Phone Number Or No?


In these times, you don’t need a girl’s 📱# to communicate since you can do that on social media.

BUT, why still get her digits?

Something about a girl giving a guy her # holds WAAAYYYY more weight than she giving him her social media.

It’s personal when she gives you the digits.

Any and everybody can have her social-media contact, hence it has no value to her.

When she gives you her digits now, you’re in a different class.

Don’t get me wrong; 55% of chicks will give their # like it’s nothing. That’s because most girs don’t want to be rude by telling you no. So it’s much easier for them to give you the # and just not answer when you call/text.

All in all, if you’re vibing with a girl on social media, tryna take things further; still go for her #!

The fact that you have it will make you appear as more than just some random Joe Blow who can only reach her if she has internet access.

So, you should get her #. But you don’t need it!

2 thoughts on “Phone Number Or No?

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  1. Been a long time since I’ve post much less got an update from your wordpress. I remember the hurricane happening and wondering if you were okay.

    I am still getting phone numbers but now I am older. I wonder if I should be, I guess? I hate to say it, I think I need to move to the “endgame” start the family and everything. I have began kind of trivializing getting the number. Whether at a jazz lounge or taking my goddaughter out to the zoo. It was strange got some additional attention just taking my goddaughter out to inner harbor and to the aquarium. Always thought ‘single dads’ would not get that much attention but got two numbers and will admit was generally, fuck it, was super surprised. Even walked with a mother (one of two I got her number) and her daughter for a bit through the aquarium while explaining stuff to my goddaughter and her daughter. Sadly, I am not into social media. Think last time I was on social media, I was making web pages for my cousins on Blackplanet.

    I was curious when or what age should you focus on the family “dream” the family house and wife and kids?


  2. Kenny i want to purchase 1 of your phone sessions but im not sure if you still teaching game. Or if your still in the field. Would rather ask than get burned spending $150. Anywho im trying to tidy all aspects of my game at the moment, cold approach is where im strongest, and text game is where im weakest. if you respond to this i would gladly get one of coaching calls to get one on one value…. Just as side note i dont understand how you’re not bigger, in this day and age. i believe your text game would absolutely destroy anything out there. Thanks in advance


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