A Little Taste Of Deep Seduction And Getting Her Hooked

Hey guys, been AGES since I posted anything [first for the year also]. I feel like I’ve let y’all down.

Alas! Here’s a post for you guys which I’d posted to my social media earlier today.

It’s all fun and games until the girl you’re hooking up with becomes an emotional toll.

This chick here, I’d picked her up on Facebook a little over a month ago (total stranger). We’ve since been hooking up.

Almost instantaneously, she began throwing all this shit at me, cussing whenever she thinks I don’t text her enough. 😱 Not to mention we’re just hooking up.

Anyway guys, if you want to learn how to turn a girl into a stalker, get her hooked and chasing for days; Always try to mix things up by giving the girl a multiplicity of angles and range of emotions by being (a bit) distant at times, elusive, busy, uninterested and jerkish.

However, I caution you that you will NOT want to turn a girl into an emotional baggage because she’ll drain you like a battery!

Nevertheless, with this girl, any every other girl I seduce and go on to hooking up with, I strategize my Game around 1 familiar theme: Being Vague, Elusive & Hard To Reach. I call that the 3 in 1 principle of Kenny’s Seduction Method.

The more available you are to a woman, the faster her attraction and emotions for you fizzle out and die! Contrarily, the more you put her off (whether on purpose or not); the greater the chance that she will begin to chase you and fall deeply for you…as long as you play it right! This can be done before hooking up with her, or after (in order to keep her around).

With this chick here whom I’d only known for about 5 weeks, my vagueness and the fact that I try not to be so available when she reaches out [I told her I’m busy], only drove her crazy (essentially deepening her feelings and attraction for me).

Would I consider this playing with women? NO! However, it’s a necessary strategy in order to keep women around, keep them hooked and keep them submissive. But along with that comes the toll of being haunted, stressed, chased, stalked and harassed: my worst nightmare when it comes to dating.

Anyway, so here’s the latest episode from today with this chick.
[Her txts in white]








Getting Away With Murder!!!

The 9th of February was my birthday, so I posted the following status to my Facebook.

This U.K. chick obviously didn’t get the memo.

On that note, I was prompted to post the following status as edification for younger PUA’s who don’t quite understand the mindset of how and why I get away with murder!

I get lots of guys who ask me:

“Kenny, how is it you get away with saying forward and crazy shit to women on Facebook (via inbox) without them taking offense, deleting and blocking you!? And why do girls always seem to take your forward shit (via inbox) with laughter rather than anger and being weirded out!? And these same girls you ultimately get their #, date and have sex with them!? What gives”!?

The thing is guys; girls will only get offended by your forwardness, rudeness and provocativeness if they don’t see you as a guy of value!! Moreover, women only feel disrespected when they get approached/hit up/inboxed by guys whom they deem unworthy, low value and weak! 

Hence, women RARELY ever get offended by my shenanigans in their inbox because they see me as a guy having equal to more value than they have! So they will likely take my rudeness as a positive…which breeds attraction! 

Imagine if a President, a rockstar, a celeb: Lil Wayne, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, etc. or any guy of perceived higher value, were to say something disrespectful and rude to a woman whom they were hitting on, would they likely take offense to it? NO!!!! Of course not! Because those guys (due to status) are deemed valuable in the eyes of women. Hence, women will almost always excuse their rudeness.
Well- I am clearly no celebrity rockstar- but why do I manage to almost ALWAYS get away with being forward with women (via inbox), by making them laugh and want to meet up and fuck me, instead of running for the hills from a perverted, creepy stranger (me)?

That is because I manage to successfully give off this high-value impression/vibe that an entertainer/rockstar/rapper gives off to women!
By what means- and how- do I give off this high value vibe?

Simply by being unbridled, unstifled, opinionated, provocative, rudish and free-spirited through the stuff I post.
That’s it!!!!

Whenever women read my stuff, on a subconscious level (without them even knowing), they go: “If this guy is willing to publicly put himself and his ideas out there so boldly and regularly without apology, then he must be the shit! He must be someone! He must be high-value”!!

With that internal respect for my boldness and brashness that only men of value possess, women instantly become attracted, and instantly excuse my behavior as normal…hence they don’t get offended at all whenever I slide in their inboxes with some forward and sexual shit right out the gate!

Now, if the average Joe tries this, he will undoubtedly be chided out, scolded, rejected, put on blast and exposed via screenshots, mocked and shamed, deleted then blocked…for good measures.  

Such backlash absolutely NEVER happens to me! Why not? Because again; I am deemed valuable in the girl’s eyes (because of the way I post), therefore I am granted immunity and excuse to where I’m allowed to say anything without paying a price, without being deemed weird, without being scolded and cussed out, etc.
Again: if Brad Pitt, Lil Wayne, Drake or any rapper or actor were to inbox some chick about wanting to fuck, they would NEVER get scolded, and chicks would never get offended!
So, whenever I hit “message/inbox” and the girl receives my colorful message, because of what she’s accustomed to seeing me post (provocative, rude, outspoken, etc), she instantly grants me celeb-status immunity to where she expects to be objectified and spoken to in forward, blunt fashion.

So…if you’re wondering why and how I get away with my shit in a girl’s inbox; you just had your answer!

#ActLikeACeleb #BeProvocative #BeRebellious

Dealing With Bitchy Girls Part III: “I Am The Prize”

This random chick jumps down my throat last night because of a comment I made on her friend’s post about her hair.

To top it off; she ends up sending me a friend request after getting into it
with me on her friend’s post.

Is there a lesson for you guys out there?


Women are innately attracted to men who stand their ground, put them in their place and don’t supplicate and cower.

Upon sending me a friend request, I
engaged her from a frame of me being higher- valued than her.

I am the fucking prize! Not the girl!

That should be your frame/mindset! No matter how hot you think the girl is; you are the prize! Not her!

Hence, act accordingly as you’ll
see me do in the message exchange.

How was my vibe?

Dominant and freeing of speech as though I had nothing to lose (which I didn’t/don’t).

I mean, this is sexy frikkin’ girl! But it doesn’t matter! I am the prize!

Furthermore, women’s panties get all soaking wett once faced with a guy who presents such an uninhibited frame.

Therefore, if you want to get a bitch girl’s attention (or her respect), you must firstly demonstrate that you won’t take her shit.

Now, it isn’t that you have to get caught up in arguments with these types. You can simply act nonchalant as though you find her hilarious and amusing, and still get them attracted the same way.

However, the worst possible reaction to a hot girl acting all bitchy towards you, is to cower, get butt-hurt and or apologetic (unless you apology is strategic).

Oh- and hopefully you realize that this all comes full circle, with what I’d been pontificating on over the past days and weeks in relation to handling bitchy girls online and so forth. And how to separate yourself from the majority pack of Beta-Males who are cowering down to women by treating them like princesses who are always right!

She Hates My Putrid Guts…But I Still Managed To Pick Her Up At The Bar!

The other day, I picked up a young chick (must have been 24) at a karaoke bar, while she sat alone next to some guy who either was too afraid to strike up a conversation, or didn’t fancy this young bird’s profile (which is hard to believe since she’s quite sexy).

The signature thing though that stood out in my mind from that pickup, was how bitchy this girl was to me the entire time, but still end up exchanging numbers before she had to vacate the bar unexpectedly.

By all means I was also being a dick to her, which hearkens back to the previous post about handling bitchy girls.

Bitchy girls will eat passive nice guys alive for breakfast! Hence the reason they are so repulsed by the idea of associating themselves with passive men who are afraid to get aggressive (verbally or physically).

When dealing with a bitchy girl, it is incumbent upon you to be equally as bitchy, or bitchy enough, that you don’t run the risk of crashing her emotional state.

This is why quote-unquote “nice guys” get rejected all the time. They down girl’s emotional sate because of their lackluster, bland and non-challenging vibe. Because of this, women in turn punish them, by either snubbing them, or using them as their emotional tampon to cry on whenever they’ve been pumped and dumped by some cocky asshole douchebag! 😉

In any case, so I met this chick at the bar sitting next to a mute, so I sat next to her and immediately got the proverbial ball rolling!

The mute who was sitting to the other side of her was shocked to see how a random stranger (moi) captivate a girl to the point that she was visibly fawning all over me.

However, the bitchiness started within seconds.

Most guys run once faced with attitude, harshness and bitchiness from women.

An Alpha stands his ground and play ball…so I did!

Here’s a caveat: when a girl acts this way towards you (bitchy), it is generally a congruence test (or shit test), to see how you (the guy) would react.

Most guys cower and fold…and flee. I stood my grounds and gave her some generous doses of my assholeness in order to match and sometimes trump her state of bitchiness!

At other points during the interaction and pickup, I had my arm around her waist (caressing her) while I chatted in her ear, ensuring that she felt my breath upon her earlobe in a sensual and sexual manner.

Before she fled, I got her digits for the sake of it.

This text exchange from a few days ago, is between me and her.

BTW, “Chupz” is equivalent of KMT.

That sort of shit storm I call hard flirting.

Some chicks just enjoy playing hard ball, and in order to grab their attention, it requires a guy who isn’t afraid to play hard ball also.

What is the grand takeaway from this post?

Always be adaptive and learn how to match the girl’s state.

Never cower or back down (during text for example) when a girl brings you shit.

Also, learn how to adapt a sweet and sour approach to gaming. Just as you seen me demonstrate in those screenshots: I went hot and cold, sweet the sour and back around again.

Confuse the girl’s logical thought pattern as I taught you in the previous 2 posts!

With this girl for instance, though I was busting her chops, calling her bipolar and getting testy with her, I made sure to neutralize this by telling her, “cute pic collage BTW”.

Therefore, at the same time, when dealing with bitchy types, be a dick yourself, but know how and when to flatter the bitchy girl in order to throw her for a loop.

Moreover, I don’t take women seriously, nor do I truly get offended by their shit.

The less seriously you take girls when they act all bitchy, the better results you’ll eventually have with them.

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