Virgo: My Achilles Heel In The Lay Department

“I knew she was a Virgo”!!!

Okay, so I don’t usually out chicks publicly. But this 1 was way too interesting to not do so (plus I got the go-ahead from the chick beforehand. She’s a good sport).

I wrote a post the other day to Facebook, about Virgos, and how they actually believe (or pretend to believe) that they’re virgins.

With that, they will often times go to the extent of not giving up sex just to create this mythical image of a Virgin (Virgo).

Most guys don’t buy into the Astrology thing.

I on the other hand do!

I think it should go hand in hand with picking up women.

Saying that bit to say, whenever I back check the women who gave me this virgin snobby attitude in the seduction phase of the Game, almost all of them were Virgos (literally all)!

Now I’m not talking about standard LMR (Last Minute Resistance) that every girl gives guys as we say in pickup.

I’m talking about lying in bed with a girl, butt-ass naked and she pretends as though she doesn’t want it, then berates you for trying to get it.

I mean, it’s just LMR on a different level with Virgos.

Anyway, with this chick pictured below, someone who commented on my Virgo post the other day, she slept in my bed about 4 years ago [I picked her up on POF actually].

She went as far as to insinuate and to remind me (or imply) in the comments, that because of her Virgo nature, she withheld sex from me.

By all means I tried to shag her! But she pulled that extra Virgin shit on me the entire night. Butt-ass naked in my bed…but didn’t want to give it up because she felt it was beneath her [her words at the time].

Although I was upset as fuck and wanted to kick her ass out; I swallowed my pride and went to sleep cuddling 😦 .

It’s funny how we remained good friends to this day….and that was like 4 years ago.

All in all, I do believe that a girl’s sun sign largely dictates her behavior, personality, actions and so forth.

You may not! But from my experience; the shit has credence!!!

Just to emphasize: when I back check the birthdays of the girl over the years who had slept in my bed but got away unscathed, they were all Virgos!

Now- if that doesn’t blow your fucking mind as it did mines: then I don’t know what would!

Although I don’t take into consideration much, a girl’s sun signs during the pre-sex phase of the pickup. After the lay however, my actions and how I perceive the girl’s actions, are pretty much based on her sun sign.

From my experience with fuck-buddies, friends-with-benefits, etc. I know that Libras are prone to flaking way more than those of the other 11 signs.

Hence, whenever I’m trying to set up a booty-call, I am well mindful of the fact tha a Libra is prone to bullshit me, prone to waver and to become a creature of indecision.

With all that taken into consideration, I am way more able to manage my shit (such as expectations) and to keep a cool head because I know what’s driving these girl’s actions behind the scenes.

Be More Interesting Than The Next Man [Drawing Women In Through Your Status Updates]

In the previous post, I spoke about statuses and social-media posts as a deciding factor in whether a girl accepts or rejects you.

Your posts can either turn women off or serve to attract or draw them in.

Here’s an interesting example from a post I made Friday about not trusting Libras and Geminis.

I went on to say that I I’ve been studying the Zodiac for over 16 years now.





Since posting that status Friday, I’ve had a score of women hit up my inbox asking if their boyfriend (Libra or Gemini) is cheating.

“How the hell would I know who’s cheating or not cheating”, I said to myself?

Anyway, the chick from the screenshots above has been getting on my nerve ever since, hitting me up at 8 in the morning wanting to know about Libras.

Do I look like some kind of relationship or sun-sign expert?

All pun aside, there are few things/subject matters in pickup we consider “chick crack”.

Those are things which women go bonkers over!

Astrology is 1 such chick crack: a subject which women are addicted to learning about.

I know scores of women, and I know you do too, who purchase local newspapers, just to read the daily-horoscope section…which is only about a quarter-page long to be honest.

Women love this shit! And so do I, which is indicative of the fact that I’ve been studying this stuff for over 16 years, before learning about seduction and pickup.

There’s no chick on Earth who isn’t fascinated by their Horoscope and the Zodiac.


With that, it behooves me why guys aren’t building attraction with women through cold reading their Horoscope and sun sign.

As the post title says: “be more interesting than the next man”.

Since most guys who post to social media, post lame shit that does nothing whatsoever to attract the interest of women, it doesn’t take magic on your part to post interesting shit that attracts.

However, what does the average Joe Shmoe post to his Facebook?

Some lame shit about a pending UFC bout, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Soccer, sports in general, and other such interests which doesn’t interest women in the least.

Guys absolutely blow my mind to Smithereens with the dumb shit!

They desire to attract women, want to get laid via social media, yet they continually post male-related shit, then wonder why they can’t get laid, and are always ignored or rejected by women!

I mean, I love professional boxing more than the next man! But I’m wise enough to NOT spam my Facebook or Twitter with posts about boxing, since boxing is male-centric!

Attraction has nothing to do with looks as I’ve been preaching to you guys ad nauseum!

On that note, I am currently working on the complimentary PDF document called “Pimpin’ your Facebook”, which will show you step-by-step, how to turn your Facebook into a chick-magnet.

Stay tuned!

Tell Her What She Is And She Will Become It [PUA Tactic Of Cold Reading The Girl]

Tons of guys ask me ad nauseum: “How do I get girls to reply to my messages on Facebook, and what do I say to make things easier in regards to date and sex down the line”?

This brief post won’t exactly expound on the topics of what to say and how to get sex. But it will give you a more than general guideline on how to lead the girl’s mind in the right direction by using the awesomely deadly and powerful old-school PUA tactic known as ‘Cold Reading’.

Cold Reading In PUA Seduction

An example of cold reading is trying to guess a girl’s sun sign- then- whether you guessed it correctly or not, you go on to read her personality by telling her some things about herself (or her sign) in hopes to strike some accord.

That is cold reading in a nutshell.

It is reading someone without firstly having any info about that someone (hence the “cold” part of “cold” reading).

My game weighs heavily on some form of cold reading.

I would tell the girl something about myself, project this something upon her (a cold read)- then viola- she predictably agrees with my take on her, or her personality.

Here’s a pertinent example from last night where I chatted up a total stranger on Facebook. Remind you; this was my first time inboxing her since being FB friends for some months now.
[My messages in blue]





Were you able to spot the cold read and how the girl agreed to the frame I set?

If you didn’t notice, then your ability to read women suck donkey balls!

Here it is again:

Me: “…you seem like a girl who knows how to appreciate a guy who can mix things up instead of being the same boring lame 24/7. So…are you spontaneous and a bit on the adventurous side”

Her response:

“Yes I am”!!!!

She emphatically expressed her fondness for the adventurous and spontaneous!

In essence, I set her up for accepting the frame which I set.

In other words, by telling the girl that I’m a lover of spontaneity and adventure, and that I see that she can appreciate guys who aren’t boring, I forced her to accept the best option…which is to admit to being fond of what I’m fond of (spontaneity and adventure).

This is called frame control and leading with a bit of indirect-cold reading.

Her emphatic reply goes to show that she’s down with the frame I set, hence the title of the post: “Tell her what she is and she will become it”.

Why does this all matter in the first place you may say?

Well this is why: guys generally make the mistake of framing the interaction wrong.

Instead of putting the girl into an adventurous frame as I did, most guys would foolishly set a good-girl frame by saying shit like:

“You seem like a respectable woman”

“I love a good girl”

When you say things like that to a girl whom you are intending to hook up with eventually, you blunt your progress by inadvertently forcing the girl to play the respectable-girl role.

From the contrary, when you do as I did, push the adventurous frame unto the girl, you encourage her to accept the more attractive frame: being adventurous.

With that, would you rather go on a date with a girl who sees herself as a “good respectable girl”, or a girl who sees herself as an adventurous gal”?

That answer is clear as day.

Good saintly girls don’t do adventurous shit on their dates.

Adventurous girls do adventurous shit on their dates…like fucking on the balcony, in a restroom, etc.

You get the picture.

On a side note, your Facebook profile should reflect the personality of someone who has fun, and who is an attractive man via his personality.

For instance, you can’t expect to get women on Facebook to engage in messaging you, and to want to meet up, if your profile looks like shit and reeks of Beta-Malery.

Hence, everything must appear congruent.

What constitutes a shitty unattractive profile?

Posts about sports, Lebron James, Soccer, memes which has nothing to do with the sexes, posts about your faith, links to music and Pokemon clips, etc.

What ultimately gets chicks keen on me is my high-value profile.

With that, I can afford to cold message chicks and get forward off the bat.

In a matter of weeks, I will try to complete a e-book product called “Pimping my Facebook”.

It’s a step-by-step guide on transforming your Facebook from the lame profile it currently is, to something high value and attractive.

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