I Flaked On A DTF Girl Friday Afternoon [Frame Battling Over Taxi Fare]

Friday noonday, I hit up a chick whom I’d cussed out and nexted a few months prior, for coming at me like a gold-digging whore.

I knew she was totally into me, so although I cussed her out and blocked her months back, contacting her Friday afternoon, I knew that she would be open to seeing me.

In fact, here is the last time she’d contacted me back in April, subsequent to me cussing her out for approaching me like a gold-digger.

Notice the time stamp said April 16 with her accompanying text in gray. That was the last time we communicated.

Thursday which was the 6th, I hit her up that night but she didn’t get back to me.

Since I’d blocked her on Whatsapp and Facebook, I wondered how else I would be able to reach her.


I then hit her up on IMO Messenger and crossed my fingers and hoped that she’d reply [my texts in blue. Hers in white].

Apparently, she was down for meeting me, and was engaging me on IMO.

She then rings me and begged me to unblock her # on Whatsapp…so I did.

What that exchange was about is she was telling me (via voice notes in white) that if I want her to come over, I would have to pay for her cab fare.

Generally, I wouldn’t mine this!

What’s a cab fare for a lay?

However, I was broke as far as cash was concerned. I had to go to the ATM, but I had no intentions to do that until later on that day.

With that, I was expecting her to pay for the cab and I would reimburse her later on.

She then tried to convince me that I told her over the phone (minutes prior) that I would pay for the cab.

I never fucking agreed to pay for her cab fare!

She was trying to impose that shit upon me!

I don’t stand for such opportunistic shit from women. So I got really offended by her audacity.
[My texts in green]

She relented and agreed to paying her own cab fare. But at that point, I was already turned off by her attempt at frame battling me, especially knowing that we had a fallout back in April due to the same bullshit.

Hence, I decided to stand her up by ignoring her calls and texts.

I posted the following to Facebook.

It’s not about the lousy cab fare. It’s the principle.

Don’t try to fucking hustle me!

Don’t try to get over on me!

Don’t try to use your feminine charms in an attempt to muscle me into paying for shit: doesn’t matter if it’s a $2 soda!

In fact, I wouldn’t mine if she’d said to me that she doesn’t have the cab fare (which is unlikely), and she would like to know if I could pay.

Give me an option! Don’t demand shit! Don’t demand I pay!

Thus, I called off a sure sure lay on the grounds of principles and shit that I stand for…no matter how fuckable the girl is (pictured below).

With options in women, you learn to take way less bullshit.

This is a byproduct of having abundance.

Perhaps I may finally meet up with her down the line, and finally smash her since she’s DTF. But for now; she’s back on the back burner for rubbing me the wrong way…hence the reason I flaked on her Friday noonday.

This Little Thing Women Do Ticks Me Off Royally!

Women have no game! I’ve already talked about this on many occasions.

Part of this is indicative of the fact that whenever a girl hits a guy up, she expects the guy to carry the convo…99% of the time she expects this!

Generally, guys don’t mine (having to carry the convo…although most guys are lame at it anyway).

However- and here’s an interesting thing- the more options you accrue with women, the quicker your tolerance level wears thin with the status quo where guy is expected to create, initiate and carry the conversation.

With options of women to choose from: you develop an edge by osmosis.

You tend to become short-patient and easily irritated.

Yesterday, this chick hits me up on Facebook.

She’s been wanting to hook up over the weeks, but my schedule’s just been too demanding with work and play 😉 .

Her messages in gray. Mines in blue.


My annoyance was pretty apparent.

Reason being: she hits me up without anything to say, nothing to contribute to the interaction…yet I’m supposed to lead the convo and do the bulk of the contribution!!?

For what!!!!?

I never contacted her!

Women have become lazy and complacent because of kiss-ass nice guys not requiring them to contribute, that they feel no need to ever contribute much when it comes to conversation.

Guys continually allow women to get a free ride and free pass here, so there’s never a concerted effort in her mind to state her case and be interesting.

Now, I’m not encouraging any of you to consciously become like this [the guy which I’ve become]. I’m merely telling you that you will eventually become that guy as you become super good with attracting women.

Certain princess-royalty shit you just won’t tolerate anymore!

Interestingly enough; it is this attitude from men that women find to be addictively attractive [a guy who snubs them].

When You Have Options With Women; This Happens [Abundance Mentality In PUA]

Facebook status below:

When chick I picked up on Facebook hits me up wondering why I haven’t contacted her in a while (weeks), after we were supposed to “Netflix & Chill” @ my place a few weeks back. Frankly, I’m so busy doing lots of other shit- like gaming all sorts of girls and partying- it’s hard for me to keep up with date and meet-up promises with girls I meet online. Additionally, no matter how hot the girl is; when you have options of girls to choose from, no 1 girl becomes important. I literally pick up girls up today (get their #), set up a so-called date 3 days later, then totally forget I’d even met that chick to begin with. Moreover, it’s a powerful feeling when you can brush girls off and reschedule for a later time.

[Her messages in gray…from earlier today]


Powerful stuff for an average-looking dude like myself to pull off, right?

Managing to have/make hot girls chase you, is as much as depended on the options you have: whether you have or don’t have.

If you’ve been following my blog for- a week at least- it would’ve been abundantly clear to see that I game and pick up lots of women on various media: clubs, bars, streets, while working, commuting, online, Facebook, social media sites, you fucking name it! There is no shortage of women for me to game.

With that, many girls and so-called dates, regularly slip through the cracks.

As I mentioned in the quotationed FB status above: I’m liable of picking up a hottie today (exchange #’s), get her to fully commit to coming by my apartment 3 days later, then completely forget that I had even set up a rendezvous with that girl.

Not that I’m so prone to frivolity and forgetfulness. But I simply have too much options in women from which to choose.

These options didn’t just magically manifest themselves neither, as you AFC’s are likely to surmise as some sort of twisted excuse for why you suck.

I create my options by maximizing shit.

It’s all a #’s game!

The more women you hit on and ultimately pick up, logics would have it that you would’ve generated more leads, more options, more dates, more sex, etc.

Quite an elementary process if you ask me: get more girls [abundance mentality] and you’ll have more girls chase you like this hottie chasing me to meet up.

Lastly, I also want you to really take note of how this chick is dying for my attention and approval, when she mentions uploading a pic, but didn’t realize me giving her a like.

Powerful shit huh?

Grab Facebook Bang if you want this sort of power with women: Facebook Bang…bonus product

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