A Note On Setting Yourself Apart From The Wussies

[Originally posted on July 10th, 2017 to my social media]

Okay guys, so earlier today I was chatting up this young chick on Messenger, and she seemed really flabbergasted and astonished by the fact that I was open, spoke my mind and told her straight up that I wanted her.

Why is this such a big deal anyway?

When you check the screenshot, you’ll see that the girl mentions that I’m the 1st guy to tell her my mind and be straight up FROM THE GET-GO: this early!

What was she trying to say by that exactly?

First off: that every guy who had ever approached her was a giant pussy who hid his fondness of her…until a while later [I surmise months and years later].

She also went further to say that those guy who didn’t speak their minds early, would only reveal how they felt, after they became good. In other words; those guys waited until they were friendzoned, to then try to speak their minds.

Saying all that to say: you want to make your interest known ASAP! Right away! Now, I don’t mean to open the girl with, “I thought you were beautiful so I had to say hi”. I mean that somewhere during the initial interaction (within minutes), you should’ve already dropped a statement of interest and intent. So…open Indirect, then go Direct.

The interaction between this girl and me, also goes to illustrate how women prefer guys who get straight to the point by not hiding their dicks. And it also goes to show how rare it is for women to meet guys who go for it instead of waiting weeks and months before they muster up the cojones to let the girl know that she’s someone of interest.

BTW, being straight up and getting to the point does NOT involve hitting the girl’s inbox with some lame shit like, “hi sweetheart, you look real lovely. Can I take you out sometime”? That is not being straight up! That is being a nincompoop without a clue about social intelligence or women!

When girls say they want a man who gets to the point early, they actually mean they want a guy who’s SMART about getting the point across early! That combination (smart + straight up) is rare for women! Hence the reason why this young chick felt a sincere need to tell me that I’m the 1st guy (she met) who didn’t beat around the bush. This was our 1st convo and she knew within seconds that my intention isn’t to become her BFF.

Be smart about being direct, and you will have instantly set yourself apart from every other guy who’s ever approached the girl.

“Ask Me Politely”!

Another social-media [Facebook] post of mines from about a week ago:

So last night, I lazily hit this chick up who WAS on my friend list (until I deleted her last night).

I lazily tried to get her #. And the reason I keep stressing “Lazily” is because I didn’t use much Game nor my usual finesse whenever I attempt to # close [get a girl’s digits]. So basically, it was a dry attempt. 

Nevertheless, what irked me was the girl’s response to me trying to get her #.

She used the adverb “POLITELY”.

Politely is a synonymous with Nicely. 

Essentially, this chick was trying to say that in order for me to get her digits, I had to ask Politely. 

I then told her what I told her on that note (as you’ll see). 

Fact is, I take real offense to women attempting to Beta-ize me, i.e. getting me to conform to their idea of how a man should go about doing things. 

Now, if a girl tells me, “Kenny, you’re not going to get my # because you didn’t ask nicely”, last thing on my mind is to then “ask” her politely. 

That is definitely an attempt by a woman to essentially neuter me. Now, you may not see it that way, and you may very well be under the impression that I’m overreacting here, but I just don’t take light to women and demands, commands and anything that threatens my freedom to say what I wanna.

At the end of the day, you never want to put yourself in a situation where you lose major dominance points while tryna court women.

Also bear in mind that women aren’t attracted to men who cave and submit. And I don’t mean this in a sense of ordering pizza and you cave to the girl’s suggestion of getting pepperoni instead of anchovies.

I’m speaking to much significant cases which have the potential to ruin your chances with women, such as a girl telling you to apologize for telling her that she has a nice ass or something among that line.

You don’t want to cave at such moments, or else the chick will surely lose interest.

With the girl above, had I caved and asked her politely for her digits, 2 things might have happened:

1.) She gives me her # by loses attraction and respect for me

2.) She refuses to cough up her # for the simple fact that I submitted to a woman (to her) and that made me appear weak as fuck!

By all means, this set was winable for me even though I didn’t apologize and asked nicely.

I could’ve simply continued the chat and went for the phone # again (without asking politely). But I was so ticked off that I really didn’t want to bother.

On a final note; polite and nice kill attraction!

That is the ultimate takeaway here.

Women love men who are untamed, rude/rudish who don’t conform to what they (women) claim they want!

Dealing With Bitchy Girls Part III: “I Am The Prize”

This random chick jumps down my throat last night because of a comment I made on her friend’s post about her hair.

To top it off; she ends up sending me a friend request after getting into it
with me on her friend’s post.

Is there a lesson for you guys out there?


Women are innately attracted to men who stand their ground, put them in their place and don’t supplicate and cower.

Upon sending me a friend request, I
engaged her from a frame of me being higher- valued than her.

I am the fucking prize! Not the girl!

That should be your frame/mindset! No matter how hot you think the girl is; you are the prize! Not her!

Hence, act accordingly as you’ll
see me do in the message exchange.

How was my vibe?

Dominant and freeing of speech as though I had nothing to lose (which I didn’t/don’t).

I mean, this is sexy frikkin’ girl! But it doesn’t matter! I am the prize!

Furthermore, women’s panties get all soaking wett once faced with a guy who presents such an uninhibited frame.

Therefore, if you want to get a bitch girl’s attention (or her respect), you must firstly demonstrate that you won’t take her shit.

Now, it isn’t that you have to get caught up in arguments with these types. You can simply act nonchalant as though you find her hilarious and amusing, and still get them attracted the same way.

However, the worst possible reaction to a hot girl acting all bitchy towards you, is to cower, get butt-hurt and or apologetic (unless you apology is strategic).

Oh- and hopefully you realize that this all comes full circle, with what I’d been pontificating on over the past days and weeks in relation to handling bitchy girls online and so forth. And how to separate yourself from the majority pack of Beta-Males who are cowering down to women by treating them like princesses who are always right!

Kenny Calling Out A Bunch Of AFC’s On Their Bull***t!

Okay, ok, ok, ok- I must confess- I have a knack for somewhat attacking AFC’s and Beta-Males on social media for their disingenuous claims and pedestalization of women.

Piggy backing off of the recent article where I talked about men who (falsely) agree with women as an attempt to gain their favor by agreeing, here’s another interesting post with a 2-pronged approach, highlighting how the vast majority of men are full of shit, which is why women aren’t regularly fucking the vast majority of men. Also highlighting again, my approach and method to attracting random women online by going against the socially accepted norm.

Moreover, I do get a nefarious kick out of AFC-bashing and exposing the Beta’s for the world of women to see.

The other day, this chick with who I share great rapport on Facebook, posted the following status update.

Watch how the ass-kissing, disingenuous quote-unquote nice guys, circle the wagon in taking the position of least resistance and least backlash, by choosing the position/answer which they perceive would likely favor the woman’s position (i.e. the girl who’d posted this).

Now here’s the thing: given those 2 positions, the male commenter can either choose A.) Girls who carry condoms are perceived negatively. B) They’re not perceived negatively.

As you clearly seen; the chodes all chose the answer (B) which would they think would keep them in favor and positive light by women.

I basically let her know that these chumps were lying. And they are fucking lying!

These chumps are lyingly making the claim that women with condoms aren’t perceived slutty, only because they (the chumps) want to be on the right side of women- in this case- the girl who posted the status.

Hence, it is purely disingenuous hogwash which is why I called them out!

Every guy on the face on the planet would be taken-aback a bit, if he were to discover that a certain girl, particularly one whom he fancies, was toting around condoms in her girlie bag.

Your first-fucking internal impression/reaction won’t be: “Oh! She’s safety-conscious”!

However, these AFC clowns commenting on the status, are trying to give women and me the impression that the first and only thing that would come to mind is that the condom-toting girl is just the safety-first type and should be commended for that.


These guys don’t actually believe that!

Moving on!

I then went further to elucidate while calling out the lying fuckery peddled by those fuckers!

The Beta-Male madness continued with new commenters filing in by the minute.

Even this guy didn’t realize that I was laughing at him, and not with him. 🙂

Now, perhaps you’re saying to yourself, “Why did Kenny have to be so harsh on these guys”!?

The truth of that is, and at the core of everything I do, is to see guys succeed at dating and gain abundance with women.

I wanna see guys win! And not with the belief that they have to lie in order to win with women!

These fucking so-called nice guys give guys like myself a bad rap.

They spew these lies which women see through, yet every guy pays for them at the end of the day.

This is why I’ve always said that so-called nice guys, perceived nice guys and self-professed nice guys, are the scums of the Earth, and they are manipulative wussies looking to get by from the beguilement of women.

Genuine guys like myself, oft-perceived assholes, have to then come along and clean shit up like the sanitation man!

Furthermore, the old adage of “nice guys finish last”, the blame should squarely be placed upon the shoulders of men: the so-called nice guys who are in fact manipulators of women.

Women shouldn’t be bearing the burden of why nice guys can’t get dates, let alone get laid regularly. But as it is now, these so-called nice guy [in reality, manipulators of women] do castigate women, and attach to them the label of shallow-minded hypocrites for perpetually shunning them for the unstable bad boy.

However, when you run some personal analysis on this quagmire (as I’d done), you’ll soon to arrive at the conclusion that the core reason why “nice guys” are shunned by women, is because of their lyingness, beguilement, swindlery and falsification of their true intent, true feelings and true opinions on everything under the sun.

At the end of the day, they have themselves to blame for their perpetual dating quandary.

Not to be redundant here, but this now begs the question: why do the vast majority of men pretend and feel the need to conceal what they truly desire, think and believe?

Well, coupled with the fact that they’re actively trying to appeal to women, and to appease women, by telling them what they think women want to hear, on a more profound level, 96+% of men (on social media, online- dating sites and outside of the net), were lied to about what women want, what women respond to, and how to attract women.

All of us men were misled by the media, Hollywood, our parents (who meant well) and women in society who think they know what they want but are always operating contrarily.

Thus, virtually all men grow up with the wrong idea about women and how to successfully attract, seduce, bed and date them.

Every guy on the planet, or at least in the Western Hemisphere, is liable to get lucky a time or 2 with women.

A huge percentage of teen boys will have had a high-school sweetheart with whom they copulated.

Getting lucky every now and then isn’t far fetched. So sex will happen from time to time for every guy between the ages of 16-40…presuming he’s heterosexual.

What makes my hobby (teaching pickup) unique, is that I teach guys how to replicate this, so they no longer have to be at the mercy of sheer luck.

With all that being said, even the deceptive “nice guys” such as those who opined on the chick’s post, will luck up every now and then in spite of their kiss-ass ways.

They don’t however luck up with strangers on social media because there is where “Game” is a necessity in order to attract a complete stranger from scratch.

“Nice guys” luck up with women either in their social circle, the unattractive girl-next-door with who they attended school or church, or they get hooked up by friends and relatives with a sub-par attractive chick who’d just been dumped by her boyfriend and is desperately in need of some company.

As a subscriber to my blog, or perhaps you’d stumbled upon this article somehow, what is the takeaway here for you?

Be real!

You don’t have to mislead women, nor lie to them about your intentions in hopes of getting laid! So when I shame men on Facebook for choding themselves out, it is with good intentions, hoping that these vermins would realize that it doesn’t do them any justice to pretend, play nice and play get along with women.

Since attaining master PUA status, and going from Omega-Male to an Alpha-minded one, I hardly ever find accord with anything any women has ever said in relation to men, dating, sex and the sexes.

On social media, I call women out on the bullshit just as I call men out!

I tell them what they may not want to hear!

This alone sets the stage where intrigue and interest could be sparked as I cited in the previous article.

More interesting Alpha posts to come.

Feel free to leave your opinion in the comment section about girls carrying condoms.

Would you not get the wrong impression if you were to find out that a girl carries condoms, or would your first impression be that she’s safety-conscious and should be commended for it?

Capitalizing Off Of Opportunities By Taking Everything A Girl Does As Attraction + Drawing Girls In By Standing Your Ground

I take very little in the Game as mere happenstance.

This post will illustrate just that, and just how I capitalize off of every opening by interpreting everything the girl does as an IOI: a sign that the girl wants to fuck me.

For the many new subscribers to this awesomely wicked blog of mines, those who aren’t in the loop as far as my whereabouts on the globe, I am currently located in the Caribbean islands, and have been somewhat full time, over the last 4 years [originally a New Yorker].

Here on island, some days ago, a tragic incident occurred between a young couple, where the male had slain his girlfriend (by stabbing) during an altercation. The details are still very sketchy. All that is known is that the girl got killed subsequent the altercation.

Upon news of this, ton loads of women on island took to social media spewing anti-men diatribe: “all men are potential murderous subhumans”. Quasi-Feminist groups popping up out the woodworks demanding the head of this individual on a silver platter.

The death penalty had been outlawed here some time ago. But these Feminists have been picketing the government to reinstate the capitol punishment, even just for this case alone!

Most men being feminized pussies to begin with, concur with the outraged women, agreeing that all men are evil subhumans who should be castrated and left for dead.

No surprise there; I was virtually the sole male on social media pushing back against this “all men are wicked subhumans” rhetoric. And for it, I caught tremendous amount of heat as you would’ve expected, from both males and females.

My argument wasn’t that the boyfriend who’d slain his girlfriend should be given a slap on the wrist. My push back was merely against male-bashing, and jumping to outlandish conclusions before any shred of fact was brought to the table.

That is actually the common sense approach rather than an emotional one.

In any case, and as usual, I took the proverbial arrows for team males, while every other so-called man on every post about the incident I commented, was lambasting me while agreeing with the male-bashing by angered women.

Now, I touched on the root cause of this the other day (even on social media), “why do men throw other men under the bus for women”?

The answers to that are simple: appeasement, ass-kissing and sissification.

Most men- the vast majority- are under the delusion that agreeing with women and fem-centric causes (be they male-bashing), will facilitate their sexual advances and chances with the women with whom they find accord.

This is so far from reality that it is absolutely laughable.

Guys who think this way are actually your quintessential and self-professed “nice guys”. Yet, as I pointed out over the years, these quote-unquote “nice guys” are actually the manipulative scumbags who are trying to trick women into liking them, into bed and into relationships.

However, these so-called nice guys hold the opinion that Pick-Up Artists are the manipulative scums who trick women into everything under the sun! But nice guys are the manipulators of women, hence they go out of their way to falsely concur with everything women say and do, in hopes of getting some pussy…which never ever happens because of that by the way.

On the contrary, what these males with vaginas don’t seem to understand is that women are NOT attracted to followers, neither men who stridently and constantly agree with them, men who suck up to women, men who don’t hold their ground nor men who don’t hold opinions of their own.

Plainly: women don’t like pussies!!!

These Beta-Males don’t get that! They do not understand how women operate!

The only use that women have for patsies and ass-kissing men, is to get their daily fix and hit off the validation crack pipe. If they’re lucky, women will allow them to buy them shit, console them when their boyfriends cheat on them while virtually tossing them into the embarrassing friendzone at the end of the day.

That’s the reward for being a nice guy who defend women, especially in disingenuous ways.

With all that being said, and armed with the knowledge that women are instinctively drawn to men who hold contrary points of views, I notoriously push back against male-bashing and other such anti-men rhetoric and talking-points that women are prone to spewing.

Granted I don’t just disagree with women for the sake of disagreement. Whenever I genuinely have a reason to disagree with women, I will state my case!

That is what Beta-Males don’t do. They conceal their true viewpoints in order to satisfy women. Hence why they are manipulative cowards in my opinion.

In any case, once you as a man show some backbone and are willing to push back against feminist rhetoric which are peddled by hordes of women, you will have managed to flip that attraction switch, simply from the demonstration of guts, spine, a backbone and a pair of nuts!

Over the last week since this tragic incident occurred, tons of females have inboxed me on Facebook: some telling me to go to hell, and others sharing with me their point of view on the fatal matter.

The most important takeaway though, is that they messaged!

Here is 1 such message from a random girl on island who had apparently caught wind of 1 of the many comments I made on numerous posts concerning the incident.

Now, clearly this girl is intrigued by my stance and Alphaness in going against the grain, and going against 99.9% of those who opined on the matter.

I could’ve gamed her up and picked her up, knowing that there exist some level of attraction to me (my stance). But I didn’t purse it…with this girl at least.

Here is another girl though, whom I’d pursued upon her message in relation to the incident. Remind you, she is also a random stranger who messaged me out of the blue, after replying to each other’s comments on a local-media outlet Facebook page on the fatal matter.

Pay keen attention to how I flipped this into a super-solid pull.

Again- bear in mind that this chick is a total stranger who seen my push-back comment on the tragic incident the other day which left a female dead from stab wounds caused by her boyfriend. There were also some voice notes circulating around, said to be from the boyfriend/assailant who’d gone into hiding since the incident. So the girl’s initial message below was hitting on that.

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. Her messages in gray]

Screenshot 1: Now here’s the thing; I knew this girl liked my vibe and the fact that I go against the grain, and this is indicative of the fact that she messaged me to begin with. Remember: always assume attraction! Everything the girl does, always assume that she likes you. Hence, I strategically and smartly transitioned (changed the subject) immediately from the fatality to me and her. Never waste valuable time debating with a woman whom you want to shag! You run the risk of losing the girl by getting bogged down into a philosophical-based debate. So steer the conversation to you and her, as quickly as possible…just as I did! I knew she liked me, so I didn’t belabor the argument of the day.

BTW, I used a classic-neg tactic on her when I told her that her name is weird for a female, and that I thought she were a guy. How did she take the neg? She laughed…as expected. When you neg a girl correctly, her response is almost always laughter.

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. My messages in blue]

Screenshot 2: I further doubled down on the Neg when I asked if she were Australian because of her Australian-sounding name. She sent me a voice note with proper pronunciation of her name. I then sent a VN introducing myself with humor, to which she replied that I don’t sound like a local.

What she did afterwards was very telling of her attraction to me when she gave me her entire itinerary of the coming weekend, and that I should come join her.

I strategically played hard-to-get by telling her I’d get back to her about the details of whether I’ll be in her part of town come weekend. By doing this (“I’ll get back to you”), just as women do to men all the time, I demonstrate 2 things to her:

1.) I’m a busy guy hence important

2.) I’m not that desperate to just latch onto you and your offer

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. My messages in blue]

Screenshot 3: Although there’s no such thing as a girl being single, when she goes out of her way to explain how and why she’s single, it is a sure sign of her attraction and willingness to meet up. So bear that in mind: if a girl goes out of her way to breakdown why she’s single (which she’s not technically), then it’s an IOI (Indicator of Interest).

Why did I tell her that I like her straightforward vibe? First off, she wasn’t straightforward about anything really when she said that she’s single and goes out with her GF’s. There’s nothing there that should cause me to say that I like her straightforward attitude. So…why did I say it? Setting the frame that I like straightforward women because I’m a straightforward guy! I was indirectly giving her permission to be straight(forward), while simultaneously granting myself permission to be forward with, and without her consent. So what did I do in return? I got sexually forward with her by telling her that I don’t sugarcoat and that I want to fuck the intelligence out of her. 😈 I rambled on about her intelligence and how I find it fuck-worthy, to which she laughed about. And what was her response to me further being painfully honest? She said it’s good to be straightforward. 🙂

Moreover, I set this up also by using a classic seduction and NLP tactic called Cold Reading, when I said to her, “But I sense that u do like a guy who speaks his mind…”. If you’d done 30% of everything right up to that point (as I’d done: 100% 🙂 ), the girl will 99% of the time concur: that she does like guys who speak their minds. So that’s what happened there. So the girl subconsciously granted me permission and immunity to be sexually forward with her (without her knowledge).

She then went on to ask my age. Key note: if a girl actively seeks rapport (that is to ask you interview-type questions) on her own volition, it is almost always an attempt on her part to convey that she’s attracted to you.

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. My messages in blue]

Screenshot 4: Always try to answer her questions in jest, or outright evade her question. I chose to answer it with humor: sexual humor by saying I’m old enough to give her a spanking.

As usual, I strategically ended the conversation before the girl does! I preach this religiously, that the one who seeks to end the chat first, positions him or herself as the one having more value and importance. So that’s why I told her I’m gonna grab some food and message her back. I was essentially telling her sayonara. Whether you actually end the chat or not is irrelevant. It’s about who verbalizes it first (which I did).

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. My messages in blue]

Screenshot 5: I got more sexual by telling her I would check out “her eatable package” if I were taken to her hospital needing x-ray tests. She took a while to respond, but you notice that I didn’t send her another message saying, “what you doing”? That would’ve made me come off as rattled and unsure of myself. This could’ve been a ploy on her part, by purposely not replying to my message about her eatable package, just to see whether I would panic and go into chode mode by sending her 10 desperate messages, or send a genuine apology which would’ve been equally damning.

Anyways, sensing that I wouldn’t cave and go all desperate, she messaged me “GN”, and then gave a reason for her delay in replying.

In order to test out how eager she was to talk to me, I told her to “link me when she gets home then”. Had she said “okay”, it would’ve meant that she isn’t that sold on me YET. However, she made it quite clear that she was home, thus indeed super eager to touch base.

What did I do immediate afterwards, upon verification that she was super eager to engage me? I burst her bubble by saying “I’m gonna go grab a drink soon. Will hit u back up…”.

This technique is called “Push-Pull”. I gave her hope then took it away! She wanted to talk but I kept putting it off for later. This made her even more eager to latch on. So it’s all strategic on my part; including the girl’s. Just that my Game and strategery is way more solid than hers. 🙂 😉

Anyway, so in spite of me telling her that I’ll get back to her when I get to my destination (the bar). She couldn’t wait, so she hit me up saying that it seems like I’m drinking up a storm at the club. She came to this conclusion because she seen me posting statuses and pics from the bar.

Super strategic play on my part. I ignored her, blew her off by telling her “I’ll get back to you” but never got back to her. Yet I was @ the bar having fun, essentially forgetting that she existed. This fucks with a hot girl’s state and frame! No one does this to girls; especially a hot one! Which guy blatantly blows off a new girl who’s totally into him? Only a guy of higher value and perceived worth: such as a celeb, rockstar, athlete, millionaire, etc. I am none of those, yet I carry myself as one, and I also give off the vibe as though I am one of them. Hence, I made the girl chase me desperately for attention.

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. Her messages in gray]

Screenshot 6: She mentioned that I look older than 34 and that I’m balding (which I am and never attempt to mask that). Why did she mention this? Congruence Test! She was testing me to see whether I were really an Alpha or a Beta-Male pretending in Alpha clothing. Women will always instinctively do this during the pickup, as a ploy to weed out the pretend Alpha-Males. So expect this! Expect her to say/do things in order to rattle your frame as a way for her to verify whether you’re real/sex-worthy or fake/non-sexy worthy loser. So that is essentially why she called me old(er) and made mention of my balding spot in the front with a receding hairline. The vast majority of men would’ve freaked the fuck out at that moment! They would’ve taken her comment (surely a neg) as an IOD (indication of disinterest), and subsequently got all insecure and self-conscious about their balding, age, weight, height, or whatever have you. But, as an Alpha-Male; those things don’t bother me, so I passed her congruence test with flying colors, by demonstrating that her negs and digs about me looking older and balding, don’t have a shred of an impact on my state/frame.

Moreover, whenever you pass a girl’s shit tests and congruence tests (as I did flawlessly), her pussy gets wetter for you! She begins to say to herself, “This muthafucker is the real deal”! Thus, your stock in her eyes quadruple, and her DTF-meter races to the max!

Be as it may, so I handled her shit test about me looking older by telling her that I am really 48 and balding, and that my pics were photoshopped. I am actually 34 and never lied about my age (upwards nor downwards). So, why did I do it here? Defiance! By raising my age, and embracing my balding, I communicate to the girl that I don’t give a fuck about her opinion of me. Hence the reason I passed her congruence testing in the first place. Women are subconsciously attracted to men who DGAF, and those who don’t seek to give women validation, nor suck up to women. So bear that in mind whenever faced with such inevitable occurrences along the pickup.

I also strategically and playfully feigned an argument when I told her that she thought I was 50. This was clearly humor that she understood.

How did this all resumed? I told her that I love her (playfully).

[Chat reads from left to right, top to bottom row. My messages in blue]

Screenshot 7: Always learn how to incorporate some hot and cold technique into your Game. I gave her shit, ignored her, etc. but I told her that I love her: hot and cold. Be nice then not so nice. Give her a range of emotions! Take her left then right! Throw her off! That is essentially what I was doing there.

Also, by telling her I have a girlfriend, it inspired a sense/fear of loss within her being. She now realizes that she has competition with my girlfriend. If you’re an average Joe who’s been dumbed-down by mainstream dating and everything else out there, you would’ve surmised that mere mention of a girlfriend would’ve been an automatic deal-breaker for any woman, and a rejection by any woman! However, as a master seductionist; I know better! I know that women will compete and scheme ways in order to wrestle away the attention of the Alpha from other women. And women will also compete in order to maximize their chances of mating with the Alpha-Male of the tribe! So that is why telling a girl that you have a girlfriend, will likely ignite her competitive spirit rather than dampen it.

Sensing that there was no more need to prolong this pull since the girl had already demonstrated that she was pliable, DTF and totally locked on, I asked which part of town (or the countryside) she lives.

Everything up to that point had all taken place on the Thursday: from opener (she inboxing me) to me asking her which part of town she lives.

I then discontinued the chat until she contacts me the next day (Friday) with “GN” (goodnight).

I totally blew her off the entire Friday (just to deepen the sense of loss while deepening the attraction), then elected to contact her the Saturday in order to grab her phone number…which I successfully secured…as I always do whenever I go for it.

Okay, so what are the major takeaways here if you’re a guy reading this?

There are many as cited throughout the post. However, I just want to solidly my original point about women being attracted to guys who have their own opinions and ideals about things.

As a man, women look to you to lead verbally and physically. Not having the guts to defend what you believe in is a sure turnoff. Following the masses like a mindless android chugging along with the rest of us, is likewise a turnoff.

Online, and certainly outside the confines of the internet, most men don’t possess the cojones to go against what women and society at large, consider normally acceptable.

It’s much palatable and safe to play get along, even in the face of staunch opposition of your core ideals as an individual.

Most of us actively and disingenuously look to side with the majority point of view because it’s safer [ditto men on social media]. Does the old idiom of “there’s safety in numbers” ring a bell?

I mean, this quasi-survival strategy is all fine and dandy on the battle field. But it’s a failing strategy when trying to attract women and get laid.

A great example of playing get along like a mindless robot to no avail, is the guy online who comments oft-generic compliments such as, “You’re so beautiful”, under the delusion that if he only recites what every halfway-cute girl has heard all day, he will have captivated the girl’s attention.

Coupled with that, you have the spineless wuss-bags who virtually align themselves with every point of view put out there by women. I’d already touches on these types extensively at the top of the article, so I’ll spare you an encore bashing…for now at least.

Lastly, I want to wrap up this post on the topic of Assumed Attraction, or always assuming that it’s ON, by taking nothing a woman do as mere happenstance.

As is the case with the co-protagonist spoken of in this article, I didn’t merely take her out-of-the-blue message to mean that she truly gave a fuck about giving me clarification on a recently tragic-murder case. Whether she truly wanted to make me see the light on the matter: it doesn’t fucking matter to me!

I assume attraction!

I make the assumption that she really wants to fuck me, but she’s just too bashful to be forthcoming in stating her case. 🙂 🙂

Now- on another level- this may very well had been the case! And I’ll go out on a limb to say just that: that she wanted to fuck me, so she reached out to me (indirectly so) in order to get my attention.

I mean, look at it this way; how many girls are randomly messaging complete strangers just to get their point across on any given matter?

Absolutely none I would guesstimate.

Women frankly don’t give enough fucks to want to care about which kiss-ass chode does or doesn’t fancy her or her opinions!

My approach on the other hand, being that I demonstrated boldness through my comments (in defiance of general opinion), I managed to flip the attraction switch without actually doing a thing besides stating my opinion on the argument of the day.

Okay, so lemme not digress any longer. So, just as I did with this girl, I want you to assume that it’s always ON, and your default position is that the girl wants to rip your clothes off!

Make her have to prove to you that this isn’t the case, that she doesn’t want to fuck you!

Therefore, always assume attraction from any little thing that the girl does.

If she messages you at random, or she happens to get back to you upon a promise made: assume that she’s into you!

She comments on 1 of your Facebook posts, or merely hits like: assume she wants to fuck you!

She hits like on your pic upload, or wishes you HBD: assume she wants to fuck you!

If she gives you a sweeping glance from across the bar: assume attraction!

If she says hello to you under any circumstance: make the assumption that she did so in order to get your attention!

You get the picture, right?


That should be your default frame: everything the girl does in connection to you, translates to attraction and her wanting you to hammer her guts out.

With that (the assumption frame and assuming that it’s always ON), what do you do from there?

Game the girl as you normally would any other girl whom you know for certain fancies you.

What is the absolute worse that could happen if you get this wrong (your assumption that the girl wants you turns out to be wrong)?

Three things (in no order of probability):

1.) The girl tells you that she isn’t into you in that way, nor at all, so she politely rejects you.

2.) She tells you to fuck off!

3.) She blocks you (if this is via the internet)

4.) She walks away (if this is in the club or bar)

That’s it!

The absolute worse that would happen in the event that you got it wrong!

Would that hurt you in any way?

Of course not!

On that note: capitalize off of every opportunity to get the girl by taking everything she does in relation to you, as a sign of her interest in you!

You have nothing to lose by adopting such an entitled and confident frame/mindset!

With this girl, whether or when I’ll actually try to meet up with her, depends on a matter of allocation of time and girls, as is the case with every girl I pick up.

More kick-ass and instructional articles to come shortly. And please share these posts just to get the word out there.

I’ll appreciate it!

Do Women Like Straightforward Guys?

One of the most commonly asked questions in Game: “Do women like men who are straightforward”?

Following my straightforward method of pickup via this kick-ass blog, the short and fast answer to that oft-asked question is a resounding “YES”!

My Game, Style, Method, Model, Approach is heavily based on being sexually forward with any and every woman: regardless of her creed, age, profession, attitude, race, nationality, ethnicity, etc.

With this chick here, we’d been friends on Facebook for some months now, but I’d never directly messaged her until few days ago.

I opened her (broke the ice) with a curiosity-loop opener that I’d taught you guys the other day. It’s an ambiguous statement that gets the girl’s brain engaged and working.

[My messages in blue]

Above screenshot: Remember a while back I talked about the use of “Kinda and Sorta” and their potency in seduction? Well, that’s why I said to her, “I ‘Kinda’ miss you”. By using “kinda”, it confuses the girl’s mind as she struggles to make sense of why you “kinda”, and not definitely miss her (as an example).

Screenshot above: every girl I hit on knows very well that I’m a ladies’ man, yet they still are attracted. 🙂

Screenshot above: learn to incorporate the laws of contradiction into your Game! By telling her an obvious contradiction (that I’m not a straightforward guy) from what she knows of me, it does 2 things:

1.) Confuses her impression of me (I throw her off)
2.) It let’s me know if the girl has been paying attention to my vibe. I’ll explain later.

Clearly she isn’t buying that I’m NOT a forward guy, since she knows (from seeing my social-media posts) that I am ULTRA-forward!

[Her messages in gray]

Screenshot above: as confirmed; she reads my statuses 🙂 .Remember what I told you guys a while back: women read/see everything you do/post on social media! Therefore, if you post low-value chode shit, you would’ve already massacred your chances before even opening the girl via DM! Post high-value shit which I’d been encouraging you guys to do for months now, and the girl gets attracted before you even open/DM her. And this was the case with this HB. Before I’d messaged her, she had been checking out my posts for months prior. Remind you; she never commented. But that doesn’t matter! She sees my posts, because after all as I’d explained to you, women read/see everything you do/post!

Thus, she clearly knows that I’m as (sexually) forward and bold as they come!

[My messages in blue]

Screenshot above: I love using assumption lines because they make me appear sure of myself and sure of the process. That is another staple technique in my pick-up arsenal: Assume attraction! Assume that the girl is attracted to you, by making assumptive statements as I did above when I said to her, “Since we’re both sexy, and we both love to check out each other’s package…”. So, I assumed that we both were sexually attracted to each other, and that we both love to check out each other’s package. I totally have no proof of this (that she checks me out). But I assume it any fucking way because I know it would’ve served to make me appear confident in her eyes.

Additionally, such assumption lines plant seeds within the girl’s psyche, and they also set the frame early.

She went on to say that she isn’t easily had (or to be fucked). Why did she say that? Classic example of backwards rationalization in tandem with the desire of every girl to want to appear hard-to-get on some level. Side note: whenever a girl says she isn’t easy, it is usually a dead giveaway that she is SUPER SUPER EASY! 🙂 😉

Now, when a girl tries to gain value and tries to put on this, “I’m not easy charade”; allow her to do so! (Falsely) agree with her just as I did below!

Screenshot above: (Falsely) convince her that you believe that she’s a challenge, just as I did when I rambled some bullshit about why I loved that she’s a challenge (which she’s not by the way).

Key note: have you notice that I never directly complimented her? Do you also notice that I never complimented her in any cheesy manner on her looks? However, I did compliment her (above) by telling her that she’s a challenge, and that she’s very perceptive and can read people. That is how you should (indirectly) compliment a hot girl! Never compliment her on her physical affectations neither looks. Instead, compliment her on character, behavior, attitude and those intangible qualities.

Moreover, I dropped a sexual spike within the compliment about her perceptive abilities, by telling her that the fact that she’s so perceptive is the reason why I want to get my penis inside of her vaginal walls. So, what did I do just there that was so telling, unique, unorthodox and powerful? I didn’t communicate to her that I wanted to fuck her because of her hotness, beauty and outer qualities. I told her that I wanted to fuck her based on something unseen and intangible: her perception abilities and the fact that she’s a challenge. By doing/saying this, I instantly separate myself from 99.9% of losers out there whose sole motivation for wanting to bang a chick is because of her hot body.

With that, I manage to further set myself up as a unique, original and uncommon chap.

Also, by demonstrating to a hot girl that her looks alone aren’t enough to make you want to shag her, it makes her self-conscious as she questions her attractiveness, while simultaneously placing such a guy [myself in this case] on a proverbial pedestal as an Alpha-Male who gets it…and gets laid.

I reiterate (from countless articles on this topic): if you were getting laid on a regular basis with numerous sexual partners, a girl’s looks alone won’t fucking cut it! Her looks alone won’t impression you since you’ve been there- seen and done that- and have been with countless girls of hotter quality. That is what happens on a psychological level whenever you refrain from kissing girl’s asses by lauding them with cheesy-ass compliments on their looks and body.

Anyway, so let’s see how she reaction to my declaration of wanting to get my pecker logged into her vaginal walls.

Screenshot above: Oh! She laughs! She must have liked it! 😆 😆 All jokes aside, when you get a handle on this stuff, perfect calibration (timing, etc) comes naturally. You can almost predict on the dime, a woman’s response(s) to anything you would’ve said.

Anyway, so this continued to where she shortly afterwards sent me some nudes on her own volition.

Bear this in mind guys: I hardly ever ask girls for nudes.

They just voluntarily send them on (I’ve demonstrated this in various posts)!

Why does this happen (women freely send nudes without my request)?

Here’s the thing: every girl on social media gets asked for nudes by hordes of men on a daily basis.

The fact that you can demonstrate some restraint by not asking for nudes at all (or not right away), it sets you apart from every other guy who’s begging for nudes.

This alone (restraint from asking) will actually prompt the girl to sending nudes, as was the case with this chick.

Now here’s the caveat: you will have firstly needed to demonstrate that you’re a sexual and forward guy (just as I did), by dropping sexual innuendos, sexual spikes and so forth.

There’s no way in hell a girl will decide to send you nudes on her own volition (without you asking), from having a platonic, friendly, cute little conversation about the weather, her upbringing, schooling, siblings, career, etc.

That is where you go wrong, and why women aren’t sending you pussy pics with or without your request: you continually entertain and lead these bland, asexual conversations to the friendzone. And when you do try to ask for nudes, the girl rightfully gets weirded out and offended, then deletes and blocks you in 1 swoop!

Hiding your dick doesn’t fucking pay!

What do I mean by this?

Playing the gentlemanly bullshit charade where you ask girl’s 21 lame predictable questions to nowhere, will get you nowhere!

Women want men who are forward; guys who show their dicks…proverbially!

Every girl with whom I interact on social media or online-dating sites, expects me to be forward and sexual from the gate! And I am 100% of the time!

I never disappoint there!

You on the other hand, may say to yourself, “but Kenny, I try being forward and sexual but girls always reject me because of it”!

I can’t stress this point anymore than I have already, in that the reason women reject you whenever you go sexually forward, is because of you lack of self-assuredness which renders your entire approach incongruent and inconsistent with that of a guy who gets positive responses from women when forward.

Women are fucking sharks!

They can sense an insecure, unsure, wavering, non-confident wuss-bag from a mile away!

Your wavering on your declarations, statements and comments is what gives you away to women.

With that, how do you develop an unwavering, rock-solid, confident and convincing approach and vibe to being forward with women in any arena?

Through trial and error!

Through many failures and botched attempts!

That is first and foremost: you will fail and must fail!

Most guys under my tutelage, be they online or in person, are always flustered and stumped by the reality of quote-unquote failure when trying to get this pick-up and dating thing handled.

They don’t expect to fail. And whn they do fail- and they will fail- they’re quick to beat themselves up and subsequently throw in the towel on Game.

There’s no quick-fix for Inner-Game deficiency issues such as non-confidence and congruence in conveying to women that you’re the type of guy who deserves her time sexually.

With all that being said, conveying the (right) vibe to women boils down to how convincing you are.

How do you convey this state and frame of conviction in relation to being sexually forward with women?

Play the part of the guy who generally gets positive feedback from women whenever he’s sexually forward and bold.

You ought to realize that women (humans on a whole) are pack animals and followers of what they see, hear and sense.

If a woman SEES you flirting with other women in the bar or club, or sees you hugged up with a girl, she will naturally assume that you’re the type of guy who’s at home with this sort of behavior (having women in his life).

Likewise, if a girl HEARS that you’re a ladies man, or that you’re a womanizing pickup artist, she’ll assume those rumors as gospel, and will also likely assume that other women respond positively to your womanizing ways.

Thirdly, if a woman only SENSES that you’re the kind of guy who gets laid, and that you receive positive feedback from women because of this, she will take your forwardness in the positive…most times.

In my case, which of the 3 states is it: Sense, Hear or See?

Online for instance, the women I open, chat up and ultimately bed, sense, hear and see that I’m the type of guy who women respond to positively when sexually forward.

This is conveyed through my posts: photos of myself with women, my PUA-related content and general postings about dating and the sexes.

Therefore, whenever I hit that DM/inbox button, the girl already knows (through sight and hearing) that I’m congruent with rock-solid conviction in the words which come out of my mouth or through the keypad.

Women whom I cold message (without being friends) on Facebook for instance, still get this impression of me (that I’m convincing with my sexual forwardness) because of my vibe and rock-solidness upon the approach.

By the way, this is all cloaked in humor, and that is the key here.

Injecting humor into your sexually ballsy comments will tamper down any negative reaction the girl is likely to have.

Again- this all comes down to calibration and timing: the forwardness mixed in with humor.

You won’t get the timing exactly right on this until you have failed dozens of times and get your ass handed to you on a silver platter…dozens of time.

In pickup, we call this the flow state, or simply “in state”.

It takes practice and failure before getting the hang of it.

This reality is understood and accepted in every aspect of life, except when it comes to getting good with women, men want a magic-pill shortcut which doesn’t exist.

On that note, I want you to re-read this post and take note of the key pointers I outlined below each screenshot.

When you will have done that, over time, everything will click and gel together to where you no longer need to think but flow naturally.

On the question of “do women like straightforward guys”, the answer is a resounding yes!

However, positive reception of this “straight-forwardness is depended upon the guy’s frame, belief system and conviction. Those things affectionately known as one’s Inner Game.

She Hates My Putrid Guts…But I Still Managed To Pick Her Up At The Bar!

The other day, I picked up a young chick (must have been 24) at a karaoke bar, while she sat alone next to some guy who either was too afraid to strike up a conversation, or didn’t fancy this young bird’s profile (which is hard to believe since she’s quite sexy).

The signature thing though that stood out in my mind from that pickup, was how bitchy this girl was to me the entire time, but still end up exchanging numbers before she had to vacate the bar unexpectedly.

By all means I was also being a dick to her, which hearkens back to the previous post about handling bitchy girls.

Bitchy girls will eat passive nice guys alive for breakfast! Hence the reason they are so repulsed by the idea of associating themselves with passive men who are afraid to get aggressive (verbally or physically).

When dealing with a bitchy girl, it is incumbent upon you to be equally as bitchy, or bitchy enough, that you don’t run the risk of crashing her emotional state.

This is why quote-unquote “nice guys” get rejected all the time. They down girl’s emotional sate because of their lackluster, bland and non-challenging vibe. Because of this, women in turn punish them, by either snubbing them, or using them as their emotional tampon to cry on whenever they’ve been pumped and dumped by some cocky asshole douchebag! 😉

In any case, so I met this chick at the bar sitting next to a mute, so I sat next to her and immediately got the proverbial ball rolling!

The mute who was sitting to the other side of her was shocked to see how a random stranger (moi) captivate a girl to the point that she was visibly fawning all over me.

However, the bitchiness started within seconds.

Most guys run once faced with attitude, harshness and bitchiness from women.

An Alpha stands his ground and play ball…so I did!

Here’s a caveat: when a girl acts this way towards you (bitchy), it is generally a congruence test (or shit test), to see how you (the guy) would react.

Most guys cower and fold…and flee. I stood my grounds and gave her some generous doses of my assholeness in order to match and sometimes trump her state of bitchiness!

At other points during the interaction and pickup, I had my arm around her waist (caressing her) while I chatted in her ear, ensuring that she felt my breath upon her earlobe in a sensual and sexual manner.

Before she fled, I got her digits for the sake of it.

This text exchange from a few days ago, is between me and her.

BTW, “Chupz” is equivalent of KMT.

That sort of shit storm I call hard flirting.

Some chicks just enjoy playing hard ball, and in order to grab their attention, it requires a guy who isn’t afraid to play hard ball also.

What is the grand takeaway from this post?

Always be adaptive and learn how to match the girl’s state.

Never cower or back down (during text for example) when a girl brings you shit.

Also, learn how to adapt a sweet and sour approach to gaming. Just as you seen me demonstrate in those screenshots: I went hot and cold, sweet the sour and back around again.

Confuse the girl’s logical thought pattern as I taught you in the previous 2 posts!

With this girl for instance, though I was busting her chops, calling her bipolar and getting testy with her, I made sure to neutralize this by telling her, “cute pic collage BTW”.

Therefore, at the same time, when dealing with bitchy types, be a dick yourself, but know how and when to flatter the bitchy girl in order to throw her for a loop.

Moreover, I don’t take women seriously, nor do I truly get offended by their shit.

The less seriously you take girls when they act all bitchy, the better results you’ll eventually have with them.

How To Deal With Social-Media Darlings & Bitchy Entitled Girls

On social media, as you would know, there exist entitlement junkies who very much believe that they deserve the attention of men and women.

Interestingly enough, those girls do received such attention from scores of hapless, desperate men trying to scoop their poop in return for some vague favor.

Accompanying this entitlement attitude is some good-old bitchiness.

The other caveat here is that social-media queens, entitled and bitchy ones, are almost always HB9.5 or 10’s.

In fact, a key component to the perception of entitlement and bitchiness is a chick’s perceived hotness. The hotter she is, the more entitled and bitchy she can afford to be.

In any case, because these girls are hoisted atop the social-media ladder by AFC’s due to their hot factor, those same guys who deify and praise those entitlement whores, are the ones to get snubbed and rejected for offering validation (strangely enough).

The new trend nowadays, since the explosion of screenshots, is women publicly shaming guys by posting their conversations for the world to see how Beta, kiss-ass and lame the average guy is.

Exhibit A: 1 such social-media darling who has tons of guys pedestalizing her on my Facebook, is this 22-year old chick who posted the following (as means to shame clueless men).

However, take note that she tagged me in that same post of hers (the comment section), asking if I will accompany her in exposing and shaming some Beta-Males.

Now, why did she do this?

Why did she feel a need to tag and invite me to this?

Firstly, just as every other woman on Facebook knows, she knows that I’m a self-professed pickup artist who generally posts statuses shaming Beta-Males and nice guys for kissing hot girl’s asses! And I also have a knack for being an asshole on Facebook. 🙂

Secondly, without her having ever said this to me [we never DM’d before], I clearly sensed that she respects my Alpha-Male persona, hence the reason she tagged me, and asked if I would accompany her.

In essence, she sees me as the Alpha-Male: the dominant guy who isn’t stifled and bashful about saying what he wants to say.

Hence, in her eyes: I have massive amounts of Social Value.

Would she have tagged an AFC Beta in a positive light?

Of course not!

Bitchy-entitlement girls only cater positively to men who are in their league (or above): rockstars, Alphas, jocks, athletes, celebs, bad boys, etc.

In any case, I had let her know that I already started my tirade of being a little asshole on social media (shaming Betas for Beta-Male activities such as ass-kissing women).

By doing that, I communicate to her that I am NOT following her lead, but she’s in fact following mines.

Here’s where it got mighty interesting because I called her out.

I inboxed her for the first time.

I called her out, blatantly telling her that I can’t fuck with her. Who does/says this to a social-media darling who has thousands of friends and followers? Only an Alpha who recognizes that he’s the prize and not the girl!

Additionally, she tried to say that her public shaming backfired. The thing is too, just like every so-called hot girl, she’s jaded because of the inundation of messages she gets on a second-by-second basis from desperate losers. So she’d hoped that by outing some guys publicly on Facebook for their lame game, it would’ve dissuaded other guys from inboxing her.

😆 That explained it all: though she publicly shamed a handful of guys, those same guys would turn around and inbox her, thinking that she was joking.

I mean, I don’t know how a guy can misconstrue an obvious shaming session for something humorous that would give him the okay to resume sending lame messages to the girl’s inbox.

What this chick didn’t realize actually, is that guys who put women on pedestals, are so deeply enamored and enraptured by them, that no amount of shaming could successfully get rid of them.

By the way, I routine stacked a bit by changing the subject and telling her to send me some food since she said she was cooking.

To top it off, I told her to go on (“gawaaaannnn”)! Essentially, I was chasing her away.

By that, I was doing the complete opposite of every other guy who’s ever messaged her! Instead of chasing her, I was telling her to go on, essentially cutting our convo short, ending the conversation on her.

That is how you treat an entitlement junkie: you withhold any sort of endearing comment or compliment.

I’ll address this at the bottom of the post.

Additionally, she qualified herself to me (because of the frame I strategically set), when she gave me a rundown on what she’s cooking.

An entitled princess wouldn’t in the least, dare to qualify herself to a guy whom she deems is beneath her standards and social status. So she wouldn’t have given a rundown of anything (positively that is) to such a guy.

Now, let’s see how she reacts to me telling her to share a pic of her cooking when she’s done.

If I have compliance over her; she should by all means share a pic of her cooking with me.


She sends me a pic of her cooking!

Compliance test passed!

Before that, I playfully told her to go on (“gwaaaaannnn”) again, displaying my dominance and unwillingness to chase her for her time and conversation.

From these little things, I knew for certain that she was full-on attracted to me (my vibe).

A bit later, I received more confirmation that she was indeed full-on attracted to me, and was trying to please me (qualify) when she posted and tagged me in the following.

She outs another guy by publicly posting their chat, while ensuring that I get to see the post by tagging me. 🙂 🙂

All of this is very instructive on how to handle bitchy girls and social-media darlings, all of which go hand-in-hand by the way.

Most importantly though, and here is the strategic aspects to this brief post, is my vibe, and the fact that I completely steered clear of hitting on her.

The hottest girls are too accustomed to being praised, complimented and hit on.

Therefore, your approach ought to be different!

The way you handle and act towards these types, ought to be different.

How different?

You have to use more pun, humor and (playful) dominance while gaming her.

With this girl as an example, if you check back the aforementioned screenshots of our inbox messaging, you would’ve gotten yourself a perfect example of how to deal with these types.

When dealing with a girl who has high social value, you must double down on giving off the impression that you aren’t desperate, aren’t lonely, but from the contrary, you are pre-selected with lots of women in your life already.

How do you pull this off? Simply refrain from outright hitting on the entitled bitchy girl from the get-go.

If for instance now, that you follow such particular girl on social media, or are friends on Facebook with such a girl, your vibe must also be congruent and consistent with a guy who gets laid.

Again, I keep having to reference this girl here, and the way in which I structure my online (Facebook) persona as a guy who’s carefree, reckless, capricious, opinionated, controversial, sexist, chauvinistic, bad-ass, etc, etc, etc. So, you want to give off the right vibe before even DM’ing the girl.

Thus, it all still comes down to a holistic approach.

Your Facebook (for instance) cannot read like a children’s novel, while expecting to catch the eyes of any woman worthy of fucking.

You have to play ball in the entitlement girl’s league (or she being in your league)!

What do bitchy girls do on Facebook? They call out chodery and Beta-ism.

They call out guys who act like giant pussies!

Social-media princesses (bitchy girls) are forward and opinionated. They are only attracted to their equal counterparts, or guys whom they see as even more rugged and brash…ala Social Kenny in relation to this girl.

As I constantly point out: I court and embody this assholish, “do and say what I wanna” vibe on social media!

By no means am I an asshole. It is just an act, but a necessary one that I master well in order to facilitate the attraction and seduction of women online (and offline).

Now, as advice for you guys out there, am I advising you to become an asshole with women online?

Not quite. Just that in order to attract girls who happen to get greater amounts of attention than the usual chick, you have to demonstrate more of an IDGAF attitude. And while messaging them, your approach should be more indirect at the start (via humor) before going for a phone number or anything of the sort.

Speaking of phone numbers, the subsequent post will definitely interest you.

Never Back Down From Your Playerish Ways

My position was quite clear: I do NOT have female friends.

Not 1!

My position doesn’t change just because I get called out on it. 

I stick to my guns that I am all about banging chicks.

As a guy reading this, someone who isn’t used to saying the unthinkable, you may very well be under the impression that women will hate you and reject for coming off as sexist, chauvinistic,  forward and player-like.

Well, that is where the attraction happens; when you shock woman’s reality by sticking to your guns on topics like these. 

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