Be More Interesting Than The Next Man [Drawing Women In Through Your Status Updates]

In the previous post, I spoke about statuses and social-media posts as a deciding factor in whether a girl accepts or rejects you.

Your posts can either turn women off or serve to attract or draw them in.

Here’s an interesting example from a post I made Friday about not trusting Libras and Geminis.

I went on to say that I I’ve been studying the Zodiac for over 16 years now.





Since posting that status Friday, I’ve had a score of women hit up my inbox asking if their boyfriend (Libra or Gemini) is cheating.

“How the hell would I know who’s cheating or not cheating”, I said to myself?

Anyway, the chick from the screenshots above has been getting on my nerve ever since, hitting me up at 8 in the morning wanting to know about Libras.

Do I look like some kind of relationship or sun-sign expert?

All pun aside, there are few things/subject matters in pickup we consider “chick crack”.

Those are things which women go bonkers over!

Astrology is 1 such chick crack: a subject which women are addicted to learning about.

I know scores of women, and I know you do too, who purchase local newspapers, just to read the daily-horoscope section…which is only about a quarter-page long to be honest.

Women love this shit! And so do I, which is indicative of the fact that I’ve been studying this stuff for over 16 years, before learning about seduction and pickup.

There’s no chick on Earth who isn’t fascinated by their Horoscope and the Zodiac.


With that, it behooves me why guys aren’t building attraction with women through cold reading their Horoscope and sun sign.

As the post title says: “be more interesting than the next man”.

Since most guys who post to social media, post lame shit that does nothing whatsoever to attract the interest of women, it doesn’t take magic on your part to post interesting shit that attracts.

However, what does the average Joe Shmoe post to his Facebook?

Some lame shit about a pending UFC bout, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Soccer, sports in general, and other such interests which doesn’t interest women in the least.

Guys absolutely blow my mind to Smithereens with the dumb shit!

They desire to attract women, want to get laid via social media, yet they continually post male-related shit, then wonder why they can’t get laid, and are always ignored or rejected by women!

I mean, I love professional boxing more than the next man! But I’m wise enough to NOT spam my Facebook or Twitter with posts about boxing, since boxing is male-centric!

Attraction has nothing to do with looks as I’ve been preaching to you guys ad nauseum!

On that note, I am currently working on the complimentary PDF document called “Pimpin’ your Facebook”, which will show you step-by-step, how to turn your Facebook into a chick-magnet.

Stay tuned!

NOT All Men Are Dogs…And This’ Why [A Message To Women]

Ok, we all have noticed this forever-trending opinion of lots of women that “All men are dogs”, or at least inclined to sleeping around.

Sure I agree; most men would like to be able to sleep around and be doggish.

However- the reality is- most men cannot be players, dogs nor pick-up artists.

Have a listen to my take on this!

Advice For Women On Being Rejected By Men

Advice for women definitely isn’t a speciality around these parts.

However, I decided to put together a video on why men reject women and the common mistake women make in trying to court a man.

As a guy, I can say for certain that the red flags get raised once a chick makes the 1st move on a guy…even if an innocent and innocuous comment may stir the pot.

Check out the video above…and remember to hit “like”!

“Honey, How Many Guys Have You Slept With Before Me”?

Aah, the most dreaded question and answer a guy can ever ask and receive from his precious sweetie-pie.

Just as women do, we men expect honesty also in our relationships, but this is the only exception to that rule where you should lie your fucking ass off girl!

If your spouse or BF asks you this dreaded question, please be wary that he isn’t expecting to hear the truth…unless the truth of that # is significantly minuscule for today’s standards.

Assuming you’d banged over 15 guys in your lifetime; he doesn’t want to know that!

Now, if you’re a chick reading this, you may be saying to yourself, “Well what # is appropriate where I can then be truthful with my significant other”?

The most psychologically acceptable # is 8!


“I’ve slept with 8 men in my entire life”.

Why 8?

It’s single digit, but it’s not too small of a figure as to cause the boyfriend to believe you’re lying your ass off.

To say 3 or 4, even if you’re being honest and had only slept with 3-4 guys before him, that # is still so low by today’s sexualized standard, that it will set off the bullshit alarms in his head.

Between 7 and 9 should be your default #, even if you’d banged over 40 men in your heyday.

Why is this Q&A so important to men?

Every guy, no matter where on the globe he resides, no matter the society he was reared in, he would love to believe that the girl with whom he’d chosen to go exclusive, was the closest thing to a pristine virgin without actually being a virgin.

Every guy wants a slut in bed but not a slut outside of the bedroom.

He doesn’t want a virgin per se, which would mean an inexperience woman who lacks the know-how to give a great fuck…he merely wants a chicks with enough sexual experience to rock his little world, but at the same time, he can be proud to strut the neighborhood without being a laughingstock among the bachelors who’d probably all fucked her at some point prior.

In retrospect, the youngest girl I’d ever slept with was a 17 year old Jamaican who had lied about her age and told me that she was 19 :shock:!

Thank heavens this was in the Caribbean where the legal age of sexual consent is as low as 14 in some islands, so a statutory-rape charge was not on the table!

Anyway, out of sheer curiosity, I’d asked her how many guys she slept with thus far.

She casually replied: “22”, all of which were admittedly over the age of 19 including a few in their 40’s!


Are you fucking kidding me!?

Are you fucking kidding me!?

Are you fucking kidding me!?

Nah, that wasn’t my response. I really didn’t give a shit if she’d said 90. She was just a one-off.

However, I said to her verbatim, with a non-judgmental viewpoint, “And do you think 22 guys are plenty”?

Jamaican girl: “No. I know girls who fucked 40 guys”.

Ok fine!

As a guy who’s deeply immersed in the Pickup Artist (PUA) lifestyle, it isn’t in our proverbial constitution to judge women as sluts and whores, irrespective of how many guys they’d shagged.

With this girl though, I had to say to myself, “She’s 17 years old and already fucked 22 dudes…I being the lucky 23rd”!

Based on that trend, presuming that she’s still alive, or sexually active (which she should be), she’s now around 24 years old, so it’s quite conceivable to estimate that she will have slept with over 60 dudes by now…at the age of 24.


Now imagine that bombshell being dropped on her Beta-Male boyfriend :shock:!

She has no business divulging such info to any guy who possibly has romantic interest in her.

She’ll be better off lying by shaving that # down by about 80% and roll with my suggested 6 to 8 men in her sexual history.

As I stated at the top, 3 or 4 guys would be too low of a # to strike a believable chord within your significant other.

No guy on the face of this Earth would honestly believe that a sexually active girl has only had 3-4 sex partners…especially if she’s attained the age of 30…and is sexually component to give the most marvelous blow-job in town :).

Now if she’s 18 years old; maybe- just maybe, she could get away with it, but that’s still a hard-ass pill for us men to swallow.

On the flip side, there must be women going:

“Not fair! Why should we be castigated for our # while guys get off the hook and probably had slept with thrice as many people as we (women) have”!?

It’s a man’s world; live with it!

Pun intended :)!

Nah seriously, I hear the sentiments, but the justification for such perceived injustice would warrant a whole new article…and some.

It comes down to evolutionary science and a man’s primal instinct and purpose to survive and replicate, replenish and multiply as he was put here to do.

In summary: a man’s value and worth in the eyes of his fellow man, are judged based on how many women he’d conquered and taken to bed, and not how fat his 401K is [although having a fat-ass retirement/saving account in these times is a blessing].

Wealth and material acquisitions do not make a man! Nor do they make a man feel like a real man.

I’ve always said that you could offer a man the option of having a sexless life but with abundance of wealth, or a life full of sex and women but with meager material possessions, and 9 out of 10 times, a sane man would elect the latter option of sex with less wealth opposed to much wealth with no sex.

Now, 90% of wealthy men live a sex-less life, but it isn’t by choice, but they were too insulated by the accumulation of wealth (which they cannot take with them when they kick the bucket), and also never made the time to harness their skills with women. So the closest thing to sex these men will ever attain is internet porn or fucking a Craig’s List lady-boy hooker whenever the risk of being caught by their sex-deprived wives isn’t too high. But those men are sexless.

An abundance of wealth and resources but no one of the opposite sex to share and enjoy it with, is a classic case of why rich men end up marrying girls half their age who are only there to deplete the resources of an old guy while fucking some hot-young stud on the side…who’s dirt poor.

Having 3 mansions and leading a Floyd Mayweather-esque lifestyle don’t make a man a man according to the male’s genetic wiring.

You can possess all of those tangible things, but if you’re not getting laid (often) albeit in your physical prime: then you have no social value as a man!

Men instinctively understand this social barometer.

What makes a man feel like a real man, is having the credentials to show and prove to his fellow man that he has choices of women in which to fuck on a regular basis…or he has a hot-desirable wife at least.

Such mercenary mentality seems foreign to women, but it’s just more proof that the sexes are different and that we operate under distinct guidelines.

The more men a woman sleeps with; the more she’s perceived to be a wanton whore.

The more women a man sleeps with, and puts this out there in the public eye; he’s hailed as a God incarnate!

Kenny didn’t make the rules baby!

Saying all this to say, women get that this double standard exists within society, so they’re well aware as to what is appropriate to disclose from what is not.

However, when it comes to the subject of “How many guys have you slept with”? A woman of truth might be pressed to be forthright and spill the bag of beans in the name of “honesty in a relationship”.

If there is 1 time you should guard a secret with a vise grip and lie your ass off is in the case of the # of guys you’d slept with.

Same rule applies to 3-somes and gang-bang orgies.

A boyfriend will NOT be doing fucking back flips at the revelation that his beloved damsel was once the protagonist in a male-orgy gang bang fest.

This is another secret that should be kept in the closet.

The only how such a revelation would be a positive, is if the boyfriend has such a fetish of knowing his girlfriend or wife has been shared between multiple men at once.

If he’s not the swingers-type; then don’t tell him you’d tried or done a 3-some before of MMF, that is 2 males and she being the sole female.

Many years ago, I had a girlfriend, while during casual chat about past-sexual experiences, revealed to me that she’d fucked 2 brothers at the same time [Male, Male Female 3-some].

That shit had fucked me up on the inside!!!

That’s like shattering a man’s idea of what an ideal girlfriend should be.

We fought over this constantly, in spite of the fact that this had occurred many years before I’d even entered the picture.

This is just 1 of those things where time doesn’t mend the situation for most men/boyfriends.

Shortly after [maybe 2 weeks], we’d broken up primarily due to other reasons, but you can bet a mill that her sexual past of fucking 2 brothers at the same time had played a significant role in the bitter severance of our LTR (relationship).

Every unrelated argument we got into, I would constantly throw that back into her face as to why I don’t think it could work [she having a 3-some in her past].

So if you have to lie ladies, and I urge you to lie, whenever the topic of 3-some and “how many men you slept with” comes up, Lie, Lie, Lie!!!

He wants you to lie about it [though he wouldn’t admit to the encouragement of lying]!

It will save your relationship!

Being truthful in this case, has the realistic potential to ruin the relationship!

Please do not fall for any artificial-bravado bullshit from the guy saying, “I really don’t care about your sexual past babes. You can tell me anything”!

Yea, you can tell him anything, just not that you’d had a very promiscuous past, nor that you’ve enjoyed 3-somes and gang bangs…unless he’s turned on by the idea.

Plus lots of men really believe that if a girl says she’s slept with 10 guys; multiply that figure by 4 or some shit like that ;).

Withholding a # won’t do you any favors neither. That would only make him believe that your # is so abominably HIGH…like in the 80’s, which is probably why you’re being so reluctant to reveal it!

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Texting Tips For Women When Texting That New Guy

Some interesting yet simple texting tips and advice for women.

Such a post has been in demand for a while as I was asked by few woman (via Yahoo Answer), “What to text men I just meet”.

In this video, I address the subject of texting men: what you should know about texting guys and how to pretty much not mess it up (although that would be very difficult for a girl to do).

In all honesty, there isn’t much a girl can do to turn a guy off (over text), even if you (females) send un unflattering text. As long as the guy is into you, and presuming he is since he has your #, it’s next to impossible to screw it up.

However, the #1 killer is sarcasm and sending sarcastic messages. Men hate sarcasm from women. Wittiness is cool: sarcasm isn’t!

Check out the video ladies and learn to troubleshoot your text game and texting skills ahead of time.

What Women Should Understand About The Male Psyche [Add This To The New Year’s Resolution List]

Days ago, I was social vibing with Dalesa, a cool chic-blogger [and sexy might I add], and the all-too familiar topic was hinted at: “are men and women the same [when it comes to values, dating and desires]”?

The not-so-obvious answer is a resounding HELL NO!!

Men will all agree to this automatically (that the sex’s desires are polar opposite).

However, women tend to expect that both sexes should operate the same: emotionally, psychologically, behaviorally and literally.

When it comes to matters of sex, love, courtship, desires, relationships, dating, mating, passions, etc., women tend to believe that what they (women) want and expect, should be the same things men would want and expect.

Wrong ladies!!!

Another misconception that women have about the sexes, is the belief that what goes for women- goes for men (and vice-versa).

Sure, that’s correct in the sense that we all should be given fair shakes in life.

I have no qualms with that.

But the belief of ‘sameness’ is so so false in relation to hooking up and dating.

As I was saying to Dalesa, “taking it slow”, is NOT a concept that men live by.

The sexy chic-blogger Dalesa

The sexy chic-blogger Dalesa

Men do not want to take it slow (generally) when it comes to banging some fine-ass chic he’d met last week.

The furthest thing from his mind is taking it slow.

He wants to progress towards sex as fast as humanly possible!

And that is where the sexes differ (in relation to the lead up towards banging).

Women are socially conditioned to want to take it slow (although they really don’t want to).

Men are socially deemed pussies if they take it slow. So that is 1 factor why we accelerate as fast as possible towards vagina-town.

Quite often, I’d comment on chic-blogs on the topic of dating, and the oft-familiar declaration which keeps repeating itself (through the commentary) is, “that should go for men too”.

Ladies; NO IT DOESN’T!!!

What goes for women (in dating) does NOT instinctively apply to men!

Both sexes have different sets of needs, desires and values.

This should be common knowledge by now.

Things in which women may view as weird, immoral, unethical, crazy, illogical…may just be another day at the office for us men.

For instance; cheating.

Women obviously take this sort of stuff very fucking seriously!

It’s the greatest act of betrayal under the friggin’ sun [for women that is]!

Do we men see cheating as such a big deal of betrayal?

Of course not!

It is an issue for us, but it isn’t tantamount to treason.

And this hearkens back to what I wrote some months ago, that men are biologically programmed to cheat.

Our value systems are totally different.

Machismo and bravado are things which women do not comprehend (for the obvious reasons that females are the submissive sex of the 2).

Therefore, saying to your hot hunk of beef, “you should act more docile, be less protective, get in touch with your feminine side”, etc. are things which do not compute to most men.

However, quite normal for women to expect, say and do.

Expecting your boyfriend to giddily cuddle and chat about your wonderful day @ work after ejaculating his little spermies, is just not a fun thing for him.

He’ll be more satisfied with dozing off or crawling out of bed to find something more stimulating to do.

Sure he can play along for a minute or 2, but he’s secretly saying to himself, “This chic cannot shut the fuck up”!!

Now, women may see this sort of stuff as pretty fucking insensitive and rude, that their husbands would rather be gambling with the fellas than to lie in bed for post-sex conversation.

For men though; this sort of anti-climactic mindset is quite routine.

Also, I’ve heard women say a lot, “How can someone (a man) cheat on his spouse (wife), and lie down with her afterwards”!?

Once again, this speaks to the differences of the value systems of the sexes: what women see as unfathomable, abominable and down-right nasty, to a guy’s value system, he may not see such act as nasty or punishable by death.

Overall, women need to grasp the differences in values between the 2 sexes, and rid themselves of the cliche-type notion that “what women do- men do”, “what goes for women- goes for men”.

Men (being the macho bastards we are), put more value on hanging out with the boys for New Years celebration, than to go on cheesy-ass dates with our GF’s awaiting the drop of the ball to reign in 2013.

•Women value cuddling.

•Men don’t give a rat’s ass about cuddling (generally).

•Women value post-sex conversation.

•Men just want to sleep after sex.

•Women value PDA.

•Men only want to perform PDA if there are other men around in order for him to guard his woman against other competing Alpha-Males.

•Women value foreplay.

•Men only do foreplay in order to get his cock erect (he’s not doing it for you).

•Women value jewelry.

•Men hate buying jewelry for their women (we only partake in this because of social pressure).

•Women love climaxing together.

•Men in general could care less about cumming together, nor about you (the girl) cumming at all. We just wanna cum!

•Women value the art of listening.

•Men hate to listen [our innate rebellious nature].

•Women hate other girls who cheat [although women cheat more].

•Men understand why other men cheat, and are empathetic to it.

So ladies, please desist from the delusions that what is important to you (as a woman), is equally important to him (as a man).

This is the root cause of 70% of the fights in relationships between the sexes: women seeming to believe that what goes for them- goes for men.

Make 2013 a year of new outlook on men and dating!

Sure men are insensitive assholes, but there’s a method to the madness.

Ciao Bella!

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Cheers to 2013 ladies!

Cheers to 2013 ladies!

4 Things A Guy Would Be Better Off Not Knowing About You [Advice For Women]

I’m no stranger to giving dating tips to women.

Usually, my asshole approach to advising girls seems to resonate stronger than when I dumb it down to be politically correct.

A while ago, I wrote about the #1 way in which a girl will turn a guy off [unbeknownst to her], and how to avoid making such stupid-fucking blunder [pardon the Creole]: read it here little lasses.

With that said, I’m back cracking again, hoping to improve the chances of both sexes merging, fucking and making babies!

However, if women continue making the following verbal faux-pas (real world or online dating), they will essentially be killing their chances of ever maintaining a guy’s interest beyond the 1st. Phone call, let alone the 1st. date!

Ok drum roll…!!!

4 Things Women Are Better Off Not Sharing Early

1.) We do NOT wanna hear about how bad your last BF was, or how badly he beat you up, abused you and cheated on you [however unfortunate].

Girls tend to let emotions get the best of them and spill too much of the beans right off the bat.

Sure The guy will listen to your sob-stories and seem to empathize with your past struggles by saying, “Wow, how sad. That’s fucked up”!

However, he’ll be saying to himself (internally); “This chic is nuts! Too much baggage way too early”!

Subsequently, his next move will be an exit strategy (from the phone call, date, online chat or wherever).

So keep your mouths shut about a past abusive LTR (relationship). Crying down men as beaters and dogs won’t get you anywhere in the dating world as a single girl.

2.) Equally as important; keep the male-bashing to yourself girl!!!

Women seem to not realize that a man have a secret/subconscious brotherhood type of connection with his fellow man.

Bro’ code stems from this unconscious concept: bros before hoes essentially.

Therefore, when a girl talks shit about another man, it subconsciously affects the way we see her. She’s in essence talk about all men [including me].

So whenever you’re on a date with a new BF prospect (or even a dude you just met online), and you’re looking to give a decent impression: please refrain from man-bashing as if it’s a plague (which it is in relation to courtship).

3.) “I have lots of guy friends. I hang out with guys”!

This is fucking suicide!

Might as well strap on the explosives and detonate the device instantly!!!

This’ probably ‘the’ biggest mistake in the book which a girl can ever make when looking to land a boyfriend (eventually), or keep one.

When a man hears from a girl, “I have male friends, I mostly hang out with guys, I hate bitches because they back bite too much”!

He interprets that as if you’d said, “I bang my male friends every night, and we have massive orgies, and if you were to ever go steady with me; I would bang all of your guy friends too”.

He’s NOT going to be doing back flips that he finally fount a girl whom he can bring to guy’s night out.

There’s not 1 positive emotion you can elicit in the guy when you tell him that you have many male friends (or any at all).

This revelation is best kept secret, ’cause if he does get cajoled into making you his GF down the line; he will have trust issues [unless he’s an Alpha-Male like I am; and even I would have trust issues].

4.)“I’ve had an abortion (or miscarriage)”.

This may not be a nail in the coffin, but some men (lots of us) don’t care to know about this.

It’s not a matter of if he’s pro or against abortions. It’s the fact that he will assume that you slept around a lot and end up getting knocked up for some random guy, then had an abortion or miscarriage [which probably was the case].

You wanna stay away from mentioning things which would make him perceive you as a wanton slut.

For instance, if the topic of kids arises [do you want, do you have?], no need to say:

“I do want kids some time in the near future. But I had a miscarriage/abortion once, and that really fucked me up for a while”.

As I said previously, it’s not that it’d turn the guy off completely, but it just won’t resonate in a positive way. You’re not gaining any points be telling these super emotional intimate misfortunes.

This is something you can let out the bag down the line; let’s say if a relationship does materialize.

However, this is way too much info [TMI], way too early in the game [acquaintance stage] to be revealing such things.

We don’t wanna friggin’ know about it!

More bad could be done than good by mentioning it.

In Closing

Women are pretty naïve when it comes to their impressions of men [sorry for the hard truth].

men on the other hand; we know men!

We know that the guy who you consider “just a friend”, is actually scheming on the pussy.

Girls on the other hand will say shit like, “He’s just a friend. He never even made a pass at me”.


He’s probably been LJBF’d (friendzoned), but that still doesn’t mean he won’t pass that boundary and try to fuck you at a moment of vulnerability or horniness.

Overall, the 4 tips come down to putting a muzzle on the mouth when it comes to the 4 things I mentioned.

A good first or second impression is key (as we all know).

Fastest way to ruin that and fuck your chances with a new guy, is to find yourself in conversation about 1 or all of the 4 things I pointed out.

This all reminds me of an episode of VH1’s Tough Love reality show, where Steve [the matchmaker] sets the girls up on dates with some new guys. He specifically advised them on the topics to avoid bringing up on the dates.

If they did bring up those topics [like the 4 I’d mentioned], he would zap them with a device he had taped to each girl’s ankle. So every time (while on the date) that the girls would bring up a no-no topic, Steve would zap them.

The point was to not turn the guy off by making a bad impression by bringing up certain topics.


*Don’t mention how bad last BF was!

*Don’t talk bad about men to another man!

*Don’t mention that you have, or hang out with lots of guys.

* Don’t bring up the time(s) you had a miscarriage or abortion!

Or go to the post: Vote your favorite PUA coach 2012

Check out the PUA acronym and term page to familiarize yourself with the lingo used on this website

Cum-Swallowing And Taboo

Girl enjoying some cum

Girl enjoying some cum

Foreword: Cum-swallowing pros who’ve been downing jizz as if it’s some sort of aphrodisiac: this post does NOT apply.

Furthermore, you should not read this [it’d be a great waste of time].

However, the naïve girl who’s still on the fences about Cum-Swallowing: please read your ass on!!

An Ex-Fuck Buddy pinged me on BBM(Blackberry Messenger) the other night with the following query verbatim (word for word).

[She’d met a guy (fellow New Yorker), they chatted about oral sex and swallowing (which she’s never done prior to meeting me).

Thus she wasn’t sure if swallowing was a slutty thing by which Beta-males would get turned off.

She must’ve been real horny by the way LOL]:

*Naive HB:“Hey Kenny do you have a min. I need to pick your brain”.

*Me:“On what”?

*Naive HB: “Blow jobs and the woman taking the cum. Is that really considered somethibg FREAKY to do”?

*Me:“What u mean taking the cum”?

[Notice how her ASD(Anti-Slut Defense) is kicking in where she doesn’t want to come off as too vulgar/slutty by out-right mentioning the dirty words]

*Naive HB:“Letting the guy cum in your moth”.

*Me:“Yes it’s considered freaky. But not freaky in a disgusting way”.

It’s news to me that there are still scores of women in this sexually-charged western world who still believe that swallowing is taboo and disgusting.

News-flash: “Men go fucking bonkers over girls who swallow”!!!

Letting the horny guy unload in your mouth and or swallowing his cummy delight, is a HUGE fucking turn on!!

It gives us a rush unlike no other!

Picture the bodily sensation you get as a jet lifts off or descends rapidly [travelers like I am could relate].

Or visualize the intense sensation you get as the roller-coaster descends from it’s highest point.

It’s by far the most damn exhilarating sexperience a guy can have.

How Does The “Average Joe” View Swallowers?

Believe it or not: societal influences play a major role.

For instance, men in the Caribbean islands (where I was born), generally fall into the Anti-Swallowers bracket.

They will smack the shit out of a b***h who dares try swallowing his load [LMBAO]!

My island buddies; 9 out of 10 of them are Anti-Swallowers

They’re staunchly opposed to the idea of an HB (hot girl) swallowing their babies!!

They see it as disgusting, demeaning, degrading (to the woman) and downright nasty!

Watching a porn with those guys would turn into an Eew and Yuck fest as the porn-queen let’s the guy unload in her mouth[SMH].

Worry not swallowers!!

The Caribbean is a tiny-ass region. Most girls will probably have never come across an island man in their lifetime [lucky for you].

However, on a broader level, western men are pretty much pro-swallowers.

We will ‘NOT’ under any circumstance be offended by a girl who swallows.

It’ll only give us more reasons to want to keep you around [GF material huh?].

Boring to above average sex alone, is NOT enough to keep an Alpha interested (sexually)!

Bland intercourse will NOT satiate our sexual needs.

Do I need to repeat? I think my point was pretty clear.

When a guy reflects on a chic he’d banged recently (or even years ago), he doesn’t visualize how good the intercourse felt, nor how pleasing it was to fuck that nice booty doggystyle.

Hell nah!!

He reflects and day dreams about the great feeling he had busting a fat nut down that hottie’s throat [I tried being politically correct but failed LOL]!!!

Which subsequently spurs him to want to see you again (at least for further Sexcapade).

So there’s absolutely no backlash to a girl swallowing, or at least allowing the guy to ejaculate in her mouth [she’s free to spit].

Unless you’re dealing with a culturally-repressed guy, or one with many taboo-like hangups.

BTW, why would you deal with a guy like that in the first place?

You’re not slutty for being sexually aware and attentative to your man’s sexual desires.

So hotties: swallow on please!

Peace out!!!

Good Girl

Good Girl!!

Hey Ladies; “Stop Being Friggin’ Sarcastic” [a must read for women]!!


It’s been ages since I advised women on courtship, sex, dating & relationship.

After all, this is a blog about how to attract, seduce and bang girls [as many as a guy can].

Thinking about it: it’s timely though. My female readership has been waaaaay stronger than the guys [wake up men!], so it’s only right that I give back.

Well, I’m taking a page out of my boy Reema’s Playbook, to give chics some tough-love advice on attracting men.

The “Sarcasm” Bubble

Talk about “head in the clouds”.

It seems like most women have their heads trapped in an impenetrable bubble when it comes to “Sarcasm”.

Well, as an Alpha-Male, I’m obliged to pop that bubble (again) with a sledge-hammer and tough love:

Quit the sarcasm!!

And it should be clearly stated that Femi-Nazism (Feminism) is squarely to be blamed for corrupting the minds of women, by forging an anti-men agenda: “Rebel against the evil men”.

With such rhetoric, it’s no surprise that a professed feminist cannot get a man, nor keep a man, is sex-less, un-desirable, miserable, and has to resort to Lesbianism in order to get laid [that fat-bitch Karma].

Hence, if it’s your intention to turn a man off and send him fleeing for the hills as fast as you can say boo: then be my guest and whip out an old can of sarcasm on his ass!

The “Sarcasm” Bubble (in online-dating profiles)

A popular genre where women make this grave mistake is in online dating services.

When a guy browses a girl’s online profile, there are 2 adjectives which instantly stand out like radio antennas; Sexy & Sarcastic.

He instantly becomes attracted when he reads, “Hey guys I’m Tina, a “Sexy” girl from Staten Island…”.

He instantly becomes “turned off” whenever he reads, “Hey, I’m Jenny, a Sarcastic chic from Long Island…”.

There’s abso-fucking-lutely NO positive benefits in a girl who prides herself on being sarcastic.


You will NOT win any extra-brownie points in the game of courtship & attraction, by mention of “Sarcastic” in your online-dating profile.

The 3 Point Solution To Which “Every” Girl Should Subscribe:

1.)Eradicate the highly un-attractive word “Sarcastic”, and its noun derivative “Sarcasm” from your online profiles: be it on Ok Cupid, POF,, HI5, Tagged or E-Harmony.

2.)In personal dialogues with a hot guy, or the one which makes your vaginal juices flow like Niagara Falls,Do not mention Sarcastic!!

3.)Furthermore, Do not act sarcastically!!

If he’s romantically or sexually attracted to you,sarcasm is the quickest way to send his dick in a spiraling nose-dive[LMAO].


•Delete sarcasm from your online profiles.
•Delete it from your verbal interactions with men.
•Delete it from your dates.

Lots of women (particularly American women, since the advent of Femi-Nazism, commonly known as Feminism), seem to be incapable of keeping their sarcasm in check.

But if you want a lasting crack at that hot guy you’ve been desiring: consider my above 3 points, and you’re sure to see instant changes in your personal life and online.

Remember: men do NOT like sarcastic!!

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