who wanted to become her boyfriend (the boyfriend frame)?

Think about that.

The mistake most guys commit as to why they don’t get laid [though there are MANY existential mistakes] is that they inadvertently, and often times deliberately (through ignorance), box themselves into the boyfriend/provider frame or the best-friend frame.

Which frame did I put myself into?

The lover’s frame: “the guy who wants to fuck you” frame!

Moreover, whenever you converse with a woman while giving off the vibe that you would like to date her, or become her boyfriend at some point, she instantly removes sex from the item list (if it was ever on there). Then she’ll purposely make you wait forever for sex. In essence, she will punish you by withholding sex because you had put yourself in the boyfriend/provider frame.

This is the same for the guy who gives off the “I wanna be your friend” vibe. He gets friendzoned by the girl because he foolishly gave off the friend vibe, thinking he could friend his way into sleeping with her.

Hence, when you give off the “I wanna hook up” vibe [earlier as possible], the girl has no choice but to accept the frame you push [“let’s hook up”].

By me telling this random hottie that she’s fuckable and that we have some fucking to do, there’s no ambiguity about my intention, nor the frame in which I push [the lover’s frame].

This is why a girl will, and would never friendzone me [due to friendly frame], nor make me wait weeks, 2 dates and months, etc. for sex [due to boyfriend frame].

I don’t give off the impression of someone who’ll wait for sex (this is because I get sexual and forward right away).

Additionally, I don’t give off the vibe of someone who wants to become her new best friend who sits and chats with her about all the other guys who fucks her and fucks her over.

I give off the sex-worthy vibe PRONTO!

Listen- for argument sake- let’s say that I don’t get forward with a girl in such a context as the one above. My vibe will have still been void of “boyfriend and friend”. So technically, you don’t have to be forward and sleazy with a girl in order to give off the “let’s hook up” vibe. Just simply avoid giving off the “let’s be friends” vibe.

Since I’ve digressed a ton here, I want to end this post on the main topic of getting a girl to chase by ending things first.

As you’d seen from the screenshots in the post: I strategically ended it first.

Where do I go from here?

Firstly: what is my goal?

Sex! To hook up with this chick (any chick for that matter) as soon as possible before the chemistry fizzles out.

Knowing that (my goal for rapid sex), I will contact her in another day or 2, throw my usual pitch about netflix and chill, get her to agree to meet up [they always do], swap numbers then seal the deal from there.

It’s all academic dude.

Same script: different chick.

The fact that I didn’t go for broke right away (since I told her “TTYL”), this move sub-communicates to her Hind Brain aka the Reptilian Brain (the part of a person’s brain which governs passion, sex, desires, etc), that not only am I high value and valuable, but it gives me a mystique appeal, along with the non-desperation vibe.

We all are familiar with the old adage: “we want what we can’t have”.

Things that appear to be out of reach and forbidden: we desire them much more than if they were right at hand. And the fact that those things are out of reach, we humans place more value on those things.

With that, you should now understand clearly how powerful this concept of mines is: ending the conversation before she does.

Doing so will have simultaneously created the following 4 powerful impressions:

β€’I harbor an air of mystic and mystery
β€’I am not desperate hence I have options
β€’I am high value and high net worth
β€’I am forbidden fruit and out of reach

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For a more in-depth guide, grab “Facebook Bang”.

Random Hot Girl Desperately Wants Her P***y Eaten + Women Are Sex-Deprived Pt.II [NSFW]

Hey guys; another FB pull/pickup in the bank yesterday.

Not that I really ever keep count, but over the last 4 days or so, I’ve picked up about 8 random strangers (albeit hot ones) on Facebook by utilizing my now notorious “Facebook Bang” method (at least notorious among PUA and seduction circles).

In fact- here is the deal- I never actually make a conscious decision to hunt women online (i.e. Facebook). It just happens by virtue of being online and browsing and posting my usual controversial statuses.

In the friend-recommendation field which is recommended by the FB system, while browsing it, I would spot a hottie who passes my boner-test, then decide to open her via inbox message.

That’s it!

Therefore, I never actually make a concerted effort to go out of my way to “search and pickup” women on FB.

It just happens whenever I browse my feed and post my statuses.

With this big-boobed hottie whom I picked up on FB yesterday (she lives on an adjacent island); the script as far as my mindset was the same. But this approach was heavily based on a sexual one, and not so much of my customary-asshole approach.

With no further ado; here is the pull in its entirety with a few commentaries below each screenshot collage.

Bear in mind that this is a random stranger. I first opened her with my usual gambit (assumption opener, then quickly suggested we meet up for drinks [that part however wasn’t included below].

The chat reads from left to right, top to bottom rows [girl pictured below].

Big-boobed HB


Above: If you recall the latest FB pull prior to this one, I spoke about shocking a girl with a strong-sexual statement early…so that’s what I did after I opened her with an assumption opener then my usual drink and meet-up proposal. Again- when a girl says “you’re crazy” in a context like this 1, it is usually a compliment. Most clueless guys take it as a negative, thus get offended. She then sent me a voice note of which I can’t recall the content. But I believe it was something about wanting her pussy eaten, and that’s about it she would allow me to do.



She insists on sending voice notes which indicates that the girl is invested and highly interested (since vn requires more investment).


Above: I went for the # hard-core, sensing that she was already sold and hooked on my vibe. In 1 of her voice notes above, she mentioned never having a guy ejaculated in her mouth nor on her big tits before…to which I call her a liar.


Above: in her previous voice note, she mentions that dozens of times per day, random guys would inbox her about wanting to fuck, suck, lick, etc. but she unfriends and blocks them because of that…within a heartbeat.

Now here’s the question: I did the same thing as every other guy does. But why didn’t she block me like she does to every other random pervert? Game (my method of picking up girls on Facebook) and psychology! πŸ˜‰

I also sought to end the conversation before she did…as I always advise you guys to do: Always say bye before she does! It’s a psychologically powerful move whenever you say bye to a hot girl! It fucks with her mind and sense of value!


Above: She now feels a bit inadequate and self-conscious that I was possibly brushing her off for another girl…my girlfriend whom she only assumed I have since I never mentioned having a GF. So a bit of jealousy is also in the mix to deepen the attraction and her desire for me.

Below: Since exchanging numbers, we then made the transition to Whatsapp which I view as 1 step further before the pending meet-up.
[Her texts in white. Mines in green]



Above: Well- that was self-explanatory. We end up sexting a bit later last night while having phone sex (though I only pretended to have played with myself] ;).

Few things I would like to touch on based on the dialogue, the girl and seduction.

She mentioned (via voice note) that dozens of “weird” guys would hit her up like 50 times a day wanting to have sex with her. Some guys would even offer money in exchange for sex and she routinely blocks dozens of guys on a daily basis. She also considers strangers (men) who message her as perverted weirdos [her words].

However, as I mentioned earlier: I also randomly inboxed her (yesterday), so why am I not lumped into the perverted-weirdo box and subsequently blocked?

Is it because of my stunning looks?

Of course not! I don’t have such!

I clearly never asked her why she didn’t reject and block me, because I’m well aware of the reasons I wasn’t rejected and blocked, and why other guys are.

Hence, what is my secret?

Psychology, Sub-communication, Game + the approach.

My sexual boldness does not come off as pervertedly weird but enticing yet shocking in an interesting way.

The girl doesn’t sense desperation and weirdness from me. Rather, she senses sexual humor and boldness.

It is hard to explain how this works on a sub-communication level, but as you advance in the game and the art of getting sexual with random strangers, you will magically find that sweet spot just as you would in any other field of life.

Moreover, Humor, Humor, Humor, is fucking underrated, and I cannot begin to stress it any more than I have already!

Girls get that I am fucking around whenever I go sexual, ballsy, arrogant and assholish. They know that I am dead serious about wanting to bang them! But they also sense that I don’t desperately need it/them, hence my humor in the mix.

This is also what most guys lack [humor] as to why they come off as weird, perverted and un-calibrated when seeking sex online.

Every girl wants to fuck! But she wants a guy who can go about it tactically and tactfully.

That is largely why the vast majority of guys get blown out on Facebook [98%] whenever they contact a girl, openly seeking sex.

They lack tact and tactics, which boil down to psychology, ability to read/understand women, and game/seduction skills.

Here is a perfect example (of the wrong approach) from a screenshot I happen to come across on Facebook today which the same girl spoken of in this article had posted [what irony].


As far as my eyes can see; this guy is well in-shape and good-looking! But it didn’t matter! He got blown out, outed on Facebook for the world to see (via screenshot and identity posted)…and blocked. 😦

Again- this shatters the “looks matter” theory to pieces since this guy looks like a handsome Football jock while I don’t [I checked out his profile pics just out of curiosity].

Though he tried to be humorous (which was a good move), he still came off as creepy, unnatural and incongruent, and got dismissed and blocked by the girl.

You cannot and should NOT beg a girl off of the opener/ice-breaker/1st inbox message, to show you some tits!

You are requiring too much fucking compliance (too soon) from her as a total stranger!

That was the guy’s main mistake among a few other mistakes I can see within that 1 sequence of a hilarious attempt to get boob pics!

You can however say to the girl (as I often do): “I wanna fuck the heavens out of you” (or any variation of it) , and it would work.

Why so? Because I am not requiring her to comply to anything. I’m merely sharing a piece of information with her (that I want to fuck her), and not requesting for her to teleport her vagina into my bedroom.

However, when you say to the girl (a stranger), “please send me a boob pic sweetie”, you are requiring her to invest/comply/act. Since she doesn’t know you from a hole in the wall, and you haven’t attracted her; she won’t comply/act, but to delete and block you instead!

In order to get a girl to send you naked pics as the girl featured in this article did voluntarily (sending me nudes); you have to firstly attract her through game!

Yes- game!

This is why I never ever open random strangers online with, “Send me a boob pic”, as all of these weirdos do.

You have to firstly gain her compliance through game before she will comply to such a request or any request for that matter!

Thus, this is exactly why this girl, and every other girl on Facebook, ignores, deletes and blocks every clown who inboxes her trying to get naked pics or wanting to meet up for sex.

These weirdos [“weirdos”, according to women] are expecting the girl to comply straight off the bat, without they having to work for it by gaming and charming the girl a bit!

This is why every random girl I pick up on Facebook always says to me:

“You’re different than other guys”

“You’re interesting and other guys aren’t”

Technically, I am not doing anything different than the next man in that I’m being sexual also! In fact, I am being more sexual, which should make me a bigger pervert and creep than the guy who merely wants nudes!

Guys are merely asking girls for naked pics.

I hit girls up for sex.

Hence, my approach is WAY more gutsy and perverted…yet random strangers on Facebook don’t reject me for such an approach, but they find me to be super interesting, different and attractive…and they fuck me for it.

Again- the only difference with my approach and the creepy weirdo’s, is that I don’t expect the girl to comply without firstly gaming/charming her up. And I also build attraction firstly before going full-on sexual.

The average good-looking guy thinks because he’s handsome, he can just randomly inbox a hot girl with, “send me some boob pics baby”, and she would just comply.

In his ignorance and foolishness; he gets branded by women as a creep, weirdo, perv and potential rapist, exposed on Facebook by the girl whom he had inboxed (via screenshots), and he’s subsequently deleted and blocked. Contrarily, because of my Facebook pick-up method and approach, girls see me as interesting and fuck-worthy, and not pervy and creepy.

Most Girls Are Sex-Deprived (self-inflicted)

This may sound somewhat contradictory since in pickup, we teach that every girl has lots of options in men and dick from which to choose.

That is very true!

However, just because she has lots of options, doesn’t at all mean she will utilize lots or any of them!

Moreover, the average ugly girl- in spite of being unattractive- can on any given night, fuck some hot guy (“some” meaning a dozen). But she elects not to do so more times than not.

An attractive girl likewise, has even more options. But she doesn’t utilize them except for a meager 2%.

This is testimony and indicative of the fact that most girls go to bed at night alone!

Even if they do have a partner (which is almost always the case), they aren’t likely to screw him every single night.

Case in point: the big-boobed hottie featured in this article.

Big-boobed HB

She’s hot as fuck! Yet she’s having phone sex and sexting, and sending me naked pics of herself (masturbating) on her own free will (this is a common occurrence BTW)!

Hence, she is sex-deprived (though it is self-inflicted)!

She is lacking sex, though she likely has dozens of options of dick to choose from!

The problem is, as to why girls don’t just fuck any guy who inboxes them, boils down to a lack of game and a lack of understanding of women on the guy’s part.

The average guy doesn’t understand how to approach a stranger for sex online.

We’ve already dealt with the wrong approach which is utilized by the vast majority of men (98-99%) on social-media sites. So it is crystal clear already as to how and why guys kill their chances for quick sex.

With that being the case (guy’s ignorance of how women operate), most girls resort to playing with themselves on an average night…just as this girl, though she’s hot enough to get dick on any given night.

Girls have tons of options but they rarely ever use them!

For the most part, most girls fuck their current boyfriends, their ex-boyfriends, or someone in their social circle.

The exceptional and sparing cases happen when a girl goes outside of that box to then fuck a guy who isn’t her current, an ex-, or a guy within her social circle.

Hence, the average Jane is NOT fucking dozens of guys [her options]! She’s fucking about 2 guys on average: her current BF, an ex, or a guy within her crew.

The exception is the Pick-Up Artist (PUA), or some random guy she met at the club while being pissy-drunk, and he ends up getting lucky by virtue of the fact that he was at the right place at the right time [the pussy landed on him…in other words].

Make no mistake about it: girls want sex! But they want a guy who understands how to go after it!

Women are so stubborn that they often put off sex for months at a time, simply because they cannot find a guy who gets/understands it…like me. πŸ˜‰

They have all these dick options, but they would rather play with their vagina to sleep, than to fuck some inept chode who doesn’t get it.

Here is the interesting part in relation to the previous point: I would always hear women nonchalantly say stuff like [presently and in the past]:

“I went 2 years without having sex before”.

“I haven’t had sex in 9 months”.

Funny thing is; I never believed that shit!

“How can a chick go months on end without having sex while having dozens of guys to choose from”!?

I would say to myself.

Well- it is crystal clear now as I explained to you guys previously: a girl will rather do without sex for months and years, than to fuck some guy(s) who doesn’t get how to approach women for sex.

Therefore, all the while when I thought women were just blowing hot smoke about not having sex in 10-15 months; they actually were telling the truth! But I didn’t understand this until recently.

Since picking up and sleeping with all these random hotties on Facebook over the last 12 months specifically [innumerable amounts], I couldn’t help but ask myself recently:

“Why are all these attractive women on Facebook so easily predisposed to the idea and act of having sex with me (a total stranger), when these girls could obviously have sex at the drop of a hat with numerous guys whom they know personally…who are hotter than I am”?

It really tripped me the hell out when I thought about it a few weeks back!

Women are really sex-deprived!

In any case, with the girl anonymously featured in this article; the stage is already set.

Though she harps on the point of “getting her pussy sucked and eaten”, I know better (from vast amounts of “sex”perience) that once a girl gets oral sex performed on her, there is no way in hell she could resist the urge of having that same guy penetrate her then and there [unless he’s a guy she’s been with numerous times]!

I mean- I’ve been through this dozens of times over the years, where I would meet up with a girl under the guise that it’s “oral sex only”, and it would lead to sex ALWAYS, after I would’ve gone down on her.

I would perform oral sex on her to the brink of climaxing then pull back! I would tease her snatch to the brink of climax until it hurts. She would then beg for me to insert the cock inside of her.

Hence, with this chick; it will be no different come weekend [that is if I don’t get tied up with other plans, i.e. other girls πŸ˜‰ ].

A girl will rather verbally commit and agree to having a guy go down on her, than to verbally commit and agree to having a guy fuck her.

In her mind: having oral performed on her, is less slutty than having a guy fuck her [blame chick logics for this fuckery].

This is part of the girl’s ASD (Anti-Slut Defense) mechanism, whereas for her to say, “just oral sex”, she avoids looking slutty because she didn’t agree to full-blown sex.

It’s all psychology on the girl’s part.

It take a savvy guy to sift through the bullshit and play it cool like a cucumber as if he’s been down this road hundreds of times.

On a final note, if you’ve been following my posts over the weeks, you will have noticed 3 styles/game of mines which often overlap with each other:

1.) Asshole/Badboy game

2.) Sexual game

3) Deeply Passionate and Romantic game

The 3 styles intertwine quite often.

On 1 hand, you would see me approach and pick up a girl over Facebook by being a dick, prick and an asshole.

On the other hand, you would see a more sexual, forward and dominantly sexual approach.

Or, you may see a haplessly romantic type of game where I go heavily and deeply on passion and romance.

All 3 styles work!

I never really use 1 style completely independent from the others.

All 3 styles overlap whenever I approach a girl!

However, depended on certain factors and signals that I read from the girl, I choose 1 of the 3 approaches to utilize in order to pick her up, seduce her, and sleep with her.

This is called “Calibration” in the underground-seduction community.

Depended on the girl, I calibrate my game/style/approach and proceed accordingly with either of the 3 styles, but heavily relying on 1 particular style, all depending on what I see/sense from the girl as I scan her profile at first sight.

For instance: whenever I come across a stranger’s profile, I would scan it briefly (even just her main profile pic), and would be able to tell within a nanosecond, which of my 3 approaches would be best suitable to work on the girl.

If I sense that she’s the dominant type; I would utilize my asshole approach.

If from scanning I sense that she’s a romantic type; I would go all crazy romantic with deep deep romance game as if it were love at first sight…however with tact and strategy.

It works!

If however she’s showing some cleavage in her profile pic [as was the case with this girl]; I go hard-core sexual [sexually dominant]!

Therefore, I have 3 main styles in which I utilize depended on the girl, her pictures, her posts and the vibe I sense from her on an instinctual and ethereal level.

Most of my approaches online are based on intuition and a hunch.

With practice, time and continual experience/exposure, you will have garnered a sixth sense for reading women just by looking at their smile in their pics, the position of their limbs, their entire body in the pics [reading body language], etc.

Hence, I can just scan a girl’s profile pic alone, and like some sort of clairvoyant wizard, I can tell whether she’s DTF or not, how to make her DTF, and which of my 3 styles to utilize in order to get into her panties.

With time and exposure to women: you gain this uncanny ability!

At the moment, this same big-boobed hottie is hitting me up by the minute, dying to talk and text, anticipating the weekend’s action, dying for some oral performance and to get laid πŸ˜‰

Big-boobed HB

Her position has now changed from strictly oral, to oral + penetration, or oral with a friend + sex. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜†

Powerful, isn’t it?

Stay tuned for the next article which will deals with “Cunnilingus” and taboo in these parts.

You will get a greater understanding as to why great portions of the girls I pick up in the Caribbean (where I’m currently located), are heavily desirous of oral sex.

Note: bear in mind though that once you have picked up a girl by utilizing the strong-sexual approach as I demonstrated here, you want to always slow it down prior to meeting up, or else the sexual-anticipatory pressure will have been built up so intensely that the girl freaks out [though she loves the vibe] and ends up flaking and standing you up.

For instance, since I’ll be meeting up with this girl on Friday [presuming nothing comes up on my end], it would be ill-advised of me to steamroll into Thursday and Friday with sex, sex, sex as the main theme of our conversation.

The girl already knows that we’re going to fuck. It’s already a foregone conclusion.

With that being the reality, there is no need for me to pound sex, sex, sex from now until Friday, or else the girl will freak out due to high expectation and performance anxiety.

Thus, by tomorrow, I will have slowed the vibe down by making a transition into normal conversation (rapport-building stuff), and totally abandon any talk of sex.

Just as men suffer from performance anxiety prior to sex: women do too. Therefore, always slow things down about a day or so before meeting up with the girl or else she will freak out 65% of the time.

I’ll speak in depth about this crucial piece of pre-date insight in a future post.


By the way, I implore you to re-read this article (mainly the dialogue between the girl and me) just to drill down the vibe in which I embodied: my humor, precision, the moment in which I decided to grab her #, how I grabbed her #, how long before I went for the #, how long the dialogue/pickup lasted, my overall tone, when and why I ended the conversation, when I laughed (LOL), etc.

All those pointers which deal with calibration/timing, are fucking invaluable! So re-read the chat-log!

Oh- Not to belabor the point, but I implore you to learn my entire method of how to get laid through Facebook like a boss.

Grab your copy of the infamous Facebook Bang bonus product at the link below!


It’s been making its rounds around pick-up and PUA groups on Facebook such as that of RSD’s (RSD Inner Circle), the leading pick-up company on the globe.

When Chicks Chase Desperately Over Messenger

Hey dudes, I have to admit that I’m having a blast posting these real interactions between women and me.

They truly give guys an illustrative format of how this works and how women respond under various circumstances.

The following interaction [if you can really call it that] is between me and a sexy Puerto Rican Latina whom I picked up over Facebook about a day ago [by employing my stellar FB pick-up method of course πŸ˜‰ ].

What the screenshots below depict is the number of times that this chick tried to call me through the messenger app.

BTW, this had all occurred this morning [as in Dec. 6th]. And yes; I do write my posts in almost real time as situations unfold. πŸ™‚


I counted about 10 missed calls within the span of 5 minutes. 😯

Why didn’t I answer?

Honestly, I was not in the talking mood and I actually get annoyed whenever people call me unannounced through these apps.

Now you know how chicks feel whenever some random chode calls them through Messenger…unannounced.

To add to that [why I didn’t answer], I was doing some crunches. So that part wasn’t misleading. πŸ˜‰

Furthermore, I want you to focus on the psychology here: hot girl calls a non-hot guy and non-hot guy rejects her many calls.

Does this ever happen to hot girls?

Fuck no!

Rarely ever!

The only guy who ever dares subject [hot] women to this sort of dismissive treatment is the carefree Alpha jerk who doesn’t try to please women- because in his mind- he is the prize and not her!

Hence, with this Latina, I flipped the script/role and made her chase me to the point of desperation!

I wish I was able to screenshot my opener/icebreaker and the previous texts, but they weren’t saved in the Messenger app since the first round of messages I sent wasn’t through Messenger. 😦

Anywho, so that was that, my phone kept ringing but I kept ignoring the calls.

The more you ignore; the harder she chases.

Having have to chase after a guy [me] being a hot girl, it [chasing] shatters the hot-girl blasΓ© which dominates her way of life.

Hot girls walk around with a sense of entitlement looming around their head since most guys [Beta-Male nice guys] make them feel entitled.

Girls in general are turned off by men who spoil them, so nice guys rarely stand a fair and equitable chance at snagging a hottie who isn’t looking to use and milk them for their resources, finances and attention.

Therefore, whenever she comes across a man [a rare one] who deviates from the normal script, this crossing of paths rocks her little reality to the core and attracts her to this guy who doesn’t seem normal.

“Why isn’t he scooping my poop like every other guy does”!?

She asks herself.

Here is another great example through screenshots of another chick whom I picked up on FB…but this one dates back to August.

Same script. Different chick.

[Her messages in gray. Mines in blue]


That chick also called me to death through the app. 😑

Now, here is an interesting piece of fact you may find shocking: dozens of girls per day call me through Messenger, all hours of the day, all unsolicited and all unannounced.

I’m not talking about unattractive land-whales either. I’m talking about HB7’s to 10’s of all races.

What is the magic?

Is it that I’m Denzel?

Am I rich!?

Do I possess a bodybuilder’s physique that “supposedly” drive women crazy?

None of the above!

The Voodoo lies within my persona, attitude and behavior, style, image and vibe.

Those are they!

Call it Game or what have you.

At the core of my method, what makes it so potent [any PUA method for that matter] is that I compel women to chase me, when they otherwise would never fathom the idea of having to have to chase a guy for his time and attention.

Asshole game is 1 such powerful strategy.

Overall, you should aim for a nice balance of hot and cold.

Never be too available for her!

That is key here! The moment you put yourself at her disposal will be the moment she disposes of you.

Hence, you want to not answer her calls, not call her back when she says to and so forth.

Pretend as though you forgot if anything!

Doing so will keep her chasing as long as you had her chasing to begin with.

I speak in depth about how to get random hot chicks to chase you on Facebook in the Facebook Bang product.

When you will have done all that, getting a girl to commit to dates or something more, will become as easy as snapping a finger.

What If A Girl Asks You For Something?

Ok lad, today we’ll be dealing with a very common occurrence between male and female during the courting phase.

Typically, if you as the guy go down the road where you give the woman the slightest hope of a possible relationship, she will run with it…even though she knows to herself that she would never date you.

This is why you should avoid setting a boyfriend frame when you’re trying to hook up with a girl.

With that being said, most guys still make that mistake and end up in the string-him-along zone where the girl in turn gives guys a glimmer of hope by acting the part of a potential girlfriend down the line.

With the dynamics being so, it is very common to receive such a text message as follow:

Girl: “Hey Greg. What are you bringing me for dinner tonight”?

Generally, a girl will feel reservation in asking a guy such a question as to not come off as a gold-digger.

However, since the guy would have played his hand wrong and inadvertently give off the boyfriend vibe, the girl then feels much more comfortable to ask such a question as, “What are you bringing me to eat for lunch”?

In all essence: you can’t blame her!

The guy is at fault for leading the vibe down the wrong road [relationship] opposed to setting a “I wanna hook up” vibe.

Even if you do genuinely desire a relationship with the girl, you still want to establish a hook-up frame and then take it from there once you might have hooked up.

However, you don’t at the inception of the pickup, want to set up a relationship frame/vibe, or else the girl will treat you as a potential boyfriend by requesting things and favors of you.

If you have no qualms with being her provider without getting anything for it: then be her provider by all means!

Here’s a screenshot as example from a chat between a student of mines and a girl he’s trying to hook up with.

Note where the girl does this…and you now know why she did it [because he set a boyfriend tone initially].



Due to him framing the interaction wrong [by setting up a relationship frame], the girl now feels encouraged and embolden to ask for something.

Is she a gold-digger?

Likely not.

Had she been dealing with a guy who knew how to set the “I wanna hook up” frame from the inception, she would not have been misled into asking for things.

On a side note: women react to the frame in which you present them.

If you communicate to her that you’re willing to be her sugar-daddy and spoil her rotten; she will expect that and run with it!

If you present yourself as the type of guy who loves to care for women, pamper them, cook and clean for them; then the girl will know how to act accordingly.

Additionally, if you present yourself as the type of guy who sees her as a sexual being because you yourself are a sexual being; then she will act accordingly by playing that role…which means she won’t hurl requests and favors your way.

As a woman; she’s still inclined to do it, but just to test the waters in order to verify whether she’s dealing with a weak provider-type male or a dominant and sexual man who puts sex first and everything else.

Ok, so to be clear here: if a girl asks you to buy her something, be it a drink or snack, you should only do so only if she accepts to hang out upon delivery of the inexpensive goods.

That’s it!

That is the fucking bargaining chip!

Either you flat-out say “NO; I won’t buy”! Or you say “Sure; as long as we’re hanging out”.

Always dangle your want and desire in front of her face!

She’s stuck at home and wants you to bring her a pizza?

Ensure that she knows it won’t be a mere drop-off and go, but a rendezvous instead at her place.

Most guys would aimlessly grab the pizza, drop it off and leave in a flash.

NO, NO, NO!!!

Make sure that the girl knows it is a 2-way street where both parties should get their requests met.

In this way, you train women to become more complaint and cooperative.

Now check out the added text log to see how my student handled this correctly.


That was an almost perfect response to the girl’s request.

Had he eliminated the “?” mark at the end of his text, it would’ve been a flawless response.

As I cited in a previous post: question marks give off the impression that you’re seeking approval and you’re coming from a position of lower value than the girl in this case. Hence you want to ask without using question marks unless you really have to…in order to avoid ambiguity about what it is you’re asking.

In any case, don’t lose sight of your goal and the reason you’re communicating with this chick in the first place.

It isn’t to become her texting-buddy, phone-buddy, platonic friend, male BFF or – rather worse- her hapless provider.

Lastly, allow me to make this crystal clear by saying that this doesn’t apply within the confines of an already relationship.

If you’re already exclusively dating the girl or having a fling at least, then you obviously run no risk of getting shortchanged and thrown into the provider zone or friend zone.

By all means; deliver lunch and dinner to your girlfriend without a string attached.

You really have nothing to lose.

It is your duty in a sense.

However, if she is a girl whom you haven’t dated, aren’t with and never shagged: don’t do any favors for free unless she’s willing to bargain and meet you half way by actually agreeing to meet up with you at the time of the transaction.

Don’t let her psyche you the fuck out!

Women are notorious for bamboozlement!

Therefore, you don’t want a situation where she hits you with:

Girl: “Pick me up the pizza please and drop it off and we’ll meet up tomorrow evening”.


Girl: “I’m busy at the gym so you can pass and drop off the shake and protein bars and I’ll see you in about the next 2 hours after I freshen up”.

Don’t fall for any reign check!
She will flake almost every time by going back on her flaky promise!

Thus your frame/mindset has got to be: “I’m bringing the stuff. Hope you have a movie”.

Always be on guard for little-subtle tricks that women play.

All in all; it isn’t the worst idea to do a girl a favor. Just as long as she knows you’re immediately expecting a return in the form of meeting up.

If she opposes to this by any stretch [meeting up]; cut her off immediately!

She’s just out to use you for small favors without the intention to see you!

Pulling Girls Back To Your Place From Anywhere

‘Pulling’ is an art.

Getting a stranger to come back to your place requires social intelligence, strategic and logistical tactics or otherwise tricks.

I explain those pointers in the videos including a clip as example where I took a girl home (‘Pull’) from a lounge while adhering to the laws of ‘Pulling’.

Don’t Allow Women To Out-smart You…

This happens more than you think: girls out-smarting men.

I touched on this before in an article almost 2 years old but hadn’t gone into any depths on it.

Today while coming from work, I picked up a British girl who’s here on island for Summer vacation.

I time-bridged during the interaction to see what the logistics were to meet up later or tomorrow.

“Time Bridge” is a seduction concept which entails verbally bridging the initial meeting/conversation to a subsequent 1 (a 1st date, etc.).

Usually, I would try to take the girl with me right away on the initial pickup but my hands were tied as I was starving (haven’t eaten for the day), dehydrated from the Caribbean sun and I frankly prefer night-time pulls to an insta-date instead of during the daylight hours.

She was definitely down for us going somewhere to hang out Right Now! But for the aforementioned reasons- I forfeited.

Plan B, at least on my end, is to meet up later on when it’s much cooler.

This means I’d have to break my 7 month rule and take her phone #?

Me: “Ok cool. Sun is blazing right now so later on in the evening will be better to hang out instead…like between 6 and 8”.

Brit: “Yea I know. But I have dinner plans later on between that time. My family is having a dinner out so I’m gonna be tied up”.

Now, here is where tactics, skills and leadership ability come in.

Quite often, most guys (90% of us) would say, “Ok- bummer. Then we should reschedule for another day or later in the week”.

Fuck that!

“Don’t allow women to outsmart you”!

Me: “Ok cool, so dinner plans between 6 and 8. Eight is still early, we can meet after your family dinner…unless you’re gonna be stuffed and all bloated and can’t move out of your bed”.

Brit: “LOL no I won’t be stuffing myself. But why not tomorrow [Saturday]”?

Fuck tomorrow!

She’s just trying to find a way out!

Women do this subconsciously all the time!

They will make up any excuse to delay meeting up…even though they really want to see you.

Hence, such tactics to outsmart me by putting it off for tomorrow, was detected and immediately countered by my anti-bullshit radar.

Me: “Nah! Tomorrow I’ll be extremely busy so it has to be later or I don’t know when”.

Brit: “Thing is- I might have a date after the dinner date”.

Once again: more tactics to try to outsmart me.

I don’t doubt that she has plans upon plans. But she can always change plans and flake on the other guy whom she had plans with prior.

Hence, never allow her excuses (however genuine) to blunt your progress and plans.

Me: “Ok cool- so you have a date after 8. You know what- screw it! I’ll shoot you a text in the evening and we can meet up right after your family dinner then you meet your date for your date. Can’t beat that”!

Brit: “Ok. I don’t have a problem with that”.

Ok guys, see what I just did?

I check-mated her by countering her attempts at out-smarting me in the process.

If I leave it up to tomorrow [Saturday]: she may flake.

Therefore, it’s always best to seize the opportunity whenever possible.

She was down to hang out with me then and there (1 PM) but I wasn’t able. So later on that day was the best time logistically to time bridge for a meet-up.

Always aim to wedge yourself in between her plans, essentially disrupting her pre-planned schedule.

If you’ve been following my method of pickup, you will have learned that a woman is never opposed to ditching her plans for something else such as newer plans on the fly.

It just takes encouragement and prodding on your part to get her to relax her prior plans.

I didn’t ask her to ditch her family and scrap the family dinner (although it’s highly possible).

All I requested was that we hang out immediately after the family date before she goes on her official date which is supposed to be after the family dinner.

I’ll update you guys either later tonight or tomorrow [Saturday].

Physical Leading By Max

Ok, some advanced stuff off the heels of the previous post which featured basic, basic game.

Max gives a lesson in physically leading and grabbing.

This is advanced stuff but even if you’re newer to pickup, you should still be looking to incorporate these techniques into your arsenal until you become proficient at it.

Getting Girls To Stop And Talk Through Verbal And Physical [Live-Video Examples]

Getting a girl to stop and come to you is simple business to an advanced seductionist but it can be a difficult task for most men.

Probably the most common question I get asked by guys through social media:

“How the hell do I get a girl to stop verbally and physically”?

The obvious answer is to:

1.) Physically stop her!

2.) Verbally stop her by saying it with purpose!

Easier said than done in that if you simply say to a girl (stranger preferably), “Hold on”, she will or won’t stop depended on your voice projection and how much you own it with a sense of physical and verbal entitlement.

Lately in cyberspace, we’ve been hearing a lot about entitlement in dating and meeting women.

The media and the established-dating world have it that to be entitled with women and pussy, is a grave-social sin.

To that I say an “entitled” attitude with women is the winning attitude of an Alpha-Male.

An air of entitlement is very powerful in getting women to stop, come to you and talk.

Whenever a guy tries to stop a girl on the streets or even in the nightclub, the girl usually keeps it moving as if the guy doesn’t exist.

Lack of entitlement, lack or purpose and not owning it, are reasons why women keep it moving when trying to get them to stop and talk.

In the video, I talk about 3 points which will get girls to stop or come to you:

1.) Sense of Entitlement (owning it)

2.) Really meaning what you say

3.) Casual dominance

4.) Physically grabbing her hands

In the video, I included some live examples where I get girls to stop and come to me (verbally and physically).

Bottom line; you just have to fucking mean it and say it like you mean it (for her to stop)!

Random-Sexy-Entitlement Bad Girl Teen Mom Tries To Get Me To Buy Her Something [Infield-Day Game Footage]

Hot girls are very entitled and often spoiled!

In this infield video (hidden-cam), while walking by a bodega, a complete stranger stops me:

“Can you buy me a juice”?

She gets 100 points for having balls. πŸ˜‰

Not to mention she has a tattoo of the “Bad Girls Club” emblem, which speaks to the type of girl she is [loves bad boys and drama] hence the theme of the footage. πŸ‘Ώ

Check out the video.

What I actually want to highlight from the video for you guys are few pointers:

*Hot girls are entitled. In other words; they are used to men [Beta-Males] giving them what they want at the drop of a dime without a question. So when she’d stopped me and demanded I buy her a juice, she was expecting for me to do what 99.9% of other men have done: instantly give her whatever it is she requests.

As you’d seen in the video, I didn’t (readily) enter the bodega to buy her a juice. I didn’t allow her perceived hotness to turn me into a chode, so I did what most men wouldn’t do whenever a girl hits them up for drinks: fuck with her a bit.

The flirting and sexual banter about buying her a juice in exchange for oral sex, was just a way to communicate to the girl that I’m not a chump, a sexy body doesn’t impress me and that I’m not afraid to do or say some things that may offend.

It’s not that it’s bad or weak to buy a girl a drink or something inexpensive. It’s just the way in which you [the guy] go about it and from where (psychologically) it comes.

Diving into your pockets immediately without fucking with the girl, not even questioning her, is a sucker move and lowers your perceived value tremendously. It’s primarily for that reason I’d refused to buy her a juice. However, I did give her $ 5 bucks in change to buy a candy or something for her son. The message I sent there was this: “I’m buying your kid something and not you”!

That’s a very powerful move when dealing with entitlement-whores who always get their way with AFC’s [most men].

At the end of the day, did this teen mom really needed me to buy her a juice?

I don’t think so. I believe she has 1,000 chumps hitting her up daily who’d be super willing to buy her whatever she wants…let alone something to drink.

What this actually was, is that the girl spotted me, liked what she seen [I’m no Denzel but…], so she devised a way to start a conversation with me. In Pickup parlance, such a move would be classified as an “Indirect Opener”. That’s exactly what it was. This chick opened me [which is rare]. But regardless if she was attracted to me or not, attraction isn’t permanent, so I can always do or say something that would’ve fucked my chances and killed the attraction [such as rushing into the store to buy her a juice].

On the other end of the spectrum, this could’ve actually been a situation where the girl and her friend were daring one another to see if they can get guys to buy them shit (however trivial and inexpensive).

Nevertheless, I played my hand correctly and that is what I want you guys to take away in a nutshell from the video.

You never want to give in to a random woman’s demands just because she has tits, ass and an overall fuckable body.

She won’t respect you as a man for submitting (gracefully).

Few more tips from the video I want to point out.

When I handed her the change to grab something for her son and she went into the Spanish bodega which we were standing next to, I didn’t just stay there muted. I chatted shit with her friend in order to disarm her, win her over and create a good impression on her (the friend). So we chatted about Easter holiday, wine and other random shit.

Hence, you always want to engage the friend of the girl whom you want. If the friend likes you, the friend will always encourage the girl to fuck you. So you’re building an ally in her friend opposed to a cock-block.

Another thing, notice how my dialogue was very sexual from the get-go. This leaves no ambiguity as to the type of man I am: sexual, a little pervy, forward and DTF. 😈

I didn’t hit her with any boyfriend vibe, provider vibe nor friendship vibe. I was SEXUAL and flirty (mutually so).

When I realized that this chick was actually into me sexually [as an advanced seductionist; you’ll be able to spot these cues], I immediate transitioned the vibe from chatting shit to logistics: hence I asked what work she does, where does she work, what’s her working hours and if she was working that night. 😈

This is called fishing for the fuck-logistics or seeding the bang.

I didn’t take her phone # because as I’ve been preaching on this website since December, 2013: phone #’s often lead to nowhere (8 in 10 times). So my best bet was to try to hook up with her later that day (since I couldn’t have done it then and there) by meeting up with her after work (without relying on a phone # to set this up).

This is also what you must realize and it’s a very powerful concept I recently hatched:

If a girl is willing to give you her work information, details, department, working hours, etc. then there’s a 90% chance that she’s interested where she would expect that you would seek her out there. Not in a stalker-type fashion but with the realization that you’re the type of man who goes after what he wants shamelessly.

Whenever a girl gives me her work address, it’s equivalent to giving me the address to her apartment. She’s essentially telling me to come by. She wouldn’t do this with a guy whom she didn’t find attractive, dominant and fuckable. Hence she wasn’t gonna cough up her work information to a bum or a guy whom she wouldn’t fuck.

Therefore, there’s zero need to get a girl’s phone number (which 8 in 10 times, is a subtle way to brush the guy off).

Simply get her work address, find out the logistics and meet her there (either during or afterwards).

I’ll break this down in a follow-up post if you aren’t too privy to this stealthy technique of mines.

All in all, re-watch the in-field video and learn what is taking place there.

By the way, this doesn’t happen often (being opened by a girl), so it’ll be important that you learn how to deal with such totally random occurrences.

This was the 1st time in my life I had a complete stranger (a female) stop me and asked me to buy her something. 😯

Whether it was a test or she genuinely wanted something- doesn’t fucking matter.

It’s about how you handle it in respects to what you want.

Although when I first approached I had no sexual intention. But after reading the vibe and the chick’s receptivity to certain sub-communications, I figured there was something there sexually.

Girls who are “entitled” or feel as though they should get what they want on demand, their panties get wet in the face of men who don’t give in.

However, merely not giving in isn’t enough to get you laid.

You will have to then move from the initial or built attraction to the fuck-logistics…which I’ll address in a subsequent article.

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