Cats Love Strings! [by Chelios]

As the great PUA guru ‘Mystery’ once said, “ Cats don’t take orders, but they can be tempted to chase”.

[That concept has stuck in my mind ever since I got into pickup. To this day and for the rest of my life, it will never evade me where the pursuit of women is concerned.]

Cat-String Theory

Women more times than not have the majority of men in the palms of their hands, because the man finds it harder to get his leg over than a woman does (in my opinion anyway). So when he thinks he has a chance: he jumps in head first as if she’s gold.

The man will often give in and comply to any of her requests; “take me here, buy me a drink, meet on this day” blah blah blah.

Not with me though!!

This is why Cat-String Theory has become one of my favourite theories and developmental logics that I follow and practice.

Cat-String Theory to me and many others, is also known as ‘deliberate withdrawal’.

It’s a set of social withdrawal tactics that are pre-planned.

As human beings, we always desire what we cannot seem to have and grasp.

Cat-String Theory by Mystery is based upon (selective) withdrawals.

For example, I had one girl that amazed me, a girl I wanted to hook up with when I wasn’t Alpha.

She led me on and kept me at distance just where I couldn’t reach (it felt like finger tips away). But as I kept giving in, she took from me, saw me as an easy ride and eventually told me to be on my way, “ we’re not compatible” “I’ve met someone I like”.

Cat-String Theory is something you can develop over time: short or long.

It is just about your commitment to the course.

It will stop you from being needy to which is essential in pulling women, resulting in positive progress on your all-round game.

Some examples are:

•Show interest. If by text, don’t always reply nor have a straight pattern.

•Going in for a kiss, pull away, blow her a kiss or stop and say, “ you haven’t earned one yet”, I always get a humoured reaction from that and many have said, “ how do I earn it”?

Remember to be Demonstrating Higher Value (DHV) when you can!
You need to have a reason on why she should persevere and chase you.

It could be your looks, charm, charisma or the way you are friendly with other women and less with her (one of the biggest cock teases I find!)

To summarize: Cat-String Theory is ‘Deliberate Withdrawals.

The ability to withdraw even when temptation is there and the prize seems accessible.

It’s a powerful tool!

You’re the toy that she can’t have and she’s the cat who wants it.

By slowly showing her a little more about yourself, she will think she’s closer and closer, and then you can strike and move in when you like.

In most cases (if played right), pretty much seeing her is on your terms.

“Disinterest promotes attraction”!

Make yourself a challenge!

You are the one who is too high maintenance- not her.

You have to be taken out on your terms as well as hers.

Best get back in field!

Chel … 😉

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Chelios PUA, online-dating instructor out of London

Chelios PUA, online-dating instructor out of London

Master Your College Campus [by Chelios PUA]!

Chelios PUA of London

Chelios PUA of London

Foreword: For many around the globe, they’re just beginning their first Fall semester of school, and it could be pretty scary even for the guys who have had a year or 2 under their belts. This article serves as a guideline to getting yourself into the right frame/mindset for meeting girls at college/uni’.

Hey guys, I have been away for a while; moving to a new place and starting college, chasing new dreams of becoming a teacher.

In this blog entry, I will be going into the subject of … College Game.

And how to make the best-first impression you can, which hopefully results in you picking up some hot-college girls on the way.

College and universities are great places to meet and pick up women.

Usually students ages range from 17 to 35-ish. So ages here to cover you young chasers or milf hunters lol (Ken!!).

You need to start as you mean to go on. By this, I mean the impression you leave.

Quick example, my college class has 90% females and I’m loved by every single one. Not because I’m the greatest looking guy in the world, but because they think I’m kool, laid back and know how to have fun.

From day one I was having jokes with everyone, engaging every one as a group (which should be done), similar to gaming at night, and the set has to be engaged to reach your target.

I feel it is more important to engage everyone at college because women’s bitch shields come out in abundance, we all know women talk and the environment is a regular one where faces will be regularly seen.

Your attitude is key!

You need to be dominant but to a certain degree.

You need to have strong opinions.

Conversely, You need to listen to others, because being strong and a good listener demonstrates higher value.

The fact you cannot be toyed with easily but listening to others shows you’re laid back.

Have your voice heard!

Showing that you’re interesting is vital too.

This doesn’t mean to bore people verbally. But having things to do and chat about on your breaks as when being asked what are your plans for days off ,etc.

I roll in a few minutes late sometimes as I go to the gym early in the mornings [depending on people hogging certain weights: I may run late].

The fact that I train early before school time, for some reason seems to interests them and they admire what I do.

I’m asked for tips on fitness and how they can train early.

The Simple things you do attracts interest!

Have something going on in your life, and you can master your campus to become that guy!

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Chelios PUA

Chelios PUA

“From flirt to up her skirt [Alpha-Male Style]”

The hot- Kim Kardash' letting it all hang out covertly for the Alpha-male to take flirt- advantage

The hot- Kim Kardash’ letting it all hang out covertly for the Alpha-male to take flirt- advantage

Hey guys this time round, I’m going to get into the subject of Flirting and transferring that to actual intercourse.

So from talking the talk, to actually walking the walk!

It’s not as hard as some may think, but not as easy as some brag.

Just takes mastering, and most situations are the same and require similar techniques.

Women love a flirt!!

It makes them feel great but we want to take it that step further; getting down and dirty!

First you’ve got to be in the right situation.

If the woman you want to shag is in a good mood, your chances are already high especially if she’s into you.

Women also get very jealous; very easily, and often try to win us men over (especially if she thinks there is competition for you).

Many times we don’t see things like that.

Another piece of key information I found out was:

If a girl’s stressed, it can significantly increase libido levels: resulting in her wanting to open those legs for you.

There is no stress relief better than sex [one of the perfect actions of life that makes one forget everything in that moment].

Also, many guys favourite scenario:

They’re gaming at night, having a few drinks…getting tipsy can create that extra confidence and creativeness from inside.

Women love a guy that oozes confidence.

Someone who shows that they have a strong pair of balls without intercourse.

Again, alcohol can do this for some who may be shy or non confident.

Get the girl her favourite drinks or a special cocktail, have a little grind and watch the sexual tension sky rocket!

A general route to a woman’s heart is to humour her.

We all know this! But sometimes let it slip.

Humouring her with knowing how to approach different scenarios will get you where you want to be.

In every given situation,you want to use KINO(touching):

Touch her hair,

Play a few tricks,

Neg her (make her qualify).

Just show her you’re an Alpha Male– not another AFC (Average Frustrated Chump).

Get her thinking along the lines of, “Am I good enough? Can I get him?”

This is all a form of reverse psychology. They do it to men.

I’ve seen it minute by minute when out and about; play them at their own game.

I’m going to list some rules that most guys will know but never hurt reading up on time after time:

 Learn the secret language of manhood! (Become independent, strong and on your own path, don’t try and imitate others).

 Become a ‘certain’ person (people like certainty, if you can communicate it and provide it, you’ll be more attractive. If you can’t, it’s game over. If women think secretly you’re a wuss ,that you’re only acting cool but underneath you’re a clingy, in-secure guy waiting to smother them- they will bail: and bail fast!)

 The more personal you are, the more universal you’re seen (Don’t be hung up on your hang ups).

 Stop reliving your emotional past (Becoming Alpha is about living for now and breaking old connections. Live for the moment and future whilst taking each situation for what it’s worth).

 An Alpha man has plans ahead ( An Alpha male has the ability to think for the future and the ability to work through various situations with discipline, instead of guessing or wishing for luck).

Those are some of my personal rules, and were what I strove to achieve on a personal level.

Most important thing you can do right now to attract women fast is to commit to doing whatever it takes to become the kind of guy who naturally attracts women.

Take the time to learn from guys who are great with women.

Iron out the “quirks” in your personality, and continue moving forward until you reach that goal.

Success breeds more success!!

When we achieve something;we want more. The best thing about wanting to become an Alpha male is that you don’t have to wait until you’ve perfected yourself to get rewarded.

Until next time, enjoy!


Drinks For Alphas [attracting girls by the drink in my cup]!!

Chelios @ the pub

Chelios @ the pub

Amazing Alcohol to an Alpha tag and super-social experience:

Back again guys and girls. In this entry, I’m going to talk about drinks [alcoholic and non-alcoholic].

How they can positively affect you (surprising to some) and the negatives. Along with my personal favourites and how they came about.

PUA Drinks:

As a PUA, Im learning how to become closer to that Alpha-male tag, which would naturally help draw attention.

I started to consume alcohol that usually taste different and looked different from what most people would buy at a bar.

It definitely works!

I’d often be greeted and asked questions regarding what I’m drinking and how the taste was: usually resulting in “Can I have a taste (Mostly by women)”?

For PUA’s or generally shy people (MALES and FEMALES), starting out it’s a great thing to do. It definitely eases “Approach Anxiety” and often brings a target in for the first move.

So you can then progress from there.

It’s just a small method of slowly building your inner-self. And over time, will help you feel more confident socialising (especially with the other sex).

It’s funny when you’re near a group, and you ask for a drink they’ve never heard of or experienced ;).

It opens doors without even trying. Give it a go!

Personal Favourites:

Vodka + Red Bull

Vodka + Sugar free Red Bull – For some reason I can drink huge amounts and not get drunk or even tipsy.

Jack Daniels Whiskey

Jack Daniel’s and Sugar free Red Bull : JD always hits the spot for me, it gets me tipsy (not drunk) but the caffeine and Taurine from the Red Bull keep me SO alert- I’m on top of my game. It’s like an adrenaline rush for short period after the drink.

Always works when I’m not 100%.



Barnamint Bailey’s: A mix of Bailey’s, mint liqeur, vanilla flavoured ice cream, crushed ice and Oreo cookies.

This is my favourite at the moment. The design and rare purchase from what I’ve seen makes me stand out with it.

Often being asked questions by women about what it is, and can they have a taste?

As a PUA it’s fuel for the fire :)!

CJ aka Cranberry Juice

CJ aka Cranberry Juice

Cranberry Juice is also one of my favourites. Sometimes with Vodka, but mostly alone.

Cranberries are full of antioxidants which protects cells from damage by unstable molecules called free radicals.

They also help keep the brain alert.

I usually drink this if I’m feeling under the weather at home or out having a good time.

They also help prevent urinary infections which are very common in people nowadays.

So a bit of Cranberry juice can stop any possible hinders on your sex life!


B52 [cocktail shot, that was introduced to me by a Lithuanian girl working in my Favourite bar in London].

We became good friends (after which improved my rep to many regulars and her friends).

It’s my favourite shot because of the way it’s so beautifully crafted and presented. Most people know nothing about it..

The B-52 (also B52 or Bifi) is a layered shot composed of a coffee liqueur (Kahlúa), an Irish Cream (Baileys Irish Cream), and a triple sec (Grand Marnier).

When prepared properly, the ingredients separate into three distinctly visible layers.

The layering is due to the relative densities of the ingredients. (Explanation from wiki)

Benefits of Alcohol:

Alcohol consumed in moderation is thought to help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Indeed, alcohol consumption in conjunction with high intakes of fruit and vegetables may well explain the so-called ‘French paradox’.

The French diet is considered to be very high in fat, especially saturated fat, yet the death rate from coronary heart disease (CHD) remains relatively low.

Research studies from 1992 have proved these facts.

I have heard and spoken to many experts regarding Red Wine. Red Wine contains flavonoids that act as antioxidants, which help to reduce the build up of atherosclerosis (when fat builds up on the inner walls of arteries).

Red Wine
Red wine seems to help maintain the flexibility of the blood vessel walls.

Alcohol Risks:

I won’t go into too much detail because 99% of people who have consumed Alcohol have been warned usually from a young age.

But remember; alcohol abuse can cause severe damage to organs that help maintain healthy life and general survival- most notably the Liver.

Go out, have a good time on the weekends, but do not BINGE DRINK!

Enjoy guys.


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The Way To Holiday Heaven [Chelios’ Vacation Adventure]

Me and 2 HB's.

Me and 2 HB’s.

Hey guys, Chel back again!

I hope you all enjoyed the previous entry on Weight Management. This time around, I’ll be writing on something completely different: “The Way To Holiday Heaven”!

Some of you may get the direction I’m heading here- some may not.

Ask yourselves; for many, what is a holiday heaven?

We all have different ways of thinking, but for most young and single people (along with PUA’s), it usually coincides with Alcohol, Sun, Sea, Sand & Sex!

This has become more of a trend, year by year since the early 90’s, and it’s only becoming more popular year by year.

It all started in Ibiza, Spain and then to Ayia Napa.

Now pretty much the whole world has great holiday destinations to party day and night.

Around 3 years ago now, I went to Magaluf (Mallorca) and had an amazing time!

I went for the “right” reasons, which were to just go, have a good time and forget everything for a week with all my closest pals.

It was the best holiday so far in my life. I did everything I wanted to and have absolutely no regrets.

Sea swimming in the day, quad biking in the dusk, then bar crawl’s and clubs every night was my perfect holiday.

“Holiday-Heaven Tips”

What you have to bear in mind when looking for that “Heavenly Holiday”:

Make sure you know what you want [that way you won’t be disappointed].

Pack your favourite clothes which are kool looking, stand out, and you feel good in.

To be honest, going to a resort holiday means you will probably end up half naked because it’s too damn hot!!!

Have your Game ready PUA’s & Natural Players!!!

it’s a perfect-proving ground to get what you want.

Women have minimal “Bitch Shields (attitude)” up (if at all), because they’re there for the same reasons 90 % of the time.

So if you have ‘Game’, or are learning; use it and practice because it can increase your already high chances of getting lucky come the end of the night.

I’m not gonna lie, I had a lot of success with communication, flirting, etc. on holiday.

But if I could go back in time and use my knowledge of what I have today, I’d be God-like in ability to have most women I want.


Many guys are shy or just don’t know what they’re doing and end up cock-blocking you.

So be prepared!!

Most guys get so drunk that they can’t even stand up and need to be carried back to the hotel.

Don’t be one of those! You will end up a laughing stock.

Ladies enjoy normal conversation. It leads to places, so if you manage your alcohol intake well, you’re likely to have a great night ahead.

Some women may think I’m talking crap here,but deep down, you know (especially if you’ve been on a “heavenly holiday”) that a guy could make the holiday complete: especially if you’re single.

Women like men who enjoy themselves, who look confident and just don’t give a f*ck!

Confidence shines off you like light to a mirror straight into their path that would’ve already put you on the front foot.

My last piece of advice is to Pack Condoms!

Be safe from sexual infections. Too much of that shit going around because of carelessness at the moment.

Your boy,


How To Manage Your Weight [for women] And Maintain Muscles [for men]

“How To Manage Your Weight (for women) And Maintain Muscle (for men) by Chelios PUA”.

Chelios PUA, dating and lifestyle-coach out of London.

Chelios PUA, rockstar-dating and lifestyle-coach out of London.

Hey guys, Chelios back again after a while out of the Game.

For those who don’t know, SocialKenny and I go way back [since the Pick-Up Artist Forum], through the good, bad, beautiful & ugly!

For my first post back, I want to talk about “Weight Management“; something me and SocialKenny believe is a big part of the PUA Lifestyle (and for everyone else).

How to make yourself look better. But most importantly- feel better!

Looking good gives one an ego boost [it’s natural].

You need to believe, “Damn I look good”!!

When your’e feeling and looking good, it brings out confidence and courage.

Others can pick up and reflect on these traits.

And let’s be honest: we all want to be around people that are happy and confident, because positive thinking attracts positive things.

You can wear clothes you feel comfortable in, or perhaps wear clothing out of the ordinary.

But your Swag pulls you through!!

Being normal is good. But being “Different” is better. Get noticed! Stand out!

So in order to achieve an “Attractive Lifestyle”, some of us may want to drop weight or bulk up.

So here I’m gonna give few tips, plus my favorite way of eating to “look lean” [I would like to add, I’m sharing information from my experience].

My Experience With Calories

5 years ago, I was an overweight 107KG guy who dropped down to 76KG in about a year.

It was with hard work, but 80% of it came down to my diet.

Ever heard the saying, “You are what you eat”?

It’s Goddamn true!!

Eat meat/poultry along with good whole-grain foods = a great look.

Eat junk and candy = the fat look. All you have to do is then workout your macros.

Basically, how many calories your body need to maintain body weight, and then create a calorie deficit.

It really is that simple!

An important thing to know is that 3500 calories are in 1 pound of fat. Seems like a big number but it really isn’t.

You can easily lose 1 pound a week with no exercise. Or 2/3 pounds a week with some physical activity.

Also remember, the more muscle you carry, the more fat you will burn because your body demands more energy, so it will use more fat stores.

Dietary Plan & Good Foods

Let me give you an idea of a setup:

•Average man requires 2500 calories to maintain weight. So to lose a pound a week, you must create the deficit in calories:

•7 x 500 = 3500 = 1 pound of fat. So you could just cut your calorie intake and achieve this.

Also, use the above rule in reverse if you want to get bigger.

Even add more calories,…say by 15%. Not too much as you want to minimize fat gain.

There are foods that boost fat loss (google it):

Broccoli is an amazing vegetable that helps results come along quicker.

Asparagus; I also highly recommend.

Green Tea: drink it few times a day.

Eggs are a great source of protein.

Sweet Potatoes: You can even swap potato for sweet potatoes. They taste better (in my opinion), and are lower GI, so the carbs release slower into your blood stream.

As you eliminate more junk foods from your diet, you will realize that plenty of food can actually be consumed.

One thing to remember, if you want to maintain muscle: use 1.5 grams of protein in your daily intake (for every pound of body weight) to guarantee muscle preservation.

Muscle Gain and Maintenance

I’m a tall, big/stocky guy. I was recently bulking, but now cutting for Summer-time. So my weight constantly fluctuates.

My body requires 2800 calories to maintain current weight, so to reach my goals; I’ve cut 400 cals a day off my maintenance.

I do weight training twice a week which burns about 400 calories per session.

And play football (Soccer) twice a week, which burns around 600 calories per session. So my weekly deficit is 4800 calories.

My diet is high protein, moderate fat, low/moderate carbs.

Using this method, I’m losing just over 1.5 pounds of fat a week whilst maintaining muscle mass and strength.

My clothes feel and fit better!

It works both for men and women respectively.

I’m now planning to stay part of this blog and contribute in many ways; even give my views against his in some instances where appropriate.

Lives of PUA’s can vary in the way we perceive and practice what we do.

Any questions, just ask! I have experience with most diets and have trained many people over the years.

Your boy,


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