Boyfriend Destroyer Tactic [New Video]

So guys, a little in the afternoon, I will post a video to my YouTube, on the topic of “Boyfriend Destroyer”. If you’re not familiar with the Boyfriend Destroyer Tactic, it’s simply your rebuttal/line to the girl saying, ” I have a boyfriend “, or, “I’m in a relationship”.

I’ve been using the followings BF Destroyer gambit [that I came up with] for the last few years, and it works great whenever girls tell me they have a boyfriend. 

In the video which I’ll publish shortly, I’ll explain the verbal technique in detail. But it’s very very crucial to have in your arsenal for Day Game, Night Game and Online Game.

[My txts in green]

Video below.

Just Another Girlfriend With Boyfriend Online Pickup

Hey guys, just another online pull of a girl who has a boyfriend.

Nothing much that you haven’t seen before. But as to adhere to my quasi promise to post nearly every pickup I have online, I’m obliged to sharing this one.

As always the case, this was a random stranger whom I friend requested.

Oh- before we get into the chat, I just want to make point out that your opener (ice-breaker) doesn’t have to be elaborate or magical, just as mines wasn’t. And as expected, sensitive information was redacted.

Whenever a girl seeks to make rapport with you (ask about work, where you live, etc), it is generally a sign of interest, just as the case with this chick.

Long story short; she and I never managed to meet up as yet because of her work schedule (having 2 jobs), and also the fact that I have tons of other girls in the pipeline.

Also, as for her BF, never take it as a rejection when the girl mentions having a boyfriend.

Best her and 1-up her just as I did when I said to her, “I have a GF too”. Also, whenever a girl mentions the “BF”, it is usually a congruence test, and a way to cover ass in the event that you two hook up.

Nevertheless, I want you guys to realize that a girl having a BF means nothing!

With this girl here, she mentioned having a BF who gets on her nerves sometimes, yet she still coughed up her digits willingly.

In addition to that, she sent me 2 pics of herself. Whenever a girl voluntarily sends you pics without you asking her, it is a sure sign of her interest in you.

Anyway, this pickup all took place on November 1st.

I messaged her 2 days ago for the first time since. It’s ironic since I have her #, but refuse to use it. This goes back to what I was saying days ago, that grabbing a girl’s # is quite useless since you could always hit them up on social media DM (that’s if you’d picked them up online). So I messaged her Tuesday about meeting up over the weekend when I would’ve hit up her side of the island for 3 days.

What a bummer that she injured her leg. 😦

This chick is highly fuckable with boobs to die for!

I would’ve loved to meet up with her over the weekend. But there’s always a next time.

With abundance, you never put all of your eggs into 1 basket. And my blog is here for the explicit purpose of helping to empower you guys with abundance.

Any question about my game, method or approach to women?

Leave them in the comment section.

What It Means When A Girl Classifies Her Boyfriend As “A Friend” Or “Someone I’m Seeing” + Some Boyfriend-Destroying Tactics

Lemme make this crystal clear: this isn’t a post on how to steal a guy’s girlfriend.

I’d written about that years ago and probably in a future post just for the die-hard guys.

Anyway, women have subtle and cunning ways in which they refer to, reference and describe their boyfriends to other men.

One of the oldest and darkest techniques in the seduction community, is the Boyfriend-Destroyer Technique/routine.

It is where you’re chatting up a girl who has a boyfriend, and you lower his value by talking about him in a negative way.

This also works magic if the girl chimes in on destroying her BF also (however subtly)…which happens in this case/field report.

Now, the caution with using boyfriend-destroyer tactics, is that you don’t want to go to far to berate the girl’s boyfriend. You want to subtly poke fun at him in a sense.

I also notice that BFD Tactics work great if the girlfriend refers to her BF as “someone I’m seeing”.

If a girl doesn’t respect you as her boyfriend or a man, she will often avoid referring to you as ‘my boyfriend’.

Instead, she will diminish the boyfriend’s role and value by referring to him and their situation as “someone I’m seeing”, or “a friend”.

This typically happens in newer relationships where the girlfriend hasn’t yet clearly defined to herself the makeup of the relationship.

It is also in this tended/new phase of a relationship, that a girl will often cheat (or continue to cheat) with an ex-boyfriend or some other guy(s) she was screwing prior to getting into her current relationship.

Hence, every girl should be allowed a quasi-grace period in the first 3 months of a relationship, where she’s allowed to continue fucking the guy(s) she was fucking before meeting you.

Whether you as the new boyfriend allows this or not- it doesn’t fucking matter- she will take the grace period by force by cheating behind of your back anyway.

It’s during this 1st phase of a relationship that she will refuse to acknowledge the boyfriend’s role as a significant one, thus neglecting to refer to his as “my boyfriend”, rather “someone I’m seeing right now”.

Earlier today while browsing a buddy’s Facebook-friend list, I came across a sexy-ass 19 year old who had my mouth watering!

I called him up:

Me: “Yo Soul, who’s ******* in you friend thing”?

Soul: “Oh, it’s a girl who lives *******. She’s cool to talk to. Do you want her number”?

Me: “Sure! That’s what I called you about”!

He gave me her phone number which I promised to not tell her that he’d given me.

I was to set it up as though I’d dialed the wrong number, then chat her up from there. 😈

Now, this is either a hit or miss gamble [better than nothing] in that once I call the girl and say to her, “Oh sorry- wrong #”, there a strong possibility that she hangs up right away and it’s all over before it even starts.

However, it’s my job to keep her on the line somehow…which is very easy…plus I’ve done this sort of covert game before to success.

Ok, so at 12 noon while on lunch break, I phoned her from my office phone.

Me: “Hey Tasha, are we still going to lunch”?

Girl: “Hi? I think you have the wrong #. I’m not Tasha”.

Me: “Huh? I swore this is her number”.

We went back and forth for a bit on which digits I’d probably mixed up.

Bear in mind that this is total bullshit and I knew that the girl’s name isn’t Tasha.

Me: “Wow! I think she’d given me the wrong number”! I feel so bad”!

The girl and I went on for about 15 minutes as she was no invested in the conversation where she was able to gather that I was a cool guy.


I went so far as to tell her that her voice was very sexy to me.

Before the end of the phone call, she had officially given me her phone number, unbeknownst to her that my buddy (a friend of hers) had already given me. 😈

Now this is where “Social Intelligence” comes in.

My objective at that point was to make her feel secure in meeting me NOW!

Not later- but NOW!

However, since I’m just some random whom she’d met through the telephone -literally- 15 minutes ago, security issues will have become an issue. So I had to find a way to deal with the fear factor (through ‘Social Intelligence’).

One way in which to do this is to name drop some mutual friends.

Whom do we both have in common?

Soul! My buddy!

I said to her:

“So which part of town do you live”?

Girl: “Middle”.

Me: “Really! I have some friends in that area. You may know some of them”.

Girl: “Like who”?

I began naming random names which she was unfamiliar with until I got to ‘Soul’.

Girl: “Soul!? I know a Soul in my area”!

Me: “For real!? He’s a good friend of mines”!

With the ‘mutual friend’ angle established, the girl will have become much more comfortable in meeting up with me since I’m not just some random stranger who dialed the wrong #, but we actually know someone in common.

Ok, so I said to her:

“Are you on Facebook by any chance”?

Girl: “Yea! My name is…”

Unknown to her that I’d already seen her profile.

Me: “My Facebook is currently inactive due to some virus so I can’t even give you mines so you get to see how ugly I am”.

Girl: “LOL don’t say that”.

Me: “You know what, I was actually gonna drive through your part of town to grab some lunch. Come outside so you can at least get a look at the stranger whom you’d met today over the phone”.

Girl: “Ok cool! I live at …”.

She gives me her address and I took a taxi to her part of town but I got out and walked on foot as I got close to her address.

I encircled her house a time or 2 but no one was outside. However, the windows were open so I figured someone (or she) was home.

As I stood in the road a bit, she came out of the house to finally meet me.

Me: “You look sexier in person”.

I inject a Sexualization frame right from the get-go in order she knows that I’m only interested in sex.

Me: “You’re not even gonna tell me how sexy I am! That’s bad manners for a 1st impression”.

We both laughed aloud about the humor spike.

We chatted and lightly flirted for 20 minutes in front of her stoop.

“Could I fuck her here and now”, I asked myself.

“Nah! You’re not as crazy as you were Kenny”!

The thing is though is this: when the topic of, “What are you doing later” later up, her response was this:

“Nothing much. I am seeing someone though and he’s always coming over even when I don’t invite him”.

Me: “Huh!? So your boyfriend is a stalker”!?

I said jokingly!

She laughs at the subtle dig at her boyfriend.

This is the point I was making overall, and it is that whenever faced with new cock, or in cases where a girl simply doesn’t value her BF or relationship as much, she will downplay the BF by referring to him as “someone”, or “a friend”.

At 2 points during the convo, she had referred to her BF as “a friend” and as “someone”.

In the bigger picture, she actually disses her boyfriend in subtle ways by insinuating that he’s stalkerish, a bother and is always around her place robbing her of space.

My ultimate goal is to meet up with her later to get the notch.

I then said to her:

“Listen, a boyfriend who pops up at your place unannounced isn’t cool at all. It’s borderline stalking. We should hang out later for a bit…around 7 PM”.

Girl: “I’m up for it. So what’s the plan”?

Whenever a girl asks, “What’s the plan”, remember to stay vague on the info as much as possible.

Me: “We can grab a quick bite somewhere and hang out somewhere for about 5 minutes”.

Notice I said “5 minutes”.

You always want to stress the ‘false-time constraint’. In other words: give the girl the impression that you DON’T intend to keep her all night but just a few minutes.

When she gets there, 5 minutes will obviously turn in 50 minutes without her ever noticing.

However, it is wise to use ‘False-Time Constraints’ (5 minutes for instance) just to give her that psychological comfort.

Me: “If your boyfriend happens to be here when I come at 7, just tell him some shit that you’re going to see a girlfriend for a second and be right back. You’re a savvy chick! You should be able to work around a boyfriend who’s a pest”.

Her boyfriend, whom she had referred to “someone” and “a friend”, has now been reduced to a pile of nothing but an inside joke between his GF and me. 😈

Anyway, so the plan is (as I told her),: I will come pick her up at 7 on the dot and we go somewhere nearby and chill for a bit.

The “somewhere nearby” that I have in mind is either a park or an abandoned building I spotted not too far from her place.

It is best to keep it “nearby” to avoid a situation where the girl freaks out because she’s too far from home/comfort and with a stranger at that.

Anyway guy, I’ll keep you posted as usual with the developments for later.

If this actually materializes (which I have 95% belief in that it will), it will have been 1 of my most epic pickups ever where I literally came across a hot girl in my buddy’s Facebook-friend list, gets her #, calls it but pretended I had the wrong #, but manage to keep her on the line and charm her into meeting me 20 minutes later…

I mean- this isn’t a tactic for the lames and social cowards.

Shit like this requires social intelligence and stealth pull it off.

Do you have any?

By the way, you can read more about Boyfriend-Destroyer Tactics in this article from Sonic How to win over a girl with a boyfriend.

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