How To Learn And Apply Things In Pickup [Don’t Be A Passive Learner]

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There are 2 types of readers: the passive and the active.

Those who are passive reader-learners, read articles and books about whatever they’re seeking help with, yet they never get off their asses to apply what they’ve read.

Then there are active reader-learners who actually absorb and apply the knowledge they’d accrued from watching (videos) and reading.

A perfect example of what the passive reader-learner does: He would contact me via e-mail or even Facebook and say to me (via chat):

“Hey Kenny, I enjoy your links and articles on getting women. I struggle with getting laid and being a social guy”.

Me: “Ok thanks bro’. I appreciate it a lot. Just let me know what are your sticking points and I’ll address it in future article”.

Passive Reader: “Cool! I have problems with going up to girls and opening them”.

Me: “I once had too as we all had. I’ll be publishing an article next week on this same topic specific to you”. I’ll inform you when it’s published”.

Passive Reader: “Ok thanks man”!

4 weeks later…

Me: “Hey Jake, did you check out the article about approaching and opening HB’s that I’d published 2 weeks ago”?

Passive Reader Jake: “Yea I did. It was great but…”!

That is the typical scenario with the passive reader-learner; he knows what he needs to do in order to get results (read an apply ACTIVELY), instead he reads and reads yet never actually gets off his ass to apply concepts and techniques in which will benefit him (that he’s searching for).

Sure he enjoys a good read!!!

However, that’s as far as it goes for guys like him.

Subsequently, those are the same guys who will never learn anything in whichever field of expertise they’re seeking advice [be it dating, sex, women, finances, sports, boxing, singing, etc.].

I was never such reader-learner, which is why I’d advanced to becoming 1 of the top PUA’s (and coach) on the fucking globe!

I applied everything I read, jotted down and watched about seducing women!

A perfect example of what the active reader-learner does: He actually gets out there to apply the knowledge he’d learned!

Active Reader-Learner: “Hey SocialKenny, I went out few days ago and tried some routines in-field. It was fucking tough and grueling! I had no results”!

Me: “That’s the way to go Jim! When you first start out in pickup, it’ll be rough- real rough! But it’s the will and actual application over time that will pay off. Keep taking notes and apply in-field what you’ve learnt from my blog. You’ll master it eventually”!

Now that is the stark contrast between the guy who knows he needs help, but DOESN’T do anything about it (besides read and watch videos), and the guy who also knows that he needs help, and DOES ACTIVELY take notes and apply them.

The guy who applies this stuff will actually learn!

Years ago when I first got into the seduction community as a newbie/student; I wrote my ass off!!!

I took more fucking notes than a courtroom stenographer…at a long trial!!!

An actual page from a notebook of mines years ago of how to “story tell” (from Seduction Tuition).

I manually took notes the old fashion way; pen to paper.

Then later downloaded an app to my Windows Mobile Pocket PC [Palm Treo] to record more notes in which to be mobile with it [what a brainiac LOL]!

I didn’t just read articles on PUA websites and leave it up to chance that I’d be able to remember what I read (passive reading).


I instinctively knew that once I engaged myself in the learning process (note taking), it’d be much more powerful and worthwhile.

One of the first sites from which I learned pickup years ago (from reading article tutorials), was Seduction Tuition.

This PUA-article database was instrumental to my learning of Game/Seduction.

As I got home from work (@ 4 PM), the first thing I used to do was crank up the desktop (from 4 PM) and bury myself in Seduction until 6 AM the following morning (LITERALLY)!!!

I didn’t eat dinner after work, didn’t shower after work, didn’t grab anything to drink, no caffeine fix…

The need to get better with women was the only thing fueling me!!!

I would sneak my little cousin’s textbooks out of his book-bag just to write down routines and openers because I had no more blank pages in my notepads.

Over time, I had like 3 stacks of notebooks of PUA/Seduction concepts, techniques and routines written (manually) in 300 page textbooks in which to learn from.

At that time, I was staying with my grandma for a stint, and she would cuss my ass out for doing nothing around the house but writing and reading all day on the computer LOL!

Dude, sleep, hunger and rest didn’t occur to me as a newbie in the community!

I was hungry for knowledge on how to get laid while neglecting the hunger for food that was aching in my stomach.

On the weekends when I was off from work, I would go 2 days without eating jack shit LITERALLY!

I was glued to the computer (PUA websites), and my hands were glued to a pen and notebook.

I neglected friends, family, work, TV and hygiene!

All that mattered to me was to learn game and master the art of seduction at the detriment to everything else!!!

If you weren’t talking Pickup; I wasn’t fucking with you!

With all the info, intel and notes about Pickup that I’d accumulated in notebooks and note-taking apps on my Palm Treo, I did what the passive reader-learner never does (which is why he never learns): Got off my ass and applied them!!!

I remember when I first came across the classic-PUA canned routine: “Glasses on or off”?, by Twenty-Six aka Barry Kirky (out of Canada), I immediate jot it down on a piece of napkin actually, tuck it into my pocket to take it with me to the club that night.

Twenty-Six, aka Extramask aka Barry Kirky, master PUA guru out of Canada.

Twenty-Six, aka Extramask aka Barry Kirky, master PUA guru out of Canada.

I recited the opener in the mirror to try to memorize and internalize it (to be as natural and congruent as possible) before using it @ the club.

Later that night, before entering Club Savoy, I took the napkin out of my pocket, nervously tried my best to memorize the routine-opener [“Glasses on or off”?] as I was trembling with anxiety!

Strolled into the joint, instantly approached a 3 set (3 girls), abiding by the 3-second rule of the community, and threw the opener (I was scared as shit though):

Me: “Hey girls, what do y’all think look better on me; glasses on or off”?

[The 3 HB’s debated which looks better; with glasses or without.

I took my shades off and on few more times and told them to give their best judgment.]

Me: “My friends tell me I look like Clark Kent with them on”.

3 HB’s: “Yea, no, not really, for real LOL”!!!

Me: “Why do you like when they’re on or off”?

[The 3 HB’s debated once again as to why or why not.]

This was 1 of the first times I used an opener/canned routine.

I fumbled that shit and was SUPER nervous (as expected from approach anxiety), but I was proud of myself that I managed to muster up the balls to approached 3-hot girls and had a decent interaction for a minute or so.

I used that same routine [Glasses on or off?] like 3 more times in the same venue with other girls to the point that I became comfortable and flowed naturally.

Other nights however, I would fucking C&B (crash and burn) with the openers so badly, that the girls I’d approached would laugh at me and call me out.

Following night, I went to another nightclub [The Green Door], used another canned routine, and the target (the girl) said to me:

“Why do you seem so nervous as if you’re biting your tongue”?

She called me out on how nervous I was (I would chew on my tongue whenever nervous).

Ejected set immediately and bounced because I was so embarrassed and just got called out on it.

Over time though; as with every AFC (average guy) who becomes a Pick-Up Artist, he learns to manage and almost eradicate approach anxiety all together.

All the note-taking had payed off for me!

Had I NOT taken notes and applied what I read in those PUA articles, I would still be the lame-ass loser who sits @ home complaining that dating is so hard.

So I wanna encourage every guy who reads my articles from now on [those guys who need help in this field], to actually have a pen and paper handy, or a smartphone note-taking app, and take fucking notes!!!

Don’t just read this shit and go: “Sounds great! I love this article”!

Then move onto the next article (passively reading) day after day, while your dating life remains shittier than a public toilet at West 4th. street in downtown Manhattan.

DON’T rely on internet game neither (meeting women online)!

That is also a passive and pussy route to meeting chics.

Meeting girls online should be the last resort or a means of desperation.

When I first got into The Pickup Community, none of those popular-online dating sites existed [Facebook didn’t even exist].

You wanted to tap some ass?

Then you had to get the fuck out of the house and venture into the jungle/real world to compete, fight and battle to get laid.

That was the only way and the manliest way (The Alpha-Male way).

That is why I’ve always said that online-dating was the worst thing ever created in terms of dating.

It turns men into pussies!

Men who were already pussies became GIANT pussies (Beta-Males)!

A lot of what pickup teaches CANNOT be applied (effectively) via the internet: Congruence, Negs, Social Vibing, Flirting, KINO/Touching, Escalation, Kiss Closes, fucking, LMR, etc.

Guys then become frustrated as they try applying these concepts to no avail (on dating sites), and then bash the seduction community and label our teachings as bullshit and fake.

But had they only got off the fucking couch and get off and ventured into the real world to apply what we teach, then they would have seen ASTRONOMICAL results instantly, and know that pickup concepts work like a charm!

Those guys who complain and bash pickup [like Aaron Sleazy], are obviously the ones who are too fucking afraid and lazy to take notes and apply concept in the real world (clubs, bars, streets, shops, etc.).

They use the concepts solely online, which wasn’t what they were designed for.

Then whine, moan and bitch whenever they get meager results.

The reason I’d narrated my beginning journey in seduction is to point out to guys that getting good with the ladies is NOT fucking easy!

It takes dedication, patience, resolve, commitment and a bit of insanity.

It may take staying up until 5 AM, going sleepless for days because you’ve been reading, watching, observing and absorbing articles, videos and data like a mad scientist!!!

This is what separates the men who are great with women from the men who are average.

Guys who are average don’t stay up until 5 AM studying, reading and learning.

Guys who are average stop at a certain plateau.

Guys who’ve had greatness with women (like I have), once stayed up for 48 hours absorbing and writing info in which to study, internalize and apply later on!

Just as Michael Jordan used to shoot thousands of free throws before mastering it.

Just as the boxer Floyd Mayweather would spar for 40 rounds straight in order to gain impeccable stamina!

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Those guys weren’t satisfied with average.

They knew it would take sleepless nights, bringing themselves to the brink of exhaustion and passing out in order to become great!

And it’s not that being great at something means you’ll never fail.

Jordan had off nights and lost games!

Floyd had off nights and close-grueling fights that he could’ve lost.

I’ve had many nights where I’d even gotten rejected by ugly girls!

Nights where my game was so off, that a bind man could’ve done better!

Nights where I let easy pussy slip away.

So being great doesn’t mean you won’t fuck up. But you’re so battle-tested and self-assured (from your training), that you know you can still out best any other guy on any given night.

Every PUA coach in the seduction community had went through similar phases of learning like I did.

Captain Jack, the master PUA out of Dallas, had a similar story to mines which I read about years ago in his e-book: Captain Jack’s Grand Adventure.

He’d learned game from Fast

Took notes like a mad man also!

The main difference between guys like him and the passive reader (who reads for reading sake), is that he applied what he was learning online in the real world.

He didn’t just read articles about seduction tactics and techniques which will get him better results with women, then moved onto the next.

He read them and said to himself, “I gotta write this down and fucking try this shit tonight”!!!

In order to get better with women, you have to put in the work, time and practice!

You can’t keep reading articles after articles then WISH your way into mastery.

Without taking notes and applying what you’d annotated, you will never get far in this genre, unless you’re a Natural with Game like Reema who didn’t learn Game the way I did.

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