Women Will Always Scheme Ways To Skirt Loyalty To Their Boyfriend…As Long As You’re An Alpha On The Side

The other day, I wrote a somewhat controversial piece on side dick and why women who cheat, decide to cheat.

Piggy-backing off of that theme, I will expound a on a related topic which speaks to a woman’s propensity to run circles around her significant other in order to see another guy behind his back: and even right under his nose. 😯

Two Thursdays ago while I stayed in the city for that weekend, I hit up a chick on Facebook, after seeing a post she’d posted about attending a karaoke joint that same night.

Remind you: this is practically a stranger whom I’d only been friends with on Facebook for about a month. However, adhering to my stellar Facebook pick-up method, I was able to reel her in successfully like a fish on a hook, getting her to comment on my eyebrow-raising status updates and so forth.

Essentially, I had managed to attract her solely via comments on her posts and mines.

Anywho, I hit her up directly [inbox] for the first time (2 Thursdays ago). And it went like this.

[My messages in blue]

She was elated to hear from me privately, since unlike 99.9% of other guys, I restrained myself from flooding her inbox with all sorts of cheesy Beta-Male bullshit. So clearly (and this is from year’s worth of experience with women), she was anticipating my DM. So when she finally got it, she was elated. This was given away by the fact that she “LOL” when replying to my message (above) about “what are you doing tonight”?

Continuing. And by the way; this is a sexy fucking girl as you can see in the inserted pic in the screenshot above.

[My messages in blue]

[Above screenshot] Now you see an effort on her part to subtly justify why I should come, and also an effort on her part to downplay any discomfort on my part that her BF and son will be there.

Again guys: subtle frikkin’ tricks on the part of women with boyfriends in order to skirt fidelity.

Knowing that she’s trying to bait me into coming along, I also threw some subtle pitch of my own when I mentioned that we’re not gonna be able to mingle since her BF is there.

Now, in the screenshot below, check out how she subtly frames her comment as a way to justify why she and I should still meet up right under her BF’s nose.

[Her texts in gray]

Okay, so by her telling me that her BF is a cool dude, it was a desperate yet artful ploy on her part to try to sway me into meeting up with her at the karaoke joint.

She senses that I wasn’t sold on going. And since she’s highly attracted to me (my Alpha-Male vibe), she began to sell hard in trying to convince me to meet her there!

She also sneakily insinuated that my intentions were dirty. She’s right! She knew I wanted to fuck her! Although I never told her that since this was literally our first convo. I gave off that sex-worthy, bad boy vibe during our banter in the comment section on each other’s posts.

The point is: she knew my intentions were dirty, and she didn’t fucking care because that’s what women want; a real man who isn’t bashful about having a dick that he’s willing to use when given the chance!

Additionally, I purposely took a long time to reply to her message about bad intentions, so that’s when she mentioned “u not replying”?

[Her texts in gray]

Learn how to play hard to get! By me saying to her, “I don’t want the BF drama”, it not only makes me NOT look desperate, but it made me appear hard-to-get, and it also forced her to chase me even harder.

Now here is was that this girl is going out with her boyfriend (and their little kid), yet she’s facebooking another guy (me)- a total stranger you can say- trying to convince him [me] to meet up with her still.

Isn’t that some powerful and telling shit?

The texting continued (my messages in blue).

She: “You plan on taking me in a corner to talk”?

What is she doing here by asking that?


What was I implying to her when I said what is the point if I cant talk to you?

I was further trying to bait her in with a sense of loss.

I was giving her double impressions: mixed signals. On 1 hand: I told her that I want to hang out. On the other hand, I was giving her the impression that her BF would be an indirect cock-block.

Long story short: I end up disappointing her by not going.

I made other plans which were more conducive to getting the lay.

In any case, I want to conclude this post by touching on the topic at hand: women with boyfriends skirting fidelity in order to meet up with guys whom they perceive as sex-worthy Alphas.

In this instance; I was that guy.

Had I attended, I can tell you exactly what would’ve gone down.

Taking a guesstimation that the venue was small (most karaoke joints are small), I would imagine that her BF would’ve been in eye-shot of his GF and son.

With that, there would’ve been very limited amount of play for me to maneuver by way of anything sexual.

However, flirting verbally would’ve been a must. And since she mentioned “a corner”, I would’ve at some point taken her aside to get physical outside the view of the boyfriend.

I doubt I would’ve gotten the notch. But makeout and shit would’ve been a given.

Nevertheless, I merely wanted to point out the extent to which women will go to take chances beneath their boyfriend’s nose.

She will make a ton load of excuses as to why it’s okay in her eyes. And she will also convince you that her boyfriend is harmless as this girl did with me.

The girlfriend would’ve likely said to the BF: “I’ll be meeting a friend there too, but he’s cool. He’s just a harmless work mate”.

Thus, the boyfriend himself would actually be under the impression that the guy she’s meeting with is an innocent and harmless Beta-Male.

Generally, this is correct! Since most guys are harmless wussies who wouldn’t dare escalate on a girl, a girlfriend can very well convince her significant other that the guy she’s talking to is some harmless chode.

Therefore, in retrospect, that would’ve likely been the case had I gone. She would’ve tapped her boyfriend and tell him (either beforehand or at some point during the night) that I were some innocent-gay dude whom she works with. Thus I would’ve been rendered a non-threat to him.

What he wouldn’t have known was that I am an ardent seductionist who fucks girls with boyfriends for a sport and an income.

However, women don’t care!

She wouldn’t have cared that she mischaracterized me to her BF as means to swindle him in order to freely be in my presence in a semi-intimate kind of way.

This however will not happen for you with a hot girl, unless you have social value in her eyes!

Looks don’t fucking matter!

I cannot fail to beat that point to death!

I am not the most shiny bolt in the toolbox by far! Women often say that I’m ugly! But that doesn’t mean shit because I know looks don’t matter but vibe and personality do!

As for the issue of trust and trusting women: I trust no woman to not cheat.

With guys like myself out there, knowing what I know, and doing what I do, it is extremely difficult for me to trust any woman.

I call this 1 of the unintended consequences of mastering seduction and getting good with women.

Picking up women and sleeping with women becomes so easy that you just cannot bring yourself to ever trusting women

It’s not like guys like myself- and I can speak for myself with certainty- it’s not like we go around with mistrust on our minds. Even if we were in relationships, guys who reach this level, though we learn to not trust women to not cheat, we aren’t jealous boyfriends who snoop around hurling about accusations of infidelity at our girlfriends.

In fact: it’s the contrary!

You would think that a guy who doesn’t trust women, would constantly hound his girlfriend, monitor her, search her phone, etc.

Totally not the case.

With not trusting women, it makes no sense to monitor a girlfriend since you already left space for disappointment in your heart…proverbially.

Guys who get their hearts shattered upon the revelation that their girlfriend is cheating, are the ones who never thought it could happen. The guys who trusted unconditionally.

Trusting a girl unconditionally is akin to cutting your dick off and using it with your hands to fuck the girl. It makes no sense!

Quote-unquote “Nice Guys” are usually the victims and suckers of unconditional trust in their girlfriend.

Not surprising, those guys are the only ones getting cheated on.

With all that being said, through vast amount of years of experience with women on various continents, from various countries of various ethnicities and races, I’ve come to the realization that women will almost always deceive their tamed boyfriends in order to skirt fidelity just to romp around with a guy who gets it: a guy who gets women and gets what women responds to.

Brief-Insightful Theorization: Why Women Prefer Sex On The Side To Boyfriend Sex (A Must Read For Men)

As of late, I haven’t pontificated on any deep aspect of seduction, relationship or any other aspect of male-female relations. But here’s a pretty insightful one for you which I touched on a few years back.

Side Dick Will Almost Always Trump Boyfriend Dick

A bold-ass declaration indeed; but I’ll explain.

Here’s another bold statement I’ll make, which flies in the face of popular belief: women don’t cheat as means of search for better sex! In other words; women aren’t cheating because sex with the boyfriend isn’t satisfying and pleasurable, nor because he’s lacking in the size department!

Those are urban myths ginned up by some women who don’t even have a clue as to why they do what they do.

This then begs the question: why do women prefer dick on the side to their boyfriend’s dick?

Firstly, I must make it clear that I am not saying that all women “cheat”. I am specifically speaking of the women who do cheat [though I don’t use that term to describe what is known as cheating].

Of the women who do cheat; why do they have a preference for side dick if it isn’t about sex, better sex or bigger cocks?

The thrill!

Yes: the thrill!

That is why women cheat: the trill and the intense head-rush they obtain from the idea of knowing that they’re doing something “wrong”, forbidden, lewd and thrilling.

It isn’t about the sexual intercourse at all!

If anything, the sex on the side is just an amenity or perk thrown into the overall scheme.

Whether the side-dick sex is stellar or sucky; doesn’t fucking matter!

A side dick will never get accused of being awful in bed, no matter if he’s atrociously awful!

The job of the guy on the side isn’t to provide good sex. His role is merely to be an actor in the thriller.

How do I know that sexual performance from the side dude doesn’t matter to a girl who’s cheating?

I’ve been the guy on the side innumerable times! And most of the time, I don’t even bother to give 20% in the performance department. Why is that? Because I know my performance doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

I also know that the so-called cheating girl isn’t going to ditch me as the side dude, just because of my sub-par performance in the sack.

Now, since you now know the reason women prefer side dick to their boyfriend’s- the trill and the adventure of cheating- what can a boyfriend do to minimize the chances of his GF cheating, or to equalize this perception somehow?

Well- he can be equally as thrilling in other ways!

If you haven’t been privy to this yet, I’ll share it now: I have a girlfriend of 7 years. It is an exclusive relationship but I bargained for the rights and okay to date other women.

In any case, how do I keep my girlfriend from not cheating just because she craves a massive head-rush from the idea of forbidden sex on the side?

I give her thrilling times of my own! Hence, there’s no insatiable drive on her part to seek it (thrill) elsewhere!

The head-rush she gets from cheating, I provide my own head-rushing adventures which give her the same sensation of doing something forbidden and lewd.

What do I mean?

For example: role playing!

It is a great way to have your girlfriend experience a massive thrill akin to that of getting dick on the side [role playing]!

The role-playing can even be based on a cheating girlfriend.

Any role playing will do…honestly speaking.

As long as she gets a thrilling time, away from the humdrum and monotonous routine of boyfriend-girlfriend sex.

Listen, the thing is, the average boyfriend gets lulled into a false sense of security once he has successfully nabbed himself a girlfriend.

He becomes lazy, boring and predictable.

Hence, the girlfriend becomes open to the idea of fun/thrill: NOT sex!!!

This isn’t about sex!

It is the lackluster routine that she’s tired of!

Sex on the side is just an ingredient or byproduct of the greater reason!

The guy on the side- not him personally, but the experience- provides her with that spontaneous sensation which she craves, but isn’t getting from her boyfriend because he’s now become dormant and lazy.

As for myself personally, when it comes to role playing [a cheesy term I that hate using by the way], I like to create spontaneous and random scenarios and just have my girlfriend come along on the escapade.

There’s no real need to clue her in since the less she knows, the greater the sensation and the thrill.

I would tell her to meet me down a secluded alley (during an evening). I would be awaiting her with my face concealed with a bandanna. Out of the blue I would swiftly walk up behind her and grab her by the mouth while covering her eyes. I would then blindfold her with the bandanna and lead her as though I was to bound and gag her.

Clearly she would know it’s me (that’s if I open my mouth). But it didn’t really matter if she does or doesn’t.

While dragging her, or leading her, I would take her few yards ahead to an abandon building of sorts, or just a really secluded area in the alley, and fuck her doggy-style position from the back while she’s blindfolded.

Before I left, I would tell her in an exaggerated threatening manner to not turn around until the count of 10.

I would saunter off then ring her cellphone and tell her to meet me on the other side of the alley.

Basically, I would’ve made it seem like they were 2 separate guys independently involved (or un-involved): the guy who had accosted her and fucked her at random. And me, the boyfriend, who’s now taking her home.

I’ve done this with my girlfriend on numerous occasions. And the high she gets from it is just massive!

I also get a massive rush from it!

Additionally, and on a somewhat lighter note, I would tell her to meet me somewhere, and without a word said, I would almost rip her clothes off and fuck her through an alley or back street.

We would also have sex at many random locations outdoors.

All this is upon my initiation…of course. It is up to me to spicen things up, and to give her that trill and excitement!

Leave it up to her- the woman- and none of this would get done with an air of spontaneity if she were the one to initiate these role plays and sporadic sexual encounters.

Okay, so what else?

Sex in forbidden places: rooftops, in someone’s backyard, at work (her job or mines), in a restroom at the restaurant, etc! 😈

You get the damn point, don’t you!?

Give her that thrill! The same thrilling sensational high she gets from fucking another guy behind her boyfriend’s or husband’s back!

Bear in mind that just as the emphasis doesn’t have to be on sexual performance when it comes to the side guy, it doesn’t have to be about your sexual performance with your girlfriend while role playing or doing something really raunchy and spontaneous.

the sex is the least!

The drama and the experience are the most key components to getting your girlfriend off on 1 of these massive highs akin to that of what she experiences while cheating.

All of this also begs the question: “how often”?

“How often should I orchestrate these thrilling moments with my girlfriend or wife”?

Whenever you sense that monotonous routine is setting in, subsequent to fights and arguments.

I liken this to rough-makeup sex after an argument with your girlfriend.

The thrill and endorphinal rush she gets from being manhandled and fucked with aggression, is wickedly addictive for her!

You don’t need to do this every night. Chiefly during fights and periods of boredom in the bedroom.

I’m essentially encouraging you to spicen things up, which is always a plus.

Doing so correctly [I see no way you can flub this up] will keep your girlfriend or spouse at home…proverbially…meaning, she won’t be out there in search of illicit thrills since she’s getting her fix of them at home…from you.

On a final note, I just want to shed a little light on some statistics which I often bring up in discussions like these: Ninety-five percent of the women I sleep with are either in monogamous relationships or marriages.

Upon hearing this declaration, a guy once accused me of being a vile scumbag for preying on women whom are taken.

My rebuttal to his diatribe was simple: “Do you actually think I possess some sort of secret detector which pings me whenever I come within 5 feet of a girl who’s taken”?

Saying that to say; I do NOT single out and target women with boyfriends or husbands just because I want to be a home-wrecking prick.

Upon approaching a woman, I have absolutely no clue of her relationship or marital status!

Why then do I happen to come across so many women with boyfriends?

It’s because there is no such thing as a girl who’s single!!!


If a girl is single, she’s either bat-shit fucking crazy with major instability issues, or she has some sort of apparent disease or deformity, physical ailment or handicap which prevents her from either talking (speech impediment), or prevents her from audible comprehension (hearing impairment).

Those are your single women! And the reasons mentioned above are why they are single!

No sane or physically normal girl is legit single!

If you were approaching and meeting as much women as I do, online or offline, you would quickly come to the realization that 9 in 10 girls are either full-blown in a relationship, just got out of 1 but is still fucking her ex (which means she’s technically still with him), or married.

The odd girl here and there would say she’s single. But get to know her ass, and within a matter of days or weeks, you’ll quickly discover that there’s a secret boyfriend in the mix whom she’s been hiding from you.

Thus, most girls- 9 in 10- have someone! So the odds of fucking girls who are in some form of relationship, will have been extremely high!

You just don’t know this because you aren’t approaching a fraction of the women I do on a weekly basis, let alone over the course of a month.

Therefore, I have empirical datum to substantial my claims, unlike those keyboard jocks, mental-masturbators and dating/pick-up theorists who have zero to minimal experience with the opposite sex.

With all that said, you now know the reason behind why women cheat, and 1 strategic technique in how to minimize the chances of your girlfriend or wife ever cheating.

Hopefully this also dispels the myth that women cheat because their partner isn’t paying them any or enough attention at home.

You may want to read this short post of mines from a few years back: “Fuck her like an Animal”!

Usain Bolt: Making The Pick-Up Artist Proud…Conquering One Girl At A Time

The sprinting giant, Usain Bolt, has been in the media in unflattering ways, during and after the Rio Olympics.

Over the past week, photos have surfaced of the track-star giant, allegedly making out with numerous girls in a Rio nightclub.

In fact- I think “alleged” is the wrong word here- since all indications confirm that it was Usain Bolt getting his mack on at the club.

What seemingly is causing such a shit storm in the social-media world, particularly from females and their Beta-Male patsies, is that the Big U Bolt allegedly has a girlfriend of 2 years, effectively branding himself a womanizing cheater in the eyes of the media, women and neutered-feminized men.

A fellow seduction buddy of mine out of Poland, had linkd me on Facebook to a Dailymail post, which is essentially a field report as we would say in pickup.

David had made a joke in the comments that this chick gets paid for her field reports while we Pickup Artists don’t. 😆

On a more serious note, the way I feel about this recent shit storm, is already well transparent by the titling of the article alone.

I personally defend a man’s inherent rights to choose whom to lie with, regardless of his relationship status.

Other PUA’s would take umbrage with that, contrary to popular belief that guys who subscribe to the PUA philosophy on dating, are all total douch-bags who believe that monogamy is evil and regressive.

Nevertheless, I hold the belief that monogamy is a feminist construct, propagated by lonely and insecure women to emasculate men who were seen as having way too much power since the advent of human history.

With that, the feminist movement was born, and a host of men was guilted into relenting, and thus jumping on board woth the novel ideology that having more than 1 woman (or cheating) was now deemed evil and demeaning to women.

Most men today, being brainwashed and effectively neutered by all of this, now find themselves wholeheartedly subscribing to the cheaters are evil dogma.

The irony here is that even the men who (so-called) cheat, are quick to publicly bash Usain Bolt’s philandering just to avoid the social backlash which comes with siding with a so-called cheater.

Aside from the politics of it all, there’s no greater feeling in the world than to see a guy embrace his manhood, his love for variety of women and simply owns it in the face of scrutiny.

He’s made me proud that he isn’t shy about banging chicks around the globe!

Cheating Girlfriend Turns Stalker…Part II

Since meeting and hooking up with the girl spoken of in the previous post, a process which took no longer than 4 days might I add [from pickup via FB to sex], things have turned for the worse.

In what way you may ask ❓

Well- she’s becoming clingy: very clingy.

“Clingy” is a pleasant way to put it. In common jargon: she’s a fucking pest!

Now, it’s quite understandable for others to surmise that perhaps I’m being melodramatic here with colorful descriptions such as clingy and pest. But a huge part of the discontent on my end comes down to personal likes, dislikes and boundaries.

If a girl rings me more than twice a day, I’m liable to become very irritated as I begin to feel somewhat stifled and claustrophobic, and as though I’m being watched with tabs being kept on me.

Additionally, and more in relation to the girl here, after I would’ve hooked up with a chick, the excitement and novel feelings wane for the most part.

Essentially, the game is over.

In such a case, I prefer to then settle into a more quasi-traditional role where nothing spectacular happens.

In other words: booty-call and that’s it.

Nothing irks me more than when a girl pushes for more than what I’m willing to bargain for.

Sounds like I’m beating around many bushes and speaking in riddles, right?


Anyway, so this chick became super clingy since we hooked up once.

She had since re-added me on Facebook, she has me on Whatsapp, IMO and numerous other platforms to say the least.

If she can’t reach me by telephone, she sends me a bunch of frikkin’ text messages, she messages me on Facebook, video-calls me on IMO, etc.

This is overbearing!

Other guys would love this! The average guy would salivate at the idea of having a girl chase him, call and text him ’till infinity!

I on the other hand instantly feel a sense of crowdedness.

This shit gets real old real quick.

Furthermore, I just want to quickly touch on the “hooked” factor in relation to sex.

There’s a general misconception by large numbers of men out there, who hold the notion that a girl gets hooked to a guy because of his sexual prowess and how good he fucks her in bed.

This is absolutely FALSE as I’ve been preaching for years!

I regularly get subjected to the nagging conversations between the boys at the barbershop on weekends, conversations which include ideal proclamations such as the following:

“Man, if I ever get my hand on that girl, I would smash her so good, she’ll be knocking on my door everyday, hooked on the dick”!

I laugh because these guys literally have no clue as to what keeps girls hooked and turned into stalkers.

It isn’t about how good you fuck the girl. But existential factors which have very little to do with sex.

Case in point, had you read part I of this 2 part series, I mentioned that I “half-ass” banged the girl while back at my place.

“Half-ass” denotes a mediocre and lackluster performance, right?


My performance that night ranked arguably the worst of all time, aided by the fact that she wasn’t enjoying it herself.

Now, with that being said, why has this girl now turned into a clingy stalker since our first and only sexual encounter was a joke?

Again- it had nothing to do with sex.

Getting a girl hooked on you is a psychological thing, and rarely ever boils down to the mere physical such as sexual performance.

As a guy, you may be led to believe it’s mere sexual. But that is because you’re not lending credence to the other things you might have been doing right.

Here’s a look at the chat log between this cheating girlfriend and me. This was days later down in the month of May since we hooked up. This was also upon receiving numerous phone calls from her #, and a slew of calls from an unknown number…which was from her 😦 [my texts in green]


The deal was, she wanted us to go to the beach together, so that’s why she asked if I still had my friend’s vehicle.

The thing is though: “why”?

“Why should we go to the beach”?

“You’re not my girlfriend”!

“What would be the point”?

Those are the questions I asked myself, which I wanted to scream at her.

She kept persisting about the beach thing. So much so that she even rang me to try to come to some accord in her favor. 😯

I ignored her messages and phone calls into the following day.

The reason she wanted to go to the beach with me was to have sex in the water.

Generally, I wouldn’t mine such a proposal. But not after having slept with the girl.

In any case, I don’t take light to girls bugging me, calling me and texting me for whatever reason.

Do I lose respect for a girl once I sleep with her?


I’ve stated many times in the past on this website that there is no such thing as whores and people who cheat.

IMHO, because a girl sleeps around doesn’t deem her valueless. I have way more respect for a girl who is sexually liberated and doesn’t make a guy wait weeks, months and years, than a girl who intentionally drags out the inevitable just to try to make herself look valuable.

What I don’t like are girls who get attached and clingy.

As for girls with boyfriends; I have no qualms sleeping with them, nor do I hold the opinion that it is unethical in any way.

Lastly, I just want to emphasize that once you become skilled in the art of picking up women, no 1 girl becomes more important than the next chick.

The vast majority of guys lose sight of things once they manage to get their dick wet.

They begin to fetishize, idolize, pedestalize and cherish the girl for no good reason, simply because she spread her legs for them.

Soon after, the guy becomes ultra-clingy, needy and stalkerish.

This sort of reaction, in turn, turns women off.

If you want to turn a girl into a stalker (which I don’t) after you would have banged her, you have to treat her derisively, dismissively and coldly.

Not every girl I sleep with turns into a stalking pest.

Most times it depends on how I play it, the frame and other existential factors.

Cheating Girlfriend Turns Stalker…Part 1

“There’s no such thing as cheating”!

Two weeks back, I picked up a random hottie on Facebook, a girl who lives about a 10 minute drive away from my area.

Side note: I guess by now it’s no secret that I pull lots of ass in succession via Facebook.

Anyway, not surprising, this girl has a boyfriend. But that never stops a girl from sleeping around does it ? ❓

Within 5 minutes of messaging through Facebook, I managed to attract her (to my vibe and bad-ass personality), we exchanged numbers with the plan in mind to hang out sometime in the coming days.

The key here guys, as I’ve been preaching ad nauseum, whenever you number close [get a girl’s #], always ensure that the girl knows the deal, that you aren’t grabbing her # just for the fuck of it, instead to meet up, hang out, go out, whatever.

Too many guys still make the mistake of securing girl’s numbers as some sort of psychological trophy, when the # is merely just the beginning, while guys are treating it as though they had visited poon-town.

Additionally, if you grab a girl’s # without clearly stating to her that the reason is to meet up ASAP, she will assume what she’s been accustomed to assuming her entire life: “He simply wanted my number just to talk or text sometime”.

Do you want her # just to talk and text?

I sure fucking don’t!

Hence, always ensure that you relay to her (while getting the #) that this is about meeting up.

Okay, so once this girl and I swapped numbers the very day I friend requested her on Facebook, my plan as usual was in motion: to meet up for a bite/drink, or meet up @ my place for “Netflix & Chill”, 😉 otherwise dubbed: “Netflix and Sex”

With this girl however, it was trickier than expected.

I absolutely never meet up with girls during the afternoons, simply because I’m a night person I guess.

However, her weekday evening schedule was such that she couldn’t manage to make it out the house because her boyfriend works in the evenings. So the only how we would’ve been able to meet up was if she comes by me between the hours of 12 pm and 5 pm…on weekdays that is.

Another challenge presented itself, but on my end: on weekdays, there’s no guarantee that I would be home until about 4 pm. And that would effectively be too late to meet up.

Be as it may, I rolled the dice on a Friday afternoon where we planned to meet up @ my place around 12 lunchtime. So I ditched some work I was doing and went home to get shit in order for the rendezvous.

Twelve noon went and came, 1 o’clock went and came, and the girl was a no show.

She texted me and we had the following exchange as to the delay [her texts in white].


Basically, she was running errands for her mother. 😦

“Soon come” but she never came.


Since it’s a weekday (though it was Friday), I kind of knew that meeting up in the evenings was out of the question since she told me that her boyfriend works from the evening, and she’ll have to stay home to babysit their toddler. So that was the big dilemma as to why she couldn’t just meet up with me, even though her boyfriend wasn’t to be home.

She decided to ring me so we could hatch a plan of some sorts for the Friday night.

We talked about the possibility of her sneaking out with the baby, essentially bringing the baby along with her to my place. 😯 😯

Plan B was for her to look a sitter so that we could meet up.

We discussed that over the phone before resuming text conversation.

One of her concerns was that if and when she does sneak out to stay with me for the night, she wanted to ensure that she was able to shower.

Why the hell not?

I assured her that she could shower by me.

In fact, she doesn’t even have to hitch a cab.

“I’ll pick you up”! [Text log below. My texts in green]


Generally, I don’t drive unless I TOTALLY have to. Though this wasn’t a matter of compulsion, I borrowed a friend’s car for the night just for this mission. So the plan was set in motion: drive to her address and she will meet me outside, we drop the baby off at her girlfriend’s house then head to my pad.

It gets tricky though as things progressed.

The 2nd attempt at meeting up was supposed to happen before 9 o’clock PM but things were looking shaky.

According to her, her boyfriend became suspicious as to why she was packing the baby’s bag as if he or she were to sleep out that night.

“Damn girl! You have to be more careful than that”! I said to her over the phone.

At that point, I had already driven to her area but was told to stay put for a few minutes since her boyfriend was still home, lurking around trying to get answers.

She came up with the excuse that she was going by a girlfriend’s for a bit, so that’s why she was packing the baby and heading out in the first place.

The boyfriend didn’t buy it at all!

He was supposed to be at work from about 6 pm and it was close to 9 pm and he was still home trying to get to the bottom of things.

Meanwhile, I was parked up in the dark at a nearby high school, waiting for some answers, and hoping that shit doesn’t go any further South than they have already.

We were supposed to meet up since 12 noon the Friday, and it was 9 PM the Friday and still having complications.

The boyfriend abated and decides to leave the house…according to what she told me over the phone.

The high school is virtually a bloc away from her apartments, so she rang my phone, asking if I spot a guy in a certain description headed towards my direction.

“Nope. I didn’t see anyone of that description”.

No one was on the road near the high school for that matter.

She didn’t trust that her boyfriend really went to work. But that he’s possibly outside lurking to see where she goes…if she does leave.

Minutes later, I was becoming more restless and antsy.

She didn’t want the boyfriend to see her getting into some strange car parked on the side of the road. So that compounded to the fear.

Oh well- she made a run for it anyway!

Here she comes with baby in hand to meet me parked up by the high school.
[The chat log on the right side. My texts in green. Hers in white.]


We dropped the baby off at her friend’s, stopped off at a fast-food joint to get some pizza then headed to my spot for the rest of the night.

“Holy crap”!

Now that was a head rush!

What a huge risk to take, huh?

The extent to which a woman is willing to go just to cheat on her boyfriends is remarkable!

This chick was so comfortable at my place, not only did she fall asleep, but I had hell trying to get her ass to wake the fuck up! So much so that while trying to wake her, I was posting to Facebook in real time about kicking girls out after sex, and how there was this girl in my bed who didn’t want to get up.

Females on Facebook were even weighing in…in defense of me kicking her out nevertheless. 😆 😆


After successfully kicking her out after 1 AM, the Saturday morning. 🙂


The primary reason I wanted to, and ultimately kicked her out, was because I wanted to hit up the bar to run some night game and get some phone numbers.

Yea- lame right?

Therefore, having this chick at home in my bed, was in essence fucking up my plans.

Other guys- those who lack options- would die for the opportunity to have a girl want to sleep over.

A master pickup artist doesn’t put pussy on a pedestal…especially after he would’ve slept with the girl.

At the end of the day guys, hopefully you would’ve realized a theme that I push around these parts for years now:

Relationships mean very little to women.

Present a woman with the right set of circumstances and the right kind of guy, and she will fuck him regardless of her relationship status.

If a guy’s girlfriend hasn’t cheated on him yet, it isn’t so much that she’s against the idea of sleeping with another guy.

It may very well boil down to the fact that she hasn’t met the right guy yet who has the persuasive skills to get her to want to cheat on her boyfriend.

Hence, it is rarely ever the case that your girlfriend loves you so much that she will never cheat. Instead, she hasn’t come across a master seducer such as myself who knows how to instant sweep her off her feet by giving her that feeling of being desired and wanted.

Additionally, 98% of the women I slept with over the last 10 years, all had boyfriends or were married.

Let those statistics marinate in your system for a bit.

Stay tuned for part II.

Relationship Mis-Expectations & Secret Contracts

The previous post was concluded with a snippet on relationship expectations and why both sexes have different expectations upon entering that phase of courtship.

The theme of this post will tie into why women cheat and why they cheat more than men do.

Upon entering a monogamous and exclusive relationship where both parties understand that they are to be faithful to the other, a virtual and sometimes verbal contract is also signed.

The meat of this contract defines exclusivity and that each party is bound to the other, therefore continuing to deal with a previous partner, must be discontinued.

That is expected of each party.

Women don’t quite see it that way. Hence, where and how mis-expectations come into play.

When a woman embark upon her journey of a new relationship, she expects to maintain some form of communication with the guys whom she had dealt with prior.

This expectation however isn’t mutually expected- meaning- she won’t take light to the idea of her new beau keeping old flames around.

Men on the other hand, being enamored with the idea of claiming a girl as theirs, almost always concede to all demands, and turn a blind eye to what they should expect from their girlfriend.

This is why relationship is a woman’s domain.

She has all the leverage, she drafts up all the plans and secret expectations, and secret deals that her partner would never agree to had he known better.

She gets to set the rules, guidelines, parameters, expectations and so forth.

Relationship is her baby!

Since men by nature aren’t monogamous creatures, and aren’t historically equipped to deal with just 1 girl, we haplessly allow women to structure and control the relationship from the onset.

Unbeknownst to us men; women are rigging the relationship settings in their favor beneath our noses.

Therefore, as she expects the man to observe fidelity and devotion to her alone, she doesn’t quite hold herself to the same expectation. And the new boyfriend doesn’t call her out on this since he expects mutuality right across the board.

This mis-expectation on the man’s part, will come back to bite him in the ass throughout the relationship.

Be as it may, so the woman structures the relationship to her liking, rigs it, twists it, dominates it then ultimately wrecks it inadvertently.

From the onset: the relationship was flawed and built on the basis of subtle bamboozlement and trickery, thus it was destined to self-destruct within no time.

It is for this core reason [cunning rig-job by women] why almost all relationships in the western world fail!

The average relationship is destined to have failed within the first 6 months.

Moreover, and this question is to solidify my point that almost every relationship will fail, how many so-called exclusive and monogamous relationships will the average guy or gal have been in before he-she hits the age of 40?

Between 3 and 6 on average I would say [the numbers are also confirmed by so-called experts].

You will rarely ever meet someone- male or female over the age of 30- who had only been in 1 relationship to date.

It just doesn’t happen!

It is fucking rare!

Even the most dotage and socially inept lad would have landed himself a girlfriend at some point during his school years if anything.

That relationship will have failed!

With those factors and facts, that the vast majority of us will have been in numerous relationships within a lifespan, they are grand testaments to relationships being catastrophic failures for most of us.

It is the rare and lucky person [often unlucky person] who would have fount him or herself 1 partner and stick to that 1 partner for a lifetime.

How many guys or gals over the age of 30 do you know, who are still with their junior-high or high-school sweetheart to date?

In the rare event that you do know of such couples, how likely is it that they had only dealt with each other?

Not likely.

Perhaps they met in school, became a hot item, went steady in their relationship, then separated after they would have finished their secondary education. Met and dated other people for 10-15 years then somehow found themselves reconnecting in a brand-new relationship.

As rare as that is; it does happen!

However, those 2 persons will have likely been in numerous-failed relationships before their reconnection. So this still goes further to confirm my point that every relationship will have failed in less than no time, until both parties reach a plateau in life where aging and fading beauty force them to become exclusive…but those are still exceptional cases.

Saying all that to say: most relationships fail ultimately because they were built on flawed grounds and premises, orchestrated by the female in the relationship, since that is her domain.

She sets the rules which she breaks.

She expects her new boyfriend to not be texting other girls, and most guys do comply naturally since men generally have no options, yet she herself secretly engages in texting sessions with countless fucking men at times! So she rigged the process to where she is excluded from the rules of the relationship.

She’s allowed to keep male friends but you aren’t allowed to keep female friends!

Eventually, the guy either gets frustrated and leave on his own volition [the exceptional case], or more often the case; he gets dumped by the same girl who had exclusive power within the relationship. But since women by nature weren’t meant to have position of authority and power over men, this unnatural way of things cause her to lose interest, thenceforth ditching the Beta boyfriend and the relationship for another guy…and the cycle perpetuates itself beneath the control of the girl.

Later on, she gets herself into a new relationship, expects faithfulness, but doesn’t expect to be held to that also.

Men [i.e. the boyfriends], haven’t ever agreed to this, are blindsided by the behavior of their girlfriend, due to the fact that they [men] weren’t aware of the hidden clauses and fine prints hidden within the quasi-contract of the relationship.

It is for this reason why a girl can cheat on her unsuspecting boyfriend and not feel an ounce of conscience whatsoever about it.

She never contractually agreed to NOT cheating when the relationship was firstly hatched! Not verbally, not in writing, nor in any other manner!

She cunningly excluded herself from such agreements, while the gullible guy was the only party who agreed to comply to the rules and expectations of monogamy!

Hence, why would or should she feel evil and deceptive for cheating on her boyfriend, who willingly [being duped] agreed to the contractual agreements of the relationship?

She is free from guilt [she rigged it this way]! So she won’t feel guilty in the event of cheating!

Furthermore, this is why men are popularly said to be bad at cheating, and that we always get caught in comparison to women who rarely ever get caught cheating.

There are lots of truths to this!

Men do get caught more often!

Why so?

Since we are bound by expectations and the virtual contract that we signed onto in the relationship, we men do NOT have the leverage to wantonly cheat without having to cover tracks and lie profusely.

Somewhere along the line; we get caught by leaving too many trails, tracks and tell-tale signs while cheating.

Moreover- For us men- it is “cheating”! Hence we feel a need to lie and hide just as every “cheater” in every aspect of life feels a need to do [conceal and lie].

For women now- the ones who do cheat- they do NOT feel that they are “cheating”!

Thus, they rarely ever get caught cheating because they never really have to lie and hide.

The guy gets caught because he feels a need to hide and lie!

The girl doesn’t get caught because she doesn’t leave trails all around since she doesn’t have to lie and cover tracks.

She doesn’t feel as though she’s in breach of any virtual-relationship contract since she cunningly excluded herself from virtually signing on to it!

Therefore, if she chooses to fuck Joe Blow: so what!!!!!!

It isn’t cheating nor deception in her eyes since she never signed onto any agreement [virtually that is] saying that fucking another guy would be deemed cheating and deception.

Hence, she doesn’t cover her tracks since there isn’t any track to cover anyway! So how can she get caught!?

Thus, you have the all-too-familiar case where if a girl goes under suspicion by the boyfriend of cheating, she can always say about the other guy, “He’s just a friend from school”, and get away with it.

It isn’t just that women are smarter than men as to why they get away with cheating [though women are smarter]. It’s that they create less tracks to cover, fabricate less lies, and they also have the moral backing of “exclusion” from any virtual-relationship contract.

With the relationship being rigged that way, the guy has zero moral justification for his cheating!

He can’t say:

“Well babes, in the beginning of the relationship, I set this and that parameter, I laid out this and that expectation, I did and said this and that and we agreed to this and that”!

He can’t say that because he never did any of those things, because men generally don’t structure the framework of a relationship since that isn’t his field, but the woman’s!

Hence, the girl can say:

“Well hunny, I did this, did that, said this, said that, I set this and that in this manner. I even had you agree to so and so. Do you remember when you said so and so”?

Since she created the relationship in the first place, she can always justify the terms being in her favor. And she can always say that she never agreed to this or that, simply because she was the drafter of the virtual bill. So she more than anyone else, should know what was in that bill: all the hidden clauses, hidden agreements, concessions granted to herself by herself, included the things from which she was excluded.

She constructed the fucking relationship and its terms in her favor dude!

Don’t you get that!?

Men are tricked into relationships by women!

Men are duped into accepting the terms of the relationship, unbeknownst to them [men], that “mutual” wasn’t the basis from which it was hatched!

Therefore, whenever a guy finds himself in an exclusive relationship [“finds himself” being operative words], he haplessly goes along with the flow and inadvertently grants all powers over to the woman, thinking that his new girlfriend would have had his interests in mind also.

Most men are suckered into relationships, and soften up by the lure and promise of pussy and continual pussy!

What more does a man want besides pussy!?

Promise him more pussy and he will give up everything else [all his power and leverage] just to get more pussy.

Thus, since 96% of men on the globe SPARINGLY ever get laid, the promise of “continual” sex is alluring enough to make 96% of men on the globe, crack and concede power over to the woman who would’ve become the new girlfriend.

Therefore, a guy who doesn’t get laid [96% of men on the globe], isn’t stupid enough to enter a new relationship having demands, expectations and trying to dictate and call shots!

Coming from where he’s coming from- haven’t gotten laid in 2 years- he just wants to get his cock wet more than anything else! So, “to hell with making demands and having expectations! Let the girl handle all that girlie shit! I just want some pussy”!

A Woman on the other hand, since she is NOT coming from a position of sex-depravity and scarcity [all women have dick options], her primarily, secondary or even her tertiary aim, isn’t about the dick she will be getting.

For her, it is about rigging the relationship in such a way where she maintains the liberty to have other men in her life, while depriving the boyfriend of that same freedom.

Since pussy has power [thanks to Beta-Males]: the “lucky” boyfriend who wasn’t getting laid to begin with, becomes overjoyed at the prospect of getting laid on a daily basis.

His primary concern and cause for celebration upon this new relationship, is that he’ll be getting sex regularly.

Males operating from a scarcity mentality with little to no options in sex and women, presented with a new relationship and new girlfriend, will concede to any demand that the girl dictates.

That is basically what happens in majority of the cases with most men entering new relationships.

They are somewhat enticed and held hostage by the promise of vagina.

Women on the other hand don’t enter relationships for sexual purposes.

They [women] mainly enter relationships as power plays, social and upwards mobility, status-climbing and social status.

Those 3 reasons are what primarily motivate women to jump into relationships.

It is all about status, notoriety and power for them.

For men, it is often about sex and bragging rights.

He wants a girl of whom he can brag and show off to his boys and family, with the added benefit of constant sex…his true motive.

With all that being said, our motivations in respect to the sexes, are different. And our expectations are also different to where men are often shortchanged because of all the reasons I’d mentioned above.

As to the declaration I made earlier that men are duped into relationships, I’m inclined to having to have to shed clarity on such a bold declaration.

Quick question: when and how does a guy get himself into a relationship?

Was it planned?

Of course not.

No relationship is ever pre-planned…at least not by the guy.

If you haven’t analyzed it as I did: this is how a typical-monogamous relationship is born:

Guy meets girl or girl meets guy, they hit it off, sex occurs somewhere down the line- and all of a sudden- a relationship is hatched out of thin air.

The guy then finds himself locked into a monogamous relationship unbeknownst to him.

The new girlfriend begins to subtly make demands and requests, all of which are met by the new boyfriend who merely wants to get sex on a consistent basis.

No relationship is ever discussed and planned out beforehand.

It just happened [to men]!

We [men] go along with it for the reasons mentioned above: sex-deprivation, no options, scarcity mentality, etc.

A woman on the other hand, doesn’t just wake up 1 day and find herself locked into a relationship as is the case with 99.9% of men.

She crafted and plotted the entire relationship to begin with!

As the sole architecture and designer of the entanglement, everything is rigged in her favor: power, leverage and all.

We’ve already discussed the implications and reasoning behind this all.

As for cheating, you should now realize why it is that a woman can wantonly cheat with no regards.

Essentially, she created the relationship, she set the boundaries and rules, hence she can break them with impunity.

Technically- she has a point.

How can you fault her for being a terrible girlfriend when you yourself [the guy] didn’t provide any input at the onset?

To the guy’s defense; he couldn’t have provided any input since he was technically an unsuspecting subject, duped into a monogamous relationship.

Thus, whenever you come across an uncooperative girlfriend who may cheat on her guy, everything I shared with you throughout this article will have explained and answered the why’s.

Chick Logics Pt.iii – Kissing Is Cheating But Sex Is Not

Recently, I wrote an extensive and edifying post on Chick Logics and how women see logics differently than men do.

Well, if you read my previous post about entitled and spoiled women, this post will cover the interesting aspect of Chick Logics that was very telling in the screenshot that was posted along with the post.

Again- here it is [the screenshot].

Now, what I intentionally failed to mention in that post was that this fuck-buddy of mines has a boyfriend [go figure].

The greater reason as to why she blew me off over the past 2-3 weeks was because her boyfriend was in town…though I didn’t quite know this at the time.

The thing is, I’m a smart fucking guy. The reason I say that is that I am not as foolish and socially inept to ignore the fact that if a girl is spending time with her boyfriend who’s in town for the week, it isn’t likely that she would ditch him to come hang out with me.

Hence, I understood why she brushed me off and ignored my text messages.

I wasn’t all butt-hurt about it in the least. I merely went about my business knowing she would come crawling back for sex when the BF leaves town.

Anyhow, let’s delve into the interesting aspect to this occurrence: and that is the comment/text she made about wanting me to go down on her sans [without] her going down on me…sans kissing altogether.

She doesn’t want to kiss but she wants to fuck!

In essence, what she’s saying is that kissing me would somehow constitute cheating. And fucking me would somehow not amount to cheating.

Do you get that?

Re-read the screenshot if you didn’t get the underlying point and the subtle insinuation.

This girl and I have kissed countless times before.

In fact, I am not much of a kisser and she always insists on us kissing during foreplay.

Now, she does a 180, not wanting to kiss.

Do you know why?

Do you see why?

Listen dude: kissing for some women is seen as cheating, while full-blown fucking another guy behind their significant other’s back is a mere occurrence!

Kissing is a very intimate act for some women! So is sex! But exchanging oral fluids through the mouth and tongue wrestling is much more intimate than balls slapping against buttox…for some women.

Just 2 years ago, I wasn’t so privy to this as I am nowadays.

I would have a girl in the missionary position then try to kiss her but she would shun my kiss by giving me her cheek or chin to kiss instead.

Some girls would flat-out say they don’t kiss, or don’t want to kiss me.

I never knew why this would always occur with 45% of the girl I shagged.

At times, I thought my breath was the problem…though I’m extremely particular about oral care like a compulsion, hence I keep my breath smelling like a pasture of freshly grown mint leaves!

I just couldn’t understand why these girls didn’t want to kiss…albeit they were cheating on someone.

After doing some studies, research and experimentations, I received the revelation that the reason for this is because some women [45% in my experience] viewed kissing as either cheating [if they had boyfriends] or too intimate of an act to perform with someone whom they barely knew…but they would still gladly fuck him…which brings me to the culminative point of chick logics and why women are illogical creatures.

How the fuck on Earth is kissing more intimate of an act than penetration aka fucking!? 😯

I mean, for a guy, and any rational-thinker for that matter [which are only men], kissing is a mute-fucking point in comparison to wrestling in the sack!


However, a great score of women out there don’t see it that way.

They see kissing as very intimate and crossing a quasi-red line, while all-out fucking is acceptable!

This is HIGHLY ILLOGICAL for any man to come to grips with!

For women [some of them]: this is reasonable!

Now, here is the kicker: kissing outside of the bedroom is NOT a big deal at all for women!

Meaning, kissing a random guy in the club, on the dance floor or on the streets, is within reason [“it just happened”], as long as it [kissing] isn’t within the context of fucking.

This is why we teach in pickup that kissing a random girl on cold approach isn’t a big deal at all.

I always reference this kiss-close video from a few years ago from my PUA buddy out of England, Steve Jabba, who made out with a random Colombian girl within a minute or so of meeting on the streets of London.

Women KILL for the spontaneous moment to be swept off their feet by a ballsy guy via some random act of boldness.

Hence, trying to make out with a stranger [outside the bedroom] isn’t seen as something flagrant to women.

In reality, you have an innate contradiction: women with boyfriends are open to being kissed outside of the bedroom, but those same women aren’t as open inside the bedroom where sex is inevitable.

This contradiction exists because of chick logics and the way in which women interpret/see things of an intimate nature.

For chicks who have boyfriends, kissing the guy on the side is a forbidden act and it violates the sanctity of their relationship [no pun intended 🙂 ].

Even with such girls, this isn’t always so…which adds another twist.

What I mean is, she may have allowed you to kiss her and even participated in the makeout on prior occasions.

After a lovely conversation with her boyfriend, seeing you [the guy on the side] later on that evening, she will not allow for kissing due to the fact that the presence of her boyfriend [be it via phone call] is still so fresh in her mind…But she will still allow you to shag her…but not kiss her.

In addition to that: she won’t go down on you either as the chick clearly said to me.

Why not?

Sucking a cock is too intimate [or nasty] and it is tantamount to cheating…though fucking you is A-Okay! 😉 😯

Not to mention that this same chick had given me a blowjob on every occasion prior.

This time however, because her boyfriend was just in town, hence his presence is fresh on her mind, sucking my cock would be cheating…but me performing oral sex on her, and fucking her, are okay.

Do you see how women think and operate?

This is why it is HIGHLY fucking STUPID for a man to ever trust a woman fully or even 20% of the way!

I don’t give a rat’s ass if she’s your wife!

It is highly stupid to trust a woman!

It isn’t her as a person, per se, that you shouldn’t trust.

It is her judgments and her ideologies you should be wary of and un-trusting of [her illogical interpretation of things]!

I tell my girlfriend of 6 + years the same thing whenever the subject of trust comes up!

Me: “Babes, don’t take it personal but I would never trust you. It isn’t personal and it isn’t you as a person whom I don’t trust. I just don’t trust your judgments…and I mean that with all respects”.

Sure she may not like that her boyfriend [me] doesn’t trust her [rather her judgments], but she has to accept it!

I am safe-guarding myself from unnecessary pain by keeping a lid on expectations of women.

I’ve fucked too many of men’s wives and girlfriends to know better than to trust any woman [97% of the women I sleep with of the last 10 years, all had boyfriends or were married]!

With that, it isn’t that you shouldn’t trust women. You shouldn’t trust their way of thinking.

As you advance on your journey into dating and pickup, you will have met women who hold some mind-blowing opinions on matters of the sexes, such as those with boyfriends and husbands who insinuate that kissing is forbidden yet sex is permissible.

It is all chick logics so you won’t quite get it as a man.

Good luck bros!

For shits and giggles:

🙂 🙂 🙂

Some Chick Logics For You

Women see and perceive things and situations very differently than me.

I’ve already taught you that over the years.

To the pick-up world, the way in which women interpret and see things, we’ve dubbed it “Chick Logics”.

To the contrary, there’s no such thing as “Dude Logics” for men. Logics are logics for us, just as they should be for everyone else.

However, since women have a different set of logics which often seem illogical, we call that chick logics.

Let me give you an example of this [Chick Logics].

Sex with a condom on with a girl who has a boyfriend, makes her feel less of a cheater.

To a man’s logical interpretation: cheating is fucking cheating, whether the girl makes the guy wear a condom or not!

To a woman’s logical interpretation [chick logics], it makes a difference whether the guy throws on a rubber or not.

To her: cheating isn’t just cheating when she does the so-cheating.

Hence, the way in which women interpret such a situation is a case of what we in pickup call “Chick Logics”.

It is just 1 of those psychologically irrational mechanisms within a woman’s brain.

I slept with a girl a few weeks ago, one who has a boyfriend, and her main concern was that she didn’t want me to fuck her raw…not the fact that she was fucking another guy to begin with.

Cheating alone wasn’t such a big deal at all to her.

Whether I wore a condom or not was a much greater deal.

As I eluded to earlier, for a guy, cheating is cheating!

The use of a condom doesn’t make it less of a violation!

Not using protection doesn’t exacerbate the violation or make it worse!

For a woman however, psychologically, she may feel less of a cheat by knowing that the guy whom she cheated with was wearing a condom.

For clarification sake, I just want to let you know that women aren’t thinking this logically.

They are thinking within the moment and within the heat of passion, lust, love, infatuation, horniness, etc.

Therefore, no sane woman within a non-emotional setting will ever tell you that using a condom makes cheating more acceptable.

It is just something they interpret as logical and acceptable within the moment.

Now, if this is your first time ever coming across any material about “Chick Logics”, I understand that you may be somewhat taken-aback and even dumb-struck at this revelation.


We’ve all been there!

On the bright side, now that you are in the know about the way women think and operate, you’ll begin to see things better and to understand women and what to expect of them.

You will have learned to have lower expectations of women…which women actually want- to be honest here.

You will only get disappointed and hurt once you continue to expect that women will live up to these high-ass expectations that society and men place upon them.

A girl would love to have the freedom to fuck whomever she wishes and whenever she wishes!

However, because of societal backlash, slut-shaming, judgment and so forth, she has to resort to devising these not-so-elaborate tactics in order to make her appear not so slutty.

Hence, her tactics to cover her tracks come off as illogical [chick logics] because there’s no way to logically justify cheating without looking slutty…though women have attempted to, by creating cliches such as:

“A woman cheats because her significant other doesn’t have any time for her”

“Women only cheat for good reasons”

“Her boyfriend never had any time for her since he was always hanging with the boys”

“Her man was abusive so she found comfort somewhere else”

Those are just some attempts from women to put a logical and justifiable spin on cheating.

In the grand scheme of things, women simply do not want to have expectations enjoined upon them that they will have to live up to- because most times- they fail to live up to them.

What I am encouraging you as a guy to do from now on, in light of this revelation [chick logics], is to quit expecting that women should see things the way men do.

Quit expecting women to not cheat! And this goes for your girlfriend or wife if you’re married!

The moment that you think that it can’t happen to you, is the moment it will happen [your girlfriend cheating on you]!

As long as emotions rule women [when it comes to men]- and they do- , they will continue to make rash and spur-of-the-moment decisions, not out of logical calculations but emotions of the moment [chick logics].

This is why every woman is susceptible to cheating…not that they will all act upon it, but it can happen if the right/wrong emotions are in play.

Breaking Potential Cheater’s Heart Over The Valentine’s Weekend + A Bit On Race

Photo courtesy of www.valentines-20015.com
Photo courtesy of http://www.valentines-20015.com

Heart-Breaking Season!

Ok, so I kinda made plans with a girl on Monday…- well actually- she made plans with me…better yet- she forced plans upon me [confused yet ❓ ]!

Here’s the chat log from Facebook earlier.


Ok, so what actually happened was this.

Being that I am on a month’s vacation from my unofficial day job, I decided to hop across the water [via ferry] to spend the weekend in the neighboring island of Barbuda [Antigua and Barbuda is a twin-island state].

It is literally just a ferry’s ride between the 2 sister islands.

I was set to go for today [Friday] actually, and to spend the entire weekend there until Monday morning.

Now, this chick in the text log wasn’t even in the plans at all.

She literally threw herself into my fucking plans after reading a post of mines on Facebook which said that I will be coming to the neighboring isle for the weekend.

Upon reading this, I get a Facebook inbox message on Monday from her reading:


Now- bear in mind- this chick and I had NO PRIOR PLANS whatsoever!

She’s a sexy-thick girl [of Chinese parentage] who’s been on my Facebook friend list for quite some years.

Chinese-Caribbean girl I'd picked up some years ago
Chinese-Caribbean girl I’d picked up some years ago

How did she get there, and when and how did I pick her up? I honestly don’t recall.

As someone who regularly picks up girls for a living, it is quite common to have monotonous details of a pickup slip out of the memory bank.

However, I know for certain that we never hooked up nor even met up on a second occasion aka D2. But I did run some pretty-strong text and phone game on her about 2 + years ago…which is a testament to her wanting to hook up with me [in spite of having a boyfriend].

On a side note: you know your game is awesome when a hot girl hits you up out of the blue wanting to spend Valentine’s with you…while ditching her boyfriend…but that’s for another post. 😉

Be as it may, I didn’t quite want to meet up with her, simply because I had prior plans and my itinerary was already set in stone.

This chick literally decided to railroad my Valentine’s plans by trying to supplant herself into my schedule…and my bed.

Here’s another message which she’d sent on Monday after learning through my Facebook status that I was to ferry to the sister island next door.

Watch how she maneuvers her way into my plans by wanting to spend the entire weekend at my hotel.


I never did answer her at all. 😆 👿

Ok- sure- I should’ve been straight up and tell her “NO! You cannot stay the entire weekend”!

However, I didn’t feel duty-bound to have to explain myself to some chick whom I had no plans with. So that’s why I ignored her suggestion/question because of her audacity in attempting to fuck over my plans at the last minute.

When it comes to Kenny and women- it doesn’t matter who or what you are- I prioritize my shit in a “first come first served” manner. And the hotness of a girl doesn’t sway me 1 way or the other!

That is how Alpha-Males roll!

That is the mentality/frame of a man of importance, value and quality [the boss’ mentality].

This is why and how I get tons of hot girls to chase me all the time.

I treat them as though they are second-class citizens.

The hotter the girl; the more shitty I treat her.

The more I ignore her, will only make her chase me more!

Anyway, so this chick was literally down to spend 3 nights at my hotel over the Valentine’s weekend.

Not to mention she had her stuff packed already…allegedly. 😯


In my defense; I did NOT give this chick the okay to come stay by me!

She took it upon herself to get all psyched up.

I merely re-confirmed that I still had plans on taking the trip. But not for her to stay by my hotel for the weekend [no one reads the fine print I see].

As far as she being disappointed and that whole act- it was just that- an act on my part, I played along with being disappointed just to not come off as a total-insensitive douche…though I never agreed to seeing her in the 1st place.

Honestly though, I appreciated that she had beguiled and tricked her boyfriend with an elaborate story as to how and why she will have been able to skip town for a whole weekend. 😎

I guess “appreciate” is the wrong word for this context. So I’ll just say that it means a whole lot when a girl lies to her boyfriend in order to meet up with some other dude.

Frankly, I didn’t even know this chick had a boyfriend since we hadn’t spoken/texted in over 2 years [maybe 3 years], but only sparingly commented on each other’s statuses a while back.

She just randomly texted me out of the blue with the proposal to spend the Valentine’s weekend with me.

When it’s all said and done: sure she’s disappointed. But I never told her to take any measure in order to meet up with me.

It was only after the fact [when I broke the news that I wasn’t coming], that I entertained her with a bit of playful apology for her getting her own hopes up…PLAYFUL being the operative adverb.

On a further note, my plans did get fucked up due to the ferry personnels screwing up my reservation which I had secured through my bank about a week ago for $220.00 XCD round trip [ferry pictured below].

On top of that, I couldn’t get a reimbursement in a timely manner, so I decided to call it off until next weekend…hopefully.

Ok, so what was my general and overall reason for this island-to-island weekend voyage?

To pick up girls and to shoot some day-game infield hidden-camera pickup videos!

As for the nighttime engagements, I had already had Friday night booked up whereas I was to meet with a girl whom I’d been trying to bang for some months now.

We were to rendezvous at my hotel.

Saturday night; pretty much the same shit; to meet up with a different chick, chill at a lounge then overnight it at my hotel.

Sunday night: I was to somewhat freestyle it, hit the bars and try to take a chick home for the SNL/One-Night Stand pull.

That was my entire Valentine’s weekend plan in the neighboring island.

I wasn’t gonna grant some chick whom I didn’t have prior arrangements with, the power to just pop up and expect me to ditch my other plans to have her stay over for the weekend instead.

Even if my weekend plans were to have materialized, I would not alter them just to facilitate any girl who was outside of the original scheme.

Now- to be clear here- I am not above changing plans.

That is 1 of the shticks of a master PUA; his ability to work on the fly and change shit at the drop of a dime if need be.

If Plan A fails, I would work with Plan B and C.

However, Plan A [meeting with the other girls] was still viable and workable.

Women And Cheating + The “Single” Girl Myth

As for the girl having a boyfriend yet deciding to ditch him and spend a romantic weekend with a known womanizing Pick-Up Artist…this speaks to what I’ve always taught around these parts:

Women with boyfriends/husbands sleep around the most…or at least have the desire to do so mostly!

Furthermore, I made a declaration a while ago that a lot of other coaches in the game seem to disagree with. And that is “There is no such thing as a girl who’s single”!

Believe the contrary if you want to. But there is no such thing as a girl being ‘Single’!

As long as she’s sexually active, in effect is not a virgin, then she has a boyfriend.

A boyfriend simply means someone in her life whom she feels somewhat of a responsibility to, and or from who to hide her actions and so forth.

Every non-virgin girl has a guy in her life whom she’s fucking, or was fucking, or will be fucking.

Hence, a woman always has a boyfriend even if she hadn’t exclusively and officially made that decision.

As long as she’s fucking someone semi-regularly, she or he will naturally assume the role of a quasi couple, whereas they desist from blatantly seeing/dating other people.

Hence, a girl being single is just a myth.

If she claims to be single, you can bet your last dollar that she’s still shagging her ex-boyfriend [even if the sex is dismal]. And as her ex, he still holds a certain amount of leverage over what she does…and vice versa.

Therefore, when it comes to dating and picking up women, please get this fallacy out of your head that there’s some single girl out there for you.

Women hop from relationship to relationship, guy to guy, cock to cock, depended on how greener she perceives the grass to be on the other side.

Relationships are rarely born of 2 parties being disengaged and free to mingle.

It is more so a case of 1 or both parties cheating on someone else. So if you’re playing the moral and ethical game and hoping to meet a girl who’s truly single and free, I’m sorry to tell you dude, but your dick will have shriveled up waiting on this disengaged girl to come strolling by.

To solidify this point [most to all girls having someone in their life], if you’ve been following my blog for any time now, you will have realized that 99% of the girls whom I pick up and sleep with, are either married or have boyfriends.

Is this just some weird fucking coincidence or conspiracy where Kenny happens to only meet women who already have someone in their life?

Of course not!

I don’t wear a sign on my forehead saying:

“Girls With Boyfriends Wanted Please”!

Then, why am I never so lucky to ever run into these elusive so-called single women?

Because they don’t fucking exist!

Moreover, I am a known cold-approach machine.

In other words, most of the women I meet, are random strangers from all walks of life.

Thus, what are the odds that I will only meet girls with boyfriends off of cold approaching well over a thousand women over the years?

Think about that for a second.


Nevertheless, with this hot girl who wanted to spend Valentines with me [in spite having a boyfriend/man]: it doesn’t strike me as a strange-anomalous occurrence because I know very well, that the title of “boyfriend” means very little to most girls on the planet.

I also know that most girls do NOT have an ounce of respect their boyfriends, because most men roaming the globe aren’t worthy of respect in the first place [that is because 96% of men on the globe are Beta-Males aka weak men].

The average boyfriend/husband is a provider.

In other words, his sole or primary purpose within the relationship, is to take care of the woman, pamper her, buy her the world, while she has the liberty [bestowed upon herself] to fuck some other guy who hadn’t done a thing for her [usually an asshole who’s part of the 4% of Alpha-Males].

Most boyfriends are just lucky to even have someone to call their own anyway. So the title of “boyfriend” alone, is enough to placate the Average Joe while his girlfriend schemes to accrue cock on the side.

With this being the reality on the ground [most boyfriends being clueless zombies], girls with boyfriends and husbands [often disgruntled], often play the field behind the backs of their significant other, in search of some erratic and whimsical-sexual escapade.

Hence, it never surprises me when girls with boyfriends hit me up online in search of that whimsical escapade which she cannot get from her boyfriend, because he’s too insulated and dumbed down by what his mother, Dr. Phil, Hollywood and the media say a good boyfriend should be.

A Little Demographics & Race In Pickup

As for culture, after all; this girl is Chinese.

I’ve touched on this a lot recently, that the Caribbean is a very diverse and multicultural region.

Not only that, but races and ethnic groups don’t self-segregate within their own quarters in order to avoid other groups.

Hence, you have a situation where the stage for interracial mingling is ripe and highly conducive…though people rarely ever step outside of their racial stock in order to date.

Guys like myself living in the islands who pick up women of other nationalities, are rare as flying donkeys in the Caribbean.

However, there’s a huge Chinese population in the Caribbean- including the twin islands of Antigua and Barbuda where I was born and currently reside.

Therefore, bumping heads with Chinese girls who crave black meat isn’t a rare phenomenon…though local men are too pussy to step up to the plate.

I came across this old rant by an Antiguan Chinese who was ticked off by stereotypes that people are shocked that he’s from the islands…and isn’t black. He also has a cool Antiguan-English accent might I add. 😉

About a year or so ago, a Chinese Jamaican chick [a Reggae singer] by the name of Tessane Chin, won “The Voice”.

Another popular and sexy Chinese Reggae singer from the Caribbean, is a chick by the name of Nyanda.


I cited this bit [including the girl’s ethnicity], just to hammer home the point that race as an inhibiting agent, is all in your head.

If your understanding of women is good, then a girl’s race and background will be the least of your worries.

There are Chinese, Indian, Arab, White and Black girls alike [to name a few], all chasing me on a weekly basis just to escape their humdrum relationship in order to hook up with me.

Classic example is the married East Indian girl I spoke about the other week.

The ultimate lesson I want you guys to take away from this article, boils down to the subsequent 4 bullet points:

   1.) Girls will cheat

   2.) The power of having girls chase you instead of chasing them

   3.) Race means nothing

   4.) Treat a hot girl as though she’s a 5 on the proverbial looks scale

If you haven’t noticed by now, I am HUGE on treating hot girls as though they don’t exist.

A big staple in my game is a knack for turning the tide on women and giving them a dose of their own meds [pushing guys aside].

You have to remember that girls are RARELY ever ignored, shunned and sidelined by guys.

Girls do the ignoring, rejecting and the flaking.

Most men chase without having a meaningful strategy.

If you can be that 1 unique guy who doesn’t chase women [at least not online], you will stand out from the crowd of pests, and girls will then flock to you, wanting to meet, date and blatantly hook up.

However, you have to show her that she isn’t nearly a fucking priority!

Then- and only then- will you begin to have shit like this happen on a fairly consistent basis:


You’ll begin to have girls come out of the woodworks willing to risk their relationships, marriages, jobs, lives- you fucking name it- just to be in your company.

As I touched on in a previous article: “I never woo women with the promise of sex”.

I promise them an adventure, a thrill and a risk.

Not sex!

Even if I do get sexual with a girl [which I do 100% of the time within the first minute of meeting them], “sex” in the least agenda that I push [as contradictive as that sounds].

You need to learn how to play to a girl’s deep-dirty dark fantasies.

Play to her sense of adventure!

Play off of the taboo!

Play off of the fact that her parents may not approve of her daughter dating a guy of another race or ethnic group.

Always remember that it is inherently instilled in every girl to rebel and defy customs, traditions and rules.

She only needs to come across a guy who is willing and possesses the know-how to bring out that side of her.

As a budding seductionist, you must adopt such a frame and draw the girl into your reality instead of having her draw you into hers.


Though I don’t celebrate, neither acknowledge Valentine’s Day: cheers to the weekend of love nevertheless!

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