Optimal Distancing In Day-Game

Kenny infield

When approaching and chatting up women on the streets (or anywhere), there’s an ideal distance in which you should aim to stand in relation to the girl.

Stand too far, or outside of this distance; you risk losing the girl’s attention.

Standing too closely (too soon) than where you see I’m positioned in this pic; then you run the risk of creeping the girl out.

Learn this sweet spot in distancing between yourself and strangers whom you approach.

You should be able to put out your hand and touch the girl.

If you can’t then you’re standing way too far!

This all seems like a no-brainer, but lots of guys make this mistake by either standing too far or too closely. 

You may very well be making this mistake outside of consciousness. So every now and then, you’ll have to give yourself a little reminder.

Kenny infield

Reading A Woman’s Body Language [video post]

The Summer is here, and for you guys living in colder climates, it means there are no excuses why you shouldn’t get your lazy ass out the house to interact with women.

About a week ago, I posted a video about reading women’s body language while in conversation.

However, I totally forgot to share the video on my website…so here it is.

The video also featured some hidden-cam snippets [infields] just to give you a real sense of what to look for in a girl’s body language…and why.

You Get Rejected Before You Even Approach Women

Walking down the road earlier today, listening to some music, a total stranger (a lady) walking by, says to me:

“Wow! You’re really enjoying your music huh”?

Ok, so what did she see, and why did she even make such a remark as she passed me?

My facial expression!

It was cheerful, gleeful and pleasant.

This happens to me practically every day, where random women stop me to comment on how cheery I look as I listen to my music via earphones.

Too many men continue to walk around and move around with this unspoken attitude, as though the fucking world and society had done them wrong.

Their faces all screwed up trying to look hard and tough.

It’s a fucking turnoff to women!

You’re trying to attract women and not to repel them!

Walking around with a stone face, no smile, etc. is the quickest way to reject yourself before even approaching women.

Most guys reject themselves from the gate (by having cold-body language), yet they deem women cold-hearted bitches, believing that they (women) are the ones rejecting them.

Put a smile on your face and look like you’re enjoying life dammit!

Look approachable, then women will give you subtle and overt IOI’s and AI’s (Approach Invitations)! But if you’re walking around as though you’re ready to kill something; women are NOT going to send AI’s and IOI’s your way!

They will run from you!

Moreover, I can be having the shittiest day; no one will ever know this while I’m out in public.

Put a smile on!

Look friendly and approachable to women!

You would think this was commonsense but guys still don’t get it.

I’ll be making a video on this topic in the coming days.

Cheer up guys!

Reading A Woman’s Body Language Exercize

Today, I did a little body-language exercise while sitting at the pier.

There was a girl whom I met seated about 25 yards away with her back facing me.

Here’s the actual photo of the seated girl.


All the while, she wasn’t aware of my presence since I sat at an angle which was outside of her view range. She would’ve had to look back in order to see me there.

While sitting there, I took mental note of her entire body language and posture:

“Back somewhat hunched over and down (while peering into her smartphone)”,

“Hair a bit disheveled at the sides as the wind blew her hair out of perfect formation”,

“Her shoulders slightly dipped downwards following the posturing of her arched back”,

“Her feet and legs somewhat stiffened”,

“The small of her back just where the buttocks meets the lower back was well covered but a slight gap as her panty was revealed a bit because she was hunched over somewhat”.

I took mental observation of these factors while scanning her body and posture unbeknownst to her.

Now, the trick is, was to see if her current-lax posturing will remain the same if she notices a guy [me] checking her out from the rare periphery.

This is absolutely the first time I would’ve done this random body-language exercise.

One dilemma faced me though: I had to get her to look back in order to know/see that I was there since I was seated about 25 yards in back of her as depicted in the actual poor-quality photo below [she’s in the orange top].

I tried everything from sneezing, coughing loudly, tapping on the table/bench that I was sitting on, talking loudly as I pretended to be on a phone call. 😈

Nothing gave!

She kept her face forward peering into her device.


As if by devine intervention: an 8-wheel oil truck passed and blew its loud horn which got the attention of the girl…so she instinctively look towards the sound coming from the truck which happened to be in the direction I was sitting.


Our eyes met for a nanosecond as she looked away once our eyes met!

I also waved hi to her.

That is all I wanted; for her to know that there was a guy [me] seated somewhere who happened to lock eyes with her.

This’ an actual photo I took at that exact moment.


Ok, so now that she was aware of my Alpha presence, would her body language be altered in any way significantly or ever so slightly?

I asked myself.

Instantly, she propped herself up!

Straightened her back!

Lifted her shoulders!

Accentuated her overall upper body!

Her lower back was revealed more!

Her body language became fixed and sexier. “Fixed” in the sense that she’d straightened out her posture. “Sexier” in that she accentuated her flanks, preened her hair back into position and assumed a position which gave me a better view to her boobs from the poor vantage point at which I was seated.

In other words: she then knew I was checking her out, thus she wanted to present herself in the most attractive way given the circumstance.

On a deeper level, this is akin to a mating ritual in the animal kingdom.

The female accentuates her physical attributes in order to attract possible mates.

This is why whenever a girl notices an attractive guy around who’s likely to check her out, she preens herself, her clothing, straighten her tight dress in order to present a more attractive view, she props up her breasts to appear more full and buoyant and so forth.

These are classic body-language cues and giveaways you will have noticed once you begin to take note of them by actually checking women out.

If she finds you attractive [energy or looks] and sex-worthy; she will put herself on display for you!

Contrarily, if she doesn’t particularly like your energy thus isn’t attracted to you; she won’t give much of a fuck and she’ll actually do the opposite and try her best to repel your stares in hopes to turn you off [this part is done consciously].

As a caveat here, if you want to know whether a girl has the hots or not for you, check out her body language.

They will always give her away!

Note: this is done on a subconscious level by the girl.

In other words; she isn’t even aware of her own body language giving her away.

Moreover, she isn’t consciously aware of the cues and signs that her body gives off towards the men whom she likes.

With this chick from today’s experimentation, her body language [positioning] indicated interest and attraction.

Not surprising, she got so into it that about 5-10 minutes later once she realized that I was checking her out, she laid herself down on the bench, knees cocked in the air and boobs facing upwards where I can now get a full view of them as if she were lying on the beach!

Was she suddenly doing all of this because of me?


In order to get my attention even more.

These ‘subtle’ signaling often go unnoticed by guys whenever they are in the presence of women.

From now on, I want you to be aware of these things.

Make it your business to go sit at the park, beach, restaurant, on the bus, etc. and just observe the women around you.

Observe their movements, body language, arm position, legs positioning, their shoulders, what they do with their hands, do they straighten their hair, slick down their dresses and adjust their fitted wear?

Observe these things one day!

Eye contact isn’t necessary and it is the least.

You don’t need to gain EC from a girl in order to tell if she’s aware of your presence.

Focus on the body language!

Now, I need to make this crystal clear: I am NOT suggesting that you do this every single time you’re out and about.

You should take a day or an hour or so out of a day to run this observational experimentation.

You don’t want to be the creepy guy sitting around checking out women without actually approaching them.

During the exercise, try to exhibit normal as possible body language on your part.

Over time you’ll become more aware of the subtle signs women give off with their body posturing.

Oh- on a final note, don’t particularly focus on the quality of the girls in whom you’re observing.

If you’re riding a bus with all elderly women on it; still run your observations!

With the girl pictured in this post, since I didn’t quite see her face, she was probably unattractive for all I know…and is on the bigger side.

Doesn’t matter!

This is all experimentation to get you accustomed to reading body language.

James Marshall In Las Vegas TNL [Infield Video]

The Australian pickup instructor-practitioner from “The Natural Lifestyles” camp, has some pretty solid hidden-cam pick-up videos out there which I’ve yet to see.

I like this 1 in particular because he was able to not fall for the bait while keeping the Mexican girl there in order to prolong the convo.

Some solid game from the Aussie.

His body language is also rock solid, which goes further to project an Alpha-Male quality that women are attracted to.

Good stuff.

Cory Skyy Demonstrates How He Makes A Move On A Girl

I came across a super-interesting video from Cory Skyy, about making a move on a girl.

Ok, I’ve known of Cory’s stuff since way back in 2007.

He’s a seduction guru who ran the blog, Badboy with a heart.

As the name implies, his style is usually ‘Asshole Game’ and ‘Badboy Game’ to the fullest!

Hence, his approach to picking up women is a very polarizing one and requires balls of steel.

Check out the video and I’m sure you’ll learn a thing or 2.

New Addition To My Game: Hand On Hip Mannerism [thanks to Todd Valentine]

Dominant Body Language

I’m huge on incorporating new ideas and concepts into my lifestyle, pickup repertoire, etc.

One such area is mannerism and body language.

Whenever talking with a girl or others in general, we all have a certain way in which we position our hand(s), feet, head, etc.

Most of us aren’t conscious of this since it is so autopilot (even myself).

Some of us place our hands in our pockets, on hips, on head, behind back, lapsed to the side and so forth.

I find that I generally leave mines swinging at my side.

This sort of mannerism isn’t a deal-breaker in whether you get the girl or not.

However, it isn’t the most confident or dominant way to carry a conversation.

Hands On Hip, for some strange reason, seem to have caught my attention on a profound level over the past months of watching Todd Valentine’s pick-up videos.

This mannerism [hands of hips] appears more manlier, bossier and dominant/Alpha than anything else.

Lots of guys cross their arms into their chest as they speak.

Though this may look dominant in some way.

It often times comes off as if you are shielding yourself. Or gives the impression that you’re being closed off.

Arms folded

Arms folded

With the “hands on hips” look, I really cannot point out 1 negative aspect that it conveys on a conscious or subconscious level.

It just seems more manlier to me!

It widens your stance (wider is better) and project a more dominant vibe.

As of earlier this week, I’ve been implementing the hands on hips mannerism into my interactions whenever I talk to women or I’m running pickup.

Will update y’all on progress…which is very interesting.

Practice Building Your Sexual State, Sexual Projection And Sexualization To Get Women Thinking “Sex”

“Why is this important for me to learn or be aware of”?

This is the most general question I get thrown at me (via e-mail and social media) whenever I talk about getting sexual with women.

The obvious answer to this question is that you (the guy) will have to transition to a sexual state in order to sub-communicate to the woman that you’re feeling randy about her and would love to fuck her brains out!

Verbalizing this intention will not get you far…at least not when you’re coming from the male’s logical standpoint.

The thing that most men fail to realize is that women operate on suggestive, implied and insunuative levels.

In other words, or for example, if you were to say to a girl:

“I like you”.

It wouldn’t be as powerful as if this wasn’t said at all, rather sub-communicated and implied.

Women more react to what is NOT said that what is said.

Saying to a girl: “I wanna fuck you”, won’t have a greater psychological impact as if you made this know through implications and insinuations.

All in all, in order to sleep with a woman, you [the guy] must convey a sexual state which will in turn get her into a sexual state.

If you’ve never done this before, or have no clue of what the fuck I’m talking about, I’m here to tell you that as long as you’re NOT a virgin and have had sex at least on 1 prior occasion [prostitutes don’t count]: you will have done this before.

Alright, we’ve already dealt with why it’s massively important and a must that you project a sexualized state.

Most of us (male and females) aren’t aware of this, hence we are unable to detail just what sexualization is, how it looks and its existential attributes.

Therefore, telling you that you should practice this sounds like a mute point.

Firstly, when do we (as men) get into a sexual state?

When your cock gets hard at the mere sight of a hot girl strutting down the bloc with enough cleavage showing that you could drown in there. 😯

It’s the physiological feeling and sensation you get once turned on by a woman, porn or whatever gets you sexually excited.

This feeling induces a sexualized state aka sexualization.

It’s an admixture of horniness, lust with a dash of desperation on the side [had to throw that 1 in for good measures]. 😉

If you generally want to have sex with a girl and are sexually excited by her; this will show!

It’s next to impossible to conceal this state (sexualized) since the subjects are almost never aware of it [can’t change what you can’t see].

On a further note, it’s really difficult for one to conscious manufacture this state or mimic it, which is why you’re here with Kenny as your proverbial guide in bringing this to fruition. 😉 😉

Just as it’s difficult to mimic a confident state since confidence isn’t a tangible entity but a state of being, with sexualization however, since it’s part verbal and physical (body-language cues), it’s easy to execute [I know I just contradicted the shit out of the previous paragraph].

Practicing A Sexual State

As I mentioned earlier: everything should be implied and suggested.

Nothing overt (sexually).

This isn’t a rule but more of a guideline for now until you become fluent in the art of sexualization.

In order to practice, you’ll need a female subject at some point but for now, we’ll deal with you and you only.

If you have a mirror at home (which you should); stand or sit in front of it.

You’ll be staring at yourself or at least at your face for this exercise.

For guidance, I made a video a while back illustrating “bedroom eyes” and sexualization.

Watch it and learn!

In addition to that, you want to mimic those facial gestures (the eyes particularly) as to mines in the video above.

When you’re looking at the girl and interacting with her through normal conversation, you want to summon the bedroom eyes.

Remember- you don’t have to wait for the right moment to do this.

It doesn’t have to be a flirty or sexual conversation.

She could be blabbing away about a bitchy coworker or the latest action movie she wants a chode to take her to see; you still want to build a sexual state while interacting.

If you haven’t known, a woman doesn’t have to talk about sex in order to think sex.

If she senses your sexually induced state (subconsciously); she will begin to feel sexual or think sex, in spite of the conversational topic being asexual.

Practice: Phase 2

For this 1; you’ll need to be in the presence of a female opposed to the mirror routines which you’d done previously.

You might be asking yourself: “Where the heck am I supposed to find a girl as a willing-test subject”?

The answer is: everywhere!

This is practice, which means you won’t have to actually be in the presence of a girl whom you’re trying to get with.

You don’t have to be out on a date neither.

Simply interacting with a female coworker will suffice.

Any situation which allows you 5 or more minutes worth of conversation time will work just fine!

Even if this’ a girl who had friendzoned you.


Just find a fucking female who’s willing to have a brief, innocent chitchat with you!

Now you’re gonna utilize the bedroom eyes which you’d learned (and practiced) in the previous passage.

In conjunction, you’ll be altering your tone of voice and pitch.

Remember- through normal and non-sexual conversation you’ll be doing these things.

The key here is “Lower and Deeper”.

Check out this small scene of Leonardo DiCaprio [Howard] in the Aviator when he’s addressing the cigarette girl [at the 1 minute mark of the video].

This illustrates a great example of lower and deeper vocal tonality (+ dominant eye contact).

Also take note of his head being slightly tilted as he addresses her.

In a nutshell [from the 1 scene], 4 powerful components of a sexualized state were present:

1.) Head tilt

2.) Dominant-eye contact

3.) Dimmed eyes [as my video above illustrated]

4.) Lowered and Deepen voice

Notice how Leonardo’s eyes squinted and head cocked to 1 side in exaggeration?

How about his lower and deeper voice?

You want to aim to strike that medium!

Now, we have the tendency to get in our heads trying to prefect things.

Perfection isn’t a prerequisite!

Your voice doesn’t have to be the perfect pitch or volume on cue.

Just ensure that you stick to the deep and low script whenever projecting a sexual state.

Your voice will have gotten deeper, more subdued, heavier and slower.

Let’s visualize a bedroom scenario where you’re lying in bed with your girlfriend or just any-old girl for reference sake.

When raising the temperature to have sex, one doesn’t (normally) yell, scream and get loud.

This is anti-sexual and stupid to be honest.

When in heat or state of sexual arousal, you tend to speak lower, slower and deeper.

The volume doesn’t go up but down!

With this as your guideline, while in normal conversation where you desire to build a sexual state, you should speak as though you’re in the bedroom: lower, slower and deeper.

You also want to tilt your head to the side or slant it a bit (to either side) as the head-shot photos of myself depict.

Slow-hand gestures with the head tilted

Slow-hand gestures with the head tilted

Exaggerated head tilt

Exaggerated head tilt

Slight tilt which is still fine

Slight tilt which is still fine

Doing so also induce the sexual state opposed to positioning your head in an upright-vertical position as the photo below.

Vertical/non-sexual head position

Vertical/non-sexual head position

Little do you know, whenever someone (male or female) gets into a subconscious-sexual state, his-her head naturally tilts to 1 side when talking with or listening to the person who’s turning him or her on (by no fault of that person).

If you’re keen on this, you will have noticed that a girl’s head almost always cocks to the side when she’s feeling randy and in heat [see below photo]:

Both person's mirroring each other's tilted-head positioning

Both person’s mirroring each other’s tilted-head positioning

It’s extremely hard to spot these physical nuances while in conversation since you won’t really have the time to zoom in on such innocuous occurrences.

Females also do this, which she will then mirror you by tilting her head to 1 side.

On a side note: if a guy were to tilt his head to the side and speak cheerfully with you, assuming you’re a heterosexual male, you will immediate feel weirded out as if a guy is coming onto you. Hence, the tilted head and cheery smile is reserved for male-female interactions (or gay couples). 2 straight males would immediately sound the gay-alarms.

Ok, back to the topic at hand!

Your gestures should be slower.

If typically when talking you’re accustomed to using hand gestures, you want to slow them down as if moving in slow motion.

As a heads up: you will not come off as robotic!

The girl will have zero clue as to what you’re doing. So fear not that she’ll be consciously analyzing your movements and call you out on them.

In fact, she won’t even notice at all, which is why it’s so powerful.

As for practice, since you’re now armed with the tools of what it takes to build a sexual state, you should willfully incorporate those steps into your everyday conversations with women.

If it’s a girl whom you’re truly sexually excited about, then you won’t have to do a thing in order to get yourself in a sexual state.

Your body language and subliminal cues will have already clicked as if flipped by an automated switch.

The purpose of this article is just to get you in-tuned with your sexual state, how to recognize it and how to summon it on demand.

The spill-off effect is that emotions and states are contagious.

What that means in non-seduction community terms is that whichever emotional state you’re in while interacting with someone; they will almost always feel it too and ping off of it (or vice versa).

Therefore, if you’re angry or sullen and having a conversation in that state with another person, they will empathize with your angry or sullen state which will infect them unconsciously.

Likewise, if you’re feeling horny and sexual and you present/project this state unto the girl to whom you’re talking; she too will feel your sexual energy and sexual state.

Emotions and states are transferable and contagious!

People don’t just become horny or sexually excited out of thin air.

They subconsciously pick up cues from their immediate environment.

Just as we don’t just become hungry out of thin air, but due to an external stimulus which we weren’t aware of: the smell of food, a TV commercial, etc.

Therefore, whenever interacting with a woman, bear in mind that she feels what you feel!

Whichever emotional state you bring to the table: sexual, horny, sad, vexed, crying, sulky, down, excited…she will feel it (unknowingly)!

Women who disagree with this aren’t in denial instead they just aren’t aware of these subconscious cues just as you weren’t aware of them prior to this article.

Guys who get laid a lot are masters at projecting and building sexual state- unbeknownst to them.

Guys who fail to get laid on a consistent basis are POOR at sexualization.

Make note of the correlation.

A great article on sexualization was written by my buddy a while ago, Steve Jabba, a Pickup coach out of England: Sexual Energy: A Huge Piece Of The Missing Puzzle

Now, this entire article begs the question: “Do I need to elicit a sexual state in order to sleep with girls or merely make out with them”?


Some men naturally walk around in a sexualized state or are able to summon and project this state unto women instantly without having to work it up as this article advises.

Perfect illustration is the infamous video of Steve Jabba (the PUA coach), where he made out with a Colombian girl within 4 minutes of meeting her on the streets on London.

From the video: nothing looks grandeur nor obvious to the naked eye, but everything is subtle as should be.

Was Steve in a sexualized state?

Of course!

Did he have to build it?


After years of practicing and fine tuning these things, you’ll naturally attain this level of awareness and acuity where you’re able to project your sexual feeling unto women without verbalizing it 1 bit.

Make sure to implement the steps in this article and you’ll soon attain that mark!

In a future post, I’ll deal with body positioning and proximity which tie into everything you’d learned here.

Lesson In Female-Body Language (Preening), Resistance & Persistence [Kenny DayGame Infield Clip]

In this video that I spent the entire night putting together, the lesson is twofold:

1.) Women test!

2.) Learn to read a key-body language non-verbal cue which women send out…

As for women testing, you need to really drill it in your skull that whenever approaching random strangers, not only is their guards up, but women will often put up forms of resistance (shit tests for instance) in order to find out whether you’re worthy of their time or not.

If she gives you attitude or makes an unflattering comment such as, “I don’t talk to strangers”, the moment you decide to back off or eject: it’s game over!

Little do you know, this might have been a test to see how many cojones you have…if any.

In the in-field clip, I approached a busty girl about 7:30 AM (she’s on her way to work), while walking behind of her trying to catch up while chatting her up, she says to me that I should keep walking [or something among that line].

The most common responses from guys would be:

A.) Respond but Apologetically

B.) Shut up and keep walking

C.) Ask why is she blowing him off

Either response is fucking terrible as it lowers your perceived value!

Furthermore, there’s a 75% chance that this is just token/fake resistance in order to test you for persistence.

Women do these things to men all the time as a way to test.

It’s so ingrained in the female psyche that most of majority (or all of them) don’t even know that they’re testing since it comes so natural.

Playing hard to get is also a classic case of token/fake resistance.

Now, as for body language, via sub-text in the video, I break down “Preening”, which is a non-verbal body language cue initiated by women whenever they’re in the presence of men (or a man) whom they’re attracted to and they (women) are sexually aroused.

“Preening” is also done subconsciously, meaning that a girl wouldn’t even know that she’s sending out this signal and virtually giving herself away.

If you’re not too on par with these 2 concepts of seduction (reading body language and token resistance), then check out the video breakdown with in-field video clip.

Plus the girl is sexy, so it’s worth the watch! 😉 😉

Oh BTW, abiding by my “No #-close policy for 2014”, I didn’t attempt to get her phone # at all.

It didn’t even cross my mind honestly.

Although it was 7:30 in the morning, my objective was simply to test and fine tune some concepts of pickup while possibly trying to get her on a morning insta-date…but I guess it was too early.

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