A Little Taste Of Deep Seduction And Getting Her Hooked

Hey guys, been AGES since I posted anything [first for the year also]. I feel like I’ve let y’all down.

Alas! Here’s a post for you guys which I’d posted to my social media earlier today.

It’s all fun and games until the girl you’re hooking up with becomes an emotional toll.

This chick here, I’d picked her up on Facebook a little over a month ago (total stranger). We’ve since been hooking up.

Almost instantaneously, she began throwing all this shit at me, cussing whenever she thinks I don’t text her enough. 😱 Not to mention we’re just hooking up.

Anyway guys, if you want to learn how to turn a girl into a stalker, get her hooked and chasing for days; Always try to mix things up by giving the girl a multiplicity of angles and range of emotions by being (a bit) distant at times, elusive, busy, uninterested and jerkish.

However, I caution you that you will NOT want to turn a girl into an emotional baggage because she’ll drain you like a battery!

Nevertheless, with this girl, any every other girl I seduce and go on to hooking up with, I strategize my Game around 1 familiar theme: Being Vague, Elusive & Hard To Reach. I call that the 3 in 1 principle of Kenny’s Seduction Method.

The more available you are to a woman, the faster her attraction and emotions for you fizzle out and die! Contrarily, the more you put her off (whether on purpose or not); the greater the chance that she will begin to chase you and fall deeply for you…as long as you play it right! This can be done before hooking up with her, or after (in order to keep her around).

With this chick here whom I’d only known for about 5 weeks, my vagueness and the fact that I try not to be so available when she reaches out [I told her I’m busy], only drove her crazy (essentially deepening her feelings and attraction for me).

Would I consider this playing with women? NO! However, it’s a necessary strategy in order to keep women around, keep them hooked and keep them submissive. But along with that comes the toll of being haunted, stressed, chased, stalked and harassed: my worst nightmare when it comes to dating.

Anyway, so here’s the latest episode from today with this chick.
[Her txts in white]








Getting Away With Murder!!!

The 9th of February was my birthday, so I posted the following status to my Facebook.

This U.K. chick obviously didn’t get the memo.

On that note, I was prompted to post the following status as edification for younger PUA’s who don’t quite understand the mindset of how and why I get away with murder!

I get lots of guys who ask me:

“Kenny, how is it you get away with saying forward and crazy shit to women on Facebook (via inbox) without them taking offense, deleting and blocking you!? And why do girls always seem to take your forward shit (via inbox) with laughter rather than anger and being weirded out!? And these same girls you ultimately get their #, date and have sex with them!? What gives”!?

The thing is guys; girls will only get offended by your forwardness, rudeness and provocativeness if they don’t see you as a guy of value!! Moreover, women only feel disrespected when they get approached/hit up/inboxed by guys whom they deem unworthy, low value and weak! 

Hence, women RARELY ever get offended by my shenanigans in their inbox because they see me as a guy having equal to more value than they have! So they will likely take my rudeness as a positive…which breeds attraction! 

Imagine if a President, a rockstar, a celeb: Lil Wayne, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, etc. or any guy of perceived higher value, were to say something disrespectful and rude to a woman whom they were hitting on, would they likely take offense to it? NO!!!! Of course not! Because those guys (due to status) are deemed valuable in the eyes of women. Hence, women will almost always excuse their rudeness.
Well- I am clearly no celebrity rockstar- but why do I manage to almost ALWAYS get away with being forward with women (via inbox), by making them laugh and want to meet up and fuck me, instead of running for the hills from a perverted, creepy stranger (me)?

That is because I manage to successfully give off this high-value impression/vibe that an entertainer/rockstar/rapper gives off to women!
By what means- and how- do I give off this high value vibe?

Simply by being unbridled, unstifled, opinionated, provocative, rudish and free-spirited through the stuff I post.
That’s it!!!!

Whenever women read my stuff, on a subconscious level (without them even knowing), they go: “If this guy is willing to publicly put himself and his ideas out there so boldly and regularly without apology, then he must be the shit! He must be someone! He must be high-value”!!

With that internal respect for my boldness and brashness that only men of value possess, women instantly become attracted, and instantly excuse my behavior as normal…hence they don’t get offended at all whenever I slide in their inboxes with some forward and sexual shit right out the gate!

Now, if the average Joe tries this, he will undoubtedly be chided out, scolded, rejected, put on blast and exposed via screenshots, mocked and shamed, deleted then blocked…for good measures.  

Such backlash absolutely NEVER happens to me! Why not? Because again; I am deemed valuable in the girl’s eyes (because of the way I post), therefore I am granted immunity and excuse to where I’m allowed to say anything without paying a price, without being deemed weird, without being scolded and cussed out, etc.
Again: if Brad Pitt, Lil Wayne, Drake or any rapper or actor were to inbox some chick about wanting to fuck, they would NEVER get scolded, and chicks would never get offended!
So, whenever I hit “message/inbox” and the girl receives my colorful message, because of what she’s accustomed to seeing me post (provocative, rude, outspoken, etc), she instantly grants me celeb-status immunity to where she expects to be objectified and spoken to in forward, blunt fashion.

So…if you’re wondering why and how I get away with my shit in a girl’s inbox; you just had your answer!

#ActLikeACeleb #BeProvocative #BeRebellious

Dealing With Bitchy Girls Part III: “I Am The Prize”

This random chick jumps down my throat last night because of a comment I made on her friend’s post about her hair.

To top it off; she ends up sending me a friend request after getting into it
with me on her friend’s post.

Is there a lesson for you guys out there?


Women are innately attracted to men who stand their ground, put them in their place and don’t supplicate and cower.

Upon sending me a friend request, I
engaged her from a frame of me being higher- valued than her.

I am the fucking prize! Not the girl!

That should be your frame/mindset! No matter how hot you think the girl is; you are the prize! Not her!

Hence, act accordingly as you’ll
see me do in the message exchange.

How was my vibe?

Dominant and freeing of speech as though I had nothing to lose (which I didn’t/don’t).

I mean, this is sexy frikkin’ girl! But it doesn’t matter! I am the prize!

Furthermore, women’s panties get all soaking wett once faced with a guy who presents such an uninhibited frame.

Therefore, if you want to get a bitch girl’s attention (or her respect), you must firstly demonstrate that you won’t take her shit.

Now, it isn’t that you have to get caught up in arguments with these types. You can simply act nonchalant as though you find her hilarious and amusing, and still get them attracted the same way.

However, the worst possible reaction to a hot girl acting all bitchy towards you, is to cower, get butt-hurt and or apologetic (unless you apology is strategic).

Oh- and hopefully you realize that this all comes full circle, with what I’d been pontificating on over the past days and weeks in relation to handling bitchy girls online and so forth. And how to separate yourself from the majority pack of Beta-Males who are cowering down to women by treating them like princesses who are always right!

She Hates My Putrid Guts…But I Still Managed To Pick Her Up At The Bar!

The other day, I picked up a young chick (must have been 24) at a karaoke bar, while she sat alone next to some guy who either was too afraid to strike up a conversation, or didn’t fancy this young bird’s profile (which is hard to believe since she’s quite sexy).

The signature thing though that stood out in my mind from that pickup, was how bitchy this girl was to me the entire time, but still end up exchanging numbers before she had to vacate the bar unexpectedly.

By all means I was also being a dick to her, which hearkens back to the previous post about handling bitchy girls.

Bitchy girls will eat passive nice guys alive for breakfast! Hence the reason they are so repulsed by the idea of associating themselves with passive men who are afraid to get aggressive (verbally or physically).

When dealing with a bitchy girl, it is incumbent upon you to be equally as bitchy, or bitchy enough, that you don’t run the risk of crashing her emotional state.

This is why quote-unquote “nice guys” get rejected all the time. They down girl’s emotional sate because of their lackluster, bland and non-challenging vibe. Because of this, women in turn punish them, by either snubbing them, or using them as their emotional tampon to cry on whenever they’ve been pumped and dumped by some cocky asshole douchebag! 😉

In any case, so I met this chick at the bar sitting next to a mute, so I sat next to her and immediately got the proverbial ball rolling!

The mute who was sitting to the other side of her was shocked to see how a random stranger (moi) captivate a girl to the point that she was visibly fawning all over me.

However, the bitchiness started within seconds.

Most guys run once faced with attitude, harshness and bitchiness from women.

An Alpha stands his ground and play ball…so I did!

Here’s a caveat: when a girl acts this way towards you (bitchy), it is generally a congruence test (or shit test), to see how you (the guy) would react.

Most guys cower and fold…and flee. I stood my grounds and gave her some generous doses of my assholeness in order to match and sometimes trump her state of bitchiness!

At other points during the interaction and pickup, I had my arm around her waist (caressing her) while I chatted in her ear, ensuring that she felt my breath upon her earlobe in a sensual and sexual manner.

Before she fled, I got her digits for the sake of it.

This text exchange from a few days ago, is between me and her.

BTW, “Chupz” is equivalent of KMT.

That sort of shit storm I call hard flirting.

Some chicks just enjoy playing hard ball, and in order to grab their attention, it requires a guy who isn’t afraid to play hard ball also.

What is the grand takeaway from this post?

Always be adaptive and learn how to match the girl’s state.

Never cower or back down (during text for example) when a girl brings you shit.

Also, learn how to adapt a sweet and sour approach to gaming. Just as you seen me demonstrate in those screenshots: I went hot and cold, sweet the sour and back around again.

Confuse the girl’s logical thought pattern as I taught you in the previous 2 posts!

With this girl for instance, though I was busting her chops, calling her bipolar and getting testy with her, I made sure to neutralize this by telling her, “cute pic collage BTW”.

Therefore, at the same time, when dealing with bitchy types, be a dick yourself, but know how and when to flatter the bitchy girl in order to throw her for a loop.

Moreover, I don’t take women seriously, nor do I truly get offended by their shit.

The less seriously you take girls when they act all bitchy, the better results you’ll eventually have with them.

How To Deal With Social-Media Darlings & Bitchy Entitled Girls

On social media, as you would know, there exist entitlement junkies who very much believe that they deserve the attention of men and women.

Interestingly enough, those girls do received such attention from scores of hapless, desperate men trying to scoop their poop in return for some vague favor.

Accompanying this entitlement attitude is some good-old bitchiness.

The other caveat here is that social-media queens, entitled and bitchy ones, are almost always HB9.5 or 10’s.

In fact, a key component to the perception of entitlement and bitchiness is a chick’s perceived hotness. The hotter she is, the more entitled and bitchy she can afford to be.

In any case, because these girls are hoisted atop the social-media ladder by AFC’s due to their hot factor, those same guys who deify and praise those entitlement whores, are the ones to get snubbed and rejected for offering validation (strangely enough).

The new trend nowadays, since the explosion of screenshots, is women publicly shaming guys by posting their conversations for the world to see how Beta, kiss-ass and lame the average guy is.

Exhibit A: 1 such social-media darling who has tons of guys pedestalizing her on my Facebook, is this 22-year old chick who posted the following (as means to shame clueless men).

However, take note that she tagged me in that same post of hers (the comment section), asking if I will accompany her in exposing and shaming some Beta-Males.

Now, why did she do this?

Why did she feel a need to tag and invite me to this?

Firstly, just as every other woman on Facebook knows, she knows that I’m a self-professed pickup artist who generally posts statuses shaming Beta-Males and nice guys for kissing hot girl’s asses! And I also have a knack for being an asshole on Facebook. 🙂

Secondly, without her having ever said this to me [we never DM’d before], I clearly sensed that she respects my Alpha-Male persona, hence the reason she tagged me, and asked if I would accompany her.

In essence, she sees me as the Alpha-Male: the dominant guy who isn’t stifled and bashful about saying what he wants to say.

Hence, in her eyes: I have massive amounts of Social Value.

Would she have tagged an AFC Beta in a positive light?

Of course not!

Bitchy-entitlement girls only cater positively to men who are in their league (or above): rockstars, Alphas, jocks, athletes, celebs, bad boys, etc.

In any case, I had let her know that I already started my tirade of being a little asshole on social media (shaming Betas for Beta-Male activities such as ass-kissing women).

By doing that, I communicate to her that I am NOT following her lead, but she’s in fact following mines.

Here’s where it got mighty interesting because I called her out.

I inboxed her for the first time.

I called her out, blatantly telling her that I can’t fuck with her. Who does/says this to a social-media darling who has thousands of friends and followers? Only an Alpha who recognizes that he’s the prize and not the girl!

Additionally, she tried to say that her public shaming backfired. The thing is too, just like every so-called hot girl, she’s jaded because of the inundation of messages she gets on a second-by-second basis from desperate losers. So she’d hoped that by outing some guys publicly on Facebook for their lame game, it would’ve dissuaded other guys from inboxing her.

😆 That explained it all: though she publicly shamed a handful of guys, those same guys would turn around and inbox her, thinking that she was joking.

I mean, I don’t know how a guy can misconstrue an obvious shaming session for something humorous that would give him the okay to resume sending lame messages to the girl’s inbox.

What this chick didn’t realize actually, is that guys who put women on pedestals, are so deeply enamored and enraptured by them, that no amount of shaming could successfully get rid of them.

By the way, I routine stacked a bit by changing the subject and telling her to send me some food since she said she was cooking.

To top it off, I told her to go on (“gawaaaannnn”)! Essentially, I was chasing her away.

By that, I was doing the complete opposite of every other guy who’s ever messaged her! Instead of chasing her, I was telling her to go on, essentially cutting our convo short, ending the conversation on her.

That is how you treat an entitlement junkie: you withhold any sort of endearing comment or compliment.

I’ll address this at the bottom of the post.

Additionally, she qualified herself to me (because of the frame I strategically set), when she gave me a rundown on what she’s cooking.

An entitled princess wouldn’t in the least, dare to qualify herself to a guy whom she deems is beneath her standards and social status. So she wouldn’t have given a rundown of anything (positively that is) to such a guy.

Now, let’s see how she reacts to me telling her to share a pic of her cooking when she’s done.

If I have compliance over her; she should by all means share a pic of her cooking with me.


She sends me a pic of her cooking!

Compliance test passed!

Before that, I playfully told her to go on (“gwaaaaannnn”) again, displaying my dominance and unwillingness to chase her for her time and conversation.

From these little things, I knew for certain that she was full-on attracted to me (my vibe).

A bit later, I received more confirmation that she was indeed full-on attracted to me, and was trying to please me (qualify) when she posted and tagged me in the following.

She outs another guy by publicly posting their chat, while ensuring that I get to see the post by tagging me. 🙂 🙂

All of this is very instructive on how to handle bitchy girls and social-media darlings, all of which go hand-in-hand by the way.

Most importantly though, and here is the strategic aspects to this brief post, is my vibe, and the fact that I completely steered clear of hitting on her.

The hottest girls are too accustomed to being praised, complimented and hit on.

Therefore, your approach ought to be different!

The way you handle and act towards these types, ought to be different.

How different?

You have to use more pun, humor and (playful) dominance while gaming her.

With this girl as an example, if you check back the aforementioned screenshots of our inbox messaging, you would’ve gotten yourself a perfect example of how to deal with these types.

When dealing with a girl who has high social value, you must double down on giving off the impression that you aren’t desperate, aren’t lonely, but from the contrary, you are pre-selected with lots of women in your life already.

How do you pull this off? Simply refrain from outright hitting on the entitled bitchy girl from the get-go.

If for instance now, that you follow such particular girl on social media, or are friends on Facebook with such a girl, your vibe must also be congruent and consistent with a guy who gets laid.

Again, I keep having to reference this girl here, and the way in which I structure my online (Facebook) persona as a guy who’s carefree, reckless, capricious, opinionated, controversial, sexist, chauvinistic, bad-ass, etc, etc, etc. So, you want to give off the right vibe before even DM’ing the girl.

Thus, it all still comes down to a holistic approach.

Your Facebook (for instance) cannot read like a children’s novel, while expecting to catch the eyes of any woman worthy of fucking.

You have to play ball in the entitlement girl’s league (or she being in your league)!

What do bitchy girls do on Facebook? They call out chodery and Beta-ism.

They call out guys who act like giant pussies!

Social-media princesses (bitchy girls) are forward and opinionated. They are only attracted to their equal counterparts, or guys whom they see as even more rugged and brash…ala Social Kenny in relation to this girl.

As I constantly point out: I court and embody this assholish, “do and say what I wanna” vibe on social media!

By no means am I an asshole. It is just an act, but a necessary one that I master well in order to facilitate the attraction and seduction of women online (and offline).

Now, as advice for you guys out there, am I advising you to become an asshole with women online?

Not quite. Just that in order to attract girls who happen to get greater amounts of attention than the usual chick, you have to demonstrate more of an IDGAF attitude. And while messaging them, your approach should be more indirect at the start (via humor) before going for a phone number or anything of the sort.

Speaking of phone numbers, the subsequent post will definitely interest you.

Converting Girls Into Clingy Girls: Unintended Consequence Of Getting Good With Women

Pickup, or getting masterful at Game, has very few unintended consequences and back lashes. One of them is The Cling Of Death.

No one likes a clinger-on.

Well- I don’t know about you MOFO’s- but I CANNOT stand a fucking clingy girl!

I get that claustrophobic feeling whenever someone dogs up under me physically or psychologically.

This chick here, I picked up a few weeks back on Facebook, yet to bang her, but she’s already materialized into a stage 5 clinger.

Here’s a few text exchange via Messenger over the past days.

[Her texts in gray]

Now that was painful although I kept my composure as usual.

One thing you may ask is: how is it that this random stranger whom I’d picked up just 2 weeks ago, is now completely needy over the fact that I don’t have much time for her?

Well, it all boils down to game I must say.

Apart from that though, since this chick is acting so clingy and we’d only had texted on 2 prior time occasions, imagine after we would’ve had sex? 😯 😯

Talk about a stalker!

Here’s the truth though: of the women I pick up on social-media sites (Facebook being the only one on which I game girls), 4 in 10 of them turn out to be stalkerish and clingy.

Upon sensing this, I may back out altogether and not go through with the lay. And if I do go through with it, I would devise a soft-landing strategy in the post-lay stage of the game to not hurt the girl in devastating fashion.

To be honest, it’s not like I give a shit about hurting girls’ feelings.

What I also come to find out is that although women are highly emotional beings, they may sob for a day or 2 after a guy pumps and dumps them, but they generally get over it in a heartbeat.

The reason why women get over a heartbreak so smoothly and quickly is because they generally have the so-called support systems to facilitate this.

They have parents, and BFF’s to comfort them, including tons of guys who’ll willingly rush their aide in order to provide a shoulder to lean on and cry on.

Men don’t have that.

Men don’t have women rushing to their sides after they’d been dumped or had their hearts crushed.

Saying all that to say, even with the ultra-clingy and sensitive ones like this girl is, they’ll get over their pain in days time.

As for myself, women who bombard me with texts are quickly relegated to the ignore basket.

I cherish my sense of space, freedom, free time and privacy.

Any woman who encroach upon that will eventually get a taste of my not-so-nice side.

This is largely why I live separately from my girlfriend (my kid’s mother). I just cannot bear a woman breathing down my neck, crowding me, asking me questions, being invasive and prying, so on and so forth.

I refuse to live with a woman at any point in my life. I took that chance and made that mistake about 9 years ago with an ex, and it turned out disastrously within about 3 months, to the point where law enforcement and family had to intervene.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t bear her invasiveness and crowding [that actually wasn’t the case]. We just weren’t compatible as house-mates. And that incompatibility almost kicked off World War III! But lesson was well learned! Since that time, I’ve yet to entertain the idea of ever living with a woman again.

My current girlfriend, my kid’s mother, we’ve been together in this non-traditional relationship for 7 and a half years. And I’ve yet to even remotely suggest moving in with her.


She asks and suggests, but I reject and object under the premises that:

1.) It will never work

2.) I don’t like to feel crowded and stifled

Therefore, that feeling of being crowded and stifled is the same feeling I get whenever girls get all emotional and down about the fact that I ignore their attempts at communication.

With Game- good game through experience- you will have attracted and converted a fair amount of women into clingers and stalkers.

Want Proof That Women Are Bipolar And Emotionally Unstable?

​So, do you actually need proof that women are bipolar and highly emotionally unstable and prone to fluctuations in states and moods? 

Okay, so I was texting a bit this afternoon with a sexy chick whom I’d been wanting to bang for almost 3-4 years now. 

She lives in the house next to my apartment complex on the west side. 

Anyway, our convo was going great. I then asked her about her plans for later. 

All of a sudden, she replies with some BS out of left field, saying to stop texting her phone. She further mentioned that she knows that her BF doesn’t like me. 

Why does her BF hate my guts? Because I picked up and fucked his ex-girlfriend almost 3 years ago. 

Since that day, this guy totally hates me…which I can understand…I guess. But this chick already knew that her BF hates me. So to mention it now again is sorta crazy. But anyway, I simply blocked that bitch and deleted her # from my Whatsapp and phone contacts. 

[My texts in green]

All in all: women operate on emotional waves which are constantly fluctuating.

One second she’s down to meet up. Two seconds later; she blows you off unexpectedly.

10 Things I Don’t Care To EVER Ask A New Girl Whom I’d Picked Up

I just want to shed a little light on my frame when it comes to women I meet.

Certain things I just don’t do/say because they would make me feel and look low value.

Here goes!

“Do you have a boyfriend?

The boyfriend question is 1 of the lamest I could think of. I have no interest in knowing whether the girl is single or taken. I don’t ask, and she doesn’t tell. Even if she does tell, I absolutely never comment on it besides saying, “ok cool! I have a girlfriend…so we’re even now…and we have something in common”.

“Do you like me”?

The fact that she’s talking to me, and the fact that she’s even allowed herself to be picked up, says it all: that she likes me. No need to ask; I simply assume! Asking a new girl if she likes you (asking in the traditional sense) only goes to put on full display your lack of surety and lack of social intelligence. If you were a smart guy, you would know when a girl likes you or not, right? That’s what the girl may say to herself.

“How old are you”?

I have zero interest in knowing how long the girl has been on this planet. As long as she gets my sexual juices flowing and she’s over the legal age of sexual consent (and she likely is); that is all I’m concerned with as far as age goes. I NEVER ever ask girl how old she is. Women tell me! But I never ask!

“When was the last time you had sex”?

I don’t care! I don’t ask this question since it doesn’t do anything for me logistically. Not only that, but even if I were to ask a girl, “when was the last time you fucked”, do you actually think she’s going to be forthright and honest? Asking a girl when was the last time she fucked is tantamount to asking her what’s her number…i.e. “how many guys have you fucked”?

“How many guys have you slept with”?

A pretty dumb question, but believe it or not, this is a common questions that guys ask new girls within the first week of becoming acquainted. Why would a guy even care to ask this anyway? It’s not like if she admits to fucking 290 guys, that that would really dissuade you from wanting to becoming the 291st.
Sure you may think unflattering things about her. But you are not going to change your mind on lying down with her. And you are not going to suddenly change your mind from wanting to have her as your girlfriend. So why care to ask her #?

“What is your religion

Another common question that I care not to ask. I feel that guys ask this question eventually, because they don’t know what else to say/ask. And asking the girl if she’s religious, or if she has a religion, just seems normal and fair game during the pickup and post-pickup phase of the game. But in any case, I don’t care about a girl’s religion, spirituality or lack thereof. It has nothing to do with me getting my pecker inside of her snatch. A Muslim pussy feels just the same as an Agnostic or Christian pussy. I’m sure you know this already. ❓

“Do you have kids…and how many”?

Again- I don’t care about this. Whether she has 20 kids, 1 or none at all, it doesn’t change the level of physical and sexual attraction I have for the girl. It wouldn’t make me want to bang her less, discovering that she has kids. And don’t worry; if she has kids, she will surely not forget to mention it within no time. So there’s no need to ask.

“How’s your day”?

Do I really care about her day, how she’s feeling and what she’s done thus far for the day? NO!! Hence, I would never, nor do I ever send a girl a txt asking, “what are you doing”, or, “how’s you’re day”? Why not? Not only is it lame and generic, but her day has nothing to do with my day. What do I mean by that? Whether she responds with, “fine”, or “not so good”, her response isn’t going to change my objective of trying to meet up with her. So asking her about her day is a mute point.

“Was the sex good”?

If I manage to sleep with a new girl, the very last thing I would ask her is if the sex was good? I never ask women this question by the way. I assume the sale! I assume that she loved the sex! No matter how shitty my performance was, I always assume that she’d loved it! Asking a girl if she liked the sex, doesn’t only come off as unsure of yourself, but it also sub-communicates to the girl that you aren’t used to getting laid. It just shows way more confidence when you assume the sex was good, hence you don’t ask.

“What work do you do”?

Another oft-common question which gets you no closer to the lay than if you hadn’t asked her. I frankly have no genuine interesting in knowing what work any girl does. Therefore I never ask. I will eventually find out undoubtedly, simply because the girl will have volunteered this piece of information.

As is the case with virtually all 10 points cited above, women will tell me on their own free will, even if I don’t ask. They will ask me what work do I do? Then naturally, they will divulge the information on their work.

If you were to check back any post of mines which includes conversations between women and me, and you will never see me asking a girl about her work. It just doesn’t interest me!

These things are only somewhat meaningful if I were to want to date these women, or perhaps have them as my girlfriends. But even in such a case, I wouldn’t need to ask because the girl would’ve volunteered those details from day 1.

All in all, I chose not to bring up any subject which doesn’t facilitate my chances of getting inside of her panties.

Note: The list is subjected to revision and update.

Girl I Seen On A Morning News Program Calls Me Ugly. How Do I Handle It?

Every now and then, I get guys ask me, “Kenny, how do you handle girls calling you ugly”?

Essentially, this is a shit test and or congruence test, whenever the girl you’re chatting up calls you ugly, or say anything that would traditionally be deemed a rejection or an IOD (Indicator Of Disinterest).

Few days ago while watching the good-morning news program, there was a segment which featured a sexy girl, a small-business owner, who happens to be a friend of mines…on Facebook only.

I didn’t quite get to see what the segment was about, nor was I privy to the girl’s entrepreneurial ambitions. But at the very tail end of the segment, I noticed that her face’s familiar, included her name.

I browsed my timeline in search of confirmation on whether or not I had the right person.


Her profile pic includes a selfie which was taken on set of the program, along with the hosts of the morning show.

I then messaged the girl.

By all means; this was NOT a pick-up attempt.

I was merely talking shit and making an impression. Not that I wouldn’t try to pick her up. But it just wasn’t the time. I merely wanted to register on the chick’s radar for another time.

Anyway, so I inboxed her. Firstly, I want you to take note of my vibe, and how I wasn’t kissing her ass and giving her the celeb treatment because I seen her on TV.
[My messages in blue]


In the 2nd screenshot (below), I maintained a frame that I am not gawking over her, but merely making an observation that she’s a sexy girl who knows how to have fun.


Wow! Did that hurt or what!?

Of course not!


How did I handle her calling me ugly?

I took it with humor.

Here’s the deal: whenever a girl calls you ugly, particular one whom you’re chatting up, Always agree with her!

Did I make myself clear!?

Always agree with the girl saying you’re ugly!

Doing so will have beaten out her frame, beat her shit test while taking away the play from her all at the same time.

Why is it such a powerful thing to agree with the girl saying you’re ugly, and to take it lightheartedly?

#1 No girl, or any person for that matter, expects you to agree with their assessment of you being ugly. So this totally fucks their frame

#2 You show the girl that you aren’t thin-skinned

More importantly, by agreeing with the girl to whatever her shit test was (in this case: she saying I’m ugly), it shows that you aren’t about to try to defend yourself and get all defensive just because a girl calls you ugly.

It also shows the girl that you aren’t about to qualify and try to prove your worthiness.

What would most guys have done?

Firstly, they would get all butt-hurt and sensitive.

Secondly, they would rebut with something like, “I’m handsome. Lots of girls find me attractive”.

Thirdly, they would throw a tantrum upon feeling rejected, thus cussing the girl out.

It is never a good idea to qualify yourself to a girl!!!

In other words; if she calls you ugly, the worst reaction ever is to try to convince the girl that you’re not ugly!!!

By telling the girl “I appreciate being ugly”, it allowed me to pass her shit test with flying colors.

Moreover, after you pass a shit test, you don’t dwell on it. Move on by changing the subject just as you seen me do.


In any case, I don’t take rejections as rejections.

I take them to mean “not now”, instead of “never”.

Lastly, girls calls me ugly all the time.

In fact; I rarely have girls call me handsome. But it doesn’t affect me 1 bit. 🙂


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