Monday Night Field Report: Guy AMOG’s Me At The Bar…And Fails Epicly [a HUGE lesson in AMOG for you]

What is an AMOG/AMOGing?

It is a PUA acronym which has 2 basic meanings [noun and a verb]:

1.) Alpha Male Of the Group [the noun]

2.) (to) Alpha Male Other Guy [the verb]

In simpler terms: an AMOG is a cock-blocker. Or a cock-blocker can be defined as an AMOG.


In addition to that, an AMOG is the Alpha-Male of his group or a group. He’s the guy who pokes fun at other guys around him.

The verb (to AMOG) is intelligible: to either cock-block another guy, or make another guy look bad.

For this post, we will deal with AMOG in the sense of cock-blocking, or intruding on another guy’s set [“set” meaning the interaction between yourself and someone else].

Last night (Monday night) while sitting outside of a bar, this guy tries to AMOG me by intruding upon my set; butting into the conversation as if I weren’t there.

When chatting up chicks at bars and stuff, this is likely to happen.

Apparently, the intruding guy and the cougar whom I was chatting up, know each other. So that gave him a proverbial green light to barge right in.

Most decent guys with manners would just say to the girl, “hello, how’s it been”, then leave once they realize the obvious: the girl being in conversation.

This chode however, decided to have a seat and get comfortable on the bench where the cougar and I sat.

Not only did this guy looked coked-up (however that looks), but his eyes were glossy and piercingly wide open as if he had seen a ghost.

It was so intense [his look], that I was unable to maintain eye contact with him for even a nanosecond as he began to converse.

Awkward fucking central!

I mean, if I as a guy felt threatened under his gaze, imagine how a female would feel being looked at with such intensity from a guy’s eyes.

It wasn’t the kind of eye contact capable of making a woman’s pussy flutter in eagerness to get some action. It was the kind of eye contact that would make anyone feel intimidated and frightened…quite frankly.

Anyway, it was so awkward [his eye contact] that he even called it out himself by saying to the girl, “Why do you look at me like that…like you’re frightened of me”?

He was trying to be funny since he laughed it off, but it was clear that the girl felt threatened by his eyes, which was probably why she gave him a peculiar look in return as though she’s afraid.

It was just awkward-fucking central dude!

For some reason, I don’t believe he was high. I think he was just so surprised to see this girl after so many years, that he became flustered to bump into her out of the blue.

I learned later on as he talked away, that they hadn’t seen each other in over 10 years. And that they grew up with practically around each other. So I believe it was just that, as to why he had that crazed and glazed look in his eyes.

Anyway, there’s something called social protocol, and this guy was a social violator by failing to acknowledge me as he interrupted set.

He didn’t even say “what’s up” to me, nor introduced himself. So for starters, he dropped major points right there by becoming a social violator.

Whenever you interrupt someone else’s set, you must observe social protocols [at least say hi to everyone there], or else you’ll be deemed a social violator, and the girl will in turn harbor disdain for you because of the massive social violation.

Before proceeding, I also want to shed some light on another common mistake that most AFC’s (Average Joes) make, which is that they try to game the girl in front of other people, or within direct earshot of others.

This is a HUGE mistake!

Guys even do this online (via social media) by trying to chat up the girl in the comment section on her status update!


That is what the inbox is for dummy! You don’t chat up a girl in the comments! This will make her feel awkward as you effective put her on the spot in front of other commenters and readers!

With the guy from last night, he made the same mistake (but in person) by blatantly trying to pick the girl up while I was smack dab- almost- in the middle of the conversation.

“How fucking stupid can you get dude”!!! I said to myself as he awkwardly asked the girl for her address, while telling her that he would like to pass by and chat sometime.

Sure this is a good line! GREAT line for that matter! However, you don’t say that to the target (the girl) in front of other people! 😆

No matter if the girl were dying for you to come by- chances are- she will decline to giving you her address. And she will also decline to having you come by. So that’s what happened. The chick gave him some flimsy excuse as to why she won’t give him her address.

I was in awe as I sat there over-hearing this super-awkward pick-up attempt!

He then made another mistake by going into a slew of 21 questions- interview-type questions- when he asked the girl…”So…do you have kids”?

Cougar: “Yes I do. I have 3”.

Guy: “Are they all for the same guy or different guys”

“Holy shit”!!!

“Is this for real”!!!?

I swore I was being pranked, and the camera crew will soon come running out saying, “We got you Kenny! You’re on a hidden-cam show”…

Dude! You’ve already dropped 20 points from the start of the conversation. Now you decide to triple down on the awkward and the “don’t do” factor, by asking the girl if her kids are all for the same guy!!!

You don’t do that! Only if you’re negging the girl. But what kinda neg would that be anyway!?

Not only was that a boring, lame-ass interview type question, but secondly, it is none of your business, and thirdly; I’m right there!!!!

Now, you may be tempted to ask yourself, “why was the guy asking these lame and awkward-ass questions anyway”?

To be fair here to him; I can bet that 95% of you reading this, is guilty of this chodism.

However, the reason he went there was very simple: he didn’t have anything else to say. This was his script.

That is the average guy’s script. But in any case; it is a HUGE faux-pas!!! A NO NO!

By the way, I have to add that throughout his chitchat up until this point, 80% of it was dominated by awkward pregnant pauses and moments of eerie silence.

The tension was so awkward and thick; you could nearly slice it with a butter-knife.

Shit got so awkward, that although this chode had bombed my set, I actually began to root for him to win the girl…that’s how awkward it got!

When I thought it couldn’t get any worse than it already has: it did get worse! 😯

“How so”, you ask?

He confessed and professed his long-kept hidden love for her!


Sorry for being all melodramatic and stuff, but it was awful!!!!

I mean, I can list 20 reasons why it is a HUGE fucking mistake to confess your love to a woman (especially in such a situation). But I’ll stick with just 1 mistake- 1 theme: Someone else was right there [me]!!!

You don’t hit on a girl, nor do you confess your love for her, and to her, right in front of another person!!


Aside from the many aspects of the mistakes this guy made. The primary faux-pas was that I was right there.

You know what he should’ve done? Matter of fact; do you know what I would’ve done if I were he?

Bounce the girl!

Yes- I would extract the girl to another location, essentially moving the set to somewhere private.

That’s what you should do whenever there’s someone immediately in front, or betwixt the girl and yourself.

Then, and only then, should he have told the girl that he loves her or whatever have you. But you don’t do this in front of her friends, neither in front of strangers who are within earshot as I was!

Boy oh boy did it get awkward when he dropped the L Word on her…or us!

What was the girl’s response?

Honestly, I couldn’t stomach it. I really couldn’t stomach to hear her response, so I pretended as though I got a phone call, and started to blabber away as if someone were on the other line. But from what I could see; her reaction (body language) was in the negative.

Just to give you an idea of how physically close I was, I was seated closer to the girl that he was to her. So in other words, I was seated literally about 1 and a half foot apart from the girl (hip to hip). He on the other hand, was almost 4 yards away on the far end of the same bench. So he had to lean across so that the girl could hear him. That also compounded the already awkward factor.

Why was he sitting afar, or so far?

Well- in pickup- we call this being un-calibrated. In non-elaborate term: awkward.

When you’re not accustomed to cold-approaching women, especially when having minimal or zero successes when you do approach, gauging timing, positioning and distancing, becomes challenging.

Newbies in pickup suffer from this same calibration issue.

Hence, feeling jitters and having approach anxiety on your back, those are enough to make a guy stumble along the way.

A master seducer like myself, on the other hand, who’s had countless years of experience approaching hundreds of random strangers: bad calibration, jitters, social and approach anxiety, just don’t enter the equation at all.

Thus, I was seated very close to the girl, but not close enough to make her feel uncomfortable.

I learned to gauge this sweet spot of a distance through trial and error over the years. So I know very well how close I should be in order to maintain positive tension, and how and when to get even closer when trying to establish physical intimacy.


Anyway, so that bit explains why the guy was seated so far.

Now, here’s the penultimate faux-pas (mistake) of a question which was bound to come.

After asking her 100 awkward interview-type questions, he went on to try to #-close…on a bad note.

What is the #1 rule I teach you guys when going for a girl’s phone #?

Always do it on a high note!

Most guys- dodo’s I call them- decide to try to get the girl’s # as a last-ditch effort when all else fails.

How stupid!

A girl will NOT give you her phone number in a downward spiral, on an awkward note, or when the conversation has been marred with tons of awkward glitches.

If she were to give her number in spite of the hiccups perpetrated by the guy, that phone # would’ve likely been a fake. Or if she does give her real #, she will never answer the phone whenever the guy calls.

Anyway, so was this guy lucky enough to defy the odds in pulling off the un-pull-offable…of getting the girl’s # on a low note?


He failed!

The girl said to him, something among the lines of, “I don’t give out my number to anyone”. 😦 😦

Was she being honest?

Of course not!

It was a lie!

No girl is going to give her number to a guy who’d just made 20 mistakes in rapid succession, a guy who lacks social calibration, etc. So, as a last-ditch effort, he asked for her # and got shot down!

Was I tempted to burst out in laughter?


I empathize with such guys because I’d been there once, before learning pickup.

I was that guy!

Not to mention that this guy literally barged into my set, aimed to sabotage my chances by cock-blocking me: in spite of that, I had empathy. So this was not a moment where I spiked the football at the next man’s demise…though he deserved it.

Getting shot down upon trying to get the coug’s # was his cue to exist stage left.

The girl wasn’t being snobby by the way.

She was quite cordial and pleasant throughout the awkward encounter.

After all, they grew up around each other.

In hindsight, this was also the reason why the guy thought it would’ve been a slam dunk. After all: they know each other! Why would she reject him?

I knew better though, that a guy stands a much better chance in trying to pick up a total stranger, than with someone he’s already aquainted.

After about 20 minutes of the most intensely awkward conversation I’ve ever been subjected to as a 3rd party in my life; he got up and left about 5 minutes after being denied the phone number.

It was as if his brain weren’t able to process the rejection, so he was dumb-struck in his place for 5-full minutes before he could bring himself to his feet to leave.

During the last 5 minutes of awkward silence after he’d gotten rejected- the final rejection of a bunch- he just sat there and watched the girl in silence as though he was awaiting some plausible answer from the girl, in relation to the #-close rejection.

It took an eternity [20 super-awkward minutes of it], but he finally smelled the coffee and bounced.

The girl’s sigh of relief was audible from across the street.

Women Are Illogical Beings

Okay, before I wrap up this segment of the field report, I want to touch on an overall point in conjunction with AMOGing, a point I made in a recent article: Don’t talk logics in the clubs and bars with women!

Logics are the # 1 killers of attraction!

If you want to turn a girl off, especially in a nightlife setting: logic her to death!

Talk to her about logical, boring everyday stuff: her boring job, the kids, what she does for a living, her schooling, etc.

Your typical interview-type questions are ultra-logical. So that was 1 of the damning mistakes this guy made overall. Everything out of his mouth was logical drivel!

When in the bars and nightclubs, do NOT talk to women through a logical framework. Instead; be illogical!

Just blabber!

Just talk shit!

Be nonsensical!

Be playful and funny!

Keep shit lighthearted and playful!

Jeffy from RSD calls this diarrhea of the mouth.

Tell her you love her, and that it is love at first sight why you approached her in the first place…but do so playfully in an obvious teasing manner.

After that chode-ass AFC bounced, do you want to know what the bulk of the conversation consisted of between the coug and me? Telling her how much she got my cock hard, and how I would so bend her over and bang her right here in the middle of the road…if no one was around.

Illogical shit!!!!!

Off-the-wall shit!

Shit that doesn’t make sense to any logical person!

Women aren’t LOGICAL beings, so anything said to them illogically will strike a chord…in a positive way.

You want the girl to smile, laugh, drop her jaws, sigh in awe and amazement, instead of sitting/standing there passively shaking her head, whether in agreement or of the contrary.

The 2 worse reactions you could ever want from a woman whom you’re chatting to, is passive and indifferent.

You want to shock her!!! And not by saying/asking some asinine shit either like this guy did. You want to shock her by saying things out the box, but in a humorous and playful tone.

Listen, when a girl goes out to grab a drink or to get her dance on (while drinking), the last thing she wants to encounter is a frikkin’ Debbie downer! A logical-thinking party-pooper!

Females to begin with, already aren’t logical thinkers. With alcohol in their system, it’s rather worse! They don’t want to hear anything remotely logical!!!

Conversing on a logical level with a girl in a sexually charged environment such as a bar, club or party, is akin to showing up at Mardi Gras fully dressed, sober, without wearing any beaded necklace [just to give you a poor-textual illustration].

Hence, always try to steer clear of logical topics when chatting up girls in nightlife or party settings.


To conclude this article, here’s the thing on the topic of AMOG’s, and I’ve had this discussion with other PUA’s on Facebook since posting about this day before yesterday. Why didn’t I AMOG the AMOG?

Why didn’t I skillfully and stealthily blow his ass out via AMOG tactics?

I didn’t have to!

To make this clearer, an AMOG tactic is anything done that makes the other guy look bad to the girl.

Could I have done that?


I could’ve blew the guy out by simply getting up, taking the girl’s hand and lead her somewhere else while leaving the guy sitting there in awe!

Additionally, I could’ve made fun of him as he got rejected when asking the girl about stopping by her place.

Thirdly, I could’ve AMOG’d him by saying something like, “Hey dude, you got food or something in your teeth. Just wanted you to know so it doesn’t mess up your chances”.

Those are all AMOG tactics which I could’ve stealthily employed. But I didn’t have to.

I rarely ever AMOG other guys, even when they attempt to ruin my sets by trying to pull the external robbery and steal the girl away.

What do I do instead?

I just remain silent and let the guy hang himself by running out of things to say.

Personally, I never run out of things to say. We all know that already. 😉 This also comes with year’s worth of experience of chatting up tons of women.

I can talk from now until sunrise! And the convo will remain as interesting from the beginning to the end.

The average guy however, cannot maintain conversation for even 1 minute straight without shit getting awkward, and before he runs out of things to say.

Therefore, why waste time AMOGing the guy when he’s bound to sink his own ship by running out of things to say?

Let him frikkin’ drown!

Sit back and watch his shit crumble to pieces…just as I did! 🙂

The only guys whom I wouldn’t allow to encroach on my sets without me doing something, is another PUA (a skilled one) or a so-called natural.

A so-called “Natural” constitutes a guy who’s naturally good with women, and good at leading women.

Such a guy is a threat! But those guys are few and far between (“Naturals”). So there’s really not much to worry about when some guy barges in on your set…unless he’s good with women.

A friend of mine from England, a fellow PUA instructor, Matt Eastwood, chimed in on the Facebook post of mines, with his take on being AMOG’d.



Get Laid Through Facebook By Tooling Nice Guys [AMOG Tactics]

Want to know how to get laid easily through Facebook?

A great tactic I use sparingly over the years is to AMOG/tool the shit out of nice guys who comment on girl’s photos and statuses.

Ok, ok, ok- I already know what you’re gonna say- that’s a major-dick move!

True indeed!

However, it’s a great tactic for blowing any would-be competition out the water.

Check out the video with some actual screenshots from the dialogue just so you guys get a greater sense of how I do it and how you can also use this AMOG tactic to get laid off of Facebook!

AMOG’d By An Older Guy In A Truck

Walking down the street about 8 AM this morning.

Seen a youngish-looking girl in office-work attire so I sped up until I got close to her:

Me: “Sup”

Girl: “Good”

Me: “I’m good too”

The girl then sorta ignores me…though I prefer to say a moment of silence had crept in.

Me: “You look familiar. Do we know each other”?

Girl: “I can’t say…but you look familiar too”

Me: “Maybe not because you look very young. I don’t usually talk to young girls”

A truck then pulls up:

“Hey, would you like a ride to work”?

The girl then jumps into the truck so I jokingly said to the older guy who must have been in his late 50’s:

“Hey! I’ll get you back for this. The girl was mines but you win today”!

The 3 of us had a laugh and they drove off and I went my way.

Apparently, they know each other somehow so I don’t think he was a random stranger to her.

Well- it’s all part of the game.

The Shit Men Do At The Oddest Times

Ok, so last night while @ the fast-food joint with the married chick, 1 of the weirdest things happened which is typical of men by the way.

While we were watching the comedy playing on the projection screen in the distance, some guys comes up to out table.

Well, he didn’t actually cold approach in the rawest sense. But he hovered around like a helicopter, paced back and forth, exited and re-entered the establishment, finger pointed with and to his friends and so on.

If I didn’t know better, I would surmise that this chap knew her husband somehow and our cover was blown. But I wasn’t even thinking anything of it.

After a while, the guy comes up to our table.

Guy: “Excuse me, are you A*******”?

Girl answers, “Yea”!

Guy laughs and smiles:

“Ok. We went to school together….”

After name dropping a few individuals like faculty and alumni, they both realized that they indeed were in the same class. Whether this is from high school or tertiary education level- I really couldn’t say.

They spent a good 5 minutes or so small talking about what they’ve been up to since, bla, bla, bla.

I was totally cool with the situation though.

Felt awkward as fuck! But I was cool.

After all, this isn’t my girlfriend. So there’s no reason in the world why I should’ve been upset or felt like I was being AMOG’d.

He asked her for her phone # and they exchanged away.

This looked like some other dude was picking up my date right in front of my eyes…which is sorta was…in a way. 🙂

Now he tries to tool me out. Or in heavy-pickup community parlance, he tried to lower my value via AMOG tactics.

When they were exchanging numbers, he busted on her about her phone being outdated.

She said that she needs an upgrade.

Well to be exact, he exact word was “Sponsor”; “Well eventually, someone may sponsor me a modern phone”.

This is when the guy points at me as I was able to spot it in the periphery while I was diddling in my phone.

Great AMOG tactics by the way [I must admit].

He left and our date resumed.

This sort of shit happens more often than you think.

Last night was just the latest round of the shit men do and the most inopportune time…for me at least.

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